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Jamie Strickland

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  1. We'll leave you with the star of today's show

    So that race may not have been a thriller, but there was plenty to get people chatting.

    McLaren's miserable day, Fernando Alonso's radio rant, the dreaded "lift and coast" messages, and at the end of it all a fourth win of the season and an extended championship lead for Lewis Hamilton.

    But let's be honest, it's all about this wee man.

    Until Austria.

  2. Get involved - #bbcf1

    Charlotte Keating: This race has really shown the deterioration of the sport in the last 2 years. It used to be the highlight of my week.

    Sean Harrison: Surprised Hamilton's keen on refuelling returning. Thought he'd prefer straight racing rather than races around fuel strategy.

    Cameron Tait: Lots of negative publicity for the hybrid systems in Canada. No one wants to see cars lifting can coasting.

  3. Hamilton becomes top British lap leader

    Lewis Hamilton led his 75th race today and along the way passed Nigel Mansell's 2,091 laps led by a British driver.

    Hamilton now has led 2,143 laps from his 155 grand prix starts.

    Laps led by British drivers: Top Five:

    Image caption: 1. Lewis Hamilton, 2,143 laps led
    Nigel Mansell
    Image caption: 2. Nigel Mansell, 2,091 laps
    Jim Clark
    Image caption: 3. Jim Clark, 1,943 laps
    Jackie Stewart
    Image caption: 4. Jackie Stewart, 1,919 laps
    Damon Hill
    Image caption: 5. Damon Hill, 1,358 laps
  4. Get involved - #bbcf1

    Graham Stokes: The cars need to race closer, change the aero make them run with max fuel, remove the plank and alter the front wing.

    Peter Meijering: There is more on-course overtaking in World Rally Championship. F1 is supposed to be a sprint race! Less $, more racing.

    Ross Green: Get rid of fuel limiting! Bring in budget capping! Scrap DRS & give turbo to cars further down grid. And provide better tyre compounds.

  5. Post update

    Romain Grosjean on Twitter: Sorry for my team as I made a mistake today and lost some good points... But a lot of positives for the Austrian GP.

  6. Fuel saving is 'frustrating' - Hamilton

    Lewis Hamilton, P1, speaking to BBC Sport: "It is going incredibly well. This team has helped me live my dream. Every race win is a different feeling.

    "My lead engineer lost a family member this weekend and to come here and perform like he has has been amazing. I take my hat off to him."

    On saving fuel: Definitely frustrating to have to lift and coast. If you had to be pushing, pushing the whole way... You remember what it was like. These days physically I wasn't suffering too much.

    "If you had fuel stops - like they are hopefully going to do - you could push the whole race."

  7. Lewis meets the fans

    Lewis Hamilton has enjoyed a really warm reception from a lot of fans who have stayed behind after the race.

    Pop stars, footballers and F1 drivers. They have that effect.

  8. Post update

    Ferrari on Twitter: Maurizio Arrivabene: We slipped off the podium this time but we are still second best.

  9. Heads down at Red Bull

    Tom Clarkson

    BBC F1 pit-lane reporter

    The debrief begins for Ricciardo. Here he expresses his frustrations to Christian Horner, Helmut Marko etc.

  10. Get involved - Smedders #bbcf1

    Cue the Smedders fan club...

    Colin Bowett: Rob Smedley = Legend!

    Jessica: Yayyyyy Rob!

    lillyloo: #swoon

    James Matthews: Good gracious, Rob Smedley brings the heat.

    SusieAH: Yep I'm here! Fan-girling at its finest whit whoooo

  11. Mercedes celebrate their one-two

    Contrasting outfits from the two drivers it's fair to say.

  12. Rosberg looks to gain a sneaky advantage

    Nico Rosberg, P2: "I have an electrical power boost for two laps to see if I can attack him, but of course as soon as I do that his engineer tells him and he will do the same. I think I will have to have a word with the team and see if we can keep it a secret.

    "I have one option, which could be to be fully depressed, but I have chosen to keep a smile on, because second place is not the end of the world."

  13. 'Fernando believes in us'

    McLaren's chief operating officer Jonathan Neale talking to BBC Sport: "We know that Fernando has a car he can drive but, yes, we need to get more performance. He knows and believes in the things we have coming in the pipeline.

    "We have to take it on the chin. We have made up two-and-a-half seconds a lap since the start of the season, but we are still two seconds behind."

  14. Get involved - Jonathan Neale interview #bbcf1

    A lot of you have reacted very positively to Jonathan Neale's stout defence of McLaren over on our red button coverage.

    Phillippa Gillett: So nice to hear McLaren's Jonathan Neale being very honest about the problems McLaren are facing.

    James Greatbanks: Best part of the Canadian GP is definitely that interview.

    Ben Malone: As a McLaren fan hearing Jonathan Neale speak from the hip was brilliant. Honesty wins.

  15. Be still my beating heart

    Smokin' Smedders is on the screen.

    An avalanche of love will land at #bbcf1 shortly.

    We'll keep you posted.

  16. 'We have to be independent'

    McLaren's chief operating officer Jonathan Neale talking to BBC Sport: "If we'd stayed with Mercedes, there is not a cat in hell's chance we would have beaten them. I love Toto Wolff and Paddy Lowe like a brother but they are not going to share data with us.

    "We have to be independent. We are going to fight this as a team. The only way back to championships is with an independent.

    "Honda have done a great job in a short period of time."

  17. 'We should let Fernando get on with it'

    McLaren's chief operating officer Jonathan Neale talking to BBC Sport: "Actually I agree with Fernando [about his response to the engineer on the team radio]. The drivers are trying to manage the race.

    "Fernando is the guy on the circuit trying to get the job done. We should let him get on with it. When we looked at the data afterwards, he could have got the car home."

  18. Get involved - #bbcf1

    Ryan: F1 was at its best when the FIA didn't try and push the spectacle like in 2006-2008. This approach must re-appear to improve.

    Longhaul Tyke: Do we really have to wait until 2017 for cars that will allow REAL racing? Lift and coast!!

    Kate Green: When there is more discussion about an on track rodent than the racing, the sport of F1 is crying for a shake up!

    Christopher Foxon: Budget caps will level the playing field and lead to closer racing. Mercedes too far ahead. Financial Fair Play needed. Boring race!

    Stephen Cleaver: A way to improve competitiveness is INVERT the FIA PRIZE MONEY so 1st place gets the LEAST money not the MOST!

  19. 'I'm laughing because I don't want to cry' - Ricciardo

    Red Bull's Daniel Ricciardo (P13) talking to BBC Sport's Lee McKenzie: "I got lapped by a Williams - that explains my day. It was our worst weekend of the year. We have got to understand it but I don't have any answers. I'm laughing because I don't want to cry."

  20. Ideas to make F1 more entertaining #287

    Everyone get drunk first.

    Not the drivers, of course.

    Beer or pimms
  21. Get involved - #bbcf1

    James Matthews: I almost want to see some Red Bull-style outbursts from McLaren. Repeating the same PR soundbites every weekend sounds so defeatist.

    Jamie Lee: Eddie Jordan is spot on with McLaren, something needs to change at a once great team! They have the drivers, not the car.

    David Dalton: Honda, Ferrari and Renault engines just aren't cutting it, do we need a new engine supplier? Toyota back?

  22. Post update

    Fernando Alonso on Twitter: Jenson Button... Is this a bit better..? Well, probably depends upon how you look at it.

  23. Constructors' standings after seven rounds

  24. Drivers' standings after seven rounds

  25. 'Weak' performance from McLaren - Button

    McLaren's Jenson Button talking to BBC Sport's Lee McKenzie: "It's a difficult balance [focusing on reliability and improving the car]. We were weak in both areas this weekend. Hopefully we can solve these issues in two weeks."

  26. More on McLaren's plight

    Eddie Jordan

    BBC F1 chief analyst

    "There have to be major changes in the top management of McLaren.

    "Ron Dennis has to look at himself and ask 'What is happening on my stewardship?' It was never as bad as this under Martin Whitmarsh."

  27. Post update

    David Coulthard

    BBC F1 co-commentator

    "Fuel saving, let's get rid of that. It's like battery anxiety in your mobile phone."

  28. Wolff defends 'lift and coast' messages

    Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff on the calls to "lift and coast": "It is a fine margin we have. We want them to compete against each other, so you need to watch the brakes and the fuel consumption and this is the fine line we need to walk on.

    "You must not forget that Sebastian had a really messy race. We didn't see the real Ferrari performance today and this is why you have to stay careful and continue to push."

    nikki lauda
  29. 'We are like a different category' - Alonso

    Fernando Alonso speaking to BBC Sport about THAT outburst: "When you are in the middle of a battle, fuel is a low priority and you will time later on. After three or four reminders of fuel, I just said let me race and let me have some fun.

    "We are like a different category. When everyone pass you so easy like that, you look like a amateur driver and that is not good. We are not super competitive now, we have many things to do in our case. But hopefully this weekend has given us some lessons

    "You need to I believe in this project all the program of developing the car is quite positive. I know it is difficult for the fans but they need to be patient and they need to believe because something good is coming. "

  30. Post update

    David Coulthard

    BBC F1 co-commentator

    On Fernando Alonso: "He's made his choices in the same way Lewis Hamilton took the decision to leave McLaren for Mercedes when McLaren were a faster team. You can question some of the decisions Fernando has made - he left McLaren one year into a two-year contract because Lewis was fast."

  31. Post update

    McLaren on Twitter: Cause of retirements: unrelated exhaust issues for both cars. We'll investigate further.

  32. Post update

    Eddie Jordan

    BBC F1 chief analyst

    On Fernando Alonso: "I now think he thinks he made a mistake [in joining McLaren]."

  33. If you look closely... might just see a dummy flying from Fernando Alonso's McLaren cockpit.

  34. Bottas promises more podiums for Williams

    Valtteri Bottas, P3: "I'm really happy for us. It was really good teamwork all weekend. A mistake by Kimi allowed us to make up one position. We really needed this. It really boosts the confidence. We are a top team and we can fight for the podiums."

  35. Final results

  36. Rosberg satisfied with second

    Nico Rosberg, P2: "I was pushing like mad but I couldn't quite make it. Second place is still okay. It was just a little bit in qualifying - the race pace was good."

  37. 'Did I need this? I think so'

    Race-winner Lewis Hamilton: "I love Montreal. I love this track, love the city. Fantastic weekend. I didn't feel I had most comfortable balance but I didn't feel under too much pressure. It felt intense, I really enjoyed it. Did I need this? I think so.

    "This place is incredible. There are lots of British flags, Canadian flags, Grenada flags and Barbados flags. I won my first race here in 2007 and to be back up here feels very historic for me."

  38. Get involved - #bbcf1

    Cora: Started out a good race. Good overtakes. Ended up a fuel saving excercise/procession. Bring back refuelling!

    Nicola Fairhurst: So a rodent on the track and Alonso's tantrum were the highlights of the Canadian GP...

    Joe Giles: F1 is broken and boring! Just watching out of habit. No excitement, overtaking or even speed.

  39. Hang in there guys

    1986 Canadian GP winner Nigel Mansell: "We need McLaren and Honda, it takes time, hang in there JB, FA - it will get better soon."

  40. Quick facts

    That's the 37th win of Lewis Hamiton's career and his fourth at the Gilles Villeneuve Circuit, which was also the scene of his maiden F1 win in 2007.

    He is alone in second place on the list of all-time Canadian GP winners, with Michael Schumacher, with seven, the man out in front.

  41. Your remaining finishers

    11 Perez, 12 Sainz, 13 Ricciardo, 14 Ericsson, 15 Verstappen, 16 Nasr, 17 Stevens

  42. Williams team radio

    Engineer to Valtteri Bottas, P3: "Excellent job, that was an absolutely flawless drive."

  43. Post update

    Lotus on Twitter: Double points. Finally.

  44. Post update

    David Coulthard

    BBC F1 co-commentator

    "It couldn't be a better response to what happened in Monaco. Mercedes will be happy and it overwrites the disappointment of what happened there.

    "Nico will be a little bit disappointed but second place keeps him very much in the hunt."

  45. First points of 2015 for Maldonado

    The rest of your top 10 sees Felipe Massa an entertaining sixth for Williams, Lotus' Pastor Maldonado in seventh for his finish and points of the season, while Nico Hulkenberg (Force India), Daniil Kvyat (Red Bull) and Romain Grosjean (Lotus) complete the top 10.

  46. Hamilton extends championship lead


    So, the win and 25 points goes to Lewis Hamilton, who extends his championship lead to 17 points over Mercedes team-mate Nico Rosberg, who finishes in second, 2.2secs behind.

    Valtteri Bottas drove well to third place, the Finn benefiting from that spin by Kimi Raikkonen, who takes fourth for Ferrari ahead of team-mate Sebastian Vettel, who drove well from 18th.

  47. Chequered flag


  48. Post update

    David Coulthard

    BBC F1 co-commentator

    "If I knew who my local MP was, I'd write to him about all this lifting and coasting. We need to sort this out."

  49. One lap to go

    Lewis Hamiton is controlling this to the flag.

    He's told to "lift and coast" again.


  50. Post update

    David Coulthard

    BBC F1 co-commentator

    Should Ferrari order Kimi Raikkonen (fourth) to let Sebastian Vettel (fifth) pass him?

    "It's a good question. From a championship point of view, Sebastian is having a stronger season but they may consider race seven too early to be imposing that."

  51. Post update

    Manor on Twitter: Our first retirement of the season. It was a good run though.

  52. Five laps to go - the lead is 2.5s

  53. Mercedes team radio

    Nico Rosberg: "How is the other car on fuel?"

    Engineer: "Can't comment."

    close gap
  54. Retirement count up to three

    Manor's Roberto Merhi joins the McLarens in retirement.

  55. Nige calls it

    1986 Canadian GP winner Nigel Mansell: "Looks all over - Lewis, Nico, Bottas."

  56. Lotus team radio

    Engineer to Romain Grosjean: "You have a five second penalty. You have to pass Kvyat and gain five seconds on him. Do your best."

  57. Massa passes Maldonado for P6

    Massa has driven well today at a track that has not been kind to him down the years.

    He flies past Maldonado, who is more than 50 laps into his stint on the soft Pirelli, attempting a one-stopper it would seem.

  58. Get involved - #bbcf1

    Anthony: Replace McLaren with Maclaren. Because the toys will be coming out of the pram quite soon.

    el Ash-o: I've had toe stubs that are probably more pleasant than driving that McLaren.

    Kenny Smith: Plus side to McLaren's early race retirement is that they can turf Michael Douglas out of the Hospitality Suite...

  59. Ferrari team radio

    Engineer to Sebastian Vettel: "Good job, keep pushing like this P5. Kimi in front of you, racing Kimi."

  60. Post update

    Ben Edwards

    BBC F1 commentator

    "Massa is catching Maldonado for sixth place. That could be one to watch."

  61. Mercedes team radio

    Engineer to Lewis Hamilton: "We need to introduce a little lift and coast."

    Hamilton: "How much?"

    Engineer: "50 metres will be enough."

    Lift and coast. Welcome to F1 in 2015, ladies and gentlemen.

  62. McLaren's retirement double

    It's an unwanted double for McLaren, who now have both drivers out of the race - the only retirements of the grand prix so far.

    Painfully slow and unreliable.

    These are bleak times at Woking.

  63. Post update

    David Coulthard

    BBC F1 co-commentator

    On McLaren's woeful 2015: "Get everyone together and get a hand grenade [for the car]. It's not working."

  64. McLaren team radio

    Engineer to Jenson Button: "Box this lap - we need to retire the car."

  65. Vettel up to fifth

    Vettel's climb through the field is continuing. He passed Maldonado for fifth a couple of laps ago.

    That Ferrari is working well after yesterday's problems.

  66. Get involved - #bbcf1

    Kev Heritage: 'Lifting & coasting' - the state of F1 in 2015. What a joke!

    William Ogle: For a driver of Alonso's quality to have only finished twice this year (and neither in the points) is quite frankly, ridiculous.

    Megacles: Eugh, poor Alonso. What an embarrassment McLaren-Honda are and wasting great drivers.

  67. Williams team radio

    Engineer to Valtteri Bottas: "Everything is looking good. At this pace, Raikkonen will catch us just after the race. You are bringing the fuel back to target, continue like this."

  68. LAP 57 - top 10

    1 Hamilton, 2 Rosberg, 3 Bottas, 4 Raikkonen, 5 Vettel, 6 Maldonado, 7 Massa, 8 Hulkenberg, 9 Kvyat, 10 Perez

  69. Get involved - #bbcf1

    Jessica: The awkward moment when you hear Will Stevens' accent on the radio for the first time and think he's an engineer.

    Ya Gunners Ya: Stevens sounds like an angry teenager on Gran Turismo after he's been shunted off by a kamikaze driver.

    Stewart: Is Danny Dyer driving Will Stevens' Manor this weekend?

  70. Manor team radio

    Engineer to Will Stevens: "Grosjean has received a penalty."

  71. Penalty for Grosjean

    A five-second time penalty is swiftly slapped on Grosjean after that incident, which seems fair.

  72. Manor team radio

    Will Stevens: "So stupid - he comes across me every time he overtakes. What does he want me to do - go off the track?"

  73. How very rude

    Romain Grosjean's good race has just taken a nosedive with a moment's carelessness as he put a lap on the Manor of Will Stevens as they entered the final turn.

    The pass was clean enough, but the Lotus man moved across too soon, damaging the Manor's nose and giving himself a puncture.

    "He hit me, he hit me!" the Frenchman chunters on the team radio.

    No, Romain, you hit him...

  74. McLaren team radio

    Engineer to Jenson Button: "Fernando has retired - there is no reason why that would affect us."

  75. Alonso retires

    We have the first retirement of the race and it is the McLaren of Fernando Alonso that is back in the garage.

    No power in the car, is the word from the pit lane.

  76. Mercedes team radio

    Engineer to to Nico Rosberg: "You have done a really good job on the brakes there. We want you to continue on - it will give you the chance to attack later on."

  77. Post update

    Sauber on Twitter: Even dogs have proper accreditations here. Not sure the groundhog had track access though.

  78. Latest timing screen - lap 46

  79. Force India team radio

    Nico Hulkenberg: "I had no choice - we would have collided."

  80. Ferrari team radio

    Sebastian Vettel: "Where is Hulkenberg? I didn't touch him."

  81. Hulkenberg spins

    The Force India of Nico Hulkenberg has just spun out of eighth place under pressure from the Ferrari of Sebastian Vettel.

    Vettel takes to the run-off as things get very hairy for a moment but both men avoid contact with anything hard. They continue on.

  82. LAP 44 - top 10

    1 Hamilton, 2 Rosberg, 3 Bottas, 4 Raikkonen, 5 Grosjean, 6 Maldonado, 7 Hulkenberg, 8 Vettel, 9 Massa, 10 Kvyat

  83. Post update

    David Coulthard

    BBC F1 co-commentator

    "Hamilton has used more fuel than Rosberg up to this part of the grand prix, but has managed his brakes better. Different issues for the two drivers."

  84. Red Bulls on 'critical' fuel

    Red Bull team boss Christian Horner talking to BBC Sport: "Fuel is quite critical for us and the drivers are having to build that into their strategy. They are lifting at the end of the straight."

  85. Post update

    Toro Rosso on Twitter: Max serves his 10-second penalty and then completes his pit-stop. He drives out on Super Soft tyres.

  86. Soon...

    Please... soon.

    safety car
  87. Get involved - #bbcf1

    Tony Butler: Give that beaver a 10 second penalty!

    Scott Coe: Even the local beavers are quicker than than the McLarens!

    Steve Stevens: That daredevil beaver has been the most exciting thing in this race so far unfortunately!

  88. Mercedes team radio

    Engineer to Nico Rosberg: "Brake wear is now critical. We would like you to manage it for the next 10 laps, before you attack Lewis."

  89. Force India team radio

    Engineer to Nico Hulkenberg: "Vettel doesn't have to stop again."

  90. Another view of Raikkonen's smokin' tyres


  91. Name that critter

    "Get out the way, Beaver!"

    So came the shrill cry of an F1 live text commentator a few moments ago.

    There has since been some office discussion over whether it was in fact a marmot or a gopher or a groundhog.

    Whatever, the furry critter got out the way.

  92. Vettel pits again

    Start of lap 36 of 70 and this could be Vettel's stops done for the day.

  93. Get involved - #bbcf1

    Mark Minto: Doughnut mid-race from Kimi. Class.

    Edward Williamson: Turning into a pretty forgettable weekend for Ferrari now…

    Kenny Smith: The way Kimi's race is going, he will be drinking Canada dry tonight.

  94. Post update

    David Coulthard

    BBC F1 co-commentator

    "It could be that Rosberg has saved some fuel in the first stint but we have seen this before where we think we have a race and Hamilton suddenly starts lighting the timing screens purple [to show he has gone faster]."

  95. Post update

    Jennie Gow

    BBC Radio 5 live pit-lane reporter

    "There appears to be a flat spot on Lewis Hamilton's front right tyre."

  96. LAP 35 - your leader at half distance

    Hamilton's lead over Rosberg now down to 1.7secs.

    This is getting very interesting.

  97. Post update

    Ben Edwards

    BBC F1 commentator

    "Bottas has an excellent chance of his first podium of the season."

    The Williams is now in third place after Raikkonen's spin.

  98. Post update

    Ben Edwards

    BBC F1 commentator

    "Honda have a huge amount of work to do and this Montreal circuit is really showing it up."

  99. Rosberg in on lap 31

    On the very next lap Rosberg is in and puts on the softs, likes his team-mate.

    Despite that error the gap between the front two has come down a bit.

    Around 2.5secs as it stands.

  100. Hamilton pits on lap 30

    2.8secs stationary for the Mercedes man. He emerges into some lovely clear track.

    Meanwhile, we've just seen his team-mate Rosberg getting it wrong at the chicane.

    Little mistakes at key moments...

  101. McLaren Honda team radio

    Engineer: "We must save fuel, we must target zero. "

    Fernando Alonso: "I don't want to. I don't want to. Already driving with... looking like amateur, I will race and then concentrate on the fuel."

  102. Raikkonen spins!

    Raikkonen has just come unstuck on his new tyres. He looks smooth through the hairpin but suddenly the front and rear ends swap places and he's left sitting in a cloud of tyre smoke facing the wrong way.

    "Exactly the same happened last year!" the indignant Finn proclaims on the radio.

  103. Raikkonen first of top three to pit

    The Ferrari comes in and puts on the soft tyre. He rejoins fourth, losing a place to Bottas for the time being.

  104. Post update

    Ben Edwards

    BBC F1 commentator

    "Lewis Hamilton is absolutely flying. He just did a lap three-quarters of a second faster than team-mate Nico Rosberg. He is absolutely devouring this circuit."

  105. Vettel closing on Ericsson next

  106. Post update

    Mercedes on Twitter: Gentlemanly as always - Jenson gives Lewis plenty of room at the hairpin. Lewis is on a mission today!

    Hamilton has just put a lap on his former McLaren team-mate.

  107. Post update

    David Coulthard

    BBC F1 co-commentator

    "Mercedes are going well here on those tyres - 22 laps in. If they get to lap 30, that's a comfortable one-stop."

  108. LAP 24

    Hamilton is getting the hammer down here. With pit stops approaching, he extends his lead to 4.5secs over Rosberg.

  109. Job done for Vettel

    After his earlier scares, Vettel does get past Alonso as they hare down the start-finish straight.

    He has since made short work of the Toro Rossos of Verstappen and Sainz.

    P13 now for the Scuderia driver.