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Live Reporting

By Saj Chowdhury and Timothy Abraham

All times stated are UK

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    Well, that concludes the final live text commentary from BBC Football in 2017.

    I'll leave you with a timely quote from T.S. Eliot.

    "For last year's words belong to last year's language. And next year's words await another voice."

    Someone tell Arsene Wenger.

    Happy New Year.

  2. 'What can you do?'

    West Brom 1-1 Arsenal


    Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger, speaking to Sky Sports about West Brom's penalty: “What can you do – talk and talk and talk but it doesn’t change anything.

    "The Premier League does face a problem with the scheduling and referees.

    "I tried hard with referees to help them become professional. The level of the referees unfortunately doesn’t go up.

    "It’s not the first time it happened but it’s best we don’t talk about it.

    "I believe West Brom had five days to prepare and we had three. The Premier League has to look at when the schedule is fair and unfair, on our side it’s unfair.

    "Since the start of the season you have to look at it."

    On the introduction of video assistant referees: "I don’t know why we wait for it such a long time in the best league in the world when other teams use it already."

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    #bbcfootball, 81111 (UK only), MOTD Facebook page

    James: West Brom lost the reverse fixture after being denied an absolute stone-waller at 0-0. Poetic justice?

    Tom: Mike Dean is one of the most arrogant refs you could come across. He loves being the centre of attention and actively courts controversy. Not fit to referee.

    John: Time for video assistance in game time like every other professional sport.

    Matthew: A dull game? No other sports news of note? Mike Dean sees his back page moment...

  4. 'Tough on Arsenal but we needed a break'

    West Brom 1-1 Arsenal

    West Bromwich Albion

    Arsenal open the scoring from Alexis Sanchez's deflected free-kick

    West Brom boss Alan Pardew speaking to Sky Sports: “It is a tough decision on Arsenal, but we deserved a break, and if we keep going with that level of commitment, we will get the breaks to win. Liverpool was better, Everton was better, but we went toe-to-toe at times, as much as we could, and they have got their rewards.

    "We need to win a game, but we have not won, we have another point on the board but we need to turn them into wins by getting a second and third goal.”

    On Arsenal’s opening goal: “James McClean is as honest as the day is long, but you can’t turn your back like that and he will have to learn from that.”

    On West Brom’s equaliser from the penalty spot: “It was good for Jay, he was brave to take that penalty in that situation.”

  5. 'West Brom's lack of penalties not my problem'

    West Brom 1-1 Arsenal


    More from Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger, to BBC Match Of The Day.

    Should Danny Welbeck have had a penalty?:“Honestly I didn’t see it. I didn’t see why he went down. In this case we have to look at it again."

    West Brom have not had a penalty in a long time:“In my opinion it was not a penalty at all. I am not responsible for West Brom not having had a penalty for a long time it’s not my job.”

  6. 'Dean didn't see it'

    West Brom 1-1 Arsenal


    Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger, speaking to BBC Match Of The Day.

    Was the penalty a huge decision?: “Yes. I think many years ago Mike Dean and myself fought hard for referees to become professional and they do a good job but don’t work enough.

    “But we have a very difficult schedule and I believe we fought hard to win the game but didn’t because of a bad decision.

    “He (Dean) didn’t see it. There was a player in front of him.

    “That’s why I questioned his decision, he didn’t see it.

    “I felt we have a very tight schedule to prepare for this game. The Premier League has to look at the schedule. You have to look to see if you have the same amount of recovery days as the opposition. Come back to me when that happens."

  7. Cech's not Dean's mate

    West Brom 1-1 Arsenal


    Arsenal goalkeeper Petr Cech, speaking to Sky Sports: “First I got a yellow card for saying this is not a penalty.

    “Every time we meet with refs prior to season and it comes to the point about when the player is close to the ball and has no chance to react it is never a penalty

    “I asked the referee why he changes this decision

    “I was not rude, I just asked the question and it disappoints me even more that he said nothing when I asked him

    “I’m disappointed by the penalty situation and I expect when I walk to the ref with respect and ask a question I would like if he answers in a normal way, not (for him to) give me a yellow card and say nothing.”

  8. 'I don’t care who scores'

    West Brom 1-1 Arsenal

    West Bromwich Albion

    Jay Rodriguez scores for West Brom

    West Brom defender Craig Dawson: “We need to work hard until the final whistle. Arsenal are a great side and we worked hard."

    West Brom goalscorer Jay Rodriguez: "It is important for us to get a point, I don’t care who scores, we just need to climb the table. The lads are working hard and we will look to get another good result in the next couple of days."

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    #bbcfootball, 81111 (UK only), MOTD Facebook page

    Mike: It's very strange but it seems people see decisions differently depending on the team who gets the decision. Penalty all day long!

    Anon: Not a supporter of either team but Mike Dean is not fit for purpose and it's time the FA removed him from the top-flight.

    Dave Hemming: Definitely a penalty, he's moving his arm toward the ball.

    Conor Whelan: Mike Dean will be devastated? Do me a favour. He won't care one jot. His confidence/arrogance will take care of that one. He will still believe he made the right call.

  10. Wenger criticises penalty decision

    West Brom 1-1 Arsenal

    Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger critical of the refereeing as his side drop two points following Mike Dean's decision to award a late penalty to West Brom. Full quotes coming up...

    Baggies boss Alan Pardew felt it was "tough" on the Gunners.

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    #bbcfootball, 81111 (UK only), MOTD Facebook page

    SMS Message: Wish everyone would stop criticising referees, they are at that level for a reason and if you think you could do better, take up refereeing yourself! They don’t make these ‘mistakes’ on purpose, he will be devastated about that call tonight. from James, Newcastle
    James, Newcastle
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    #bbcfootball, 81111 (UK only), MOTD Facebook page

    Jess: Even Keiran Gibbs didn't appeal for that - but Mike Dean felt he had a better view?

    Kev: Clearly a penalty. He moved his arm to the ball. Some people need glasses.

    Rob: Shocking penalty decision. I think I will start watching the Spanish league instead from now on.

    A contentious decision then?

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    #bbcfootball, 81111 (UK only), MOTD Facebook page

    Andrea Merlot: Arsenal played like a side that just read ‘An Idiots Guide To Football’ before the game rather than a professional Premier League outfit.

    Anon: Another dire Arsenal performance.

  14. 'Woeful'

    West Brom 1-1 Arsenal

    Steve Claridge

    Ex-Premier League striker on BBC Radio 5 live

    Arsenal were absolutely woeful at times in possession - they don't lack passion or fight - the players just didn't believe in what they were doing. I don't think there are many positives to take for either side.

  15. Post update

    West Brom 1-1 Arsenal

    Arsene Wenger shakes Alan Pardew's hand before he gives his tuppence worth to referee Mike Dean on the decision to award West Brom penalty.

  16. 'Neither side deserved to win'

    West Brom 1-1 Arsenal

    Steve Claridge

    Ex-Premier League striker on BBC Radio 5 live

    Really, really poor game for 85 minutes. Arsenal never really got going - they lacked fluidity, shape and creativity - I've never seen them play so many sideways passes. West Brom huffed and puffed, but you can see why they struggle to score goals. And in truth, neither side deserved to win the game.

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    #bbcfootball, 81111 (UK only), MOTD Facebook page

    Alan Shearer has had his say...


    West Brom 1-1 Arsenal

    Well a thrilling finish, but no winner.

    Arsenal's players have a right good moan at referee Mike Dean after the full-time whistle. Hector Bellerin in particular looks animated. Dean looks stonefaced in response.

    Arsene Wenger
  19. Post update

    West Brom 1-1 Arsenal

    Alexandre Lacazette crosses from the byline but Ben Foster is perfectly stationed to hold on to the ball. Moments later Alexis Sanchez drags a shot wide, before apologising to his team-mates for a wasteful attempt.

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    #bbcfootball, 81111 (UK only), MOTD Facebook page

    Kevin Taylor: Another awful game changing decision from one of our ‘top’ referees.

    Matthew Ball: Mike Dean being Mike Dean. Thought the game was too boring so decided to make it about him.