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  1. Post update

    So a convincing win for Liverpool, a crushing defeat for Everton and defeats for Watford and Crystal Palace to boot.

    There is ANOTHER Premier League game tomorrow night so I shall see you there. 

  2. 'Tough to take'

    Liverpool 4-0 Everton


    Everton midfielder Gareth Barry: "It's a derby defeat which are always tough to take, especially so convincing. There's always another game and we are lucky that it's a big one. We have to focus on the game on Saturday.

    "We didn't lay a glove on them in the second half. I felt my groin at the end of the first half. Fingers crossed I can get through but you never know. It's a huge game for the club at the weekend and we have got some more injuries. Sometimes these things happen for a reason."

  3. 'You need luck'

    Liverpool 4-0 Everton


    More from Jurgen Klopp: "4-0 against Everton, if you told me before the game I would take it but now it is spoiled by the injury."The situation with Divock Origi is not good. The first reaction was maybe it's broken but it's not broken. The ankle is twisted so we have to see. The season is only four weeks. I am happy that it is not broken. 

    "When you want to have success you need luck with injuries. Seeing him on the floor is not too nice so I couldn't enjoy the second half too much."

    Jurgen Klopp
  4. 'Origi ankle is not broken'

    Liverpool 4-0 Everton


    Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp: "I would like to say yes, I am delighted, but the injury to Divock Origi has cost me some joy. The first half was a derby, it was wild from Everton, not patient enough. We could have played better but scored two goals.

    "The second half the game changed completely, they had no chance any more. It's really great I would like to say but I cannot ignore this situation.

    "I can't say too much about Origi but they say it is disgusting, awful pictures. But it's not broken, it is a twisted ankle, he is on crutches walking around so we will have to see. 

    "Beating Everton is a special thing."

  5. 'The game was a non event'

    Liverpool 4-0 Everton


    Everton boss Roberto Martinez, speaking to BBC Sport: "The red card leaves you in a position where the game from then on is a non event. It is a really hurtful experience. 

    "At the moment we are facing strong adversity but we have to switch attention to the big game at the weekend." 

    On the sending off: "Not controlling the emotion. He got caught with the emotion of the derby a bit. You can see why he has been given the red card and now we won't have him for the weekend. 

    "I think the game is so big at Wembley that it is a game they don't need lifting. We have to regroup and in typical Everton fashion we have to give the fans what they deserve. The showing we gave today was horrible for them to see and for us to experience."

    Funes Mori
  6. 'Victims of our own success'

    West Ham 3-1 Watford

    West Ham United

    West Ham manager Slaven Bilic: "We wanted to prove to Watford that we are a much better team than the game between us at their ground [which we lost]. 

    "We can say they had half of their mind on the weekend and they rested players which we expected. But their line-up still had internationals.

    "We are victims of our success as the bar is always more and more up. We are coping with that well. This game was a big one because I told the players 'the season is good or very good anyway but after this game are we going to look up and try to catch those teams'. Still we have to look down as Liverpool are in good form."

    Slaven Bilic
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    SMS Message: If that had ended 10-0 to Liverpool, the Toffees wouldn't have had much cause for complaint..... from Tim in Marlow
    Tim in Marlow
    SMS Message: At the start of the season I bet Everton would have been chuffed to be one place behind Chelsea with 4 games to go. from Mic in Oldham.
    Mic in Oldham.
  8. 'Disastrous - an embarrassment'

    Liverpool 4-0 Everton


    Everton manager Roberto Martinez: "It was a disaster. A horrible showing that started with the best intentions but ended up with the inability to get the basics right. We forgot to defend the box and gave them a soft two-goal lead. We got emotional with the red card and from then on Gareth Barry was injured and John Stones was ill, it was a chain reaction. A disaster. An impossible experience.

    "It is a challenge [Funes Mori] that he should avoid. He got carreid away with the emotion of a derby, he got carried away. Probably a red card, I can understand it or maybe a yellow. The top and bottom is that we didn't cope with the emotions of the occasion. A feeling of embarrassment.

    "It is a huge game for us on Saturday in the FA Cup which is the only good thing. We will be hurting for a long, long time but we need to react quickly for the game on Saturday. We are strong enough to react but we are short at centre-back now." 

    Roberto Martinez and Jurgen Klopp
  9. Post update

    Roberto Martinez has been out to face the cameras. He's very honest...

  10. Post update

    Liverpool 4-0 Everton

    Daniel Sturridge will do well to claim that one! Very dubious...

  11. 'No Plan B'

    Liverpool 4-0 Everton

    Former Everton midfielder Peter Reid on BBC Radio 5 live: "I don't like criticising managers as we have all been there but Everton boss Roberto Martinez doesn't seem to have a Plan B. He goes 4-2-3-1 but you've got to have something else. People work you out."

  12. Sturridge claiming a brace

    Liverpool 4-0 Everton


    Liverpool midfielder James Milner: "Every derby is a big game for everyone at the club, to give the fans the bragging rights. It was a big victory. We created chances and kept pushing forwards but we knew that we had anotehr gear.It's always been a quiet strength of mine to get assists and it's smoething that I work on.

    Daniel Sturridge: "It's goals, not goal, innit? You know it! Phil Coutinho's shot hit me so it's my goal, of course. No doubt. 

    "For me it is important to contribute as much as I can with goals and assists. When I came on I wanted to be on the scoresheet. It is frustrating not to play, for any player. We are in fantastic form."

    Daniel Sturridge and James Milner
  13. 'Practically all of the players are fit'

    West Ham 3-1 Watford


    Watford manager Quique Sanchez Flores: "The application was very good from us. We conceded really early and then it was very tough to play against a tough team like West Ham as they had confidence early.

    "In the second half, we reacted really well but not good enough to reduce three goals.

    "I don't completely agree with the decisions of the referee always. 

    "We have used a lot of players recently and the plan was to try to conserve and be fit for the weekend. Practically all of the players will be fit for the weekend."

    Quique Sanchez Flores
  14. 40 shots on goal

    Liverpool 4-0 Everton

  15. Post update

    Liverpool 4-0 Everton

    Jurgen Klopp applauds all four sides of Anfield after that as a few Evertonians shuffle out of the exits. What a night of contrasting fortunes.

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    Jon, are things OK at home?

    SMS Message: I'm an Evertonian. Still, my wife's a Villa fan so it could be worse I suppose. Small comforts. from Jon, Leeds
    Jon, Leeds
    SMS Message: Re: Has Martinez lost the Everton dressing room? Definitely not, the team is playing exactly in the Martinez mould, nice on the eye and clueless in defence. from Dean Taylor, Oxfordshire
    Dean Taylor, Oxfordshire

    Liverpool 4-0 Everton

    Roberto Martinez shakes hands with Jurgen Klopp and then dashes off up the tunnel. Fleeing the scene of a crime. 

  18. Post update

    Liverpool 4-0 Everton

    Daniel Sturridge has Liverpool's 37th shot on goal...

    Jurgen Klopp
  19. Post update

    Liverpool 4-0 Everton

    It's the Merseyside derby and Liverpool are basically trying to get Joe Allen or Lucas to score a fifth. It's like a school game. They'll have Mignolet up front soon...

  20. CLOSE!

    Liverpool 4-0 Everton

    Nathaniel Clyne shovels a chip over the top after a good ball through. The ground erupts to greet a shot from Lucas which is well wide - Jurgen Klopp has a laugh plastered right across his face. 

    Liverpool are taking the mick...