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  1. Post update

    Chile 1-0 Uruguay

    Isla's winner

    It felt like it would never come.

    It felt like Uruguay could sneak it on penalties like against Ghana at the 2010 World Cup.

    But this moment finally arrived and hosts Chile will play either Peru or Bolivia in the semi-finals.

    You won't bet against them for the whole thing. There is a lot of momentum behind them now.

    Catch you back here soon to see if they can lift their fist ever Copa America. Bye for now.

  2. Post update

    Chile 1-0 Uruguay

    Jubilation among the home support.

    Uruguay are taking this very badly with more barracking, moaning and nit-picking at the final whistle.

    They have been played off the park today. And they looked like an unruly rabble by the end. Not doing anything for their national footballing stereotype today.


    Chile 1-0 Uruguay

  4. Post update

    Chile 1-0 Uruguay

    What a chance to seal it!

    Arturo Vidal is all alone as the Uruguayan defence parts like the Red Sea, but Fernando Muslera gets off his line sharply to make the save.

  5. Join the debate at #bbcfootball

    Joe Foxon: Utterly pathetic from Uruguay.

    Johnny Magrinho: Surrounding the referee like a bunch of thugs. Again. Anyone else getting bored by poor refereeing and volatile reactions?

    Mohsin BCFC: There has been much more fighting than football, Valdivia still managing to show his class in between all the commotion though.

  6. Post update

    Chile 1-0 Uruguay

    Chile goalkeeper Claudio Bravo clutches onto a cross ahead of Uruguay's Diego Godin who has rolled up from the back as an added forward.


    Chile 1-0 Uruguay


    Four minutes added on.


    Uruguay's Jorge Fucile

    Suddenly the referee is surrounded by a melee of pushing and shoving players.

    The spark was Jorge Fucile's crunching tackle on Alexis Sanchez. The Uruguayan took a good look at the Arsenal man and launched into a ugly scissor-challenge.

    The Chile bench in incensed and they get their wish when Fucile is sent off. Uruguay retaliate with more outrage and shoving. But finally order is restored and play restarts.


    Chile 1-0 Uruguay

    A change for Chile with Jorge Valdivia brought off in place of a bit more midfield solidity.


    Chile 1-0 Uruguay

    Chile substitute Mauricio Pinilla has his name taken by the referee.

  11. GOAL

    Chile 1-0 Uruguay - Mauricio Isla


    Chile have their breakthrough and the Estadio Naciaonal is being rocked to its very foundations.

    Not a particularly complex goal with the ball tossed into the area and Fernando Musclera failing to get a convincing punch.

    From the edge of the box, Jorge Valdivia works it to Mauricio Isla who strikes low and hard through a thicket of players and past a recovering Muslera.

  12. CLOSE!

    Chile 0-0 Uruguay

    Was that the chance?!

    The Uruguay goal somehow remains intact as a corner kick clears Gary Medal by a matter of inches, hops through the six-yard box and behind the arriving Arturo Vidal.

  13. Post update

    Chile 0-0 Uruguay


    No extra time remember people.

    This match will be decided on penalties if we cannot find a winner in the next 15 minutes.

  14. Post update

    Chile 0-0 Uruguay

    Jorge Valdivia is still pulling strings for Chile in attack, but his attempted one-two and burst into the area is partially blocked. Aryuro Vidal mis-hits a volley from a tight angle. It was ambitious, and now a waste.

  15. Join the debate at #bbcfootball

    Tom: I don't think anyone would want to see Uruguay's Monte Video of this match.


    Chile 0-0 Uruguay

    Double change. Mauricio Pinilla is going to come on along with Mathias Fernandez for Chile. In the opposite direction come Eduardo Vargas and Marcelo Diaz.


    Chile 0-0 Uruguay

    Maxi Pereira hacks another lump out of Alexis Sanchez with a sliding and late tackle from behind.

    That might well have been red in front of an English official. Periera puts up with a yellow.

  18. Join the debate at #bbcfootball


    Mike: Cavani has been a waste upfront but stupid for him to earn that red card.

    Johnny Magrinho: Neymar & Cavani both sent off for petulant reasons. What has happened to football? It's utterly embarrassing at times.

  19. RED CARD

    Uruguay's Edinson Cavani


    Edinson Cavani has gone. Mentally he is off the leash.

    After picking up a first yellow for nudging the linesman as he got in his face, he has picked up a second for slapping Gonzalao Jara with the back of his hand in an off-the-ball incident.

    He doesn't want to go though. Oh no. Cavani spends a good minute trying to get close to the referee for a review of the decision or towards some of the less sympathetic Chile players.

    Finally he is off. And is still haranguing some poor dogsbody down in the stadium bowels.

  20. Post update

    Chile 0-0 Uruguay

    Who'd a thunk it? A little bit of Hull's misfit striker Abel Hernandez is just what Uruguay needed.

    A little spell of pressure, a shot from distance, but Chile are soon back down the other end with Arturo Vidal lining up from long range and clipping his shot right at Fernando Muslera.


    Chile 0-0 Uruguay

    Hull City striker Abel Hernandez is about to make an appearance. The Uruguayan is stripped and ready to come on.

    Diego Rolan is sacrificed.

  22. Post update

    Chile 0-0 Uruguay


    BBC World's Richard Padula: "This Copa America must be setting a record for the level of jeering, whistling and expletives before and during every goal-kick. Also interesting that despite the wall-to-wall coverage and condemnation following Vidal's Ferrari crash, I've heard nothing negative from the fans during the two games since. Very much business as usual for Vidal."

  23. Post update

    Chile 0-0 Uruguay

    Uruguay get a sniff of a chance and they could easily be ahead had Diego Rolan made cleaner contact as the ball hopped up invitingly for him six yards out.

    His attempt to stab past Claudio Bravo is gobbled up by the Chile goalkeeper.

  24. Post update

    Chile 0-0 Uruguay

    Chile are making all the running.

    Alexis Sanchez feints to buy a yard of space and then dishes up a lovely cross to the far post. Uruguay's defence just about manages to get highest to head clear.

  25. Join the debate at #bbcfootball

    Jasonbannerman: Uruguay haven't impressed in this tournament at all.

    They have looked like a walking defeat so far tonight.

  26. Post update

    Chile 0-0 Uruguay

    Arturo Vidal rattles in another effort from distance. Again it is a very clean strike, but again Fernando Muslera is equal to it in the Uruguay goal.

  27. Post update

    Chile 0-0 Uruguay

    Alexis Sanchez wins a free-kick down by the Uruguay corner flag as he tempts Alvaro Gonzalez into a rash challenge.

    It is a decent position, but Edinson Cavani, getting back to do some defensive dirty work, heads clear.

  28. KICK-OFF



    The Uruguayan players kept their Chilean counterparts waiting on the pitch for a good few minutes, before finally emerging for the second.

    Gamesmanship? Probably.

    Belatedly, we are up and running.

  29. Join the debate at #bbcfootball

    Karl Donnelly: Nine years today Portugal v Holland 16 yellows 4 red cards.. doubt this match will end with 22. Chile to win.

    Akhil Dasani: If Valdivia was Brazilian he'd be playing for one of the big teams by now.

  30. Post update

    Chile v Uruguay

  31. Post update

    Chile 0-0 Uruguay

    BBC World's Richard Padula: "At half-time, let's reflect on the tragic and shocking history of this venue. This morning we took a tour of the stadium. Anywhere else in the World this would be a fun glimpse behind the scenes on match-day. But the Estadio Nacional has a dark past. It was used as a prison camp in the 1970s during the early days of the Pinochet regime. The dressing rooms were used to hold political prisoners (120 to a room) and cruel, unspeakable acts of torture took place.

    "At the north end of the stadium behind the goal, a row of 14 old wooden benches are kept as a memorial. They're fenced off and no-one ever sits on them. Behind the benches is a sign that reads "A People who Forget their Past are a People with no Future".

  32. Join the debate at #bbcfootball

    Andrew: So glad there isn't extra time. 2:30 finish and kids get up at 6 #vamosChile.

  33. Post update

    Chile 0-0 Uruguay

    Just a heads-up. There will be no extra-time to take us deeper into the BST morning.

    Instead we are straight to spot kicks if the two teams are level at the end of 90 minutes.

  34. Half-time stats

    Chile 0-0 Uruguay

    Chile v Uruguay stats

    Eight shots, 78% possession...Chile are well on top but the most important stat of all is 0-0. And just look at the number of fouls by both teams.


    Chile 0-0 Uruguay

    Brutal stuff, but no goals to go with the bruising and battling.

  36. Join the debate at #bbcfootball

    John Arthur Rooney: I have literally never seen Cavani be anything but terrible, hope LFC dont buy him.


    Chile 0-0 Uruguay

    Another update, another yellow card.

    This time for Maurcio Isla of Chile after he mistimes a slide in on Carlos Sanchez.


    Chile 0-0 Uruguay


    Some fouls are cynical and crafty. That one was cynical and clueless.

    Uruguay's Jorge Fucile steps across to body check Eduardo Vargas after the ball has gone. Vargas was not going anywhere dangerous or anywhere fast, but Fucile is going straight into the book.

  39. Post update

    Chile 0-0 Uruguay

    Uruguay with a corner and all the beanpoles up from the back...but out comes Chile goalkeeper Claudio Bravo to land a roundhouse punch on the ball, sending it to safety.

  40. Post update

    Chile 0-0 Uruguay

    BBC World's Richard Padula: "Slightly off topic perhaps but yesterday the newspaper El Mercurio had an interview with Man City's Chilean coach Manuel Pellegrini. Apparently he wants to manage the Chile national team. (Also said Man City lacked ambition last season!)"

  41. Post update

    Chile 0-0 Uruguay

    Arturo Vidal stings the palms of Fernando Muslera in the Uruguay goal with a full-blooded drive from 25 yards. That was swerving left and right in the air like a toe-poked plastic garage ball.

    Two big meaty fists behind it though keep it out.

  42. Post update

    Chile 0-0 Uruguay


    Alexis Sanchez almost ghosts in at the far post, but a stretching boot from the Uruguay full-back does enough to get it behind for a goal-kick with the last touch coming off the Arsenal man.

    Sanchez tries his luck from further out shortly after, but that is clean over the top and into the cheap seats.

    All Chile so far..


    Chile 0-0 Uruguay


    It is getting physical out there and Edinson Cavani's temper is fraying.

    The Uruguayan striker gets a hefty barge in the back from Arturo Vidal and no free-kick. He gets right up close and personal with the linesman as he complains - close enough that the assistant referee can probably tell what he had for a pre-match snack.

    The referee is not having his mate treated like that and whips out yellow.

  44. Post update

    Chile 0-0 Uruguay

  45. Post update

    Chile 0-0 Uruguay

    More Chile pressure as Charles Aranguiz spins into a pocket of space on the edge of the box, but he drags his shot with the crowd squealing in anticipation of an opening goal for the hosts.

    Fernando Muslera had plenty of time to drop on the ball.

  46. Handbags

    Chile 0-0 Uruguay

    Eduardo Vargas

    "Hold me back, hold me back!"

    Players from both sides do a bit of chest-puffing and shoving as Eduardo Vargas goes in hard as he contests a 50:50 ball with Uruguay goalkeeper Fernando Muslera.

    Finally it all calms down.

  47. Post update

    Chile 0-0 Uruguay


    Carlos Sanchez goes for something extravagant as the ball breaks to him on the edge of the Chile box.

    An outside-of-the-foot airborne half-volley, doesn't get the curl required to trouble goalkeeper Claudio Bravo though.


    Chile 0-0 Uruguay

    The first name goes into the book and the honour belongs to Jorge Valdivia of Chile.

    The playmaker catches Jose Gimenez with a naughty lazy foot, planting six studs on his shin as they came together in midfield.

  49. Post update

    Chile 0-0 Uruguay

    BBC World's Richard Padula: "How does a coach motivate his players for a Copa America quarter-final? Well, Chile coach Jorge Sampaoli got his players to watch a film about the 33 Chilean miners who were trapped in 2010."

  50. Post update

    Chile 0-0 Uruguay

    Carlos Sanchez is a stocky little presence in the heart of the Uruguay midfield. If the football ever doesn't work out, he could do a job on a nightclub door.

    If he and Gary Medel come into close contact it could get very tasty.

  51. Join the debate at #bbcfootball

    Sbusiso: Can Cavani finally justify his ludicrous price tag?

  52. Post update

    Chile 0-0 Uruguay


    Audacious from Jorge Valdivia as the Chilean takes a touch with his back to goal and simultaneously spins and nutmegs a Uruguayan centre-back with his second.

    Appreciative ohhs from the crowd, but Valdivia cannot turn a trick into a chance. His attempt to sweep the ball inside is cut out.

  53. Post update

    Chile 0-0 Uruguay

    Chile fans

    BBC Sport's Richard Padula in Chile: "Stat attack: Chile have played Uruguay 77 times and only managed 16 wins and 18 draws. At the Copa America, they have not beaten Uruguay since 1983.

    "There hasn't been too many opportunities for star spotting at Copa America games but the former Chile, Real Madrid and Inter striker Ivan Zamorano has just taken his place in one of the TV commentary booths. But a warning from history for the Chile fans. Uruguay have knocked out the hosts in 3 of the last 5 Copa America tournaments."

  54. Post update

    Chile 0-0 Uruguay

    The was a chance created out in west London.

    Eduardo Vargas volleys just over the top from Mauricio Isla's cross. The Chile pair were at QPR on loan from Napoli and Juventus respectively last season.

  55. Post update

    Chile 0-0 Uruguay

    Diego Rolan

    Uruguay have come to contest, not contain.

    They are pressing high and hard with Edinson Cavani and Diego Rolan, buzzing about busily putting pressure on the Chile centre-backs.

  56. Post update

    Chile 0-0 Uruguay

    First bit of needle as Chile's Charles Arangiz has a little nibble of Diego Godin as the Uruguay centre-back tries to stride out of defence.

    The referee keeps his cards dry. They are going to see plenty of use I think.

  57. Post update

    Chile 0-0 Uruguay

  58. Join the debate at #bbcfootball

    Anthony Ryan: Traditional Garra Charrúa and little attempt to attack from Uruguay tonight. Frustrate and conquer! Vamos La Celeste!

  59. Post update

    Chile 0-0 Uruguay

    What with the patterns shaved in his head and the ink on his body, there are more symbols on Arturo Vidal than in the bottom of a freemason's wardrobe.

    Uruguay have opened up well with Diego Rolan almost playing in Edinson Cavani and then Claudio Bravo in the Chile goal looking a little rushed as he comes to punch.

  60. Post update

    Chile 0-0 Uruguay

    BBC World's Richard Padula in Chile: "Following his heroics in Chile's last game, Gary Medel has been likened to Chuck Norris here in Chile. Chuck Norris-esque 'jokes' have been doing the rounds, such as..."If Gary crashes his Ferrari, he takes the cop to jail".

  61. KICK-OFF

    Chile 0-0 Uruguay

    Gary Medel, once of Cardiff, now of Inter Milan, is at the centre of Chile's pre-match huddle.

    Instructions duly barked out. His side get us up and running.

  62. Post update

    Chile v Uruguay (00:30 BST)

    A huge Chilean flag is unfurled at one end of the ground as the national anthem is roared out.

    The ditty goes on longer than the 90 seconds permitted for each team's anthem. So the crowd and Chile players continue acapella after the music dies away.

    The Uruguay players - very wisely - stay exactly where they are until their opponents have finished.

  63. Post update

    Chile v Uruguay (00:30 BST)


    If there is a Chilean version of Frank Skinner and David Baddiel, they will be enjoying their 15 minutes of fame now.

    The Estadio Nacional in Santiago is decked out in the national colours and the atmosphere is bubbling.

    The joys of being hosts. And the Uruguayan national anthem is not given much time by the home support. They jeer heartily throughout.

  64. Post update

    Chile v Uruguay (00:30 BST)

  65. Post update

    Chile v Uruguay (00:30 BST)

    BBC World's Richard Padula in Chile: "Another smoggy day here in Santiago. Once again the Andes have been difficult to make out through the thick pollution. But now the stadium is lit up in the evening the fans fill up the last few empty red seats.

    "Team sheets handed out 45 minutes ago. And despite speculation in the Chilean newspapers this morning that Uruguay's Edinson Cavani could return home and miss the rest of the tournament - following the arrest of his father. His name is on the team sheet. And he's in the starting XI."

  66. Post update

    Edinson Cavani

    It had been suggested that Edinson Cavani might miss the match tonight as well.

    His father, Luis, was involved in a car crash in which a 19-year-old motorcyclist was killed back in their home country.

    Luis has reportedly been held by the authorities. His son plays.

  67. LINE-UPS

    Chile v Uruguay (00:30 BST)

    Chile XI: Bravo; Isla, Jara, Medel, Mena; Aranguiz, Diaz, Vidal, Valdivia; Vargas, Sanchez.

    Uruguay XI: Muslera; Pereira, Godín, Giménez, Fucile; Sanchez, A. Ríos, Gonzalez, Rodriguez; Rolan, Cavani.

  68. An evening lacking bite

    Giorgio Chieillini and Luis Suarez

    Talking skin and teeth, it was exactly a year ago on the evening of 24 June that Luis Suarez sank his teeth into the shoulder of Italy defender Giorgio Chiellini at the World Cup.

    "Ban him for as long as possible." Throw him in jail and lock him up forever." "He needs the longest ban in football ever." That's what they said.

    Funny how things turn around.

    Luis Suarez wins the Champions League with Barcelona

    But Fifa have not forgotten. Suarez is still serving out his nine-match international ban for the incident and is missing for this tournament.

  69. Post update

    "Styles make fights." If the old boxing adage can be applied to football matches then this should be a cracker.

    Host nation Chile scored 10 goals in finishing top of Group A, building a groundswell of belief among their fans that they might finally lift the Copa America after finishing as runners-up four times.

    Chile celebrate against Bolvia

    Defending champions Uruguay scraped through by the skin of their teeth - as one of the best third-placed teams after finishing behind Argentina and Paraguay in Group B.

    Their three matches so far have featured only four goals.