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  1. Post update

    After heavy rain and high winds disrupted the early part of an Open Championship missing the world's best player in Rory McIlroy, some feared they heard a nail being hammered into the sport's coffin. They were wrong.

    Once the business end of the action finally got going, we had thrills, spills, birdies galore and a grandstand finish. About 20 men could have won the famous Claret Jug. This man, with scintillating golf and nerves of steel, did win the famous Claret Jug...

    Zach Johnson

    See you in Troon next year....

  2. Post update

    Ken Brown

    BBC Sport commentator

    "You couldn't get a more exciting event. It is the ultimate challenge. And it's nice we still keep coming back here. It's still got it, it's still special, it's still magic and the best place to win an Open."

  3. Praise for Zach

  4. Praise for Zach

  5. Post update

    Ben Dirs

    BBC Sport at St Andrews

    "As Zach Johnson was handed the Claret Jug, the sun broke through and it started raining simultaneously. Lovely stuff."

  6. The moment Zach Johnson won The Open

    Missed the big moment? Or just enjoyed Zach Johnson's triumph so much that you want to see it again? Hopefully it is the latter.

    Watch the moment when the American won The Open after Louis Oosthuizen misses a putt on the final play-off hole. He's happy - honestly.

    The moment Zach Johnson realised he won The 144th Open
  7. Champagne moment

    Zach Johnson collects the Claret Jug

    End of the speech but not the end of the celebrations. Zach Johnson wanders off down the side of the 18th hole, high-fiving grinning fans as he clutches the Claret Jug. He's off down to the Swilcan Bridge for that iconic photo which you're going to see pretty regularly over the coming weeks.

  8. Post update

    Ken Brown

    BBC Sport commentator

    "He keeps the ball low, has a beautiful putter and a good game. You can have all that but you need the nerve as well and he has that."

  9. Champagne moment

    Zach Johnson collects the Claret Jug

    Zach Johnson: "The R&A host and showcase one of the best events in sport, let alone golf. I am always honoured to be invited - now as champion of The Open it is a little more surreal."

  10. Get involved via #bbcgolf

    Luke Roe: Has to be said. Zach Johnson seems like just a lovely chap. Well deserved win.

    Mark Yates: Watson, Faldo, Ivor all gone, but many future heroes to fill the void. An amazing Open and well done Zach on second major.

    Daniel John: Zach Johnson The Open champion. So gracious in victory.

  11. Zach Johnson wins The Open

    Hazel Irvine

    BBC Sport Presenter

    Zach Johnson

    "A marathon speech at the end of a marathon week.

    "Zach Johnson becomes the ninth American to win at St Andrews."

  12. Champagne moment

    Zach Johnson collects the Claret Jug

    More eloquent words from an emotional Johnson: "I would like to congratulate Jordan, Louis and Marc - they could be standing here now. This has been a trying week. For us players it is never easy but, with the elements, the golf course played fantastic. The green staff, and such like have been tremendous. They are the champions.

    "It was a beautiful Scottish sunny day and you guys came out. The fans have been fantastic. It has been a pleasure to play in front of you."

  13. Champagne moment

    Zach Johnson collects the Claret Jug

    Zach Johnson clutches the Claret Jug is his right arm, cradling the silver trophy like a baby. And he looks as proud as a man who has just become a father for the first time. "Dreams have been realised, I am humbled and honoured. I am speechless," says the 39-year-old American, who raises his voice so he can be heard over the St Andrews seagulls squawking overhead.

  14. Post update

    Iain Carter

    BBC golf correspondent on Radio 5 live

    "It's a triumphant walk for Zach Johnson. He politely raises his right hand to acknowledge the crowd and looks up at the golfing Gods. He is now a two time major Champion."

  15. Champagne moment

    Zach Johnson collects the Claret Jug

    Zach Johnson

    And looking far more fresh than he did on the course in a pair of cream trousers and white jumper, Zach Johnson makes the walk to the presentation party. He will have lived this out in his dreams. The Claret Jug is in his grip, he nestles it into his chest. We await a kiss and a lift. It's time for a speech first.

  16. Champagne moment

    Oosthuizen and Leishman collect silver salvers

    Louis Oosthuizen is followed out of the wings by Marc Leishman, each waving to the crowd as they wander back onto the putting surface. A huge cheer for both men as they collect big leather boxes containing their silver salvers. Both fellas also cast an envious look at the table where the gleaming Claret Jug stands...

  17. Champagne moment

    Jordan Niebrugge wins silver medal


    Here is a name we will undoubtedly hear lots more about - Jordan Niebrugge. Up he strides in a dashing pair of red trousers to collect the silver medal - the award given to the best-performing amateur.

    Justin Rose and Rory McIlroy are just two of the names to have won the prize in the past. Niebrugge, who could be lining up for the US Ryder Cup team in the coming years, shot 11 under and tied for sixth overall.

  18. Champagne moment

    Zach Johnson wins The Open

    Anyone who has ever watched a golf presentation doesn't need us to tell you that these things aren't particular lively. Plenty of gratitude to everyone and anyone who has been within a putt of St Andrews this week, plenty of polite applause following each sentence. Right enough of's R&A chief executive Peter Dawson to announce the prize winners...

  19. Champagne moment

    Zach Johnson wins The Open

    St Andrews

    Zach Johnson strips off his waterproof bottoms on the side of the 18th green. I mean, you don't want to look like a scruff when the winning images are being flashed across the world do you? The American waits patiently for the presentation party to set up, several navy R&A suits and ties shuffling into place on the green carpet.

  20. Mrs Johnson thinking of home

    Zach Johnson wins The Open

    Kim Johnson, wife of The Open champion, on BBC Two: "It hasn't sunk in. I think he knew he needed the putt on 18 for a chance of a play-off. I think he knew it would come down to a play-off. I knew he always had it in him. I kind of felt this was going to be his week, I can't believe it.

    "We are going home with the Claret Jug to see our kids. Our middle son is turning five this week so we will have that party."

  21. Champagne moment

    Zach Johnson wins The Open

    No time for Zach Johnson and his wife Kim to celebrate in the historic town of St Andrews tonight. They are heading straight back home to see the kids, Kim tells us. Sure they will be cracking open a bottle of bubbly on the flight home. Johnson can even upgrade to first class now he has a winning cheque of £1.15m in his back pocket...

  22. Johnson feels for Oosthuizen

    Our champion added: "I don't like seeing it end on a miss. Louis is a friend, buddy and a tremendous competitor."

  23. Champion golfer of 2015

    Zach Johnson -15 (wins play-off)

    When asked what the words 2015 Open Champion sounds like, Zach Johnson said on BBC Two: "It sounds beautiful. It still sounds extremely sureal. The tone to it is very humbling. I feel blessed to be the champion and honoured to be part of the history of this game.

    "To don my name on that trophy is humbling and surreal.

    "It has been a week of patience, courage and trust. I can't play any better than I did. I just stayed in it, waited for the opportunities and made a few putts.

    "My wife and I are the team. She's the CEO as she claims. She's my rock. It doesn't matter what I shoot she's there. She is the head of it and it trickles down to my family and friends."

  24. Champagne moment

    Zach Johnson wins The Open

    Zach Johnson

    When Zach Johnson returns to his Iowa home, he will have to make room for the Claret Jug and a Gold Medal in his trophy cabinet. It already has a Green Jacket in there remember after his 2007 Masters success. "I couldn't have played any better today," he tells BBC Sport.

  25. Spieth on the final three


    Masters and US Open champion Jordan Spieth has been collared by BBC Radio 5 live: "For those three to get to 15 under today was just incredible. All three of these guys played fantastic golf. For a guy who has taken me under his wing the last few years, it's fantastic."

  26. Champagne moment

    Zach Johnson wins The Open

    Zach Johnson

    Zach Johnson removes his cap, sweaty brow revealed, waving to all sides of the famous 18th hole. His good lady Kim soon joins him on the green, Johnson struggling to hold back the tears as they share a loving embrace.

  27. Gracious Louis

    Louis Oosthuizen

    Louis Oosthuizen on BBC Two: "I love it around here. I love this golf course. I played well, did well to get into the play-off. It was a really tough back nine. I made good putts, I'm not going to look back at the misses on 17 and 18. Well done to Zach.

    "The final putt was a tough little shot and I just miss-read it."

  28. Post update

    Iain Carter

    BBC golf correspondent on Radio 5 live

    "Zach Johnson is able to hug his caddie on the 18th and celebrate as he is Open champion. He cannot quite believe it. He is now a two time Major champion. And guess whose marching out to congratulate him. Jordan Spieth. That young man really has class."

  29. Zach Johnson wins The Open

    Ken Brown

    BBC Sport commentator

    "He has the Green Jacket to go with the Claret Jug. It doesn't get much better than that."

  30. Champagne moment

    Zach Johnson wins The Open

    All over! Louis Oosthuizen races his crucial putt past the left side of the final hole - and that means Zach Johnson is the 2015 Open champion.

    The 39-year-old American momentarily refuses to remove his yellow-tinted sunglasses. Probably because he is weeping tears of joy. Eventually they come off as he embraces his caddie on the 18th green.

  31. Fourth play-off hole

    Oosthuizen (level), Leishman (+2), Johnson (-1)

    This one to take the 144th Open to a sudden-death play-off. Or not. If Louis Oosthuizen misses it then Zach Johnson lifts the Claret Jug...

  32. Fourth play-off hole

    Oosthuizen (level), Leishman (+2), Johnson (-1)

    Marc Leishman will putt first, in truth there is nothing on it, his race, though fantastic, is run. He makes par.

    The drama awaits. If Zach Johnson downs this 12 footer he will lift the Claret Jug. My word, another twist -, on comes a rules official to decide if Johnson can repair a blemish on the green between his ball and the cup. A walky-talky needed before the potentially winning putt.

    No action taken, if nothing else the delay gave Johnson thinking time. He sends it on it's way, left-to-right break...pushed. It will be par only and Louis Oosthuizen, it's over to you.

  33. Get involved via #bbcgolf

    Paolo Brand: Surely there's one last twist in an Open FULL of crazy twists.

  34. Fourth play-off hole

    Oosthuizen (level), Leishman (+2), Johnson (-1)

    Louis Oosthuizen needs to dump this one in the can to pile the pressure back on Zach Johnson. In the Valley of Sin, the South African takes plenty of practice swings, running the shot through his mind. He hits the front slope, a couple of rolls, before coming to a halt about six foot past.


    Over to you Mr Johnson...

  35. Fourth play-off hole

    Oosthuizen (level), Leishman (+2), Johnson (-1)

    Ken Brown

    BBC Sport commentator

    "An Oosthuizen chip in would put the cat among the pigeons."

  36. Fourth play-off hole

    Oosthuizen (level), Leishman (+2), Johnson (-1)

    Marc Leishman is not in this any more. He chips through the Valley of Sin - his ball sticking the brakes on as it hits the front fringe, trundling back down the slope. "That's cruel," says a sympathetic Peter Allis. Quite.

  37. Final play-off hole

    Oosthuizen (level), Leishman (+2), Johnson (-1)

    It's a flat track into this green for Zach Johnson. He'll just want a single putt for the win but can he secure it? A good chip... grip... lot's of grip and his ball spins back closer to the pin. There you go Zach, 12 feet or so for your second major. Unless Louis Oosthuizen holes his chip of course. Stranger things have happened.

  38. Post update

    Philip Parkin

    BBC TV on-the-course commentator

    "Chances are if he hits one great shot now from 75 yards, Zach Johnson will win The Open."

  39. Fourth play-off hole

    Oosthuizen (level), Leishman (+2), Johnson (-1)

    It is the second time Louis Oosthuizen has played this playoff route: 1-2-17-18. He did so with Watson, Ian Baker Finch and Todd Hamilton in the Champion's Challenge on Wednesday.

  40. Fourth play-off hole

    Oosthuizen (level), Leishman (+2), Johnson (-1)

    Marc Leishman is a man with nothing to lose. Steady stuff - the pressure is off really. Nice drive down the middle, over the road, not close to Oosthuizen's monster though, veering off left.

  41. Fourth play-off hole

    Oosthuizen (level), Leishman (+2), Johnson (-1)

    Oosthuizen crushes his tee shot. What would he give for a repeat of his last hole in regulation now? He will be central in the fairway with a short wedge into the pin. There will be no playing safe on this stretch. Pin-seek and live with the glory or failure.

  42. Fourth play-off hole

    Oosthuizen (level), Leishman (+2), Johnson (-1)

    Still Zach Johnson's honour on the last tee. Thwack! A little left from the American but it is safe. What has Louis Oosthuizen got in response....

  43. Third play-off hole

    Oosthuizen (level), Leishman (+2), Johnson (-1)

    Andrew Cotter

    BBC Sport commentator

    "Leishman is now beginning to look like he is just accompanying these two. It's a shame because he played so well earlier. He needs something miraculous at the last."

  44. Third play-off hole

    Oosthuizen (level), Leishman (+2), Johnson (-1)

    Zach Johnson summons his inner Harry Potter from the rough, can he flick this in... he can't. No Magic there and he faces five feet for bogey.


    Marc Leishman is nearing the end game, this must drop for par but doesn't. It is sad in many ways after such wonderful rounds on Sunday and Monday. Oosthuizen, this could really swing the scoring if he makes par...NO.

    What fine margins they live or die by. Half an inch at most, absolutely agonising. It's bogey and Johnson makes the same. Three bogeys.

    We go to the last.

  45. Third play-off hole

    Oosthuizen (-1), Leishman (+1), Johnson (-2)

    Zach Johnson

    Zach Johnson marches around. This is a dilemma. Do you go over the bunker? Do you putt around it? Do you chip around it?

    He mentions "the other option" to his caddie which underlines the risk-reward scenarios racing through his mind. He goes for height, will it drop like a stone... no. Through the green and nestled in rough but short of the road.

    To Mark Leishman, his putt is 50 feet or more and uphill. A big swing, a nice contact but 12 feet short. And Louis Oosthuizen, still wearing a cap Jay-Z would be proud of, is also short by six feet.

    All men have taken two blows and have work to do.

  46. Post update

    Peter Alliss

    BBC Sport commentator


    "Zach Johnson said the one place he did not want to go was short and left, well he has gone level and left. It will be interesting to see what he does from here. It does not look very inviting."

  47. Third play-off hole

    Oosthuizen (-1), Leishman (+1), Johnson (-2)

    Ken Brown

    BBC Sport commentator

    "The plot thickens with that second shot from Zach Johnson. He might have snookered himself. He is going to have to go over the Road Hole bunker. It opens up the door for the lads."

  48. Third play-off hole

    Oosthuizen (-1), Leishman (+1), Johnson (-2)

    The leader looks most concerned with his arrow towards the 17th green. Zach Johnson - with orange-tinted sunglasses on - looks like a scientist hard at work in the lab. He won't like his third shot though as the Road Hole bunker sits between his ball and a flag cut tight to the edge of the green.

    Louis Ooshuizen and Marc Leishman are safe at the front of the green but their long putting will be severely tested.

  49. Third play-off hole

    Oosthuizen (-1), Leishman (+1), Johnson (-2)

    Zach Johnson goes for a right to left arc...

    Zach Johnson

    Louis Oosthuizen boldly chases the 'Tiger line'...


    While Marc Leishman smashes a brave fade over the Old Course Hotel...

    The Open
  50. Third play-off hole

    Oosthuizen (-1), Leishman (+1), Johnson (-2)

    Par here is the aim. Don't try and dance with the devil. There have been 53 bogeys or worse on the 17th today and only one birdie - Billy Horschel.

  51. Third play-off hole

    Oosthuizen (-1), Leishman (+1), Johnson (-2)

    And so to the 17th. This golf hole can probably tempt some to give up the game. It is a menace but a stage where on occasions like this, drama is inevitable.

    They all take their line over the sign on The Old Course Hotel. Keep it straight, keep it true, this is no fun under this pressure. That's why they are here, tee shots like that. Perfect.

  52. Get involved via #bbcgolf

    Great drama on the BBC

    Tom Dodd: Louis and Zach could take us into darkness at this rate. High quality playoff to cap a high quality championship.

    John Patrick: One of the greatest majors ever!

    James Pearce: All this drama, remember, without McIlroy.

  53. Second play-off hole

    Oosthuizen (-1), Leishman (+1), Johnson (-2)

    Marc Leishman was red hot, he fired closing rounds of 64 and 66 to get here. Has he lost his touch with the putter... no. A great putt goes close and will secure par but he needs more. Louis Oosthuizen with the short stick... great weight... tap-in par.

    Zach Johnson, a chance for a big blow to be landed. Three practice swings, YES! It broke right to left and buried. A fist pump follows which is packed with fight.

  54. Post update

    Ken Brown

    BBC Sport commentator

    "Over a period of time Zach Johnson is probably the best putter of the three of them."

  55. 'I'll be expecting present if Johnson wins'

    Willett (-11 after 18)

    Ged Scott

    BBC Sport at St Andrews

    The Open

    Zach Johnson's playing partner today was Yorkshireman Danny Willett, who ended up on 11 under, four shots adrift.

    "I've played with him a few times and he's a great guy," Willett told BBC Sport. "We kept each other relatively calm on a very tricky day.

    "If he does win today, it will be down to his pitching. Anything inside 100 yards and he was lethal.

    "And, as for that last putt of his on 18, I gave him a bit of a read on that, so I'll be expecting a bit of a present in the post."

  56. Second play-off hole

    Oosthuizen (-1), Leishman (+1), Johnson (-1)

    Zach Johnson, the floor is yours... here he comes and it's rock solid. Johnson is known on Tour for being heroic with his wedges and you get the feeling he will not implode and will need to be beaten into submission.

    Onto the green he goes, around 15 feet left. Oosthuizen and Leishman follow him up there and all three have outside chances for a three.

    This is a play-off and chess match rolled into one. You can feel how tense things are as the galleries are awash with silence.

  57. Get involved via #bbcgolf

    Commentator God

    Ian Emery: Peter Alliss is a commentating god. They broke the mould with him.

    Scotty Wheeler: He drowned in a bath of muesli. A strong current pulled him in. Classic Peter Alliss

    Tim Colemere: I'll miss BBC golf's banter, nothing quite like it.

  58. Bronze medal for amateurs

    bronze medal

    A bronze medal is being readied for one of the amateurs. Don't forget each of the five who played all 72 holes receives a bronze medal, apart from America's Jordan Niebrugge who collects the silver medal for being top amateur on 11 under par.

  59. Second play-off hole

    Oosthuizen (-1), Leishman (+1), Johnson (-1)

    Zach Johnson throws the oven gloves on to keep his hands toasty. I may buy my nan a set of them for Christmas in the hope I can use them on the local course if she decides her baking career is over.

    Up the fairway go the tee shots of all three men. This is another par four which averaged 3.95 strokes today. It's not one to be overly aggressive on.

    Only Johnson made birdie here in his earlier round.

  60. Post update

    Peter Alliss

    BBC Sport commentator

    "The four-hole play-off has a lot of merit. But there is also merit in having an 18-hole play-off. My father tied with Walter Hagen at the Canadian Open in 1931 and they had a 36-hole play-off - and they were still tied! Hagen beat the old man at the 37th hole."

  61. Post update

    Oosthuizen (-1), Leishman (+1), Johnson (-1)


    No wonder Marc Leishman is grimacing. He already has to claw two shots back with three holes left to play...

  62. Post update

    Oosthuizen (-1), Leishman (+1), Johnson (-1)

    Louis Oosthuizen's putter is red hot. He has four single putts in a row now.

  63. Post update

    Andrew Cotter

    BBC Sport commentator

    Marc leishman

    "His putt on 16 was brilliant, 17 was even better and then the 18th. Oosthuizen is on a roll with his putter. What a way to start."

  64. First play-off hole

    Oosthuizen (-1), Leishman (+1), Johnson (-1)

    Marc Leishman - I love his optimism. He has sunglasses hooked onto the back of his cap. Did he not see the weather forecast or look out the window earlier.

    He needs to be optimistic with a putt like this, it's 20 feet or more and stops four feet short. Not bad but can Louis Oosthuizen rubbish it from closer in... good strike... it's underground. The cup has been woken. Courageous birdie and keeps his momentum going.

    What have you got Zach Johnson? Abundance that's what. Perfectly judged putt and Leishman's par misses. The groans from the galleries buckled my knees, never mind his.

  65. Post update

    Oosthuizen (E), Leishman (E), Johnson (E)

    Ken Brown

    BBC Sport commentator

    "Oooh, excellent. Zach Johnson was watching very carefully there. It must have only been about four foot over Swilcan Burn when it landed."

  66. First play-off hole

    Oosthuizen (E), Leishman (E), Johnson (E)

    A reminder we play holes ones, two, 17 and 18. It will be Louis Oosthuizen to fire into the green first before his rivals. Big divot, lots of grip, 12 feet left. Solid.

    Marc Leishman, a bigger divot, onto the dance floor at the same angle as Oosthuizen but with twice as far for birdie. Oosthuizen will get a read on the line of the putt from the Australian. Now to Zach Johnson, lots of spin, the ball grips and he has the shortest putt left - 10 feet.

  67. On the first

    Oosthuizen (E), Leishman (E), Johnson (E)

    Veteran Open announcer Ivor Robson trots back out onto the first tee, welcoming Louis Oosthuizen, Marc Leishman and Zach Johnson back out. Whoosh! Oosthuizen finds the middle. Crash! Leishman follows suit. Wallop! Johnson makes it a perfect three.

  68. Post update

    The last three men in The Open ring are ready to rumble. Ding, ding, let's go....

  69. Post update

    For continued coverage of the golf, switch to BBC Two now. You can continue to watch online on this page.

  70. Post update

    Ben Dirs

    BBC Sport at St Andrews

    "Leishman and Johnson went from doing their best of ignoring each other on the putting green, to watching Oosthuizen's birdie putt on 18, to doing their best to not look bothered that he'd just joined them in the play-off.

    "Dear old Ivor Robson just had the shortest retirement in history...

  71. Post update

    John Inverdale

    BBC Radio 5 live presenter

    "Lots of people have their waterproofs and back-packs on. It's like a multi-coloured convention for ramblers."

  72. The play-off

    Zach Johnson

    Louis Oosthuizen lost a play-off to Bubba Watson at the 2012 Masters. From what we can see, Marc Leishman has never played in one in a PGA Tour event.

  73. Player reaction

    Day (-14 after 18)

    Jason Day after missing out on a play-off by one shot on BBC One: "It is so hard to explain. I worked so hard for this and to have it in my hands so close. I hit a good putt on the last hole, I just didn't expect it to be so slow. It is disappointing but I played good golf. I gave it 100 percent but it just wasn't good enough.

    "I know I am doing the right things, I just have to keep going."

  74. Play-off time

    Ken Brown

    BBC Sport commentator

    A four hole play-off is fairer than a sudden-death play-off when you can go down the first and make one silly mistake and lose The Open. There is a lot at stake."

  75. Play-off format

    What happens if two or more players are tied after 72 holes? That is a question that I'm sure the new golf fans among you may be asking. So here's the drill at The Open...

    • A four-hole play-off immediately follows the conclusion of the final round
    • The competing players will play the first, second, 17th and 18th holes
    • The winner is determined by the lowest aggregate score
    • Any players still tied continue in a sudden-death format on the 18th until we find a winner
  76. Post update

    Oosthuizen (-15 after 18)

    Ken Brown

    BBC Sport commentator

    Beautifully holed from Louis Oosthuizen. He took the break out of it, bulleted it right into the back of the cup.

  77. Birdie

    Oosthuizen (-15 after 18)

    Louis Oosthuizen

    Oosthuizen. Rarely are putts bigger and more pressured. Just six feet... BANG. He put every ounce of his being into it. We have a three-way play-off.

    Louis Oosthuizen, Marc Leishman and Zach Johnson. Only Leishman is without a major title.

  78. Get involved via #bbcgolf

    Harry: Gutted Spieth won't be doing the Grand Slam this year, no doubt he'll have other opportunities. Double bogey on the 8th cost him.

    Kyle Whitehead: Can't remember ever watching the golf with so much interest.

    Jonathan Hinton: ‏Didn't think Jack Whitehall was a golf fan?!

    A man climbs a pole to get a better view
  79. Post update

    Dunne (-6 after 18)

    Paul Dunne looks windswept both physically and mentally. The 22-year-old is five over today and will drop more shots here. His putt for par is all of 20 feet and goes close, in goes the tap-in for bogey and six over, six under for the tournament.

    Applause aplenty. A superb tournament. A harsh final day.

  80. Post update

    Oosthuizen (-14 after 17)

    Peter Alliss

    BBC Sport commentator

    Louis Oosthuizen struck that so beautifully. That would have been a travesty if it hadn't gone close.

  81. Post update

    Oosthuizen (-14 after 17)

    Louis Oosthuizen then - but not before Paul Dunne hits a horrible shot through the final green - can keep his hopes of a second career major alive here. He is two under today, rock solid. Here comes his chip... it will be lofted rather than a low skidder... wonderful. Absolutely wonderful.

    Just five feet left for birdie and a play-off. A superb strike of the golf ball.

    Hole 18
  82. Post update

    Day (-14 after 18)

    Nineteen appearances at the Majors. Nine finishes inside the top 10. No victories. This is how Jason Day feels after another near miss...

    Jason Day

    But it is the Aussie's best finish at an Open by a long way. Small consolations and all that...

  83. Post update

    Day (-14 after 18)

    Louis Oosthuizen

    Louis Oosthuizen holed one of the most resilient putts you ever will see on 17 for par and is on the 18th fairway knowing - like Jordan Spieth and Jason Day - a birdie takes him into a play-off.

    Day is next up, the man with eight top-10 major finishes but no wins. Make that nine top-10 finishes without a win. His long putt on 18 won't get there. Nearly. A word he is all too familiar with.

  84. Post update

    Spieth (-14 after 18)

    Out comes the yardage book. All Jordan Spieth needs to read are these words... "hole it."

    This is his third shot on this par four and only birdie will make the play-off. Only a birdie can keep the Grand Slam hopes alive. Here it comes, it's a long putt from off the green... it's close... it's close. And that's it, the end of his dream. The finest of margins between failure and glory.

  85. Still they wait...


    Zach Johnson and Marc Leishman are looking nailed on to get in a play-off. Louis Oosthuizen could spoil that of course by chipping in for an eagle two at the last...

  86. Post update

    Spieth (-14 after 17)

    Peter Alliss

    BBC Sport commentator

    "Everything Jordan Spieth didn't want. He was unable to control the spin."

    Jordan Spieth
  87. Post update

    Spieth (-14 after 17), Day (-14 after 17)

    Spieth has 102 yards to the green from the left of the 18th fairway. He takes around six-to-eight practice swings and talks to his caddie. Any words of wisdom?

    Oh no... a camera goes off in his back swing and he stops with a sigh. "Come on, reset," says the caddie to his employer. The ball is in flight, it's at the flag, looks good... pitch and back spin. Back spin galore - the ball rolls off the green. It will take a chip of wizardry to join the play-off. It has to be holed.

    What for Jason Day? Ball in the air... "sit, sit," he says. Over the flag and around 15 feet for the birdie he needs.

  88. Post update

    Ken Brown

    BBC Sport commentator

    "If Jordan Spieth wins here, he will go to world number one and become the youngest Open champion since 1893."

  89. Post update

    Oosthuizen (-14 after 16)

    Zach Johnson and Marc Leishman wait. Will they face just one another? Will they be joined by Jason Day, Jordan Spieth, Louis Oosthuizen or all three?

    Oosthuizen has work to do on 17 to make par - a chip from the fringes of the green and a putt will send him up 18 knowing a birdie will earn a play-off.

  90. Post update

    Spieth (-14 after 17), Day (-14 after 17)

    The 18th hole is the only one of the last six on The Old Course playing under par today so both Jason Day and Jordan Spieth still have hope. Day finds the nice grass, Spieth too is on the fairway but it's not hard on this hole - the fairway is 140 yards wide.

    In truth, Spieth produced an erratic strike. Both will have a wedge into the dance floor. My word, what pressure.

  91. Spieth's monster putt

    Jordan Spieth ties for the lead on -15 with a monster putt at the 16th.

    Watch video of the putt that kept Jordan Spieth in the hunt to win a remarkable third major of 2015.

    Jordan Spieth birdies the 18th on the final day of The Open
  92. Nervous times...

    Zach Johnson

    "What's going on then Dan Walker?"

    "You are probably about to play a play-off Zach Johnson"

  93. Bogey

    Spieth (-14 after 17)

    Jordan Spieth, it's 10 feet or more and needs to drop if he is to save par and play the 18th knowing a birdie will win him a third major in a row. It's not a nice putt and he gets little change from it. Bogey. He now needs a three on the final drag to join the play-off.

  94. Post update

    Day (-14 after 16)

    Jason Day

    The glare of Jason Day. What a glare at the hole. Full throttle focus.

    He needs to get up and down and my word, he is going to putt from off the green and skirt the edge of the Road Hole bunker. Don't close your eyes, pray a little and just swing it... great putt. Around three feet for par left.

  95. Bogey

    Harrington (-7 after 18)

    Not quite the finish that Padraig Harrington envisaged. The Irishman has slipped off the radar in recent times, but put himself in the frame for a third Open triumph with three birdies in his opening four holes. Unfortunately it all went south from there. He misses a par putt from about five foot on the last - and that sums up his final 13 holes...

  96. Post update

    Spieth (-15 after 16)

    Ken Brown

    BBC Sport commentator

    "The hand of history is tapping him on the shoulder."

    Jordan Spieth pitches into 17, his third shot on the horrible par four. It looks good on pitch but runs a little and boy oh boy, what a nerve jangler Spieth has to come. All of 10 feet.

    Jordan Spieth
  97. Play-off time?

    Eilidh Barbour

    BBC Radio 5 live commentator

    "Unless Jordan Spieth can pull something out the bag we are heading for a play-off."

  98. Post update

    Oosthuizen (-14 after 16), Dunne (-8 after 16)

    "Beauty. Beauty." The words of Louis Oosthuizen's caddie on the 17th tee.

    A word on Irish amateur Paul Dunne as he tees off with the South African - a good tee shot by the way. Dunne is four over today and eight under for the tournament which currently sees him tied for 18th. After leading tonight he won't even get the amateur's silver medal. Jordan Niebrugge will get it at -11.

  99. Post update

    Leishman (-15 after 18)


    Leishman at the 18th... Fifteen feet... is it? No. He rolls the ball past and pars. The Australian joins Zach Johnson as the clubhouse leader. Jordan Spieth is with them on -15 and has two holes to play.

  100. Post update

    Z Johnson (-15 after 18)

    Planning for a play-off? Zach Johnson is. The clubhouse leader is back of the driving range, keeping his muscles warm and his head focused for what might lie ahead...

    Zach johnson
  101. Post update

    Oosthuizen (-14 after 16), Spieth (-15 after 16)

    Jordan Spieth is breaking my nerves into bits. He pulls away from his approach into 17 mid-swing to wipe the club. Meanwhile Louis Oosthuizen puts a brave one for par on 16 - that had to drop and he is still in it.

    Spieth is back at address. The wild weather is just that - wild. A vicious swing and his ball is safe but a testing up and down to come.

  102. Post update

    Leishman (-15 after 17)

    So, Marc Leishman, the biggest shot of your life? Perhaps.

    The joint leader will know the valley of sin awaits any error... no error as he lands the ball 25 feet away from the pin on the green, before some wicked back spin takes the ball to 15 feet. A putt to win The Open?

    All depends on Mr Spieth of course.

  103. Post update

    Oosthuizen (-14 after 15)

    Feeling it folks? I know we are here. What is coming next?

    Louis Oosthuizen, who of course started today as co-leader has a long putt for birdie on 16 and needs something to drop. He is currently not part of what would be a three-way play-off.

    Here it comes, races it, gave it guts and went for glory but there's nothing doing and now, his par putt is laced with evil.

  104. Post update

    Leishman (-15 after 17)

    Marc Leishman looks like a man on a mission. He strides purposefully from the 18th tee, knowing one perfect iron and a putt could land him The Open title.

    Huge applause as he waves to the galleries, before settling down to business.

  105. It's good-bye from him

    Peter Alliss

    BBC Sport commentator

    "I first came here in 1948 and this is the last time I'll report on any golf from St Andrews. It's been a wonderful journey and it ain't finished yet."

  106. Engraving pen at the ready

    But which names?

  107. Get involved via #bbcgolf

    Mike Fowle: Jordan Speith take a bow!

    Louis Dasilva: Not too bad is young Mr Spieth

    Mike Thomas: Jordan Spieth is unreal, pulls it out of the bag at the most vital moment.

  108. Post update

    Niebrugge (-11 after 18)

    Jordan Niebrugge takes his time over his final putt of a dream week at St Andrews - then takes the acclaim of the crowd after sinking it. The 21-year-old American - barring a flurry of birdies from Paul Dunne - will take the Silver Medal for finishing as the leading amateur. Rounds of 67, 73, 67 and 70 should see to that.

  109. Post update

    Leishman (-15 after 17)

    Marc Leishman is in for par and he goes down the 18th tied with clubhouse leader Zach Johnson and Jordan Spieth, who has two holes left. A safe drive down the fairway.

  110. Post update

    Spieth (-15 after 16), Day (-14 after 16)

    And this is what it means. What a putt. The Grand Slam is still on.


    Jason Day could only make par on 16 but as he has done many time today, rolled home a tester. He needs a makeable birdie putt.

  111. Post update

    Spieth (-15 after 16), Day (-14 after 16)

    "If I have a chance coming down the stretch, if it creeps in, I'll embrace it. I'll embrace the opportunity that presents itself."

    Jordan Spieth

    Those were the words of Jordan Spieth. Is the weight of history weighing his young, 21-year-old shoulders down. He has a birdie putt from all of 30 feet on 16. Is this the moment? Is this the moment. YES. Bingo. What a putt from Spieth. It had the magic those famous putts have. It clung to the lip and then decided to bow to gravity.

    He ties the lead. Incredible.

  112. Post update

    Ben Dirs

    BBC Sport at St Andrews

    "A lot of love out there for Sergio Garcia, he would have been a spectacularly popular winner this evening. Golf is a game that starts slow, comes to a simmer before boiling over down the final stretch. Still impossible to pick a winner from here, Spieth, Day and Oosthuizen more likely to drop shots on their final three holes as they are to nick one..."

  113. Post update

    Peter Alliss

    BBC Sport commentator

    "It's been said many times that someday you'll win one. Sometimes it doesn't happen."

  114. Post update

    Garcia (-11 after 17)

    Sergio Garcia's long toil for a Major title continues. For a while it looked like the popular Spaniard was going to challenge - at the 67th attempt - but the 35-year-old's challenge faded on the back nine with a trio of bogeys.

  115. Post update

    Leishman (-15 after 16)

    Marc Leishman, tied for the lead, with a huge putt from just off the green on 17...a solid putt up the hill... superb. He leaves himself a tap in for par.

  116. Post update

    Oosthuizen (-14 after 15)

    We can have a tied leader... Louis Oosthuizen for birdie and 15 under...

    Louis Oosthuizen

    A stroke... is it good... looks it... shy. Shy of pace and it just drips left of the hole. Three holes to find one stroke. One stroke. That's all it needs. What is that one blow worth?

  117. Post update

    Leishman (-15 after 16)

    Marc Leishman's second on the 17th and he will take that. The ball just about creeps to the edge of the green but he leaves himself a mammoth up and down for par. He is currently joint leader with Zach Johnson, who is in the clubhouse...

  118. Get involved via #bbcgolf

  119. Post update

    Zach Johnson

    That's right Zach, keep practicing your putting. You could be back out in a while for a play-off...

  120. Back to back Open wins at St Andrews?

    Oosthuizen (-14)

  121. The winning putt?

    Zach Johnson birdied the 18th to become the clubhouse leader on 15 under par

    Watch video of the putt that could have won Zach Johnson The Open.

    Zach Johnson putting for a birdie on the 18th at St Andrews
  122. Latest scores


    Marc Leishman and Zach Johnson are out in front, but there are three others just one shot back. Tight, tight, tight. Five players can still win this.

  123. Post update

    Spieth (-14 after 15), Oosthuizen (-14 after 15)

    Jordan Spieth. The words every man and his dog have said in recent minutes "he's hanging in there."

    The 15th green could improve his chances somewhat. Birdie putt makes it's way to the hole but no, not on line. Could this be the end of Jason Day?

    Jason Day

    Not the par putt you want at this stage... four feet... wonderful bottle. Wonderful bottle. Drains it.

  124. Birdie

    Rose (-11 after 18)

    Huge ovation for Justin Rose as he sinks another birdie at the last. The Englishman confidently rolls in from a distance roughly equivalent of an average-sized British man, lifting his putter towards the sky in celebration. That puts him level with Danny Willett as the leading home player.

  125. Post update

    Leishman (-15 after 16)

    Has Marc Leishman ever had a more important drive? A few swashbuckling swings of the driver and he lands on the second fairway. Decent enough but he has a horrible approach right over the bunker left. Talk about tense.

  126. Post update

    Leishman (-15 after 16)

    An instant recovery on the next hole would suit Marc Leishman to a tee. The problem? The next is the much-feared Road Hole.

    Widely regarded as the toughest par four in world golf, the 17th on the Old Course has been the hardest hole this week. The 495-yard par four has been played at an average of 4.653, with only nine birdies being made here over the last five days.

    The Aussie looks petrified on the tee box. And no wonder...

  127. Post update

    Spieth (-14 after 14), Oosthuizen (-14 after 13)

    "Be right. Be right ball." Jordan Spieth has talked his ball to death today. Maybe he's bonded with this one. Remember he threw one ball in anger earlier.

    Here comes his iron into 15, it's a par four so needs to be good. It is. A 12-15 footer for his birdie and what could be a crucial shot. This man is well in this. What a finish we have.

    Over to Louis Oosthuizen on 14 for birdie... a slider. No good.

  128. Bogey

    Leishman (-15 after 16)

    So Marc Leishman, how's your bottle? One ahead and a putt for par from six feet on 16.. ooh, he's pushed it. Get warm Zach Johnson you are back level and could be set for a play-off. Agony for the Australian and he still has the treacherous 17 to play.

  129. Double bogey

    Scott (-10 after 18)

    Most people would be storming off back to the clubhouse if they had capitulated on the back nine of the final round of a Major. Again. Not Adam Scott however. The affable Aussie signs a few autographs, and manages a weary smile, as he trudges off the 18th - which he has just double bogeyed.

    "Very sad. Very sad indeed," says sympathetic BBC commentator Peter Alliss. Scott carded 31 out, but a whopping 40 home after dropping five shots in the final five holes.

  130. No comment

    John Inverdale

    BBC Radio 5 live presenter

    "Zach Johnson has decided not to do any media. He's headed off to the practice ground to keep loose in case he is in a play-off."

  131. What a shot!

    Leishman (-16 after 15)

    The leader Marc Leishman arrows his second on 16 into the bunker... what a recovery though as he lands the ball from the sand to within six feet. He looks very, very solid.

  132. Post update

    Ben Dirs

    BBC Sport at St Andrews

    "The look that followed that long putt by Zach Johnson was followed by a look that said: 'You know what? I think I might have done enough to win this.'

    "The atmosphere at St Andrews is becoming more fevered, the consensus seems to be that we're nailed on for a play-off..."

  133. Wall crumbles

    Wall (-9 after 18)

    Englishman Antony Wall finished back on nine under after briefly threatening.

    After beginning the day on seven under par, Surrey-based Londoner Wall fired four birdies on the front nine and another on the 11th to go to 12 under.

    "I felt like I was birdieing everything," he told BBC Sport.

    But successive bogeys at 13 and 14 ended his hopes.

    "You know what the back nine is like at any tournament," he added. "You've got to hole your putts.

    "I finished up as the top British player at Hoylake in 2006 and that was fantastic. I loved every minute of it. But this means so much to me as had my beautiful wife and kids with me. It doesn't get it better - and on the best course to play too, at the home of golf."

    Anthony Wall
  134. Latest scores


    Marc Leishman is walking up the 16th with a one-shot lead...

  135. Post update

    Oosthuizen (-14 after 13)

    So where can the claw back come from?

    Jordan Spieth has four holes to complete but needs two shots. Louis Oosthuizen? Can he win at St Andrew's again? A birdie on this par five will be timely and he will have an iron into the green - he sets a chance up.

    This is tense and still this Old Course could play a part as conditions tighten their grip on the ball. Remember what we told you earlier.

    Holes 13, 14, 15, 16 and 17 are playing over par.

  136. Get involved via #bbcgolf

    Gareth Griffiths: Zach Johnson owes Danny Willet a pint for giving him that read on 18.

    Tony Munky: This would be amazing if Leishman holds on to this - he was 80/1 yesterday AFTER his 64 when he was clubhouse leader!

    Tim Bennett: I'd love to see Jason Day win after all he went through at the US Open and he has come close so many times.

  137. Post update

    Leishman (-16 after 15)

    Onto the 16th tee. Marc Leishman has played flawless golf so far and he continues that trend. The leader, who has hit seven birdies and no bogeys, is nicely on the fairway. Two and a half holes left to play for him. He has little berathing space with Zach Johnson in the clubhouse one behind.

  138. Wonder what it means?

    Johnson (-15 after 18)

    This is what it means...

    Zach Johnson

    That incredible, snaking, downhill putt on 18 for birdie has given Zach Johnson a chance and he is composing himself on the way to the clubhouse. Will he get a win? Will he take a play-off?

  139. Post update

    Willett (-11 after 18)

    So close yet so far. Danny Willett can be proud of his week's work and always remember that he led the Open at St Andrews. Presuming his doesn't go on to better that feat by lifting the Claret Jug in the future. The Yorkshireman taps in a closing par for a final round 70, and doffs his cap to the appreciative galleries.

  140. 'A solid round and a solid week'

    Luke Donald

    England's former world number one Luke Donald book-ended his Open by firing a final day four-under-par 68, to match the one he shot on the first day.

    Having seen his hopes slip away on Sunday with a 73, his earlier start allowed him to take advantage of the more benign conditions, getting to within two shots of the lead at one stage on 10 under par before bogeying 17.

    "That's exactly why I shot 73 yesterday as I knew conditions would be worse later on today," he joked. "I knew if I could go really low and post a number then I'd have a chance, but I didn't hole enough putts.

    "It was a solid round and a solid week."

  141. Birdie

    Leishman (-16 after 15)

    Nerves of steel from Marc Leishman on 15. He retains the one-shot lead with a very, very solid putt from 10 feet into the middle of the hole. Brilliant stuff.

  142. That's incredible!

    Z. Johnson (-15)

    Zach Johnson with a birdie putt on the last.... two shots behind the leader... he needs it. He gives it a rattle and... straight in. Birdie to move to 15 under.

    Zach Johnson

    He is the clubhouse leader and leader Marc Leishman is struggling for par...

  143. Bogey

    Scott (-12 after 17)

    Adam Scott's challenge is over. It's official. The Australian cannot exorcise the ghosts of the 2012, when he lost a four-stroke lead with four holes left at Royal Lytham. Another bogey on the penultimate hole - that's three dropped shots in the last four - and he can barely believe it.

    Adam Scott
  144. Post update

    Leishman (-16 after 14)

    This could be a very emotional Open finale.

    Three months ago Marc Leishman's wife nearly died as she fell seriously ill with toxic shock syndrome, a rare but life-threatening bacterial infection during which she was put into an induced coma.

    She is now recovering.

    The leader's third on 15 from off the green and he leaves himself a good 10 feet for par. How's your nerves Marc?

  145. Bogey

    Oosthuizen (-14 after 13), Dunne (-8 after 13)

    Louis Oosthuizen is destined to drop a stroke on the 13th as this pitch will have to drop for him to make par. It doesn't but it's a delightful lob and a tap in bogey. Back to 14 under with a par five to come.

    Louis Oosthuizen

    After his heroic Sunday, Irish amateur Paul Dunne has slowly ran out of steam today. He is back to eight under after a double bogey, four over today.

  146. Post update

    Leishman (-16 after 14)

    Leader Marc Leishman looks on anxiously as he pushes his approach on 15 right. He misses the green but it's no drama as he comes to rest in the light stuff. Still one ahead.

  147. Bogey

    Niebrugge (-12 after 15)

    Jordan Niebrugge bends his knees and looks up to the St Andrews sky. He is disgusted with himself. The American amateur slides a par putt past the 15th hole, wiping out that precious birdie he sunk at the last. Two shots clear of Irish amateur Paul Dunne in the race for the Sliver Medal...

  148. Post update

    Spieth (-14 after 13)

    From a pitch rattling out of the cup on the last, suddenly some good fortune for Jordan Spieth as his tee shot on the 14th lands right between two bunkers. Lucky boy. It's a par five remember.

    Jordan Spieth
  149. Post update

    Z. Johnson (-14 after 17)

    Zach Johnson waits for the breeze to die down as he stands over his final tee shot. He knows he probably needs a birdie to challenge the leaders and he gives himself a chance as he drives over over the road and into prime position. A birdie here and he will be clubhouse leader on 15 under. Could it be enough with the leaders still having to deal with some tough, tough holes? Maybe.

  150. Post update

    Willett (-11 after 17)

    Like playing partner Zach Johnson, England's Danny Willett also has to write down a bogey in the scoring column next to the 17th. The Englishman is still the leading home player at the Championship, however, clinging on one shot ahead of Justin Rose.

  151. That's ugly!

    Oosthuizen (-15 after 12)

    More drama. This time Louis Oosthuizen finds trouble on 13 and will need to chip put sideways from the rough. That will leave a big up and down needed. Don't forget he has a par five to come next though.

  152. Latest leaderboard

    The Open
  153. Bogey

    Z. Johnson (-14 after 17)

    Zach Johnson slips back to 14 under with a dropped shot on 17. Two behind the leaders as he is unable to sink his putt from about eight feet. His chance look to be diminishing.

  154. What a shot!

    Spieth (-14 after 13), Day (-14 after 13)

    Jordan Spieth is taking an eternity over this chip from the side of the 13th green. Every break, every nuance of the green is checked thoroughly. Here he comes, a dinked wedge... IT'S IN... no. The ball rattles the cup and pin and hops out. My word, 60% of that ball was in the cup I'm sure.

    Jordan Spieth

    Has his tilt at a Grand Slam come down to such a fine margin? In for par, as is Jason Day in far less eventful fashion.

  155. Birdie

    Niebrugge (-13 after 14)

    American amateur Jordan Niebrugge is the favourite to win the Silver Medal. The 21-year-old drops in another birdie on the par-five 14th - his fourth of the afternoon - to put himself three shots clear of Ireland's Paul Dunne.

  156. Post update

    Leishman (-16 after 13)

    Leader Marc Leishman with a nervy birdie putt on 14 and he still has work to do for par... Is he feeling the heat?