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  1. Thanks and bye for now

    OK, that's the live action all finished for today. Thanks, as always, for your company. Andrew Benson's day-two report will be live on the website shortly.

    There are two more testing days to come this weekend and we'll bring you all the action, starting tomorrow at 08:00 GMT.

    See you then.

  2. Day two testing times and laps completed

    1. Nico Rosberg (Mercedes) 1:22.792 (106 laps)

    2. Valtteri Bottas (Williams) 1:23.995 (90)

    3. Felipe Nasr (Sauber) 1:24.071 (141 laps)

    4. Sebastian Vettel (Ferrari) 1:25.339 (143)

    5. Jenson Button (McLaren) 1:25.590 (101)

    6. Pastor Maldonado (Lotus) 1:26.705 (140)

    7. Max Verstappen (Toro Rosso) 1:26.766 (139)

    8. Daniil Kvyat (Red Bull) 1:26.965 (84)

    9. Nico Hulkenberg (Force India) 1:28.412 (77)

  3. Chequered flag

    And on that rather confusing note testing is completed for the day.

    The headline of the day is Nico Rosberg's quite stunning lap for Mercedes that has really thrown down the gauntlet to the rest of the grid.

    The McLaren ran for 100 laps, comfortably the best display for the team so far this winter, while the Sauber again showed encouraging pace and reliability and the new Force India was quick and reliable straight out the box, managing a mighty 77 laps from half a day's running.

    Full times coming up.

    Nico Rosberg
  4. Red flag

    Oooh, that's got to be annoying.

    Lotus's Pastor Maldonado has caused the late, late delay, stopping in the pit entry. At least it won't take much retrieving.

  5. Green flag waves

    The handful of drivers still in the game have seven minutes to squeeze out a little more precious mileage.

  6. Williams finished for the day

    Williams tweet: "With 20 minutes left of the day we have completed our programme so car is being prepped ready for tomorrow."

    Williams call time on their day with Valtteri Bottas having completed 90 laps and sitting second only to the lightning Mercedes.

  7. Button stops on track

    We see it with cricketers all the time. A batsman brings up his century and then - wallop - out next ball. Well, that's just what's happened to Jenson Button.

    The McLaren man had just ticked off his 100th lap of the day (against the seven managed yesterday) but on his very next lap out of the pits he ground to a halt at turn seven.

    It's frustrating for the team after a good day, but they can take comfort from the fact that their lap total today is fully half the amount they managed in all the nine previous test days put together.

  8. Red flag

    Of course, by 'glory runs' I meant red flags.

  9. Into the final 20 minutes we go

    It's been fairly quiet since Nico Rosberg blew all our doors off with that searing soft-tyre run.

    Still, that should change as the chequered flag looms ever closer. Expect a few glory runs in the next 20 minutes.

  10. F1 journalist Dan Knutson in Barcelona

    "A race distance here is 66 laps. With just over 40 minutes to go in the session, Nico Hulkenberg did his 66th lap of the day, so now every driver has done at least 66 laps. Felipe Nasr, Sebastian Vettel, Pastor Maldonado and Max Verstappen have all completed more than two race distances."

  11. Day over for Toro Rosso

    Toro Rosso tweet to say their Friday running is done due to an electrical problem.

    They won't be down about that though, with 139 hitherto trouble-free laps from Max Verstappen safely in the bank.

    Max seems pretty satisfied.

    Max Verstappen
  12. Have Mercedes finally shown their true pace?

    Andrew Benson

    Chief F1 writer

    "That fastest time by Nico Rosberg on soft tyres - 0.7secs quicker than Williams driver Felipe Massa managed yesterday and 1.2secs ahead of Valtteri Bottas's second fastest lap today - is stunning, but not surprising in the context of what the testing has revealed so far.

    "We reported at last week's test that Lewis Hamilton had been more than 0.8secs quicker than both Red Bulls and Bottas's Williams during race simulations. And the medium-tyre times set by the Mercedes drivers previously - and the length of the runs - had also suggested that sort of margin.

    "Of course we don't know the fuel loads the cars are on, but you have to say that all the evidence is that 0.7-0.8secs looks about the advantage Mercedes hold over the field right now."

    Nico Rosberg
  13. Oh, hello...

    While I was busy wittering on about Azure-blue skies, Mercedes' Nico Rosberg went out and metaphorically glove-slapped his rivals with a thumping lap of 1:22.792 on the soft tyres.

    Have it.

    That's the fastest time of the two Barcelona tests so far, the small matter of seven-tenths quicker than the previous best, posted by Felipe Massa in the Williams yesterday.

    Nico Rosberg
  14. Picture of the day

    I was cooing over a nice picture from the chaps at Sauber yesterday, which showed the smart C34 idling in a crisp Barca pit lane.

    But I think today's offering from Ferrari might just edge it: Sebastian Vettel at full-chat in a scarlet Ferrari with a glorious expanse of Azure-blue sky above.


    Ferrari F1
  15. Get involved - #bbcf1

    Sam Payne: "So glad to see @ManorF1Team back on the grid. Great team and would be weird having less than 20 cars racing."

    Claire Fleming: "Anyone else hoping McLaren Honda is hustling us and they actually have no problems with the car?"

    Andy Kitney: "I hope the Manor F1 turn a few heads in Melbourne. #loveanunderdog"

    Jonathan Bowdin: "Stuffing envelopes at my desk so I can multitask and keep an eye on #bbcf1 testing."

  16. JB klaxon! McLaren up to fifth, closing in on 100 laps

    This is more like it from McLaren-Honda.

    Jenson Button has put on soft tyres for the first time and the MP4-30 quickly vaults up the order to fifth place. The Briton has done a 1:26.362 and has 'Passed Go' 83 times.

    It's still way off the pace of the best soft-tyre runners, but don't forget it is believed the Honda engine is still running at reduced capacity.

  17. Hydraulic sensor issue caused Kvyat stoppage

    Red Bull tweet: "A precautionary stop on track to check a hydraulic sensor issue. The Team hope to be back running soon."

    Daniil Kvyat
  18. Broken link fixed

    A few of you have reported a broken link to Lee McKenzie's Force India story. Apologies. This is now fixed in the original entry so fill your boots.

  19. Brawn GP - F1's very own fairytale

    The whole Brawn GP thing was a belting tale, wasn't it? A fairytale, if you will.

    In fact, it was a tale that emerged at just around this time six years ago, in the spring of 2009.

    If somehow it passed you by - or you are, say, eight - it was the story of how a team went from near extinction to become world champions, all the space of a few months.

    I recommend reading it here. But then I would...

  20. F1 journalist Dan Knutson in Barcelona

    "The covered Red Bull got a lot of coverage when it was returned to the pits with more than half a dozen TV cameramen plus a number of photographers on hand as the car was unloaded."

  21. Watch: Report on new Force India

    Lee McKenzie

    BBC F1 pit-lane reporter

    Lee McKenzie has filed a report on the first appearance of Force India's new car for 2015.

    Nico Hulkenberg will drive the VMJ08 until Sunday when he'll hand over to team-mate Sergio Perez for the last day of running - meaning the Mexican will have just one day to acclimatise himself with the car before the new season begins in Australia on 13-15 March.

    You can watch Lee's film here.

  22. Get involved

    So, good news for Manor Marussia this afternoon.

    You can get in touch with your thoughts on that, or any F1 yarn, using #bbcf1

  23. McLaren and Force India prop up the pack

    Jenson Button's McLaren has done 67 laps and has a best time of 1:28.052. However, the Briton has yet to put on anything quicker than the medium tyre and is also understood to still be on reduced power

    The 2009 world champion is second-last, ahead only of the Force India of Nico Hulkenberg. The German is now on the medium compound tyre, though, and has moved to within eight-tenths of the MP4-30 after 25 laps.

  24. Bottas goes fastest

    There's been a flurry of activity and in it all I neglected to say that Valtteri Bottas now tops the timesheets.

    The Williams driver has done a 1:23.995 on the soft tyre and has put up 74 laps so far.

    The Sauber of Felipe Nasr drops to second, but as yesterday the C34 becomes the first car to bring up 100 laps. Almost simultaneously Sebastian Vettel and Max Verstappen do likewise for Ferrari and Toro Rosso.

  25. Green flag flying. Back under way

    Kvyat's car is cleared from harm's way and we're off again. Just under two and a half hours remain.

  26. Manor Marussia confirmed on 2015 entry list

    Manor Marussia have been named on a 10-team Formula 1 entry list on Friday, subject to conditions that included full compliance with the 2015 technical regulations.

    The list, which does not include the failed Caterham team, said the revived Manor Marussia F1 team would compete with Ferrari engines.

    Marussia, who have clawed their way back from the brink of oblivion, have named Britain's Will Stevens as one of their drivers. However, the governing FIA said that was subject to him holding a super licence.

    Marussia F1 car
  27. Red flag

    F1 journalist Dan Knutson: "The Red Bull sounded a bit sick as it went by the media centre. Whether that was because Daniil Kyvat was backing out of the throttle or because the car had a problem is not known. But he stopped down at Turn 1 and that brought out the red flag."

  28. F1 journalist Dan Knutson in Barcelona

    "Felipe Nasr of Sauber and Pastor Maldonado of Lotus are in the middle of race simulations."

  29. Ferrari say no 'race sim' planned today

    Andrew Benson

    Chief F1 writer

    "Sebastian Vettel is focusing on long runs this afternoon, but Ferrari say that a specific race simulation - where teams run the full distance, do pit stops, pick a tyre strategy etc - is not planned. Which is a shame, as we have not yet seen a 'race sim' from Ferrari and it would be nice to look at their times and see how they compared with others who have - notably Mercedes, Williams and Red Bull."

    Sebastian Vettel's Ferrari in the pits
  30. Force India quick out the box

    It's been a bright start for Force India and the new VJM08, which only broke cover just before lunch but has already made it into double figures in terms of laps completed.

    Nico Hulkenberg's best time of 1:29.866 on an unmarked Pirelli development hints at some good pace in the car. It will be interesting to see how it goes with the soft or super-soft tyre on.

    force india
  31. F1 journalist Dan Knutson in Barcelona

    "Kimi Raikkonen became a father in January. He's not the most talkative driver in the paddock anyway, but he refuses to talk about his son, saying that concerns his private life."

  32. Get involved - #bbcf1

    Berwyn Thomas: "Great to see your pic of Fernando back on his feet and looking good."

    Pete Thorneycroft: "Lotus livery looking cool."

    David Anderson: "Start my new job next month. Is it a good excuse to be in my underwear watching testing. Another 50 laps please McLaren."

    Alex Withington: "Without doubt the best day of testing so far for McLaren. Phew! Maybe they will try some shorter/low fuel runs this afternoon."

    Sean Barlow: "If McLaren keep putting in the laps, they might be somewhere other than tail enders for the opening sequence of flyaways."

  33. Oh yes, the cars...

    We're 24 minutes into the afternoon session and it's largely as-you-were in terms of the standings.

    Daniil Kvyat's Red Bull has improved to sixth place after a 1:27.257, while Sebastian Vettel's Ferrari is back on the hard tyres and doing a long run.

    Jenson's Button's McLaren, meanwhile, is closing in on a half-century of laps today.

  34. Mystery solved

    The case of Max Verstappen and his missing greens could be solved (see 12:53).

    I don't want to leap to any wild assumptions, but it seems only too clear the caterers at Honda have swiped the paddock's entire supply of broccoli to make ornate table centres.

  35. Pastor back on track

    Lotus F1 Team: "Lunch over, time for some laps of the track as a @Pastormaldo digestif"

    Lotus F1
  36. Green flag. Let's go testing again

    We're back under way in Barcelona.

  37. Who, what, where, when? #2 The answers

    Good grief you lot are good. Some of you even had the temerity to tell me this was even easier than the first one.

    Apart from one or two wrong answers (I'm delighted I duped one of you into thinking it was Grosjean and Alonso at Spa a couple of years ago) pretty much 99% of you told me it was the inverted, roll-bar-less Sauber of Pedro Diniz being skirted by the Williams of the magnificent Alex Zanardi. Nurburgring 1999.

    Well done to all those who got it right and thanks so much for playing.

    I'm off to the archive to find something nice and obscure for tomorrow. I wonder if Toshio Suzuki ever binned an F1 car in an interesting way?

    Pedro Diniz and Alex Zanardi
  38. Eat up young man

    At 17, Toro Rosso rookie Max Vertsappen has maybe still got a bit of growing to do, but he won't get very far without any greens in his system.

    I mean, just look at what his team has just tweeted him eating this luchtime. Spaghetti, grated carrot and, erm, Wotsits.

    Tsk tsk.

    Toro Rosso
  39. Alonso says he's 'completely fine' in video message

    McLaren's Fernando Alonso has posted a YouTube message giving an update on his condition after his crash in Barcelona last weekend:

    In it, he says: "Hello everyone. as you can see I'm completely fine, I would like to be in the test this week but the doctors' recommendations are to wait a little bit, a couple of days.

    "But I will rest this weekend and give you updates next week with progress and see you very soon on the track, and thanks for all the support."

  40. Trackside view from Lee McKenzie

    Lee McKenzie

    BBC F1 pit-lane reporter

    "The Mercedes, with Nico Rosberg at wheel, looks in a different class. Jenson Button has had strong morning compared to previous days testing this season. And also looking committed out there was Max Verstappen who continues to impress his Toro Rosso team.

    "Nico Hulkenberg is delighted to get out at last in his 2015 challenger. If all looks well with the car expect a busy afternoon from him."

  41. F1 journalist Dan Knutson in Barcelona

    "Yesterday's lunch break was a busy one for the media here in the paddock as McLaren CEO Ron Dennis held a press conference to talk about Fernando Alonso's accident. Things will be a lot calmer during today's lunch break."

  42. Who, what, where, when? #2

    Right, this is a good one. In fact, I'm quite excited about this. I wish I was playing.

    So, usual format. Who are these two drivers, what teams did they drive for, which race and in which year, and what in the name of Zeus has just happened.

    #bbcf1 etc.


  43. Who, what, where, when? An update

    So, it seems I made that a little too easy.

    Almost to a man and woman, you correctly told me it was Lewis Hamilton (with the wonky wheel) and Jenson Button, both of McLaren, moments after they collided on the pit straight at the quite wonderful Canadian Grand Prix in 2011.

    Bear with. I'll drum up another one.

    Jenson Button and Lewis Hamilton
  44. This morning's times and laps completed

    1. Felipe Nasr (Sauber) 1:24.071 (59 laps)

    2. Nico Rosberg (Mercedes) 1:25.216 (65)

    3. Sebastian Vettel (Ferrari) 1:25.339 (69)

    4. Valtteri Bottas (Williams) 1:26.032 (59)

    5. Max Verstappen (Toro Rosso) 1:26.766 (78)

    6. Pastor Maldonado (Lotus) 1:28.013 (50)

    7. Jenson Button (McLaren) 1:28.052 (44)

    8. Daniil Kvyat (Red Bull) 1:29.294 (36)

    9. Nico Hulkenberg (Force India) 1:31.165 (5)

    An impressive effort from Felipe Nasr and Sauber there. Be interesting to see what they can do this afternoon.

    Other points to note are a good showing from McLaren with 44 much-needed laps on the board, while Force India got in five laps before lunch, including a first lap in anger of the winter.

  45. Chequered flag

    Ok, that's a wrap for the morning session in Barcelona. No red flags today but plenty of good mileage for just about all the teams. McLaren and Mercedes looks to have recovered from yesterday's setbacks and we even got to see the Force India in action.

    In the words of Mary Poppins after downing her rum punch medicine, that was quite satisfactory.

  46. Meanwhile, at trackside...

    Lee McKenzie

    BBC F1 pit-lane reporter

    "Out on track watching with Karun Chandhok. Here's Vettel doing his thing for Ferrari."

  47. Who, what, where, when?

    Welcome to another in the soon-to-be-replaced-by-something-better quiz that asks you, esteemed reader, to guess the identity of a driver, car, race track and year.

    Today we're looking for the identities and teams of the two drivers in the blurry photograph below, in which year and at which race this is, and what may just have happened.

    I'll give the answer towards the end of the testing lunch hour, which incidentally begins in 12 minutes or so.

    Answer using #bbcf1

  48. Nasr dips a toe into the 1:24s

    With lunchtime approaching the teams are getting a few racier laps on the board.

    Ferrari's Sebastian Vettel briefly goes top of the order with a 1:25.339 but Sauber's Felipe Nasr goes quicker, becoming the first driver today to venture under the 1:25 barrier. His time of 1:24.479 was done on the soft Pirelli, as was Vettel's. Nasr also set the day's best times in all three sectors. That Sauber is working well.

    A few laps later the Brazilian does a 1:24.071 - just half a second off the best lap of the two Barcelona tests so far, set by Felipe Massa's Williams yesterday.

  49. F1 journalist Dan Knutson in Barcelona

    "Nico Hulkenberg brought the car into the pits with Nico Rosberg trailing close behind in his Mercedes. I wonder how often the Force India will be ahead of the Mercedes this season."

  50. Thar she blows!

    No sooner have Force India tweeted that than the car is out and off for an installation lap. No point hanging around I guess.

    Nico Hulkenberg gives his new motor a one-lap blat and it's back to the garage.

    Welcome to the party, guys.

    Force India
  51. Force India giving it the big build-up

    Force India tweets: "A flurry of activity in the garage and a growing number of cameras outside it - it can only mean the moment the VJM08 heads out is close!"

  52. F1 journalist Dan Knutson in Barcelona

    "The teams have made huge strides with their cars since the 2014 Spanish Grand Prix last May. Lewis Hamilton won the pole for that race with a time of 1:25.232 in his Mercedes. Yesterday, Felipe Massa clocked a 1:23.500 in his Williams."

  53. Prancing horse pricks back his ears

    That's a bit more like it from Ferrari and four-time champion Sebastian Vettel.

    A plodding morning (the aero rake was being used on the Ferrari) is set to one side and the new SF15-T is allowed to show what it can do. On soft tyres, the German does a 1:25.901 and is up to P2.

    If there was any doubting just how good these guys are, on his next lap Vettel did 1:25.902. Nice.

  54. All these channels and there's nowt decent on

    Sauber tweet: "Felipe is now testing different set-ups. Going out again after a short visit in the garage."

  55. Button rolls on

    Just to keep you across the McLaren situation, they're now up to 29 laps with a best time of 1:28.052.

    Jenson Button will surely be feeling a little happier behind that visor today.

  56. F1 journalist Dan Knutson in Barcelona

    "McLaren's racing director Eric Boullier (left), director of engineering Matt Morris (centre) and chief engineer Phil Prew had a powwow in the paddock. They certainly have a lot to discuss after all the problems the team have had this winter."

  57. Mercedes and Williams well clear of the rest

    Nico Rosberg

    The morning is well under way now and there's nothing so far to suggest that anyone other than Williams are going to mount a challenge to Mercedes' perceived dominance anytime soon.

    With the bulk of drivers now around the 30-40 lap mark, it's Nico Rosberg (1:25.365) top of the pile for Mercedes by six-tenths from Valtteri Bottas in the Williams.

    Max Verstappen is almost a second further back third for Toro Rosso, ahead of Sauber's Felipe Nasr.

    Elsewhere, Ferrari's Sebastian Vettel is lapping consistently if sedately, his best time a 1:29.456 after 42 laps spent mostly around the 1:30-mark. Heavy-fuel runs likely to be behind that.

  58. Don't forget the highlights tab...

    Just a wee reminder that the highlights tab above will take you to a selection of recent F1 videos.

    We have yesterday's testing round-up, plus a clip of Christian Horner's recent appearance on A Question of Sport.

  59. Practice makes perfect for Red Bull

    The guys down at Red Bull are among the best-drilled in the pit lane, and they've been doing a few practice pit stops this morning.

    "Nothing like a 2.3 second burst of energy to get you going in the morning!" the team writes on Twitter.

    Red Bull
  60. Get involved - #bbcf1

    Dean McNamara: "So good to finally see the McLaren do some meaningful laps."

    Jaybo: "Just saw the shot from above the Red Bull car with the aero rakes fitted. Wow. How skinny is the body compared to the floor!"

  61. F1 journalist Dan Knutson in Barcelona

    "Daniil Kvyat did some runs with aero rakes fitted behind the front wheels of the Red Bull. These units that look like sections of a fence are fitted with tubes that measure what the airflow does after it leaves the car's surfaces and wings."

  62. Grosjean concern following Alonso crash

    Andrew Benson

    Chief F1 writer

    "Fernando Alonso's health and the accident suffered by him at the end of the second test continue to dominate discussion in Formula 1. McLaren boss Ron Dennis did little to clear up the confusion over what happened and what is Alonso's condition despite a half-hour news conference on Thursday.

    "Meanwhile, Alonso's accident has raised fresh safety concerns about F1, as such incidents always do. Lotus's Romain Grosjean pointed out that drivers are still relatively vulnerable in lateral impacts and that there were questions about the wisdom of using Astroturf around the outside of corners.

    "'I hate the astroturf because it makes it very slippy,' Grosjean said. 'We can be happy he's OK and left the hospital and the second thing we can learn is to get the drivers safety up in a lateral impact.

    "'If you hit sideways, the (suspension) wishbones are not done to be breaking that way. So they either bend or stay in one piece and if they stay in one piece the energy will go one way and that's into the driver. The FIA is looking into it and I'm quite glad they are."

  63. McLaren off and running

    Ok, McLaren are truly out of the traps now. That's 14 laps done, the quickest so far a 1:28.868, putting Jenson Button sixth.

    It's not going to have Mercedes and Williams quaking in their boots yet but it's heading in the right direction at least.

    Jenson Button's McLaren
  64. Rosberg out in front

    We're 90 minutes into today's action. As it stands, the Mercedes of Nico Rosberg is leading the way, with the team looking to make up for lost time after the frustration of losing a whole afternoon to a hybrid problem yesterday.

    The German's time of 1:25.730 from 18 laps is a little over a second faster than the Williams of Valtteri Bottas, who, as we have seen, has done a lot of running with the added weight of an aero rake.

    Sauber's Felipe Nasr is third quickest after 21 laps, ahead of Lotus' Pastor Maldonado (22), Toro Rosso's Max Verstappen (17), McLaren's Jenson Button (10), Ferrari's Sebastian Vettel (23) and Daniil Kvyat's Red Bull (14).

  65. New Force India ready for its close-up

    The new Force India will make its belated track debut this afternoon.

    After missing the year's opening test and running a modified 2014 car last time out, the Silverstone-based team are finally ready to start the campaign in earnest. Nico Hulkenberg will be at the wheel this afternoon.

    The team have been teasing us on Twitter: "This bright garage door hides our new VJM08, which is here at the track and currently being worked on! #FeelTheForce."

    Force India
  66. McLaren lap landmark klaxon

    Good news for McLaren and Honda.

    After managing just seven laps in the whole of yesterday, Jenson Button has just ranked up his eighth today. And we've only been going for just over an hour.

    Fingers crossed this is just the start of a better day for the McLaren team.

  67. Get involved

    As usual we want your thoughts on the day's action, or indeed any matters F1.

    Send them in using #bbcf1.

  68. Sainz happy with Toro Rosso upgrade

    Andrew Benson

    Chief F1 writer

    "Most of the teams have major upgrades a this test as they bring their cars close to Melbourne specification. The most obvious on Thursday was a new nose on the Toro Rosso. Carlos Sainz said he felt an immediate improvement. 'It felt different, it felt really good to be honest,' the Spaniard said. 'That's why I want to congratulate all the guys back at the factory for the great job they have done because out of the box I already felt it is a step forward, a more complete package. I always say the first impression for a driver is very important, and my first impression when I started pushing was really good. It's pure downforce, pure overall grip and better car balance. Having consistent car balance through corners helps.'"

  69. Raking up data

    We mentioned the aero devices being run by Red Bull and Williams earlier, and here's one in all its glory.

    The device being used on the Williams of Valtteri Bottas below is aero rake, which is dotted with probes that measure the aerodynamic wake of the specific parts of a car.

    In this case, the wake over the front tyre is being analysed.

    Williams of Valtteri Bottas
  70. Clock ticking for McLaren and Honda

    Andrew Benson

    Chief F1 writer

    "That noise you can hear over the sound of the engines is the clock ticking ever louder in the McLaren-Honda garage.

    "Thursday was another dreadful day for the team in a dreadful winter. Jenson Button managed just seven laps before a hydraulic leak stopped his running for the day, and with only three days of testing remaining time is rapidly running out for McLaren to be anything like prepared for the new season.

    "The car has not even run anywhere close to full speed yet; that's how bad it is. The team really badly need a full day's running. But we've been saying that pretty much every day for a month now. If there's any light at the end of the tunnel, not many can see it yet."

  71. McLaren rides again

    McLaren tweets: "And we're away. JB heads out for his install lap. #F1Testing."


    The McLaren managed just seven laps on Thursday due to hydraulic issues.

  72. Sauber in the groove

    Sauber led the way in terms of mileage yesterday with Marcus Ericsson rattling off 122 laps, and at a brisk pace too - the C34 ending the day second fastest after a late soft-tyre run.

    It seems the Swiss team has similar intentions today. With Felipe Nasr at the wheel, they are already up to nine laps completed and comfortably lead the way with a best time of 1:27.965.

  73. Energy firm boss behind Marussia rescue

    A new story from our Andrew Benson has gone up this morning, concerning the identity of the main investor behind the revival of the Manor Marussia.

    Stephen Fitzpatrick, boss of energy firm Ovo, has rescued the team that went into administration in October and missed the final three races of last season.

    He secured the deal with his personal finance. It is separate from Ovo, where he is founder and chief executive.

    Read more of this story here.

  74. Thursday's times

    Here's a reminder of yesterday's times. Felipe Massa's time of 1:23.500 is the fastest of the Barcelona tests so far.

    1. Felipe Massa (Williams) 1:23.500 (103 laps)

    2. Marcus Ericsson (Sauber) 1:24.276 (122)

    3. Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes) 1:24.881 (48)

    4. Daniil Kvyat (Red Bull) 1:25.947 (75)

    5. Romain Grosjean (Lotus) 1:26.177 (75)

    6. Kimi Raikkonen (Ferrari) 1:26.327 (80)

    7. Carlos Sainz (Toro Rosso) 1:26.962 (86)

    8. Jenson Button (McLaren) 1:31.479 (7)

  75. Quick start in Barca

    All eight of the drivers in action this morning have already posted installation laps.

    The Mercedes of Nico Rosberg has already done five laps so it seems yesterday's hybrid problems are sorted, while Jenson Button's McLaren is already up to two laps, having managed just seven all day yesterday.

    The Sauber of Felipe Nasr is circling with flow-vis paint (below), while prominent aero sensors are seen on the Red Bull and Williams cars. Still so much number-crunching for these teams to do.

  76. Mercedes eager to get to Oz

    Andrew Benson

    Chief F1 writer

    "Lewis Hamilton, who hands over the Mercedes to team-mate Nico Rosberg today, has only one day's testing on Saturday left before he takes the car out for first practice in Melbourne, but he was upbeat yesterday despite only doing 48 laps because of a failure in the car's hybrid system.

    "Hamilton said he was already feeling 'ready to go'. And the team look that way too.

    "Felipe Massa might have set the fastest time of the winter in his Williams but even he admits Mercedes are 'quick'. There is increasingly little doubt about last year's champions' status as favourites this."

  77. Blue skies above the Circuit de Catalunya

    Lotus F1 Team ‏on Twitter: "Buenos dias - it's a lovely day here at @Circuitcat_eng - everyone ready for some test action? Grab a seat, kick back."

    Lotus team
  78. Green flag. We're off again

    Day two of this final pre-season test in Barcelona gets under way.

    It's a lovely morning too.

    The air temperature is 7.9 degrees centigrade and the track temperature is 11.7 degrees centigrade.

  79. Today's line-up

    In no particular order, your drivers today are:

    Pastor Maldonado (Lotus), Nico Rosberg (Mercedes GP), Daniil Kvyat (Red Bull), Jenson Button (McLaren), Sebastian Vettel (Ferrari), Felipe Nasr (Sauber), Valtteri Bottas (Williams), Nico Hulkenberg (Force India), Max Verstappen (Toro Rosso).

    Sebastian Vettel
  80. Good morning

    Welcome to day 10 of pre-season testing for 2015.

    Williams showed their hand a little more yestrday with some impressive pace. Will Valtteri Bottas pick up where Felipe Massa left off and keep the FW37 at the top of the pile?

    Mercedes will surely have something to say about that, assuming they have overcome yesterday's hybrid problems. Nico Rosberg is in action for them today.

    McLaren will hope to improve on yesterday's seven-lap showing and again run with Jenson Button, with reserve Kevin Magnussen - scheduled to replace the convalescing Fernando Alonso - missing out.

    We'll also see the new Force India this afternoon.

    Let's do this.