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  1. Post update

    England v Spain (Saturday, 19:45 BST)

    For the record this is our combined XI....

    cOMBINED xi
  2. Pick your combined XI

    England v Spain (Saturday, 19:45 BST)

    Now before we go, this is well worth a try. Fancy picking a combined England v Spain XI.

    Just have a try with our team selector here.

  3. Getting games - the biggest threat to England's future

    England v Spain (Saturday, 19:45 BST)

    The England manager Gareth Southgate again picked up on the issue of young English players getting top-flight minutes during his news conference today.

    And if you're wondering exactly what he was talking about just have look at this well presented piece by BBC Sport's Phil Dawkes.

  4. Post update

    That concludes our news conference.

  5. 'Our detail in preparation is much more advanced'

    England v Spain (Saturday, 19:45 BST)

    Gareth Southgate on the desire of his players: "The great thing about international football, is you get exciting matches against top players and every one of our players will want to show what they are capable of, individually and as a team.

    "If we compare now to how we played against Spain two years ago, the detail we go to now is much more advanced and we are evolving and improving. We will be a younger team than we had in the summer tomorrow night, but these experiences are brilliant for us because this is where we will learn the most."

    On the development of Liverpool defender Joe Gomez: "Joe is no surprise to us. I have worked with him since he was 17, and he has been an excellent defender through our system.

    "It is great he is getting the opportunity to play at centre-back with Liverpool this season and it is his strongest position. Like a lot of young players, he got in as a full back. We have had three or four players come and train with us from the younger teams and every time they return to their own group, the more experienced players say 'blimey they are good.' It is good for the younger players to see the standard of the senior team, and fore the seniors to see the talent coming through."

  6. 'You can have strong conversations'

    England v Spain (Saturday, 19:45 BST)

    England manager Gareth Southgate has also been asked about the mood in the camp:

    "In teams that do well the togetherness and spirit is really important. You can have strong conversations with each other and challenge each other. You want that sort of environment where everybody is driving each other.

    "The lads were really looking forward to getting back together.

    "Tomorrow is the first step into the next phase of our development."

  7. 'They just need to play matches'

    England v Spain (Saturday, 19:45 BST)

    England manager Gareth Southgate on young English players moving abroad to gain more experience: "There is always a responsibility on the player, and Harry is an example for making sure you can be the best you can be.

    "No doubt some players haven’t given themselves the best chance, but some have. Whether they stay here or go abroad doesn’t matter, they just need to play matches and have the challenges of the games, the challenges of [playing in front of] crowds, understand the consequences of losing.

    "They are the things that young players have to go through to improve."

  8. 'It's important to have debate because it isn't working at the moment'

    England v Spain (Saturday, 19:45 BST)

    Gareth Southgate on the issue of young English players not getting enough game time at senior level for their clubs: "It is an increasing problem and you can see from the graphs that there has been a decline over the last five years in particular.

    "The big worry will be for the England manager in five, six or seven years time. It is important to raise the debate but I think there is so much good work going on at the academies across the country and we are having a good moment of success in youth football.

    "It is an area to get everyone around the table and discuss some ides because at the moment it is not working and it has been pushed to one side for some time."

  9. 'I will have to score in golden boots to make them worthwhile'

    England v Spain (Saturday, 19:45 BST)

    Harry Kane on the fine margins in a World Cup semi final: "I have watched the Croatia game and there were things we did well, and others we didn’t.

    "There is definitely room for improvement but that is football. It was a 50/50 game and one or two things went their way and they got to the final."

    Asked about the golden boots he will wear at Wembley, Kane said: "Nike have been kind enough to make me a pair of golden boots which I am gong to wear tomorrow, but I guess I will have to score a goal to make it worthwhile.

    "For us, it is all about focusing on these two games, and with this new Nations League tournament, maybe there is a chance to win a trophy after it as well."

  10. 'Team trophies the main aim'

    England v Spain (Saturday, 19:45 BST)

    England captain Harry Kane is now asked about what receiving the Golden Boot before the Spain game means to him. He says:

    "It'll be exciting, a strange one really. Obviously a very proud moment to receive it but I'll be thinking of the game [against Spain] 10 minutes after. My family will be there so it will be great for them to see but I'll enjoy it more after.

    "In recent years it's been with [Miroslav] Klose and Cristiano Ronaldo and players like that and it'll be something I look back on in 10-15 years time.

    "I won a World Cup Golden Boot, but for now it's about getting better, I want to do even more and that's the mindset.

    "Team trophies is the main thing for me. We haven't won one since 1966. I think that's the aim for any England player and that's no different for me.

    "I want to be playing for the next ten years and have many more big tournaments. Hopefully I can improve from last year."

  11. 'There is an excitement around international football again'

    England v Spain (Saturday, 19:45 BST)

    Gareth Southgate on the possibility of a contract extension: "There is a lot for everybody to think about. I love the job, the group of players and the staff have been fantastic to work with, and we have some exciting young players coming through as well, but the focus is on tomorrow night at Wembley.

    "It is brilliant that there is this excitement around international football because one of our ambitions is to improve that connection with the supporters, so the impact of the team over the summer was really pleasing. A year ago we had paper aeroplanes landing in the pitch when we qualified, so that is great credit to the players."

    Asked about the ownership of Wembley: "We didn’t own it when I first played so there are three things to look at. Is it the right deal? Is it the right covenant? And what do we do with the money? It is for decision-makers to come to the right conclusion on that."

  12. 'We want to test ourselves against the best'

    England v Spain (Saturday, 19:45 BST)

    Gareth Southgate continues:

    "We want to test ourselves against the very best. We chose to play Spain, Germany, Brazil and Italy over the last year to 18 months and if you look back in history our record against top teams is non existent.

    "It's very rare since the 1970s and 1960s that we beat those teams. [Our] history isn’t impressive, ideally over the next couple of years we’d like to go into the European Championships having beaten those teams and to do that we have to be spot on in every area."

  13. 'We learned through every experience'

    England v Spain (Saturday, 19:45 BST)

    England manager Gareth Southgate is now asked what his team learned during the summer:

    "We learned through everyday through every experience.

    "What it takes to be competitive over seven matches, the quality of the games increase, the pressure increases as you go through and then physically the demands of the matches with tight turnarounds.

    "It was good for us to get a feel of that because it becomes a battle of mental strength as much as anything else. There were so many tactical challenges we’ve learned from."

  14. 'It's great to win a golden boot at a World Cup and still look improvements'

    England v Spain (Saturday, 19:45 BST)

    England striker and captain Harry Kane is aspiring to hit the heights of Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi after winning the golden boot at the World Cup:

    "It is hard to compare myself with Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi, they have set an unbelievable standard over the last few years but they are the heights we all want to reach.

    "To finish a World Cup and to finish as top goalscorer was something I was extremely proud of but now it's on to more things.

    "I feel fully fit and I think I could've done better at the World Cup. It was great and I scored some important goals but there were certain finishes and movements I could have done better. It's all part of the learning curve but to feel you could have done more at a World Cup after winning the golden boot is exciting."

  15. 'They have some wonderful footballers'

    England v Spain (Saturday, 19:45 BST)

    England manager Gareth Southgate is now asked about Spain:

    "Their manager will want to start to impose his ideas. There will definitely be some differences that [new coach] Luis Enrique wants to impose. They have some wonderful footballers and it will be a tough game.

    "We were straight into planning for these matches the calendar is relentless. Our focus is on improving the team."

  16. 'Experiencing a final has to be the aim'

    England v Spain (Saturday, 19:45 BST)

    Now here's the England captain Harry Kane, who says:

    "It's fantastic that the stadium will be sold out. I'm sure there'll be a lot of buzz, kids who loved every minute of the World Cup and excitement from them.

    "We can't wait our full focus though is on the game, Spain and trying to get the win.

    "In any tournament you're going to have to be able to handle the pressure. We've come a long way from a year ago. But can we do it every couple of years in the big tournaments, we want to experience a final that's got to be the aim."

  17. 'Other international coaches would love to be in my position'

    England v Spain (Saturday, 19:45 BST)

    England manager Gareth Southgate on World Cup golden boot winner Harry Kane: "I think if I looked at other international managers, they would love to be in my position and be able to pick him, and they have told me exactly that. The great thing is that Harry is only 24, so to have reached the level he is already at, is really exciting."

  18. 'What comes next is most important'

    England v Spain (Saturday 19:45 BST)

    The England manager Gareth Southgate is asked about what's next after reaching the World Cup semi-final. He says:

    "It's a about developing as a team. In the World Cup you're looking for results now you're looking at the way we play, the tactical details to how we play and testing ourselves over the next few games against some top teams.

    "I think the basis of the team will be the team. The summer was brilliant, it's great we've got a full house and we can step out in front of our own fans. But the summer is finished, we've got to move forward,continually evolve.

    "What comes next is the most important thing."

  19. Post update

    Right, the England manager Gareth Southgate and his captain Harry Kane have arrived.

    So here we go....