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  1. Leclerc fastest, Gasly crashes
  2. Ricciardo pitched off track after losing wing part
  3. Albon spins off after just four corners of his first lap
  4. Williams will not run until at least Wednesday
  5. Vettel fastest on day one

Live Reporting

By Niamh Lewis

All times stated are UK

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  1. The picture of the day...

    (Which received the most thumbs up)

    Is of Lewis Hamilton in his new Mercedes W10 EQ Power.

    We will be back again for day three of testing at 08:00 GMT tomorrow. And hopefully we will be joined by Williams in the afternoon.

    Lewis Hamilton
  2. Post update

    Red Bull driver, Pierre Gasly, says: "I'm excited to be back behind the wheel, it was important for me to do more than 90 laps in the car at my first day with Red Bull. It was amazing - after the winter break I was excited to get back, it was positive and we feel there is good potential with the car. So far, it's been really good, but there are still more tests to do over the next six days."

  3. What happened today?

    • Charles Leclerc led the leaderboard in the Ferrari across both sessions, with a time just one tenth behind Sebastian Vettel's, who was quickest yesterday
    • Alex Albon and Pierre Gasly brought out the red flags in today's sessions, with a spin for each of them, and a meeting with the wall for Gasly
    • Kevin Magnussen has had some seat fitting issues, and Haas' development driver Pietro Fittipaldi has stepped in for the remainder of the day
    • Daniel Ricciardo lost part of his rear wing, which caused him to spin into the barrier
    • Williams are due for arrival in Barcelona in the early hours of Wednesday morning, due to join the test on Wednesday afternoon
  4. Final timings

    That's it for today. Our final times on the board are as follows:

    1. Leclerc (Ferrari) 1:18.247 (157 laps)
    2. Norris (McLaren) 1:18.553 (104)
    3. Magnussen (Haas) 1:19.206 (59)
    4. Albon (Toro Rosso) 1:19.301 (132)
    5. Giovinazzi (Alfa Romeo) 1:19.312 (101)
    6. Bottas (Mercedes) 1:19.535 (89)
    7. Gasly (Red Bull) 1:19.814 (92)
    8. Hulkenberg (Renault) 1:19.837 (95)
    9. Ricciardo (Renault) 1:19.886 (28)
    10. Hamilton (Mercedes) 1:19.928 (74)
    11. Stroll (Racing Point) 1:20.433 (79)
    12. Fittipaldi (Haas) 1:21.849 (13)
  5. Green light

    And we're back on track again.

    Kevin Magnussen is having a "seat-fit issue", so Haas' development driver Pietro Fittipaldi is stepping in for the rest of the day.

  6. Post update

    The boy done good today.

    Charles leclerc
    Charles Leclerc
  7. Get Involved


    Connor Mooney: New Ferrari livery looks mean in matte black and red. They will need that mean attitude throughout the year, if they want the championship!

    Kayleigh: Any guesses for what Seb will be naming his car this year? I’m going Giulia or Irene.

    Karen Waddy: I miss Alonso so much I'm going to buy a deckchair.

    So does Andrew Benson.

  8. The next 24hrs for Williams

    Andrew Benson

    BBC Sport’s chief F1 writer

    The car is due to fly from Birmingham airport at 2230 this evening. There has been a slight delay at the factory, so whatever state of readiness the car is in by the time it has to leave Oxfordshire to catch that flight is the state it will leave in.

    If any parts are not quite ready, they can be sent on another flight on Wednesday morning, and be at the track in time for the rest of the car to be ready. It flies to Girona, and is due to be at the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya at about 0400-0500 on Wednesday, at which point the team will finish off the build.

    That’s why it is unlikely to run in the morning. But Williams are hopeful they will be able to get it out on track after lunch. That would give them the best part of a day and a half to check it out, then four days before the second test starts on Tuesday next week.

  9. Is Horner mad?

    Pierre Gasly is back in the garage having a word with the boss, Christian Horner, while his car is brought back under a sheet on the rescue truck to be investigated for damage.

    Gasly, Christian Horner
  10. Pierre Gasly off at turn 13

    A little skid, slide and he goes off into the wall, but he's out of the car unscathed.

    It looks as if he caught the left side kerb, unbalanced the car then slid off into the gravel after a fast lap, and it looks like damage to the rear wing.

  11. Spying on Daniel and Carlos

    Chris Medland

    F1 journalist in Barcelona

    It’s not just media and photographers trackside, as Daniel Ricciardo and Carlos Sainz are watching on the outside of Turn 10 where you can also see the chicane.

    Plenty of observations about each car - they like the matte paint on the Ferrari - but also comparisons of full days (Sainz) versus half days (Ricciardo) in the car. Both of them have some sympathy for how Vettel will be feeling today after his workload yesterday after months out of the cockpit!

    Ricciardo - paying particular attention to the engine notes from the Ferrari and Honda PUs - is pretty relaxed despite his rear wing failure earlier.

  12. Latest times

    1. Leclerc (Ferrari) 1:18.247 (130 laps)
    2. Magnussen (Haas) 1:19.206 (59)
    3. Giovinazzi (Alfa Romeo) 1:19.312 (73)
    4. Norris (McLaren) 1:19.489 (94)
    5. Gasly (Red Bull) 1:19.814 (90)
    6. Ricciardo (Renault) 1:19.886 (28)
    7. Hamilton (Mercedes) 1:19.928 (74)
    8. Bottas (Mercedes) 1:19.947 (54)
    9. Albon (Toro Rosso) 1:20.046 (117)
    10. Stroll (Racing Point) 1:20.433 (66)
    11. Hulkenberg (Renault) 1:22.601 (67)
  13. Post update

    It looks like it's on fire.

    Red bull
  14. Get Involved


    David Tee: The Bottas beard: A bit John Thompson-ish.

    BlueMarbleRider: Nice to see Norris and McLaren are lapping at a decent pace without resorting to C5 ultra softs....Could this be genuine pace??? Any regrets, Alonso?

    MetaGyan: The Williams guys could borrow the Ferrari car and get it painted overnight. Ferrari have done enough running already and could do with some rest!!

    Matthew Joseph: Would love to one day see an all black Ferrari, even if it’s just for testing. Would look uber intimidating and so slick.

  15. Ferrari still going strong

    Ferrari led, yesterday, and today, posting times much faster than everyone else. But McLaren, and Alfa Romeo have also shown some pace over the last two days.

    Mercedes, not so much - Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas are well behind Sebastian Vettel and Charles Leclerc on the leaderboard, but we still have plenty more data to collect and things to implement before Melbourne in 24 days.

    Charles Leclerc
  16. Post update

    No beard, but Kimi hasn't aged at all in 18 years, since he first joined Sauber in 2001 - now renamed Alfa Romeo.

  17. Post update

    Christian Horner, Red Bull's team boss, speaking to Sky Sports says: "It's very good. It's great to see the cars out running again and doing lots of laps learning about RB15, the new Honda engine and a new driver as well.

    "The car ran well yesterday, and again this morning, so it's good to get a lot of laps in and it gives us a lot of information to work with.

    "Testing doesn't really allow to swap notes (with Toro Rosso) but it does give Honda a large pool of information that they can now draw from two cars rather than just one. it's an accumulation of all this data. we only get eight days of testing so you have to drag as much out of it as you can.

    Speaking on Williams' late arrival: "The planning function in F1 is enormous and critical. Everything is planned to the day or the half day. It's a shame not to see them here - hopefully they will be up and running shortly. You get indications of what your critical part is but every team works in a different way, so it's difficult for me to comment on their processes."

    Pierre Gasly