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  1. Bottas top in second practice as Mercedes dominate
  2. Bottas fastest in first practice, Stroll crashes
  3. Get involved #bbcf1

Live Reporting

By Michael Emons

All times stated are UK

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  1. Thanks and goodbye

    We started the day asking if it was going to be another dominant day for Mercedes?

    Two sessions later with Valtteri Bottas at the top of both of them and a Mercedes one-two in the second session and that means there is work for Ferrari to do.

    Their next chance comes tomorrow with third practice. That starts at 11:00 BST so our page will be in action from 10:30 BST. Have a good Friday night and hopefully see you all tomorrow morning.

  2. Bottas fastest in Spain second practice - read the report

    Andrew Benson

    BBC Sport’s chief F1 writer

    Mercedes' Valtteri Bottas

    Valtteri Bottas led Lewis Hamilton as Mercedes dominated second practice at the Spanish Grand Prix with a performance that will worry Ferrari.

    Ferrari have introduced an upgraded engine in Barcelona as the pressure builds to take their first win of the season but lagged behind their rivals.

    Charles Leclerc was 0.301 seconds off the pace, with Ferrari team-mate Sebastian Vettel 0.088secs adrift. Red Bull's Max Verstappen was fifth fastest, 0.751secs slower than Bottas.

    Practice is not always an accurate representation of form in qualifying, and it remains to be seen how the cars will compare when driven to their maximum.

    But 0.3secs is about the average advantage Mercedes have had on pace so far this season.

  3. 'We are one of the four pillars of the championship'

    Here's more from Silverstone's Stuart Pringle, who says: "It costs millions of millions of pounds to put on and I need to have some certainty that we are not going to lose our shirt. We do not have a balance sheet to allow for that at Silverstone.

    "I am only going to sign a deal that is right for our business. Luckily F1 also knows the importance of Silverstone for their business. They recognise that we are one of the four pillars of the championship along with Monza, Monaco and Spa and the Championship would be weaker without us.

    "Interestingly, Italy is also in discussions. They do not want to lose one of us and they do not want to lose both of us. I sincerely hope we will keep it and if we do it will be an acceptable deal for both parties."

  4. 'We can't run something that makes a thumping loss'

    Silverstone during the British Grand Prix in July 2018

    Stuart Pringle, managing director of Silverstone, has just been speaking to Jennie Gow about the potential for a new contract to stage the British Grand Prix, as there is currently no deal in place for 2020.

    He says: "We haven't got it sorted yet, we are continuing to negotiate and planning to get to an agreement so we can keep the British F1 at Silverstone. As soon as we get it sorted, we will let people know.

    "There is always that great debate about whether it is a sport or whether it is a business. I run a business. I am very lucky, it is a very exciting business but it is still a business. We cannot run something that makes a thumping loss year on year.

    "We want to run it, our hearts say 100% we have to run it, our heads say we will run it but on the right terms. Why should I be apologetic about wanting to get a modest profit out of a very risky commercial endeavour? We are taking a huge commercial risk promoting an outdoor event in the United Kingdom."

  5. BreakingBottas fastest in second practice

    Just like in the championship, Valtteri Bottas is fastest, with Lewis Hamilton second but with only 0.049 seconds in it.

    Charles Leclerc in third gets Ferrari bragging rights, 0.088 seconds better than Sebastian Vettel.

    Mercedes Valtteri Bottas
  6. Get Involved #bbcf1

    Friday practice: Keep or get rid?

    Jennifer Harris: Friday practice? Keep it. In fact in Suzuka if you have a three-day ticket you get in on a Thursday for free too. You can do a pit walk and possibly get in on autograph session too. That being said it's done on a lottery basis and it's always Japanese people who win.

    Pedro Miller: Of course Friday practice should stay. As a fan, it’s part of the ‘Show’, a whole weekend..otherwise the cars would be visible for just an hour or two. Bring back Sunday morning practice too!

    Richard Browne: Not sure that anyone who advocates losing FP actually understands motor sport. They don’t do it for fun!

  7. Post update

    A slight concern for Mercedes as Lewis Hamilton says something is wrong with his car. Nothing too serious though as he's still out there.

    Mercedes' Lewis Hamilton
  8. How they stand

    With the long runs going on this is probably how we will finish...

    1. Bottas 1:17.284
    2. Hamilton +0.049
    3. Leclerc +0.301
    4. Vettel +0.389
    5. Verstappen +0.751
    6. Grosjean +0.869
    7. Gasly +0.954
    8. Magnussen +1.071
    9. Sainz +1.374
    10. Kvyat +1.438
    11. Raikkonen +1.443
    12. Albon +1.495
    13. Stroll +1.555
    14. Hulkenberg +1.577
    15. Ricciardo +1.650
    16. Norris +1.757
    17. Giovinazzi +2.143
    18. Perez +2.164
    19. Russell +2.907
    20. Kubica +3.497
  9. Get Involved #bbcf1

    Friday practice: Keep or get rid?

    Francesca Gunn: I can understand why it is there, they need to get use to the track and not fair to try and do that in qualifying. but for watching it, it's kinda boring.

    Eddie Scriven: Get rid, one of the best races we had last year was due to the lack of set up knowledge! Adjustments should be allowed to be made between quali and the race. Will also get the best out of the drivers!

    Mark Meiklejohn: You have to keep Friday practice. How awful would it be from a driver and spectator point of view if you have a minor mechanical issue that rules you out of qualifying. For example, both Valtteri and Max with their oil leaks this morning.

  10. Remembering Senna - 25 years on

    May 1, 1994. A day that will never be forgotten among the Formula 1 community.

    BBC Sport looks back on the day when three-time world champion Ayrton Senna died at the 1994 San Marino Grand Prix.

    Video content

    Video caption: BBC Sport looks back on the fateful day when three-time World Champion Senna lost his life
  11. Get Involved #bbcf1

    Friday practice? Keep or get rid of?

    Tracey Pankhurst: Losing FP1 and 2 wouldn’t bother me too much really as I do like the format of Formula E who have their whole race format on one day. Would Jolyon get rid of a practice session on Saturday before quali or is that still needed?

    Gary Price: Sorry guys totally disagree, #F1 is the pursuit of perfection and being at the cutting edge of automotive excellence so turning up and winging it is not what F1 is able. Don't mess with a winning formula.

    Alex Gates: Replace Practice 1 with something to interest fans (eg classic cars), make Practice 2 2hrs long, and give the drivers 3 or 4 sets of tyres for the session.

  12. Friday practice? Keep or get rid?

    We're having a good chat on 5 Live on whether Friday practice should be scrapped? What do you reckon? Tweet us using #bbcf1

  13. Staying fit for F1 - George Russell's gym routine

    How and why do F1 drivers need to keep fit?

    Williams F1 driver George Russell talks BBC Sport through the punishing fitness regime he follows in order to keep himself in shape to compete at the pinnacle of motorsport.

    Have a watch below.

    Video content

    Video caption: Intense & focused - The fitness regime to make it to F1
  14. Post update

    We seem to have a clear pecking order in the top four teams. Mercedes, then Ferrari, then Red Bull, then Haas.

    But with the next five it is up for grabs between McLaren, Toro Rosso, Alfa Romeo, Racing Point and Renault. Sadly Williams, once again, are well adrift at the back. George Russell is 0.5 seconds ahead of Robert Kubica but 0.8 seconds slower than the Racing Point of Sergio Perez.

  15. Get Involved #bbcf1

    Which drivers are / were lucky to be in Formula 1?

    Mardenski: Surely the worst driver has to be Jean-Denis Delatraz. A driver so slow that the 107% rule was brought in to eliminate drivers of his lack of ability with some cynics nicknaming it the 'Delatraz rule'.

    Carl Ford: Right then @bbcf1 I'm going to be controversial! Stroll is getting a lot of heat for poor performances and rich daddy, but..... Nico Hulkenburg STILL doesn't have a podium in 160+ attempts. p.s I do like the Hulk.

    Ryan: I remember Riccardo Rosset was so slow that he breached the 107% rule a fair amount.

    Riccardo Rosset
    Image caption: Brazilian Riccardo Rosset driving his Lola Ford during the 1997 Australian Grand Prix in Melbourne.
  16. Post update

    Mercedes three tenths faster than Ferrari so far. The gap between the top two of Bottas and Hamilton is only 0.049 seconds. Another crucial qualifying session coming up tomorrow.

    1. Bottas 1:17.284
    2. Hamilton +0.049
    3. Leclerc +0.301
    4. Vettel +0.389
    5. Verstappen +0.751
    6. Grosjean +0.869
    7. Gasly +0.954
    8. Magnussen +1.071
    9. Sainz +1.374
    10. Kvyat +1.438
  17. Post update

    Jennie Gow

    BBC Radio 5 live pit-lane reporter in Spain

    Lewis Hamilton caught a couple of people out by going into the pit box.They were there but not 100% ready. He had his tyres sprayed. A little bit bizarre here, but he is back out again.

    Mercedes' Lewis Hamilton in the pits