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  1. Post update

    What a tournament, one to live in the memory for years to come.

    We are heading off to dream dreams of squirmy putts and crazy greens.

    The Open is just 20 days away. Think of that.

    See you next time.

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    Jordan Spieth holds up his trophy

    Darren Clarke: "Congrats to @JordanSpieth but feel for @DJohnsonPGA Was a gentleman with me at RSG in 2011. His time will come."

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    Luke Donald: "Happy for @JordanSpieth and his whole team. What a player, but an even better person #GolfIsInGoodHands."

  4. Post update

    If either of the big two parties need a presidential candidate for 2016, then this lad could bring in a landslide.

    Jordan Spieth pays fulsome tribute to his family, so articulate and heartfelt that his father has suddenly got a bit of grit in his eye.

    The interviewer attempts to lure him onto the rocks with a question about what he made of holding the tournament at Chambers Bay. Nice try, no cigar.

    Spieth pays tribute to the volume of support that the fans provided saying that he now understands why NFL teams struggle to travel to Seattle Seahawks.

    Neatly skipping round any mention of the controversial course itself.

  5. Post update

    Jordan Spieth pays tribute to his caddy Michael Grella - a local of the Pacific North West - before saying that going to St Andrews - which he refers to as "the home of golf" - for the Open is his sole focus now.

    "You can't win them all without winning the first two," he says of the career and calendar Grand Slam.

  6. Post update

    Jordan Spieth claps

    Jordan Spieth is a the sort of guy you hope you get as a son-in-law.

    He was magnanimous in hunting out Dustin Johnson for a conciliatory handshake before patiently waiting for a patron to finish using the loo.

    Now he strides back onto the 18th green to pick up the spoils.

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    Lee Westwood: "Many congratulations @JordanSpieth ! On a roll kid!"

  8. Post update

    Jordan Spieth is the youngest winner of the US Open in 92 years, since Bobby Jones in 1923.

    He is the fourth youngest player ever to win two Major titles.

    He holds the Masters and US Open titles. Rory McIlroy is the man in possession of the Open and US PGA titles.

    With that rivalry, I think golf has found its post-Tiger future.

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    Luke Donald: "Golf can be utterly brutal sometimes."

    Graeme McDowell: "Taking nothing away from the legend that is @JordanSpieth but I feel sick for @DJohnsonPGA. His first major will be seriously overdue."

    Ian Poulter: "Congrats to @JordanSpieth first 2 majors of the year, also gutted to see @DJohnsonPGA miss out on the last hole with a 3 putt."

    Sergio Garcia: "I hate seeing that! Poor @DJohnsonPGA he deserved a chance on the play off tomorrow!"

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    Andrew Priestley: "This golf is incredible! My eyes literally can't believe what they are seeing. That could be the tiredness though!! #bbcgolf"

  11. Post update

    Jay Townsend

    Former American professional golfer on BBC Radio 5 live

    Dustin Johnson misses his putt on the 18th

    "This is going to leave a mark on Dustin Johnson. This is going to be tough to get back from. I don't care who you are three putting from 12 feet."

  12. Post update

    "I'm in shock and I feel bad for Dustin," says Jordan Spieth.

    It was such a drama that even the protagonists were sucked into the emotional blender.

    Just a 100% proof sporting spectacle. What a script, what a finale.

  13. Post update

    Jay Townsend

    Former American professional golfer on BBC Radio 5 live

    Dustin Johnson walks off the 18th hole

    "I just feel so bad for Dustin Johnson and at the same time I feel elation for Jordan Spieth just an amazing result"

  14. Post update

    Jordan Spieth celebrates

    Jubilant scenes in camp Spieth, meanwhile Dustin Johnson plucks his young son from the arms of partner Paulina Gretzky as if desperately clutching for an instant shot of perspective.

    He looks absolutely shell-shocked.

  15. Post update

    Jay Townsend

    Former American professional golfer on BBC Radio 5 live

    "I'm in disbelief"

  16. Spieth wins US Open

    And he has missed!

    Extraordinary. Dustin Johnson cuffs his putt just by the hole.

    His ugly three-putt has cost him the title and then a play-off.

    Jordan Spieth, watching behind the scenes, is enveloped in the arms of friends and family.

  17. Post update

    Jay Townsend

    Former American professional golfer on BBC Radio 5 live

    "You could knock me over with a feather. I did not think he would hit that putt that hard."

  18. Post update

    Just wide. But quite a lot long!

    Dustin Johnson overcooks his putt by a good four to five feet.

    He has to make this back the other way for a play-off..

  19. Post update

    Dustin Johnson is taking an long, hard look at the this from all angles. As you would with victory hanging on this prod of the putter.

    Here we go...

  20. Day finishes level par

    Jason Day's birdie put skims a good four feet past. It is like sheet ice along that line.

    Johnson tells Day to tap it in, which he does for a level par finish.

    Now Dustin, how's the nerves?

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    Luke Donald: "If this goes to a playoff, not sure the greens can take another 18 holes! maybe they should just play it at another course."

  22. Post update

    Dustin Johnson waits on the green

    This putt is over a very slick stretch of green.

    It is closer to the hole than Spieth had, but perhaps more tricky.

    Dustin Johnson will have plenty of time to mull it over as well as Jason Day plonks his bunker shot out and further away than Johnson's ball.

  23. Post update

    I can't take much more of this.

    Dustin Johnson steps up with his five iron and catches it sweet as a nut, running the ball up the back stop and back down and to within ten feet.

    He will have this putt to win the US Open. Can he succeed where Spieth failed>

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    Graeme McDowell: "That tee shot from DJ was outrageous....... What a finish.

    Sergio Garcia: ‏"Back to my point, this is such a great championship @usopengolf that's why it deserves the best quality!!

  25. Spieth all done on -5


    Spieth gives it every chance, but his putt sits just short and wide.

    He taps in for his birdie, taking Louis Oosthuizen out of the equation.

    An eagle for Dustin Johnson - on the back of a great tee shot - would snatch the title from his hands.

  26. Post update

    Branden Grace looks frustrated

    Branden Grace has a poke up the hill from 20 feet for birdie. He is a couple of inches right and a couple of feet past.

    A perfect guider for Jordan Spieth though.

    The American steps up to take a look at an eagle putt that could land him his second Major of the year. Fifteen feet to the hole. To glory.

    Here we go...

  27. Post update

    Luke Donald ‏on Twitter: "What a couple of shots by Spieth on 18!!"

    South African cricketer AB de Villiers: "No matter who wins, this was well worth the effort of staying up all night! Incredible action #USOpen2015 @usopengolf"

  28. Johnson to -4

    Dustin Johnson celebrates

    The challenges are coming in from all angles.

    Dustin Johnson - who seemed dead and buried - keeps up some pressure behind Jordan Spieth, holing his birdie putt on 17 to move to four under.

    He is still in this, striding to the 18th tee on exactly the score Spieth did.

    And he has hit a howitzer right down the middle of the last.

    You just can't call this. What drama.

  29. Post update

    Is that the shot that finally puts this to bed? Jordan Spieth nails his 280-yard second on the 18th, riding the ramp at the back of the green and finishing up within 15 feet.

    He will have a putt for an eagle and six under. Two putts for five under and a birdie. Not worth thinking about anything else surely?

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    Graeme McDowell: This is crazy stuff..... Jordan makes birdie to win?

    Sergio Garcia: This is getting crazy!! 4 guys still in it after @JordanSpieth double on 17! Nail bitter!

  31. Post update

    Jordan Spieth with his putter

    Jordan Spieth, what have you got for us?

    The American is under so much pressure, they will need to treat him for the bends after this.

    He steps up to the 18th tee, chats over his tee shot and wallops one.

    Where has that gone? "Be soft," Spieth pleads as the ball bounces. He needn't have worried that is just dandy.

    He needs a birdie to finish this tonight. And that is a good first step towards it.

  32. Get involved via #bbcgolf

    John Patrick on Twitter: "#bbcgolf who said this was all over ??? #commentatorscurse"

  33. Spieth to -4

    Would you believe it!?

    Jordan Spieth's tiddly little putt to make a bogey refuses to drop. It never even looked likely either, sliding past from three feet.

    Groans all around the gallery, followed by encouraging roars. Spieth marches off to the last amid a maelstrom.

    Have his senses and skills been scrambled or can he collect himself to pull through?

  34. Oosthuizen done on -4

    Louis Oosthuizen hits a drive

    Meanwhile over on the 18th, ice-cool Louis Oosthuizen has knocked in his birdie putt to rack up his sixth birdie in seven holes.

    He finishes his day on four under and sits back to wait and see.

  35. Post update

    Jordan Spieth misses with his par putt on 16, not enough legs and he has one of those twitchy little three-footer for a bogey. Five under at best for the American.

  36. Get involved via #bbcgolf

    Sergio Garcia on Twitter: "What a putt from Jordan Spieth on 16! Wow"

    Former England batsmen Kevin Pietersen on Twitter: "Helluva over! #Spieth"

  37. Post update

    Jordan Spieth crouches on the green

    Now then. Is there another twist in the tale?

    Jordan Spieth apparently had the tournament signed, sealed and delivered on the 16th green.

    He contrives to reopen the betting with a dog of a tee shot on the par-three 17th, spraying short, left and into the tangled stuff.

    He punches out with a decent-enough recovery shot, but this is a roller-coaster 20-footer just to make par.

  38. Post update

    Louis Oosthuizen's run of birdies has come to an end with a par on 17.

    The South African has also found sand on the par-five 18. He remains on three under.

  39. Grace to -3

    Branden Grace reacts

    Branden Grace's bogey putt droops its legs over the edge of the hole, but stubbornly sits on the edge.

    He started the hole level with Spieth. Grace has finished it three shots adrift.

    The rest of the field have a runaway train to haul back in now. Spieth leads all of them by three.

  40. Post update

    Iain Carter

    BBC golf correspondent on Radio 5 live

    Is that the putt that gives Jordan Spieth back-to-back major titles? We've talked about Rory McIlroy keeping pace with Tiger Woods in winning majors but now Spieth is keeping pace with Rory.

  41. Spieth to -6

    Finally something drops for Jordan Spieth and what a time for his luck to turn!

    I say luck, it was a perfectly calibrated putt. The line and pace making it irresistible for the hole.

    He moves to six under.

    And Branden Grace has a tricky putt just to make bogey.

  42. Post update

    Jordan Spieth has got a lucky lie. His ball is sat up pretty on a tuft of green just in front of a sprinkler head. Probably for the first time this week, he gets a bit of grip on a green. He could have done with some run and he has a good 12 feet to make a birdie that might put him out of sight.

  43. Poulter: "The worst most disgraceful surface I have ever seen"

    Ian Poulter finished +11 for the tournament with a seven over par round today. The Englishman has posted some very strong words on Instagram and a photograph of the Chambers Bay putting surface.

    Chambers Bay
    Image caption: Ian Poulter took to social media to comment on the putting surface

    He said: "This was the surface we had to putt on. It is disgraceful that the USGA hasn't apologised about the greens they simply have said 'we are thrilled with the course condition this week'."

    "It wasn't a bad golf course, In fact it played well and was playable. What wasn't playable were the green surfaces. If this was a regular PGA Tour event lots of players would have withdrawn and gone home, but players won't do that for a major.

    "They were simply the worst, most disgraceful surface I have ever seen on any tour in all the years I have played. The US Open deserves better than that."

  44. Post update

    Jay Townsend

    Former American professional golfer on BBC Radio 5 live

    I'm in disbelief of the shot I've just seen from Branden Grace.

  45. Grace in trouble on 16

    Suddenly the mental floodgates open for Branden Grace and the pressure comes swarming all over his swing.

    He cranks a horrible tee shot off right from the 16th. A hop along the tarmac road lining that side of the fairway and the ball comes to rest against the wire fence that separates the train tracks from the golf course.

    That is out of bounds. The South African takes another off the tee. A decent punt, but he is three to there and is going to ship at least one shot.

    Jordan Spieth is safe and sound by the way, just clinging on above a bunker.

  46. Oosthuizen to -3

    Louis Oosthuizen holds up his ball

    Louis Oosthuizen's finds the heart of the hole with his birdie putt on 16. That is his fifth birdie on the spin.

    The force is strong in this one right now.

    Three under and two holes to play.

  47. Post update

    Louis Oosthuizen's long, long eagle putt rolls up to within six feet on 16. He has a chance to pick up another stroke here.

    Jordan Spieth makes a nervy par on 15, punching the air after a twitchy three-footer. I've got a nasty feeling he is going to miss one of those tiddlers before we are through. And it could be expensive.

  48. Post update

    Dustin Johnson hits out of the rough

    Jordan Spieth makes a decent attempt to pull a birdie out of the hat from that tough bounce on 15. His curling snaking put rolls just by after setting off on a journey that Frodo would be proud of.

    Dustin Johnson makes par at 14. He needs a bit of stability to rehab his game before trying to reel in Grace and Spieth.

  49. Post update

    Louis Oosthuizen hammers a very tasty tee shot slap bang down the middle on 16.

    The South African, two under as it stands, is red hot.

  50. Post update

    Jordan Spieth waits on the green

    Jordan Spieth is a wronged man.

    His tee-shot at the par-three 15th lands within six feet, but rolls away to 25 feet distant from the pin.

    The 21-year-old takes an angry swipe at the grass and pulls his fingers a foot apart to demonstrate how close he believes the ball would have ended up had there been any justice.

    A bit of an exaggeration, but you take his point.

  51. Latest scores

    -5 B Grace (SA) 14, J Spieth (UA) 13, -3 D Johnson (US) 13, Adam Scott (Aus) F,-2 Louis Oosthuizen (SA) 15.

    For a full leaderboard, click this way.

  52. Oosthuizen to -2

    Louis Oosthuizen's sprint finish down the home straight continues with a birdie on 15. That is his fourth successive birdie.

    And it moves him to two under.

    The 18th is worth at least another shot to a man in form. It gets you wondering...

  53. Spieth & Grace stay -5

    Branden Grace hits his tee shot

    Jordan Spieth stands over a birdie putt on 14, but that looked like a misread to me. The ball screwed right after being set off on a pretty straight line.

    Branden Grace pops in his par putt.

    Spieth has a tendency to get a little yippy over the short range stuff and he takes a couple of looks at his two-footer before finally stepping up and draining it.

    I think having a dead-straight one just threw him a bit.

  54. Day back to level par

    And Jason Day's challenge can be packed away for the year and put down as another near miss at the US Open.

    A double bogey six at 13 shunts him back down among the pack on level par.

  55. Johnson to -3

    Dustin Johnson waits with his caddie

    Dustin Johnson is in a tailspin here.

    He is suddenly putting like a man who has been introduced to the game for the first time this morning. Tone-deaf prods at the hole and he picks up another bogey and slip to three under.

  56. Post update

    Branden Grace and Jordan Spieth are still following each other around.

    Their second shots at 14 land within a dustbin lid of each other but the whimsy of Chambers Bay decides that the ball should end up ten feet apart with Spieth the man left closer to the flag.

  57. Get involved via #bbcgolf

    Wez Blackett: "‏I think Jordan Spieth was born in a pressure cooker. Oozes calm when under stress. #USOpen #bbcgolf."

  58. Post update

    Louis Oosthuizen putts

    Louis Oosthuizen lands a massive shot on 14, his second shot approach skipping merrily into the hole for an birdie three.

    After birdies on 12 and 13, that moves him to one under.

    This would be a smash-and-grab raid with four holes left, but there is some momentum there.

  59. Post update

    Branden Grace's tee shot on the 519-yard par-four 14th is a bobby-dazzler leaving him with a wedge shot into the green.

    Jordan Spieth's is not a bad shot either.

    You would struggle to get a cigarette paper between these two at the moment.

  60. 'Not to be' for McIlroy

    BBC Radio 5 live

    Rory McIlroy looked like he might have been on course for something special when he moved to two under on the 13th hole, six under par for his round, but in the end fell away to end the tournament on level par.

    The Northern Irishman told BBC 5 live: "I thought I had a great chance to post a number that the guys would have to think about.

    "I thought if I could post four under with 16 and 18 to come, they are two good chances to make a couple of shots.

    "It just wasn't meant to be, I didn't play the last few holes well all week."

    After sinking a monster putt on 13, McIlroy said he was just telling himself to "calm down" as he marched to the 14th tee.

    "I didn't want to get ahead of myself at that point, it was just play last few holes as well as I could.

    "It's going to take a few days to get over it but when I look back on it I'll be happy about it - a few missed putts will have made the difference."

    McIlroy will defend his Open Championship at St Andrews next month and believes he has a "great chance."

    "I am really looking forward to the summer coming up.

    "Two more links courses to come with the Scottish Open and the Open at St Andrews, playing a fast and firm course like this will only help.

    "I'm really happy with where my game is. There is no reason why I shouldn't have a great chance going into the next few weeks."

  61. Post update

    Jay Townsend

    Former American professional golfer on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

    "That's not a good par four at the 12th from Dustin Johnson. That hole sets up perfectly for him."

  62. Schwartzel all done on -2

    Carl Schwartzel holds his ball

    Charl Schwartzel is all done. The South African, who won the Masters in 2011, has come home on two under after a final round 66. It is not going to win him the title with Adam Scott already home and hosed on three under, but that is a very decent effort.

  63. Post update

    Jordan Spieth is straining at the leash.

    The American comes within a whisker of a long-distance birdie on 13, the ball rinking round and out.

    He has to be content with just the par. But if these start dropping for him, he is the form man in the field.

  64. Johnson remains on -4

    Dustin Johnson watches his putt

    Dustin Johnson's birdie putt, bobbles and bumbles its way wide of the trapdoor. Painful. He remains at four under.

    Jason Day steps up to see if he can do any better. But these greens are like a rigged fairground game. His putt starts on the right edge and over the space of five feet bends its way wide of the left side.

  65. Post update

    Dustin Johnson with his second on 12 - a long putt for a hypothetical eagle. It is more about leaving it close enough to make birdie. That'll do.

    Six feet from the hole and it is up the hill so any damage will be minimised.

    Jason Day will have a similar shot after cosying up even closer.

  66. Post update

    Dustin Johnson on the tee on the driveable par-four 12th.

    He has got a slice of luck pie there, the ball kicking out of the long grass to nestle alongside Jason Day's at the front of the green.

    If they make it down in two from there - which is eminently possible - they will have birdies.

  67. Spieth and Grace to -5 & lead, Johnson to -4

    Jordan Spieth celebrates

    In a twinkle, the cards are thrown up in the air.

    On 11, Dustin Johnson drifts a six-foot par putt wide. He drops back to four under.

    On the next green, Jordan Spieth and Branden Grace play follow the leader, both tackling the route down off the top deck, to leave their eagle putts very close.

    They pat in their birdie putts to move to five under. Johnson has been two over on the back nine in the last two rounds by the way.

  68. Post update

    Jordan Spieth and Branden Grace have both played very similar approaches into 12. both have a long way to go for an eagle from the top deck. They will need to tread careful on the descent to the hole.

    Brandt Snedeker has had an ugly, ugly kick on the 14th green by the way. It practically went up a ramp.

    By the way Mike Henson here now after Peter Scrivener's stint on the keys was unceremoniously ended by technology gremlins.

  69. Post update

    The first creaks and groans are appearing in Dustin Johnson's game. His approach on 11, after a dodgy similar shot on 10, is nowhere near.

  70. Post update

    Adam Scott celebrates

    Might Adam Scott's clubhouse three-under be good enough to win? To force his way into a play-off on Monday?

    The last playing as a par five rather than the par four it was on Monday might be the factor that counts against him.

  71. Post update

    Branden Grace looks frustrated

    Jordan Spieth and Branden Grace are both left crumpled on the greens by the fine margins.

    Both have birdie putts, both stay up after surfing the edge of the hole. Had either dropped down the pipe, their owners would be into a share of the lead.

  72. Johnson back to -5

    Dustin Johnson attempts a rescue operation that the Thunderbirds would be proud of on 10.

    He clips out from from a difficult lie to within eight feet but his par putt rolls close but just wide.

    A shot gone and his advantage down a slender one stroke.

  73. Latest scores

    -6 Dustin Johnson (US) 9 -4:J Spieth (US) 9, B Grace (SA) 9, -3: J Day (Aus) 9, A Scott (Aus) F, -1: C Schwartzel 15,B Snedeker (US) 12;Level R McIlroy (NI) F, C Smith (Aus) 11, S Lowry (Ire) 11

    For a full leaderboard, click this way.

  74. Great Scott

    Adam Scott hits a driver

    We have a new clubhouse leader. Step forward Adam Scott. A stunning six-under 64 and a three-under-par total. Will that be good enough to win?

    Dustin Johnson is three clear of that but in trouble on the 10th. He has history of blowing up on the final day of the US Open - he led by three at the start of his final round in 2010 and shot an 82 as Graeme McDowell triumphed.

  75. Post update

    Jason Day is aiming at the tower behind the 10th green, which is 15 feet left of the pin. "Get lucky, get really lucky," he tells his ball. The television cameraman loses the ball. Day takes a swig of water as he ambles up to the green.

    Dustin Johnson does not fare much better. "Uh-oh," he says as his ball disappears off way right.

  76. Post update

    Spieth looks on after his putt

    Jordan Spieth rolls in for par to stay two behind Dustin Johnson, who is striding purposefully down the 10th fairway.

    Up on 18 and Adam Scott takes a swish with his broom-handled putter. He's a good 80 feet from the hole and the ball zips past, slows up on a slope and dribbles back towards the cup. He has the birdie chance he wanted.

    Six feet for three under and a terrific 64.

  77. Post update

    Australia's Adam Scott is five under for his round and two under for the tournament, playing the par-five 18th. One more birdie and that will be a challenging clubhouse lead.

    His compatriot Jason Day has nine holes left. He takes iron off the tee at 10, a 460-yard par four, and finds the fairway.

    Up on the green Jordan Spieth has a long look at a birdie but he doesn't hit it and he's left with a tester for par. Branden Grace from just off the edge nudges his ball close and that should be a par.

  78. Post update

    Jay Townsend

    Former American professional golfer on BBC Radio 5 live

    "This course will leave the players mentally exhausted. You have to think your way around every shot - how to use the slopes and terrain. You don't get a single shot off around here."

  79. Spieth -4; Day -4

    Shane Lowry

    Shane Lowry goes way left off the 11th tee but he gets a huge stroke of luck. His ball comes to rest on a footpath and he takes full advantage, finding the green and there's a touch more luck as the ball catches a slope and meanders back to within six feet.

    But that is where his luck runs out. His putt lips out and he is staying at level par.

    Jordan Spieth two-putts for par. Can Jason Day get within two of the lead. No is the simple answer. And that is a big chance missed. Three-foot birdie putts do not come around often at Chambers Bay.

  80. Post update

    Jordan Spieth has tugged numerous drives today but his first shot on the 10th finds the fairway. He's not playing sparkling golf today but he's hanging around well.

    Back on the ninth and Dustin Johnson's six-iron to the 203-yard par-three lands short and ends up 10 feet from the pin.

    Jason Day goes the tried and tested way, firing long and letting the ball funnel back down off the slope. Day's way is better, he's got a three-footer for birdie.

  81. Get involved via #bbcgolf

    Leighton Williams: If Dustin Johnson wins, is this not another nail in the coffin of all but the biggest hitters in golf? Sad if so.

  82. Johnson -6; Day -3

    Dustin Johnson

    Back on the eighth and Dustin Johnson lays up out of the rough. Good course management from the American who lazily flicks a wedge on to the green and gets it stop a couple of feet away. He's got that to get to six under.

    Jason Day studies his putt with his caddie but between them they can do no better than get the ball eight feet from the cup. But then that's as close as they thought they could get the ball.

    He marks his ball, cleans it, replaces it and strokes in for a birdie to get to three under. Johnson wastes no time in going two clear of Spieth and Grace.

  83. Spieth -4; Grace -4

    Branden Grace

    Jordan Spieth and Branden Grace play the ninth perfectly. Sending the ball way past the flag, allowing the contours to feed it back towards the hole.

    Spieth's trundles to the front edge and he'll have a 15-footer for birdie but he doesn't hit the putt. Grace's stops right next to the hole and he joins his playing partner on four under as they make the turn for home.

  84. Post update

    Shane Lowry holds up his ball

    A double fist pump from Shane Lowry. The Irishman bends in a 10-footer on 10 to get to level par. He looks like he's enjoying himself out there.

    Jason Day from the middle of the fairway on the par-five eighth. His ball skips through to the back of the green and threatens to head off down the slope to the right of the green but decides to to give the Australian an eagle opportunity.

  85. Post update

    Brandt Snedeker is up to two under after an incredible run of four successive birdies to close out the front nine. The American started the day at one over and has just scrambled for a tremendous par on the 10th.

  86. Post update

    Chris Jones

    BBC Radio 5 live commentator at Chambers Bay

    "Brandt Snedeker is not out of this."

  87. Post update

    Jordan Spieth on the green

    On the eighth green and Jordan Spieth has an eagle putt to move into a share of the lead. It misses but that's a tap-in birdie and the Masters champion is very much in this at four under.

    Two-putt par for Branden Grace to stay three under. The South African also in the hunt.

  88. Post update

    Iain Carter

    BBC golf correspondent on Radio 5 live

    "McIlroy rather resignedly bends down and takes the ball from the hole. It was a fabulous effort and for a short while he threatened to really get in the mix, he threatened at one stage the lowest round in major history."

  89. Post update

    Jason Day lines up a shot

    Dustin Johnson has a 12-footer for birdie on seven but he's not borrowed enough there but a tap-in par is welcome.

    Jason Day is fighting hard. His second wedge into the green is hard enough to go eight feet past but he is not confident enough with his par putt and it goes the same way as his playing partner's did a few seconds earlier. He is back to two under.

  90. McIlroy misses out

    Up on the 18th and the world number one is finishing up. He chipped out the bunker, got too much spin on his wedge approach and then shaved the hole with a 40-foot birdie putt.

    Thanks for the charge Rory McIlroy. Fair brightened up the early part of today's final round. A four-under 66 and level for the tournament. He's the clubhouse leader for now.

  91. Post update

    Is it me or does Jason Gunn sound exactly like Graeme McDowell? It's that Americanisation of the Celtic accent..

    Back on the course and Jason Day is a yard shot with his approach to the seventh green and that is rolling off the green, down the slope but mercifully it catches some rough to stop it running back 70 yards.

  92. Good weekend for Gunn

    Scotsman Jimmy Gunn is currently tied for 29th at five over after carding a level-par 70 in his major championship debut.

    He told BBC Radio 5 live: "It has been a great week. I actually played my best all week today. Two bad swings cost me but a good finish birdie-par-birdie so I can't complain.

    "It has been great, especially to have my family here too. The USGA have looked after us amazingly well.

    "It just reminds me once again that my game's good."

  93. Post update

    Rory McIlroy looks disappointed

    Rory McIlroy drives into the bunker on the par-five last. Hopes of an eagle two to get to two under evaporate in an instant.

    Back on the 477-yard par-four dog-leg right seventh and Dustin Johnson clatters a three-wood over the bunkers to leave himself a wedge into the green.

    Jason Day follows him with a similarly aggressive play and he too is in the fairway.

  94. Johnson -5; Day -3

    Jason Day blasts out of the sand to leave himself a six-footer for par. Dustin Johnson was long and left and his play out of the fescue grass stops 20 feet short but that's no bother to DJ who rolls in for par. A quick fist pump and the game face is back on.

    Day from the other side and half the distance watches as his ball bobbles left and he is back to three under.

    Johnson leads by two, again.

  95. Post update

    A huge sigh from the crowd (and me for that matter) as Rory McIlroy's par putt slides right past the hole on 17. It didn't even trouble the lip. A dropped shot and back to par. Game over.

    Shane Lowry is also back at level but he has more momentum after his birdie putt on eight.

    Matt Kuchar is suddenly up to one under after a birdie at 11 and an eagle at 12 after driving the par four green and finishing four feet from the pin.

  96. Post update

    Shane Lowry hits a putt

    Right then Rory. How's the putter? Not bad but it's not in the hole. He's up and over a hump in the green and settling four feet to the right.

    We've not seen a lot of Shane Lowry because the Irishman is two over for the day and one over overall but that's a decent chip up on to the eighth green and a chance of a birdie.

    Jason Day and Dustin Johnson both whack their balls out of the rough. Day finds the sand, Johnson more rough. This tournament is far from over.

  97. Post update

    Jay Townsend

    Former American professional golfer on BBC Radio 5 live

    "If McIlroy could post two under par then that is a good number but at the moment Dustin Johnson is looking pretty solid."

  98. Post update

    Rory McIlroy finds the green on the 17th. He's got 25 feet or so for birdie, although a two-putt par would be a decent result from where he is.

    Jason Day tugs his drive on the sixth and he is in the hay. Dustin Johnson also misses the fairway.

    Up on the green, Jordan Spieth barely touches his birdie putt from 20 feet but it cosies up to the hole and he is staying three under.

  99. Johnson -5; Day -4

    Dustin Johnson with his putter

    Dustin Johnson from 18 feet on the fifth and that is looking in but no, it scuttles right at the death and he is staying five under.

    And his lead is back to one as Jason Day rolls in his birdie attempt.

    Up on the ninth and Brandt Snedeker almost holes his tee shot. He is at one under and has a great chance to improve on that.

  100. Post update

    Jason Day into the fifth green and do my eyes deceive me? That ball spun back a couple of feet. He'll have a 10-footer to get back to four under.

    Rory McIlroy lags up to a foot. He really needed to sink that birdie putt though. I said before the round started that two under could win this. He has a chance to pick up one more on the par-five 18th, but he has the lengthy par-three 17th to negotiate first.

  101. Post update

    Back on 16 and Rory McIlroy has left his chip short. Now, far be it for me to tell Rory how to play, but surely a little eight-iron chip-and-run would have been the play there? He'll have at least a 30-footer for par.

  102. Post update

    Thanks Mike. Can I start with an apology to my wife (see 22:54). I will of course get the chipping net out first thing Monday, after I've had a bit of a kip.

    I join you as Sergio Garcia finishes up on the 18th with another missed birdie putt. A one-handed tap-in for a two-under 68 and three over total.

  103. Post update

    Jordan Spieth walks with his caddie

    Rory McIlroy has given his tee shot at the par-four 16th some decent stick and found a good spot for his approach.

    Back on five, Jordan Spieth sees a long-range birdie putt ride the rim and stay up. That could have been the spark to ignite his round.

    It is all going off. Peter Scrivener is here to keep track and take you through the next little bit.

  104. Johnson to -5, Day to -3

    Dustin Johnson waves

    Movement in the final group on course.

    Dustin Johnson plops in his birdie putt and Jason Day does well to escape with his bogey.

    We have a new solo leader. And his advantage is a healthy two strokes.

  105. McIlroy back to -1

    Rory McIlroy reacts after missing a putt

    A nasty dose of cold reality for Rory McIlroy.

    He slides his par putt by on the 15th. Painful.

    He is back to one under. Is the purple patch over? Or can he revive it to get back into the mix over the next three holes.

  106. Get involved via #bbcgolf

    Football Focus presenter Dan Walker: "Is anyone willing to go to bed for me now? I'll buy the hours back off you in the morning #USOpen."

  107. Post update

    Jason Day looks frustrated

    Jason Day with a 57 foot putt for birdie on four.

    He has surveyed the peaks and troughs, plotted a route, but that is all wrong.

    His putt barely makes it over the first lump on its journey. He puts it to up to within six feet with his next but it is a bogey at best.

  108. Get involved via #bbcgolf

    Stuart Wilson: "Jason Day has that "thank goodness that shot's over" look after every shot, just as all us amateurs have after every first tee shot #bbcgolf"

  109. Post update

    Rory Mcllroy is playing golf in the red zone now.

    No prisoners taken, caution shredded to tickertape and thrown to the wind.

    His tee shot on the par-three 15th is aimed straight as a die at the flag, despite dangers at every turn.

    He is just a little undercooked and the ball trails down and away.

    A decent recovery, but he will have six feet over the bobbly putting surface to negotiate for par.

  110. Post update

    Jay Townsend

    Former American professional golfer on BBC Radio 5 live

    "If Rory gets to five under he wins."

  111. Latest scores

    -4 J Day (Aus) 3, D Johnson (US) 3, B Grace (SA) 3; -3 J Spieth (US) 3, -2 R McIlroy (NI)14-1 A Scott (Aus) 11 , Level C Smith (Aus) 5,

    Selected others +4 J Rose (Eng) F; +7 P Casey (Eng) 16, +8 I Poulter (Eng) 13; +9 L Westwood (Eng) F; +12 L Donald (Eng) F; +13 P Mickelson (US) F, C Montgomerie (Sco) F.

    For a full leaderboard, click this way.

  112. Scott to -1

    Adam Scott in action

    If it wasn't for that pesky Rory McIlroy, we would all be talking about Adam Scott's challenge.

    The Australian has drained a 23-foot birdie putt on the par-four 11th. That is his fourth of the round and there is not a bogey on there.

    He is up to one under, Three off the leaders and with time to make further inroads.

  113. Get involved via #bbcgolf

    2010 champion Graeme McDowell on Twitter: "Rory gets to -5 and wins in a playoff #prediction"

  114. Post update

    Rory McIlory putt

    And he has pushed it by!

    Rory McIlroy's tiddler of a putt slips out of his grasp, flirting with the left edge but never really looking likely.

    He stays at two under and two off the leaders. A missed opportunity.

  115. Post update

    A massive shot coming up for Rory McIlroy. He will want this final round to be 25 holes long considering the streak he is on.

    But he has only four holes left after this one.

    He needs to take every opportunity to tighten the screws on the leaders.

  116. Get involved via #bbcgolf

    Matthew Ferris: "Rory... Take a bow son. Take a bow!"

  117. Post update

    Rory McIlroy hits his tee shot

    Only one place to be around Chambers Bay and that is wherever Rory McIlroy is hitting a golf ball.

    The world number one cracks down a 360-yard tee shot on the par-four 14th. His second is to within six feet. A putt for birdie next...

    Pure 24-carat golf from his club face at the moment.

  118. Get involved via #bbcgolf

    Stephen Collins: "RORY RORY RORY! The swagger is back. This is why he is genuinely one of the best sportsmen on the planet. #USopen #bbcgolf #GoOnRors"

    James Bamford: "Boom Rory! This is getting interesting! Play off anyone? #bbcgolf #USOpen2015"

  119. Post update

    The encouraging thing for Rory McIlroy is that there has not been many signs of the stardust from the men above him on the leaderboard.

    Jordan Spieth - one man who could take him out of contention with a stellar run - sprays his tee shot left on the fourth. He has been short of his best so far today.

    Dustin Johnson's birdie putt from four feet on the par-three third wriggles by.

  120. Get involved via #bbcgolf

    Match of the Day 2 presenter Mark Chapman: "Here comes Rory..... #USOpen"

  121. Post update

    Jay Townsend

    Former American professional golfer on BBC Radio 5 live

    We could see McIlroy become the first man shoot a 62 in a major championship today.

  122. McIlroy to -2

    Rory McIlroy celebrates

    Holy moly! This just got serious.

    Rory McIlroy with a monster of a putt, a giant 50-foot python for birdie. He will do well to leave himself a comfortable par putt.

    But he is playing a different game to everyone else today.

    Perfect weight, perfect read and the ball drops into the centre of the hole with its last ounce of momentum.

    Two under, five holes to go, only two off the lead. Those are makeable numbers now.

  123. Post update

    Dustin Johnson hits a tee shot

    An eight-footer for birdie for Dustin Johnson on the second.

    Ohh, it takes the the edge of the hole like a roundabout, finally deciding to take the third exit and stay up after completing almost a complete lap of the rim.

    He and Day take their pars.

  124. Post update

    Rory McIlroy's approach on 13 has zeroed in on the flag, but it needs some brakes. And Chambers Bay is a slippy as a skidpan. His ball bounds though to the back and he has a long way back for his birdie putt. He'll take a par if he was offered it in fact.

  125. Post update

    Jordan Spieth reacts to his tee shot

    Jordan Spieth on the par-three third, but that tee shot is a little too fruity. Rolling around at the back of the green, instead of the bothering the flag at the front.

  126. McIlroy moves to -1

    Rory McIlroy is rumbling up this leaderboard in ominous style.

    The world number one picks his way through a minefield 12th green rolling his lengthy eagle putt, down a bank, off a slope and to within four feet.

    I have seen less elaborate marble runs than that putt.

    He putts out to chalk off another stroke and move to one under. Three shots off the leaders and with six holes over which to make further inroads.

  127. Horschel on the greens

    As for the greens, Horschel said: "I'm not going to hold my tongue on this. This is very disappointing to hold a championship-calibre tournament on greens like this..

    They are among "the worst he has ever putted on" and he has "lost a little bit of respect for the USGA".

    He added that a caddie was asked if there was any grass on the fourth green. The caddie replied: "Yeah, two blades, and they're not even close to each other."

  128. Horschel hits out

    Billy Horschel walks off the course

    America's Billy Horschel had a three-under 67 to finish at four over but he then spent a good 15 minutes letting rip at the USGA about the course.

    Here's a brief summation of his issues: "It's been a frustrating week for a lot of players. We don't complain a lot but when we do we deserve to be listened to.

    Referring to the limited or no access to some holes, he added: "It blows my mind that they would build a golf course and not think about the fans."

  129. Post update

    Jason Day on his first hole

    In the last group on course, Dustin Johnson and Jason Day have both taken pars from the first.

    They clamber up hill and down dale to make the second tee. Johnson with good opener, skipping down the left fringe. Day is also safe and sound down the middle.

  130. Latest scores

    -4 J Day (Aus), D Johnson (US), B Grace (SA); -3 J Spieth (US) 1,-1 C Smith (Aus) 2, Level L Oosthuizen (SA), S Lowry (Ire) 3, R McIlroy (NI) 11, A Scott (Aus) 9, T Finau (US) 4,

    Selected others +4 J Rose (Eng) F; +6 P Casey (Eng) 13, +7 I Poulter (Eng) 10; +9 L Westwood (Eng) F; +12 L Donald (Eng) F; +13 P Mickelson (US) F, C Montgomerie (Sco) F.

    For a full leaderboard, click this way.

  131. Lowry & Oosthuizen back to level par

    That group of four that started the day on one under has disintegrated quickly.

    Shane Lowry's bogey four on three and Louis Oosthuizen's dropped shot on two have taken them both back to level par.

    After a double bogey on the first, JB Holmes has handed back another stroke on two to slip to two over.

  132. Post update

    Rory McIlroy on the driveable par-four 12th. He has caught that sweet. A little too sweet. The ball is on line but bounds up onto the top deck of the two-tier green.

  133. Spieth back to -3

    Jordan Spieth hits his first tee shot in the final round

    Jordan Spieth began yesterday with his putter on fire. It has has turned on him at the first today. He contrives to three-putt on from ten feet on the first for a bogey.

    Branden Grace's birdie putt veered sharply off line as well. These greens are not getting any better.

  134. Post update

    Dustin Johnson hits his tee shot

    Dustin Johnson heads a little right with his tee shot on the first. But that is safe enough.

    Jason Day steps back from his ball, surveys the scene, and then steps up to bang a humongous drive down the left-hand side of the fairway. That is the racing line. They don't come much better than that as opening salvos go.

  135. Post update

    Former European Ryder Cup golfer Thomas Levet, similarly to co-leader Jason Day, suffered from vertigo for seven months during his career.

    He told BBC 5 live the condition was like "walking on a waterbed" and playing with a ball on "spongy ground".

    He added: "For him (Day) to focus like that and hit the ball like he did yesterday is just unreal."

    Levet also said a win for the Aussie today would top Tiger Woods' win with a broken leg at Torrey Pines in 2008.

    He said: "I think it is even better because you can play golf on one leg, but playing golf with no balance and a moving ball its right up there."

  136. Post update

    Jay Townsend

    Former American professional golfer on BBC Radio 5 live

    Rory McIlroy walks with his caddie

    The largest 54-hole comeback was Arnold Palmer in 1960 from seven shots back.

    Rory McIlroy began the day eight shots back.

  137. Post update

    The one thing worse than his vertigo for Jason Day is probably the way that he is being pestered with sincere offers of help from various officials as he makes his way to the first tee. If the doctors and scans have not found him a solution, I'm not sure a course official will have the key.

    Up on the first green, Branden Grace has chipped up to within 10 feet for a birdie chance.

  138. Get involved via #bbcgolf

    Nikki Scrivener: "I think Peter Scrivener's portable chipping net is still in its box in the cupboard #bbcgolf"

    So many things wrong with a portable chipping net. Use it at home and it quickly gets very expensive in window and lawn repairs, take it anywhere else and they probably have some nets for you to aim at anyway.

  139. Scott to level par

    Adam Scott holds up his ball

    Adam Scott has come in under the radar like a stealth fighter. Successive birdies on seven and eight shuffle the Australian down to level par.

  140. Spieth and Grace under way

    Jordan Spieth is summoned to the first by the chummy tee announcer.

    The young American gun would have that one back in a shot though. Not quite a snap hook, but his ball has swerved left like a Roberto Carlos free-kick.

    Branden Grace is more solid - finding the friendly green carpet laid up the middle.

    Just one more group to get going.

  141. Get involved via #bbcgolf

    Tip to win and your useless golfing gadget

    Jeff on Twitter: "Day to win. Useless golf gadget- those long metal things sticking out of the bag. #theydonthitstraight #usererror."

  142. McIlroy to level par

    Is this round going to be a footnote reminding you what might have been?

    Or one that makes headlines around the world?

    Rory McIlroy tickles in his birdie putt, and he has nothing to lose and everything to gain by going hard at the next eight holes.

    There are just seven players and four shots separating him from the top of the leaderboard.

  143. Get involved via #bbcgolf

    Chris Kirk: Responses have been 50/50 so far. Half agree with me and half think I'm a spoiled whiny brat. All entitled to your opinions just like I am.

  144. Post update

    Jason Day wipes his face

    Jason Day is on the practice range. And he does not look the full ticket.

    He has been blinking and breathing hard, wiping the back of this hand over his face and generally looking like he should be tucked up with a hot lemon.

    A hot lemon wouldn't do any good though. It is vertigo that he had been struggling with, but he has been doing it manfully.

  145. Post update

    Lee Westwood hit a closing level-par 70 to finish nine over. He said: "It's very scoreable. They haven't gone silly with the flags, But there are still tough holes.

    "It's the kind of course I'd like to come and play with my mates, with a cart and some beers.

    "It's been a strange atmosphere. The fans have not been able to follow a player round. From a fan's point of view they could watch Phil Mickelson's tee shot on the first and then you can't see his next until his second on the second because you can't get down the first hole."

  146. Post update

    Rory, what are you doing to us here?

    His wayward teeshot on the 10th has got lucky with a favourable lie in a fairway bunker. One hundred and fifty-seven yards to the pin and McIlroy takes a huge chunk out of that figure with a superb iron straight at the flag.

    He has a 10-footer for another birdie.

  147. Post update

    JB Holmes looks on

    JB Holmes is muttering. And it is nothing good.

    His third shot on the first rolls straight back to his feet as it fails to scale the slope guarding the green.

    His second attempt makes it to the summit, but he will be putting from distance for a bogey.

  148. Post update

    Rory McIlroy looks on after his tee shot

    Rory McIlroy has gone after his tee shot on the 10th. Plenty of snap in that swing.

    But it has propelled his ball off left. It is either sandy or gone where the wild things are in the deep rough.

    McIlroy will hope for the former.

  149. Post update

    Jay Townsend

    Former American professional golfer on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

    "McIlroy has played great from tee to green. If he gets hot on the back nine there is no telling what he might do."

  150. McIlroy stays at +1

    Rory McIlroy with a tricksy 10-footer for birdie on nine. If this goes in it will lob some petrol on the barbeque.

    His putt stays north though and he goes through the turn at three under for the day. I think only Billy Horschel has matched that score on the front nine so far today.

  151. Post update

    Shane Lowry hits a tee shot

    There are some Irish accents in the gallery to make Shane Lowry feel at home on the first tee.

    His tee shot is a little snatchy though, hooking off left and into the rough.

    He and JB Holmes are two of the four men who started the day on one under.

  152. Get involved via #bbcgolf

    J.B. Holmes tees off at 22:24pm BST at -1 and has paid tribute to his old man on Twitter:

    He said: "Happy Father's Day to a great man & role model. Love you dad. Happy Father's Day to all the other dads out there."

    His tee shot is a humdinger as well, splitting the fairway perfectly.

  153. Post update

    Jay Townsend

    Former American professional golfer on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

    "To me, if I was being forced to bet on one guy, I would bet on Grace."

    Let us know who your money is on Twitter at #bbcgolf or by texting 81111.

  154. Finau to level par

    Tony Finau holds up his ball

    American Tony Finau is a big strapping lad who can belt the ball out of sight. And that counts for a lot around this marathon test.

    He has birdied the first to move out of the six-strong group on one over up to level par.

  155. Post update

    Rory McIlroy holds up his putter

    Well, hello!

    Rory McIlroy knocks his tee shot to within a dozen feet on the par-three ninth.

    It is a skittish downhill putt he has to contend with, but bury it and he is back to level par.

  156. McIlroy to +1

    I'm still saying it is not on. But Rory McIlroy is sowing a few seeds of doubt.

    The world number one is getting into his his groove and sinks another birdie putt on eight to limbo down to three under for the day and one over overall.

    He has been playing better than his 54-hole total suggests, but his putter will need to be white hot to put real pressure on the leaders.

  157. Post update

    Jay Townsend

    Former American professional golfer on BBC Radio 5 live

    "There have been a lot of changes to the course and not what any of us expected. The last seven holes are going to be really exciting.

    "So much is going to be able to happen. The 12th and 16th are driveable par fours, the 17th is a long par three and the 18th is a par five today. There are possible two and three shot swings on those holes."

  158. Post update

    Jordan Spieth reacts to a putt

    Every day is Christmas day for the players at Chambers Bay as they wake up to find out what pin positions and pars the organisers have rigged up for them.

    The trick they pulled on Friday was to swap the first from a par four to a par five while knocking the 18th down a shot to a par four.

    It was expected that they might do the same today, but after heavy criticism from the players - including Jordan Spieth being caught on the on-course microphones calling it "dumb, dumb dumb"