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  1. Rosberg wins, Hamilton 2nd, Vettel 3rd
  2. Raikkonen 4th, Bottas 5th, Hulkenberg 6th
  3. Verstappen makes series of impressive overtakes
  4. Maldonado handed penalty for collision with Ericsson
  5. Williams under investigation for tyre issue
  6. Sainz out

Live Reporting

By Chris Osborne

All times stated are UK

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It's life Jim, but not as we know it


That's it from us then. It may not have been a thriller, but we're so glad you could join us. Where else would you actually want to be anyway?

Fernando Alonso might have wanted to be elsewhere - check out #PlacesAlonsoWouldRatherBe on Twitter for a great laugh - but we'll see you when the circus rolls into Abu Dhabi.

Abu Dhabi GP

Here's our next and final stop of the 2015 season. Stick it in your diary.

Abu Dhabi

Eddie Jordan

BBC F1 chief analyst

Max Verstappen was beyond any doubt so far ahead as my driver of the day. Drive clean, be committed, plan your attack early on and he did that brilliantly I love watching him drive."

'We are coming'

Sebastian Vettel

Sebastian Vettel, who finished third: "For us, we were trying to put them under pressure. we tried something different with strategy, I don't think it was a bad call, it was the right thing to do and in the end we look very strong. The gap was still there, but closer than in previous races.

"It is a good feeling to be a lot closer but still, being behind is never where you want to be. This time last year was very different, it was a step into the unknown but I am very thankful for the welcome from the team. A lot of change went on so it was good we had success at the start of the year to boost the whole project. I have hopes for next year, but Mercedes are strong, they know what they are doing but to cut a long story short, we are coming."

Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton, who finished second: "I think I was looking for all options. It is not just about racing, strategy comes into it but at the end of the day Nico drove a fantastic race. He has been doing a fantastic job in qualifying. Of course I have to think in my mind what is the progress of the season, what has been the changes. Some changes to our car since Singapore seems to have shift the direction of the waves so I just need to see why that is and get back on it.

"I was pushing like crazy, though. I had had nothing left."

Let's hear from Lewis...

Lewis Hamilton
Getty Images

Eddie's off again...

Smedders ignoring Eddie Jordan

Some deep stuff from Nico Rosberg here: "It is a world that changes all the time, you need to adapt, it never stays the same.

"They make in the factory whatever they think is the fastest but you can influence the small bits and pieces when the car gets to the circuit. That is going better.

"I am just enjoying the individual races. I want to kickstart it to next year by ending this one a positive note."  

'I'm driving better than ever'

Nico Rosberg

Nico Rosberg has a bit of a joke to begin with: "It is an honour [to have as many wins as David Coulthard], that was my life's target.

"I had the pace today. I am happy with that this weekend.

"I have been working at it. I have been pushing hard to try and improve. I have worked at everything and it is paying off. I am driving quicker now. There is not one specific thing. I am driving better than ever."

'It's not a head thing'


Nico Rosberg is told of Niki Lauda's theory that his improvement is psychological.

"It's not a head thing," he says.

So that scuppers that theory. What does Niki Laudu know about motor racing anyways?

'It's a head thing'


Mercedes' non executive chairman Niki Lauda: "First of all drivers have problems with their heads. Lewis had the better start but now Nico is back. It is a head thing, if you feel happy you go quicker. Whoever wins the last race has a little benefit going into December." 


Careful with your driver there Mercedes. Nico Rosberg perches on the floor to have some photos taken, and then gets up with a distinct limp. Just a touch of cramp though. More water, less champers, Nico.

Esteemed company for Nico

race wins
Getty Images

Eddie Jordan

BBC F1 chief analyst

"McLaren need to get their heads together and, with their partners, deliver a package." 

Getty Images

McLaren's Jenson Button, who finished 15th: "No-one wants to be a lap down, but there were some positives in terms of next year. It does feel like we are going in the right direction."

Coulthard has also just made the outlandish claim that Emus cannot walk backwards.

Turns out it's true. Is there anything David does not know?

David Coulthard

BBC F1 co-commentator

"Kimi Raikkonen is the fans favourite, he has a huge following, but he was massively behind again this afternoon. He is performing like a number two."

Quiet on the set

Suzi Perry, David Coulthard and Eddie Jordan are forced to move Forum on down the pit lane as a cheeky Ferrari engineer gets his drilling on.

You can watch on the Red Button and online.

noisy man
Nico Rosberg
Getty Images

Nico Rosberg's first season in F1 was 2006, when he competed for Williams and look at the hair he had then, just look it. It's like something out of Dawson's Creek.

Getty Images

Force India's Nico Hulkenberg, who finished sixth: "We have secured fifth in the constructors championship. That shows the progress we are making. All heading in the right direction."

Very happy with my racing, and above all, so proud to give everything for my country. France, Paris, I love you... #Paris #BrazilGP

Felipe Massa on the investigation into Williams' tyre pressure: "I didn't feel anything wrong. My race was a disaster all weekend. I don't even know what's happened."

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#bbcf1 I can see Williams on the podium more next year, great drivers @bbcf1

With so many of the old guard coming to retirement, the future of F1 is safe with drivers like @Max33Verstappen. #BrazilGP #bbcf1

The result means we're certain of FIFTH place in the championship, our best result ever! HISTORY: MADE! #BrazilGP #FeelTheForce

And a little bit more admin.

Williams have secured third spot in the constructors' championship, meaning Red Bull take fourth and Force India fifth.

Second-place Nico

nico bed hair

We should note that Nico Rosberg has wrapped up second place in the drivers' championship with this win. The German is on a roll - five straight poles and two back-to-back victories.

The FIA are currently in a meeting with Williams, they're having a chat about tyres. It's complicated, but essentially the rear tyres of the Williams were over the pressure threshold. More news to follow.


But he's not any more. Eddie got his man. Verstappen says he was actually a bit angry in the early stages of that race with the lack of progress.

eddie dash

Eddie Jordan is off. He's gone to chase Max Verstappen, who was having a chat with Dutch television.

Dominant Mercedes


As good as Senna and Schumacher?

Here you go. Lots of love for Max Verstappen from Eddie Jordan and David Coulthard.

"It was absolutely fantastic, judged to perfection. He just continues to impress," says Coulthard about his performance.

EJ agrees: "I have compared him to Schumacher and Senna. I feel at this stage of his career he is that good, what do you think David?"

"You are on the money," says Coulthard.


F1 Forum - live on Red Button and online

We're not done yet folks. Plenty of more reaction to be found on the Forum over on the Red Button or right here online.


Max Verstappen, who finished 10th: "We were really liking a lot of top speed today. It was a very tough race, I was attacking but there were people attacking behind me. To come away with one point was the maximum we could have done today I think."  

The David Coulthard-Max Verstappen bromance is in full swing. More details to come on that.


Sebastian Vettel, who finished third: "It was a good race for us. I was hoping at the start we could do something but it was not possible. Overall we have to just admit that they were just that bit quicker. Hopefully we can again be a bit closer in the next race."  

Toto Wolff

Mercedes boss Toto Wolff: "Nico is very strong. He controlled the whole weekend. 

"I think he will spend some time over the winter to find out what made him perform so well at the end."

The Brazilian fans start chanting the name of Ayrton Senna, possibly entertaining themselves after a slightly uneventful race.


Get Involved #bbcf1

Can't overtake on this track? Might want to have a few words with Verstappen then. #bbcf1


Lewis Hamilton, who finished second: "I had good pace you just can't overtake here. I killed my tyres and it is a shame because it is such a great track but you can't get close enough to race.

"It would be good if you could do a bit of overtaking here. I am here to race and when you both have to do the same order then if there are other strategies let's take a risk. I just couldn't get close enough, so it was relatively boring following in a tow.

"Nico has been doing fantastically well."

"I could have worked that out myself," says Nico Rosberg after Martin Brundle tells him he needs be better in the first half of the season.