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Mike Henson

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  1. Post update

    England celebrate

    After heartbreaking defeats in the last three World Cup finals, each time losing to New Zealand, England, finally, mustered a way to win on the biggest stage of all. It's the end of the road for Maggie Alphonsi, one of the game's greats, but just the beginning for the majority of these talented England players. The World Cup winners will celebrate into the night but, unfortunately, we have to bring this live text coverage to an end. Thanks for your contributions. See you in 2017.

  2. Congratulations from Downing Street

    Prime Minister David Cameron: "Huge congratulations to England Women on their first World Cup triumph in 20 years. Your country is so proud of you."

  3. Post update

    The World in Union seems to have been stuck in repeat for the last 10 minutes or so, but it is soon replaced by an upbeat dance number when Katy McLean lifts the World Cup aloft. Yellow ticker tape burst out from the back of the stage and the music is drowned out by cheers. These are memorable times for English rugby.

  4. Post update

    BBC Radio 5 live

    Sara Orchard, BBC Radio 5 live commentator: "There is no better feeling in sport than to be standing on top of the world. Some big names from the world of rugby union are watching. Stuart Lancaster is here with his wife and daughter; I spoke to him before the game and he said: 'My daughter loves rugby; she wants to be here.'

    "What this England team have done for women's rugby is going to have a huge impact."

    Listen now on BBC Radio 5 live

  5. Post update

    The commiserations are over so let the celebrations begin. One by one the women in white, St George's flags waving frantically, receive their winners' medals and it won't be long until we see pyrotechnics and celebratory dances.

  6. Post update

    Amy Turner

    Ex-England scrum-half on BBC Radio 5 live

    England players celebrate

    "Emily Scarratt is calm and collected and doesn't get fazed. To be on the money as she has been during the tournament… she's the reason England have managed to get to this point."

  7. Post update

    Canada captain Kelly Russell on Sky Sports: "It was a big, physical game from both sides. I'm so proud of the girls. We've been working so hard all year. This team has been together for a year and we've become so close. I'm so proud of the girls. It's been a great ride. The fans have been phenomenal. You can just tell women's rugby is huge here."

  8. Get involved


    Abbie Romano: "Over the moon! What a testament to incredible women in sport."

    Helen Main: "Congratulations to the England girls on winning the Rugby World Cup! Great day for British sport!"

  9. Post update

    The rest of the Canadian squad walk up to collect their runners-up medals. Each one puts on a brave smile and receives a warm hug for their efforts. It's a lengthy process but the tears are being held at bay.

  10. Post update

    Rugby Canada

    Rugby Canada on Twitter: "Canada thanking the amazing #REDNATION fans here in Paris!"

  11. Post update

    Magali Harvey steps onto the custom-made stage in the centre of the pitch to pick up her women's player of the year award, but she has the look of a woman who has found out her stamp collection is worthless. It's not the prize Harvey, or any Canadian, wanted.

  12. Post update

    England 21-9 Canada

    Canada's Magali Harvey has played the whole of the final with a smile on her face, but it is looking a little shaky as some of her team's backroom staff come over to console her.

    Both her and her team were immense today and in the semi-final against France.

  13. Post update

    England's Katy McLean on Sky Sports: "We've worked hard for this, so many legends have gone before us who haven't won and that's about them today. It's about the whole rugby family. We had to work hard today. Canada were fantastic and it's absolutely amazing that we did it."

  14. Post update

    England's Katy McLean tells the pitchside interviewer that this is a win for some of the legends who have gone before her and failed to land the big one.

  15. Get involved


    Stuart Mitchell: "How good is Emily Scarratt? She's been brilliant all tournament. Huge congratulations to her and England."

    Loz Brewer: "Well done to England women for the World Cup win. Let the party begin!"

    Chris Matcham: "20 years of hurt... Gone! England - World Champions!"

  16. Post update

    England 21-9 Canada

    For the likes of Maggie Alphonsi and Rochelle Clark this is likely to be their final international appearance. There are tears as embraces are exchanged and the significance sinks in.

  17. Post update

    Amy Turner

    Ex-England scrum-half on BBC Radio 5 live

    "The girls have done the job. It's taken 20 years for England's roses to blossom and I'm made up for them."

  18. Get involved


    Kevin Lloyd: "Great to see England doing so well - best in the world!"

  19. Post update

    BBC Radio 5 live

    Sara Orchard, BBC Radio 5 live commentator: "England are queens of the world!"

  20. Post update

    England 21-9 Canada

    England players flood off the bench and throng together in jumping mass of joy.

    Twenty years and three final defeats since their first World Cup triumph, they are top of the world again.


    England 21-9 Canada

  22. Post update

    England 21-9 Canada

    Emily Scarratt with the turnover! And the clock will beat Canada now.

  23. Post update

    England 21-9 Canada

    Canada piling everyone into a narrow funnel, trying to force a way through. They are up to within ten metres...

  24. Post update

    England 21-9 Canada

    Canada are running from everywhere, offloading out of every contact, keeing the ball alive and hoping for something from somewhere. Maggie Alphonsi nearly steals the pill, but the decision breaks Canada's way. They have the ball up on the England 22.

  25. Get involved


    Andrew Priestley: "Game over! England are World Cup winners, and deservedly so."

    Michael Fletcher: "Emily Scarratt, YOU BEAUTY!!!"

  26. Conversion

    England 21-9 Canada - Emily Scarratt

    Emily Scarratt adds the extras with a precise kick. England have a 12 point cushion and surely that will be enough to ride out the last five minutes.

    Some white-shirted fans in the stands look like they have started the party already.

  27. Post update

    Amy Turner

    Ex-England scrum-half on BBC Radio 5 live

    "That's a great individual score by Emily Scarratt. She's a such a natural decision maker. She saw the gap, and she's got the pace because she has such long legs. Excellent - excellent rugby.

    "I'm so pleased for the girls. Having been there in 2010, when we lost the final, it's great to see them 21-9 up. England just need to stay calm."

    Listen now on BBC Radio 5 live

  28. Try

    England 19-9 Canada - Emily Scarratt

    Try! A brilliant, barging run from Emily Scarratt as she breaks through the first line of defence, hands off Brittany Waters and pins her ears back for the corner.

    She is over! And so might be the match.

  29. Post update

    Amy Turner

    Ex-England scrum-half on BBC Radio 5 live

    "It's good build-play from England, but it's just that final pass and it doesn't go to hand. At 14-9, it's really tight, and England just need to tighten up or Canada will think they're in with a chance."

    Listen now on BBC Radio 5 live

  30. Get involved


    Steve Gore: "Come on girls, not long to go, need to attack."

  31. Post update

    England 14-9 Canada

    A massive hit from Alex Matthews is followed by Maggie Alphonsi clamping down over the top to win the penalty. Katy McLean nudges play down to the Canada 22.

    Is there a killer score in the brewing?

  32. Ten to go

    England 14-9 Canada

    Five points the difference, ten minutes to go.

    This is heading down to the wire...

  33. Get involved


    Casey Stoney

    England women's international footballer Casey Stoney, preparing for a World Cup qualifier against Wales this Thursday: "The team watching Maggie Alphonsi and England Rugby girls beating Canada in the World Cup Final #CarryThemHome"

  34. Post update

    England 14-9 Canada

    Alex Matthews and Emma Croker, the Richmond pair, are on in the forwards and Croker gets over the top of a tackled Canadian to turn the ball over just near halfway.

    Her back is almost slapped senseless by her team-mates in congratulations.

  35. Post update

    Amy Turner

    Ex-England scrum-half on BBC Radio 5 live

    "Sophie Hemming combines her rugby with a career as a vet. Some of the stories she would come to the England training camp with are amazing. She'd turn up and say: 'I just delivered a calf before I came here.' And you'd think: 'Oh. OK. I hope you've washed your hands then.'"

    Listen now on BBC Radio 5 live

  36. Post update

    England 14-9 Canada

    England's scrum stays intact just about long enough for Natasha Hunt to get the ball away to Katy McLean who clears her lines with a booming kick.

    Julianne Zussman spills forward in her attempt to field it for Canada. There was plenty of pressure from a keen chase. England scrum just short of halfway.

  37. Post update

    England 14-9 Canada

    A knock-on from captain Kelly Russell and England have the ball back. Their scrum has been under a load of pressure though...



    Janet Jeffrey: "Stay tight girls . This is your year"

  39. Post update

    England 14-9 Canada

    Canada's forwards are probing around the fringes of the breakdown - drawing in Maggie Alphonsi and the rest of the England back row before spinning wide where they hope Magali Harvey might have a bit more room to work in.

    It is a tactic that has taken them up to within 30 metres of the England line.

  40. Post update

    Amy Turner

    Ex-England scrum-half on BBC Radio 5 live

    "Emily Scarratt is the silent assassin. She doesn't do anything fancy, but she's so clinical, and she's keeping England in this game.

    "This is really tight. It's massive for both nations."

    Listen now on BBC Radio 5 live

  41. Penalty

    England 14-9 Canada - Emily Scarratt

    England get just what they need. Canada give away a penalty almost straight from the kickoff and Emily Scarratt steps up to stop the rot after nine unanswered points from Canada.

  42. Penalty

    England 11-9 Canada - Magali Harvey

    Magali Harvey's kick scrapes over and, after a brief look at each other, the linesmen's flag pop up!

    Two points in it.

  43. Post update

    England 11-6 Canada

    England have been susceptible to the driving line-out and Canada have got them backpedalling all the way to their own 22-metre line. Marlie Packer loses her head under pressure, straying ahead of the offside line and giving away a penalty.

    And Magali Harvey is going to kick it from the angle....

  44. Replacements

    England 11-6 Canada

    Laura Keates and Rebecca Essex are on in place of Sophie Hemming and Jo Gilchrist as England make changes in the front five. Might England's greater strength in depth mean they finish the stronger?

    Canada have a line-out up around halfway.

  45. Post update

    Amy Turner

    Ex-England scrum-half on BBC Radio 5 live

    "Canada are building phases. Don't write them off. They've got a sniff - they can sense England are a little lethargic. England have to be careful, because Canada could come away with a sneaky three points.

    "England are trying to force it, and errors are creeping in. They just need to settle down."

    Listen now on BBC Radio 5 live

  46. Post update

    England 11-6 Canada

    England's Natasha Hunt is a sparky, spiky scrum-half. Are they any other sort? She takes a quick tap penalty, shrugging off a couple of tackles and making some quick yards. The ball is spilled on the next phase though and England are not putting together their game plan as they were in the first half.

  47. Post update

    England 11-6 Canada

    Canada bulldoze England in a scrum up around half-way and tap and go from the resulting penalty with Kelly Russell. The momentum is with the underdogs at the moment.

  48. Post update

    England 11-6 Canada

    Katy McLean chances her boot with a risky cross-field punt and very nearly delivers the ball into the hands of the lurking Magali Harvey. The Canada speedster narrowly fails to gather the loose ball.

    Meanwhile Claire Allan is on for England as full-back Danielle Waterman heads off for treatment on a cut to her cheek.

  49. Post update

    Amy Turner

    Ex-England scrum-half on BBC Radio 5 live

    "England have come out for this second half a little bit sleepy. Katy Mclean and Sarah Hunter - as captain and vice-captain - need to get everyone together and say: 'Buck your ideas up.'"

    Listen now on BBC Radio 5 live

  50. Post update

    England 11-6 Canada

    BBC Radio 5 live

    Sara Orchard, BBC Radio 5 live commentator: "Magali Harvey has the most curious kicking action - it's like a toe punt. It works for her, but I'm sure there must be kicking coaches up and down line who are saying: 'Just give me five minutes to coach her.'"

    Listen now on BBC Radio 5 live

  51. Penalty

    England 11-6 Canada - Magali Harvey

    Perfectly judged by Magali Harvey as the ball makes it over the crossbar with four feet or so to spare.

    It is a five-point ball game.

  52. Post update

    England 11-3 Canada

    England give away a penalty at scrum-time - it has been a mess at the set-piece so far today - and Magali Harvey takes on the shot at goal. It is at the edge of her range though. Thirty-five metres to the sticks.

  53. Post update

    England 11-3 Canada

    England's Tamara Taylor fails to roll away in the tackle and gives away a penalty from which Canada clear up to the half-way line.

    Canada are looking to run the ball from everywhere. They have eight points to make up and their best way to do so is spin the ball and hope they strike champagne.

  54. KICK-OFF

    England 11-3 Canada

    Katy McLean boots the ball long to start the second half and Canada are safe and secure underneath it.

  55. Post update

    England 11-3 Canada

    Amy Turner

    Ex-England scrum-half on BBC Radio 5 live

    "Canada have a few high-profile players who are well-known on the sevens circuit, such as Mandy Marchak, Kelly Russell and Magali Harvey. A lot of them are young ambitious players, and they'll be sucking up the occasion and learning loads from it.

    "Harvey is dangerous with the ball in her hand, Russell has got a great engine. Marchak has made a couple of breaks through central midfield and asked England questions - those are the three Canada players to watch in the second half."

    Listen now on BBC Radio 5 live

  56. Post update

    England 11-3 Canada

    Apparently Canada coach Francois Ratier told his team pre-match to remember how Muhammad Ali beat George Foreman in the Rumble in the Jungle and there is something of the rope-a-dope about their performance today.

    They have defended superbly and, with the likes of Mandy Marchak and Magali Harvey out wide, have the ability to land a late knockout punch if England don't make their pressure count.

  57. Post update

    Amy Turner

    Ex-England scrum-half on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

    "Canada have points on the board at half-time, which will give them hope of building some momentum. England need to reassess their defensive structure to stop Canada breaking through midfield gap. In attack, England need to build phases, stay confident and nip out all the errors - and that will do the job."

    Listen now on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra


    England 11-3 Canada

  59. Penalty

    England 11-3 Canada - Magali Harvey

    Magali Harvey lines it up and sends the ball tumbling end over end through the sticks. The last act of the first half.

  60. Post update

    England 11-0 Canada

    England survive with their tryline intact, but only at the cost of a penalty at the stroke of half-time. Magali Harvey places the ball carefully on the tee...

  61. Post update

    Amy Turner

    Ex-England scrum-half on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

    "If I were Natasha Hunt, I would be having a stern word with the forwards. She needs more cover round the base of breakdown. England need to get that right - before they think about going out wide. They need to dominate the breakdowns and earn the right to go out wide."

    Listen now on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

  62. Post update

    England 11-0 Canada

    A Karen Paquin blindside dart, a fine line picked by Mandy Marchak and suddenly Canada are up within five metres of the England line. Time ticking down on the half...

  63. Missed conversion

    England 11-0 Canada

    The angle was tight and Emily Scarratt is lacking both distance and accuracy as she over-reaches.

  64. Post update

    Amy Turner

    Ex-England scrum-half on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

    "That try was a really good team effort. England made the correct decisions at correct time. Nollie [Danielle Waterman] throwing the ball up in air 30 feet after scoring shows what it means."

    Listen now on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

  65. TRY

    England 11-0 Canada - Danielle Waterman

    Danielle Waterman scores England's first try on 31 minutes

    A tremendous team try from England with pretty much everyone from one to 15 getting their hands on the ball as they sweep from one end of the pitch to another in a couple of flowing phases.

    The combination between Kay Wilson and Rachael Burford cut Canada to ribbons down the left wing before the ball was recycled and spun back to the other wing. A dummy from Tamara Taylor sent the television cameraman panning right as she darted left, offloaded to Maggie Alphonsi and watched Danielle Waterman complete the job in the corner.

  66. Post update

    England 6-0 Canada

    Canada's forwards are doing the dark arts well. Maria Samson stretches a long arm over the top to grab a fistful of Natasha Hunt's shirt and pull the England scrum-half back into a maul, just as she wants to unleash her backline.



    England women's football coach Mark Sampson: "Straight off the training field to to support England Rugby Women in the World Cup Final #CarryThemHome"

  68. Post update

    Amy Turner

    Ex-England scrum-half on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

    "Emily Scarratt's been the silent hero in this competition. She doesn't say much, she's not bolshie, but she does her job with confidence, and that's exactly what England need.

    "Rachael Burford's holding her ankle and she's not moving as freely as she normally would. But she would have to be dragged from the pitch with her leg hanging off to come off in a World Cup final."

    Listen now on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra


    England 6-0 Canada - Emily Scarratt

    Emily Scarratt bops the ball over the top from the tee and England are six point out in front. Probably the least they will have wanted for all the pressure they have applied so far.

  70. Post update

    England 3-0 Canada

    Canada stray offside at the breakdown and drop their guard as they expect the whistle to blow against them. Marlie Packer is perky as a meerkat and seizes the moment to surge towards the line. Canada just about manage to scrag her but they will have to go back for that original offence...

  71. Post update

    England 3-0 Canada

    England are grinding through the phase, trying to bore a hole in the Canada defence around the halfway line.

  72. Post update

    Amy Turner

    Ex-England scrum-half on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

    "She's over the line - it's a question of whether there was a double movement or not. It's a try. I struggle to see why she cannot award that try.

    "I think the officials don't know what they're saying, and they've just decided: Let's have a scrum. England are going to be bitterly disappointed that they haven't come away with points there."

    Listen now on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

  73. NO TRY

    England 3-0 Canada

    Natasha Hunt thought she had scored a try but it was disallowed by the TMO

    After the sort of scrutiny reserved for Zapruder's home videos, the video official decides that Canada have just, just held up the darting Natasha Hunt.

    Canada are rolling with the punches in this first quarter and three points adrift is not a bad place to be with some magic in their backline.


    England 3-0 Canada

    That must be a try. Natasha Hunt taps and goes in the blink of an eye. Karen Paquin is on hand to try and stop her right on the whitewash, but it looked over on first viewing.

    The referee is heading upstairs for a video review.

  75. Post update

    England 3-0 Canada

    What a tackle! Canada's Karen Paquin corner-flags superbly, scurrying across to make a try-saving tackle as Kat Merchant looked set for the first score.

    Canada manage to pilfer the ball and that is the least that piece of defence deserves.

  76. Post update

    Amy Turner

    Ex-England scrum-half on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

    "England just need to settle. They look a little nervy. There are one or two little errors creeping in, which is only going to stress them out. They need to build phases to stifle Canada's ambition and dominate these breakdowns."

    Listen now on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

  77. Post update

    Sara Orchard, BBC Radio 5 live sports extra commentator: "Emily Scarratt's nickname is Femur because she has the longest thigh bones in the squad. At one stage in this tournament, she had 10 kicks from 10, which are stats any player would be proud of. It was her boot that kept England alive when they drew with Canada in the pool stages."

    Listen now on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

    Never believe the reasons you are told for rugby nicknames Sara. They are almost always far ruder explanations.

  78. Post update

    England 3-0 Canada

    England have made inroads from the restart and are camped up in the Canada 22 before Sarah Hunter shows a little too much of the ball as she goes into contact and is stripped of possession.


    England 3-0 Canada - Emily Scarratt

    First blood to England, although it could have been five points rather than three if the support had been quicker. Natasha Hunt broke through the first rank of Canadian defence, but found herself short of friends as bore down on Julianne Zussman.

    Canada infringe in their despearation to get back and make amends and Emily Scarratt slots the penalty to make the first impression on the scoreboard.

  80. Post update

    Amy Turner

    Ex-England scrum-half on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

    "Canada are doing everything they can to rattle Katy Mclean - but she's got to deal with that. It's going to be really interesting to see how the breakdown goes today, because Canada look as if they're going out to dominate that area.

    "Katy's very aggressive and likes to lead from the front. She's a great role model for young players coming through."

    Listen now on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

  81. Post update

    England 0-0 Canada

    Full-back Danielle Waterman runs the ball back niftily and Maggie Alphonsi gets her first rumble as England recycle. England miss Alphonsi's presence at the breakdown though and Canada's Karen Paquin locks down over the top of her tackled opposite to earn the penalty for Canada.

  82. Post update

    Amy Turner

    Ex-England scrum-half on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

    "Katy Mclean's kicking is going to be crucial. She's had her knee strapped since the first game, so there's obviously been an issue there. But Emily Scarratt can boot the ball, and La Toya Mason on the bench is a good kicker, so England are well covered if Katy's not up for it."

    Listen now on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

  83. Post update

    England 0-0 Canada

    England were under the cosh in the resulting scrum but referee Amy Perrett decides that the wheeling mass of bodies is because of a deliberate bit of push-me-pull-you from Canda rather than England's weakness. Penalty, white.

    That was a bit of a break for England.

  84. Post update

    England 0-0 Canada

    Canada have enjoyed the best of the early possession and field position, but a spilled ball in a lineout up on the England 22-metre line give Gary Street's side a bit of a breather.

  85. Post update

    Amy Turner

    Ex-England scrum-half on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

    "Both teams are testing the water and seeing where the weaknesses are. So far, England look good defensively.

    "The ref's going to be really tight on releasing the tackler, so that's something England have to watch for."

    Listen now on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

  86. Post update

    England 0-0 Canada

    The crowd murmur with excitement as Canada's star back Magali Harvey gets her mitts on the ball for the first time. She is being well watched by the England backline though with Emily Scarratt refusing to buy her dummy to kick and smothering her in the tackle.

    Harvey isn't releasing and that is turnover ball to England.

  87. KICK-OFF

    England 0-0 Canada

    It is Canada who get us off and running with a kick that is comfortably gathered by the England forwards. Prop Rochelle Clark gets the first run at the red wall and leave a decent dent.

  88. Post update

    The two teams line up and face the main stand.

    If the way they set about their national anthem is anything to go by, Canada are psyched to 11.

    Kick-off is moments away....

  89. Post update

    Amy Turner

    Ex-England scrum-half on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

    "I'm a little bit nervous but it's a really good occasion here and the atmosphere is electric.

    "Canada have nothing to lose, and both teams have genuine belief that they can win. There's going to be some great rugby played."

    Listen now on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

  90. Line-ups

    The teams are in the tunnel.

    Here is the castlist.

    England: Danielle Waterman; Katherine Merchant, Emily Scarratt, Rachael Burford, Kay Wilson; Katy Mclean (capt), Natasha Hunt; Sarah Hunter, Margaret Alphonsi, Marlie Packer; Joanna McGilchrist, Tamara Taylor; Sophie Hemming, Victoria Fleetwood, Rochelle Clark

    Replacements: Emma Croker, Laura Keates, Rebecca Essex, Alexandra Matthews, La Toya Mason, Ceri Large, Claire Allan

    Canada: Julianne Zussman; Magali Harvey, Mandy Marchak, Andrea Burk, Jessica Dovanne; Emily Belchos, Elissa Alarie; Kelly Russell (capt), Karen Paquin, Jacey Murphy; Maria Samson, Latoya Blackwood; Hilary Leith, Kim Donaldson, Marie-Pier Pinault-Reid

    Replacements: Laura Russell, Olivia DeMerchant, Mary Jane Kirby, Tyson Beukeboom, Kayla Mack, Julia Sugawara, Brittany Waters

  91. Post update

    Maggie Alphonsi like all the rest of the England team is an amateur. Most have taken unpaid leave from their jobs to be at the tournament.

    England second-row and physiotherapist Jo McGilchrist has been without pay for 12 weeks,

    "We have all made sacrifices to play in this tournament and for all of us it is about going one better than we did in 2010," she told the Guardian today.

  92. PM backs England

    David Cameron

    Prime Minister David Cameron has tweeted his support for England ahead of today's final: "Good luck to England Women in today's Final - you are doing your country proud: #CarryThemHome"

  93. Post update

    Maggie Alphonsi

    Four of England's starting XV - Rochelle Clark, Danielle Waterman, Tamara Taylor and Maggie Alphonsi - played in both the 2006 and 2010 finals.

    For Alphonsi especially, a first World Cup victory would be well-earned.

    The 30-year-old Saracens flanker was born with a club foot, but has since become, pretty unarguably, the best female player in her country's history.

    She has won seven Six Nations titles and in 2011 became the first woman in the 50-year history of the award to win the prestigious Pat Marshall Memorial Award as the personality of the season, beating Richie McCaw.

    "Maggie the Machine" has also been awarded an MBE for her services to the sport and has generally elevated the standard of back row play in the women's game to a new level.

  94. Post update

    Katy McLean

    England captain Katy McLean: "Today is World Cup final day! I can't thank everyone enough for the support you have given me or this team! #1jobleft"

  95. Canada go through their paces

    Rugby Canada

    Rugby Canada on Twitter: "Canada's warm up is on right now at Stade Jean Bouin!"

  96. Post update

    Magali Harvey scores for Canada

    Who should you keep any eye on in the Canucks ranks? One name. Magali Harvey.

    The 24-year-old winger has scored half of her side's 104 points, taking on the kicking duties between leaving defenders choking on dust.

    Her solo try against France from deep inside her 22 was as jaw-dropping a score as you'll see this side of Takudzwa Ngwenya smoking Bryan Habana in the 2007 men's tournament.

    Of course the forwards will say they deserve most of the credit for winning the ball against the head in the preceding scrum.

    Click through on the link above. It is one minute 49 seconds you won't regret.

  97. Canada's Samson calls on the force

    Maria Samson

    Canada's Maria Samson has enlisted a little help to ensure she and her team-mates get to the Stade Jean-Bouin in plenty of time.

    She posts on Facebook: "Last thing to do now is just get to the field. Thanks to these lovely police officers giving us an escort, we will be there in a jiffy!!! LET'S GO CANADA!!!"

  98. France beat Ireland to third place

    France beat Ireland

    Ireland captain Fiona Coghlan, speaking after a 18-25 defeat against France in today's third-place play-off:

    "We coughed up too much ball and showed them too much respect but we can be proud of what we've done."

  99. Post update

    Canada celebrates their win over France

    Canada are in their first World Cup final, but they won't be happy with just that landmark to show for their campaign.

    After battling to a draw against England, a result that eliminated New Zealand, they pooped the hosts' party, beating France 18-16 in front of a packed Stade Bouin and 2.2 million French television viewers.

    "We have the passion, we have the rage, we want it," head coach Francois Ratier said.

  100. Placings play-offs

    As we build up to the final, the vanquished teams from previous rounds are playing out their matches to decide the final placings.

    Hosts France have secured third spot with a 25-18 win over Ireland, while Wales have come off on the rough end of a 30-3 scoreline against Australia, leaving them eighth overall.

    2010 champions New Zealand have finished in fifth with a flourish, beating the United States 55-5.

  101. Post update

    After beating Samoa and Spain, 65-3 and 45-5 respectively, in their opening two games, England played out a bruising 13-13 draw with today's opponents Canada in their final group encounter.

    A scintillating semi-final performance then put Ireland to the sword 40-7 on Wednesday.

    That is a total of 173 points and 22 tries scored across four games.

    Kay Wilson scores for England against Ireland

    As they say over on that side of the Channel: Joué, joué.

  102. Post update

    England Women en route to the World Cup final

    England have been given a police escort from their Paris hotel to Stade Francais's Stade Jean-Bouin where 20,000 spectators, 22 Canadians and one career-defining match await.

    Gary Street's side have reached the final just as stylishly on the pitch.

  103. Post update

    The last three Women's Rugby World finals have all ended with England floored by an all-conquering New Zealand.

    Not today.

    The class of 2014 are one match away from glory and less than an hour from kick-off.

    And this time it is not the Black Ferns, but Canada, who line up opposite.

  104. Woe-rld Cup runneth over

    Whether it was 2002...

    New Zealand win 2002 world cup


    new Zealand win 2006 World Cup

    or 2010...

    Katy Mclean

    it's been the same story.