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By Luke Reddy

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  1. Goodbye for now

    Please keep visiting our report

    Old Trafford

    Right, off the back of that summary, I am going to love and leave you all.

    Apologies we couldn't bring you any action but I hope we have at least kept you abreast of what's been going on.

    Stay safe and have a read of the report on this incident by clicking here.

  2. What we know...

    Man Utd A-A Bournemouth

    If you have just watched your own side play or are indeed just joining us, here's an update.

    • Shortly before kick-off at Old Trafford, two stands were evacuated
    • It transpired a suspect package had been found in one of the corners of the stadium
    • Shortly after 15:00 BST the game was abandoned and the remaining stands evacuated
    • A bomb disposal squad was called to the stadium
    • A controlled explosion was carried out
    • Fire engines are now on scene
    • Manchester United players have left individually in their cars
    • The Premier League say the game will be played at the earliest opportunity
    • Manchester United will have to win it 19-0 to qualify for the Champions League
  3. Post update

    Man Utd A-A Bournemouth

    Fire engines at Old Trafford

    As I mentioned in this live text right at the beginning, I actually went running past Old Trafford this morning. Right then there were people gathering, drinking in pubs, the burger vans were set up, the merchandise was being sold. It looked a picture of health.

    I can't quite believe this is how the day has turned out. Of course, authorities have done a superb job in getting everyone to a safe place but what a shame this has happened at all.

  4. Man Utd can make top four...

    Man Utd A-A Bournemouth

    A look at the Premier League table shows us Manchester United can actually still make the top four. They'd have to beat Bournemouth 19-0 though.

    What a season for Southampton. They beat Crystal Palace today. You can keep abreast of all other results and manager quotes by clicking here.

    Premier League table
  5. Post update

    Man Utd A-A Bournemouth

    Memphis Depay was one of the first players to leave Old Trafford. 

    If you look really closely he has 'M7' sewn into the headrest on each seat in his car.

    Memphis Depay driving
  6. Fire engines on scene

    Man Utd A-A Bournemouth

    Three fire engines have just arrived at Old Trafford. They are currently in position and ready to move closer to the stadium.

  7. Full-Time: Man City qualify for Champions League

    Swansea v Man City

    Regardless of the result when this Old Trafford fixture is played, Manchester United cannot finish fourth in the Premier League - unless they somehow beat Bournemouth by 19 goals - and they will have to make do without Champions League football next season.

    Manchester City draw at Swansea and that point is enough. Manuel Pellegrini will leave a club in the Champions League for Pep Guardiola to take over.

  8. Man City closing in on Champions League

    Man Utd A-A Bournemouth

    Some updates from elsewhere and Newcastle have scored three goals with 10 men to give Spurs a right hammering.

    Manchester City, crucially still drawing 1-1 at Swansea, a result which will secure fourth place. They are in injury time.

  9. Post update

    Man Utd A-A Bournemouth

    Neil Ashton of The Sun newspaper informs us that stewards outside the stadium have been asked to stay there.

    More and more Manchester United players are now leaving the ground in their cars. The Bournemouth team bus is still there.

  10. Post update

    Man Utd A-A Bournemouth

    We are hearing stewards have now been allowed back into the stadium.

  11. Post update

    Man Utd A-A Bournemouth

    Police at Old Trafford

    Still the police presence is strong, there's activity. The stadium announcer is still delivering messages over the PA system.

    I guess there are many people at the clubs up and down the Premier League who train thoroughly for these situations. We should be thankful that they do.

  12. Post update

    Man Utd A-A Bournemouth

    Just a few seconds after Greater Manchester Police announce a "controlled explosion" has been carried out we see footage of Michael Carrick and Daley Blind driving away from the stadium.

  13. Controlled explosion

    Man Utd A-A Bournemouth

  14. Greater Manchester Police latest

    Man Utd A-A Bournemouth

  15. The view outside

    Man Utd A-A Bournemouth

    Police on horses outside Old Trafford

    So there you have it from the Premier League. This game will be played at some stage, even if the result cannot impact upon standings it seems.

    For now, as they rightly say, it's just important fans get away from the ground safely. 

    These images were from a short while ago but hopefully give you some idea of the chaos the abandonment caused.

    Police at Old Trafford
  16. 'The game will definitely be played'

    Man Utd A-A Bournemouth

    This update from the Premier League at Old Trafford: "The game will definitely need to be played but there are logistical issues that need to be resolved. However, they cannot even start to begin discussing them until the police have done what they need to do here.”

  17. Just tuning in?

    Man Utd A-A Bournemouth

    If you are just joining us, the Manchester United v Bournemouth fixture at Old Trafford was abandoned roughly an hour ago.

    A suspect package was found in the ground. Initially we saw two stands evacuated, before eventually the game was called off.

    Police are working with an army bomb disposal squad. As of yet we do not know when the game will be replayed.

    Players were taken off the pitch during their warm up and kept in the changing rooms for some time before being let out.

  18. Carrick's concern

    Man Utd A-A Bournemouth

    A brief rewind but this was what we saw of Michael Carrick a few moments after fans were starting to be evacuated. He looks understandably concerned.

    Michael Carrick
  19. Post update

  20. As it stands...

    Man Utd A-A Bournemouth

    As things stand Manchester United will drop to seventh. West Ham lead at Stoke, Manchester City are level at Swansea and Southampton are ahead against Crystal Palace.

    Manchester United of course take on Palace this weekend so one would think there will be little chance of this postponed fixture being played before then.

    Premier League