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  1. Post update

    That's the end of this live page now. Thanks for joining us tonight and joining the debate.

    Come back tomorrow for the Europa League tomorrow.

  2. Post update

    Spurs 0-1 RB Leipzig

    Spurs boss Jose Mourinho is the fourth different manager to take charge of 150 Champions League matches - after Alex Ferguson, Arsene Wenger and Carlo Ancelotti. Only Ancelotti (84) won more of his first 150 than Mourinho (81).

    Spurs are the sixth different side Mourinho has managed in the knockout stages - the joint highest figure, alongside Ancelotti.

  3. Post update

    Spurs 0-1 RB Leipzig

    A bit more from Julian Nagelsmann: "It's always important not to let in goals. We always try to attack the opponents very early and try to win the ball high up in their half.

    "Today, in the second half, we tried to create a bit more of a counter. It's normal that we would have to defend a bit deeper later on, at only 1-0.

    "It's a great stadium. The first ten minutes were very noisy, very loud. In the end, it was a pleasure to be part of this game and I'm glad we have the win."

  4. Post update

    Spurs 0-1 RB Leipzig

    RB Leipzig manager Julian Nagelsmann to BT Sport: "The first half was very good. We created three or four chances after two minutes.

    "After the goal it wasn't that easy to find spaces and create chances. It was a good game. We had good control, good ball possession."

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    #bbcfootball or text 81111 (UK only)

    Trevor Durham: It just makes no sense whatsoever for Troy Parrott not to at least be on the bench, or even start, when we literally have no other strikers and can’t score goals. I thought Jose was supposed to be a ‘tactical genius’?

    SMS Message: I blame Mourinho entirely for that defeat. Man-for-man there was very little between these teams, but our tactics allows Leipzig to dominate us... at home. Jose's changes came too late, as usual. from Gareth, Ludlow
    Gareth, Ludlow
  6. Post update

    Spurs boss Jose Mourinho has lost the first leg of a Champions League knockout tie at home for only the third time.

    Both the previous times were against Barcelona.

  7. Mourinho: 'Like going to fight with a gun without bullets'

    Spurs 0-1 RB Leipzig

    Tottenham Hotspur

    Tottenham manager Jose Mourinho asked on BT Sport about the second-half substitutions which saw the 'real Spurs': "What do you mean by the real Spurs? Come on, let's be loyal to the boys and tell them they did everything they could do.

    "Lamela [one of the substitutes] - you know how many training sessions with the team? Zero. Direct from injury to recovery with physios and then direct to 20 minutes in the Champions League.

    "There are two perspectives - an amazing group and amazing guys but another side you see how we are at the moment.

    "It's a situation like going to fight with a gun without bullets.

    "You can say we had luck in some moments, but a great goalkeeper made two magnificent saves.

    "I'm not worried with the 1-0 - we can go there and win. What worries me is that these are our players for the next however many matches.

    "Moura was absolutely dead, Bergwijn was absolutely dead, Lo Celso was absolutely dead.

    "We are really in trouble. If it was just this game I'd say no problem but we have FA Cup and Premier League games.

    "I know Lamela could only give us 20 minutes and I knew Ndombele could not play for 90 minutes. I tried to manage the pieces I had.

    "Don't tell me Lamela and Ndombele could have started the game, they couldn't have started the game.

    "Here we go Chelsea [who they are playing on Saturday at 12:30 GMT] drinking sparkling water with lemon. Saturday morning [looking at the interviewer - the game was moved for BT Sport coverage] - thank you very much for the choice."

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    #bbcfootball or text 81111 (UK only)

    SMS Message: Spurs not the greatest even though Lo Celso, Gedson, Bergwijn were decent. Aurier was sluggish and Ben Davies made a ridiculous foul that cost Spurs the game. Spurs deserved to lose and hope they will play better in the 2nd leg. from Anon
  9. 'Leipzig were impressive'

    Spurs 0-1 RB Leipzig

    Rob Green

    Former West Ham and England goalkeeper on BBC Radio 5 Live

    The way Leipzig played and cut through Tottenham was really impressive. The options Leipzig had going forward were far greater than what Tottenham had and it showed throughout the game.

  10. Post update

    Some 38% of Tottenham’s home Champions League defeats have come against German Sopposition - also against Bayer Leverkusen in November 2016 and Bayern Munich in October.

  11. 'You have players on that pitch that you cannot trust'

    Spurs 0-1 RB Leipzig

    Rob Green

    Former West Ham and England goalkeeper on BBC Radio 5 Live

    This Spurs team is not a good sign, that is the main problem here. You ask the questions and they do not come up with many answers. The width of Leipzig really spread Tottenham and they could not cope. Spurs players were looking at each other asking 'what do we do?' You have players on that pitch that you cannot trust.

  12. 'Let's try to create another story'

    Spurs 0-1 RB Leipzig

    Tottenham Hotspur

    Tottenham keeper Hugo Lloris to BT Sport: "I want to stay positive especially after what we saw in the last 20 minutes. There is a second leg and we have a chance. It's not the best result we could get."

    On the change in form when Spurs made an 64th-minute double substitution: "I think we were were more proactive with the ball and managed to have more possession in the last 20 minutes. It's true we have to give credit to Leipzig who played very high. They have a lot of energy and run a lot. We had some situations we could have managed better.

    "There is a lot of quality in Leipzig and they showed it today. Because of all the circumstances against us in the past few weeks and months we have to stay positive. Not to find excuses... we have to be ready to fight. We're not really happy with the result, but we did it last season - let's hope we try to create another story."

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    #bbcfootball or text 81111 (UK only)

    Ed Franklin: Yet again Spurs are outclassed and outworked by an opponent. Scoreline flatters Spurs whose performances, if not results, have been dreadful under Mourinho.

    SMS Message: Leipzig have been the better side. However Moura has had 2 headers which should have been goals, on both he hasn't even hit the target. You should at least hit the target with the chances he has had. Moura is awful at heading the ball. from Matt, Bedford
    Matt, Bedford
    SMS Message: Totally agree with Mr Waddle. The legend Tells it how it is. Parrott should be in there, could be the next Kane. You don't know until you try, that's a basic rule. from Alex, London
    Alex, London
  14. Post update

    Troy Parrott, who turned 18 earlier this month, has played twice for Spurs this season. He has even made his senior Republic of Ireland debut.

    The last striker from Dublin to play for Spurs didn't do too badly.

  15. 'You have to play Parrott'

    Spurs 0-1 RB Leipzig

    Chris Waddle

    Ex-Tottenham and England winger on BBC Radio 5 Live

    You are obviously going to miss the quality of Kane and Son but to be honest I can only think of one chance where you think that they could have scored that. They did not create many chances. They say they have no strikers but they do, they have Troy Parrott - you have to play him. He's not even on the bench tonight. You can say he is not ready but how do you know? If you have a centre forward, you play him.

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    #bbcfootball or text 81111 (UK only)

    SMS Message: Might I remind all the pessimists out there that Spurs were in this same position against Ajax last year. It's a long shot for sure but we'll be better away from home without a striker. Stay positive, you have to right? from Alex, London
    Alex, London
  17. Post update

    Spurs 0-1 RB Leipzig

    Statisticans Gracenote give Leipzig an 88.2% chance of progressing - based on historic Champions League results.

    Even though Atalanta won 4-1, their chances are ever so slightly lower, 87.7%.

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    #bbcfootball or text 81111 (UK only)

    Tom McQuillin: Dreadful spurs performance. Lucas is too lazy and lacks a quality. Aurier is nowhere near good enough. Didn’t even know Dele was playing. Winks has been rubbish for a long time - so overrated. Gedson and Lo Celso were the only bright sparks. Bergwijn decent too.

    Helles Mammut: I don't think that Tottenham had a bad game.For all their attacking prowess Leipzig needed a penalty to score.And one shouldn't forget that even Bayern Munich wasn't able to score against them.Leipzig may not be a household name but they could be this season's Ajax.

  19. 'Mourinho is good at mind games'

    Spurs 0-1 RB Leipzig

    Chris Waddle

    Ex-Tottenham and England winger on BBC Radio 5 Live

    We said it at the beginning but we will say it again - if you don't have someone who comes to life in that 18-yard box it is very difficult to score goals.

    Unsurprisingly that is where they have struggled.

    I think Mourinho is going to be positive after the game. He is good at playing mind games. He will be saying that he saw enough in the last 20 minutes to give him confidence for winning the second half.