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Live Reporting

By Saj Chowdhury

All times stated are UK

  1. Post update

    Right. Since none of you have responded to my Get Involved request, I'll be signing off now...

    *sad face emoji*

    Only kidding, but I will be signing off.

    Hope you enjoyed the show.

    We will be back for Aston Villa v Newcastle on Monday, which has 10-goal thriller written all over it.

  2. In one sentence: what did we learn about the two teams today?

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  3. 'The lesson learnt today will be valuable'

    Sheff Utd 3-3 Man Utd

    Manchester United

    Manchester United boss Ole Gunnar Solskjaer speaking to Match of the Day:"Just supporting football it was a good game of football. A fantastic end. Don't worry we'll watch this again and analyse.

    "At half time when you're 1-0 down you have to get them playing, wanting it more and tackling. At 2-0 you're thinking the worst like Everton away when we lost 4-0 at the end.

    "This team don't give in, such a difference from last year to now.

    "We could have had a fourth goal before their equaliser.

    "It shows the quality that you can score 2-0 in a match and we didn't really perform. We were lacking in physicality in midfield today but the boys fought back and never gave in.

    On the young goalscorers: "When you send kids on like Mason Greenwood, Brandon played well and scored first goal. Rashford's was not an easy finish on his weaker foot.

    "We haven't performed, but well enough to win it. The lesson learnt today will be valuable."

  4. 'It's a tough one to take'

    Sheff Utd 3-3 Man Utd

    Manchester United

    Man Utd striker (not manager) Marcus Rashford speaking to Match of the Day: "Not sure how long was left. There was a decent amount of time for them to get a goal, but time for us to get a fourth goal and see the game out.

    "If we continue to do to show the desire that saw us get the the three goals - I know it's tough when you get tired - in this moment it's probably not the best at what we do. It's a tough one to take.

    "It's inconsistency when it come to results. Performance-wise for four or five weeks we've done quite well with results."

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    Sam Owen: Mctominay was a big miss once we had taken the lead. He marshals the midfield well and has good game awareness/management in winning positions.

    SMS Message: United were awful.... had energy for the last 15 as they hadn't used any up until then. Sheffield United ran out of steam and thoroughly deserved three points. Martial is the new Balotelli. from Anon
  6. 'Mixed emotions after that game'

    Sheff Utd 3-3 Man Utd

    Manchester United

    More from Ole Gunnar Solskjaer speaking to Sky Sports: "When you are 2-0 down you have to go for it, play with less fear and just go for it. The average ages of the goals is less than 20, it’s something we are proud of. It’s a great experience for our young players because it’s not easy to comeback at a place like this.

    On how he feels after the game: "It’s mixed emotions. We cannot be happy, we have not performed for the majority of the game but we turned it around and we showed what we could be capable of. We have to do it now for a whole game. We know we can, we just have to show it."

  7. 'The difference from last year is huge'

    Sheff Utd 3-3 Man Utd

    Manchester United

    Manchester United manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer: "Sometimes football is beyond tactics. The energy compared to ours in the first half and then we get that goal and we start to belief. The difference in the team this year compared to last is huge. They never give in. Last year we would have gone four or five down instead of coming back. We would not have been able to come back."

    On the poor first half: "Sheffield United looked like they wanted it more than us and believed in their game plan more than we did. We did not have a shot on target first half which is not acceptable."

  8. 'I don't think the ball hit my hand'

    Sheff Utd 3-3 Man Utd

    Sheffield United

    More from Blades goalscorer Oli McBurnie: "It was a mad 10 or 15 minutes. Shows you have to be on it for 90 minutes. If we didn't get a point it would have been devastating. It's the cruel beast that's the Premier League.

    "I don't think the ball did hit my hand. We got the point was the minimum we deserved. Tough to celebrate then wait for five minutes or so."

  9. We have a never give up attitude'

    Sheff Utd 3-3 Man Utd

    Sheffield United

    Sheffield United's goalscorer Oliver McBurnie speaking to Sky Sports: "I said to the referee it was never in doubt. The boys were scared it had touched my hand but I knew it was never in doubt.

    "The boys grafted unbelievably today. When we are at our best we can compete with the best teams with the world. We need to be on it for the full 90 minutes. The no fear attitude comes from the gaffer and the boys. The boys have this never give up attitude and it’s so important. People don’t like coming here."

  10. 'We dug ourselves out of a difficult situation'

    Sheff Utd 3-3 Man Utd

    Manchester United

    Manchester United's Marcus Rashford on Sky Sports: "They were very compact but you need to have movement. In the first half it wasn't good enough from us, but we managed to recognise it and get back into game and good position.

    "It happened at Everton - 2-0 down and we lost 4-0, but it shows we're improving and learning.

    "The manager knows when we play on front foot we're a good team. The three goals is the response we managed to give.

    "We have to keep pushing though - if we kept going then perhaps we would have got the win.

    "Obviously a tough game for both teams. When you go 3-2 up you feel hard done by. But we were in a difficult situation and dug out of it."

  11. 'A sloppy 10 minutes cost us'

    Sheff Utd 3-3 Man Utd

    Sheffield United

    Sheffield United goalscorer John Fleck: "It was a good game, it was great to go ahead but we are disappointed with the goals we let in. I think it would have been harsh to not get anything. It’s great the VAR went our way. We had a sloppy 10/15 minutes and that cost us today.

    "It's nice to get on the score sheet. We all understand that we have to fight for everything. We have to keep fighting. We will take what happened today and learn from it."

  12. 'VAR decision might have taken a little from the moment'

    Sheff Utd 3-3 Man Utd

    Sheffield United

    Blades manager Chris Wilder on Sky Sports: "Little bit disappointed they got the first goal to get back to into the game.

    "We're not in League One. If you lose a little energy they'll turn the ball over.

    The first 70 mins: "We weren't bad - comfortable and in control.

    "They were 2-0 down and we were in control. Little bit disappointed. Couple of hours on and couple of beers we'll look back on it. We might get undone a couple of times and we got undone today, but we came roaring back.

    On VAR check for third goal: "We celebrated. Scored in last minute. Somebody said the goal might get ruled out. A couple of times against Spurs last week it happened. It takes a a little bit away from the moment."

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    So which manager should be the happier of the two? And why?

    Let us know using #bbcfootball or text 81111 (UK only)

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    Bob Moss: Nice wake up call for Sheffield United, shows them what happens when you stop playing. Even a bad team can score a few goals quickly. Managed to bail ourselves out and get a point.

    SMS Message: I've defended Ole all season but if there's one thing we've shown consistently this season, it's that we can't sit back and keep a 1 goal lead. So why take Martial off and try to do just that?? from Anon
  15. Stattage

    Sheff Utd 3-3 Man Utd

    Manchester United have conceded three-plus goals against a newly promoted Premier League side for the first time since September 2014 (5-3 defeat v Leicester)

  16. Get Involved

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    Colin Reardon: 7 minutes should not detract from the appalling, embarrassing performance by Man Utd for the other 83! Unfortunately that will paper over the cracks in this very poor team.

    Owen Li: Don’t understand why Ole was smiling at Wilder at final whistle. There is nothing to smile about. He didn’t win.