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  1. Post update

    FC United 1-4 Chesterfield

    Right then, that's all from us tonight. 

    But hang around if you like - don't forget you can watch the goals from tonight's match using the Highlights tab at the top of this very page. 

    And if you're looking to catch up on the draw for the second round, get yourself this way.

    Bye for now!

  2. Manager reaction

    FC United 1-4 Chesterfield

    Dean Saunders

    Chesterfield boss Dean Saunders, speaking to BT Sport:"I'm pleased because there were some real upsets at the weekend. In some ways we’ve got nothing to gain from a game like this apart from getting hammered if we lose, but we got through luckily. 

    "They pressed us really well – they worked their socks off and made us kick it long, so credit to them.  

    "The most important goal was the third. I did say to the lads at half-time that if they score it, it's game on. They got in some great positions but just didn’t finish.

    "We’ve got a tough game against Walsall in the next round now. They're right up there and have been together for a while. It’s going to be tough but we got a home draw – that’s all we could have asked for."

  3. Player reaction

    FC United 1-4 Chesterfield

    Chesterfield striker Sylvan Ebanks-Blake, speaking to BT Sport: "It was important to start sharply and do a proper job. I thought we did that tonight and all the lads are buzzing.

    "We had a good month in October and have started this one in the right way too. We're at home in the next round, and that is one we will look to win."

    Chesterfield striker Lee Novak, speaking to BT Sport, on his goal: "It was a great ball in from Jonesy and I knew if I made a good connection it had a chance of going in, luckily it did. 

    "FC United are a good team. They tried to get it down and play, they're not a typical non-league team. They put up a good fight but the two early goals killed them." 

  4. Post update

    FC United 1-4 Chesterfield

    FC United of Manchester players

    An honest assessment from the home side here...

  5. Post update

    FC United 1-4 Chesterfield

    I wouldn't disagree with Mr Webber on that one. 

    There are 78 league places between these two sides and it really showed here. 

    Had the home side got a decent start instead of conceding two in the first 12 minutes, then maybe you're talking about a different game. 

    Sometimes in the FA Cup, the big teams actually do beat the minnows you know.

  6. 'A fair result'

    FC United 1-4 Chesterfield

    Danny Webber summarising on BBC Radio Manchester: "All in all it's a fair result. Chesterfield had the quality, were expansive form the off and put their chances away.

    "FC United grew in belief but could not get a goal early enough to make a game of it. It would have been unfair if they had not got a goal."


    FC United 1-4 Chesterfield

    We've had the full three minutes added on, and that is that. 

    FC United bow out as Chesterfield go on to play fellow League One side Walsall in the next round.

  8. A deserved goal

    FC United 1-4 Chesterfield

    Danny Webber summarising on BBC Radio Manchester: "FC United have had a go all night but came up against a fitter side that scored goals early and have had a spring in their step since then. Chesterfield had more nous.

    "It is nice that FC United have got a goal - they have deserved that."

  9. GOAL - FC United 1-4 Chesterfield

    Luke Ashworth

    Calm down everyone, this one's going to be a consolation and nothing more as Luke Ashworth heads in from a corner.  

    FC United deserve it though - they responded to the fourth goal by going heads down, gung-ho towards the Chesterfield goal. 

    Strangely though, the bell is not ringing... 

  10. Post update

    FC United 0-4 Chesterfield

    Rory Patterson of FC United

    Can we safely assume it will be Chestefield who'll go on to play Walsall in the next round now?

    I should say so. 

  11. Post update

    FC United 0-4 Chesterfield

    Danny Webber summarising on BBC Radio Manchester: "Out of respect for his former club Banks did not celebrate but he deserved to because it was a very good strike."

  12. GOAL - FC United 0-4 Chesterfield

    Ollie Banks

    If ever there was a celebration that didn't match the goal, then this is it. 

    Ollie Banks absolutley smashes one home from range before almost shrugging his shoulders and sauntering off. 

    He's a former FC United player - that must explain it - but still. It made the goal look so much better that he didn't even seem to care.

  13. Post update

    FC United 0-3 Chesterfield

    Under five to go and their team is clearly out but FC United's fans are still making the best of the occasion. 

    Even that fella with the bell is still going. Maybe not for long though...

  14. Post update

    FC United 0-3 Chesterfield

    It does seem a bit weird that club should be tweeting about something like this but I can vouch for how annoying it has been...

  15. CLOSE!

    FC United 0-3 Chesterfield

    Dean Saunders manager of Chesterfield

    Greg Daniels has other ideas though - he wants one consolation and an FA Cup goal to tell the grandkids about. 

    No dice though, as one of a rack of blue shirts heads clear from in front of their own goal. 

    Chesterfield are clearly pretty keen on coming away with a clean sheet. 


    FC United 0-3 Chesterfield

    One last change for FC United sees Callum Byrne on for Sam Sheridan. Judging from the hairstyle, I'm going for flair player. 

    This is surely damage limitation now though...

  17. Don't miss a thing

    FC United 0-3 Chesterfield

    Missed that third goal? Panic not, because UK users can watch Rai Simons superb effort by using the highlights button now.

    You can also watch the first two goals as well. Arguably a better experience for the Chesterfield fans...

  18. Post update

    FC United 0-3 Chesterfield

    So then, under 15 minutes to go, are we counting on a rousing four-goal revival? 

    I know this is the FA Cup but I'd really suggest not...

  19. CLOSE!

    FC United 0-3 Chesterfield

    Almost calamitous. David Carnell comes for a cross but is beaten to it by his own defender, before another red shirt slices the ball into the path of an oncoming Chesterfield man. 

    It's scrabbled clear. They really don't need to self destruct now, FC United.

  20. Post update

    FC United 0-3 Chesterfield

    Sam Sheridan of FC United

    Rai Simons! The youngster wants another as he sniffs out Dan Jones's low ball across the box, but Sam Sheridan is there to clear and is actually fouled in the process.

    It was Sheridan who had the one FC United decent shot on target I can recall - way back in the first half.


    FC United 0-3 Chesterfield

    Rest the legs now, manager Dean Saunders reckons, this one is done. He's probably right, too.

    Chesterfield captain Sam Morsy eats into the 20 minutes remaining as he saunters off at leisure. 

    It's Charlie Raglan who comes on to replace him - another former FC United player!

  22. 'Clinical finish'

    FC United 0-3 Chesterfield

    Danny Webber summarising on BBC Radio Manchester: "I said when he came on that Rai Simons is very direct and raw - but his finish was not raw, it was clinical. He had a clear run at goal and slotted it home superbly."

  23. GOAL - FC United 0-3 Chesterfield

    Rai Simons

    Rai Simons of Chesterfield

    It's so easy. Rai Simons is set through on goal - one ball from midfield and he's in absolute acres - and the youngster does well to keep his concentration.

    He had so much time to get it wrong but flicks brilliantly over the advancing David Carnell.

  24. Post update

    FC United 0-2 Chesterfield

    With FC United preoccupied with tamely missing chances down one end, Chesterfield still look dangerous on the break down the other. 

    Sam Morsy has acres to cut-back for Lee Novak who turns home, but the flag was up. Offside.

  25. Crosses are crucial

    FC United 0-2 Chesterfield

    Drew Talbot of Chesterfield

    Danny Webber summarising on BBC Radio Manchester: "The next goal is big - it either puts the game to bed or puts it on a knife edge.

    "Neither side has dealt with good crosses well at all. FC United, if they are to get back into the game, have to get the ball out wide and get crosses in."

  26. Post update

    FC United 0-2 Chesterfield

    We haven't got the full regalia of Opta's stats coverage tonight, but on my estimation one in about six of FC United's crosses has found their man. 

    Here's another one drilled in and Chesterfield can only clear to the edge, but centre-back Luke Ashworth is probably one of the last men you'd put there to meet it. 

    His scuffed shot is deflected, and from the corner it's another centre-back, Chris Lynch, whose header is easily collected. Huff and puff, but pretty tame.

  27. Post update

    FC United 0-2 Chesterfield

    This Rai Simons has certainly got bags of pace - here he is zipping down Chesterfield's left wing. 

    The cross is no good though, it drifts into the packed-out terracing behind the net.

  28. Post update

    FC United 0-2 Chesterfield

    We really need a home goal here to spice it up. There's only so much a half-time bovril can give a man.

    There's nothing doing though - Rory Patterson had that chance but slipped, and Chesterfield are growing...


    FC United 0-2 Chesterfield

    And another one. FC United will be very happy to see the back of Sylvan Ebanks-Blake. He's replaced by Rai Simons. 

    So-named, apparently, because his dad was a big fan of the former Brazil midfield wizard, Rai.

    That is some billing.


    FC United 0-2 Chesterfield

    FC United of Manchester fans

    Space opening up for FC United! But Rory Patterson fluffs his lines! He'll not want to watch that back. He slipped when brilliantly placed in the box. 

    Then a change for Chesterfield sees Chris Herd come off, Ollie Banks - formerly of FC United - comes on.

  31. Post update

    FC United 0-2 Chesterfield

    Buoyed on by that little spell, the home fans have broken out into a little ditty based on Dirty Old Town by Ewan MacColl - you might know the Pogues' version better. 

    If you missed it, John Cooper Clarke's profile of MacColl was pretty good on Radio 4 a while back...

  32. Post update

    FC United 0-2 Chesterfield

    Tom Greaves

    Danny Webber summarising on BBC Radio Manchester: "FC United have brought Rory Patterson on to help Tom Greaves up top - and already you can see they have a more positive attitude."

    "Dean Stott is also having more and more influence upon this game." 


    FC United 0-2 Chesterfield

    These are encouraging signs for the home side immediately after the break.

    Was there a handball in there as Chesterfield cleared the ball? Some of the home fans think there was - they're claiming it was a blue shirted arm that got in the way of a near-post cross. 

    Then the mood falls flat though, as Dean Stott steps up with a horrible mis-kick as the corner's only cleared to the edge of the box.

  34. Post update

    FC United 0-2 Chesterfield

    Either way, if they're still struggling with 15 minutes to go. Expect more changes. 

    They could always get this lad on!

    Image caption: He's got the kit...
  35. Post update

    FC United 0-2 Chesterfield

    Here we go then, back under way. 

    There have been two changes for the home side - Greg Daniels and Rory Patterson are on for Rory Fallon and Craig Lidfield. 

    Can fresh legs bring the goals they need?

  36. Post update

    FC United 0-2 Chesterfield

    There's 78 league places between these two and it really showed in that first half. 

    Can FC United sprinkle a little something of that FA Cup magic about in these next 45? There's still time for one last first-round shock...

  37. Watch the goals!

    FC United 0-2 Chesterfield

    A little reminder, too, that you can watch the goals from this game right now - and on this very page.

    Just go ahead and click the Highlights tab. It's worth it for Lee Novak's alone.

  38. Second-round draw reaction

    Missed the second-round draw from earlier? No worries, we've got you covered. 

    You can read all about who your team will play over here

    The winner of this match gets Walsall at home. At the moment, it's only looking likely for one team.

  39. Get Involved

    FC United 0-2 Chesterfield

    Ian Evatt of Chesterfield

    Get involved using #bbcfacup on Twitter, text us on 81111, or post a comment on the BBC Sport Facebook page.


    FC United 0-2 Chesterfield

    A brilliant start from Chesterfield, scruffy for the rest. 

    FC United have a lot to do if they're to bridge that gap.

  41. Post update

    FC United 0-2 Chesterfield

    A possibly Manchester-oriented viewpoint there from Mr Webber. 

    I think endeavor is the key word. It's a nice way of saying they're trying hard, but with little quality on the ball.

    One minute added on...

  42. Asking questions

    FC United 0-2 Chesterfield

    FC United of Manchester fans

    Danny Webber summarising on BBC Radio Manchester: "FC United are finally starting to ask a few more questions - they are trying to break forward. They lack a little quality in the final third but there is no lack of endeavour.

    "This is a bit of a flat period in the game - nobody is really threatening. It is there for one team to really try to take it on."

  43. Post update

    FC United 0-2 Chesterfield

    This is when you want to summon what you can before the break, do what you can with what little time is left. 

    It's not when you want your 'keeper to boom a kick out of play. Especially if you are two goals down.

  44. CLOSE!

    FC United 0-2 Chesterfield

    Ohh Christopher Lynch is a bit of a lucky boy there! The centre-back seems keen on testing his own 'keepers handling, a looping header back when defending a Chesterfield cross. 

    David Carnell is equal to it though, but moments later Sylvan Ebanks-Blake eases past Lynch to fire one over the bar. Not sure Carnell would have stopped that one. If it had been on target that is - there was plenty of power.

    One more goal before the break and the away side would be home and hosed you feel.

  45. Post update

    FC United 0-2 Chesterfield

    Chesterfield's Jay O'Shea

    Sylvan Ebanks-Blake is lurking dangerously for the away side. 

    But a heavy touch takes him away from the danger zone with Gbolly Ariyibi looking to repeat the link-up that led to the opening goal. 

    Chesterfield are looking a lot slicker in attack. Was it the pitch that got the better of Ebanks-Blake there? I've seen a few slip up already.

  46. Post update

    FC United 0-2 Chesterfield

    Still, plenty of chance to nick one from a set-piece? 

    We've had a few of those as well, with the ref blowing up as bodies fly in from all angles on that far side. 

    The pressure's building a touch more on Chesterfield, and there's definitely a lot of what you'd call commitment from FC United.

    Can they translate that into a decent chance though?

  47. Post update

    FC United 0-2 Chesterfield

    Dean Saunders manager of Chesterfield

    Over the past few minutes I must have seen the FC United defence hoof the ball clear three or four times at least. 

    The home side then chance a little opening in the Chesterfield back line but it's closed up and then dealt with a little more smoothly - they bring the ball down and build instead.

  48. Post update

    FC United 0-2 Chesterfield

    Yet another decent chance for Chesterfield - Richard Wood heading across goal, testing David Carnell's handling.

    The League One side clearly on top here.

  49. Watch the goals

    Two goals so far - and you can now watch both of them at the top of this page (UK only). 

    Use the highlights tab and savour that excellent finish from Lee Novak.

  50. Get Involved

    FC United 0-2 Chesterfield

    Craig Lindfield of FC United

    Get involved using #bbcfacup on Twitter, text us on 81111, or post a comment on the BBC Sport Facebook page.

  51. CLOSE!

    FC United 0-2 Chesterfield

    And this really should be the third for Chesterfield! 

    It's four against three on the break but Sam Morsy fires wide when he really should at least be working the keeper. 

    Or passing another lad in even? A big, big let off that...

  52. Post update

    FC United 0-2 Chesterfield

    We've already had two goals and this looks like being the kind of game with plenty more left in it. 

    A third for the away side and it's curtains you feel. But certainly worth taking the risk on getting it first though...

  53. 'Much better from FC United'

    Danny Webber summarising for BBC Radio Manchester: "I am watching Liam Brownhill running further forward than where I would expect the winger to be. If his team loses the ball there they will be exposed.

    "This is better though from FC United - they are looking to attack with a little more purpose." 


    FC United 0-2 Chesterfield

    Immediate danger down the other end though as Rory Fallon slides in to cover a loose ball in the box - Jay O'Shea looks like he wants a penalty... 

    Nothing doing from the ref - Fallon got the ball and a lot of man, too.

  55. CLOSE!

    FC United 0-2 Chesterfield

    A big roar of 'shoot!' from the home fans and Sam Sheridan doesn't need telling - he drives one from distance, boy is that surface greasy! 

    Tommy Lee spills his parry as the ball skims up, there's a red shirt running in but he can't quite get there. 

    Good signs...

  56. Post update

    FC United 0-2 Chesterfield

    A bit more bite in midfield, but not much more quality up top as FC United have a spell in charge. 

    Down at the right corner, Dan Jones shows his League One strength to win the ball back with the home side struggling for momentum.

  57. 'Devoid of confidence'

    FC United 0-2 Chesterfield

    Jay O'Shea of Chesterfield

    Danny Webber was in the Salford side that defeated Notts County on Friday. Right now he is summarising for BBC Radio Manchester. 

    Danny Webber: "It has been coming - I keep harping on about stopping the crosses but FC United's full-backs are too far up the pitch. 

    "FC United look devoid of confidence right now. They are looking for some leaders on the pitch."

  58. Post update

    FC United 0-2 Chesterfield

    Tom Greaves

    Two chances, two goals, from Chesterfield. 

    But here's FC United with their first attempt on goal! Adam Thurston drives down the left, he cuts back for Tom Greaves but the connection's poor, it trickles through to Tommy Lee in goal.

    Very good noise though, those fans are still behind them...

  59. GOAL - FC United 0-2 Chesterfield

    Lee Novak

    Clinical. Incisive. Easy? Chesterfield double their lead as Lee Novak touches in a Dan Jones cross. It's a lovely first-time finish. 

    Clearly he's a man who plays football for a living. This is a very tough one now for the non-league side.

  60. Post update

    FC United 0-1 Chesterfield

    So we'd hardly seen any of what FC United can do and they're already 1-0 down. 

    A very disappointing start. Maybe it's that gap of 78 league places, maybe it's just bad luck. 

    The real question is though: Can they recover from here?

  61. Get Involved

    FC United 0-1 Chesterfield

    Ariyibi of Chesterfield

    Get involved using #bbcfacup on Twitter, text us on 81111, or post a comment on the BBC Sport Facebook page.

  62. GOAL - FC United 0-1 Chesterfield

    Gbolly Ariyibi

    Gbolly Ariyibi of Chesterfield

    Ah, not the start the home side and fans of FA Cup magic will have wanted. 

    The away side take the lead and this goal is all about Sylvain Ebanks-Blake's powerful run to the line.  

    From there the experienced striker plays in Gbolly Ariyibi to provide a cool finish. All to do now.

  63. Post update

    FC United 0-0 Chesterfield

    Early chance for Chesterfield as one sweeping bit of passing play opens up the home side down the right. 

    A very dangerous-looking cross is whipped in, Liam Brownhill with the cool head at the back stick to clear.

  64. Post update

    FC United 0-0 Chesterfield

    The winners of this match go on to play Walsall in the next round. That would be a tasty one indeed for FC United - Walsall are the highest-placed team currently in the competition.

    Keep you reaction to that second-round draw coming by the way - #bbcfacup is the one you want. 

  65. Post update

    FC United 0-0 Chesterfield

    We are under way.

  66. Post update

    FC United v Chesterfield (19:45 GMT)

    Here we go then, the rain has abated, the pitch looks very decent considering. All down to the work of the local fire brigade? 

    They apparently had to pump 30,000 litres of water away so we could play tonight...

  67. Get Involved

    FA Cup draw reaction

      Dear me - you are Premier League these days!  

  68. Post update

    FC United v Chesterfield (19:45 GMT)

    Well most of the sell-out crowd appear to be in the ground already... We'll keep you updated on that one.  

    There are 78 places between these two. Another shock?

  69. Protest planned?

    FC United v Chesterfield (19:45 GMT)

    Fans display banners protesting

    According to reports, FC United's fans are planning to stage a protest against the decision to move tonight's fixture to a Monday night so it can be shown on TV. 

    The Manchester Evening News reported earlier that hundreds of fans are expected to boycott the first half of tonight's match. 

    Meanwhile, Adam Brown, a member of the club's board since 2005, told the Guardian this had “tarnished” the occasion...

  70. FA Cup draw reaction


    I'd imagine this is a problem the United legend would not mind...   

  71. Calling it right...

    Ronnie Moore, of course, is the manager of Hartlepool, who will play Salford in the next round. Compelling evidence...

  72. Post update

    FC United v Chesterfield

    So in case you didn't know, FC United of Manchester don't just have an interesting name - they've got the history (brief history, that is) to match it.

    The club were set up just 10 years ago, in protest against the Glazer family's ownership of Manchester United. 

    Now with a shiny new ground and an ever-growing fanbase, the club has since gone from strength to strength, and now sit just two divisions below the Football League...

    FC United
  73. LINE-UPS

    FC United v Chesterfield (19:45 GMT)

    The teams are in...

  74. One more to go...

    FC United v Chesterfield (19:45 GMT)

    BBC Radio 5 Live Sports Extra

    We've had a brilliant weekend of FA Cup shocks, can we squeeze in one more?

    FC United of Manchester welcome Chesterfield, kick-off is under 15 minutes away.

    We'll have live text coverage right here, plus you can listen along with BBC Radio 5 live sports extra. 

    A home tie with Walsall awaits the victor...

  75. Done and dusted...

    BBC Radio 5 Live

    Well that's it from BBC Two - but you can stay tuned to BBC Radio 5 live for more reaction to the draw.

    Which is your pick of the round then?

    It's also time to take a look at the one remaining first-round tie...

  76. The pick of the round?

    Well then, what are your thoughts everyone? 

    Salford City at home to League opposition again, a tasty-looking encounter between Rochdale and Bury...

    And the winner of tonight's game between FC United of Manchester and Chesterfield gets a home tie against Walsall - who are the highest-placed team in the second round.

  77. Post update

    Sheffield United v Mansfield Town or Oldham Athletic

    Salford City v Hartlepool United

    Dagenham & Redbridge or Morecambe v Whitehawk

    Braintree Town or Oxford United v Forest Green Rovers

  78. Post update

    Leyton Orient v Scunthorphe United

    Millwall v Wycombe Wanderers

    Colchester United v Altrincham

    FC United of Manchester or Chesterfield v Walsall

  79. Post update

    Grimsby Town v Shrewsbury Town

    Yeovil Town v Stevenage

    Rochdale v Bury

    Welling United v Carlisle United

  80. Post update

    Stourbridge v Eastleigh

    Northampton Town v Northwich Victoria or Boreham Wood

    Exeter City v Port Vale or Maidenhead United

    Cambridge United v Doncaster Rovers

  81. Post update

    Aldershot Town or Bradford City v Chesham United

    Barnet v Brackley Town or Newport County

    Peterborough United v Luton Town

    Portsmouth v Accrington Stanley

  82. Here we go...

    Here we go then - former Spurs striker Garth Crooks and James Kellett - president of Civil Service FC - with the numbers...

    Fingers crossed eh?

  83. Who's in the draw?

    21 Portsmouth

    22 Sheffield United

    23 Welling United

    24 Wycombe Wanderers

    25 Luton Town

    26 Doncaster Rovers

    27 Exeter City

    28 Dagenham & Redbridge or Morecambe

    29 Leyton Orient

    30 Shrewsbury Town

    31 Yeovil Town

    32 Braintree Town or Oxford United

    33 Whitehawk

    34 Accrington Stanley

    35 Scunthorpe United

    36 Forest Green Rovers

    37 Carlisle United

    38 FC United of Manchester or Chesterfield

    39 Rochdale

    40 Colchester United

  84. Who's in the draw?

    There are 40 numbers in tonight's draw. Which ones will you be looking out for? 

    1 Peterborough United

    2 Port Vale or Maidenhead United

    3 Barnet

    4 Chesham United

    5 Cambridge United

    6 Mansfield Town or Oldham Athletic

    7 Altrincham

    8 Eastleigh

    9 Northwich Victoria or Boreham Wood

    10 Northampton Town

    11 Brackley Town or Newport County

    12 Grimsby Town

    13 Hartlepool United

    14 Salford City

    15 Stourbridge

    16 Stevenage

    17 Millwall

    18 Aldershot Town or Bradford City

    19 Walsall

    20 Bury

  85. Get Involved

    Have you played with or against anybody who's starred in the FA Cup?

    Get involved using #bbcfacup on Twitter, text us on 81111, or post a comment on the BBC Sport Facebook page.

  86. Post update

    FC United v Chesterfield (19:45 GMT)

    FC United of Manchester and Chesterfield fans, we have not forgotten you.

    Full coverage of the final first-round fixture to come, after the draw. 

    It's minutes away. Who do you want to play?

  87. Who's in the draw?

    Brackley Town 2-2 Newport County

    This is what the FA Cup's all about - scoring a last-minute winner to send your team into a replay against a team two divisions above you.

    Curtis McDonald's late header means National League North side Brackley Town will play League Two's Newport County again -  at Rodney Parade this time - next Tuesday.

  88. The story of the weekend


    Mark Chapman is hoovering up some of the reaction from the weekend's first-round ties over on BBC Two - Hayles' return to Bristol Rovers included. 

    They've even gone all fancy with the graphics for tonight - did I just spot a countdown to the draw?

  89. Who's in the draw?

    Dover 1-2 Stourbridge

    Northern Premier League Premier Division side Stourbridge beat opposition two leagues above them in Dover on Saturday, reaching the FA Cup second round for the first time in their history.

    Watch all the goals, over here.

    Stourbridge celebrate
  90. What dreams are made of...

    Former Bristol Rovers and current Chesham striker Barry Hayles: "Bristol Rovers was my first pro club - and so going back and having the crowd on my side from both sets of fans was great.

    "We had a gameplan, stuck to it and carried it out."

  91. Who's in the draw?

    Bristol Rovers 0-1 Chesham

    Barry Hayles was back at Bristol Rovers with Southern Premier Division side Chesham on Sunday - and it was the Southern Premier Division team who triumphed - despite the 75 league positions between them.   

    Hayles, 43 and now a player coach was given a warm ovation when he appeared as a 72nd-minute substitute, minutes before he supplied the assist for Ryan Blake's winner.

    Barry Hayles
    Barry Hayles (right) with Mark Chapman
    Image caption: Hayles (right) is at the draw - and has been catching up with Mark Chapman
  92. Who's in the draw?

    Northwich Victoria 1-1 Boreham Wood

    Northern Premier League Division One side Northwich Victoria are the lowliest team left in the draw. 

    They're still in the hat thanks to Saturday's 1-1 draw at home to National League Boreham Wood - a team three divisions above them. 

    If the name seems more familiar to you than is likely, it's probably not because they made the quarter-finals of the FA Cup in 1884.

    Northwich Victoria
    Image caption: Official supporters tour bus eh?
  93. Who's in the draw?

    Crewe 0-1 Eastleigh

    There were big celebrations at Crewe on Saturday - but it wasn't the home side who were partying. 

    National League side Eastleigh made the FA Cup second round last season, losing to Stockport. Can they go one better this year? 

    Watch all the goals over here.

    Crewe v Eastleigh
  94. Your FA Cup friends and foes

    Get involved

    Have you played with or against anybody who's starred in the FA Cup?

    Jack Kirkwood: Lloyd McGrath who played in the cup final for Coventry in '87 used to be my next door neighbour when I was a baby, I played for his football team 10 years later.

    Sam Noon: Played alongside Chris Waddle 2 to 3 seasons ago. He played for our Saturday team Renishaw Miners Welfare for 2 seasons. Great player even at his age now.

    Georgia Mae: My dad played against Jamie Vardy, Golden Plover vs Malin Bridge in the Sheffield Sunday Imperial League. Vardy scored 4 and my dad scored 2, never stops going on about it - how he's played against an England international, about 10-12 years ago.

    Get involved using #bbcfacup on Twitter, text us on 81111, or post a comment on the BBC Sport Facebook page.

    Jamie Vardy
  95. Ticking down to the draw

  96. Not long to go...

    Stick with us! 

    Not long to go. BBC Two's coverage gets under way from 19:00 GMT - and you can also watch via the Live Coverage tab at the top of this page...

  97. Who's in the draw?

    Salford City 2-0 Notts County

    Remember this one? The party's probably only now coming to an end over at Salford City, who beat League Two's Notts County 2-0 at home on Friday night. 

    Victory in round two could see the club - who, if you didn't know, are part-owned by five former Manchester United players - potentially drawn to play down the road at Old Trafford...

    Catch up on the goals over here.

    Salford City
    Image caption: Moves very much unlike Jagger
  98. Get Involved

    Who do you fancy?

    Jon Parkin, a man who has played for a club or two, is asked for his thoughts ahead of the draw...

  99. Your FA Cup friends and foes

    Text us on 81111

    Have you played with or against anybody who's starred in the FA Cup?

    Tom, Bedford: Played with and against a very good left-back called Greg Taylor, part of the Cambridge United side who got a replay against Man Utd last season! He ended up with Marcos Rojo's shirt at the end!    

    Get involved using #bbcfacup on Twitter, text us on 81111, or post a comment on the BBC Sport Facebook page.

    Greg Taylor
  100. Post update

    FC United v Chesterfield (19:45 GMT)

    An update from Manchester - where we'll be heading straight after the draw. It's been raining hard but the news is good...

  101. Who's in the draw?

    Altrincham 1-0 Barnsley

    Altrincham earned their place in tonight's draw with one of the shocks of the round on Saturday - beating League One Barnsley 1-0 at home.

    The National League side sit 45 places below the Tykes in the league pyramid, but secured victory through Damian Reeves' early second-half strike.

    Don't ask Altrincham'smanager Lee Sinnott if it was any good though - he missed the goal as he'd still not returned to his seat after the break...

  102. Who's in the draw?

    Whitehawk 5-3 Lincoln City

    Three goals and a red card in the last 10 minutes. In terms of FA Cup shocks, what more could you ask for? 

    There may only be 17 places separating them, but National League South side Whitehawk's victory over National League Lincoln City is up there.

    Steve King's side were making their first appearance in the FA Cup first round, and are now one step away from a potential meeting with a Premier League team.  

    Watch all the goals over here.

  103. Your FA Cup friends and foes

    Text us on 81111

    Have you played with or against anybody who's featured in the FA Cup?

    Dave, Essex: Played against a guy named David Hughes in school who was stunning in the FA Cup last year for East Thurrock against Hartlepool. Something like 16 saves. Still let my goals in, can't be perfect!

    Get involved using #bbcfacup on Twitter, text us on 81111, or post a comment on the BBC Sport Facebook page.

  104. Have you caught up yet?

    By the way, don't forget you can watch highlights from each and every one of the FA Cup's first round matches, over here.

    With 16 non-league teams still in the draw, let's take a look at how some of them got there...

  105. Esteemed opponents

    Tonight's draw takes place where Civil Service FC play their home fixtures. It's one of London'spremier amateur football hotspots - view of the Thames, the hot water works, and the grass is even occasionally cut properly. 

    Civil Service have a long and illustrious history - and have played some very prestigious fixtures down the years.

    These don't come much bigger than a match against Spanish giants Barcelona in 1926...  

    A photo showing a match between Civil Service and Barca
    A pennant commemorating Civil Service's 150th anniversary
  106. Countdown to kick-off

    FC United v Chesterfield (19:45 GMT)

    And let's not forget there is one first-round tie still to take place - FC United of Manchester take on Chesterfield tonight.

    It's been absolutely pelting it down all day but the match is set to go ahead, largely thanks to the brilliant work of the local fire brigade...

    A decent old effort from Chesterfield's kitman, too...  

  107. Don't miss a thing

    Draw live on BBC Two and online

    So there's live coverage of the draw on BBC Two and here on this page from 19:00 GMT. For those of you by the wireless, you can also follow through the Monday Night Club on Radio 5 live.

    Mark Chapman presents, to be joined by Garth Crooks, an FA Cup winner with Spurs, and James Kellett, the president of Civil Service FC. More on them later.

    Before the actual draw takes place (check out the photos of the set below), there will be plenty of action from a busy weekend of FA Cup action - with several of the main protagonists joining to discuss a memorable weekend...  

    The set where the draw will take place
    The balls will be drawn out of here
  108. Your FA Cup team-mates

    Get involved using #bbcfootball

    We'd also like to hear from you on another FA Cup topic, too...

    I'll forgive you if you don't recognise the (now former) Southend player on the right in the picture below. 

    It's Osei Sankofa, who played as the Shrimpers earned a 1-1 draw at home to Chelsea in the FA Cup third round in January 2009. They were swept aside 4-1 by the Blues in the replay by the way, but we don't mention that. 

    Osei was the captain of my school team before he left to play full-time at Charlton, eventually making his Premier League debut at Old Trafford in May 2003.

    All of which has got us thinking - who have you played with of FA Cup fame?

      Get involved using #bbcfacup on Twitter, text us on 81111, or post a comment on the BBC Sport Facebook page.

    Osei Sankofa
    Image caption: If you're reading this Osei, fancy turning out for our six-a-side team?
  109. Get Involved

    Excitement building...

    Let's face it, the FA Cup draw is something to get very excited about. And looking at some of the clubs' Twitter feeds this afternoon, there is a definite sense of anticipation building tonight...

    Who would you like in the next round?

     Get involved using #bbcfacup on Twitter, text us on 81111, or post a comment on the BBC Sport Facebook page.

  110. Who's left in it?

    We are (almost) one round down then. Tonight it's on to who plays who in round two. 

    For all the magic-loving neutrals, there are still plenty of non-league teams to throw your support behind. 

    Now's the time to pick one if you haven't already, with the Premier League's finest set to wade in at round three... 

    Who wouldn't like to see Northwich Victoria of the Northern Premier League Division One play the holders Arsenal for example?

    Northwich Victoria
    Image caption: Am I safe to assume this isn't the real official tour bus?
  111. Ready for the draw?

    Civil Service Sports Ground

    If you head down to the Civil Service Sports Ground on a Sunday morning you'll find all the usual sounds, sights and smells of Sunday League football - I can vouch for that because I used to play there for my old team, Parklife FC.

    But tonight it's the venue for the FA Cup second round draw - live on BBC Two and at the top of this page from 19:00 GMT. 

    Why there? Because it's also the home of Civil Service FC, one of the founding members of the Football Association.

    We've got 20 ties to come out of the hat, plus full coverage of the one remaining first round match to come as well - FC United of Manchester host Chesterfield from 19:45 GMT. 

    Sit tight.

    Parklife FC
    Image caption: This lot are very much not in tonight's draw...