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  1. Thank you to our brilliant studio audience

    That's all from the Get Inspired live page for today. Special thanks to everyone who took part.

    Live audience

    Brilliant questions and a great atmosphere! Thanks everyone.

  2. If I can do this, you can too!


    Determined to try something new, Paula encourages women to give it a go. "If I can do this, you can too!"

    Gemma: "It's phenomenal what she did".

    Find out more about Paula's achievements on her website.

  3. Thank you for your great comments

    Thanks to Beth, Gemma and Hannah for sharing their views on women in sport.

    Are you feeling inspired? Share your favourite moments and continue the conversation on twitter on the hashtag #thisgirlcantoo

  4. How do you feel when being active?

    Hear how some women feel when taking part in physical activity at

  5. Your views


    Balerno HS PE Dept Classes enjoying watching @bbcgetinspired #thisgirlcantoo

    Allan L Mann wants to know: As a Scottish parent of a US-soccer-playing daughter, what options are open for her to try out in Scotland?

  6. Biggest obstacles

    Beth Tweddle: "Injury, but it made me stronger and more determined. People asked why don't you pack it in now, but I said 'not a chance' because there was so much I still wanted to achieve."

    Hannah Miley: "Belief. Even when I got to that stage where I was getting good at my sport I was still like a rabbit in headlights at big events. It was about getting to that mindset. Even at 25 at the Commonwealth Games, I was a senior swimmer, I still doubted myself."

    Gemma Fay: "I'm not the tallest person but I play a goalkeeper. I have been this height since I was 12. People always say I'm small for a goalkeeper, and when you constantly hear that it's hard not to let that wear you down and effect your self belief. But I'm the most capped player in Britain and I've done that despite being small. It's about self belief, block out the people who don't think you can."

  7. Your views


    Donna Moule sends in a Tweet for Hannah, and wants to know: At what age did you know you was going to be a professional sportswoman and did it stop you doing other sport?

    Good question. Let's see if Hannah answers, and keep your comments coming via #thisgirlcantoo and @bbcgetinspired

  8. Put your trainers on and go


    Janice: "You won't regret what you have done, but you will regret what you haven't done. Put your trainers on and go"

  9. Is it too late if you're in your late teens?

    Inspirational comments from both Hannah and Beth.

    Hannah Miley: "There's a whole variety of sports out there, it's just a case of trying it. Just try it a little bit and see if you take to it."

    Beth Tweddle: "Just make that change. Have a go. If you tried it and it's not for you, at least you tried it. So many people do it as a social life and to meet friends."

  10. Get involved


    Dingwall ASC: Watching the live Q&A with Hannah Miley, Beth Tweddle and Gemma Fay. Very inspiring conversation RE: women/girls in sport!

    sportscotland: Great to see our very own @JimJam1981 on #ThisGirlCanToo talking about #womeninsport #activegirls

    London Sport Coaching: Inspiring VT that really shows what it's like to be a woman in sport

    Tell us what you think of the Q&A via the hashtag, #thisgirlcantoo, or at @bbcgetinspired

  11. What would you like to see more of in women's sport?

    Gemma Fay: "More coverage and parity. Give people the chance to see what is out there."

    Hannah Miley: "More coverage, a mixture of women's sport in the papers instead of just men's football."

    Beth Tweddle: "We always want more opportunities. A little girl needs to see her sport in the limelight to know that she can go to the Olympics for example."

    Get inspired stage
  12. Family support makes a huge difference

    Hannah Miley

    "Family support makes a huge difference" - Hannah Miley

    Hannah's dad is her coach and her two younger brothers are also keen swimmers.

  13. Susan Egelstaff asks about lack of womens football coverage

    Gemma Fay: "Womens football was banned until the 1960s. It has taken time for it to establish itself not just in Scotland but internationally. It's a slightly different game, a different approach. We would like more coverage, we think we deserve more. We're starting to close the gap but there's a long way to go."

  14. Get involved

    Great comment from Jane via email for Gemma Fay: "Thanks for all your hard work and leadership in goal for Scotland. I have no doubt many girls will be inspired to follow your example."

  15. Gemma Fay on bullying

    "I did get bullied at school, but this is the beauty of sport because it really helped me. I would hide out in the PE department or I would go and play with my football team, and it was a safe haven for me.

    "Eventually I talked to my teachers and one of the parents of my football team, and it helped me."

  16. Hannah Miley on pressure to look good in the public eye:

    "I grew up self-conscious. I remember hiding away, and my coach asking me 'why are you hiding yourself?' and I was embarrassed because others were developing faster than me. She told me 'It doesn't matter, every child develops at a different rate'. She taught me to be proud of myself."

    Hannah Miley
  17. Your views


    @SathanSathy: Why are there not more sports where you can combine male & female athletes? e.g. Ski jumping, sailing etc... no physical advantage.

    @Wrightable11: Want to be in #Glasgow for @bbcgetinspired Q&A #ThisGirlCanToo

    Keep sending in your comments via our hashtag, #thisgirlcantoo or @bbcgetinspired

  18. Childhood influences

    Hannah Miley: One athlete that stood out for me when I was younger, Mistey Hymon. I was watching a swimming final and she was the only person who had a big grin on her face and looked like she really enjoyed it and wanted to be there.

    Gemma Fay: Steffi Graf. I always remember being glued to the TV when she played. Her composure, her ability to hit back after a bad point. The maturity, professionalism and humbleness she showed.

  19. Judy Murray shares her thoughts

    Judy Murray shares her thoughts about exercise: "It's a great cure if you're feeling a bit down - go out and do a little bit of exercise".

    Judy Murray

    Email your thoughts and comments to or Tweet #thisgirlcantoo

  20. Your views


    We've got plenty of viewer questions coming in...

    RYA Scotland: Most athletes start young but how can we get girls starting sailing/sport in their late teens? #ThisGirlCanToo

    Elise Wylie from Greenfaulds High School asks: What inspired you or what influenced you to take up sport?

    What do you want to know? Share your questions or comments at #thisgirlcantoo or via @bbcgetinspired

  21. Attitudes have changed.

    Gemma Fay: "When I was growing up there was a lot more comments around people playing football. I played right up to the age of primary seven but there was girls could not play beyond the age of 12."

    Things have changed as she adds, "especially over the last three or four years the support from the media is getting more from more. A lot of it came from a sexist comment someone made, a long time ago the reaction would have been a lot different than it is now.

  22. Scotland’s most capped women footballer

    Gemma Fay made her Scotland debut at the age of 16, and has now been capped by her country an amazing 180 times.

    Gemma's successful career has seen her play for Celtic, Hibernian and Leeds, winning the Scottish League Cup, Scottish Cup, Scottish Premier League as well as reaching the Women's FA Cup final.

    Scotland skipper Gemma Fay
    Image caption: Scotland skipper Gemma Fay says the future is bright for the nation's women's side

    In 2013 she was inducted into Edinburgh University's Hall of Fame.

  23. Gemma Fay

    "I'm in a team sport, and I get inspiration from others around me. I remember when Hannah Miley won her medal, I remember the buzz around Glasgow and I got inspiration from that."

    Gemma Fey
  24. Double Commonwealth Games gold medallist

    Last summer at Glasgow 2014, Hannah Miley became the first Scottish swimmer ever to win a Commonwealth Gold medal in Scotland.

    She is a double Olympian from Inverurie and took part in her first international competition at the age of 15. Winning the silver medal in European Junior Championships.

    Hannah has added to her medal success with a World Championship gold medal, three European Championship gold medals and two Commonwealth Games Gold medals.

    Hannah Miley

    ...and she has puppy called Flo!

  25. Britain’s most successful gymnast ever

    As promised here is the lowdown on three inspirational panel members. First up, we have the most successful British gymnast ever, Beth Tweddle.

    Beth started gymnastics at the age of 7 and is three-time Olympian, She is the first female gymnast from the UK to win medals at the European Championships, World Championships, and Olympic Games.

    Since announcing her retirement 2013 Beth has dedicated her time to helping young people into sport. What a role model!

  26. Good to go...


    Audience ready...

    UWS Sports Journalism: In the studio ahead of @bbcgetinspired #thisgirlcantoo

    Host Martel Maxwell tweets: going live soon! @bethtweddlenews @JimJam1981 @HannahMiley89 @bbcgetinspired watch 1.30 at #ThisGirlCanToo

    Get involved at our hashtag, #thisgirlcantoo, or at @bbcgetinspired

  27. Nearly there!

    The audience is ready - we're nearly there...

    Studio Audience - Girls Get Inspired Q&A
  28. 'Glad to be back up in Glasgow...'


    Beth Tweddle tweets: Glad to be back up in Glasgow for Live #GetInspired Q&A today with @BBCSport @bbcgetinspired

    Gemma Fay says: On my way to the studio for @bbcgetinspired Q&A with @bethtweddlenews and @HannahMiley89 ! #excited

    Host Martel Maxwell tweets: Hazy sunshine from Dundee to Glasgow SPRING HAS SPRUNG can't wait for #ThisGirlCanToo @bbcgetinspired @BBCSportScot

    They can't wait to get started... get involved - send your comments and questions via our hashtag, #thisgirlcantoo, or @bbcgetinspired

  29. Are you ready...

    Good afternoon and a warm welcome to the Get Inspired live page. Three leading female sporting icons will be sharing their thoughts on young women's participation in sport during our Q & A session. More on the guests later!

    We need you all to get involved today with questions and comments.

    Contact the Get Inspired team via email or post on twitter using the hashtag #ThisGirlCanToo.