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  1. Rosberg wins world title as Hamilton wins race
  2. Hamilton disobeys team orders to speed up, backing Rosberg into rivals
  3. Button, Kvyat, Bottas & Magnussen, Sainz out

Live Reporting

By Gary Rose

All times stated are UK

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Nine race wins. Fifteen podium finishes. Nico Rosberg is world champion and deservedly so. 

Lewis Hamilton, though, won't like to be without that title for long, and you can bet he will be hungrier and more determined than ever before to reclaim it next year. I can't wait.

See you in 2017.

Your greatest...

Can I go now?

Lewis Hamilton

Man of the moment


Listen to Button's final interview

Jenson Button's final Radio 5 live interview as a Formula 1 driver

Goodbye to Massa

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Caught in the spray

Nico Rosberg and wife Vivian celebrate

Wife Vivian is pretty pleased too.

Well done, son

Nico Rosberg gets a hug from his mum

A hug from mum for the new world champion... still no sign of dad though.

McLaren's new boss leaves the door 'ajar' for Button

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An up and down career for Button

Jenson Button year by year
BBC Sport
Jenson Button's F1 drivers' championship finishing positions (not including this year)

A lot happens in 16 years

Jenson Button career graphic
BBC Sport

Jenson Button's final race in Formula 1 was cut short as he retired early, but he's not let it upset him. I've not seen him without a smile on his face for the last few hours.

Surprising @JensonButton with a steering wheel setup change, Papa Smurf style. #DefaultFE #ThankYouJenson
Surprising @JensonButton with a steering wheel setup change, Papa Smurf style. #DefaultFE #ThankYouJenson
Surprising @JensonButton with a steering wheel setup change, Papa Smurf style. #DefaultFE #ThankYouJenson

Surprising @JensonButton with a steering wheel setup change, Papa Smurf style. #DefaultFE #ThankYouJenson

Our vote asking whether you felt Nico Rosberg deserved to win the world championship is closed.

It was close, very close, but in the end 52% of you feel Rosberg did not deserve it. 

So Hamilton is the fastest driver, right?

Fastest laps graphic
BBC Sport

Well, Rosberg had six fastest laps this season, compared to Hamilton's three.

Congratulation, Nico! Proud to have the fastest friend in the world 😜@nico_rosberg #Formel1 #racing #poldi 🏎🚥🏁

Congratulation, Nico! Proud to have the fastest friend in the world 😜@nico_rosberg #Formel1 #racing #poldi 🏎🚥🏁

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Roger Harrop: Lewis has taken lessons from Sir Ben Ainslie on how to win the championship - fantastic - pity it didn’t work out!

H Phull: Doesn't matter if he deserves it or not. Winning is winning at the end of the day. It wasn't just down to reliability.

Sonsofpunjab: It is like any league table in any sport if you finish top it is because you have earn the points throughout the season.

I'm number one, you know

Nico Rosberg

Where's Keke?

Sina Rosberg with Niki Lauda

Sina Rosberg is married to a Formula 1 world champion. Although not this one. 

Nico Rosberg celebrates winning the world title
Getty Images

Nico Rosberg has just given a good interview in the media pen about what was going through his mind in those final few laps as Sebastian Vettel and Max Verstappen pressed him for a place on the podium.

"An unbelievable feeling because the race was so horribly intense," he tells Sky Sports. "When I was told it was critical to get by, wow, and to take on Max of all people. Lewis was trying to back me into everyone else. He did it really, really well and I was stuck. Vettel coming up behind with all the grip was horrendous. 

"It is impossible to explain the intensity. A really horrible feeling out there. This is the world championship we were talking about, with those two behind."

Rosberg has celebrated with his mum and best friends, but no sign of papa Rosberg yet.

"I haven't seen my dad yet, I hope he is OK," adds Rosberg.

Incredibly nerve-wracking, says Federer

Seventeen-time Grand Slam champion Roger Federer knows what it's like to win the biggest prize in your sport and he enjoyed that battle, as he's just told Jennie Gow on Radio 5 live:

"Incredibly nerve-wracking. For other athletes, it's the worst when you watch other athletes doing it.

"I'm happy for Nico and I'm happy for Lewis. Maybe this was the best outcome, I'm not sure."

What is it like when the big prizes are on the line?

"You are nervous from the beginning, eventually it gets set and then you get nervous towards the end again, thinking 'Oh my god, what if something goes wrong?'"

Verstappen 'finishes on a high'

Max Verstappen: Very happy to finish on a high after being last at turn 1. Fighting back to P4 was best we could do. Congrats to @nico_rosberg!   


Repercussions for Hamilton?

Mercedes executive director (technical) Paddy Lowe tells BBC Radio 5 live: "It's absolutely fantastic and so well deserved. Rosberg has driven so well in the last few seasons. Very, very happy for him.

"It was pretty tense but it made a good show, didn't it? Absolutely tremendous.

"There was a limit. There is only so much you can do from the front."

Will there be repercussion for Lewis Hamilton after he disobeyed team orders? 

"I need to think about that one - I'm sure we'll consider it for the next few days."

Danke Mama und Papa

Nico Rosberg has just posted a video thanking his parents. It is too cute. Click on his tweet below to watch.

Warning: contains a large amount of semi-naked Keke Rosberg.


Select your greatest one-time F1 champion

Getty Images

Nico Rosberg is world champion, becoming the 33rd driver in Formula 1 history to claim the sport's most coveted crown.

At 31, he could yet go on to win many more, but for now he is alongside his father Keke and 2016 racing rivals Jenson Button and Kimi Raikkonen as a one-title winner.

Seventeen drivers - including James Hunt and Nigel Mansell - have won one world title, but which of them is the greatest? Which driver should perhaps have won more?

We're asking you to choose your favourite one-title winners and share them on social media. Choose here.

The party is well under way in the paddock as Nico Rosberg hugs a group of his mates before the four of them start bouncing up and down in a circle singing.

Rosberg is very much a family man, but I reckon he's going to let the hair down for the party to beat all parties tonight.

'Nico. The names Nico'

Nico has just been addressed as 'Lewis' in the press conference. As he rightly points out, his name is Nico. #nameofachampion

Listen as Rosberg wins the world title

Rosberg finishes 2nd to win his first career world title

Probably the only man happier than @nico_rosberg now is his dad my friend Keke. Huge congrats to the family World Champions!!

Get Involved - #bbcf1

Yu Himm Fung: There have been many times in the past where the more steadier, consistent and reliable driver has beaten his faster team-mate.

Dave Thompson: Surely one of the advantages of qualifying in pole means you are able to dictate the pace of a race.

SRendu: Can't believe the criticism that Lewis is getting for using tactics in sport. Heaven forbid. Ben Ainsley won four Olympic gold medals by being the best tactician and if this meant backing up his rival to last place to be it.

Families of champions


Rosberg's wife 'beyond happy for him'

Nico Rosberg's wife Vivian Sibold cannot contain her delight.

I don't know why they didn't let us race - Hamilton

Speaking in the post-race drivers' news conference, Lewis Hamilton has questioned why Mercedes told him to speed up:

"I did everything I could.

"Nico had a very, very clean year without any issues and that's why we are sitting in this position. 

"But he did a fantastic job and congratulations to him. I look forward to next year.

"I don't know why they just didn't let us race. It's quite clear their thought process."

'Rosberg deserves the title'

Best GP of all time? No question @nico_rosberg deserves to be champion. It's difficult to balance aggression & conservation. Well done Nico!

Glückwunsch @nico_rosberg 🎉🍾🎉🍾🎉🍾🎉🍾 #F1 #Formel1

Get Involved - #bbcf1

Graham Smith: Gutted for Lewis, did everything he needed to but couldn't quite get it. Shame on everyone dissing him! It was exciting!

Dr Malcolm Harvey: Paddy Lowe trying to justify radio messages to Lewis to speed up is like a political spin doctor at work. That was brilliant racing.

James Guppy: Massive difference in doing all you can to win and doing all you can to make someone else lose.

A 10-year wait for Rosberg

Wait graphic
BBC Sport

Nigel Mansell had a longer wait in terms of time to win the world title but Nico Rosberg has driven more races. He has the second longest wait, taking 10 years and 206 races to become world champion.

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Olly Williams: But for Hamilton backing them up a bit that would have been the most boring F1 finale imaginable. They should give him a bonus  

Reece Young: Call Hamilton a bad teammate all you want but in the end they are competitors first and foremost. Any sportsperson would do the same  

Anthony Zpewnof: you mentioned the pre-podium room and no interaction, what about big baby Hamilton not even spraying champagne on the Champ  



What do you think? Did Nico Rosberg deserve to become world champion? 

Make your choice in our vote on the right side of this page, or by clicking on the vote tab if you are following on mobile devices.

Vote closes at 16:15 GMT.