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  1. Usain Bolt wins 100m gold in 9.81 seconds for his seventh Olympic title
  2. Van Niekerk breaks Johnson's 400m world record to win gold in 43.03
  3. Great Britain on 15 golds after winning five on Sunday
  4. Murray retains his tennis title; Rose wins golf gold
  5. Cycling: GB's Kenny wins sprint gold and his fifth gold in all
  6. Whitlock wins GB's first gymnastics golds
  7. Silvers for Dempsey (windsurfing), Smith (gymnastics) and Skinner (cycling)

Live Reporting

By Tom Rostance

All times stated are UK

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The end of the night

Wow. An epic day and night of Olympic action comes to a close.

Sport at its best. So many highlights, so many memories.

Catch up with all of it here.

See you in a few hours! 

GB's medals

• 18:30 (BST): Max Whitlock, gymnastics floor exercise - Gold 

• 19:02: Nick Dempsey, windsurfing - Silver 

• 19:46: Justin Rose, golf - Gold 

• 20:13: Max Whitlock, pommel horse - Gold

• 20:13: Louis Smith, pommel horse - Silver

• 21:52: Jason Kenny, cycling sprint - Gold  

  • Callum Skinner, cycling sprint - Silver

• 01:04: Andy Murray, tennis - Gold 

Highlights of a superb day

Bolt the Immortal

"I expected to go faster"


Usain Bolt reacts to BBC Sport after 100m win

Highlights of a superb day

The IAAF has to restore athletics' credibility - Johnson


Michael Johnson

Four-time Olympic gold medallist athlete on BBC One

It's a fantastic time for the sport from a performance standpoint but from the other side the sport has a huge credibility problem.

I was talking to someone about world records and there is doubt. If the only way to stop people suspecting you is by running slower then the sport has a huge problem.

The IAAF has to handle this and restore credibility otherwise people like Wayde van Niekerk will have the injustice of people questioning them. That's the fault of the federation not doing enough to ensure the sport is clean.

Michael Johnson

'It was physically hard'

More from Andy Murray

You looked tired out there in the fourth set: "I was tired. We played four hours. That's hard on this surface. On a slow court that's a lot of running it was physically hard and I served badly which made the match tougher than it was already.

"The last few months since the clay court season started I've been competing for the biggest events in every tournament. I've had some good wins against the top players."

Can you now challenge Djokovic in a way you haven't before? "Novak has played with amazing consistency for the last couple of years. What I've done for four months he's done for two years."

It's been one of those days...

You could do hours of broadcasting on every #gold we've seen today @5liveSport. So many history makers. #Whitlock #Rose #Kenny #Murray #Bolt

'One of the toughest'

Earlier on - before athletics took over - Andy Murray retained his Olympic tennis title.

Andy Murray

The Olympic champion tells reporters: "Tonight is one of the toughest matches I've had to play for a big title.

"The US Open for my first slam was hard. Physically there were so many ups and downs in the match. It was one of the toughest I've played for sure.

"Anything could have happened. This one means a lot but I won't get the chance to enjoy it as much as I'm playing a match in 48 hours."

On retaining Olympic gold: "The fact it's not been done before shows it's very hard so I'm proud to have done that. Four years is a long time and so many things can change. A lot has changed since 2012, I'm happy here competing for the biggest events. Who knows about Tokyo in four years. At 33, I'm not sure I'll be at the same level."

Bolt and Van Niekerk's bromance

Apparently, after Bolt had secured his seventh Olympic gold, he went to congratulate Wayne van Niekerk, who gave his best attempt at upstaging the main men shortly before in beating Michael Johnson's 400m world record.

"He told me 'I told you, I told you, you could do it'," Van Niekerk told BBC Sport.

Not a bad bloke to have in your corner, he certainly knows his stuff... 

Hand on Bolt

Usain Bolt loves a selfie but would you put your hand on his head and ruffle it?

Bolt selfie

'I believed it was possible'

Men's 400m final

Wayde van Niekerk

Wayde van Niekerk, who broke Michael Johnson's world record to win the 400m earlier, told BBC One: "I have dreamed of this since forever, since I was a kid. I asked the Lord to carry me through, I even wrote it on my spikes. I am blessed.

"I believed it was possible. I am just glad things went my way tonight. I thank Michael Johnson for setting such a great example for us. I just did my best tonight.

"I am grateful and blessed to be surrounded by such great sports people of my generation."

Bolt's magnificent seven


'Two more to go'

Usain Bolt wins the 100m gold

Time to hear from the 100m Olympic champion.

"I'm really happy but I expected to go faster," Usain Bolt tells BBC One. "I'm just happy that I won and that's the key thing.

"After the semi-final I felt extremely good. I wanted to run faster but with the turnaround time, we normally have two hours, but we had one hour 20 minutes, it was challenging. This is what we train for. I told you guys I was going to do it. Stay tuned, two more to go."

On the crowd's reaction that saw Justin Gatlin booed when entering the arena, Bolt added: "For me I was surprised. It is the first time I have come into a stadium and they booed someone. It was shocking."

Usain Bolt

Bolt's 100m times

  • 2008 Olympic Games, Beijing - 9.69 - world record 
  • 2009 World Championships, Berlin - 9.58 - world record 
  • 2012 Olympic Games, London - 9.63 - Olympic record
  • 2013 World Championships, Moscow - 9.77
  • 2015 World Championships, Beijing - 9.79 
  • 2016 Olympic Games, Rio - 9.81

He's slowing down...


Usain Bolt: "Somebody said I can become immortal. Two more medals to go and I can sign off. Immortal."

Usain Bolt wins 100m


Andy J: Usain Bolt is beyond awesome. What an absolute hero. There are no words for how good the 100m Olympics final is.

Janine Pingree: Usain Bolt is such a great ambassador for his sport and a worthy champion.

Becca Grice: Set my alarm to see Usain Bolt - what a man, what a legend!

Jubril: The triple triple is on.

That it is Jubril. But we never doubted it, did we?

It was challenging - Bolt

Usain Bolt wins 100m gold

After the semi-finals I felt extremely good but we did not have a long turnaround time after the semi-final so it was challenging.

The triple treble is on without a doubt.

Usain Bolt
Getty Images

The life of a sprinter

Justin Gatlin: "We work 365 days a year to be here for nine seconds."  

Got the shot

BBC Sport

One for the Jessica Ennis-Hill collection...

'Bolt had the answer'

Mike Costello

Radio 5 live athletics correspondent

I think if Justin Gatlin had gone quicker, Usain Bolt would still have been able to find the answer.

His burst of acceleration from 30-70m is unbelievable.



Usain Bolt says he was shocked that Justin Gatlin was booed as he came out, and says he could have run quicker if the turnaround time between the semi and final was longer...

A good stride for a big man, if you will...

Bolt is unique

Michael Johnson

Four-time Olympic gold medallist athlete on BBC One

Simply put Bolt is very quick for someone who is very tall and that is not normal in the history of this event.

He's very unique.


'She has to see if she has anything to prove'

Will Jessica Ennis-Hill retire from athletics?

Jessica Ennis-Hill's coach Toni Minichello was talking to BBC One earlier and was asked whether his athlete will carry on competing.

Minichello said: "She is satisfied with her performance, she wanted to come to the Olympics and get another medal. Leading up to London she was first and foremost an athlete, now she is first and foremost a mother to Reggie and an athlete second.

"We both have to make decisions and she has to see if she has anything to prove, anything she wants to do and that will take her two months or so. She has a little boy and you don't get bored when you have a two-year-old running around. It's up to her to make the decision."

Jessica Ennis-Hill

'Feels so good'

Silver medallist Justin Gatlin: "At the age of 34, to race these young guys and still make the podium feels so good."  

Over for Gatlin?

Justin Gatlin

Justin Gatlin has now won one gold, two silvers and two bronze medals at Olympic Games.

And six medals at World Championships too. He's 34 now, must surely be the end of the road.

How will history judge him?

Gatlin could never beat a healthy Bolt

Michael Johnson

Four-time Olympic gold medallist athlete on BBC One

Gatlin knew that this was not going to happen.

He went out there and did the best race he could to get a silver medal.

He was never going to be able to beat a healthy Usain Bolt.

The view from the Gods

He runs like one...


'Amazing ambassador'

Usain Bolt wins 100m gold

Michael Johnson

Four-time Olympic gold medallist athlete on BBC One

That was a fantastic performance by Usain Bolt, he slowed down and said 'I've got this'. It wasn't about the time, it was just about winning the gold and going out on top. 

He has been an amazing ambassador for this sport and in creating a brand for himself and the Jamaican athletes.

The crowds go crazy for the green and yellow and he has inspired a lot of young Jamaican athletes.


Usain Bolt wins 100m

Men's 100m

Darren Campbell

Former British sprinter on BBC Radio 5 live

The gear that he went into, I didn't even know that gear was available!

Bolt the people's champion

The crowd are still chanting the name of Usain Bolt. What a showman, a performer, a star!


Usain Bolt wins 100m


Sam Holloway: That's got to be one of the greatest days in Olympic history. Achievements across all the events. Glad I stayed up.

Kevin Eva: In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes and Usain Bolt.

Ryan Evans: He's the greatest ever. No question.

Kabir Hashmi: You cannot stop him. He is super human, He is Usain Bolt.

Bolt surges to historic third 100m gold

Men's 100m final

Watch world record holder and Olympic legend Usain Bolt win the 100m for the third time with a time of 9.81s.

Selfies galore

Usain Bolt is still doing a lap of honour, he wants to celebrate with as many of the crowd as he can!

He stops for a selfie with Jessica Ennis-Hill and then poses in his famous 'archer' stance for the huge packs of photographers. 

Bolt and heptathletes

Bolt amazing for the sport

Usain Bolt wins 100m gold

Michael Johnson

Four-time Olympic gold medallist athlete on BBC One

I didn't expect the race to unfold the way it did.

Gatlin got a great start but it was always within Usain Bolt's reach because he is healthy.

This guy has been amazing for the sport.


Usain Bolt wins 100m

Men's 100m

Mike Costello

Radio 5 live athletics correspondent

That is his slowest winning time in a global 100m final. But he produces what he needs.

'The God of Speed'

Usain Bolt wins the men's 100m gold medal

Steve Cram

BBC athletics commentator on BBC TV

Justin Gatlin got out, but then, as ever, Usain Bolt got those legs moving and you can't stop him. He delivers once more.

We have had a fantastic night in the stadium and Bolt has added to it in his own style. He has two more gold medals to win for sure.

If it was in old Greek times they would put him on Mount Olympus and they would call him the God of Speed.


Bolt wins100m

So good he's able to tweet moments after winning gold...

Jamaica Stand Up!!! This for you my people