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  1. Post update

    A double bogey six for Brian Campbell at the seventh leaves him two under with three to play. With that, it looks like the leaders are secure: Henrik Stenson and Dustin Johnson at five under.

    With that we bid you adieu. It has been a tough day for most, notably Tiger, but this is what major golf is all about. We'll be back to watch all the quality and chaos unfold again from 19:00 BST.

  2. Post update

    The Tiger, Fowler, Oosthuizen have taken a battering this round. Woods brings an end to what has been a painful round with a bogey. He ends 10 over with his third successive round in the 80s. It is also his worst ever round at the US Open.

    Rickie fares even worse, but a par on the last means he finishes 11 over, with Louis recording the best score of seven over.

    All three share a laugh at the end but inside they will all be hurting.

  3. Post update

    Rickie Fowler hits a bunker shot

    Tiger's fourth gets him to the green but he still has a long putt to save par up a ridge on the 18th green. All the attention remains on Woods but Fowler has had a worse day. Five bogeys on the back nine means he is currently 11 over and looking like he is going to drop further shots on the last.

  4. Post update

    There are nine steps leading down into the bunker Tiger has limped into, such is the depth. They might as well install an escalator. He disappears from view as he solemnly makes his way down to half-heartedly chip out to the fairway. He is a broken man.

  5. Post update

    Spieth, Day and Greller look on

    Rose ends with a bogey to drop to two over. Day and Spieth finish with pars to both end on two under.

    Tiger is ending with an absolute whimper. He tries to blast his second on the 18th but tops it to send the ball dribbling into the deep fairway bunker. That will take some shifting. He bows his head. He just wants this to be over now. We all do.

  6. Post update

    Amateur Brian Campbell is writing a great little story for himself in this opening round. He moves to four under with a birdie six. He is tied for third with three to play.

  7. Post update

    Danny Willett hits a drive

    After a good start, England's Danny Willett faded and ended his round two over, with two double bogeys costing him on his back nine. Not a bad score. There are a lot of players who would gladly take it.

  8. Post update

    Tiger makes par at 17. He is salvaging a small amount of pride now at the end of his round. He even affords himself a smile and a joke with Louis Oosthuizen.

  9. Post update

    Woods has to send his putt over the ridge at the 17th green but he doesn't put enough on it and ends up five feet short. Spieth is out of the sand with his second at 18 and gets lucky as his shot skips just past a very deep, very ugly fairway bunker. Day also has to hit out of the sand at 18 and lands his ball right next to Spieth's.

  10. Post update

    Tiger Woods records his score

    Lifted by his birdie on the 16th, Tiger finds the ground to the left of the 17th green. Meanwhile, Spieth finds the bunker on the par-five 18th.

  11. Post update

    Day fails to get down in two and drops a shot at 17. Spieth makes a par to stay two under, as does Rose to stay evens.

    After 15 painful holes, Tiger finally has a birdie at 16, sinking his short-putt second to move back into single figures at nine-over. No such lift for Fowler who bogeys to go 10 over.

  12. What a shot!

    justin Rose celebrates

    What a shot from Justin Rose. He is deep, deep in sand but digs down and finds a subtle chip out to within a few feet. It is absolutely brilliant.

  13. Post update

    We have a clash of balls at 17 as Jordan Spieth's drive to the left of the hole bounces once before crashing into the ball of Jason Day. It has been a popular spot for players on this hole, especially with the bunker that juts into front of the green near the flag. Justin Rose opts for a different line but duffs his iron into a bunker short of the green.

  14. Get involved - text 81111 (UK users only)

    Martin Cee, London: If Woods had anything like self-respect or self-awareness he would retire. Both his game and his confidence are gone. But as long as there are sponsors and appearance money he will continue to embarrass himself and stain his reputation for money.

  15. Post update

    Tiger is battered and bruised but pulls out another subtle stroke to chip to four feet short of the the hole at 16. Fowler looks to follow him but lands a yard further back and is punished with the ball rolling back down the slope and away. These two will have some war stories to tell each other after this round.

  16. Post update

    Jason Day makes a putt

    Spieth sinks a seven footer to save par and remain two under. Day is a foot closer and nails it for a birdie to go three under. Rose has three feet to deal with and makes no mistake. He is even par.

  17. Post update

    Justin Rose is out of the sand and on the green at 16 courtesy of a superb second. Jason Day is chipping from turf, though, and plants his ball about 10 feet away. Jordan Spieth has a brutal putt to contest with, sending the ball dipping, ducking, skipping and rising like the mine cart in Temple of Doom. He still has work to do to get a par. Day could grab a birdie.

  18. Post update

    Joost Luiten plays a shot

    Joost Luiten. We've not mentioned him yet. Well, the Dutchman is suddenly in the reckoning as a birdie at seven courtesy of drilled long putt takes him to two under through 16.

    Two bogeys in three holes (at three and five) has dropped Ben Martin from joint leader to joint fourth.

  19. Post update

    Rose, Day and Spieth are on the 16th tee. Justin and Jordan hit bunkers and Jason initially waits for a train before realising how long it is and driving straight down the fairway.

    Tiger's birdie chance at 15 stays out, stopping just a quarter-roll shy of the hole. Agonising. Uncomfortable. Painful. And that's just watching.

  20. Post update

    Tiger bounces back from a horror hole with an absolute belter of a tee shot to land his ball on the 15th green and about five feet from the hole. It is good birdie chance. Not a flicker of a smile from the American, though.

  21. Post update

    Jordan Spieth lines up a putt

    Spieth drops a shot with a very wayward par putt from 10 feet at 15. It is a tough green and has given very little to players throughout today. The Masters champion drops back to two under.

  22. Post update

    Tiger's woes continue. After all the sand-related problems, he misses a short putt for double bogey. "Oh my god, what are you doing?" someone cries from the crowd. He's falling apart is the simple answer. He is 10 over now. Only Rich Berberian Junior's score of 13 over is worse today.

    Rickie Fowler is not faring much better than Tiger. He is nine over after another bogey.

  23. Post update

    There were 36 players under par about 45 minutes ago. There are now only 28.

  24. Post update

    Justin Rose looks frustrated

    Justin Rose joins the sand party by plugging his ball in a different bunker at 15 to the one in which Day is buried. Chambers Bay is getting nasty.

  25. Post update

    Tiger goes from one bunker to another at 14, plugging in the second. The only way this could get worse for him is if the Sarlacc is waiting for him when he gets there. He is seven over at the moment. What he emerges from this hole at, who knows?

    Jason Day, who is four under, doesn't fare much better on 15 by finding the bunker to the left of the green, in which his ball becomes nearly submerged in sand. With the flag at the front of the green his chances of getting near are slim to none.

  26. Who's your caddy?

    Steve Williams and Tiger Woods

    How much difference does a top-notch, knowledgeable caddy make to a player? Jack Nicklaus and Angelo Argea, Tiger Woods and Steve Williams, Happy Gilmore and that bearded hobo. The world's best have always trusted in a top bag man and Jordan Spieth may just have the stellar shot-sage on his side this week.

    The Masters champion's man Michael Greller grew up near Chambers Bay and knows the course well, an advantage that could be crucial on this testing and somewhat mysterious links.

    For an insight into the challenge Chambers Bay poses, have a watch of this guide from BBC Sport's Caroline Rigby.

  27. Post update

    Jordan Spieth's caddy Michael Greller dishes out some good advice to his player, who steps up and plants his 10 foot putt straight into the hole at 14 for a par. Spieth remains three under.

  28. Post update

    It must be that bit more daunting at the moment for Tiger to be stood in front of the 14, with all its sandy traps, and consider what to do. He smacks his tee shot about 60 yards wide of where he was aiming and finds the dust.

  29. Post update

    Jason Day simply refuses to hold back. He gives everything a belt. It serves him well, though, as a lovely iron shot puts him about six feet from the hole at 14 and with a good chance of going to four under. Tiger makes it three consecutive bogey fives at 13 to go seven over. It is painful to watch.

  30. Post update

    Jordan Spieth hits a big drive

    Jordan Spieth beats the sand at 14 with a superb drive that plants itself bang in the middle of the fairway. Brian Campbell sends a long-range putt scampering towards the second hole but it pulls up, denying him a share of the lead.

  31. Post update

    The wind is causing chaos now. Fowler and Oosthuizen fail to put enough on their second shots at 13 and the balls end up rolling back down the slope to a bunker. Tiger hacks out and then plants his next shot on the green. It is a good third, but it should have been his second.

  32. Post update

    Justin Rose sends a 15-footer on its way at 13, looking for a birdie. It looks good as it sets out but ends up right of the hole as the green fails to yield the expected turn.

    Meanwhile, Spieth is having no trouble. He makes it a hat-trick of successive birdie threes to go to three under with five to play.

    Tiger belts a drive at 13 but misses the widest fairway on the course.

  33. Post update

    Tiger Woods looks dejected

    There is no conviction whatsoever in the shortish putt Tiger offers at 12. That certainly wasn't the fault of the surface, just a sheer misreading of the contours to send the ball a good couple of inches past the hole right to take him to six over. The American has an awful lot on his mind right now. And most of his thoughts will be as gloomy as his outfit.

  34. Post update

    Justin Rose hits a great first shot at 13 and follows it with a belting second to hit the green and give himself a putt in the teens for birdie. He's been very steady so far the Englishman. All pars but for two birdies and a bogey.

  35. Post update

    Oh dear Danny Willett. He has a foot and a half for a bogey at five and misses. A double takes him back to even.

  36. Post update

    Tiger Woods' major drought stats
  37. Post update

    Tiger looks lost. He stands, hands on hips as he figures out how to get his ball back off a path at the 12th and back on to the fairway. Four practice swings give his iron a good scuffing before he chips up and onto the green, with a long birdie putt. From that position it is a job well done.

  38. What a shot!

    Oh, Rickie Fowler! He hits a storming drive at the par-four 12 - the hole that has already produced a string of eagles - and he comes within an inch or two of a hole in one as his ball reverses from the back of the green to dribble just past the hole. Almost a hole in one. On a par four! He settles for a much-needed eagle to improve to seven over.

  39. Post update

    Ben Martin

    Ben Martin goes to five under with a superb putt across the second green. It is uphill, into the wind but he hits it firm, true and home. Joint leader, sir.

    Meanwhile, Spieth has a second birdie on the bounce at 12 to go two under. Moves are being made.

  40. Post update

    Tiger at the 11th. Out of the rough on the edge of the fairway. He gets it up and out and on to the green but still with plenty to do. It is a birdie chance but it would have to be a superb putt to get him there.

    Justin Rose uses the slopes well at 12 to make amends for a slightly wayward drive and give himself the chance to putt for birdie.

  41. Post update

    Jordan Spieth tees off

    Jordan Spieth is warming to the task now, just as the wind starts to blow. His tee shot at 12 lands on the green and uses the contours well to curl round the back, creep back towards the hole before settling 15 or 20 feet shy of the target.

    A fourth birdie in his first nine holes has moved amateur Brian Campbell to four under.

  42. Post update

    The wind is definitely picking up, which won't be welcomed by the players. Well, not the ones out on the course at least. The likes of Dustin Johnson and Henrik Stenson will be more than happy that a breeze is picking up.

    American Tony Finau has propelled himself into a tie for fifth by becoming the latest man to eagle 12.

  43. Post update

    Spieth's approach shot to 11 was key, giving him a simple putt, which is sinks with ease to move to -1. Could the Masters champ be set for a back-nine charge up the leaderboard?

  44. Post update

    Tiger Woods smiles

    Tiger completes a quality up and down at 10 by sinking his putt and saving par. It may not improve his score but it could well be the belief-booster the 14-time major winner needs.

  45. Post update

    No trio is suffering as much as that of Woods, Fowler and Oosthuizen, who make the turn at a combined +16. But they have talent to spare as Woods shows with a chip from a plugged lie in a green-side bunker at the 10th, which he digs out and lands softly at the front of the green to allow it to trickle down near to the hole. We don't see it as often these days, but he still has genius in him.

    Jordan Spieth's second shot to the 11th green is a belter as it lands at the front of the green and curls round to settle a few feet from the hole. Chance for him to improve his current even score.

  46. Post update

    Ben Martin, currently a shot on the lead after a superb 10-18, starts well on the first with a lovely drive down the fairway. He is one of 34 players currently under par. So it is possible to match this course. Just not very easy.

  47. Post update

    Thanks Pete. Well, when I left you, this course still had a bit of moisture in it and Dustin Johnson and Henrik Stenson had carded very impressive 65s. But Chambers Bay is dry as a bone now and it is dishing out some punishment. Poor Rickie Fowler has been hammered in the last four holes. He manages to find the fairway at the 10th, though. As does Tiger.

  48. Post update

    Rickie Fowler makes his way to the next hole

    At least Danny Willett's birdie putts are going within a foot. On the ninth, Tiger's birdie putt leaves him with a couple of feet for par, but this time he rolls it in and he reaches the turn four over.

    What has happened to Rickie Fowler though? He has imploded. A triple-bogey six and he is eight over at the turn. I'll repeat that. Rickie Fowler is eight over after nine holes. While I try find out how that happened, here's Phil Dawkes to see you through to the close...

  49. Post update

    We move on to Danny Willett and he's shaking his head again. A third successive birdie putt fails to threaten the hole. He will be encouraged by his tee to green play but he needs his putter to get hot and quickly. Two under after 12. However, his next five holes are all 475 yards or further and only one is a par five...

  50. Post update

    The Puget Sound, the water that borders the course, has looked like a millpond all day but it's just starting to break a little on top, an indication that the wind is getting a little fresher. That's the last thing the players need on top of crusty greens.

    I've just watched a replay of Jimmy Gunn's tee shot on the short 15th. He landed his ball in a space between two bunkers that could only be five yards wide and that allowed the ball to funnel down right towards the hole. Great shot-making.

  51. Post update

    Danny Willett plays a shot

    Another tap-in par for Danny Willett. But that means he's missed another birdie chance - this time from 10 feet - but two under after 11 and going along just swell.

    Scotland's Jimmy Gunn responds to dropping a shot on the 14th in fine fashion, pinging his tee shot to a couple of feet on the short 15th and nonchalantly knocking in for birdie to get back to two under.

  52. Post update

    Rickie Fowler plays a shot from the bunker

    Australia's Jason Day snakes in a birdie putt on the ninth and he's suddenly up to two under. Playing partner Justin Rose from a similar angle takes two for par.

    Tiger Woods rattles his birdie putt by on the eighth and he's staring at a three-footer for par. He starts it outside the left-edge of the hole and it finally curls in.

    Rickie Fowler's challenge is fading. He is playing with Tiger and opened with five pars. But a run of double bogey, bogey, double bogey has dropped the American to five over.

  53. Post update

    There's a bit of movement at the business end of the leaderboard. Ben Martin has birdied 16 to get to four under, one behind joint leaders Henrik Stenson and Dustin Johnson.

    South Africa's Branden Grace is three under after nine, while amateur Brian Campbell is three under after six. Three pars and three birdies. Simple golf.

  54. Post update

    Tiger Woods looks disappointed

    Bizarre scenes on the par-five eighth. Tiger, with the ball about four feet below his stance, hacks out of the rough. The ball flies over the fairway and ends up in the rough on the left of the fairway. It's the club everyone is watching though as it slips out of Tiger's hands and ends up over his shoulder and 20 feet behind him.

    But he has a shot to the green with his third and it's a great bit of scrambling, the ball coming to rest 20 feet from the pin - birdie anyone?

  55. Post update

    Danny, Danny, Danny...another birdie chance for Mr Willett. This time he's on the first and he's about six feet away. His putter kisses the ball with the lightest of touches and it meanders millimetres wide. He's two under after 10. The same score as Scotland's Jimmy Gunn. Par, birdie, birdie, par. Nice.

  56. Post update

    BBC Radio 5 live

    BBC Radio 5 Live's Christopher Jones at Chambers Bay: "Although the course hasn't been the minefield many were predicting ahead of the tournament - the likes of Dustin Johnson and Henrik Stenson made the most of the helpful morning conditions - there has been a fair bit of consternation from the players here over the state of the Chambers Bay greens. A diplomatic Rory McIlroy says they 'aren't the best"', while Colin Montgomerie was a little more forthright when he spoke to 5live after his impressive round of 69: 'The green surfaces for a major championship are very poor," he said. "They are very, very poor surfaces. No one is going to putt well consistently on these greens.'"

  57. Post update

    Jordan Spieth

    Jordan Spieth has a straight one for eagle on the eighth. It can only be four feet but he's pushed that. A birdie it is then and back to level for the Masters champion. Justin Rose's birdie attempt sneaks by and he is also level par.

  58. Post update

    We've not heard from Justin Rose for a while. Here he is on the par-five eighth. He's had to lay-up short with his second and flicks a wedge to 15 feet with his third. A birdie chance and an opportunity to get back to one under.

    Back on the tee and Tiger Woods sends the marshals scrambling down the bank way right. He slams his driver in frustration and then points right, no further than that. That's close to 60 yards off the fairway. The marshal plonks a pink flag next to his ball. I guarantee if you or I had hit that, it would be a lost ball.

  59. Get involved via #bbcgolf writer Brian Wacker on Twitter: lowest score shot in competition at #ChambersBay before today was the same guy who shot 66 and is one back (Patrick Reed).

  60. Post update

    Tiger Woods is having a solid seventh hole. Decent drive, decent iron, decent putt and tap in for par. Danny Willett two-putted for birdie on the 18th and the Englishman is two under halfway through his round.

  61. Post update

    Lee Westwood in action

    A quick look round some of the other Brits. England's Ian Poulter has birdied the fourth and is back to one over, while compatriot Lee Westwood has bogeyed 13, 14 and 15 after opening with three pars and is three over. Northern Ireland's Darren Clarke and Englishman Luke Donald are both two over, while Scotland's Stephen Gallacher is three over after six.

    America's Rich Berberian Jr is propping up the field. He had a 13-over-par 83 earlier in the day. Four double bogeys and five bogeys.

  62. Pain and gain

    Tiger Woods

    Tiger Woods may not be the force he once was, but the American is a man with a plan. He says he must endure short-term pain to become a dominant force once again. The 39-year-old, 14-time major winner, now ranked a career low 195th in the world, has made a series of changes to his swing in recent years and believes it will not be long before he sees the benefits.

    "It's short-term suffering for long-term gain," said Woods, who carded the worst score (85) and four-round total (302) of his career at the Memorial Tournament in Ohio earlier this month. "Sometimes you have to make a shift and I did. When I've made changes in the past I've struggled through it. I've come out on the good side. I had to make a commitment and I have.

    "At Memorial, I made another baseline shift, just like I did pre-Masters. And it's rough going through it. Obviously I've got to do it in front of the world and sometimes it's tough. I've got to suck it up and do it.

  63. Post update

    The screams, whoops and hollers aside the sixth green are reduced to hushed whispers as Tiger Woods pulls his four-foot par putt and that's another shot gone. Four over par. After six holes.

  64. Post update

    Any guesses what Paul Casey will shoot on the 16th? He's gone bogey, par, birdie, par, birdie, par for his opening six holes.

    Up on the 18th, Danny Willett of England smashes a fairway wood on to the back level of the green and he's got a dozen feet for eagle. He's one under through eight holes.

  65. Post update

    Brian Campbell hits his tee shot

    Brian Campbell, a 22-year-old American amateur is off to a terrific start. Birdies on 11 and 12 and he is at two under after three.

    Back to the trials and tribulations of Tiger. He's checked the putt from behind the ball, behind the hole, to the left, to the right. He sets up and strokes the putt 10 feet to the right but it's not enough borrow and he's got a short par putt.

  66. Get involved via #bbcgolf

    Andrew Priestley: Stenson playing beautifully. His iron play is among the best in the world, couple that with a hot putter and he is very dangerous.

    Mark Yates: I went for Matsuyama and Adam Scott, both e/w... nearly followed my heart for Monty too, he couldn't, could he?!

    Oli Poole: Camilo Villegas just took 4 shots to get out of bunker at the US Open. I did that last weekend. Pleased I've reached the standard!

  67. Post update

    Tiger Woods stands in front of crowds

    Big screams, whoops and hollers from the side of the sixth green alerts us to Tiger Woods's approach. There's suddenly a spring in his step as the ball finds the heart of the green. Most players wouldn't get a reception like that if they got within five feet, never mind 25 as Tiger's did. He's still the big draw.

  68. Post update

    All sorts of nonsense on the 12th for Colombia's Camilo Villegas. We find him in the greenside bunker for one - it's a driveable par-four remember. He's got a rules official with him and they are dropping and re-dropping the ball. Eventually he takes a swipe and his ball comes back to rest in the sandy hole he's just made.

    A couple of more swipes follow before he finally gets it out with his fourth attempt. A triple bogey seven and he drops from two under to one over just like that. Who said the 12th was an eagle-fest?

  69. Post update

    BBC Radio 5 live

    BBC Radio 5 Live's Christopher Jones at Chambers Bay: "Colin Montgomerie was delighted on the whole with his day's work: 'Today's 69 was super. To be out there and break 70 was more than I was expecting.'

    The U.S. senior open champion added he was taking inspiration from Tom Watson's performance at Turnberry in 2009: 'If Tom Watson can do what he did at 59, that's given everybody over 50 hope,' the Scot added."

  70. Post update

    Colin Montgomerie walks towards the scoring area

    Aye. A special one-under-par 69 for Colin Montgomerie today. Perhaps the finest golfer never to win a major? Now there's a statement.

    The finest golfer to win 14 majors rolls in his par putt. It was a bit closer than four feet on further inspection but putts of that length are no longer the certainties they once were for Mr Woods.

  71. Get involved - text 81111 (UK users only)

    Alan Milne in North Somerset: Not much mention of Monty's great round today! Maybe there's still time for his 1st major!!

  72. Post update

    Tiger Woods has a lengthy birdie putt on the fifth. It's close but not close enough and he's got a four-foot knee-knocker coming back. On the sixth, Justin Rose out of the long grass and he's coming up short and in the sand. Playing partners Jordan Spieth and Jason Day from the short stuff both find the green.

  73. Post update

    Paul Casey in action

    Paul Casey is one of 32 players currently under par after picking up his second birdie of the day on the par-four 14th. The Englishman is one under. Scotland's Jimmy Gunn is also at one under after a birdie on the 11th. And we all know what hole is coming next, so he'll be at three under in a minute then...

  74. Get involved

    On the back of Gavin's tweet, who are you backing? Will Tiger turn his fortunes around or will his week be cut short? And what do you make of this course? Does your local municipal have better greens? You can get in touch via text on 81111 or tweet #bbcgolf

  75. Get involved via #bbcgolf

    Gavin Walker: Normally look for Stenson in any tournament but didn't give the man a moments thought today! How wrong was I?!?!

  76. Post update

    Ernie Els hits his tee shot

    Theodore Ernest Els, winner of the US Open in 1994 and 1997, is level after seven. One birdie, one bogey and five pars for the Big Easy.

    He's not the top South African out on the course. Branden Grace holds that honour. He is two under after five holes, having been one of the eight men to eagle the par-four 12th.

  77. Get involved via #bbcgolf

    Managing editor of Mike McAllister on Twitter: Eight eagles recorded thus far in Rd. 1. None on the two par-5 holes. All eight at the drivable par-4 12th.

  78. Post update

    No such problems for Ben Martin. The world number 54 is three under after three holes. A birdie at the 11th was followed by an eagle at the par-four 12th. And from nowhere the American is tied fourth.

    Ian Poulter implores his ball to "go all the way up that ridge" on the fourth. It does and he's got a 30-footer for birdie. He's settled down a bit with a brace of pars after his double bogey opening.

  79. Post update

    Tiger Woods on the green

    Tiger out with the flatstick from off the front of the fourth green - is that an indication of how he is feeling about his chipping, which has been problematic in recent months? Regardless, that's a decent effort and he's got half a dozen feet for par.

    But the American's woes continue. His putt is on line but it's short, by an inch. He taps in one handed, collects his ball and wanders off shaking his head. Three over after four holes.

  80. Post update

    For those of you wondering what's happening to Tiger, he's prowling in the sand to the right of the fourth fairway after another wayward drive. He smashes the ball up towards the edge of the green but he's got work to do again to save par.

    Up on the driveable par-four 12th and America's Gary Woodland hits an absolute peach. The ball skips up the right side of the green before curling round off the bank and settling 10 feet beyond the pin - big eagle chance.

  81. Post update

    Back on the fourth and Justin Rose gives a shot back - a three-putt on what Colin Montgomerie has called "the worst green on the course". Rose's ball bobbled and bounced a bit on the crusty surface. No trouble for Jason Day though and the Australian gets the shot back he dropped at the third.

  82. Post update

    JB Holmes in action

    JB Holmes has had four birdies in his opening seven holes and is looking good at three under. Although, as I type that, he leaks his tee shot on the par 17th out right and that looks for a moment like it's heading towards the train track. It dives into the greenside bunker. Good start for the American though.

  83. Post update

    Luke Donald plays a shot

    Up on 16 and Luke Donald has another look at a birdie but it's a treacherous downhill affair and he doesn't hit it with any conviction and it dribbles away to the left. But that's another par and with the greens getting more unreliable as the day progresses, one over might not be too bad by the close of play.

  84. Get involved via #bbcgolf

    Sergio Garcia, who carded an opening-round even-par 70, on Twitter: Happy with my Even par round today although it could've been a bit better by the way I played but this greens are as bad as the look on TV.

    I think a championship of the caliber of the US Open deserves better quality green surfaces that we have this week but maybe I'm wrong!

  85. Post update

    The state of the greens is coming under scrutiny. I've heard them referred to as "putting on frozen cauliflower" today. Here's what Sergio Garcia thinks...

  86. Post update

    Two putts again for Tiger Woods but because he's on the green in regulation, that's the first par of the round for the 14-time major winner. He's two over through three.

    Justin Rose goes way left with his approach to the fourth and the ball snakes back down towards the flag off the slope. Jordan Spieth is a little more direct with his effort from the sand and his ball skips a long way past. Jason Day from the middle of the fairway and he stops his ball dead by the hole.

  87. Post update

    Tiger Woods in action

    Tiger Woods finds the dance floor on the short third with a towering nine iron. On the fourth Justin Rose belts his driver down the middle and it skips merrily along another 70-80 yards. Jordan Spieth is not quite so accurate and is way right on the beach - that really can't be described as a bunker. It's massive.

  88. Post update

    A rare sighting of Luke Donald. The Englishman is on the 15th tee and fires his first 15 feet beyond the flag. A chance to get back to level. Back on the first and Ian Poulter has had a miserable start.

    Poults missed the fairway, couldn't get to the green with his second and three-putted for a double-bogey six. I guess the only way is up from there.

    A remarkable shot from another Englishman on the 12th. Paul Casey hits his approach from greenside rough a good 30 feet past the hole but the ball hits the brakes, finds reverse gear and backs up to about a foot from the cup. Birdie time.

  89. Post update

    Justin Rose tees off

    Up on three and Jordan Spieth is stalking the green, eyeing up all the bumps and for once he leaves a putt short. Four feet for par and in she pops. Justin Rose gives the bottom of his putter its usual wipe before he addresses his 15-foot putt. Another birdie chance slides by but he will be content to be one under after three.

  90. Post update

    Tiger Woods comes up short with his hack out of the rough on two and lands in one of the many many bunkers that litter the Chambers Bay course. He splashes out but has another 15 feet to go to save par. That dives right late on though and it's a bogey-bogey start for the three-time US Open champion.

  91. Post update

    Tiger Woods walks to his first tee

    You have to stay awake, if nothing else, you'll want to know how Tiger is doing as he tries to win his first major in eight years. He takes an iron for safety off the second tee but slides it out right and he's in the cabbage again.

    Up on the par-three third and Jordan Spieth fires at the flag but the ball drifts away to the left edge and he's at least 40 feet from the pin.

  92. Post update

    My wife has just emailed me to tell me she's off to bed. I trust none of you will be following her lead? We're in this for the long haul, right?

    Ireland's Shane Lowry finds the green with his second shot on his first hole, the 10th. Over on two, Jordan Spieth races a birdie putt three feet by and is just as aggressive with his return putt but gravity takes over. Justin Rose a little less aggressive with his effort but it stays up and he taps in for par to stay one under.

  93. Post update

    Thanks Phil - sterling effort. I join you with Tiger Woods on the first green, 18 feet from the hole and that dribbles just left and it's a nudge in for a bogey five. The world number 195 shakes his head as a slopes off the green.

    Good news for Justin Rose fans though. His second to the second is in to the guts of the green and he's a makeable birdie chance to go two under.

  94. Post update

    And with that I hand you over to Mr Peter Scrivener, who will guide you through the early holes of the rounds of Tiger, Spieth, Rose et al.

  95. Tiger at the US Open

    Tiger Woods

    Tiger Woods has left an indelible mark on US Open history courtesy of his victory at Pebble Beach in 2000 by a still record 15-stroke margin in what Sports Illustrated described as "the greatest performance in golf history." It was the first victory of his 'Tiger slam', which saw the American hold all four of golf's major titles at the same time. He would go on to win the US Open twice more - in 2002 and 2008.

    It has been a long time since Tiger has shone at the event, though. Since his joint fourth-placed finish in 2010, he has failed to appear at the event twice (2011 and 2014), tied for 21st in 2012 and finished joint 32nd in 2013.

    Question is, will Tiger be lifted to past heights by memories of his former glories or crushed embarrassingly under the weight of such achievements he can never again match?

  96. Post update

    Cole Hammer plays a shot

    Tiger salvages well with his third shot at the first, chipping from up on the hill to keep his ball high of the hole and with a chance of a putt to save par.

    Meanwhile, young Cole Hammer has closed his round with a par on his last to end seven over. A fine effort, considering he was born this century.

  97. Post update

    Woods' second at the first. "Oh Tiger" he says after the shot, berating himself for an ugly one that leaves the ball high of the hole and in the thick grass. When it goes wrong, the rhythm of his stroke simply isn't there.

    And what has Rickie Fowler just done? Whether it was a shank or not, the connection is awful but the ball still skips along the hard fairway and onto the first green.

  98. Post update

    After a magnificent approach shot to put his ball within three feet of the hole, Luke Donald sinks his first birdie at the 13th - his fourth hole. That'll put the Englishman in a much better mood after he started with two bogeys on 10 and 11.

  99. Post update

    Spieth's first putt - his third shot at the first - pulls up short but he taps in to start with a par. Rose has an easy job to sink from a few feet to start with a birdie. That is how you start a major.

  100. Post update

    Tiger is welcomed to the first tee by big cheers and applause. Lots of eyes will be on him today, whether that is in the hope of seeing a return to form or rubbernecking at a potential car crash. His first drive is a good one, shaping left before fading back on to the fairway. A good start.

  101. What a shot!

    Jordan Spieth on the green

    What a beautiful second shot from Justin Rose to put his ball close to the hole on the first green. You can't afford to be left in your approach and the Englishman did not err, settling two feet in front of the flag.

    Jordan Spieth is on the green but has a much longer putt to tackle. Jason Day follows his monster drive with the worst of the second shots, leaving him high on the top side of the putting surface.

  102. Post update

    Jordan Spieth is away with a drive that he plants in the middle of the first fairway. Jason Day follows him and creams one along the same line and past the American's ball. Justin Rose completes three good drives by also finding the strip.

  103. Get involved - text 81111 (UK users only)

    Scott, Edinburgh: The greens only look "atrocious" as they dont have the dye on them that other TV courses have. I like watching this course. Far more interesting than usual.

  104. Post update

    Darren Clarke goes from sublime to ridiculous on hole one with a long-iron second shot to within a few feet of the hole, followed by a shocking putt that goes left past the hole. That first green is full of bobbles but it would be very generous to let Clarke off on that one.

  105. Get involved via #bbcgolf

    Joint-leader Dustin Johnson on Twitter: Very happy with my round today, but lots of golf left. Love it here!! #USOpenChambersBay

  106. Post update

    Jordan Spieth

    Jordan Spieth will hit the course in about five minutes time, teeing off with Australia's Jason Day and England's Justin Rose, the 2013 champion.

  107. Get involved - text 81111 (UK users only)

    Richard Corke: Who's going to say it? The greens at Chambers Bay are in atrocious condition. We'd be very unhappy with anything as bad at Southport & Ainsdale (NW UK so climate no excuse!)

  108. Rory's verdict

    Rory McIlroy, who shot a two-over 72: "I thought the course was set up well. It was set up so you can score well. It is out there with the conditions as there is no breeze. If anything it reiterated what I was thinking coming in to this week that you can be really aggressive with your tee shots and go for certain pins. It is not a typical US Open where you have to play a game of chess. I need more of the games from tee to green and try to figure something on the greens."

  109. Post update

    Stenson's thoughts

    Henrik Stenson celebrates

    Henrik Stenson was content with his opening round as he holed four birdies in his final five holes to join Dustin Johnson as clubhouse leader.

    Here's his thoughts: "I had a great start but then had a couple of frightening holes in the middle of the front nine. But I holed some bombs late on. It is a tricky course. I think they did a good job setting it up. I'm expecting a few more five-under-par rounds and then (the USGA) could easily make it a different animal by the end of the week."

  110. Post update

    Tiger Woods continues to warm up on the practice range. He is kitted out entirely in black. Let's hope that isn't an ominous sign. He is due to start his round at 22:28 BST along with fellow American Rickie Fowler and South Africa's Louis Oosthuizen.

  111. Post update

    Dustin's verdict

    Here's a few words from our joint clubhouse leader Dustin Johnson: "I got off to a great start. drove the ball really well, hit some good irons and had a lot of good looks at birdies and for the most part I played really solid.

    "There are a few holes where you have an advantage if you can fly it 290+ yards but you've still got to hit good drives."

  112. Post update

    Colin Montgomerie in action

    Colin Montgomerie sinks a par putt on his final hole to break 70 and end with a one-under 69.

    Patrick Reed claims a birdie on the ninth to end his round four under, a shot off the current lead.

  113. Post update

    A couple of names we've not mentioned yet: Francesco Molinari and Jason Dufner. The Italian former hit four birdies and two bogeys in a two-under round of 68. The Ameerican latter has a matching record with a chance to better it with a good showing on the 18th.

  114. Post update

    Patrick Reed gets a lovely big bounce to send his tee shot skipping from the front to the middle of the ninth green and within 15 feet of the hole. If he can sink that he'll finish a shot off the clubhouse lead.

  115. Post update

    Rory McIlroy
  116. Post update

    Kaymer salvages par on the ninth to finish two over before handing over to Rory, who misses his shorter effort, sending the ball skipping a few feet past. The Northern Irishman's putting has simply not been good enough. He finishes seven shots off the clubhouse lead on two over par.

  117. Post update

    Leaderboard (US unless stated)

    -5 D Johnson, H Stenson (Swe)

    -4 P Reed

    -3M Kuchar

    -2 C Gribble, J Dufner 17


    -1 P Mickelson, C Montgomerie (Sco) 17

    +2 R McIlroy (NI)

  118. Post update

    Henrik Stenson holds up his ball

    McIlroy plays a good bunker shot to leave his ball 10 or so feet short of the hole at the ninth. Kaymer's long putt flies past to give him eight feet for par.

    Henrik Stenson has had a belting last nine holes. He makes it four birdies in his last five holes with one at the 18th. He is now tied for the lead with Dustin Johnson. Lovely stuff from the Swede.

  119. Post update

    Martin Kaymer is on the green with his tee shot on his last hole, the ninth. Rory McIlroy looks to better it but is five yards short of where he needed to be and dribbles back into the bunker at the front of the green.

  120. Post update

    Sergio Garcia and Dustin Johnson

    Sergio Garcia comes within an inch of a birdie on his last with a 20-foot putt that will give Dustin Johnson a good idea of the line he needs to follow. The American is agonisingly short of completing one of the great up and downs. He ends with a bogey to finish five under.

    Adam Scott bogeys as well to finish on a level-par 70, the same total as Sergio.

  121. Post update

    After suffering at the hands of the insane slope on eight, Rory chips back on to the green to give himself a birdie chance from 10 feet, which he comes agonisingly close to sinking. Just an inch in it as the ball doesn't quite swing enough.

    Take a bow Dustin Johnson. He takes a big risk with a weighty chip from the very edge of a bunker on the ninth - his last - to send it up the slope of the green and back down, flirting with disaster before settling to give him a possible putt.

    Adam Scott has an even tougher chip out from the front lip of a bunker on the same hole and comes close to success but falls just in to another bunker right in front of the hole.

  122. Post update

    Dustin Johnson on his last hole. He finds one of the bunkers to the left of the green. That will make for a very tough shot, chipping out to a downhill slope.

    Adam Scott follows the leader straight into the sand.

  123. Post update

    Rory McIlroy reacts

    Dustin Johnson salvages a par five at his penultimate hole. It keeps him six under, but it could have been so much better for the leader.

    The course is cruel to Rory McIlroy, who fires his second to the eighth straight at the flag and on to the green but suffers the same fate as Johnson just a few minutes earlier as his ball rolls away to the right and off the green down the slope. Just one more yard to the left and he would have been OK. Damn you Chambers Bay, damn you!

  124. Post update

    Dustin Johnson hasn't made many mistakes this round but he has just dropped a bit of a clanger at the eighth, his 17th, opting to chip with his third shot from just short of the green. He lands it on the slope and watches in horror as it flies off down the slope.

    Birdie for Marc Warren at 15 courtesy of a solid 15 foot putt. The Scot is back to one under.

  125. Post update

    Henrik Stenson lines up his putt

    Never mind brown, some of these greens are grey. Stenson lines up another birdie at the 17th and send a long putt on its way. It looks as though it is going to drop but ends up just an inch to the left. Agonisingly close for the Swede, who is joint second on four under.

  126. Past winners

    As you can see from this list of past US Open winners since 2005, champions in the event come in all shapes, sizes and nationalities. Although the last five years have had a European feel...

    2014 Martin Kaymer (Ger) 2013 Justin Rose (Eng) 2012 Webb Simpson (US) 2011 Rory McIlroy (NI) 2010 Graeme McDowell (NI) 2009 Lucas Glover (US) 2008 Tiger Woods (US) 2007 Angel Cabrera (Arg) 2006 Geoff Ogilvy (Aus) 2005 Michael Campbell (NZ)

  127. Post update

    Rory McIlroy's putting continues to let him down. He three putts at seven, having been on the green in two, to drop a shot and move to one over.

  128. Post update

    Graeme McDowell in action

    We've not seen much from 2010 champion Graeme McDowell so far but he is nearing the end of his round, which has included two birdies, three bogeys and a double bogey to leave him three over.

  129. Post update

    Stenson's sole possession of second doesn't last long, though, as Patrick Reed sinks a 12 footer at the sixth to claim a birdie and join the Swede on four under.

  130. Post update

    Dustin Johnson shows no mercy to the ball on the par-five eighth. He absolutely belts it and finds the fairway. He can be on in two from there.

    Henrik Stenson is on a roll. A three at the 16th makes it three birdies on the bounce and he is up to second on four under.

  131. Post update

    Dustin Johnson celebrates

    Dustin Johnson is having an extraordinary day. His big-hitting ways were predicted by many to be a bonus on this course and so it is proving. His short-game hasn't been the worst, either. Another birdie at the seventh - his sixth of the day - has sent him six under for a three-shot lead.

  132. Post update

    Mickelson has about 10 feet to deal with, but no putt is easy on this and he misses by an inch or two. He then sinks his final putt of the round to pick up a par and finish with a one-under-par round of 69.

    Bubba claims a 70 in his opening round.

  133. Post update

    Bubba Watson reacts

    Right then, what is Bubba going to pull out the bag here? It is an impossible putt, which is miles away and has a huge sloping green with added lumps in it to contest with. He swings it high but way past the hole. "Way off!" shouts one fan incredulously from the stand, not quite understanding just how tough that was.

    His next effort, to try and finish with a birdie, is better but still leaves him with a few feet to take care of.

  134. Post update

    It is not quite going for McIlroy at the moment. He is searching for a big putt to kick-start things again but it doesn't come at five where he strokes an eight-foot effort just past. But that's an eighth successive par for the world number one who stays level par.

  135. Post update

    Phil Mickelson gives a thumbs-up

    Bubba is not a happy man at the 18th. Not sure why. He has a minefield of bunkers in front of him and finds his way through them to the green. It'll be a beast of a putt on that up and down green but it could have been a lot worse.

    Mickelson makes it look easy with an iron shot that lands the ball within about 10 feet of the hole. He's on to finish with a birdie.

  136. Post update

    Matt Kuchar waves to the crowd

    Super putt from Matt Kuchar, who has a monster to contest with at seven and gets it close. He should make par from there. Up goes the rallying cry from the Kuuuuuch backers.

    Cody Gribble finishes with a 68. Great name. Good round.

  137. Post update

    There is a very good chance that the golfers who have played this morning at Chambers Bay will have the best of the conditions. The ground already has a brownish as opposed to green tinge and it is drying out rapidly. That could make for some interesting play this afternoon.

    Mickelson is back in the sand on the 18th from his tee shot. Dustin Johnson is an inch short with his putt on six, preventing him from going six under.

  138. Post update

    Martin Kaymer

    Defending US Open champion Martin Kaymer was very philosophical when asked about his struggles in the Masters, where his highest finish is joint 31st.

    The German had a rollercoaster first four holes at Chambers Bay, starting with a par, followed by bogey, eagle, and double bogey. He is currently level par through 13.

  139. Get involved via #bbcgolf

    Scott Kelly: Want Tiger to do well this wkend and return to his best. Saddens me so much to see him at 195 in the world, go get em' Tiger!

  140. Post update

    Phil Mickelson on the 17th green

    That train with the red containers has pulled up alongside the 17th, providing an ugly back-drop for Mickelson, who sends a putt uphill and then down the slope to skip just past the hole to the right. Good effort but he'll have to settle for a par.

    Big Phil is now behind Henrik Stenson on the leaderboard. The Swede has just sunk a short putt on the 14th to go two under.

  141. Post update

    Cody Gribble tees off

    From one quality American name to another... Cody Gribble is having a quietly good round to leave him two under with one to play. As it stands, the 24-year-old Texan is joint third. Not bad at all from a man ranked 589th in the world.

  142. Get involved via #bbcgolf

    John McEnerney: Chambers "of horrors" Bay, should have a sign "abandon hope all ye who enter here" on the gate. Leftys wedge to break the duck!

  143. Hammer time

    Cole Hammer

    As if Tiger Woods didn't have enough to worry about, he's had to cope with the fact that the youngest qualifier for the US Open, 15-year-old Texan Cole Hammer, admitted to reporters that his earliest golfing memory was the 39-year-old's victory at Torrey Pines in 2008 - the last of his 14 majors.

    Hammer has the honour of being the first player born this century to compete in a major. So young. So talented. I hate him.

    The youth's first nine holes contained two bogeys to leave him two over.

  144. Post update

    Mickelson drops one from six feet to claim another par at 16. He has dropped further off the lead, though, because Dustin Johnson has gone to five-under with back-to-back birdies. A putt from 12 feet at the fifth keeps the momentum going.

  145. Post update

    Rory McIlroy waits with his caddie

    McIlroy misses his birdie putt at his 12th hole - it was a sinkable one as well from about eight feet. He has to settle for a par to remain evens.

  146. Post update

    Leaderboard (US unless stated)

    -4 D Johnson 13

    -3 P Reed 12

    -2 C Gribble 16, K Chappell 14, H Matsuyama (Jpn) 14, M Kuchar 14


    -1 P Mickelson 15, A Scott (Aus) 13, C Montgomerie (Sco) 12

    Level R McIlroy (NI) 13

  147. Post update

    Bubba fails with his 10-foot putt at the 16th, which swings but too much. He'll have another go for par. Mickelson goes for birdie from 20 feet at the same hole. He gives it a chance with the speed but the direction is just off and he rolls a tad past.

  148. Post update

    Rory McIlroy lines up a putt

    They don't do short trains in these parts. A big freight mother makes its way along the side of the course, dragging a seemingly endless string of red metal containers as Bubba Watson chips his second at the 16th to about 10 feet short.

    Rory McIlroy at four. Lovely iron shot to trickle close to the hole. He'll have eight or so feet for a birdie.

  149. Get involved via #bbcgolf

    Carl Longhorn: Absolutely loving the golf course and the challenge it is presenting the players, it's going to be four exciting days.

  150. Post update

    Dustin Johnson leads. He sinks a 10-footer at the fourth for a birdie that sends him four under.

    Meanwhile, at the 11th, Marc Warren is a whisper away from moving back to two under as his mid-range putt sneaks by.

  151. Post update

    Monty is loving this. His second shot at the 12th (after laying up with his drive) bounces once and grips the green to leave him just a few feet away and with a birdie on offer.

  152. Post update

    Ian Poulter was glowing in his praise of amateur Sam Horsfield earlier in the week. The English teenager has had an up and down first nine (literally considering this course). A double bogey and bogey in his first three holes was not the best start but two birdies mopped up some of the damage. He has just bogeyed the 18th, though, to leave him two-over.

  153. Post update

    Scotland's Marc Warren had a cracking front nine, picking up two birdies. But he has just dropped his first shot, at the par-four tenth to leave him one-under and level with Colin Montgomerie as leading Brit.

  154. Lefty slam

    Phil Mickelson

    At the Masters, all the talk was of Rory McIlroy's chances of completing a career grand slam. At the US Open, it is Phil Mickelson's turn to field questions about his potential completing of the major set.

    Mickelson has won three of the four majors - the Masters three times as well as the Open (2013) and the PGA (2005) - with the hole in his trophy cabinet reserved for his home Open, a championship in which he has finished runner-up on six occasions.

    For more on Mickelson's challenge at Chambers Bay, read our man Iain Carter's blog. Iain also joined George Riley top record a special preview podcast ahead of the tournament, where they discuss all the main challengers and the course.

  155. Post update

    We now have a four-way tie at the top of the leaderboard, with Patrick Reed now on three-under alongside fellow Americans Matt Kuchar, Kevin Chappell and Dustin Johnson. Two bogeys on the bounce means Mickelson drops to one-under.

  156. Post update

    Patrick Reed looks on after his tee shot

    Suddenly things have taken a turn for the chaotic at the top of the leaderboard. I've already documented some of Mickelson's woes at the 14th. Patrick Reed is also struggling, not with the sand but the slope at the first. The two of them look set to drop a couple of shots each but both sink important putts to limit the damage.

    Meanwhile, Colin Montgomerie is enjoying himself. He has just birdied the 11th to go one under.

  157. Tee times

    Some big names have already headed out on to the course for their first round, but here are some of the players (and their tee times - in BST) you may want to keep across (nationality is US unless stated)...

    1st tee

    21:33: Geoff Ogilvy (Aus); Ernie Els (SA); Retief Goosen (SA) 22:17: Jordan Spieth; Jason Day (Aus); Justin Rose (Eng) 22:28: Tiger Woods; Rickie Fowler; Louis Oosthuizen (SA) 22:39: Jimmy Walker; Zach Johnson; Ian Poulter (Eng)

    10th tee

    22:17: Billy Horschel; Paul Casey (Eng); Lee Westwood (Eng) 21:22: Ryo Ishikawa (Jpn); Luke Donald (Eng); JB Holmes 22:28: Bill Haas; Charl Schwartzel (SA); Hunter Mahan

  158. That's ugly!

    These bunkers are unforgiving. Huge and unforgiving. And the very antithesis of the white sand of Augusta. Mickelson has a swine of a position as well, on the edge and impeded by the long grass in front. As a left-hander he has a stance but not much of a view to attack. He takes a full swing and gets out but straight in to another huge sand trap further down the hole. Ugly.

  159. Post update

    Dustin Johnson looks on

    Mickelson stands on the par-four 14th tee, staring down into a bunker wonderland in front of him. And for the second hole running, he finds the sand.

    Meanwhile, Dustin Johnson has a 15-footer at the second for birdie but misses right. A par keeps him on three-under.

  160. Get involved via #bbcgolf

    So, what are your early impressions of Chambers Bay? Who has impressed you so far? And who do think will tackle the course and conditions best over the next four days?

    You can send your thoughts via Twitter, using the hashtag #bbcgolf, or text on 81111 (UK only).

  161. Changing landscape

    Ninth hole at Chambers Bay

    Coming back to those between-round changes to the course that will take place I mentioned earlier... They are as follows:

    • The 1st and 18th holes alternate between par four and par five, retaining par for the course at 70. As a result, the first could either be 598 or 496 yards long, with the 18th switching between 605 and 524 yards in length.
    • The par-three 9th will be radically different from one round to the next, played either downhill, from a longer elevated tee, or uphill.
    • The 15th will either be twice as short or twice as long from one round to the next courtesy of tee boxes that are 120 yards apart. At its longest it is 246 yards and at its shortest it is 123 yards.
  162. Post update

    One thing is for certain, when Matt Kuchar hits a good shot we're going to know about it. His tee shot on the par-three third lands and rolls to within a few feet of the hole. "Kuuuuuuuch!" is the crowd's now stock response.

  163. McIlroy happy to stay under the radar

    Rory McIlroy

    Things all went a bit hyper for Rory McIlroy at the Masters earlier this year, as the media turned its bright glare on the world number one as he attempted to complete a career grand slam. He failed, as you know. And has since admitted the focus on him was a tad distracting.

    However, he says he feels much calmer ahead of the US Open, perhaps helped by the the media changing aim to the new hot, young thing on the golf scene: Masters winner Jordan Spieth.

    "It has been nice not to have all the attention on me. I felt that is what it was at Augusta and I couldn't get away from it," McIlroy told BBC Sport. "I will be disappointed if I do not win a major this year. My seasons now are based on major wins. I have won three times this year which is great, and lead the world rankings."

  164. Post update

    Phil Mickelson reacts

    Agonising. Mickelson judges the line right but the length an inch wrong as his putt at the 13th curls towards the hole and holds in front of the hole. A second bogey of the round drops him to two-under.

  165. Post update

    Mickelson's second shot at the 13th has found one of Chambers Bay's taxing bunkers, on the edge of the green. He does well to get it out the dust and on to the green but he still has plenty to do to salvage a par.

    A quick shot at the leaderboard shows that Lefty has been joined on three-under by fellow American Dustin Johnson.

  166. Post update

    If Rory McIlroy is going to challenge here, the kind of putt he is stood over at 18 is the kind he needs to sink. It is about seven or eight feet away and for birdie. And he puts it an inch to the left. So the Northern Irishman stays level, four off the leader.

  167. Bayhem in Seattle

    Chambers Bay

    Right, so here are some basic facts about Chambers Bay...

    The par-70 public course is just south of Seattle, overlooking Puget Sound near Tacoma, and is the newest course in 45 years to host the US Open (it opened in June 2007).

    The course could be as long as 7,900 yards or as short as 7,200 depending on the way they choose to set up the holes, four of which can be drastically altered (more of that in a minute).

    There is only one tree on the entire course, a Douglas Fir behind the 15th green, but players will have to contest with the 10ft-deep "Chambers Basement" bunker (the deepest in US Open history) and trains running alongside the 17th hole.

  168. Post update

    Phil Mickelson
  169. Birdie

    Wait. Hold on. Patrick Reed is now the leader, rattling in a superb long putt across one of these mottled Chambers Bay greens - the 18th to be exact (he started on the 10th) - to move to four-under. Mickelson can't match his birdie with a shorter effort at 11 and stays at three-under.

  170. Lefty leads

    Chambers Bay is already in the process of chewing some players up ahead of spitting them out. Not Phil Mickelson, though. Lefty has made a cracking start in pursuit of the one major title that has so far eluded him (although he has been mighty close) and is currently the joint leader on three-under with fellow-American Patrick Reed. They are a shot ahead of a group that includes Matt Kuchar and Dustin Johnson. Rory is even par at the moment.

  171. Chambers of Secrets

    Patrick Reed, playing a shot during a practice round at Chambers Bay

    "You feel like you've played 18 after you've played nine."

    "I think it's a course that involves a hell of a lot of luck."

    "A complete farce."

    This is just a small collection of what has already been said about Chambers Bay, the links course in Seattle that will play host to the 115th US Open, that got under way earlier today. It is the issue that has dominated the build-up and will no doubt continue to do so if some big players post big scores in the first two rounds.

    But regardless of wind, sand and trains, good golf will always prevail. And we are going to see plenty of it in the next four days.