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  1. Raikkonen fastest in second practice, Hamilton 4th
  2. Final practice Saturday 13:00 BST, qualifying at 16:00
  3. Ricciardo top in first practice, Hamilton only 5th
  4. Get involved: Your plan for F1; how would you improve it? #bbcf1

Live Reporting

By Michael Emons

All times stated are UK

Thanks and goodbye

And that is where this live page will end today. Thank you for joining us and for all your comments.

The third practice session starts at 13:00 BST on Saturday and we will be up and running at 12:30 BST so hopefully you can join us then. See you tomorrow.

Second practice

Ferrari ahead of struggling Mercedes - read the report

Getty Images

Kimi Raikkonen headed Sebastian Vettel to a Ferrari one-two in second practice at the Bahrain Grand Prix. Mercedes appeared to be struggling - Valtteri Bottas was third and 0.563 seconds off the pace, with team-mate Lewis Hamilton 0.092secs adrift.

Hamilton was blocked by Haas driver Kevin Magnussen at the last corner on his fastest lap but was already 0.4secs off the pace before that happened. Red Bull's Max Verstappen was fifth, ahead of team-mate Daniel Ricciardo, who was also blocked on his fastest lap - by Bottas.

It is always hard to draw an accurate conclusion as to the competitive picture from practice and that was made even more difficult in this session because both Hamilton and Raikkonen encountered problems on their fastest laps.

Raikkonen suffered a lack of front grip at the final corner and lost time, while Hamilton had his trouble with Magnussen.

The world champion also had to abandon his first lap on the fastest super-soft tyres after running wide at the first corner when he locked his brakes. That would have meant his tyres were not at their absolute optimum when Hamilton did his next lap.

How the teams fared

Ferrari - 1st and 2nd (Raikkonen and Vettel)

Mercedes - 3rd and 4th (Bottas and Hamilton)

Red Bull - 5th and 6th (Verstappen and Ricciardo)

Renault - 7th and 12th (Hulkenberg and Sainz)

Toro Rosso - 8th and 20th (Gasly and Hartley)

McLaren - 9th and 10th (Alonso and Vandoorne)

Haas - 11th and 15th (Grosjean and Magnussen)

Force India - 13th and 14th (Ocon and Perez)

Sauber - 16th and 19th (Leclerc and Ericsson)

Williams - 17th and 18th (Stroll and Sirotkin)

BreakingRaikkonen fastest in second session

Kimi Raikkonen's session ended in frustration, but he is still the quickest man in FP2.

Red Bull's Daniel Ricciardo was quickest earlier on in session one. Work for Mercedes to do.

Getty Images

We are hearing Kimi Raikkonen is being investigated for "an unsafe release" from that pit stop. He then came to a halt pretty much immediately on the track.

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Predict the podium

Remember, there is still time to predict the future. We are asking you to predict the top three for Sunday's race.

Play along with our page here.


Get Involved #bbcf1

Your plans for F1 / How would you improve F1?

Paul Marchand: How about you stop penalising drivers for stupidities like going off the track. They are racers.. not babies.

Stephen Jones: Get rid of the amount of tyres choices per race Bring in tyre wars cars use different fuel why not tyres. Bring back fuel stops!

Naeem‏: Changes for F1: Bring back re-fuelling, adds another tactical level to the sport which is missed. Changes to the cars to allow closer following and overtakes. Get rid of the qualy tyre rule and allow everyone to start on fresh tyres #bbcf1

Ten minutes of this session left.

Getty Images

Raikkonen pulls over

Kimi Raikkonen is the quickest man in the session, but it is not ending as he would have liked.

He has to pull over on to the side of the track, near turn three, and Ferrari will now have an issue to deal with.

It appears there could have been a problem when he came out of the pits and there was some frantic waving from some of the Ferrari mechanics. Raikkonen will be hoping it is nothing too serious.

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Hamilton deletes Monaco 'grid girls' post

Getty Images

The Monaco and Russian Grands Prix have indicated they will defy F1's decision not to use grid girls at races.

Owners Liberty Media said in January it would stop using female models and replace them with 'grid kids'.

Monaco organiser Michel Boeri said his only "problem" with Liberty was "the grid-girl issue," adding: "They're pretty. The cameras will be on them."

Lewis Hamilton appeared to back the move with a post on his Instagram account. The world champion published a grab of a picture of some grid girls from another Instagram user with the message: "Thank you Jesus."

The image has since been removed.

Monaco's move comes after the Russian deputy prime minister Dmitry Kozak, who heads the Russian GP organising committee, said he thought it was "wrong" to bring children onto the track because they would be "scared".

Lewis Hamilton

These are the times

These are the times to pay attention to in this second session. We are not expecting any of these to be improved, but you never know.


This weekend's schedule

Just over 20 minutes left to go today. Remember, we have one more practice session and that comes at 13:00 BST on Saturday, before qualifying tomorrow at 16:00 BST.

Then, the main event starts at 16:10 BST on Sunday.

We will have live text commentary and live radio 5 live commentary from all of those sessions.

Charles Leclerc, the 20-year-old from Monaco who won the FIA Formula 2 Championship title last season, is continuing to impress at the beginning of his Formula 1 career.

He came 13th in his Sauber in Australia a couple of weeks ago and is 16th today, but faster than his much more experienced team-mate Marcus Ericsson, the Williams pair of Lance Stroll and Sergey Sirotkin and Toro Rosso's Brendon Hartley, who is the slowest in this second session.

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So, what of the others? Esteban Ocon tried to reassure everyone earlier and tell the critics that there was "no panic at Force India".

They came fourth in the constructors' championship last season, but picked up zero points in Australia and their men are down in 13th (Ocon) and 14th (Sergio Perez) today. They will be hoping for better for the rest of this weekend.

Esteban Ocon
Rex Features

Get Involved #bbcf1

Your plans for F1 / How would you improve F1?

Paul Manning: Make all car component designs available to all teams for the next season. Means lesser teams get access to high end tech.

Peter Hore: How would reverse quali order for the race work? Most just wouldn't bother trying with qualifying so they start at the front! Reverse finishing order of the last race would be slightly better. Slightly.

Daniel Eckersley‏: Reduce the amount of practice and make Q3 superpole format - a more natural way of potentially introducing mixed up grids.

Cleggton: Points for all positions will improve competition up and down the grid. Also encourages team to run to finish. Cheap to implement

The best of the rest title (seventh place for the rest of us) goes to Nico Hulkenberg at the moment, followed by Pierre Gasly and the McLarens of Fernando Alonso and Stoffel Vanbdoorne.

Getty Images

Some drivers are moving on to their long runs or practice starts and getting themselves ready for qualifying tomorrow.

The top six features only drivers from the top three teams. We have two Ferraris (Raikkonen and Vettel), two Mercedes (Bottas and Hamilton) and two Red Bulls (Verstappen and Ricciardo)


'I'm so slow'

Getty Images

More from an unhappy Max Verstappen. He sounds worried and says: "I'm so slow in this straight it is unbelievable."

"Yeah, don't worry about that," is the not-too-helpful response he gets.


Jolyon Palmer

Former Renault driver on BBC Radio 5 live

Both Williams have been erratic and both have spun today.

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Williams worries

Bad news Williams fans, your lads are struggling. Lance Stroll is down in 17th, with Sergey Sirotkin in 18th.

Get Involved #bbcf1

Your plans for F1 / How would you improve F1?

ShogunNoire: Without budget caps, either the smaller teams get priced out of Formula 1, or they'll all have to adopt Haas' system of buying as much as they can from the richer teams.

Oliver Wylie‏: F1 needs to decide what it actually wants to be and not pander to the whims of the manufacturers.

Bob Miller: Liberty presents plans for F1 future, but no mention of getting tracks and cars that can actually result in races with overtaking and exciting wheel-to-wheel racing.

Simon Bristow: Enforce limits on turbulence behind the car to enable cars to follow closer and improve overtaking potential. And don't kowtow to Ferrari and McLaren - fastest lap times may reduce by a few 10ths of a second, but spectacle will increase, improving £ potential.

Fernando Alonso came fifth in Australia - better than any result he achieved in 2017 - and he is eighth quickest so far, two places in front of team-mate Stoffel Vandoorne.

Vettel back out there again

Sebastian Vettel is 11 thousandths of a second off team-mate Kimi Raikkonen who is quickest. Vettel heads back out there to see if he can do any better.


Valtteri Bottas and Daniel Ricciardo have got in each other's way. Neither driver sounds too impressed with the other one. Bottas is third quickest, Ricciardo is fifth fastest, while team-mate Verstappen is down in ninth.

Two Ferraris in first and second, then two Mercedes in third and fourth. Work for the constructors' champions to do.

At the moment, Nico Hulkenberg in his Renault has jumped up to fifth in the standings. Team-mate Carlos Sainz is only 14th.

And, as expected, Lewis Hamilton with the red super-soft boots on is back on track. It has not been the best of days for the world champion who ran a bit wide on a couple of occasions earlier on and is fifth fastest so far in session two.


Get Involved #bbcf1

Your plans for F1 / How would you improve F1?

Chris Cottrell‏: Shorten the race to an hour, makes it more ‘watchable’. Currently with build up, race and post race, it’s easily four hours of my life gone.

Scott McCarthy: I’d improve F1 by banning pit to car radio, but enabling car to car radio. Can you imagine hearing Vettel and Hamilton arguing on track? Grab some popcorn!

Amit Mandalia: F1 has the ability to go drastic like Formula E’s Gen2 car for 2021 but it’ll probably end up being a half-hearted solution with cars that look predominantly the same as they do now.

Raikkonen quickest

And as expected the super-softs come up trumps and Kimi Raikkonen is again the quickest at 1:29.817.

Expect a lot of the drivers to take to the red tyres and get themselves back out there.

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That order could well change as Kimi Raikkonen has jumped on to the super-soft red Pirelli tyres.

How they stand

  1. Sebastian Vettel
  2. Valtteri Bottas
  3. Kimi Raikkonen
  4. Daniel Ricciardo
  5. Lewis Hamilton
  6. Max Verstappen
  7. Stoffel Vandoorne
  8. Pierre Gasly
  9. Fernando Alonso
  10. Carlos Sainz
  11. Esteban Ocon
  12. Charles Leclerc
  13. Kevin Magnussen
  14. Sergio Perez
  15. Lance Stroll
  16. Nico Hulkenberg
  17. Brendon Hartley
  18. Romain Grosjean
  19. Marcus Ericsson
  20. Sergey Sirotkin

Session two

Verstappen keen for track time

"Can I have another lap?" asks Max Verstappen.

"If you want to Max," is the reassuring answer he is given by his team.

Getty Images

Get Involved #bbcf1

Your plans for F1 / How would you improve F1?

Tim Hayward: Easy, refuel (still keep 100kg limit) and minimum two stops. Should avoid nonsense in tyre saving and increase time spent drivers pushing.

Harry Gasper: I would have a budget cap of 125 million dollars per car, but no limit on entries. Smaller teams could enter one car or two but have a strong entry. Mercedes, Ferrari et al could enter three or even four cars. Also more controls on sensitive aerodynamics-bring back ground effect.

Darryll‏: Make tyres durable but less grippy - like driving a wet race in the dry.

Stewart‏: Qualifying is pretty much ideal, however I'd add in a single point for pole position. Its not enough to have a huge impact on the Championship, but it adds a little more competition. A point for fastest time in Q1&2 may be too much.

Vettel now quickest

All change at the top. Firstly Valtteri Bottas goes fastest, but that only lasts a few seconds before Sebastian Vettel, on the softs, crosses the line with a 1:30.041, four tenths quicker than Bottas' mark.

Raikkonen, Ricciardo, Hamilton and Verstappen make up the rest of the top six.

Daniel Ricciardo is warned of some oil on the track, around the turn two area, and that could well be the reason Marcus Ericsson lost control a few moments ago.

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Verstappen finally sets a lap time

Max Verstappen's second session is already better than his first. He comes up with a timed lap of 1:32.134, the fourth quickest of session two.

Kimi Raikkonen, Daniel Ricciardo and Stoffel Vandoorne have all gone quicker than the Dutchman, but at least he is out there after his electrical problems earlier on today.

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Ericsson spins

We saw Charles Leclerc spin earlier on and his Sauber team-mate Marcus Ericsson has just done likewise, spinning at turn three and going through the gravel.

"All OK, I need to box," says Ericsson, who was lucky not to prang his car into a wall.

Get Involved #bbcf1

Your plans for F1 / How would you improve F1?

Rob Robinson: Allow ground effect aerodynamics and reduce the wing sizes to make overtaking easier without slowing down the cars.

Natnael Guliano: To improve F1, I think that the engine should be a V8, and also I would prefer big manufacturers like Aston Martin or Alfa Romeo replacing teams like Sauber since I think the spending cap should be removed.

Sam Donaldson: If it’s me I’d have refuelling, unlimited choice of tyres to start the race, tyre war, v10 engines, unlimited testing and weight added to defending champions to even competitiveness!

Darryll: Points for qualifying and fastest race lap times (maybe fastest 5 laps combined), incentives for drivers to actually drive as fast as possible as much as possible. Maybe x number of boosts per driver to use at anytime during the race?

A great lap from Raikkonen

Kimi Raikkonen storms to the top with a 1:30.689. That is the fastest of the day, beating Daniel Ricciardo's best effort from earlier on, which was 1:31.060.

Raikkonen is more than 2.6 seconds faster than anyone else in this second session. Lightning.

The Haas duo - Kevin Magnussen and Romain Grosjean - are the first two out there. Magnussen slightly quicker at 1:33.366.

They are soon joined on the track by Charles Leclerc, Lance Stroll, Sergio Perez and Brendon Hartley.

Most cars are on the yellow soft tyres. Remember, we have the white mediums and the red super-softs as other options.

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