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  1. Post update

    OK, that's all from us for today but we will be back at 09:30 BST on Saturday for third practice.

    You've provided us with some superb suggestions for Formula 1's best livery, so many in fact that we are going to pop together a feature on the best. Watch out for that, and all the reaction from today, online later.

    Until tomorrow, cheerio!

  2. Name that livery!


    Loads of you got the correct answers, you are just too darn good.

    The answers are:

    1: 2006 McLaren

    2: 1991 Jordan

    3: 1972 Lotus

    4: 2007 Honda

  3. Vote - F1's greatest colour scheme

    You have spoken. The greatest ever F1 livery is... the 1986 Lotus John Player Special.

  4. Post update

    Almost time for us to depart but before we do, the results of the vote and that little quiz we posed during FP2...

  5. Post update

    So for the 19th time in the last 24 rounds Lewis Hamilton is fastest in second practice.

    Elsewhere, pleasing displays from Daniil Kvyat for Red Bull, Toro Rosso's Max Verstappen and McLaren's Jenson Button, as they clock the fifth, sixth and seventh fastest times of the session.

  6. Third practice final positions

    1. Hamilton 2. Vettel 3. Rosberg 4. Raikkonen 5. Kvyat 6. Verstappen 7. Button 8. Bottas 9. Sainz 10. Massa 11. Alonso 12. Grosjean 13. Ricciardo 14. Maldonado 15. Nasr 16. Ericsson 17. Hulkenberg 18. Perez 19. Stevens 20. Merhi

  7. Chequered flag

    Formula 1


  8. Chequered flag

    Daniel Ricciardo goes 13th fastest with his first flyer with a 1:29.086 just before the chequered flag comes out and it looks like another Mercedes-dominated practice...

  9. Post update

    Jennie Gow

    BBC Radio 5 live pit-lane reporter

    "Oh good news for Ricciardo who finally manages to get out. 4th and final penalty free power unit in the car so let's hope it doesn't go boom!"

  10. Post update

    Lewis Hamilton complains of having no grip - a concern of many drivers during today's practice - on the hard tyres as Daniel Ricciardo finally re-emerges on the circuit.

  11. Vote - F1's greatest colour scheme

    How on earth did we forget this monster...

    Maarten Kalff: 1979 Jan Lammers Shadow DN9 in Samson Livery.

  12. Post update

    Tom Clarkson confirms that Daniel Ricciardo is getting strapped into his Red Bull and he's set to have just over five minutes on the circuit.

    Meanwhile, Lewis Hamilton, Nico Rosberg, Sebastian Vettel and Kimi Raikkonen are all out on the hard tyre.

  13. Ferrari team radio

    Kimi Raikkonen: "Do we want to keep just doing laps and laps? Because I'm getting nothing out of it. I'll do it if you want, but..."

  14. Post update


    Romain Grosjean's return to the circuit in the Lotus sees him clock 1:29.086, the 12th fastest time, before he is told to box.

    Meanwhile, Kimi Raikkonen is racking up the laps on his long run, much to his displeasure...

  15. Post update

    Force India on Twitter: A programme of long runs for us this afternoon, which means you won't see much in terms of eye-catching times. It's all about testing today!

  16. Post update


    After his engine cover blew off earlier, Romain Grosjean has been waiting in the Lotus garage for the rear bodywork on his car to be repaired. Thankfully, that has now been done and out he goes for the closing stages.

  17. Vote - F1's greatest colour scheme

    One from the present day that almost made the cut...

    Byron Afonso: The best livery this season is the Williams Martini livery. Simple, effective & good looking.

  18. Post update

    Formula 1

    This is the order with just over quarter-of-an-hour remaining.

  19. Post update

    Red Bull are still hopeful of getting Daniel Ricciardo out for some time on the track as Lewis Hamilton heads in, having just complained about his seat over team radio.

    He's complained about a warm seat in previous race weekends this season, while Kimi Raikkonen said his seat was hot in FP1.

  20. Post update

    Susie Wolff on Twitter: Loved every minute out there this morning.

  21. Post update

    Teams are embarking on their long runs for this final part of practice with just over 20 minutes remaining. Nico Rosberg, on the medium tyre, is lapping in the low 1:31s, while Sebastian Vettel, on the hard compound, is lapping in the low 1:32s.

  22. Post update

    Formula 1

    Manor: Will Stevens prepares to head out of the garage on the Option tyre.

  23. Name that livery!

    Get involved #bbcf1


    One last push for this little quiz we've put together - can you name the car and year the four livery snippets above are from?

    Tweet the four to #bbcf1 and I'll reveal the answers after second practice.

  24. Post update

    Formula 1

    This might catch the eye of the stewards. Replays show Sebastian Vettel overtaking Felipe Massa in the pit lane.

  25. Vote - F1's greatest colour scheme

    There are plenty of stunners you reckon we've missed, including...

    David: Not the must successful, but a beautiful car. Moneytron Onyx 1989.


    Newton Barbosa: Ferrari F60 1989.

  26. Post update

  27. Post update

    Meanwhile, a cracking lap from Fernando Alonso's team-mate Jenson Button as he puts an encouraging 1:28.494 on the board to go sixth fastest. Is that the step up McLaren were hoping to see?

  28. Post update

    Turn it off and back on again Fernando. Usually does the job.

  29. McLaren team radio

    Fernando Alonso: "I think you have a virus on your computer [if you think the ERS system is working], because it is not charging anything."

  30. Post update

    Formula 1

    There's no trademark smile on show at the moment as the wait goes on.

    As you'd expect, there's plenty of support for Fernando Alonso in the stands today. He's just strapped medium tyres on his McLaren and is out on his qualifying run, clocking a 1:29.803 to slot in P9.

  31. Weird stat of the day (year, decade...)

    Daniel Ricciardo

    Speaking of Daniel Ricciardo, here's the fact you've been waiting most of your life to know. It would take 3.4 quadrillion (yep, quadrillion) Daniel Ricciardo smiles to cover Australia.

    Fact-tastic courtesy of Red Bull.

  32. Dan? Dan? DAN!

    Tom Clarkson

    Still no sign of Daniel Ricciardo. This was the scene in the Red Bull garage 15 or so minutes ago. Will he get out in this session? His team-mate Daniil Kvyat, meanwhile, has the ninth fastest time in this session.

  33. Post update

    Lotus on Twitter: Still working on Romain's car, we'll give an update on his next run shortly.

  34. Post update

    Relaxing one minute, smashing it on the circuit the next.

    Lewis Hamilton has failed to top FP2 in just five of the last 23 rounds and he is purple through sectors one and two in his first run on the medium rubber. A bit of overseer on his way out of the final chicane but that isn't stopping him from going fastest of all with 1:26.852, almost half a second quicker than Sebastian Vettel.

  35. Post update

    Nico Rosberg is fastest of all in the first sector before producing personal bests in sectors two and three. Only good enough for second fastest, though, as he posts 1:27.616, three tenths of a second slower than Sebastian Vettel.

    Lewis Hamilton is out now, with the medium tyres bolted on, and begins his qualifying sim.

  36. Vote - F1's greatest colour scheme

    Some that didn't quite make the shortlist...

    Mike: Erm... hand painted 2006 Toro Rosso with drivers helmets incorporated into car design. Easy.

    Torro Rosso

    CTR_Paul: How you've missed off the iconic Leyton House livery I do not know.

    Leyton House
  37. Post update

    Formula 1

    Lewis Hamilton was not happy with the balance of his car in FP1 and he is currently chilling out in the garage as tweaks are made to his Mercedes. Meanwhile, his team-mate Nico Rosberg emerges on the medium compound as the drivers begin their qualifying runs. with just under one hour left of the session.

  38. Post update

    Ferrari duo Sebastian Vettel and Kimi Raikkonen, along with Marcus Ericsson, are the first to switch to the faster medium tyre this afternoon and Vettel's first run on the new rubber sees him leap into P1 with a 1:27.260.

  39. Post update

  40. Post update

    Just before that red flag, Lewis Hamilton had jumped ahead of Nico Rosberg and is the current pacesetter with 1:27.825.

    Mercedes report that the two drivers say the circuit feels different to FP1, with temperatures the likely reason. "Track/air currently at 45/31 vs. a max. of 30/23 this morning," tweets Mercedes.

  41. The unluckiest driver in F1 history?

    Twenty five years of the Circuit de Catalunya

    Formula 1

    This weekend's Spanish GP will be the 25th held at the Circuit de Catalunya, so we've been having a look at some memorable moments from past races on the circuit.

    Here's British driver Perry McCarthy (a one-time Top Gear 'Stig' of course) striking a frustrated pose as he stands next to his stricken Andrea Moda car. It was at the 1992 Spanish GP and was meant to be a memorable moment for McCarthy, because it would have been his debut.

    Instead, it lasted the amount of time it took his car to roll 18 metres before the engine blew out. McCarthy would never get to race at a grand prix, later claiming cartoon villain Dick Dastardly had more luck than he did.

  42. Post update


    Williams: Today is the 38th anniversary of William in F1.

  43. Post update

    Tom Clarkson

    BBC F1 pit-lane reporter

    "Romain Grosjean is staying in the car, it won't be a big job to put a new engine cover back on. I can't see any other damage on the car."

  44. Go! Go! Go!

    Debris cleared and we are good to go again. Valtteri Bottas is straight back out there, with his Williams team-mate Felipe Massa following soon after.

  45. Post update


    Fortunately there was no one directly behind Romain Grosjean when that happened. Instead a couple who followed shortly after were able to tip toe their way between the debris before the red flag came out.

    Marshals are out on the empty track now picking up the debris and we should hopefully be back up and running in the not too distant future.

  46. Red flag

    We have our first red flag of the day and it comes after Romain Grosjean's engine cover spectacularly blows off as he was coming down the main straight.

  47. Post update

    The Mercedes of Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg have come out to play and the latter goes fastest with 1:29.075, putting him ahead of Sebastian Vettel, Kimi Raikkonen and Max Verstappen. Just four drivers are still to complete a timed lap.

  48. Post update

    Andrew Benson

    Chief F1 writer

    "It seems Daniel Ricciardo and Red Bull have lost another engine - Tom Clarkson reports from the pits that Ricciardo needs and engine change and that means it is likely to be the fourth engine Red Bull have gone through already this year. That's one driver's entire allocation for the year.

    "And there is more bad news for Renault emerging this weekend, with the impression that a push to expand the allocation of engines from four to five for the rest of the season is set to be torpedoed at the next meeting of F1's strategy group. The idea was to help Renault and, to a lesser extent, Honda, and Mercedes have indicated they will back the idea. But Force India and Williams will veto it on the grounds that it will cost them each another £1.5m, which they cannot afford."

  49. Post update


    Beautiful shot from Ferrari as Sebastian Vettel pulled out of the garage. He set that fastest lap just now on the hard tyre.

  50. Post update

    Formula 1

    No messing about from Marcus Ericsson as he sets the first time of the session with 1:32.803. It won't take long for that to be bettered, though, with several other drivers also out on the circuit.

    Sure enough, Sebastian Vettel muscles into P1 with a 1:29.394.

  51. Vote - F1's greatest colour scheme

    We've loved your favourite livery messages that we have decided to power up a vote on the matter. If you look on the right side of this page, you can see we are asking what is F1's greatest colour scheme?

    Choose one of the six options, listed below, and also check terms and conditions. Vote will close at 14:30 BST.

    1979 Ferarri - We could've picked so many Ferrari liveries from down the years, but we've gone for the '79 beauty, driven here by the late, great Gilles Villeneuve.

    Ferrari 1979

    1986 Lotus - The John Player Special Lotus. An absolute classic. And with Senna's yellow helmet... Ooph.


    1989 Benetton - The splurge of colour that was the B189. Love it or loathe it?


    1990 McLaren - Senna's championship-winning car. The most iconic colour scheme of them all?


    1997 Jordan - Lots of you nominated this snakey character on Twitter. But the greatest ever?


    2008 McLaren - Hamilton's victory wagon. We'll never forget that sexy silver.

  52. Post update

    Formula 1

    Marcus Ericsson, who sat out this morning's session as reserve driver Raffaele Marciello took the Sauber wheel, is the first to venture out under the brilliant blue sky. Beautiful day in Spain.

  53. Post update

    Tom Clarkson

    BBC F1 pit-lane reporter

    "Why do I always have to be the bearer of bad news when it comes to Red Bull? I am standing in front of Dan Ricciardo's car and it has no rear end on it. They are having to replace the power unit and given it takes two-and-a-half hours to replace I doubt they will get out in the session."

  54. Go! Go! Go!

    The pits are open and 90 minutes of second practice is under way!

    Will Daniel Ricciardo get more track time than he did this morning? Time to find out...

  55. Five minute warning

    Five minutes until second practice gets under way and you can enhance your practice-following experience by listening to BBC Radio 5 live sports extra commentary courtesy of James Allen, which is available via the live coverage tab on this page.

  56. Post update

  57. Name that livery!

    Get involved #bbcf1


    As a bit of fun, why not test your livery knowledge and let us know the car and year the four above are from to #bbcf1.

    We'll reveal the four after second practice.

  58. Get involved - #bestliveries

    With McLaren having unveiled new livery this week, we asked you this morning what your favourite liveries from the annals of Formula 1 history are. Here are a few more suggestions:

    Shey Mcfez: The Honda's RA107 was different in a good way.


    Krispijn Scholte: The McLaren MP4-21 in papaya orange. Gotta be honest, as a Dutchman I am partial to orange.

  59. Reprimand for Rosberg

    There was a bit of news between the sessions as Nico Rosberg escaped with a reprimand after entering the pit lane after going round a bollard the wrong way in first practice.

  60. Post update

    Lewis Hamilton
  61. Regrets? I have none

    Andrew Benson

    Chief F1 writer


    "There has been a lot of talk this season about whether Fernando Alonso made a mistake in leaving Ferrari for McLaren just as the Italian team improved their performance. But the Spaniard himself has been steadfast in his insistence that he has no regrets, pointing out he was not interested in 'coming second two more times' had he stayed to the end of his contract. And he continues to say the same here, saying he was 'not surprised' to see Ferrari's upturn and pointing out they are still some way from Mercedes.

    "'We had a tough year in 2014 but even with that we were (around) third and fourth places in the championship until five races to go,' he said. 'Now they are second and fourth so they made a step forward. In performance, it looks more because Williams and Red Bull are a little bit under-performing right now.'"

  62. Post update

    Welcome back to our coverage of second practice for the Spanish Grand Prix.

    After a three-week break, Mercedes picked up from where they had left off as Nico Rosberg finished fastest in first practice a couple of hours ago, just pipping team-mate Lewis Hamilton.

    McLaren, despite bringing updates to Barcelona, did not fare so well, with Fernando Alonso and Jenson Button down in 15th and 16th respectively.

    They've had a couple of hours to make tweaks, with second practice getting under way at 13:00 BST.

  63. Are you a McLaren or a mouse?

    "Predatory" is how McLaren described the new look to their car for this weekend's Spanish Grand Prix.


    Sadly, they were about as predatory as a mouse in today's first practice, finishing three seconds behind the pace-setting Mercedes.


    Will things get better this afternoon?

  64. Post update

    Right, as the drivers venture off for a spot of tapas I'm going to dig out my sausage roll as we break for lunch.

    I'll leave you with Andrew Benson's first practice report but join us again from 12:30 BST for second practice. Nice one.

  65. Fast facts

    Right then, it is almost time for us to temporarily call time on our live coverage of Spanish Grand Prix practice. Before we do head off, I'll leave you with a couple of FP1 facts:

    • Ferrari have been the quickest non-Mercedes in every FP1 in 2015
    • Carlos Sainz has been in the top-8 in FP1 at every round in 2015
    • Force India have never been in the top-10 in this session in 2015
  66. Strong showing from Sainz

    Cracking showing from Toro Rosso as they finished the session with the fifth and sixth fastest times. Carlos Sainz (fifth) in particular is looking good at his first home grand prix, with his best of 1:28.132 just three tenths of a second off Kimi Raikkonen in fourth.

  67. Post update

    A pretty uneventful first practice session but good showings from reserve drivers Raffaele Marciello, Jolyon Palmer and Susie Wolff in their outings, finishing ahead of McLaren's Fenando Alonso and Jenson Button.

  68. Get involved - #bestliveries

    Miles Hallett: Ferrari 312 t2, classic design.


    Clay Regazzoni driving said Ferrari way back in 1976.

    Matt Everitt: Whilst tinged with sadness, the 1994 Williams was sleek and classic. Beautiful livery!

    Williams 1994
  69. First practice times

    11. Hulkenberg 12. Marciello 13. Palmer 14. Wolff 15. Alonso 16. Button 17. Perez 18. Maldonado 19. Stevens 20. Merhi

  70. First practice times

    1. Rosberg 2. Hamilton 3. Vettel 4. Raikkonen 5. Sainz 6. Verstappen 7. Kvyat 8. Massa 9. Ricciardo 10. Nasr

  71. Chequered flag


  72. Spin!

    Something is not quite right with the balance of the McLaren it seems after their last couple of set-up tweaks, Jenson Button complains the balance is all over the place, before Fernando Alonso pulls off a late 360 degree spin at the exit of Turn 11.

  73. Post update

    Formula 1

    Everyone in Lotus garage are focused on the monitors for the final few seconds of the session. It has been another good showing from Jolyon Palmer, who is 13th fastest but Pastor Maldonado has had a few problems and only has the 18th best time of the session.

  74. Post update

    Daniel Ricciardo manages to squeeze a lap time in before the timer hits zero, a 1:29.572 slotting him in at P11.

  75. Post update

    Formula 1

    Into the final five minutes and this is how it looks at the top of the timesheet. Nico Rosberg heads his team-mate by just 0.070s, with Sebastian Vettel just under a second behind Mercedes.

  76. Post update

    Lewis Hamilton runs off at Turn 13 and Mercedes tweets that the world champion isn't 100% happy with the set-up. Meanwhile, Daniel Ricciardo has finally returned to the circuit for the final seven minutes.

  77. Post update

    Tom Clarkson

    BBC F1 pit-lane reporter

    "Good news. Daniel Ricciardo is in the car and about to go out. He now has that new short nose. Daniil Kvyat ran it at the start of the session and Dan will have it so they can get his feedback."

  78. Post update


    McLaren: Both drivers are back in the garage. They're making a few changes & getting ready for their last run of FP1.

  79. Get involved - #bestliveries

    Adam Laiolo: No love for Alonso's Renault of '04?


    Adam: That's a predatory livery.

    Jordan 1999

    And that would be the 1997 Jordan Peugeot.

  80. Post update

    Red Bull were optimistic of getting Daniel Ricciardo back out on the circuit, but he still has just the two laps under his belt so far. Time's running out - 12 minutes remaining.

  81. Post update

    Just three drivers are out on the circuit - Carlos Sainz, Susie Wolff and Felipe Nasr. Wolff improves from 17th to 10th with a 1:29.708 and is within a second of Felipe Massa.

    Meanwhile, a couple of late tweaks to Sebastian Vettel's Ferrari and Fernando Alonso's McLaren as they have a new front wing and new rear wing fitted respectively.

  82. Post update

    Nico Rosberg could be in a bit of bother. A few moments ago he made a late decision to enter the pits, heading in outside of the designated entry zone. Stewards confirm he is under investigation as a result.

  83. Get involved - #bestliveries

    Gareth: I'm a '90s child so the MTV Simtek was a big fave of mine. RIP Roland Ratzenberger.

    Mtv Simtek

    Paul Young: What about the Buzzin Hornets!? Very bold and striking. Jordan at their Zenith!

  84. Post update

    The temperatures are climbing as midday approaches. Track temperature is now 33C, with air temperature currently 24C. It is all getting a bit too toasty for Kimi Raikkonen as he complains of a hot seat. He's currently fourth fastest in the Ferrari.

  85. Post update

    Lee McKenzie

    BBC F1 pit-lane reporter

    "Susie Wolff is getting back in the car. In terms of fitness she is in her prime - she has been to Kitzbuhel where ski-ers train."

  86. Circuit changes

    Formula 1

    There's been a couple of changes to the circuit ahead of this weekend's race, with CCTV cameras installed at the exit of Turn 3, where Fernando Alonso had his pre-season accident.

    The openings at Turn 4 have been enlarged to allow better access for tractors, while other changes include modified kerbs at Turn 9 and a new kerb on the exit to Turn 15.

  87. No crash concerns for Alonso

    Fernando Alonso

    This is, of course, the circuit where Fernando Alonso crashed in February, resulting in him missing the season opener in Australia because of concussion.

    Despite what happened, Alonso has no concerns about taking to the circuit again, saying: "It is an accident that happened three months ago.

    "Unfortunately it was a little bit longer to recover and the impact was a little bit unlucky and it put me out of the car for one month. I'm coming back here with full confidence and full motivation to deliver a good result in front of a home crowd."

  88. Post update


    McLaren: A few speedy tweaks for Fernando Alonso then back out on track. 25 minutes of FP1 remaining.

  89. Post update

  90. Post update

    Lewis Hamilton nudges his team-mate Nico Rosberg out of P1 with 1:26.898 but it is a brief stay at the top as Rosberg improves again with a 1:26.828.

  91. Post update


    After impressing in practice run outs for the Chinese and Bahrain GPs, Jolyon Palmer is back in the Lotus again today. He returns to the circuit, looking to improve on his current best of 1:30.207, the 14th fastest time.

    Half the field are out on the circuit at the moment.

  92. Alonso up to seventh

    Fernando Alonso, winner of his home race in 2006 and 2013, is up to seventh with 1:29.813 as more cars head back out on to the circuit for the last half hour of the session.

  93. Get involved - #bestliveries

    ATMartin: Mika Hakkinen's MP4-13, 1998!


    Bora Yazkan: It's so simple, no big sponsorship logos and the most important... it's fast!


    This little beauty is Button's 2009 Brawn.

  94. Post update

    Andrew Benson

    Chief F1 writer


    "A little human interest story about Manor's Will Stevens. The Englishman had his eye on the auction of the assets of the now-defunct Caterham team, for whom he made his grand prix debut in Abu Dhabi last season. He considered buying the steering wheel from that car.

    "'I actually thought it would be nice to have my steering wheel from my first grand prix,' he said. 'I haven't put a bid in but I spent some time there and if there was anything I wanted it to keep it would have been the wheel from my first grand prix. I didn't look into it too much and I don't know how much it would go for but, just talking about it, we said if we could have something to look back on in the future it would be the steering wheel.'"

  95. Post update

    Formula 1

    Daniil Kvyat has spent a bit of time during this lull in circuit activity chatting away with Red Bull motorsport consultant Helmut Marko. The Russian has been running with the new short nose in this session.

    Meanwhile, Will Stevens has strapped his helmet back on and dived into the Marussia to break the silence and roll back out on to the circuit, closely followed by Fernando Alonso.

  96. Post update

    Andrew Benson

    Chief F1 writer in Barcelona

    "There has been further bad news for Force India this weekend, with the revelation that the much-vaunted 'B-spec' car they initially expected for this race has been delayed - again. First it was put back to Austria in June. Now, it turns out it will not be ready until the following race in Silverstone.

    "Sergio Perez admitted this was not ideal, and said Force India - after a step forward at point-and-squirt Bahrain - would struggle in Spain this weekend.

    "'This race will be particularly difficult,' the Mexican said, 'considering what this track is like regarding downforce as this is where we are lacking the most. We do not have any upgrades but some of the other teams are bringing upgrades. But we have done an amazing job to be just one point from Lotus and 12 points from Red Bull. It's a good effort from the team so when the upgrade comes, we should be in a strong position to fight back and challenge them.'"

  97. Post update

    Force India
  98. A landmark race

    Twenty five years of the Circuit de Catalunya

    Spanish GP

    This weekend marks 25 years of the Circuit de Catalunya hosting the Spanish Grand Prix so to recognise that fact, we'll have a little gander at some of the track's most memorable races and moments.

    A natural place to kick things off is with the first race to be held on the circuit - the 1991 Spanish GP.

    Nigel Mansell came out on top of an early, sparks-filled tussle with Ayrton Senna before going on to win, and we've delved into the archives to provide you with highlights of the race, replete with a cracking old school BBC Sport logo and The Chain-infused intro.

    Spanish GP
  99. Get involved - #bestliveries

    Ian Watson: I may be biased but the Williams '92 car with our Nige Red 5 has always been my fave.


    Salim: Minardi M02, even though it wasn't perhaps the best performing, it was definitely striking!

  100. Stye in the eye...

    Formula 1

    With everyone back in their respective team garages, Fernando Alonso once again has his shades on, just as he did in yesterday's news conference. Disgusting behaviour from Alonso by wearing sunnies indoors? Or is there an acceptable explanation?

    Fortunately, it is the latter, with the Spaniard revealing he has a stye - an inflammation of his eye.

    "They recommend not to be too much in the artificial light," he said. "I try to protect a little bit the eye today and tomorrow to be ready for Saturday and Sunday."

  101. Post update

    Ferrari on Twitter: Remembering Gilles #27

  102. Post update

    Daniel Ricciardo certainly does not seem too bothered. He is busy trying to convince a Red Bull staff member to join him in throwing an Aussie rules ball around.

  103. Post update

    Tom Clarkson

    BBC F1 pit-lane reporter

    "Red Bull have confirmed it is a problem with the internal combustion engine, they would not elaborate on that but they say it is fixable and they expect Dan to be out prior to the end of the session."

  104. Post update

    A notable absentee from the timesheet is Daniel Ricciardo. The Australian is back in the Red Bull garage having completed just two laps so far and there looks to be some work being done on his car, with our pitlane reporter Tom Clarkson reporting possible issue with his power unit. Uh oh...

  105. Get involved - #bestliveries

    Nico Mcm: Senna JPS Lotus contest over. Together with the intimidating yellow helmet you knew to get out the way.


    Kevin Conway: Always had a soft spot for the Arrows A23 livery.

  106. Post update

    Just over 30 minutes into first practice, so here is a little look at how the top of the order is shaping up.

    Formula 1
  107. Post update

    Andrew Benson

    Chief F1 writer in Barcelona

    "This is one of those landmark weekends for Toro Rosso driver Carlos Sainz Jr. The Spaniard is now a friend of Fernando Alonso, but he still refers to the McLaren driver his hero and says that racing at home at the same time as him will be an emotional experience.

    "Sainz, who has impressed in his first four grands prix, says that his father, the eponymous rally legend, brought him to this race as a 10-year-old in 2005 and it was a defining moment in his life.

    "'It will always be a very special weekend for me,' Sainz Jr said on Thursday, sitting alongside side Alonso in the pre-event news conference. 'I remember being here 10 years ago for my first grand prix when I came to watch, meeting some important people, meeting my idol here on my left, Fernando, for the first time, when he was in Renault. That was a big shock for me and an amazing experience and probably thanks to that it's where I took the decision that I really wanted to be an F1 driver one day. Ten years later I am here achieving my dream."

  108. Home race with my hero? Tick.

    Carlos Sainz

    While we are all tucking into our morning cereal and cracking on with our daily routine, Carlos Sainz is realising a dream.

    The 20-year-old Spaniard met Fernando Alonso, who he idolised as a child, at the Spanish Grand Prix 10 years ago, when he was just starting out in karting and always hoped to share the same bit of tarmac as his hero at his home race.

    Well, now he has done just that, with both having been out on the circuit this morning.

  109. Post update

    Andrew Benson

    Chief F1 writer


    "Ferrari team principal Maurizio Arrivabene is wearing a badge sporting the number 27 here today. That is in memory of the legendary Gilles Villeneuve, who was killed on this day 33 years ago, in qualifying for the 1982 Belgian Grand Prix. For some, the great Canadian, who used the number 27 in 1981 and '82, is the fastest racing driver there has ever been."

  110. Hamilton out in front

    Times are getting closer to Lewis Hamilton's fastest time of 1:27.023 in first practice for last year's Spanish GP. Hamilton himself getting close with 1:27.509 to knock Sebastian Vettel off the top of the timesheet.

    Raffaele Marciello, in the Sauber in place of Marcus Ericsson, has a moment at Turn 9, briefly running wide, but holds it together and gets back on the circuit.

  111. Post update

    A few more times creep onto the board as Marussia duo Will Stevens and Roberto Merhi take advantage of a brief spell of quietness on the circuit to post 1:34.328 and 1:34.188 respectively.

    Susie Wolff is briefly into P3 with a 1:31.374, but timed laps from others sees her drop down the leaderboard.

  112. Get involved - #bestliveries

    Mark Smith: Love this car. Apart from the red Ferrari as a kid this stood out.


    That of course is Jacques Villeneuve's 1999 BAR.

    TheBassist: The Red Bull Star Wars livery from '05!

    Red Bull
  113. Post update


    McLaren: Red specs of flow-vis on JB's car help the guys understand aero effects. Matches the livery too.

  114. Star in a film? Check. Race a legend? Check

    Lewis Hamilton

    That's not all Lewis Hamilton has been up to since the last race. He also went to Rome to star in a new film and raced against Sir Stirling Moss at Monza. Oh and did some jet surfing, I didn't even know jet surfing was a thing.

    Meanwhile, in the last two weeks, I went to work several times, painted my landing and bought a fridge...

    You can read more about a whirlwind couple of weeks for Hamilton in his latest BBC Sport column.

  115. Ready for the fight?

    Lewis Hamilton

    I've just taken a little trip over to Lewis Hamilton's instagram page and, once again, it is enough to make you turn green with envy.

    He prepared for the resumption of season by taking in the biggest fight for decades - Floyd Mayeather versus Manny Pacquiao.

    Hopefully his own fight with Nico Rosberg will prove a bit more entertaining than the weekend's fight did...

  116. Post update

    Andrew Benson

    Chief F1 writer

    "No less an observer than Nigel Mansell said earlier this week that the Spanish Grand Prix was a 'pivotal' race for Nico Rosberg. The 1992 champion, a former rival and team-mate of Nico's father Keke, said that Rosberg 'must start his challenge' here. Rosberg might be 27 points behind Lewis Hamilton and have not out-qualified or out-raced him all season, but he is playing down the size of the mountain he has to climb.

    "'It's just a matter of maximising the weekend,' Rosberg said. 'It's not really come together until now. Parts have gone well and other parts not so well and I just need to put it all together and of course I'll try to do that from here onwards.'"

  117. Post update

    The Mercedes duo of Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton are the first to stick times on the board, the former with a 1:31.039 and Hamilton with a 1:31.205.

  118. Post update

    Andrew Benson

    Chief F1 writer

    "Red Bull have had a torrid start to the season, but Daniel Ricciardo is hopeful that some major upgrades for this weekend, which include a new nose, might see them back to something like form. 'I don't want to get too excited but I think this weekend has the potential to put us back in that fight with Williams and get us closer to Ferrari. We have a few aero parts which should help us - these are things we have obviously pushed through as quickly as possible. Obviously everyone else has got some parts but this is the biggest step we should make since Melbourne. On paper the aero gains should put us closer [to the front], but it always depends what the other guys have done. For curing some of the balance issues we've had, these updates sound promising and I have a positive feeling.'

    "Of course, Red Bull's biggest problem is the Renault engine, which has taken a backward step in competitiveness this season. And Red Bull cannot hope for much this weekend on that front. 'For now the performance side is not going full steam ahead because of the reliability issues. The main stuff we are trying to resolve this weekend is reliability.'"

  119. New nose for Red Bull

    Every car has been out on the circuit now, with Daniil Kvyat debuting Red Bull's new short nose concept. His team-mate Daniel Ricciardo is sticking with the old design for now.

  120. Out goes the McLaren

    The tyre blankets are coming off Fernando Alonso's new-look McLaren before he heads out onto the circuit. Plenty of others have already been out for their outlaps, among them Pastor Maldonado - Spanish GP winner in 2012 - Sebastian Vettel, Carlos Sainz and Felipe Massa.

  121. Updates for Ferrari

    Andrew Benson

    Chief F1 writer

    "Ferrari might be playing down their chances of closing the gap to Mercedes in the near future, but they are certainly trying. The car this weekend might look fundamentally similar to the one Sebastian Vettel and Kimi Raikkonen raced in Bahrain, but in fact the majority of its aerodynamic surfaces are new."

  122. Post update

    Susi Wolff

    Susie Wolff: Preparation all done. I'm ready.

  123. Wolff's wait to go on?

    Lella Lombardi

    Forty years ago, Italian Lella Lombardi became the first and only female driver to score in a Formula 1 race with sixth place at the 1975 Spanish Grand Prix.

    A few teams are handing seats over to reserve drivers today and Susie Wolff is in the Williams for first practice. However, she feels she is "very far away" from becoming the first woman to race in Formula 1 for 40 years.

    "I have shown I am capable, I'm in a very competitive team, I drive a car which is capable of podium positions," says the Scot.

  124. Go! Go! Go!

    On pings the green light to signal the start of FP1 and the circuit is open. Out roll the first few cars and time now for a bit of update spotting!

  125. Get involved

    Your favourite livery


    With McLaren launching their new livery this weekend, it is an appropriate time as any to get your thoughts on what the best liveries in Formula 1 history are.

    To kick things off, my favourite - the old school red and white McLaren legends such as Ayrton Senna and James Hunt had all raced in. Niche? No. Gorgeous? Yes.

    What's your favourite? Let us know via #bbcf1, text us on 81111 (UK only) and also have your say on the BBC Sport Facebook page.

  126. Post update

    McLaren on Twitter: Close-up with the refreshed livery. The drivers' dayglo digits are looking good under the light too.

    Jenson Button
  127. No rain in Spain

    Formula 1

    BBC weatherman Ian Fergusson: Dry & largely sunny conditions will prevail throughout the event. Temperature in high 20's C on Fri; mid-20's Sat-Sun

  128. Post update

    BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

    Stick your digital radio on and tune into BBC Radio 5 live sports extra or click live coverage on this very page to supplement these text updates with live commentary from first practice.

  129. A step back in time?


    Here is the McLaren's new livery new colour scheme in all its glory.

    I like it, but it is basically the HRT from 2010, isn't it?

  130. Post update

    Andrew Benson

    Chief F1 writer

    "McLaren are sporting a new livery this weekend - the first fundamental change to the car's colour scheme in 18 years. It has had a mixed reception among fans, some of whom believe that in this new era with Honda the car should more reflect the Japanese company's traditional red and white colours, and/or some of McLaren's original orange.

    "Even within McLaren, there are those who agree. The team created some mock-ups of a car in a predominantly white and orange livery - one of which I have seen - but chairman Ron Dennis rejected them. This grey and day-glo red scheme is very much Dennis's baby."

  131. Double, double toil and trouble


    McLaren might be hoping that the arrival of the European leg of the season can bring with it some positive results after poor start to the season, but even they'll admit a race win is still little more than a pipe dream.

    Indeed, they are so far away from standing on the top step in the eyes of the experts that just last week you could get better odds on the new royal baby being called Macbeth (500-1) than you could on a McLaren win at this weekend's grand prix.

    Those odds have improved with some bookmakers, down to around 250-1 now. Not that that will give Fernando Alonso and Jenson Button much comfort...

  132. How the title race is shaping up

    Formula 1

    The season may be less than three months old but Lewis Hamilton is firmly in the driving seat for the world championship after winning three of the first four races.

    He holds a 27 point lead over his Mercedes team-mate Nico Rosberg, who has yet to win in 2015 and the German knows he can ill afford to let Hamilton get further ahead in the title race.

    Make or break? Maybe not quite just yet but should he be watching Hamilton lift another trophy on the podium this weekend then winning that elusive first title this season will start to look a very tall order indeed.

  133. Post update

  134. Rosberg to optmise

    Andrew Benson

    Chief F1 writer in Barcelona

    "As the first race of the European part of the season, the Spanish Grand Prix is not only a welcome short flight away, it is traditionally where many of the teams bring their first major upgrade package of the year, and this time is no different. Up and down the pit lane, new bits of bodywork abound on cars and everyone is hopeful of a step forward.

    "It applies to some of the drivers, too. Nico Rosberg says he simply needs to "optimise" a weekend to beat Mercedes team-mate Lewis Hamilton for the first time this year. Will this be the one, on a track on which even Hamilton himself admits has never been his best."

  135. Post update


    Hola! Welcome to our coverage of the Spanish Grand Prix. After four flyaway races and a three-week break, The start of the European season kicks off this weekend at a circuit the drivers are more than familiar with - the Circuit de Catalunya.

    After two pre-season tests in Barcelona earlier this year, there will be no need for introductions for the grid this weekend. Instead, it will be all about finding out what big upgrades teams have added in the run-up to this weekend, and whether they will have an impact on how the field is shaping up so far.

    Will Mercedes' advantage be eroded? Will McLaren be more competitive? Answers to those questions and more should, hopefully, be answered this weekend.

  136. More of the same, or all change?

    Barcelona. The fifth round of the 2015 season and the first race of the European leg.

    For some, it is the opportunity for a fresh start...

    Fernando Alonso

    ...for others, it will simply be about picking up from where they left off...

    Lewis Hamilton

    ...but for one or two on the grid, it could already be a make or break race...

    Nico Rosberg