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  1. Lewis Hamilton finishes fastest
  2. Perre Gasly does the most laps with 147
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Live Reporting

By Gary Rose

All times stated are UK

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Andrew Benson's report on the final day of the first test is up, you can read it here.

And with that, my work for the day here is done. Thanks for your company, keep an eye on the BBC Sport F1 page for Andrew's analysis of this week's testing and we'll be back next week for the second test.

I'm off to build an F1 car out of rich tea biscuits.

See you next week.

Most laps completed by team in 2017

Mercedes 557

Ferrari 468

Sauber 348

Haas 343

Red Bull 294

Renault 293

Force India 278

Williams 213

McLaren 208

Toro Rosso 183

Most laps completed by team in 2018

Toro Rosso 326

Mercedes 305

Ferrari 298

Sauber 284

Williams 277

Renault 273

McLaren 271

Red Bull 211

Haas 187

Force India 166

Right, as promised, I'm just going to get the old calculator out and add up all the laps completed this week.

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Joanna Harran: Not a bad week for us @McLarenF1 fans. Happy with testing. So far, so good. Long may it continue. Hope you have a decent dinner planned Gary, well deserved, especially after your poor lunch.

I am planning to hit an all-you-can-eat buffet very hard!

Most laps

Gasly 147

Vettel 120

Vandoorne 110

Magnussen 96

Ericsson 79

Hamilton 69

Perez 65

Bottas, Sainz 60

Leclerc 59

Stroll 54

Alonso 51

Hulkenberg 49

Sirotkin 47

Verstappen 35

Final times

1 Lewis Hamilton (GB) Mercedes 1:19.333

2 Stoffel Vandoorne (Bel) McLaren-Renault one minute 19.854 seconds ****

3 Sebastian Vettel (Ger) Ferrari 1:20.241 *

4 Kevin Magnussen (Den) Haas-Ferrari 1:20.317 **

5 Fernando Alonso (Spa) McLaren 1:20.929 **

6 Carlos Sainz (Spa) Renault 1:20.940

7 Lance Stroll (Can) William-Mercedes 1:21.142 *

8 Sergio Perez (Mex) Force India-Mercedes 1:21.973 *

9 Max Verstappen (Ned) Red Bull-Renault 1:22.058 *

10 Pierre Gasly (Fra) Toro Rosso-Honda 1:22.134 **

11 Nico Hulkenberg (Ger) Renault 1:22.507 *

12 Valtteri Bottas (Fin) Mercedes 1:22.789

13 Charles Leclerc (Mon) Sauber-Ferrari 1:22.808 *

14 Marcus Ericsson (Swe) Sauber-Ferrari 1:23.825 **

15 Sergey Sirotkin (Rus) Williams-Mercedes 1:31.979

**** = time set on hyper soft tyre; ** = super-soft; * = soft; I = intermediate; all others medium

Chequered flag

There's the chequered flag.

Lewis Hamilton finishes the fourth and final day of the first pre-season test fastest.

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Richard: McLaren doing the old Sauber ploy of dropping a fast time in on the last day of testing in a bid to secure potential sponsors

Lewis Hamilton also heads on out onto the track but with just under 10 minutes to go it's not looking likely we will see any big changes on the timesheet.

Anyone know a Kev?

Kev's nod [see 13:57 entry] to knowing someone else was covertly following testing at work appears to have a few people worried...

Andrew Stevens: Probably not the only one anxiously trying to think if there is a Kev at my work in another building...

The track's busy as we enter the closing stages of the first test.

Sebastian Vettel, Kevin Magnussen, Fernando Alonso, Carlos Sainz and Lance Stroll are all out there.

Looks like Lance Stroll went off at Turn 3, but he was able to get back to the pits.

Some stay, some go

Dan Knutson

F1 journalist in Barcelona


Some crew members will go home for a couple of days between the two test sessions while others will remain in Barcelona. At Haas, those that stay will build up a new car around the second monocoque that has been shipped in. So the second Haas will be used at the second test.

Go! Go! Go!

Well we are all good to go again with 30 minutes remaining.

Strange one. There's no cars stranded on the circuit.

Red flag testing...?

Red flag

Red flag number three for the day...

A personal best for Sebastian Vettel as a 1:20.241 nudges him to third. He heads in leaving Lewis Hamilton, Pierre Gasly and Charles Leclerc on the track.

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Euan: Who would have thought before testing that it would be Mclaren and a Honda powered car racking up the laps?

Bawzoot Racing: Seeing the @ToroRosso go past 100 laps with the @HondaRacingF1 engine makes you wonder how much of the previous issues were down to @McLarenF1 size zero packaging?!?

Most laps

Gasly 116

Vandoorne 110

Vettel 93

Magnussen 83

Ericsson 79

Perez, Bottas 60

Hamilton 51

Hulkenberg 49

Sirotkin 47

Sainz 42

Stroll 41

Leclerc 37

Verstappen 35

Alonso 26

Latest times

1) Hamilton 1:19:331 medium

2) Vandoorne 1:19.854 hypersoft

3) Magnussen 1:20.428 supersoft

4) Vettel 1:20.692 soft

5) Alonso 1:20.929 supersoft

6) Sainz 1:20.940 medium

7) Stroll 1:21.310 soft

8) Perez 1:21.973 soft

9) Verstappen 1:22.058 soft

10) Gasly 1:22.134 supersoft

11) Hulkenberg 1:22.507 soft

12) Bottas 1:22.789 medium

13) Leclerc 1:22.808 soft

14) Ericsson 1:23.825 supersoft

15) Sirotkin 1:31.979 inters

Eight years ago...

A good Throwback Thursday from Nico Rosberg here as the former world champion looks back to the start of the 2010 Formula 1 season.

Michael Schumacher came out of retirement to drive for Mercedes alongside Rosberg.

"Eight years ago was a very special day for me," says Rosberg. "Little did I know it would be the start of something so big in my life.

"It was the first day of testing and presentation of the new Mercedes F1 car and the new Mercedes team. The resurrection of the Silver Arrow legend.

"I am very proud to have been there from day one. It was very emotional to be standing there next to Michael Schumacher, our German legend. Really amazing to think back to those days."

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Get ready for the new season with 5 live

BBC Radio 5 live

Something to mark in your diary - BBC Radio 5 live's season preview show is on air next Thursday 20:30-21:30 GMT

Jennie Gow, Andrew Benson and new signing Jolyon Palmer look ahead to the new F1 season while Christian Horner will also be on the show.

If you've got a question for the team, get in touch using #bbcf1.

Ton up for Gasly

Pierre Gasly joins Stoffel Vandoorne in the 100-laps club. Good mileage for the Honda-powered Toro Rosso today.

Hamilton top (for real this time)

Lewis Hamilton goes quickest of all with a 1:19.333 on those trusty mediums. That's a half a second quicker than Stoffel Vandoorne's time on the hyper-softs.

Definitely no chicanes missed on that lap. The time stands.

Hang on, or is he...?

A personal best for Fernando Alonso as he does a 1:20.929. He stays fourth but is now within a second of the fastest time of the day.

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Martyn West: How about McLaren as raisin cookies that look like chocolate chip? They look great to the untrained eye but they're ultimately disappointing?

Moon Quddus: I feel like McLaren are those Nice biscuits. I loved them as a kid, but growing up they just seem waay too sugary for me. And a very fragile tea-dunker. Not as great as I remember them to be.

Joel Pambakian: I think we all know what force India would be... #pinkwafer#bbcf1


McLaren learning a lot

Dan Knutson

F1 journalist in Barcelona

“Today we are learning a lot,” McLaren’s racing director Eric Boullier told the media this afternoon.

“Finally we got rid of bad weather and mechanical glitches in the car, so we could follow our programme. We have compressed it to give some priorities to some items. Today we are starting to gather some data on aero, and even work on some mechanical changes. So it is a learning process and we now try to learn as much as we can.”


Go! Go! Go!

We're good to go again with a touch under 90 minutes left on the clock.

Lewis Hamilton, Fernando Alonso, Sergio Perez and Pierre Gasly swiftly head back out.

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Rekindled AI: Can we please agree (or at least reach some consensus) that lap times should not be published without a note to what tyre the times are set on.

Hit refresh and the compounds should be on the times entry below now. Apologies, I've been writing for eight hours now and I'm starting to see things that I can only describe as half F1 car half garibaldi biscuit floating across my vision.

The Red Bull is up and on the back of the recovery truck so testing should be good to go again soon.

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#bbcf1 or text 81111 (UK only)

Christopher Clee: How about comparing biscuits with teams? You've put the Bourbon down as the Mercedes - how about the Garibaldi for Ferrari?

Any other suggestions? Renault as custard creams? Because yellow.

Max Verstappen, who was on the softs, went off at Turn 12.

Been a very bitty day for Red Bull.

Red flag

Second red flag of the day.

Max Verstappen is in the gravel...

Latest times

1) Vandoorne 1:19.854 hypersoft

2) Hamilton 1:19.984 medium

3) Vettel 1:20.692 soft

4) Alonso 1:21.113 medium

5) Magnussen 1:21.135 supersoft

6) Sainz 1:21.307 medium

7) Stroll 1:21.793 soft

8) Perez 1:21.973 soft

9) Gasly 1:22.134 supersoft

10) Hulkenberg 1:22.507soft

11) Bottas 1:22.789 medium

12) Leclerc 1:22.808 soft

13) Verstappen 1:23.158 soft

14) Ericsson 1:23.825 supersoft

15) Sirotkin 1:31.979 inters

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#bbcf1 or text 81111 (UK only)

The official Formula 1 world championship may not be under way just yet but the Formula 1 biscuit world championship certainly is...

Joel Pambakian: Bourbons the Mercedes of the biscuit world!? He’s clearly not tried chocolate hobnobs..

Matt Caney: Chocolate biscuits are better for cold weather