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  1. Ta ra

    That is all from me on this Manchester derby. You've only got one option available to you now... join m'colleagues Tom Rostance and Emlyn Begley, who are currently 17 minutes into describing the rest of the afternoon's Premier League games.

    You can find them here.

    I'll see thee.

  2. 'City thoroughly deserved the win'

    Man Utd 1-2 Man City

    Kevin Kilbane

    Former Everton and Sunderland winger on Final Score

    "United looked a defensive side, deciding to try and limit Manchester City. But City controlled things, with De Bruyne dictating play. I think City thoroughly deserved the win."

  3. 'We are not happy with these decisions'

    Man Utd 1-2 Man City

    More from Jose Mourinho on the penalties he feels his side should have had against City: "The second one is a handball by Nicolas Otamendi – some pundits will say no because it's the back of the arm but he knows. He' s looking at the ball. We are not happy with these decisions.

    "I cannot be happy with our first half. The first half is as important as the second half. We had individuals who did not give us what we were expecting – three, four or five players. Obviously they are the first ones to be disappointed. They self-analyse and know they were not there. We gave them an advantage in 45 mins."

  4. 'The referee made two big mistakes'

    Man Utd 1-2 Man City

    Manchester United boss Jose Mourinho felt referee Mark Clattenburg should have awarded his side two penalties - one for a challenge by Claudio Bravo on Wayne Rooney and another for handball by Nicolas Otamendi.

    He told BBC Sport:"Mark made two big mistakes. Claudio Bravo is a penalty and a red card – if one of my players do that in the middle of the park - if Fellaini or Rooney do that in the middle of the park -  it’s a red card and a free-kick.

    "In the box it is more difficult to give and he didn’t want to give it."

  5. 'We had players not at the level'

    Man Utd 1-2 Man City

    Manchester United boss Jose Mourinho speaking to BBC Sport: "The two halves were completely different. In the first half we were below the level to play this match. You have to be completely ready in terms of the speed of your thinking and decision making.

    "We had a few players who were not at that level – we lost easy balls and let them recover the ball. We paid for our mistakes.

    "The second half was completely different. We were a team that had the courage and honesty and dignity to chase with pride the result which I think we deserved – we deserved a goal in the second half."

  6. Pep defends Bravo

    Man Utd 1-2 Man City

    Manchester City boss Pep Guardiola speaking to BBC Sport: "We played good in the first half because of Claudio. I like the keepers to attack the ball and after what happened, the second half he continued to play and that’s a good thing about his personality. He was one of the reasons we played well in the first half.

    "Yeah [if you pass the ball from the back] it can be too risky. If you lose the ball they will score. But you can control the game.

    "Until my last day in England I will try to play with the ball as much as possible. I know it's impossible for 90 minutes but I'm sorry, I will not negotiate that."

  7. 'These guys have heart'

    Man Utd 1-2 Man City

    Manchester City boss Pep Guardiola speaking to BBC Sport: "We are happy. I think the spectators enjoyed it because it was open until the end. First half we were better - in the second half it was difficult. We had counter attacks and we didn't finish.

    "We were not brilliant in that moment in the last part of the pitch. But we go to one of the best stadiums in the world and win the game.

    "These guys have a heart – in the first half we won a lot of duels against a team physically stronger. In the second half, the long balls, you just pray because it's almost impossible to control that."

  8. 'Balanced in our analysis'

    Man Utd 1-2 Man City

    Manchester United midfielder Ander Herrera: "It is disappointing for us. We are now not happy. We have lost a derby in front of our fans and it is painful. We have to be balanced in our analysis. This is the first game we have not played the best. We have crossed a lot of balls and put them under pressure. 

    "We have to take some good things. The attitude and spirit in the second half was fantastic. City will lose points as well. We are three points off top and we want to be champions.

    "We didn't start good. Every duel went for them. We have to study why that happened. But we have played well so far. This was not our best game but we created four or five chances to draw the game."

  9. 'United never recovered'

    Man Utd 1-2 Man City

    Simon Stone

    BBC Sport at Old Trafford

    Handshake from Mourinho to Guardiola. And the United boss waits to greet the remainder of City's backroom team.

    Compelling stuff but United never recovered from terrible first 40 minutes.

    Claudio Bravo might not remember the day with much affection mind you. Not sure he got pummelled like that at Barcelona.    

  10. Get involved


    Chris in Finsbury Park bringing some levity to a hard-fought derby: 

    Some terrible jokes coming out of my mate during the Manchester Derby:What's the name of Zlatan Ibrahimovic's wife? Ibraherivic. When does Nicolas Otamendi come in handy? When you're Otter brokey.Why is the telly black and white? Cos you turned the Kolarov.

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  11. Post update

    Man Utd 1-2 Man City

    Manchester City goalscorer Kelechi Iheanacho: "It means a whole lot to me, it’s a dream come true to play in the Manchester derby and score the winning goal. My team really worked hard. Being in the right place at the tight time. I didn't think the shot would hit the post but I'm happy it came off me."

  12. Get involved


    Shaheed Williams: C'mon City! And even without Sergio, Yaya, Ikay and Vincent.

    History: Few mentions of Pogba, but a few about the winning side's goalkeeper who made his *debut* in a Manchester derby!?

    Sons of Punjab: Was Pogba playing today??

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  13. 'City deserve the result'

    Man Utd 1-2 Man City

    Chris Waddle

    Former England winger at Old Trafford for 5 live Sport

    In the first half City were excellent. United looked short on legs, not only at the start but all across the game. The hosts did put a shift in during the second half but City had that extra class. 

    United looked one-paced and were a long-ball team towards the end. They ran out of ideas and City deserve the result.

    City celebrate
  14. 'The fans will celebrate tonight'

    Man Utd 1-2 Man City

    Manchester City goalscorer Kevin de Bruyne on Sky Sports: "It feels very good. We started the game with intensity. Both teams showed their quality. The second half was more difficult - they played powerfully and with long balls. I think we just missed the third goal in the second half.

    "The game changed after their goal in the first half we were excellent, after the first 15 minutes in the second half we came back stronger and had to adapt to their style of play. 

    "For the fans it is worth more than three points - for us we just have to maintain the same. The fans will celebrate tonight."

  15. Post update

    Man Utd 1-2 Man City

    Raise your bat City. Can someone go round with the cap and get a collection?

  16. 'Van Gaal would be getting hammered'

    Man Utd 1-2 Man City

    Chris Waddle

    Former England winger at Old Trafford for 5 live Sport

    Looking at United today, has their performance been much different to last season? I'm not sure. If Louis van Gaal had been in charge of this he'd be getting hammered.


    Man Utd 1-2 Man City

    City hold out! Their players form a jubilant huddle as the United players collapse to the floor.

    Two very different halves required from the visitors to win that. The first showcased control and attacking flair, the second resolve and game management.

    United gave it a good shot in the second 45 but didn't have enough.

    Aleksandar Kolarov celebrates
  18. Post update

    Man Utd 1-2 Man City

    Seriously Claudio? Bravo almost hands United an equaliser at the death as he comes out to grasp the ball and misses. John Stones is there to hack the ball away from danger.

  19. Post update

    Man Utd 1-2 Man City

    Taking one for the team. Fernandinho rushes out and fouls a United player near halfway. Yellow card.

  20. Post update

    Man Utd 1-2 Man City

    Bravo is giving all City fans a heart attack here. He comes for the corner, flaps and knocks the ball a yard or two away. The referee's whistle - for a foul - rescues him.