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  1. Charging Ricciardo wins after Red Bull make crucial pit stop call
  2. Verstappen hits Vettel trying to overtake him - Vettel 8th
  3. Hamilton 4th after not making safety car pit stop
  4. Both Toro Rossos collide, Hartley out

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Well that was worth getting up for, wasn't it?

It's all to play for as Formula 1 heads to Azerbaijan for the next race on 29 April.

See you then!

Before you go...

'A good day'

More from Daniel Ricciardo at the post-race press conference: "Once I was aware we had the pace I wasn't going to let it slip. I feel every win I have had has been in similar circumstances. It was crazy, a lot of fun. After yesterday I thought I was starting the race at the back. The team were rewarded for getting out in qualy but this is the best reward.

On his contract talks with Red Bull, with discussions set to continue in April: "I guess the plan was to try and hold off still a little bit. Getting the win is nice. We were in a really strong place in the second half of the race. When we get to Europe it will probably balance out. All three teams have had moments, it is interesting, fun. I don't think today hurt my position so it is a good day."

The standings

Lewis Hamilton does manage to cut Sebastian Vettel's advantage down to nine points as Daniel Ricciardo moves up to fourth with the win.


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Jennifer Harris: It's always amazed me why people rave so much over Max. Today he has shown his immaturity by allowing his fame to convince him he's invunerable. Grow up Max. You were lucky to only get a 10 sec penalty, should have been a race ban. Still it does add a little edge-of-seat.

This is what Max Verstappen had to say:

“I could see him struggling on the tyres and tried to brake late into the corner. I locked the rears a bit and hit him. That was of course my fault.

“It’s not what you want and it’s easy to say afterwards I should have waited. That probably would have been the best idea but unfortunately that happened."

Verstappen not young anymore - Vettel

Ferrari's Sebastian Vettel on his crash with Max Verstappen: "I didn't see him until late and left a bit of room. I was expecting him to come earlier. I had no intention of resisting, there was no point in doing so they were too fast. I didn't want to compromise my race.

"He did a mistake and locked up which happens. He misjudged it and compromised both of our results.

"He is not young anymore he has had enough races but that can happen when you have done 300 races. He could have taken the front wing off and then it would be game over for both of us. We were both lucky but that is how it goes."

Here's what both drivers had to say about that incident.

Verstappen nudges Vettel into a spin - Nicholls

The moment Sebastian Vettel's race was ruined. He was hit by Max Verstappen.

Listen again below.

Verstappen and Vettel collide at the hairpin

Yesterday and today a disaster - Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton who finished fourth: "I was in no man's land today. I had no pace and was just trying to hold on for whatever I had.

Asked how he viewed his position in the title race: "I am not quite sure. We have got a tough battle ahead of us, particularly on my side.

"We have been underperforming. Yesterday and today was a disaster on my side. I have got to rectify that and get back into normal performance mode otherwise more points will be lost. (We were) thankful for a few incidents ahead that kept us in the battle."

lewis hamilton
Getty Images

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Jamie Squibbs: Lewis Hamilton only nine points behind Sebastian Vettel now... considering Lewis started fourth and Vettel on pole with already a 17 point advantage. That isn’t a bad result for the Brit after all

Ian Jones: Top race. Ricciardo is a class act. Not a big fan of Vettel but he's been utterly shafted by Max and that sad excuse of a penalty

Prakhar Tewari: Max Verstappen should be banned for couple of races then only he will learn Such a stupid person always causes problems for others


Kimi Raikkonen, who finished third: "I think we made a good start, got blocked a bit and got passed in the first corner. We stayed out very long and got a little luck on the safety car.

"In the end we would have needed the soft tyres to really go for it. Once you get close it is so difficult to follow people."


Valtteri Bottas, who finished second: "The race was going pretty well for us and we were looking strong until the safety car. We were in trouble then really and it is disappointing. It felt like we deserved victory but not today.

"This is racing, these things happen."

Listen again: Ricciardo wins Chinese GP

Here's the moment Daniel Ricciardo sealed a thrilling victory...

Ricciardo takes a stunning victory in China

'Sometimes you have to lick the stamp and send it'

More from Daniel Ricciardo: "Twenty four hours ago I thought I would be at the back of the grid so firstly thanks the boys, today is the real reward for that work.

"It was hectic I heard about the safety car in turn 14 and they said come in. It all happened quickly. It was decisive and I got the win.

On his overtakes, he said: "Sometimes you have got to lick the stamp and send it. We had the soft tyre so knew I could get more out of the breaking."

'That was unexpected"


Daniel Ricciardo, who won the race: "I don't seem to win boring races! It was unexpected."

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Josh Earl: It is impossible not to like Daniel Ricciardo, the bloke is infectious!!

Getty Images

An emotional moment for Daniel Ricciardo.

It's his sixth win in Formula 1 and incredibly all of those have come from starting outside the top three.

Jolyon Palmer

Former Renault driver on BBC Radio 5 live

In a way the safety car actually helped Hamilton. The fact Ricciardo won the race was good news for him.

Imagine a scenario that Vettel won the race and Hamilton was fifth - that would have been very difficult for Hamilton to respond to.

safety car
Rex Features

A positive for Lewis Hamilton is that he has closed the gap on Sebastian Vettel - down from 17 to 11 points.

Still, another race where a strategy mistake has cost them. Plenty for Mercedes to ponder.

Daniel Ricciardo is bouncing up and down in the cooldown room, desperate to get up on the podium.

"Let's do it," he says after finally getting the nod to go on up.

Getty Images

'Ricciardio was sublime today'

Jolyon Palmer

Former Renault driver on BBC Radio 5 live

I am so pleased for Red Bull and especially Daniel Ricciardo. After Bahrain he had so much bad luck and it looked like it would continue after that fire yesterday.

I am sure the engineers would have had so much tension when he went for that overtake on Bottas.

These are the drivers you love to work with. They keep you on the edge of your seat. Riccardio was sublime today.

red bull
Getty Images

Sebastian Vettel has a little look at the Red Bull, with Daniel Ricciardo busy high-fiving his colleagues on his way to the cooldown room.

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RantingMrP: Well done Daniel Ricciardo, what a victory, well done you super driver!

sparrow_jrs: Whilst the Red Bulls have done well, they were lucky in that the safety car was called at just the right time. Ironically, they were well behind the front runners at the time which allowed them the luxury of time to make the decision to pit as the safety car came out

Josh Gribby: This is the same Ricciardo who was two minutes away from not qualifying. Well done to the Red Bull team.

Incredible for Daniel Ricciardo! It was touch and go whether he would even take part in qualifying after an engine change but here he is - race winner.


Top 10


The day Red Bull came to the party? Daniel Ricciardo punches the air as he circulates.

Jack Nicholls

Radio 5 live Formula 1 commentator

This Formula 1 championship takes another twist.

Valtteri Bottas holds onto to second place while Kimi Raikkonen completes the podium.

Max Verstappen crosses the line in fourth but his 10-second penalty drops him to fifth, elevating Lewis Hamilton a place.

Getty Images

Chequered flag


Getty Images


Lap 56/56

Here we go! Final lap with a few places to be settled yet - Valtteri Bottas, Kimi Raikkonen and Max Verstappen all within a second of each other.

Jolyon Palmer

Former Renault driver on BBC Radio 5 live

That must have been so close to a collision. Alonso was risking everything with that move. He just forced Vettel off the road which is not really fair in my opinion.

Vettel has locked up again and now has Carlos Sainz catching him. He could finish ninth.

Lap 55/56

Sebastian Vettel locks up at the hairpin and Fernando Alonso gobbles up the opportunity, sweeping through on the inside! Alonso is up into seventh.

Lap 55/56

Onto the penultimate lap with Daniel Ricciardo cruising to victory - seven seconds clear of the field.

Shoey incoming...


Jolyon Palmer

Former Renault driver on BBC Radio 5 live

This race has gone so sour for Vettel. He has no pace. He must be nursing some damage.

Battle for seventh

Lap 54/56

Meanwhile, Fernando Alonso is within DRS range of Sebastian Vettel. The Ferrari is looking way off the pace after that collision with Max Verstappen. Can Alonso take advantage?

Rex Features

Jolyon Palmer

Former Renault driver on BBC Radio 5 live

It is frustrating for Hamilton because not for the first time he has potentially lost a Grand Prix victory to the pit wall.

In Melbourne it was a mess up with the timings and this time they have been trumped by Red Bull completely.