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  1. Ciao Jules

    Formula 1

    There is something poignant about Ferrari securing victory, in one of the best races in recent years, on the day Formula 1 paid tribute to Jules Bianchi.

    The Frenchman had been earmarked as a future Ferrari driver and it feels appropriate to sign off with a dedication from today's race winner.

    "It's hard to find the right words. The win was definitely dedicated to Jules," said Sebastian Vettel. "He will always remain a part of us when we jump in the car."

  2. 'No regrets' for Ricciardo

    More from Red Bull's Daniel Ricciardo (third): "The whole week has been so up and down for everyone. I'm sure Jules and his family would have wanted to see a fascinating race. All of us drivers put everything on the line.

    "I made some moves on the track and don't have any regrets on the outcome of today. It's definitely dedicated to Jules and his family and a part to the team."

    On his attempted pass on Nico Rosberg which damaged his front wing: "I don't regret going for that because it was my only chance of victory."

  3. Ferrari win for Bianchi - chairman


    Eddie Jordan reads a message from Ferrari chairman Sergio Marchionne, who dedicates Sebastian Vettel's win to Jules Bianchi.

    It reads: "We dedicate this victory to the memory of Jules Bianchi, a fantastic guy whom we all miss terribly."

  4. Verstappen 'didn't expect' fourth-place finish

    Toro Rosso's Max Verstappen (fourth) speaking to BBC Sport's Jennie Gow: "I'm really happy and didn't expect that at all.

    "I could have been fighting for the podium if I hadn't had front-wing damage and the penalty.

    "It was very challenging and tough and there was a lot of action. I'm very happy and motivated for the upcoming races."

  5. 'Tough race' for Massa

    Williams' Felipe Massa caused the original start to be aborted after he didn't line up properly on the grid and has told BBC Sport's Jennie Gow: "I couldn't see the yellow line and that's why I stopped."

    The Brazilian was given a five-second penalty and ended up finishing 12th.

    He added: "It was a very difficult race for us, especially on the hard tyres. It's really tough for us but the next races will be good for us."

  6. Get involved #bbcf1

    Luke Tizzard: How about Max Verstappen's fourth-place finish, at only 17 that's a brilliant achievement.

    Jack P: I'd like to personally buy DC and Ben a drink. They deserve it after a race like that.

  7. Post update

    hungarian gp

    This chap seems particularly pleased.

  8. Post update

    hungarian gp

    Ferrari fans don't get many opportunities to do this lately so no surprises to see them take full advantage of being able to get on to the circuit and celebrate post race.

  9. Post update

    Good try Tom Clarkson!

    He tries to squeeze some information out of James Allison about the future of Kimi Raikkonen, who retired from the race today, and whether he would be at the team in 2016.

    "He is an extremely good driver and does well for our team," says Allison.

    Straight batting at its best.

  10. Allison 'extremely happy'

    Formula 1

    The win was Ferrari's and Sebastian Vettel's second of the season after the four-time world champion triumphed in Malaysia back in March.

    Since then, Mercedes have been the dominant force and Ferrari's technical director James Allison welcomed a return to winning ways.

    "I'm extremely happy," he said. "We have had a run of below-par performances and this is a very welcome bounce back to form. We can go on our break and sit on the beach for two weeks and think of this.

    "I think it is unlikely that we can have this level of performance in all the races to come, there was all sorts of chaos today, but hopefully we are a little more competitive as the season unfolds."

  11. Alonso 'surprised' by fifth-placed finish

    Formula 1

    Both drivers in the points, but was this weekend a step forward for McLaren, or a one off?

    "To be fifth at the end of the race was a little bit of a surprise," Fernando Alonso, who finished fifth, told BBC Sport.

    "It was a chaotic race, some opportunities came our way and we took our opportunity. The minute of silence before the race was very emotional."

  12. Get involved #bbcf1

    Rian Hoskins: Despite its tight and twisty layout why does the Hungarian Grand Prix keep producing terrific races even without rain?

    Javel Bleach: Rosberg has probably trashed his mobile home in frustration! Great opportunity lost. He won't get a lot more like that.

    Bishop Yinkus: A very rare race from @LewisHamilton but at least he was very honest and accountable for his driving today & his determination.

  13. Wake-up race for Mercedes - Lauda

    Mercedes' boss Niki Lauda, speaking to BBC Sport's Tom Clarkson: "Lewis was very aggressive today, twice. Ferrari were sensational so congratulations to them.

    "It was a wake-up race for us. I am not worried or bothered - these things happen in racing."

  14. Post update


    Bernie Ecclestone swoops in on the BBC F1 team and praises an "incredible race".

    "The right people won and the right people were second and third," he adds. "The whole result was good."

    Short and sweet before off he goes, climbing into his car to leave.

    Formula 1
  15. 'Superb' race 'fitting tribute'

    Red Bull team principal Christian Horner talking to BBC Sport: "It was a superb race and a fitting tribute to Jules Bianchi.

    "I think Daniil Kvyat found that quite tough and it took him a few laps to settle down."

  16. Vettel 'not just world champion on track'

    Eddie Jordan

    BBC F1 chief analyst

    "We have heard different views on Sebastian. Today was a measure of the man. He's not just a world champion on the track. It was a very passionate and moving speech on the team radio. He said what every driver wanted to say and did it with such style."

  17. Get involved - #bbcf1

    Christopher Foxon: "Wow! What an incredible race! Carnage, drama, overtaking, places changing! Wish I had gone to the Hungaroring again this year.

    Josh Stocks: Well that was certainly the most exciting race so far this year!

    Matt Wood: How can people say F1 is boring?! What a race, awesome Grand Prix from Budapest. A great demonstration of my favourite sport!

  18. Post update


    It has not been a race to remember, for the right reasons anyway, as far as Mercedes are concerned but Bernie Ecclestone has managed to raise a few smiles in the team's motorhome.

    "I just came in to say thank you. But you went a bit overboard with making it interesting," he says.

  19. I can pass Hamilton soon - Rosberg

    Formula 1

    Nico Rosberg, who finished eighth after his Mercedes suffered a puncture late on following a collision with Daniel Ricciardo: "Daniel still had his front wing there. The FIA have looked at it and decided to take no action and that's the way it is.

    "I'll just keep going. It was close. We're at half-time. With little differences, I could have had the lead at half-time. There is a good chance I could pass Lewis in the world championship some time soon."

  20. Post update

    Fernando Alonso's fifth place finish is McLaren's best of the season while Jenson Button finishes in the points for only the second time in 2015 with ninth.

    It is also the first time they have both finished in the points this year.

  21. I'll come back stronger - Hamilton

    A bit more from Lewis Hamilton: "Today was weird. Do I deserve any points? I didn't give up and drove as hard as I could.

    "To come away from one of the worst performances I've put in in a long, long time... it shows we are human.

    "The team worked incredibly hard but I'll come back stronger."

  22. Hamilton 'all over the place'

    Lewis Hamilton

    Mercedes' Lewis Hamilton (sixth) talking to BBC Sport's Jennie Gow: "I was all over the place. I don't have any words to explain what happened today. It was a really bad performance from myself.

    "I pushed and never gave up but when I had two different choices I chose the wrong one very time."

  23. Post update

    Well, you'll have the chance to hear from the man himself EJ, he is talking to Jennie Gow right now...

  24. Post update

    Eddie Jordan

    BBC F1 chief analyst

    "I'd like to ask Lewis if he choked today. He was right in the middle at the start and braked earlier than everyone else."

  25. Dad keeps the bragging rights


    Max Verstappen was so close to being able to have the Hungarian Grand Prix bragging rights over his dad.

    Verstappen junior finished fourth, only just missing out matching Jos's distinction of scoring his maiden podium at the 1994 Hungarian GP.

    He also just missed out on being the youngest driver to finish on the podium but regardless, fourth at the age of 17 in a Formula 1 race is a remarkable achievement.

  26. Ferrari performance 'surprising'

    Eddie Jordan

    BBC F1 chief analyst

    "Ferrari are so surprising. They can really turn it up when they need to do it."

  27. Post update

    Sebastian Vettel ferrari

    Chris Williams: Enjoyed the #HungarianGP today. Action packed, wheel to wheel racing and at the end of that Hamilton still leads the championship.

    Charlie Duncan: Think I can breathe now...that was a unexpected race.

    Joanna Poole: Who said Formula 1 boring?! Awesome race! On the edge of my seat for the entire race!

  28. Fight time?

  29. Vettel and Ferrari brilliant - Mansell

  30. Ricciardo 'owes race to Jules'

    Red Bull's Daniel Ricciardo, who finished third: "It was a crazy race. I had contact at the restart with Lewis and thought my race might be over. I had contact with Nico and thought my race was over.

    "I left it all on the track today. I gave it everything and I owe my race to Jules. I gained extra strength today and I owe that to him."

  31. Drivers' championship

    Drivers champs

    After all that drama, Lewis Hamilton has actually extended his lead over Nico Rosberg. He goes into the three-week summer break with a 21 points advantage, up from 17.

    It wasn't the perfect weekend he hoped for, far from it, but the damage has been limited.

  32. Kvyat 'never gave up'

    Daniil Kyvat

    Red Bull's Danill Kvyat, who finished second: "After Turn One I thought my race might be over because I had a massive flat-spot.

    "My team told me to keep pushing and today I learned what it means to never give up."

  33. What will they be up to?

    What will Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg be doing with themselves at this moment in time? It has been a long, long time since at least one of them has not been on the podium.

    You have to go back to Brazil 2013 for the last time there was no Mercedes driver in the top three, a run of 28 races!

  34. Win for Jules - Vettel

    Race winner Sebastian Vettel during the podium interviews: "Well, an incredible day but this victory is for Jules. It has been an incredibly tough week for all of us.

    "And for all the people at Ferrari, we know sooner or later he would have been part of our team."

  35. Post update


    German TV presenter Kai Ebel is the man tasked with conducting the podium interviews, showing off a shirt that would not look out of place in Eddie Jordan's wardrobe...

  36. Post update


    National anthem time as Sebastian Vettel stands proudly on the top step, Daniil Kvyat and Daniel Ricciardo either side of him. Who'd have thought we would ever see that top three!?

  37. Seb joins Senna


    So that's Sebastian Vettel's first ever win at the Hugnarian Grand Prix and the 41st of his career - equalling Ayrton Senna in third place on the all-time list, only trailing Alain Prost (51) and Michael Schumacher (91).

  38. Arrivabene 'very happy'

    Bit more sense here though as Arrivabene adds:"I'm very happy for the team. It's a pity for Kimi because he drove a great race."

  39. Post update

    Asked about Sebastian Vettel's win Ferrari team principal Maurizio Arrivabene says: "I like angry pizza."


    ... neither.

  40. Get involved #bbcf1

    Rian Hoskins: That was terrific from a great driver. Credit to him for paying tribute to what Bianchi could have done at Ferrari.

    Ben: Now a race like that is how you pay tribute to a fallen comrade.

    Terence: Great race. Loads of incident and good racing. Nice tribute from Vettel to Jules...

    Nigel Rollings: Best tribute that could be paid to #Jules #Bianchi, an absolute classic race.

  41. Post update

    Sebastian Vettel

    Sebastian Vettel is ecstatic, punching the air in delight as he steps out of his car before dedicating his win to Jules Bianchi.

    "Thank you Jules. You will always be in our hearts. This win is for you," he says.

    Sebastian Vettel
  42. Hungarian GP result

    1) Vettel 2) Kvyat 3) Ricciardo 4) Verstappen 5) Alonso 6) Hamilton 7) Grosjean 8) Rosberg 9) Button 10) Ericsson

    11) Nasr 12) Massa 13) Bottas 14) Maldonado 15) Merhi 16) Stevens

    Ret: Sainz, Raikkonen, Perez, Hulkenberg

    *provisional classification.

  43. Get involved #bbcf1

    Will Bickerstaff: How long since there's not been Mercedes power on the podium?

    Jan Wilkins: Well done Seb, the gentleman of the day who has kept his nose clean and raced fair and square... unlike some others!!!

    Rich Atkinson: I'll bet @Jules_Bianchi is looking down with a huge smile on his face. Epic race.

  44. Post update

    Daniil Kvyat finishes second and Daniel Ricciardo takes third. A career best fourth for Max Verstappen as Fernando Alonso finishes fifth and Lewis Hamilton sixth.

    So many stories throughout the top 10!

  45. Post update

    David Coulthard

    BBC F1 co-commentator

    "It's been an absolutely stunning performance from Vettel from lights out."

  46. Chequered flag


    Sebastian Vettel wins

    The best race of the season, surely?

    Lewis Hamilton passes Romain Grosjean and is now up to sixth as Sebastian Vettel closes in on his maiden Hungarian Grand Prix win...

  48. Get involved #bbcf1

    Nik: My, my how things can change... Isn't the #HungarianGP supposed to be boring?! Cracker of a race.

    Ellie: What a race, what else can happen

    Dan Uorri: Hamilton made a deal with the devil? Loads of errors & still ends up with more points than Rosberg through pure luck!

    Rachael Hirst: What a race!! Cannot hear what's going on but wow!!! And my boy is in front!!

  49. Post update


    Oh and Pastor Maldonado has another penalty. He has 10 seconds added to his race time, as has Daniil Kvyat for going off the track earlier.

  50. Post update

    As it stands, Sebastian Vettel leads with Daniil Kvyat and Daniel Ricciardo second and third respectively. Behind them it is Max Verstappen, Fernando Alonso, Romain Grosjean and Lewis Hamilton. Nico Rosberg is ninth.

  51. Post update

    Nico Rosberg heads into the pits, takes on softs and heads back out, but he is now behind Lewis Hamilton! The Briton is seventh with two laps remaining.

  52. Post update

    David Coulthard

    BBC F1 co-commentator

    "I don't think there was any intent from Daniel. Do we call that a racing incident? I think Rosberg has to take responsibility for that."

  53. Post update


    Daniel Ricciardo saw a chance to overtake Nico Rosberg at Turn One and took it but ran into the back of Nico Rosberg, puncturing Rosberg's tyre and destroying his own front wing in the process.

    What a crazy race!

  54. Post update

    PUNCTURE FOR NICO ROSBERG! Has this race got any more drama for us??

  55. Get involved #bbcf1

    Lester Wood: I think all the drivers & teams had a chat about making this an incredible and exciting race for Jules. What a cracker.

    Matt: Easily the best Grand Prix of the season so far, and it could be about to get better...

    Verity Wilde: Is Pastor going for some kind of record? And at what point do they start adding points to his licence?

    Chris: Come on @danielricciardo, make Rosberg's silly tyre choice pay.

  56. Post update

    Blink and you'll miss it! Lewis Hamilton has profited from Pastor Maldonado scooping up penalties like a kid with sweets at a pick and mix stall and the Briton is into the points. He then sweeps past Jenson Button and into P8!

  57. Post update

    Force India

    Retirements so far: Nico Hulkenberg, Sergio Perez, Kimi Raikkonen and Carlos Sainz.

  58. Post update

    Meanwhile, Kimi Raikkonen's engine restart hasn't worked and he has had to retire.

    Pastor Maldonado is having a bit of a shocker. He is given a drive through penalty for pit lane speeding and now he is under investigation for overtaking under the safety car. He is currently 13th.

  59. Get involved #bbcf1

    Simon Nader: Everyone's an Aussie right now! Come on @redbullracing and Dan!

    Bury Sue: I haven't been this excited during a race for a couple of years. Come on Fernando, keep that car going.

    Ash: Is this the most penalties given in a race? Really dishing them out.

  60. Post update

    Ben Edwards

    BBC F1 commentator

    "The incorrigible Daniel Ricciardo is bearing down on Vettel and Rosberg, like he did last year. The Australian has the fastest car at the moment."

  61. Post update

    Daniel Ricciardo is flying up in the leading pack. He is comfortably in third at the moment but second is in his sights, with the gap between himself and Nico Rosberg just 0.5s. Sebastian Vettel's advantage out in front is 1.2s.

  62. Post update

  63. Post update

    Lewis Hamilton is the fastest man on the circuit as he produces a 1:25.871. The race win is beyond him, but he has plenty to fight for with retaining the championship lead his target now.

  64. Post update

    "I'm so sorry guys, really sorry," says Lewis Hamilton over team radio.

    "Don't stress about it Lewis, 20 seconds from some points to let's go get them," is the response.

  65. Get involved #bbcf1

    James Butler: Huge opportunity for Rosberg. Suddenly passing Vettel and winning this race would be huge for the Championship.

    Luke Woods: What was Lewis supposed to do honestly? Hardly done with intent!

    Peter Hamilton: Raikkonen's annus horribilis continues...

    Charlet: Gutted for #Kimi7. Was looking so good!

  66. Post update

    Lewis Hamilton's day just goes from bad to worse as he is handed a drive through penalty for his part in that collision with Daniel Ricciardo. He takes the penalty on lap 55 and is back out in 15th.

  67. Get involved #bbcf1

    Martin: So @LewisHamilton moans about @nico_rosberg not leaving space... Then drives into @danielricciardo. No sympathy from me!!

    Alex Playle: Hamilton has got no one else to blame but himself here. Thrown it away twice. Petulant child.

    Jason Raj: Will Lewis get a penalty for that? 'Causing a collision'?

    Adam Ashford: Do my eyes deceive me? BOTH MCLARENS ARE IN THE POINTS!!!

  68. Post update

    Formula 1

    Kimi Raikkonen heads in for a complete reset of his Ferrari, switching the engine off before rejoining in 17th.


    After all the drama at the front I've just noticed that both McLarens are currently running in the points!

    Fernando Alonso is eighth, with Jenson Button ninth as Lewis Hamilton re-emerges in 13th.

  70. Post update

    Kimi Raikkonen is fading as he cannot prevent Daniel Ricciardo, whose Red Bull has damage after that collision with Hamilton, moving up into the podium places.

    Meanwhile, Lewis Hamilton heads into the pits as race control confirm the collision is under investigation.

  71. Post update

    David Coulthard

    BBC F1 co-commentator

    "Hamilton has to take that on the chin. He speared into the side of Daniel Ricciardo, who had given him plenty of space. It was quite a big hit on the side."

  72. Post update

    Lewis Hamilton is down into sixth now, while Nico Rosberg is closing in on Sebastian Vettel, who is 1.2s down the road with 18 laps to go...

  73. Post update

    Mercedes: Disaster for Lewis Hamilton again! He understeers into RIC while defending through T1!

  74. Post update

    Meanwhile, Nico Rosberg fared considerably better. He immediately got the better of Kimi Raikkonen and is into second. My word!

  75. Post update

    CONTACT! Daniel Ricciardo and Lewis Hamilton's cars touch and the Mercedes is damaged. He is dropping back! Disaster for Hamilton here...

  76. Post update

    The safety car is coming in on this lap. We are all set up for grandstand finish in Hungary with a sprint for the flag...

  77. 99 problems

    "It looks like Ferrari have 99 problems but is Mercedes one of them," asks David Coulthard.

    Mercedes believes they can win this, and they tell Nico Rosberg exactly that, informing him of Kimi Raikkonen's power issues.

    "We also know Ferrari have a warm-up problem and a pace problem on the prime tyre," Rosberg is told.

    It is fighting time.

  78. And the rest...

    Formula 1
  79. Top 10 after 45 laps

    Formula 1
  80. Safety car good for Red Bull - Horner

    Red Bull team principal Christian Horner on BBC One: "The safety car is good news for us. We ran the hard tyres mid-race for this kind of eventuality and it's worked out for us.

    "We rolled the dice and hopefully we might have a chance of sneaking a podium."

  81. Post update

    It sounds like Ferrari have not got to the bottom of Kimi Raikkonen's power issues.

    "The situation with the MGU-K is we don't have it. The car will still run, but we have lost a lot of performance," he is told.

    Oh dear.

  82. Post update

    David Coulthard

    BBC F1 co-commentator

    "It is going to be a very interesting sprint to the end of the grand prix."

  83. Post update

    Like the Mercedes pair, both Ferraris also pitted. Both Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg came back out on the medium tyres.

    With 23 laps remaining, this is shaping up to be a very interesting finale.

  84. Post update

    front wing failure

    Now the real safety car comes out and the field will bunch up. Good new for Lewis Hamilton?

    Meanwhile, replays show Nico Hulkenberg's whole front wing just dropping off on the approach to Turn One and he is powerless to prevent the Force India from going straight into the tyre wall. It looked frightening, but Hulkenberg says he is OK.

  85. Virtual safety car

    Nico Rosberg

    Nico Hulkenberg's Force India, minus a front wing, crashes into a barrier and we have a virtual safety car. Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton pit immediately.

  86. Post update

    David Coulthard

    BBC F1 co-commentator

    "Rosberg is looking more comfortable now. Hamilton lost some time in traffic - the gap is up to seven seconds."

  87. Post update

    Kimi Raikkonen cannot catch a break. He has had some bad luck this weekend with his front wing dropping off and then a big water leak in practice. Could his bid for a podium be in danger now?

  88. Ferrari team radio

    Kimi Raikkonen: "Think there is something wrong with the car. I am losing power."

  89. Post update

    Formula 1
  90. Post update

    At the halfway point of the race and Nico Hulkenberg, Carlos Sainz and Fernando Alonso all stop for mediums.

    Meanwhile, Lewis Hamilton has found his appetite. That gap is getting smaller and smaller - 5.2 seconds now and Nico Rosberg is urged to push as hard as he can.

  91. Get involved #bbcf1

    Steven Robson: If qualifying is like building a stack of cards, this race is the wind which has blown everything out of order. And it's fantastic.

    Pete Pritchard: @LewisHamilton on the comeback. Come on, Lewis. Nico, he's coming to get you.

    Dominic Newlyn: Waiting in a church for a 13:45 wedding to start. The later they are, the longer I can follow F1 on BBC Sport.

  92. Post update

    David Coulthard

    BBC F1 co-commentator

    "Even if Rosberg finishes on the podium, this weekend is one he'll want to file under 'didn't quite come together'."

  93. Post update

    Nico Rosberg, whose gap over his team-mate is now down to seven seconds, is told that Lewis Hamilton will go to the medium tyre and possibly earlier than him.

    "I'll do the same as well," Rosberg says.

    "The pitwall is not inclined to do that," is the response.

  94. Fastest laps after 28 laps

    Formula 1
  95. Post update

    Felipe Nasr and Daniil Kvyat are in for new tyres, Nasr pitting from 15th and taking on mediums while Kvyat comes in from eighth for softs.

  96. Hamilton's hungry

    It is all a bit calmer out on circuit now with everyone holding their positions. However, Lewis Hamilton is lapping 1.5s faster than Nico Rosberg - he is not quite chomping into his team-mate's advantage, but is certainly taking little bites out of it.

  97. Get involved #bbcf1

    Amy Brown: Yes. Get in! Come on now, Lewis.

    Natalie Hoffman: About time!! Thank u!!! Now…. On to Rosberg!!!!

  98. Post update

    Ben Edwards

    BBC F1 commentator

    "Rosberg has not looked comfortable all weekend and it's continuing in the race. Hamilton has every chance of catching his team-mate."

  99. Post update


    Lewis Hamilton blasts around the outside of Daniel Ricciardo at Turn One and it is another driver picked off by the Briton. He's into fourth but it is a big gap between himself and his team-mate Nico Rosberg. He needs to make up 15 seconds.

  100. Get involved #bbcf1

    AC: Hamilton is still not out of this. A safety car will pull Ham right back into the fray.

    Jason Wright: So far so good for @McLarenF1.

    Jasper Chamberlain: Do you think @Lotus_F1Team have to spend all Maldonado's sponsorship money on repairing his car every weekend?

  101. Post update

    A shade under seven seconds between race leader Sebastian Vettel and Kimi Raikkonen. Lewis Hamilton is still pushing after that first-lap disaster with fourth-place Daniel Riccardo just in front of him.

    Meanwhile, Pastor Maldonado serves his drive through penalty for that earlier collision with Sergio Perez which, by the way, Fernando Alonso benefited from. He is up to 10th and a McLaren is in the points!

  102. Post update

    Ben Edwards

    BBC F1 commentator

    "Sebastian Vettel has never won in Hungary. Can he tick that off today? It's looking good at the moment."

  103. And the rest...

    Formula 1
  104. Top 10 after 24 laps

    Formula 1
  105. Post update

    Lotus report that Romain Grosjean has been handed a five second penalty for his next pit stop for an unsafe release. Meanwhile, Pastor Maldonado is handed a drive-through penalty for his part in that earlier collision with Sergio Perez.

  106. Get involved #bbcf1

    Danny Palmer: Of course Maldonado was involved in a racing incident...

    Tom Brammar: If Hamilton doesn't win world championship this year it'll be his starts that lost it.

    Audrey Eager: Darn you #HungarianGP. How am I suppose to do my ironing when it's this exciting!

    Jason Raj: Hmm, pretty sure Lewis was excessively forceful on Bottas at turn one. Lewis would be throwing his toys out if situation reversed.

  107. Post update

    Nico Rosberg does decide to head in now - the first of the leading trio to do so - and takes on medium tyres. The Ferrari duo then follow suit, Sebastian Vettel pitting from the lead before Kimi Raikkonen also heads in. Softs for both and they head back out.

  108. Post update

    David Coulthard

    BBC F1 co-commentator

    "I wonder if Rosberg is going to try and one-stop it from here."

  109. Post update

    Lap 20 and Lewis Hamilton heads in from fifth to make the switch to softs. He returns to the circuit just ahead of Valtteri Bottas in fifth but the two are side-by-side at Turn One. Hamilton manages to hold off Bottas.

    Meanwhile, Nico Rosberg is still out there, yet to make his first stop...

  110. Post update

    Force India: Oh no! Checo gets spun around by Maldonado while passing the Venezuelan at turn 1! There doesn't seem to be damage hopefully...

  111. Post update

    Those earlier pit stops have elevated Lewis Hamilton up to fifth with Daniel Ricciardo ahead of him. Hamilton is still make his first stop.

    Meanwhile, television shots suddenly cut to Sergio Perez just as his Force India is smacked into the air slightly after a collision with Pastor Maldonado, who catches Perez's rear at Turn One.

  112. Post update

    Formula 1

    Lewis Hamilton cranks it up a gear and pulls the fastest lap so far out of the bag, three tenths of a second faster than Sebastian Vettel with 18 laps gone.

  113. Post update

  114. Get involved #bbcf1

    Alex Withington: Someone needs to tell Nico Rosberg he's not out for a Sunday drive - and get on with it.

    Amy: Ah this is what races used to be like!

    Lustig: What'll be interesting is if/when Lewis catches Rosberg...

  115. Post update

    David Coulthard

    BBC F1 co-commentator

    "Hamilton, now released, is running as fast as Vettel but Ferrari have true race pace here."

  116. Post update

    Sebastian Vettel is just getting faster at the front of the pack. He goes fastest of all with a 1:27.913 and his lead over Kimi Raikkonen increases to 2.6s. Nico Rosberg, in third, is almost 10 seconds behind.

    A flurry of stops as Daniil Kvyat and Valtteri Bottas head in, as does Felipe Massa to serve his five-second penalty.

  117. Get involved - #bbcf1

    Normal Dad: Come on Lewis, hold it together!

    AC: If Rosberg can't capitalise on bad race for Lewis and win this, he doesn't deserve a title.

  118. And another one

    Felipe Massa dealt with, the Force India of Sergio Perez is next in Lewis Hamilton's sights.

    His Mercedes is getting larger in Perez's rear mirrors and Hamilton has a go at Turn One, Perez leaves the door open and the Briton sweeps into P8. Simple stuff.

    Still plenty to do, though. Hamilton is 30 seconds behind race leader Sebastian Vettel.

  119. Post update

    Pirelli: Theoretical best strategy for 70-lap race: start on soft, soft again around lap 29, medium between lap 53-54.

  120. Post update

    Ben Edwards

    BBC F1 commentator

    "That was wonderful, what we love to see. Great, clean racing."

  121. Brilliant Hamilton


    Wheel-to-wheel stuff as Lewis Hamilton has another nibble at Felipe Massa. He makes his move to take Massa around the outside at Turn One, rear wheels kiss but Hamilton keeps his nerve to gain the position. Wonderful racing.

  122. McLaren moving

    Meanwhile, McLaren are tootling along quite nicely after all that drama at the front. Fernando Alonso is 13th, with Jenson Button behind him. They have gained two places from where they started.

  123. What should Ferrari do?

    David Coulthard

    BBC F1 co-commentator

    "Ferrari have an opportunity here. They could let their drivers race or ask Raikkonen to reduce his speed and back up into Rosberg and let Vettel have some space."

  124. Post update

    Roberto Merhi makes an early pit stop because of a loose head rest. He is back out now and at the back of the field.

  125. Post update


    Great reaction in the Ferrari garage to that start by their drivers. No-one was expecting that.

    Could Sebastian Vettel win his first-ever Hungarian Grand Prix? He is two seconds up the road from Kimi Raikkonen.

  126. Hamilton in the hunt

    Lewis Hamilton is sniffing for an opportunity to get the better of Felipe Massa. He has a go at Turn One, no dice but he is not giving up.

    Remember Hamilton fought his way from a pit lane start to finish third last year. This race is far from over.

  127. Anything can happen now - Mansell

  128. Post update

    Felipe Massa was investigated for missing his grid position on the formation lap and he will have to serve a five second penalty at his next pitstop as a result.

    Massa is currently ninth, half a second ahead of Lewis Hamilton.

  129. Mercedes does not like 'dirty air'

    David Coulthard

    BBC F1 co-commentator

    "We know the Mercedes doesn't like dirty air. Whenever they are in traffic, the inherent pace of the car is neutralised."

  130. Post update

    Formula 1
  131. LAP THREE

    Top 10 as it stands

    Formula 1
  132. Post update

    There is gravel on the circuit where Lewis Hamilton came off.

    Right, three laps in. Let us catch our breath and see who is where.

  133. Post update

    David Coulthard

    BBC F1 co-commentator

    "If this remains a dry race he can work his way up to good points but I don't think he can win from here.

    "It does seem the wheels come off when he is on the back foot."

  134. Mercedes team radio

    Lewis Hamilton: "Nico crossed over my line there - he pushed me wide."

  135. Hamilton in trouble

    Kimi Raikkonen is also up to second, stunning stuff by Ferrari and Mercedes are rattled. Lewis Hamilton makes a BIG mistake and he cuts across the chicane at Turn 6 and he is all the way down in 10th!

    What a race he is going to have to produce now.

    Ferrari's in lead
  136. Go! Go! Go!


    What a start by Sebastian Vettel! Brilliant! He gets the jump on both Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton and is into the lead! There were four cars abreast just ahead of the first corner there. Vettel and Hamilton were wheel-to-wheel. So, so close.

  137. Post update

    Felipe Massa was the culprit, stopping short of his grid position. Tut tut Felipe.

  138. Post update

    LIGHTS OU..nope there was a delay and the cars are having to go back round for another formation lap. Everyone looks to have got away again, so not sure what the problem was there...

    False start
  139. Post update

    Everyone looks to be on the soft compound tyres except for Pastor Maldonado, who is starting on the harder mediums.

  140. Post update

    Formula 1
  141. Smallest winning margin

    Formula 1

    The smallest winning margin at the Hungarian Grand Prix is 0.288s. That was achieved by Thierry Boutsen back in 1990 when the Belgian pipped Ayrton Senna to victory.

    I'll be surprised if it is anywhere near as close this year.

  142. Post update

    The tyre blankets are off, the grid has been cleared and away go the cars for the formation lap.

  143. Vettel to jump the Mercedes?

  144. Red Bull trying to 'take fight' to Ferraris

    Red Bull team principal Christian Horner talking to David Coulthard on BBC One: "It's been a very positive weekend so far. The car has made progress and this track suits us better. Hopefully we can take the fight to the Ferraris today."

  145. The drivers' championship

    Formula 1

    One last look at the drivers' championship before the race gets under way.

    What will Lewis Hamilton's advantage be in a couple of hours time I wonder?

  146. Hamilton to dominate?

    BBC F1 chief pundit Eddie Jordan on BBC One: "I'm concerned because I think Lewis Hamilton could lap the field."

  147. THE GRID

    1) Hamilton 2) Rosberg 3) Vettel 4) Ricciardo 5) Raikkonen 6) Bottas 7) Kvyat 8) Massa 9) Verstappen 10) Grosjean

    11) Hulkenberg 12) Sainz 13) Perez 14) Maldonado 15) Alonso 16) Button 17) Ericsson 18) Nasr 19) Merhi 20) Stevens

  148. Post update

    Michael Schumacher

    The last driver to win the Hungarian Grand Prix and go on to win the world title was Michael Schumacher in 2004. In only eight of the previous 30 races at Hungaroring has the winner of the race also won that year's championship.

    Hamilton is certainly building a strong case to become the ninth to achieve that feat, though.

    Five minutes until the start.

  149. Your Bianchi tributes #bbcf1


    Peter Wanyoni: Very poignant on the track at the #HungarianGP. Great tribute to Jules. What a tragedy, he is dearly missed.

    James Wurr: Seriously moving driver tribute for Jules Bianchi at the Hungarian Grand Prix. Gave me goosebumps just watching on TV.

    Jarleth Eaton: Classy touch from the F1 drivers, letting his family put his helmet in the middle. RIP Jules Bianchi.

    Chris Mac: Amazingly poignant tribute to Jules Bianchi, the emotion was palpable.

    Family and alonso
    Image caption: Fernando Alonso and Jules Bianchi's brother
  150. Post update

    Andrew Benson

    Chief F1 writer

    "Strategy-wise, this should be a relatively simple race. There's very little to choose on race time between a two-stop and a three-stop but a three-stop puts a driver out of track position so two stops will be favoured. The 'soft' is the favoured race tyre, so most will go soft-soft-medium.

    "Some might try starting on the medium to get it out of the way but it is a tricky tyre to handle - that's the one on which all the lock-ups this weekend have tended to come. The weather is significantly cooler and if the temperature turns out to be 10C down, a rule about change in climatic conditions would come into play, allowing teams to change cooling settings and so on."

  151. Circuit stats

    Formula 1

    Laps: 70

    Distance: 306.6km

    Corners: 14

  152. Your Bianchi tributes #bbcf1

    Jeremiah Kariuki: Jules was a young talent. Gone at young age, but the spirit will live on.

    Kelly B: Always thinking of Jules, he shall be with all of us forever. Gone but never forgotten.

  153. Post update

    Jules Bianchi tribute

    A very moving tribute to Jules Bianchi.

    Bianchi tribute
  154. Post update

    Formula 1

    Ciao Jules.

    Formula 1
  155. Your Bianchi tributes #bbcf1

    Lauren Kavanagh: This time last year I saw him. What a nice lad.

    Emma: Not much that hasn't already been said. Forever in the hearts of the F1 family, seemed a talented, humble, and likeable man.

    Leigh Anne-Higgins: A great tragedy - you will be forever young Jules.

    Kyle Mclaren: Jules was a great driver and person - he will be missed, he was a champion in the making such a sad loss for the sport.

  156. Post update

    Formula 1

    The cars have made their way to the start/finish straight and in five minutes there will a minute's silence to remember Jules Bianchi.

    Formula 1
  157. Post update

    Andrew Benson

    Chief F1 writer

    "The provisional 2016 calendar has been released ahead of this race and, as expected, it features a new grand prix in Azerbaijan. The oil-rich Caspian Sea state has been singled out as a repressive regime by human rights organisations and inevitably questions are being asked within F1 about whether going there is the right thing to do - as they continue to be about Bahrain.

    "In the official team bosses' news conference on Friday, Toro Rosso boss Franz Tost was the man who volunteered himself to answer and initially came out with the usual stuff - F1 is not there to judge politics, but to put on a race; lots of countries have issues etc etc. Then it was pointed out that some journalists had been denied visas to the European Games in Baku because their organisations had reported human rights concerns about the country. To which Tost replied: 'There must be a reason why the visa was denied. I don't know the background. To be honest, I don't care about this. So we go there, we race there and that's it. It's your problem how you get the visa.'

    "There were those who thought that - how shall we say? - an ill-advised answer."

  158. Hamilton the 'king'

    BBC F1 chief pundit Eddie Jordan on BBC One: "I cannot see another winner than Lewis Hamilton. I don't know what they are going to throw at him - maybe the weather, maybe a problem with the car. Hopefully not.

    "He's saying to all the contenders 'I'm the king here, I'm going to win the world championship this year.'"

  159. Record in Hamilton's sights

    Lewis Hamilton

    Lewis Hamilton will move above Michael Schumacher as the most successful driver at the Hungarian Grand Prix if he wins.

    The Briton has won it four times from eight starts in Budapest.

  160. Post update

    Formula 1

    It is here before you know it, isn't it?

    Just under 30 minutes until lights out and there's apparently been a couple of spots of rain, but they've stopped and blue sky has muscled its way in above Hungaroring now.

  161. Bianchi a great loss to paddock - Jordan

    BBC F1 chief pundit Eddie Jordan on BBC One: "It's seldom you can say that here was a driver destined to be world champion. He had all the attributes and he commanded great respect.

    "It is a great loss to the paddock. His smile was infectious and he was a gorgeous, gorgeous man."

  162. Hamilton's tribute to Bianchi

    Formula 1
  163. Hungary flashback - 2014

    Formula 1

    Daniel Ricciardo beat Fernando Alonso to win a sensational Hungarian Grand Prix last year, with Lewis Hamilton producing a superb drive to fight from a pit lane start and a first-lap spin to finish third.

    You can relive that race here.

  164. Post update

    Andrew Benson

    Chief F1 writer

    "Daniel Ricciardo equalled his and Red Bull's best grid position this season with fourth place and although he was just 0.035secs from Sebastian Vettel's Ferrari in third, he felt that was as good as he could have done.

    "But, the Hungaroring disguising the Renault engine's weaknesses and allowing a Red Bull chassis that has improved significantly in the last couple of races to shine, Ricciardo believes he can take the fight to Vettel in the race for the final podium spot.

    "'I think we can be a genuine challenge to Ferrari,' said the Australian, ahead of team-mate Daniil Kvyat on the grid for the first time since Monaco. 'Even if they are a little bit quicker we have a new set of options if we do a two-stop race and maybe that will put us in the fight. We have a few things that could give us an advantage.'"

  165. Ricciardo targeting podium finish

    Red Bull's Daniel Ricciardo lines up fourth on the grid today and he said in the build up to today's race: "I really believe we can finish on the podium. Let's see how the first few laps pan out but I genuinely believe we can unless something changes."

  166. Three decades of Hungaroring

    Formula 1

    The first Hungarian Grand Prix held at the Hungaroring was in 1986, when Nelson Piquet came out on top of a thrilling tussle with Ayrton Senna.

    Today's race will be the 30th to be held at the circuit.

  167. Post update

    Jenson Button

    Jenson Button showing Nico Rosberg and Romain Grosjean our Fernando Alonso-Salt N Pepa mash up?

  168. F1 in the newspapers

    The Sunday Telegraph

    The Sunday Telegraph says that such is Hamilton's dominance in Hungary, "they are going to have to put 'Lewis lane' next to 'Bernie avenue', the road leading to the circuit named after F1's supremo."

  169. Your Bianchi tributes #bbcf1

    Fans wearing Jules Bianchi t-shirts
  170. Post update

    Andrew Benson

    Chief F1 writer

    "Jokes aside, there are serious questions to be asked of McLaren. Or, to be more accurate, engine partner Honda. Fernando Alonso's fastest lap in Hungary qualifying equated to 102.9% of Lewis Hamilton's pole position time - a calculation that takes out the complications of lap length and is therefore more accurate as a measure of a team's relative performance than a simple time gap.

    "That margin is exactly the same as it was at Silverstone three weeks ago, and 0.4% better than in Austria. If if Alonso had been 12th, as he said he thought would have been possible, that would only have matched the margin of Canada - at 102.2%, their closest gap to pole all year, despite it being a track that is more power-sensitive than Silverstone or Hungary and before the introduction of McLaren's major aerodynamic upgrade.

    "The team have been unable - or unwilling - to explain publicly the reasons for these figures. What they suggest is that McLaren-Honda are making no progress at all relative to Mercedes. Which given that we know the car is getting better, suggests that the engine has not improved much, if at all, through the season. It is suspected to be at least 150bhp down on the Mercedes, if not considerably more at various points on the track or in the race, depending on when the below-par hybrid system runs out of boost. Honda has promised a significant engine upgrade for the next race in Belgium next month. It is sorely needed."

  171. Push it real good - Alonso remix

    Formula 1

    Oh and in case you are wondering, yes we did make a clip of Fernando Alonso pushing his stricken McLaren yesterday and yes we did sample it with Salt N Pepa's 'Push It'...

    Salt N Pepe