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Live Reporting

Michael Morrow

All times stated are UK


    Conditions worsening. If you're serious about having rider safety as a priority, then this looks to be the correct decision.

  2. Who wants it now?

    So with the top two from the first Superbikes race out of this one, who's going to win this one?

    Seeley? Dunlop? Cummins?

  3. Hillier out of Superbike

    Hillier follows suit of his teammate Irwin and says he is not going to risk the final race.

    What a week he has had.

  4. On cloud nine

    Here are James Hillier's thoughts after his first North West win.

    Video content

    Video caption: Hillier with his first North West 200 win
  5. Irwin not racing

    Glenn Irwin's team are packing up. They're not going to risk it in these conditions.

    There won't be a double double for Irwin.

  6. Big bikes off to warm-up

    They're off on the final warm-up laps of this year's event.

    Another Irwin double? will Seeley continue his 10-year streak? Hillier to win on the Stocker?

  7. Superstock Top 10

    James Hillier did it and his 3.260 second winning margin does not do justice to how dominant he was in the that victory.

    Superstock Top 10
    Image caption: Superstock Top 10
  8. What a way to win

    It turns out not winning the Superbike race on his Stocker was a stroke of genius from James Hillier, that’s as dominant as it gets from the Kawasaki man.

    He’s crushed everyone to get his first North West 200 win, which has been a long time coming.

    And what a ride by Richard Cooper in second, mixing it with guys who have been here for years on his NW200 debut. That’s some performance.

  9. Four lap Superbike race

    To end the day we will have Superbikes but, as in the first race, it has been shortened to four laps with the poor weather and track conditions in mind.

  10. James the first

    Superstock race

    Quote Message: I thought I saw on the pit board that I was leading by 18 seconds, but I didn't believe it. I had a little look behind a few times and thought 'is this happening?' Conditions were getting worse and the chasing pack got it down to four seconds or so but we got there. from James Hillier (Kawasaki) Superstock winner
    James Hillier (Kawasaki)Superstock winner
  11. Hillier storms to victory

    The three racers in the battle are essentially side by side as Cooper slips inside Davey Todd and into second.

    It is properly raining now. Hillier still leads but, hang on, the other racers can see him all of a sudden.

    He still leads but it's nowhere near as big as it once was. Harrison has slipped back as Todd and Cooper continue the scrap for second.

    Hillier takes the win - his first at the North West 200!

    Cooper grabs second, just inching past Davey Todd who has to settle for third.

  12. Radio Ulster

    Coverage continues

    Click here to re-tune to Radio Ulster FM for continuing commentary on the rest of the North West 200 programme.

  13. Todd on top

    Now it's Dean Harrison's turn to move into second, using the slipstream as they approach University.

    Davey Todd goes wide at the left turn allowing Cooper to slip into third.

    James Hillier has just looked back, perhaps slightly concerned that he may have taken a wrong turn as there is no-one in sight. No James, you're just really really far in front.

    With Irwin now out of the race Harrison is looking to grab second by the horns, but Todd has his own ideas and recaptures the spot coming into Juniper chicane.

    Second belongs to him with one lap to go.

  14. Great fight for second

    The rain is back now, reminding us all why we were so annoyed by it earlier on in the day. With the rain comes the gloom, we have lost the brightness we were enjoying about an hour ago.

    Richard Cooper, Glenn Irwin, Davey Todd and Dean Harrison continue their great scrap for second. The lead is changing so much between the three at present.

    Irwin seems to have taken his foot off the gas, perhaps it's a little bit too wet for his liking with the second Superbikes race to come?

    Davey Todd is now in second with two laps to go, closely followed by Cooper and Harrison.

    Hillier still miles ahead.

  15. Irwin the best of the rest so far

    More spots of rain appearing on our cameras now.

    Nice stuff from debutant Richard Cooper who still sits in second but, with the rain coming on, we wonder if his tyres will last the distance in such fine fettle.

    Davey Todd moves up into second just before they pass the start/finish line before Glenn Irwin sweeps in to take second.

    James Hillier, by the way, is so far in front that he could stop for a cuppa if he wanted.

  16. The battle for second

    So the real battle now is the one taking place behind Hillier... as in way behind Hillier, who is so far out in front.

    Cooper and Harrison continue to scrap for second with Davey Todd, Glenn Irwin and Michael Rutter, all of whom have already stood on the podium today, are just in behind.

    Cooper is sitting in second at the moment but that is a tightly bunched group.

    After lap two Hillier leads by 16 seconds. No, seriously.

  17. Flying start from Hillier

    Wow, some start from James Hillier who races away from the start line.

    Down towards University Dean Harrison and Glenn Irwin jostle for second but Hillier, who remember was so close to winning the Superbike on his Superstock, is absolutely flying here and has already stretched out quite the lead.

    Richard Cooper has gone into second place with Harrison sitting in third.

    Hillier has a NINE SECOND lead after one lap!! That's madness.

  18. Superstocks get going

    Few spits of rain in the air as the Superstocks get off the grid.

    By the way, the road closures have been extended until 9pm so there will be plenty of time for the Superbikes.

  19. Just a number

    Brilliant win for the evergreen Jeremy McWilliams.

    Video content

    Video caption: Jeremy McWilliams takes Supertwin win
  20. Full superstock race

    They're out for their sighting lap then we'll have all six laps of the penultimate race.