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By Steve Sutcliffe and Greg O'Keeffe

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  1. Post update

    Right that's Gareth Southgate and Fabian Delph done and dusted for this afternoon.

    So we will leave you there. Thanks for joining us.

  2. Post update

    Gareth Southgate finishes off with a question about the fitness of Kieran Trippier who limped off against Croatia on Wednesday night.

    "In terms of Kieran Trippier we think he had a nerve problem tied into cramp," he said.

    "There was a point he couldn’t continue and we had to play the last few minutes without him. It seemed to pass a few hours later but at the time he couldn’t run.

    "He’d have been desperate to be out there if he possibly could. You’ve seen his commitment to the team, what it’s meant to him, the quality of his play, it’s been an incredible tournament for him.

    "So it was a real blow for us at a time we knew we’d have momentum because Croatia were going to sit back. It maybe denied us that last six or seven minutes of being able to push."

  3. Post update

    Southgate is all about moving forward now - beyond tomorrow's game against Belgium.

    "We need to keep continually improving," he said. "Over the last eight months the improvement has been dramatic but we've had six matches playing this system before this tournament and and we felt it was the best way to be successful.

    "Now we've cemented that and can look more at other things. We knew set plays would give us an advantage, which they did.

    "Now it's making the most of our strengths and hiding the weaknesses which is what all good coaches have to do. We know where we are.

    "We'll finish as one of the top four teams in the world but we're not ranked there. Previously we were ranked 14th or 15th. We've improved on that and the players are up for improving more.

  4. Post update

    The BBC's David Ornstein has asked Gareth Southgate about regrets from the tournament after the manager alluded in earlier press conferences that not everything had gone to plan.

    "Sometimes it's a lot easier with the benefit of hindsight," he said. "You make decisions on evidence you have and I think we got a lot of decisions right.

    "You can always analyse things that could be improved on but every team could say that. We'll debrief as players and staff and look to improve every time we get together."

  5. Post update

    Gareth Southgate is now asked about the physical condition of his players and the chance of a winter break in the Premier League.

    "A winter break would help in terms of fewer injuries in the second half of the season," he said.

    "But I felt there was a bit of a myth in terms of fitness before a tournament when it comes to winter breaks.

    "We've worked hard this summer. We gave the players a week off before they started but they've been in good condition because of that. We've almost had everyone available for every game. I didn't believe that was a factor or things like the hotel we stayed in, although we've been looked after brilliantly and the hotel was great.

    "In the end it's abut the identity of team and togetherness. The players. The other bits are periphery and can be overblown or used as excuses. We need to improve on the pitch and continue to improve technically and in managing games."

  6. Post update

    The manager has been asked what went wrong in that second half period when Croatia went ahead on Wednesday?

    "We could have been a bit braver in our support positions," he said. "We've been brave and fearless throughout but we weren't playing out from the back quite as much and that allowed Croatia to have more possession.

    "They didn't create a huge amount of chances but the flow of the game changed and after the goal their fans were up and they had momentum. Extra time was very even. They get the goal from a bizarre header and we were a bit slow to react.

    "We lost Kieran Trippier and were down to 10 then a bit exposed to counter attack. We will learn from it.

    "Quite a lot of our players have never won anything. Now we've had one captained his team in a Champions League final but we're way behind a side like Croatia at the moment so that's the best way way to learn. We've become a more intelligent team over the last six months."

  7. Post update

    Gareth Southgate has now taken a question on the influence of former England manager Terry Venables who he played under at Euro 96.

    "As a player you want to play for coaches who help you develop as a player and as a person," he said.

    "He challenged us tactically, which i think with international players your dealing with top players who want to keep learning. He created an environment that was fun to be in. One of his favourite sayings was, 'this isn't a rehearsal'. And that's what it was like for us. This hasn't been a rehearsal as you maybe only get one crack at a World Cup.

    "He had an environment that created memories forever. Feel of the group was good. Terry had that right. Any coach wants to continually learn and improve.

    "You've got to be your own person as well and manage to your beliefs and values. When I was a young manager I compromised some of those values and I wasn't prepared to do that with this team."

  8. Post update

    Southgate has been asked if it's possible to keep the feelgood factor he's helped create alive going into the normal cycle of club football now.

    "We go back into a cycle where club football dominates and then international windows but the players have played with pride which is what the public desires," he said.

    "The public want a team that leaves everything on the pitch, which they have, and played with style.

    "They've got to know the players a little bit better and realised perception is different form reality. I feel there'll be an affinity and something we can build on.

    "Like Germany in 2006 when the youth and enthusiasm of the team propelled them back into the minds of their public. The downside was it too them another eight years to win. I'm not looking for eight years by the way but internationally you have to wait every two years.

    "We'll be stronger then because of age and big match experiences that build resilience.

    "We've set a benchmark for how we work. There is a culture that exists now that any new player that comes in has to follow."

  9. Post update

    Fabian Delph now fields a question from the English press about his experience in Russia.

    "For me personally it's been a fantastic season, I've played a lot of football in a position I'd not played before this year," he said.

    "In terms of my development I still think there's a lot of areas to work on. But if you're not playing you start to lose your timing and distances and you can just fade away.

    "So it's been important that I've been playing and to get into the World Cup squad has been the highlight of my career.

    "When I go home and speak to family I'll have a lot of memories I'll keep close in my heart."

  10. Post update

    Fabian Delph has been asked about the team spirit with England.

    "I've said a few times in different interviews the feeling I have at Man City, the energy and trust we have is identical to what we have in this camp," he said.

    "It's fantastic. A lot of fearless young players going in the same direction. It felt like going from club football to club football. I thoroughly enjoyed it. An honour to play for your country. We've not quite done it but it's been a fantastic experience and stands us in good stead for the future."

  11. Post update

    Southgate said: "We're here to improve every time we play. There were low expectations that relieved the pressure coming into the tournament but still pressure to get out of group, win a knockout game and win a shoot-out and they coped with that.

    "If you want to play for England you have to cope with that. Players can now associate playing for England with enjoyment, fun and not feeling under siege as if everything is against them."

  12. Post update

    Now the inevitable question about Harry Kane and the Golden Boot for Gareth Southgate.

    "There have been some exceptional individual performances and we are very proud that Harry Kane is the top scorer," he said.

    "Outside that I'm not interested in individual awards. Football is about winning as a team.

    "The first thought for Harry has been about how far can he help the team go.

    "He sat out against Belgium earlier on in the tournament to help the team and it will be even more powerful for him winning the Golden Boot after making that sacrifice."

  13. Post update

    What is this is as good as it gets? That's the next question to Gareth Southgate and he's philosophical.

    "Nobody knows if that's as good as it gets," he said. "Our aim is that we've built a system of success at junior level, now made progress at senior level and we've said we want to be constantly challenging semi finals and finals because if we do that our chances of success are higher.

    "I suspect we'll be back int the top 10 in the next rankings and that's probably where we are. Outside the top 5 but competitive against those teams.

    "I watched the game back the other day and other than a period in the second half when they're on top we were on top for the first half and the first half of added time.

    " Then we were only 10 minutes away from a shoot-out. We were a lot closer than even I thought at the time."

  14. Post update

    Now Gareth Southgate is being quizzed about whether he really wants to beat Belgium tomorrow.

    A Belgian journalist is suggesting that England weren't as bothered in their earlier Group G fixture.

    "I can't speak for Belgium but imagine they are as hungry as we are to finish the tournament well," he said.

    "The had an excellent result beating Brazil and it's been a brilliant journey they've been on.

    "There'll be some excellent footballers on show so it will be a good test for us. We've not been able to beat the top teams yet so this is another opportunity."

  15. Post update

    Fabian Delph is now up talking about the fact their will be no homecoming parade for the England players.

    "I got the chance to go home and experience what it was like back home," he says.

    "I came back and told the lads what it was like. To come back in front of 300,000 fans would be nice but that's not going to happen."

  16. Post update

    Fabian Delph has been asked about the development and possible England future of Manchester City team-mate Phil Foden.

    He said: "He's a young player still learning his craft but at the right place to do it. He's got a lot of ability but I can see him developing into a top player. In terms of the England set-up that's down to him.

    "He has to keep progressing and working hard. If he breaks into the City team and shows what he can do i'm sure the manager will select him."

  17. 'As few changes as possible'

    So what changes will Gareth Southgate make and how are his players feeling?

    "In terms of mentality it's been a really difficult couple of days for us," he says.

    "We were 20 mins from a World Cup final and then in extra-time about 10 minutes from penalties to get into the final.

    "We got back to St.Petersburg at 6.30 in the morning, so emotionally it's been a very difficult few days.

    "The players are a a pleasure to work with, we and they have a desire to finish the tournament well and we feel we owe it to ourselves to finish the tournament well.

    "What we have to decide is who can go again physically. Everybody wants to play but sometimes it's not a good decision for them to play if the energy is not there.

    "It won't be exactly the same starting eleven but we want to make as few changes as possible. We want to win a medal so there's a lot of motivation for us."

  18. Post update

    Southgate has been asked about England trying to kick-off and mount an attack while Croatia players were still celebrating a goal on Wednesday.

    "I think there was a lot of social media discussion about people celebrating and having only one player on the pitch and nobody seemed to know the rules," said the England boss.

    "A lot of teams were unsure whether they could kick off or not it wasn't something we discussed but we had worked out a staff for when we celebrate that the rule doesn't exist.

    "I don't know why the boys did it but we know the rule is in place you can't kick off again until the ref is ready so it's irrelevant."

  19. Post update

    The England manager Gareth Southgate is now in his chair and taking questions.....

  20. Post update

    England bench do the Mexican Wave at Italia 90

    If you wondered what we were talking about we've managed to dig up a snap from the last time England played in the penultimate game at the World Cup in 1990.

    As you can see concentration wasn't totally on the football