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  1. Start as we mean to go on?

    World Cup

    That there was a cracking start to the quarter-final action!

    China versus USA is up at 00:30 BST and live text commentary will begin shortly, with the game live on BBC Red Button (via the blue key menu) and online.

    Then attention turns to England. Can Mark Sampson's side continue their history-making run? Join us tomorrow to find out.

  2. Ozil's happy

    Germany win on penalties

  3. Post update

    Germany win on penalties

  4. Next up for Germany

    Next up for Germany is either China or USA, who kick off their quarter-final at 12:30 BST. 

    Women's World Cup
  5. England eyes watching on

    Germany win on penalties

  6. 'Angerer comes good again'

    Germany win on penalties

    Rachel Brown-Finnis

    Former England goalkeeper

    Quote Message: Germany are notoriously solid at the well-rehearsed moments and I expected them to go through. Nadine Angerer has saved many a penalty for Germany down the years and in her final World Cup she came up good again.
  7. Post update

    Germany beat France on penalties

    Germany winning a penalty shootout. Who saw that coming, eh?

  8. Get Involved #bbcfootball

    Germany win on penalties

  9. Post update

    Germany beat France on penalties

    Germany coach Silvia Neid races on to the pitch, beaming smile on her face. She retires at the end of this World Cup, but the adventure for her and Germany goes on.



    Germany 5-4 France - Claire Lavogez

    Claire Lavogez

    Big run up...and she smacks the ball against the legs of the keeper. Germany are through!  

  12. SCORES!

    Germany 5-4 France - Celia Sasic

    Whistle goes, quick run up and into the bottom right corner.  

  13. SCORES!

    Germany 4-4 France - Wendie Renard

    Nonchalant. A little skip up and she swipes the ball home. Double fist pump ensues.  

  14. SCORES!

    Germany 4-3 France - Dzsenifer Marozsan

    Bouhaddi goes the right way, but the ball is just out of her reach. 

  15. SCORES!

    Germany 3-3 France - Louisa Necib

      This could go on all night! 3-3 and great penalty, into the roof of the net. 

  16. SCORES!

    Germany 3-2 France - Babett Peter

      Peter launches the ball into the net, the ball grazing the keeper's hand.  

  17. SCORES!

    Germany 2-2 France - Camille Abily

    She looked nervous, but great penalty again. Mid-hit with the keeper sent the wrong way. Tense! 

  18. SCORES!

    Germany 2-1 France - Simone Laudehr

      Carbon copy of the first penalty. To the keeper's left.   

  19. SCORES!

    Germany 1-1 France - Gaetane Thiney

      Low and into the bottom right. 1-1...  

  20. SCORES!

    Germany 1-0 France - Melanie Behringer

      Calm as you like. To the left of the keeper, who dives the wrong way.  

  21. Germany 1-1 France

    Here we go then...

  22. Post update

    Germany 1-1 France

  23. Post update

    Germany 1-1 France

    Germany have never taken part in a penalty shootout, believe it or not.

    If they follow suit from their male counterparts, France are coming home...


    That's it. To penalties!

  25. Post update

    Germany 1-1 France

    ...Louisa Necib's corner is punched from the head of Wendie Renard, before Kheira Hamraoui plants a shot on the roof of the net from outside the box.

  26. Post update

    Germany 1-1 France

    Two minutes of stoppage time, and France have a corner...

  27. Post update

    Germany 1-1 France

    A minute left. The coaches are gearing up for penalties. It is surely inevitable now.

  28. Post update

    Germany 1-1 France

    Sorry Stacy, it was very much onside...

  29. 'It was on a plate!'

    Germany 1-1 France

    Quote Message: I can't believe it! How has she missed that?!It was on a plate for Gaetane Thiney. If France don't go through now... from Lucy Ward BBC pundit
    Lucy WardBBC pundit
  30. What a miss!

    Germany 1-1 France

    This is the moment for heroes and surely Gaetane Thiney is France's? Jessica Houara crosses behind the defence and Thiney is there at the far post, the goal at her mercy, Nadine Angerer resigned to beating beaten. Wide!

    How did she miss it??

  31. Post update

    Germany 1-1 France

    Dzsenifer Marozsan has a tired, leggy shot from 25 yards which barely reached the goal. It's penalties. They know it. We know it. You know it.

    Twelve yards, possibly 10 kicks to decide on a place in the last four...

  32. Post update

    Germany 1-1 France

    Gaetane Thiney steams in as she tries to meet a cross towards the post, but Nadine Angerer strides off her line to make the catch confidently. 

    Eight minutes to go.

  33. Post update

    Germany 1-1 France

    Kheira Hamraoui is taking her time to get back on the pitch as the France coaching staff try to get her cleaned up. They stick some tape over some spots of blood on her shorts, and she is good to go again.

  34. Final 10...

    Germany 1-1 France

  35. Post update

    Germany 1-1 France

    Kheira Hamraoui has taken a nasty whack to her nose and currently has cotton wool stuffed up it as they try to stop the bleeding. Meanwhile, France have a corner, but it is a tired effort from Louisa Necib, who sends it over the top of everyone.

  36. KICK-OFF

    Germany 1-1 France

    Nadine Angerer looks on

    There's 22 tired looking players out there. Germany get us back under way...


    Germany 1-1 France

    Germany players are treated
  38. Post update

    Germany 1-1 France

    France don't deal with the corner too well, but eventually get rid of the danger. One minute of time to add on.

  39. Post update

    Germany 1-1 France

    Claire Lavogez of France challenges Tabea Kemme

    I always feel cheated if there is a goal in extra-time. We've got this far, we may as well have penalties.

    Fortunately, penalties look the most likely outcome here. It is an open game, but no dangerous chances. Germany have a corner, though...

  40. Post update

    Germany 1-1 France

    Now France bring on some fresh legs as Kheira Hamraoui replaces a tiring Marie Laure Delie.

  41. Post update

    Germany 1-1 France

    Germany looked to have got pretty much every player back to form the wall to try and block the France free-kick, it works as Louisa Necib's left footer is denied the chance to find its target.

  42. Post update

    Germany 1-1 France

    Louisa Necib's shot hits a stray hand and a free-kick now for France, right inside the D. Huge noise from the fans in the stands. They are very much behind France.

  43. Post update

    Germany 1-1 France

    Whole-hearted challenge by Tabea Kemme denies Louisa Necib the chance to let fly from the edge of the area, the Germany defender - breathing easy now Elodie Thomis is not on the pitch - sticks out a foot to block the French midfielder's shot.


    Melanie Leupolz goes in the book for Germany after a foul. 

    I wonder how much France will regret taking off Elodie Thomis when they did? They lost a lot of their attacking threat when she left the pitch.

  45. Get Involved #bbcfootball

    Germany 1-1 France

    Tongue firmly in cheek there Dave?


    Germany 1-1 France

    A change for France as Eugenie Le Sommer is replaced by forward Gaetane Thiney. Fresh pair of legs.

  47. KICK-OFF

    Germany 1-1 France

    Celia Sasic encourages

    In the words of Steven Gerrard, we go again...

  48. Post update

    Germany 1-1 France.

    That dive genuinely gets more ridiculous every time I see it. 

    Germany France
  49. 'Never a penalty'

    Germany 1-1 France

    Rachel Brown-Finnis

    Former England goalkeeper

    Quote Message: It was never a penalty. The ball hit her trailing arm, it wasn't stuck out to block the ball. There was no intent.

    Germany 1-1 France

    That's the end of 90 minutes, extra-time it is then!

  51. Post update

    Germany 1-1 France

    Germany break after a France attack falls apart but Dzsenifer Marozsan tries a speculative effort from her own half, with France's keeper off her line. No chance as it sails well wide. 

  52. Post update

    Germany 1-1 France

    The 90 minutes are up and just TWO minutes of stoppage time.

    Strap yourself in for 30 more minutes...

  53. Post update

    Germany 1-1 France

    Sara Daebritz has a shot charged down as Germany attack before France go up the other end when Claire Lavogez goes down in the area. No chance of a penalty one, terrible dive.

  54. Post update

    Germany 1-1 France

    SibandeLawrence called it! You just cannot write off Germany. All set for extra-time, or is there one more twist to come?

  55. GOAL

    Germany 1-1 France - Celia Sasic

    Celia Sasic celebrates

    Celia Sasic keeps her cool and fires home from the spot. Game on!

  56. Post update

    Germany 0-1 France

    Quote Message: That is a massive call referee! from Lucy Ward BBC pundit
    Lucy WardBBC pundit

    Germany 0-1 France

    Big chance for Germany as they win a penalty! Leonie Maier's shot is handled by Amel Majri and the referee points to the spot...

  58. Post update

    Germany 0-1 France


    Write off.

    The Germans.

  59. TEN TO GO

    Germany 0-1 France

    Celia Sasic challenges for the ball

    Ten minutes left for Germany to save their World Cup campaign. Ten minutes for France to hold on. Tense!


    Germany 0-1 France

    Last roll of the dice for Germany as Silvia Neid makes her final change. On comes midfielder Melanie Behringer for Lena Goessling.

  61. Catch up

    Germany 0-1 France

    Louisa Necib's opener is now available to view in the highlights tab of this page. Boom!

  62. Post update

    Germany 0-1 France

    France are back in numbers as Germany press. They play some nice football down the right flank but the end product is missing as Celia Sasic's cross is too close to Sarah Bouhaddi. 

    Thirteen minutes to go.

  63. Post update

    Germany 0-1 France

    A chance for France to double their lead as they are given a free-kick right on the edge of Germany's area. It is Louisa Necib territory, but Camille Abily takes it, rolling the ball to Necib, who smacks the wall with her shot and eventually it is an easy catch for Nadine Angerer. 

  64. CLOSE!

    Germany 0-1 France

    Oh, that was a chance for Germany! The ball pinballs inside the France area and eventually falls to Simone Laudehr, who has the goal at her mercy, but she skews her shot inches wide of the post.

  65. Griezmann Glee

    Germany 0-1 France

    Atletico Madrid forward - and Chelsea target - Antoine Griezmann is a happy man right now


    Germany 0-1 France

    Changes for both sides now as, probably to Germany's relief, Elodie Thomis is replaced by Claire Lavogez before Sara Daebritz replaces Alexandra Popp for Germany.


    Germany 0-1 France

     Germany rattled? A couple of bookings for Silvia Neid's side with Lena Goessling and then Dzsenifer Marozsan are both yellow carded for bad challenges. 

  68. Post update

    Germany 0-1 France

    Game on then. What will Germany's response be? They exited the 2011 World Cup, which was on German soil, at the quarter-final stage and they won't want to be heading up early again. Just over 20 minutes to find an equaliser.

  69. Get Involved #bbcfootball

    Germany 0-1 France

  70. Post update

    Germany 0-1 France

    Louisa Necib shoots and score
    Quote Message: Louisa Necib had time to think about it and she is a class act. A great strike from a poor defensive header. from Lucy Ward BBC pundit
    Lucy WardBBC pundit
  71. GOAL

    Germany 0-1 France - Louisa Necib

    The French players celebrate

    Just as it looked like France would be ruing missed chances, they snatch a deserved lead! The goal comes from a poor clearing header on Germany's part as a long ball into the box is headed weakly by Babett Peter and Louisa Necib is there to pounce, picking up the ball on the edge of the box and firing home via a deflection.

  72. CLOSE!

    Germany 0-0 France

    Dzsenifer Marozsan

    Dzsenifer Marozsan stands over the free-kick and smashes it over the wall and towards the far corner, but Sarah Bouhaddi flings herself at it to the push the ball behind for a corner. Marozsan has certainly made a difference, unsettling France.


    Germany 0-0 France

    Laura Georges is shown a yellow card

    Yellows being flashed all over the place now as Laura Georges lunges out a foot, taking the legs of Dzsenifer Marozsan. Free-kick now for Germany, some 35 yards from goal...


    Germany 0-0 France

    Marie Laure Delie is then booked after the referee takes a disliking to her arm being up against the neck of Babett Peter as the two challenged for the ball.

  75. Post update

    Germany 0-0 France

    Quote Message: I said at the end of the first half that Germany wouldn't play as badly again and they've started well. Substitute Dzsenifer Marozsan has already made a difference. from Lucy Ward BBC pundit
    Lucy WardBBC pundit
  76. Post update

    Germany 0-0 France

    At the other end, Louisa Necib fires in a free-kick and Marie Laure Delie jumps to meet it. The ball is a bit too high and skims off the top of her head, with a frustrated Wendie Renard behind her. It was the defenders all day long as she came steaming in at the far post. Need to shout up Wendie.

  77. CLOSE!

    Germany 0-0 France

    Much better from Germany as they finally work Sarah Bouhaddi in the France goal, and substitute Dzsenifer Marozsan played a big part in it. The midfielder worked the ball towards the edge of the area before squaring a pass to Celia Sasic, whose low drive brings out a diving save from Bouhaddi.

  78. Post update

    Germany 0-0 France

    Wendie Renard breaks down a Germany attack as she expertly shepherds the ball over the line, before Elodie Thomis scampers off down the right to whip in a cross, but she can't find a French team-mate.

  79. KICK-OFF

    Germany 0-0 France

    What will this half have in store then?

    France get us under way.

  80. Post update

    Germany 0-0 France

    A big change for Germany at the break as midfielder Dzsenifer Maroszsan, only not starting because she is working her way back to full fitness, is on for Anja Mittag.

  81. The view from Canada

    Germany 0-0 France

    BBC Sport's Al Magowan is in Canada following England around. A hard life.

  82. Post update

    Germany 0-0 France

    Germany won't often be on the wrong end of stats like these. They had just 41.6% possession and just six shots on goal. Two of those were on target - the same amount as France. In total, the French had 13 shots on goal. Dominant, but evidently wasteful.

    World Cup
  83. Post update

    Germany 0-0 France

    Rachel Brown-Finnis

    Former England goalkeeper

    Quote Message: For all France's possession and chance when we saw Germany fly up the field, we expect them to score because that is what they do.
  84. Thomis tearing away

    Germany 0-0 France

    First things first, Germany boss Silvia Neid needs to work out how her side is going to cope with Elodie Thomis. Her pace has just been too much for Germany full-back Tabea Kemme (white circle below).

    World Cup
  85. Post update

    Germany 0-0 France

    Quote Message: The way France have been starting games in the tournament we thought this could happen, they have been superb. They have won all of the midfield battles. from Former England captain Faye White
    Former England captain Faye White
  86. Get Involved #bbcfootball

    Germany 0-0 France

  87. Post update

    Germany 0-0 France

    Rachel Brown-Finnis

    Former England goalkeeper

    Silvia Neid looks on
    Quote Message: France started on the front foot, they pinned back Germany and taken the game to them. Germay are out of their comfort zone and France have created more chances

    Germany 0-0 France

    Alexandra Popp and Simone Laudehr of Germany look on

    No is the answer to that. The free-kick is not troubling the France defence and that's the last action of the half.

  89. Post update

    Germany 0-0 France

    A minute before half-time and Germany have a free-kick in a dangerous area, they couldn't nick one before the break, could they...?

  90. Post update

    Germany 0-0 France

    France are bossing this game with 55% of the possession and they continue to have the German defence on the back foot as Marie Laure Delie launches herself at a cross, but the ball is too close to Nadine Angerer, who gathers at the second attempt after fumbling her initial catch. 

  91. Post update

    Germany 0-0 France

    Quote Message: A piece of technical brilliance! Louisa Necib did brilliantly to hook in a left-footed strike on the bounce but German goalkeeper Nadine Angerer was equal to it. Two superb bits of play. from BBC pundit Lucy Ward
    BBC pundit Lucy Ward
  92. CLOSE!

    Germany 0-0 France

    Germany are hanging on here! Louisa Necib brings a ball into the box down with one touch, brings it under control with another and then hooks a shot around Babett Peter and towards goal, but Nadine Angerer is there to push behind. 

  93. Get Involved #bbcfootball

    Germany 0-0 France


    Germany 0-0 France

    Anja Mittag is shown a yellow card

    There has been one or two hefty challenges so it is unbelievable that we have got to 37 minutes before the first booking of the game, Anja Mittag in the book for a nasty challenge on Jessica Houara.

  95. Post update

    Germany 0-0 France

    Amandine Henry has already scored one belter at this tournament - against Mexico - and she wants another. Louisa Necib gives her the ball about 30 yards from goal and Henry has a go, her shot's well-hit, but Nadine Angerer is behind it all the way.

  96. Post update

    Germany 0-0 France

  97. Penalty shout

    Germany 0-0 France

    Amel Majri takes a shot

    France's Amel Majri wants a penalty as her shot hits Anja Mittag. Referee is having none of it and rightly so, with replays showing the ball hit her chest.

  98. CLOSE!

    Germany 0-0 France

    Top defending by Wendie Renard, although I doubt she knew much about it! Lana Goessling sends a free-kick into the area, it runs through to the unmarked Simone Laudehr, who smacks a volley into Renard's chest, the ball eventually runs out to Leonie Maier, whose rasping drive is held by Sarah Bouhaddi. 

    This might not be the Germany we've seen so far in this tournament, but they are still capable of looking dangerous.

  99. Familiar feeling?

    Germany 0-0 France

  100. Post update

    Germany 0-0 France

    Melanie Leupolz

    I thought Germany had dealt with France's early pressure but they are still struggling. 

    Moments after Eugenie le Sommer is deemed offside, Elodie Thomis rises to meet a ball into the box, but can't direct her header on target.

  101. Post update

    Germany 0-0 France

    Quote Message: The German defence knew all about France winger Elodie Thomis, but they thought they could just turn up and do their thing and be good enough. But already they have had to swap full-backs to keep an eye on her. Thomis is a terrific player. from BBC pundit Lucy Ward
    BBC pundit Lucy Ward
  102. Post update

    Germany 0-0 France

    Elodie Thomis runs with possession of the bal

    The pace of Elodie Thomis is causing a few nervy moments for the Germany defence. The Germans have already swapped their full-backs in an effort to nullify her, but still she has defenders worried, just losing her footing at the last moment after wriggling into the area.

  103. Get involved #bbcfootball

    Germany 0-0 France

    Maybe England boss Mark Sampson was on to something with his defensive set-up against France?

  104. Post update

    Germany 0-0 France

    Anja Mittag has a crack from distance for Germany but the ball sails well, well wide. If only her shooting was as good as her tattoos. Some impressive full length arm ink going on.

  105. Post update

    Germany 0-0 France

    Germany are  finally starting to show their teeth a bit more and should at least hit the target when Simone Laudehr crosses to the far post from the right, finding Celia Sasic, but the striker heads over.

    A let off for France, but how much will they regret not scoring early doors?

  106. Post update

    Germany 0-0 France

    SMS Message: Nick from Burnley: "England losing 1-0 to a team of this ability doesn't look so bad really!"
  107. Post update

    Germany 0-0 France

    Anja Mittag controls the ball against France midfielder Camille Abily

    It has been relentless from France, but Germany have coped with it and finally have their chance to test the French defence when they win a free-kick midway inside their opponents half. 

    The ball is driven into the area and goalkeeper Sarah Bouhaddi comes racing off her line, punching the ball poorly but Germany can't capitalise.

  108. Post update

    Germany 0-0 France

  109. Clinical France?

    Germany 0-0 France

    That early chance for France was playmaker Louisa Necib's seventh shot of the tournament but still she has no goals and only one on target.  

    Louisa NEcib
  110. Get Involved #bbcfootball

    Germany 0-0 France

    Lena Goessling of Germany chases Amandine Henry
  111. Post update

    Germany 0-0 France

    Come on ref, sort it out. 

    France have another free-kick, this time on the left side of the Germany area and Louisa Necib tries to play it short to Amel Majri on the edge of the area. Referee Carol Chernard is in her way, and fluffs it up even more when she tries to move, leaving a distracted Majri to loop a shot over.

  112. CLOSE!

    Germany 0-0 France

    Another chance for France as a free-kick is floated into the area and Laura Georges sticks out a boot, poking the ball through a crowd and just wide of the post. 

    Germany coach Silvia Neid's stay in her seat was brief, she is on the edge of her technical area now, and looks angry. Very slow start by her team.

  113. Post update

    Germany 0-0 France

    Quote Message: She's got to score that! Louisa Necib had a lot of time to think about it and she just dragged it wide. What a chance! France have two great wide players and they are going for it. from BBC pundit Lucy Ward
    BBC pundit Lucy Ward
  114. CLOSE!

    Germany 0-0 France

    Louisa Necib reacts

    Oh my word, you've got to stick those away! France make an electric start as they win possession and burst down the right with pace through Elodie Thomis, she crosses into the area, the Germany defence is nowhere to be seen and surely Louisa Necib scores? Nope, stabs wide. Should have done better.

  115. KICK-OFF

    Germany 0-0 France

    Silvia Neid takes her seat in the dugout as her Germany players get this game under way.

  116. Post update

    Germany v France (21:00 BST)

    Germany have the pedigree, but France have the backing. They'll have strong support in the predominantly-French speaking city of Montreal and they've had the bigger of the cheers from the crowd as kick-off approaches.

  117. Post update

    Germany v France (21:00 BST)

    The teams are out in Montreal, the Fifa anthem is on - it's almost time for kick-off.

    Which of these giants will still be standing in a few hours time?

    Silvia Neid during the national anthem
  118. The female Zidane

    Germany v France (21:00 BST)

    Women's World Cup

    So we've got 'Mini Messi' at the Women's World Cup in the shape of England's Fran Kirby, and tonight 'the Female Zidane' is in action. 

    France playmaker Louisa Necib is frequently compared to former Real Madrid midfielder Zinedine Zidane.

    She plays in a similar position, they both grew up in Marseille and both are said to possess incredible technique on the pitch. 

    "Zidane is a role model for me," Necib has said previously. "He was always the player that I most enjoyed watching. I love beautiful football. It's a vehicle for enjoyment on the football pitch. And without enjoyment, it's impossible to play well."

  119. Get Involved


    Young fans of the German national team

    Matt Underwood has given us his prediction for who will be in the final, do you agree with him? Who do you think will go all the way and win this year? Which team's technical talent has impressed you the most?

    Let us know via #bbcfootball, text in on 81111 (UK only) and have your say on the BBC Sport and Match of the Day Facebook pages.

  120. Who to watch out for

    Germany v France (21:00 BST)

    The Independent's Glenn Moore: "The Germans play an aggressive high-tempo pressing game with good use of overlapping full-backs. They have a potent attack, with Anja Mittag and Celia Sasic having already scored five goals apiece. 

    "The French tend to have a more deliberate build-up but also have skilled, powerful players and good depth. Striker Eugenie Le Sommer is having a fine tournament and winger Elodie Thomis, when in the mood, is a handful while Wendie Renard is a commanding centre-half and Amandine Henry is currently outshining the highly rated Louisa Necib in midfield."

  121. Get Involved


    Matt Underwood:  I honestly believe the winner of tonight's Germany v France game will meet @england in the final on 5 July.

  122. Watch on BBC Three and online

    Germany v France (21:00 BST)

    You will be able to watch Germany v France at 20:50 BST on BBC Three and online at the top of this page. Until then, you are stuck with my words. Soz.

    Women's World Cup
  123. "We scared Germany"

    Germany v France (21:00 BST)

    France v Germany
    Image caption: The two sides met at the 2011 World Cup, when Germany won 4-2.

    Back to my mention earlier about the potential for a bit of needle between these two [20:10 BST entry]. France lost 4-2 to Germany in an eventful group stage at the 2011 World Cup but the French highlighted their credentials as a rising power in women's football when they beat Germany 2-0, on German soil, in a warm-up match in October.

    "We know Germany's mentality and how much that defeat on home soil will have hurt," says France winger Elodie Thomas. "Maybe that makes things even worse, and I'm sure we scared them. 

    "But this will be different, as this is an elimination game. Germany is a good team, but France is a good team, too, and we've made a lot of progress."   

  124. The quarter-finals

    As well as today's quarter-final games, there are two more to come with defending champions Japan playing Australia at 21:00 BST on Saturday before England's face hosts Canada on Sunday at 00:30 BST.

    Women's World Cup
  125. Clash of the Titans Part Two

    China v USA (00:30 BST)

    There's another belter coming up later, with China taking on world number two USA at 00:30 BST. 

    We'll have live coverage of that game online from 00:00 BST, with video coverage from 00:20 BST.

    Women's World Cup
  126. One in five?

    England v Canada (00:30 BST)

    England manager Mark Sampson has been facing the cameras ahead of their quarter-final with hosts Canada on Saturday night.

    Quote Message: Canada have only beaten us once in the last five meetings. If they've sussed us out, they've kept that quiet so far.
  127. Send in your support


    Getting excited for Sunday's game? Then send in your good luck messages and photos to #golionesses on Twitter.

    Don't forget you can watch the game on BBC One, with kick-off at 00:30 BST on Sunday.

  128. Counting down to Canada

    Canada v England (Sunday, 00:30 BST)

    England play hosts Canada in Vancouver at 00:30 BST on Sunday and arrived in the city on Wednesday after beating Norway 2-1, winning their first-ever Women's World Cup knock-out game. 

    They can make history again this weekend by securing their place in the semi-finals for the first time.

  129. Who to mark?

    Germany v France (21:00 BST)

    Women's World Cup

    Germany have had nine different goalscorers at the 2015 Women's World Cup and five of those are starting tonight. 

    Meanwhile, goalkeeper Nadine Angerer has kept nine World Cup clean sheets and needs just one more to equal Briana Scurry’s record for the USA.