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  1. Ellie wants an ace

    PGA Tour writer Brian Wacker has been keeping an eye on the Spieth's this week. The world number two wasn't far away on this latest par three and will have one more chance at the par three seventh in a wee while.

  2. Goodnight

    And so all the talk was about a certain two...

    Rory McIlroy and Jordan Spieth

    But Jordan Spieth and Rory McIlroy had to dig deep while a familiar face surged early on in a major championship...

    Dustin Johnson

    So is this finally Dustin Johnson's time to land a major? Or will the pack hunt him down? We will be live texting again tomorrow so please come back for more.

    Thanks for all your tweets and interaction tonight. Sleep well. Dream of birdies.

  3. Friday tee times...

    The great thing about golf is they do it all again tomorrow.

    Some key tee times: Dustin Johnson - 19:20 BST, Rory Mcilroy and Jordan Spieth - 14:05 BST, Tiger Woods 20:30 BST, Luke Donald and Graeme McDowell - 13:45 BST.

    For a full list, click here.

  4. Post update

    Mickelson E (18)

    Phil Mickelson in contrast has hit just four of 14 fairways today yet ends level par and goes close to birdie on 18 with a long putt from left to right.

  5. Booming Rory...

    McIlroy -1 (18)

    Rroy McIlroy
  6. Post update

    McIlroy -1 (18)

    Rory McIlroy - after a one under 71 - talks to Sky Sports: "It was a game of two nines really trying to hold on the front nine and then a few more chances on the back. It's great to be back, I was quite nervous on the first tee. The two shots on the second hole settled me down. The ankle feels great, it's felt great all week, it's not an issue and I've got full confidence in it.

    "I took a trip to Haiti before the US Open in 2011 and that gave me a huge sense of perspective. To be out of the game recently was sort of nice. It made me realise that sometimes I get too wrapped up in what I'm doing and maybe it gave me some perspective going forward."

  7. Post update

    Lingmerth -5 (18)

    David Lingmerth - after his five under finish - speaks to Sky Sports: "I got off to a great start in tough windy conditions, a few birdies kind of got me going. You can't relax out there, you have to try to be in control of what you're doing the whole way."

  8. Post update

    Spieth -1 (18), McIlroy -1 (18), Z Johnson +3 (18)

    The 18th hole claims a big scalp in Rory McIlroy. "Ha ha ha," chuckles the horrible final drag as the world number one can't get up and down and watches his 20 foot par putt roll away.

    Still, one under after day one of the US PGA Championship, what would McIlroy have given for that when he pulled this face and broke the news of his horrible ankle injury in July?

    Rory McIlroy

    The Open champion Zach Johnson has had a day of volatility - he ends plus three, can Jordan Spieth be the only player in the group to par 18? He can.

    What's the story? Rory and Spieth end one under for day one.

  9. Post update

    Lingmerth -5 (18)

    There weren't too many thrown clubs by David Lingmerth today. What a round and what an opening nine to lay the foundation.

    David Lingmerth

    At five under through the turn he ends the day on the same mark after a birdie-bogey run on his 14th and 15th hole.

    There's around £1.2m on offer for the winner this week. That would be his biggest payday by far as a professional golfer.

  10. Post update

    Spieth -1 (17), McIlroy -2 (17)

    So to the marquee group as they come up 18, Rory McIlroy to fire into the green before Jordan Spieth. It's off line but leaves a chip with lots of green to work with and Spieth will leave what looks like a certain two-putt . Remember this hole is the hardest on the course today so players will bite your hand off for par.

  11. That's ugly!

    Mickelson -1 (16)

    Golf Channel writer Randall Mell is watching Phil Mickelson and guess what, Lefty has hit a wayward tee shot. He's done it on every hole so far almost so why stop on 17 I guess?

    Randall Mell

    The bunker shot he has to play is just a hack, a hit and hope and it leaves a massive putt for par. He'll be going back to level par at best. A cat has nine lives, Lefty has had a dozen today and it looks like they've run out.

  12. Birdie

    Mickelson -1 (16), Scott +4 (18)

    This golf course can damage you. Were any of you reading when Adam Scott started birdie-birdie? He ends four over for the day.

    Adam Scott

    Phil Mickelson - I told you was in the water on 16 - escaped the wet stuff and guess what, he managed to make birdie on the par five.

    Apologies if you're a Phil fan but it did genuinely look like his ball had missed the fairway. He's been like Houdini today. He could have been way, way, way over par but for some stunning invention, big putts and some might say, good fortune.

  13. Post update

    Koepka E (17)

    The 18th hole waits many of these players. It's grizzly to say the least. Measuring 520 yards as a par four it's long and has only given up five birdies all day. Brooks Koepka is a big hitter yet has just smashed his third into the green and can't make par from range, like many others, he will have to work just to make bogey.

  14. Birdie

    McIlroy -2 (16)

    ESPN golf writer David Sobel is on point as Rory McIlroy moves to within four of the lead with birdie at 16.

    Jason Sobel tweets about Rory McIlroy

    Send your tweets to #bbcgolf

    Stephen Collins: Dustin Johnson is always lightning out of the blocks! Could've won all 4 majors this year, if he'd learn to hold that into the weekends.

  16. Birdie

    Spieth -1 (16)

    Jordan Spieth - perhaps sensing the need to move forward at a key time - rolls in for birdie on 16.

    That's perhaps surprising one a hole which began with his "holy snap hooks" shout after his tee shot. The US Open and Open champion cracked a great third shot into the green, controlling it with spin to leave 12 feet or so.

    Would one under be a great day for him? Or is he greedy? Two under maybe?

  17. That's ugly!

    Mickelson E (16)

    Phil Mickelson may well be in the drink.

    "I lost it, did that stay fairway," he asks. We hear a shocked "what" from the American as someone probably tells him his ball is in trouble.

    Another wayward tee shot looks like it may prove costly.

  18. Post update

    Spieth E (15), McIlroy -1 (15)

    As we told you, officials are timing the play of Jordan Spieth and Rory McIlroy. Spieth is visibly rushing on this par five, jogging around in a bunker and generally not looking his ice-cool self. Both players have a wedge left into the green on this par five to set up birdie.

  19. What a shot!

    Mickelson E (15)

    Jogs out of the bunker, smacks that troublesome sand off each shoe, Phil Mickelson has just done what he usually does and put a shot from the trap to within a foot.

    Lefty has probably been in some sort of trouble on a dozen of the 15 holes he's played - either off the tee or with his second shot.

  20. Quote of the day

    Spieth E (15)

    Jordan Spieth


    Those are the words of Jordan Spieth as he dislikes his tee shot on 16.


    Tiger Woods was not as clean-cut in his use of language earlier.

  21. Post update

    McIlroy -1 (15), Spieth E (15), Donald E (16)

    In what feels like a copy and paste moment, Rory McIlroy and Jordan Spieth will do with pars on 15. Spieth's up and down was champion-like, McIlroy's very close birdie putt shows he's not far off being right on song.

    And while we're talking pars, Luke Donald chips out from among a crowd of spectators and salvages one from real trouble with a gutsy putt.

  22. Back to one leader...

    Lingmerth -5 (15)

    And we have one leader again. David Lingmerth can't roll home a six footer and drops back to five under. Dustin Johnson did the damage this morning and probably has his feet up now as others around him fail to reach his heights.

    Dustin Johnson
  23. Timing you lads...

    McIlroy -1 (14), Spieth E (14).

    Great white shark

    There's an official following Rory McIlroy and Jordan Spieth's group like a shark looking for a feed. It would appear they are on the clock for slow play.

    McIlroy will have a putt for birdie of about 20 feet, Spieth has to get up and down from a shade short of the green for par, his wedge is top stuff and gives him a good chance.

  24. Trouble, trouble, trouble

    Koepka E (15), Spieth E (14), McIlroy -1 (14)

    Rory McIlroy, left off the tee on 15, Jordan Spieth lands in the same area and lets off an audible yelp of anger. The pair stroll down the fairway and converse like best buds.

    Brooks Koepka is in trouble of an all together different level. Firing from the rough into what looks like deeper rough. If you've just tuned in, he was four over after nine holes, one under after 14 and is now level par and in a right mess on 16.

  25. Post update

    Lingmerth -6 (14)

    So Dustin Johnson is prominent on day one of a major - no news there, but did you see this bloke mounting a challenge?

    David Lingmerth

    David Lingmerth has played 24 tournaments this year, making the cut 15 times. The Swede has a chip and putt for par on 15.

  26. Post update

    Donald E (15)

    Luke Donald has ticked along nicely today, a couple of birdies and bogeys for good measure. Getting home in a red number would be a fine result and he can reach one under if he nails a birdie putt on 16. His third into the green has a tonne of height and leaves around 25 feet.

  27. How is he doing it?

    Phil Mickelson

    Difficult to know how Phil Mickelson remains level par after 12. Lefty has hit three out of nine fairways and made only 42% of greens in regulation. No wins this year for the 2005 US PGA champion, although he did finish runner-up to Jordan Spieth at the Masters.

    Make that level par through 13.

  28. A new co-leader...

    Lingmerth -6 (14)

    Jordan Spieth takes a divot the size of many front lawns on 14 and the spin he generates is colossal, leaving a long putt for birdie. Not to be outdone, Rory McIlroy spins his approach back past the flag stick to leave an outside birdie chance.

    Brooks Koepka, the steamer in the field, has work to do to make par so his run of birdies are over but can we have a new leader? WE CAN. David Lingmerth, your name up in lights sir. A rock-solid birdie putt from 10 feet was never in doubt.

  29. End of a five-year wait?

    McDowell -2 (15)

    Again anyone?

    Graeme McDowell

    Graeme McDowell has tasted major success at the 2010 US Open of course. Not too sure a cap and white shirt go well together though.

  30. Birdie

    McDowell -2 (15)

    "Go hard," shouts Graeme McDowell as he tonks one into the 569-yard par five 15th.

    This has some hang time, in it comes to the runway and that landing spot on the front of the green offers some roll, a stunner.

    Can he convert, it's right-to-left from 12 feet and raise that hand G-Mac - birdie time.

  31. Post update

    McIlroy -1 (13), Spieth E (13), Z Johnson +2 (13)

    A safe par for Rory McIlroy and Jordan Spieth on 13, more than can be said of Zach Johnson who drops a shot for the second consecutive hole.

  32. Koepka hits five birdies in a row

    Koepka -1 (14)

    For those on Brooks Koepka watch, he is over halfway to a PGA Tour record. Mark Calcavecchia rattled off nine birdies in a row at the 2009 Canadian Open.

  33. Birdie

    Koepka -1 (14)

    Would Rory McIlroy take one under for his round? It has been tricky after all. His putt for birdie is a bit short on 13 but should be converted for par.

    He'd love a bit of what Brooks Koepka is showcasing at the moment. The young American - in dashing blue trousers - is shining bright on this course right now - he drains another monster putt for a fifth-straight birdie. Bring in the fire department, this kid is blazing a trail.

  34. Post update

    Bae -1 (13)

    Sangmoon Bae

    Sangmoon Bae making the most of his freedom, he's three under after 12. Bae, who has won more than $2m this season, was recently told he'll have to start a two-year stint in the Korean army at the end of this season, where he will earn $130 a month. Ouch, in more ways than one.

    Ouch again, double bogey at 13, back to one under.

  35. That's ugly!

    Scott +3 (13)

    The words "Adam Scott is my fancy" were about to roll off my tongue so it's perhaps unsurprising the Australian drops four shots in two holes. He becomes what seems the latest in a long line of players today to totally flunk a par three - carding six - and follows with a bogey. Ugly.

  36. Birdie-rrific

    Koepka E (13)

    Brooks Koepka

    Kopeka's latest birdie comes with a sweeping chip which takes a break and makes its way into the cup. Delightful.

  37. Birdie

    Mickelson E (11)

    Phil Mickelson takes his third from the middle of the 11th fairway - a par five remember. The wedge sounds crisp, he likes it, pitches, lashings of backspin... it's in!! No. One more turn of the ball and it would have dropped. A tap-in birdie to return to level par.

  38. Birdie

    Spieth E (12), McIlroy -1 (12), +1 Z Johnson (12)

    "Oh my gosh Zach," says Johnson to himself as his tee shot floats high and wide into the rough on the 12th.

    Jordan Spieth goes next, woosh goes his iron, he looks nervously as his ball pitches but runs a little far from the flag on the green. Rory McIlroy is nice and safe on the putting surface.

    Spieth from the fringe... stunning. A perfectly judged chip and will this spark a roll. Par for McIlroy, bogey for Johnson.

  39. Ouch!

    Tringale +8 (9)

    Spare a thought for Cameron Tringale. The American was loving life, cruising along at level par and then bang, like a hurricane racing in from Lake Michigan he feels the force of Whistling Straits and folds like a paper napkin.

    A quite stunning eight shots dropped in six holes leaves him eight over after nine. His triple bogey on the par-four eighth was gruesome. Ouch.

  40. Post update

    Spieth +1 (11)

  41. Spieth +1 (11), Z Johnson E (11)

    Spieth has a 12-footer for birdie at 11 and there are signs of frustration as he tugs it left. That said, he's got a smile on his chops as he wheels away from the hole. He's not smiling now, missed it coming back. Zach walks away with a par. Lingmerth makes par at the par-three third, stays one off the lead.

  42. McIlroy -1 (11)

    Jordan Spieth of the United States and Rory McIlroy of Northern Ireland

    Zach leaves his chip short at 11, still has a putt for birdie. Spieth is a little heavy-handed with his chip over the collar, he's got a longun coming back for birdie. McIlroy, I think I have to correct myself, is putting for eagle from just off the green... wrong line, but he'll pop that in to get to -1 and five off the lead.

  43. Post update

    Zach to play first, 241 yards to go. Alas, he's hit it about 260. Tremendous approach by McIlroy, birdie chance; Spieth, I believe, has left his right. England's old grinder Ian Poulter doing his best to turn his round around, he's picked up shots at nine and 10 to get to +1.

  44. Post update

    Graeme McDowell birdies 11 to get to one under par. Not much movement at the top of the leaderboard now as the wind picks up, only David Lingmerth (-5 after 10) out on the course is in the top 10. Spieth on tee at the par-five 11th, finds the fairway, as does Zach. McIlroy sails his miles by...

  45. Spieth E (11), McIlroy E (11), Z Johnson E (11)

    Spieth doesn't hit his birdie putt at 10, stays level. Zach bends in his par putt, also stays level. McIlroy makes his five-footer disappear, also stays level.

  46. Post update

    McIlroy playing out of some muck at 10 and all he can do is jab it onto the front of the green. The flags taking a right old ragging out there as Rory putts for birdie from long range, and leaves it five feet short.

  47. Post update

    Eddie misses a short par putt on 17 after that eagle at 16, drops back to level. McIlroy with another errant drive at 10, Spieth better. Andy Sullivan of Nuneaton is playing in his maiden US PGA and is liking it so far, he's two under through seven. Sullivan, 29, lost 3&2 to Spieth in the 2011 Walker Cup.

  48. McIlroy, Spieth & Z Johnson out in 36

    Phil Mickelson

    Mickelson lets another one go at eight, it's his driving that's costing him at the moment. Zach Johnson rolls in a monster at nine for a outward 36, which is matched by Spieth, which is matched by Rory, who makes birdie.

  49. Post update

    England's Luke Donald is out in one-under 35, Scotland's Russell Knox is one under after eight. Something of a late developer is Knox - the 30-year-old from Inverness only made his Open debut this year and this is his second US PGA. Northern Ireland's Graeme McDowell, US Open champion in 2010 but struggling for consistency this year, is level through 10.

  50. Post update

    Mickelson was wild off tee at eight, somehow manages to find the green with his second, only for his ball to skip down the hill at the back. Lefty getting his money's worth. Yorkshire's Danny Willett, who was in the hunt at the Open in St Andrews, is finding life a bit tougher at Whistling so far, he's two over after six.

  51. Eagle

    Pepperell buried that eagle putt at 16 to get to one under. Spieth cocks the hammer at nine and finds the first cut. Lingmerth makes a fine saver at 18 for an outward 31, the Swede is -5. McIlroy pounds another drive down the middle at nine...

  52. Where is Whistling Straits?

    Whistling Straits

    Whistling Straits is in the state of Wisconsin, on the shore of the mighty Lake Michigan - we know that. But some say it is is in the city of Sheboygan, despite being four miles north of the city limits. The PGA of America insists it is in the village of Kohler, population 2,120. But Whistling Straits is 10 miles away from Kohler. Mosel - population about 800 - also claims it, although the local rag, The Journal Sentinel, thinks it's in nearby Haven. Haven's population? Thirty...

  53. McIlroy +1 (8), Spieth E (8), Z Johnson +1 (8)

    McIlroy has a long putt for par at eight, it comes up a few feet short. Shot gone for the world number one, he's +1. Spieth, too, comes up short but stays level. Zach just misses a whisker right, stays +1.

  54. What a shot!

    Here's Mickelson playing yet another outrageous bunker escape at seven - ball about three feet below his feet, legs splayed on the grass above, splashes it to within a few feet. Mickelson misses his six-footer, though, and that's a bogey to drop to level. McIlroy chips out sideways at eight...

  55. Post update

    Jay Townsend

    Former American professional golfer on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

    Rory McIlroy

    "I think it's a good effort so far from Rory McIlroy. He was going to be rusty, it's to be expected. If he can just knock the rust off and try to get into the tournament, there's a long way to go yet."

    Live coverage is now under way on 5 live - click the tab at the top of this live page to listen.

  56. Post update

    Thanks for that Luke, this is Ben Dirs again. I rejoin you as McIlroy sprays one off the tee at the par-four eighth, horror lie, that'll test the ankle. Spieth and Zach find the fairway. Eddie Pepperell of Oxford, playing in his maiden US PGA, with a peach into 16, leaving himself a very makeable eagle putt.

  57. Post update

    Lingmerth -5 (8), Spieth E (7), McIlroy E (7)

    Lingmerth to tie the lead after just eight holes... no. At last he's off target. Jordan Spieth cannot capitalise on the super tee shot on seven and only makes par as his putt slides away. In goes Rory McIlroy for the same. It's par fever for the marquee group. Can anyone capture whatever Lingmerth has managed to find?

  58. Player reaction

    Day -4

    Jason Day - who finished on four under - speaks to Sky Sports: "I feel prepared coming into events like this. I know what to do to feel confident with myself. I feel very comfortable out there. Today everything went great, it's a good start. It will be difficult over the next few days, some possible thunder storms tomorrow but we have to take what we can get and move forward."

  59. Lingmerth kicks on

    David Lingmerth

    Sweden's David Lingmerth is cutting a swathe through the leaderboard, he's five under after seven. Lingmerth, 28, plays on the PGA Tour and beat England's Justin Rose in a play-off to win the Memorial in June. His uncle, Goran Lingmerth, played as a kicker for the Cleveland Browns in the NFL.

  60. Post update

    Lingmerth -5 (7)

    Here we are saying anything under par will please a player in testing conditions but David Lingmerth is laughing at us, the wind and Whistling Straits. He leaves 10 feet for a sixth birdie in eight holes. This would tie the lead. Ridiculous stuff.

  61. Post update

    McIlroy E (6), Spieth E (6)

    Rory McIlroy tees up on seven, the vast lake to his right, don't push this tee shot or the ball is wet. Solid, heart of the green and an outside chance for birdie.

    Jordan Spieth... lots of hang time and that's even better. I fancy Spieth's first birdie is coming up with the 10 footer to follow.

    This hole looks a picture but has given up just 14 birdies from 102 players so far today.

  62. A top, top, top player

    Rose -3

    Former manager of many teams Harry Redknapp is keen on Justin Rose this week and the pair have interacted through the wonder of social media.

    Justin Rose thanks former Tottenham manager Harry Redknapp for his support

    Rose, who of course has a US Open to his name, carded five birdies to over power two bogeys today.

  63. Post update

    Poulter +3 (8)

    Ian Poulter, in a relatively bland navy shirt and white pants by his standards, needs some colourful play to fight back from three over par after eight holes. That's the stuff. Sticks one within six feet for birdie from the fairway on nine. He walks with purpose. Bang on that one.

  64. Post update

    McIlroy E (6), Spieth E (6), Z Johnson +1 (6)

    Jordan Spieth was wayward into the sixth green and now has a testing up and down to save par. From the bottom of a slope he clips onto the putting surface, judges the contours of the green superbly and leaves a foot for par. It's all pars today so far for golf's main man in 2015.

    Zach Johnson needs something to happen after a torrid start and he drops a superb long putt to return to one over. Rory McIlroy has a knee-knocker putt for his par and slides it home.

  65. Birdie

    Mickelson -1 (5), Lingmerth -5 (7)

    What next for the volatile round Phil Mickelson is having? A birdie that's what on the fifth. Much like Rory McIlroy he came up short with his second and landed in water but managed to play his ball off the surface of the lake with water only washing gently over it.

    We have a bit of a mover on our hands in David Lingmerth. The Swedish player is about to move five under after... get this... just seven holes. His eagle putt leaves a tap in. Who said it's tough out there?

  66. Post update

    Donald -1 (7)

    Luke Donald arrowed a truly stunning iron into the par-three seventh to leave four feet... four feet he conspired to miss. The galleries let off a gasp as he misses a sitter. Those have to drop today, got to take your chances.

  67. The 'Dyeabolical' 18th

    The 18th hole at Whistling Straits

    As expected, the dastardly par-four 18th is proving the most difficult hole today. It's 520 yards, is averaging 4.7 and has yielded only four birdies so far. In addition, there have been 35 bogeys, 13 doubles and two worse than that. Nicknamed 'Dyeabolical', after course designer Pete Dye, the hole is particularly tricky because it's tough to go long off the tee, leaving a long approach, usually with a mid iron.

  68. Post update

    Brian Wacker, writer for the PGA Tour, sums up Rory McIlroy's escape on the fifth...

    Brian Wacker
  69. Post update

    McIlroy E (5), Spieth E (5), Z Johnson +2 (5)

    Anger again from Zach Johnson as he drops to sit two over. Jordan Spieth gives his birdie putt too much room for break from 12 feet and unbelievably, ends up with par just like Rory McIlroy.

    An incredible hole for McIlroy. Sand, fairway, water, green, cup in that order.

  70. What a shot!

    McIlroy E (4)

    I bring you news of Rory McIlroy contemplating playing a shot out of water. His ball is just about under the waves of Lake Michigan. Memories of Jean van de Velde at Carnoustie in 1999.

    McIlroy rolls up his trouser leg and takes a stance. This ball is just about sat bang on where the waves are reaching. What's he got? Oh leave it out... up onto the putting surface his ball goes leaving roughly 10 feet for par. Wonderfully inventive if a little destructive to his attire.

  71. Woods rues 'awful putting'

    Tiger Woods has missed the cut at the last two majors

    Tiger Woods is facing a battle to avoid missing the cut after carding an opening round of 75 that leaves him three over par.

    "I hit it great today, but I made actually nothing," said the 14-time major winner. "Probably one of the worst putting rounds I've had in a very long time.

    "But I hit it good today, so that's about it. I just had no feel at all for the speed (on the greens). It was awful. My speed was bad, hence speed determines line, so that was off. I either left them short or blew them by. Just didn't have the speed at all."

  72. McIlroy finds water

    McIlroy E (4), Johnson +1 (4)

    Rory McIlroy is in a spot of bother on the par-five fifth, chipping out sideways from the sand. This hole is also asking questions of Zach Johnson who takes some advice from a rules official and will take a penalty after finding water. Johnson has seen more trouble in five holes today than in 72 at St Andrews.

    Back to McIlroy, his third at the green to set up birdie... SPLASH. I'm certain that landed in water.

  73. Birdie

    Scott -1 (5)

    The shrubbery at Whistling Straits is flowing side-to-side as the elements take grip. This is a battle round now, anything under par would light up the eyes of these players on the course.

    Adam Scott has the chance to get back to red numbers and he nails a 12 footer on the par-five fifth.

  74. Post update

    Fleetwood +3 (7)

    Tommy Fleetwood will not look forward to signing today's card.

    Tommy Fleetwood

    He has just done a Rickie Fowler and taken a seven on a par three. It looks like a number of bunker shots did for him as it did Rickie.

  75. Post update

    McDowell -1 (5), Donald -1 (5)

    Graeme McDowell said he was enjoying his game again ahead of Thursday's tee off and he appears to be doing so, a nice 15 foot birdie putt on five gets the job done.

    Can Luke Donald do the same on the fifth? He can. His 12 footer did not deviate an inch. Lovely stroke.

  76. Rose enjoys 'perfect start'

    Justin Rose

    England's Justin Rose recovered from two over par after four holes with five birdies in the next 11 as he posted an opening 69.

    "It's the perfect start, really," said the world number six. "I think obviously when you go and shoot seven, eight or nine under in a major in the first round, it's a lot of pressure to absorb for the rest of the week, because you're in contention.

    "It's a platform on which I can build now for the rest of the week. You can never win it on Thursday, you can only lose it."

  77. Get involved

    Send your pictures to #bbcgolf

    Rory McIlroy

    Apropos Rory McIlroy's fuschia strides - and the fact we are in a golden age of misguided golfing trouser-wear - we'd love to see or hear about some of your iffier sartorial choices. Tweet us pictures via #bbcgolf or, if you aren't au fait with modern communications, tell us about it in a nice letter.

  78. Post update

    Spieth E (4), McIlroy E (4), Johnson +1 (4)

    Roars of delight from the galleries watching the par-four fourth as Jordan Spieth and Rory McIlroy go flag hunting. Spieth's is good, McIlroy's is better and the noise lifts.

    The world number one has around 12 feet for birdie and the chance to move under par... it's a right-to-left break... the wind whistles his shirt and trousers and the ball drifts past the cup. It's par for both players and Zach Johnson rolls in for bogey.

    The Open champion angrily lashes his ball. Where has the poise gone?

  79. Scott ready for putter changes...

    Scott E (4)

    Adam Scott may well be angered by that double-bogey but the former Masters champion insists there are plenty of good times ahead, despite this being the last major in which he can use his trusty 'broomstick' putter - they're banned from next year.

    "I'm really not worried about the putter change," said Scott, whose last major with a short stick in the bag was the US PGA at Whistling Straits in 2010.

    Adam Scott and caddie Steve Williams

    "The whole rule change is bizarre and unjustified to me but I believe if I practice [with a short putter] a lot I will get really good at it."

  80. Post update

    Mickelson E (3), Scott E (4)

    There's a heap of timber behind this putt from Phil Mickelson... to save par... smashes into the cup. That was racing well past had it not dropped.

    Scott goes birdie, birdie, double-bogey. Wipeout of the good work. He missed two putts from inside five feet. Incredibly wasteful after a great pitch which looked like it would save his par.

  81. Timing your round is everything...

    Top 18 in clubhouse

    It's notable how the top 18 players on the leaderboard are all in the clubhouse. They took those early conditions, banked them and are now sitting pretty as others battle the wind.

  82. Post update

    Stricker -1 (7)

    Steve Stricker - a man who once helped Tiger Woods with his game on the greens - has a testing putt for par here on seven. To stay at one under... delightful.

    Not so delightful are the blows of Phil Mickelson on three and Adam Scott on four. Both find sand but Mickelson lashes out of the trap to leave 10 feet for par. He has to make these today as conditions worsen. It's windy.


    Tweet us on #bbcgolf

    James Bamford: What an awesome course Whistling Straits is. Proper golf! DJ or Jason Day to break through I reckon.

  84. All level...

    McIlroy E (3), Johnson E (3), Spieth E (3) Mickelson E (2)

    Some sumptuous tee shots from the two best players on the planet on three. Jordan Spieth and Rory McIlroy draw shots into this lakeside green. This 181-yard par-three looks gettable today.

    McIlroy will putt first... slides it past. Now Zach Johnson from a similar area... in the cup. Spieth, he's had the read of two putts before him on the same line... must be... yikes. Lipped out.

    At the second, Phil Mickelson has a putt to prevent giving his one under score away... misses. Back to level and another player wastes the par five.

  85. Post update

    Spieth E (2)

    Did you know that in the moments after Jordan Spieth missed his put to reach the Open Championship play-off, his sponsor - Under Armour - took a hit of around £90m on their share price.

    Jordan Spieth

    Don't feel too sorry for them though, it's a drop in the ocean for the clothing manufacturer. Intrigued? Read all about it here.

  86. Birdie, bogey, par

    McIlroy E (2), Z Johnson +1 (2), Spieth E (2)

    Right then Rory, you've watched Jordan Spieth and Zach Johnson make a right pig's ear of this par five. Can you drop this eagle putt?

    It's around 25 feet, nice pace... looks good... short. A tap-in birdie. Johnson taps in for bogey after some cracking fun in the sand and Spieth is in for par. A full house of scores gents.

  87. Post update

    Scott -2 (2)

    "Well done."

    The words of Steve Williams - on the bag of Adam Scott as a well judged tee shot on the par-three third offers up a birdie chance. He pitched the ball on a down slope and the result was beautiful.

  88. Fleetwood E (4), Z Johnson E (1), Grace -1 (18)

    Tommy Fleetwood has seven feet for par on four... drains it. Stays level. South African Branden Grace - so close to winning the US Open earlier this year - makes a double-bogey at the last and will end just one under - chucked away a great position.

    We return to the second hole where Zach Johnson is down on a local beach it seems looking for his ball which is in sand. He opens the club face and takes some punishment, pitching out to safety. He needs to now get up and down for par on this second drag.

  89. Post update

    McIlroy +1 (1), Johnson E (1)

    "FORE LEFT!!"

    Open Championship winner Zach Johnson screams. It was ugly stuff coming out from the sand and he's in trouble on this par-five second.

    Rory McIlroy has the furniture out here, a wood from the fairway to make the green in two. Get on the dancefloor and get your dancing shoes out Rory. Around 20 feet for eagle.

  90. Post update

    Mickelson -1 (1), Scott -2 (2)

    Adam Scott has a right-to-left birdie putt on the second hole - he's already one under - here comes the long putter... boom. Two birdies in two for the Australian.

    Phil Mickelson, from the fringe of the green on one. He has that putter which looks like it's from 1920... drops. Birdie. Lovely start.

  91. An ugly day for some...

    If you're just joining us, Tiger Woods has finished on three over par.

    He wasn't the only one struggling out there today though, Rickie Fowler - fancied by many pundits - carded a seven on a par three and finished one over for the day.

    Others to have finished rounds over par include Jim Furyk (+1), Scotland's Stephen Gallacher (+4), Victor Dubuisson (+4) and England's Ross Fisher (+4).

  92. Johnson reaction

    Johnson -6

    Dustin Johnson

    Clubhouse leader Dustin Johnson talks to Sky Sports: "It's a golf course I like and I played well here in 2010, so I was excited to come back and play and get off to a good start.

    "Even all the pars I made, I had good looks at birdie. I hit the ball well today. I controlled the ball really well. It was windy out there but I was hitting it solid. I hit a lot of great wedge shots."

    On his resilience after near misses in majors: "At the end of the day it's just a game and when you try to do something special and be really good at something you're going to have faults and fall. You have to just take something positive out of it and move forward.

    "I'm doing something right. Sunday is the day you base your week on. I've played very well on Sunday's in major championships so I can get it done. My time will come."

  93. Winds whipping up...

    A well-known search engine is telling me the wind at Whistling Straits will get up to 17mph in the next few hours.

    The caddies will be hard at graft judging the elements.

    Where is Whistling Straits I hear you ask?

    Google maps

    North of Chicago, in the state of Wisconsin on the banks of Lake Michigan.

  94. McIlroy opens with bogey

    Jordan Spieth and Rory McIlroy

    I have thumbed through my colour charts, which tell me that Rory McIlroy's trousers are fuschia. He could quite easily get lost wearing those round Amen Corner at Augusta, they are extremely florid. McIlroy with a very nervy par putt at one, after a decent long-range birdie effort, and he's one over. Zach Johnson missed his very makeable birdie effort, Spieth matched his par.

  95. D Johnson clubhouse leader on -6

    Zach Johnson all over the flag with his second at one, McIlroy over to the right, Spieth also missing. Dustin Johnson is in with a fine six-under 66, including five birdies and an eagle at the 569-yard 15th. It's a 68 for Australia's perennial contender Jason Day, while his compatriot Matt Jones is four under after 16.

  96. The record low...

    It looks highly unlikely this mark will be threatened today as the winds whips up a little in Wisconsin.

    Steve Stricker

    Bruce Crampton (1975), Raymond Floyd (1982), Gary Player (1984), Vijay Singh (1993), Michael Bradley (1995), Brad Faxon (1995), Jose Maria Olazabal (2000), Mark O'Meara (2001), Thomas Bjorn (2005), Tiger Woods (2007), Steve Stricker (2011) and Jason Dufner (2013) are the chosen dozen.

  97. Woods's travails continue

    Tiger Woods is in danger of missing three straight cuts in majors for the first time after kicking off his campaign with a three-over 75. Still can't hit it straight off the tee, which is something of a problem for any golfer, whether you're Tiger Woods or not.

  98. Kaymer doubles the last, is -2

    No holding back from Rory, he throws the kitchen sink at his first drive but tugs it left. Spieth follows him down there, before Open champion Zach Johnson drills one down the middle. Chocs away. That was a double at the ninth, his last, for Kaymer - the German, winner at Whistling Straits in 2010, is in with a 70.

  99. Marquee group are off...

    McIlroy, Spieth, Z Johnson (19:20 BST)

    "Four and a half and three and a half weeks ago respectively... I've come a long way since," wrote Rory McIlroy on Instagram a week ago.

    Rory McIlroy

    The four-time major winner is at risk of losing his perch atop the sport's pecking order as Jordan Spieth - whom he plays with today - continues to thrive.

  100. Post update

    One for all you hackers out there, Kaymer getting right underneath an attempted parachute shot from just off the ninth green and leaving it on the apron. McIlroy, Spieth and Zach Johnson about to tee off...

  101. Post update

    It was the best of times and it was the worst of times for Rickie Fowler today - five birdies but he also made three bogeys and a very inconvenient triple at the par-three third, where it was Keystone Cops stuff. A round of 73 for Fowler, currently seven off the lead.

  102. D Johnson outright leader on -6

    Ireland's Shane Lowry, winner of last week's WGC-Bridgestone Invitational, is out and about and level after one. Shot gone for JB Holmes at 17, Dustin is the lone leader again on -6.

    Click here for the latest scores on the first-round leaderboard.

  103. Post update

    Some big scoring out there, with only a few players making the course look easier than it is. Former winner Mark Brooks is in with an 84, Welsh Ryder Cup hero Jamie Donaldson a 79 and Scottish great Colin Montgomerie a 78. Tiger has now missed seven out of 14 fairways, he's hooked his tee shot miles left at nine, his last.

  104. Daly wins the trouser-off

    Daly +1

    Rory McIlroy's trousers will pose one or two questions but no one gets close to the big man when it comes to attire.

    John Daly

    John Daly finished one over today. He's off to play draughts on his trousers now. We like him though, he once ate ice cream out of the Claret Jug.

  105. Post update

    Danny Lee of New Zealand birdies 15 and is outright third on five under. A 70 for England's Paul Casey, and here's a delightful chip from Kaymer at eight, clearing the ridge by a matter of two inches before coming to rest a foot from the hole. He stays four under.

  106. Post update

    A good day for Indian golf so far, Anirban Lahiri is three under with three to play. Lahiri won the long-drive comp yesterday, pocketing a gold money clip courtesy of a 327-yard hump off the second tee. A little bit better than a bag of tees...

  107. Post update

    McIlroy (19:20 BST)

    And Rory McIlroy is on the range, hitting driver. He has a very bright pair of red trousers on today. They look very Ron Burgundy.

    Ron Burgundy
  108. More of the same?

    McIlroy (19:20 BST)


    Much has been made of Rory McIlroy, the ankle injury, the comeback and in around 25 minutes we will see if he's hampered or stronger than ever. If it's the latter, be warned, he has decimated the field in this tournament once before.

    "To do what I need to do this week, it's 100%," said McIlroy of his right ankle, damaged while playing football with friends. "It felt fine. I've come a long way in five weeks."

  109. Kuchar, Henley lead in clubhouse on -4

    Kaymer's birdie putt misses at seven, his 16th, he stays four under. Bubba Watson, who lost a play-off to Kaymer at Whistling Straits in 2010, is in with a level-par 72. Our clubhouse leaders are American duo Matt Kuchar and Russell Henley. According to Henley's own website, when he's not golfing "he enjoys cheering on the Georgia Bulldogs and Atlanta Braves".

  110. '...a little bit of revenge'

    Spieth, McIlroy, Z Johnson (19:20 BST)

    Jordan Spieth will tee it up in around 30 minutes and he was in typically focused mood during his press calls this week.

    It seems the American is still reeling from his chance to win a third major in a row at The Open Championship.

    Jordan Spieth

    "I've got a little bit of revenge that I need to get out from having control of the Open Championship with two holes to go and not closing it out," Spieth said. "That leaves kind of a bad taste in my mouth."

    The 22-year-old can still become only the third man after Ben Hogan and Tiger Woods to win three majors in the same year with victory this week.

  111. England's finest

    England's Justin Rose and James Morrison are both in with 69s, that's a good day's work. Former Open champion Louis Oosthuizen, runner-up at this year's US Open and Open, doubled the last for a 72. Still, expect him to come again.

  112. Soaring to spluttering...

    Donaldson +6 (15)

    Jamie Donaldson

    Yes, that is Welsh golfer Jamie Donaldson coming over all Top Gun. But Whistling Straits has brought him crashing back to earth - the 39-year-old finds himself six over par with three holes to play. From Maverick to Goose.

    You can watch a video of him at a loftier time - on board with an RAF fighter jet - by clicking here. It seems it wasn't ideal preparation.

  113. Kaymer -4

    Kaymer bent that birdie putt in on the sixth, his 15th, and is four under. Woods makes bogey, he's three over. Keegan Bradley, the third member of that group, is having a shocker - another bogey and he's six over, I believe he missed a back-handed putt.

    Click here for the latest scores on the first-round leaderboard.

  114. Get involved via #bbcgolf

    Ricki Fowler

    Will Dustin Johnson finally get his hands on a major title? Can Tiger Woods get back into contention? Has Rory McIlroy returned from injury too soon? All these questions will be answered in the hours and days to come, but let us know if you have any early insight by using the hashtag #bbcgolf.

    Andrew Priestley: Rickie Fowler carded a 7 (seven) on Whistling Straits' Par 3 third hole! He's clearly been watching my game! We all feel your pain!

  115. Post update

    Germany's Martin Kaymer has a very business-like look about him today, looks in full control of his game and now he has another birdie putt on six to get to five under. Spain's Sergio Garcia was on for a fine round but bogeyed the last two holes for a level-par 72. Not bad, but could have been better, the story of Sergio's career...

  116. D Johnson & Holmes lead on -6

    JB Holmes curls in a monster on 15 and is now the joint leader with Dustin. Danny Lee of Rotorua, New Zealand won his maiden PGA title, the Greenbrier Classic, in July and is having a consistent season. He's four under after 14. These greens are baking up, we're seeing lots of balls skipping through greens...

  117. Post update

    Kaymer made par at five and is actually -5 through 14, two behind Dustin, who has played 15. Denmark's Thomas Bjorn is in with a three-under 69, the old boy is having something of a career Indian summer.

  118. Pass me the bucket and spade...

    If you're not too familiar with Whistling Straits, it's on the banks of Lake Michigan and has a lot - and I do mean a lot - of sand.

    Bunker Whistling Straits

    BBC radio 5 live's Eilidh Barbour tweeted earlier: "Around 1,000 bunkers on the course, only the sand inside the ropes is raked."

  119. Post update

    The US PGA is a big day out for club pros, it's the only major where they are reserved spots. No club pro has made the cut since 2011 but Brian Gaffney - no relation of English stage actor Dean - is in with a round of 71. Gaffney plays out of Quaker Ridge Golf Club, Scarsdale, NY.

  120. He took how many?

    Fowler (E) (14)

    Rickie Fowler

    My word Rickie.

    The American, no major wins don't forget, drove to a bunker, then chipped his second to another bunker and third to yet another bunker.

    He then found himself in the rough before finally finding the green. Ouch.

  121. Post update

    American duo Harris English and JB Holmes have joined Day on five under, although as I write English drops a shot at 15. APOLOGIES! Kaymer didn't find drink, but he is playing his fourth from a hazard over the back at five. Leaves himself a longun for par and to stay three under.

  122. Splash!

    Martin Kaymer, winner at Whistling Straits in 2010, is playing the dramatic par-five, 589-yard fifth with Woods and Keegan Bradley and it looks like he's found drink with his second. Easy to do, even if you do clump it 350 yards...

    Click here for the latest scores on the first-round leaderboard.

  123. Dustin in fine spirit...

    Johnson -6 (13)

    Dustin Johnson

    "Preparation has been good all week.. Now it's time to go to work," tweeted Dustin Johnson earlier today.

    Five birdies, a bogey and eagle for DJ today and be warned, one of the game's biggest drivers is about to step onto a par five. Only five holes to go for Johnson - still of course without a major.

    Johnson goes 327 yards over a dog leg into a bunker. A solid second shot leaves him a wedge into the green.

  124. Day in the mix

    Australia's Jason Day has set up camp at the top of the leaderboard and don't expect him to be packing up any time soon, he likes life up there. Day, who missed out on a play-off at the Open by one shot and has a host of top-10 finishes in majors, is five under after 14, one behind Dustin.

  125. World number one - for now...

    McIlroy (19:20 BST)

    Rory McIlroy

    Another feature to keep your eye on over the next four days is the coveted world number one spot. It could belong to Rory McIlroy, who has sat at the top of golf for 93 weeks, or will Jordan Spieth reach the position he has openly declared he longs for?

    It's complex, but if McIlroy wins or is second outright at Whistling Straits, his hold on the spot is secure. Jordan Spieth can become top dog with any one of the scenarios below.

    1. Spieth wins and McIlroy is not second alone.

    2. Spieth is second alone and McIlroy is not in the top six.

    3. Spieth is tied second with one other and McIlroy is not in the top 13.

    4. Spieth is tied second with two others and McIlroy is not in the Top 33.

    5. Spieth is third alone and McIlroy misses the cut.

  126. Familiar tale for Tiger

    Tiger Woods

    What news of Tiger Woods? Not good, I'm afraid. He's just bogeyed the fourth, his 13th, to drop to three over. Birdie at 14 for American Harris English, he gets to -5 and one off the lead on his own. World number one Rory McIlroy has arrived, he's off at 19:20 BST with Masters and US Open champion Jordan Spieth and Open champion Zach Johnson.

    Click here for the latest scores on the first-round leaderboard.

  127. Post update

    Eilidh Barbour

    BBC Sport will have live website text commentary from the latter stages of all four rounds, while BBC golf correspondent Iain Carter, former European Tour player Jay Townsend and Eilidh Barbour will bring you updates from Whistling Straits on BBC Radio 5 live, with live commentary of the final two rounds on 5 live sports extra from 20:00 BST on Saturday and Sunday.

    The team out in Wisconsin will give you the latest news from day one at 21:30 on 5 live.

  128. End of a 33-year wait...

    US closing in on history

    Spieth and Zach Johnson

    One thing's for sure, this American dominance of golfing majors needs to stop. A win for any US player would complete a calendar sweep for the country.

    Not since 1982 has America been home to the winners of all four of golf's most coveted tournaments. Raymond Floyd (US PGA), Tom Watson (US Open and Open) and Craig Stadler (Masters) cleaned up 33 years ago, before the Europeans started sharpening their elbows.

  129. Post update

    Three Englishman in the top 10 as I write, former US Open champion Justin Rose, the resurgent Paul Casey and the unheralded James Morrison, who are all on three under par. According to Morrison's Wikipedia entry, he played in the same England youth cricket teams as Alastair Cook, Ravi Bopara and Tim Bresnan. The 30-year-old from Surrey has two wins on the European Tour, including the Spanish Open in May.

  130. Post update

    Dustin Johnson

    Hello all and welcome to our coverage of the final major of the year, the US PGA Championship from Whistling Straits, Wisconsin. Guess who's leading? The man you might have wanted to put your money on but possibly didn't - Dustin Johnson.

    Johnson, so cruelly denied the title at the same venue in 2010 after receiving a two-stroke penalty for grounding his club in a bunker that he didn't think was a bunker (it's that kind of place) is six under par after 13 holes, two clear of the chasing pack. Johnson is earning something of a reputation as a choker, however, having blown up down the stretch in a number of majors, most recently at the Open at St Andrews last month. Gamblers, beware...