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  1. Post update

  2. Post update

    England captain Will Carling: "That was the most amazing atmosphere I've ever played in. But we managed not to lose again in my time. In 1995, we had another Grand Slam decider and I was interviewed beforehand by a Scottish journalist. I could tell he wasn't fond of me at all.

    "It got to the end of the interview and he said: 'How do you take the fact the whole of Scotland hates you?' I said: 'That's fine, because I hate you.' He dropped his pen and said:' You can't say that!' I said: 'Hang on - you can hate us, but we can't hate you back?' That's what frustrates me about being English."

  3. Post update

    Meanwhile, back in the real world, this Saturday sees England play Scotland at Twickenham, after Wales host Ireland in Cardiff. Both matches on BBC One and BBC Radio 5 live, and a host of other BBC outlets. All details elsewhere on the BBC Sport website.

  4. Post update

    Next Sunday, 22 March at 1900 GMT on BBC Two, you can watch Six Nations Greatest Moments, which will feature interviews with a host of Six, and Five, Nations legends, including contributions from players on the 1990 Grand Slam decider. It should be smashing.

  5. Post update

    England captain Will Carling: "As an Englishman, it took me time to understand the passion and depth of emotion the Scots have when they play England. Part of of our learning process was understanding, learning and respecting that, then making sure we felt exactly the same way about playing for England."

  6. Post update

    Tony Stanger drenched

    Joyous scenes in the Scotland dressing room, especially so as it's forwards coach Jim Telfer's 50th birthday. Stanger gets some orange squash poured over his head, Cronin tucks into a Mars Bar, and there ends the video coverage...

  7. Full-time

    Scotland 13-7 England

    Scotland celebrate

    So, against all odds, it's Scotland's Five Nations, Grand Slam, Triple Crown and Calcutta Cup. Only Scotland's third Grand Slam in all, after wins in 1925 and 1984. The Murrayfield pitch is swamped, these are remarkable scenes. "We were written off by everybody," says Scotland skipper Sole, "but it's the year of the underdogs."

  8. Full-time

    Scotland 13-7 England

    It's Underwood against the Scots at the moment but the hosts have him covered from all angles. England go left, Teague with the pick-up, Winterbottom to Hill, but Scotland snuff out the attack again. England with a scrum five metres out... penalty now, Scotland penalised for collapsing... England have to tap and go... Rendall goes, Probyn held, Hill finally gets it away, carling taking down by Jeffrey... AND THAT'S THAT, SCOTLAND HAVE WON IT!

  9. Post update

    Scotland 13-7 England

    ... Underwood almost through again but Tukalo grabs an ankle and England are penalised. That should be that. A few hands on English heads now, they look like they know the game is up and they're about to be sent homeward, tae think again...

  10. Post update

    Scotland 13-7 England

    Gary Armstrong

    It's getting desperate out there now and England are reduced to running it from their own 22. Hodgkinson, of all people, with a bit of devil but Underwood is scragged. Here's Underwood again, trying to blast an opening down the blind-side... Carling now, breaking two tackles, to Hodgkinson, to Bailey, who is pulled into touch by Stanger... a minute to go...

  11. Post update

    Scotland 13-7 England

    England scrum on the Scotland 22... training ground move ends with Bailey being hauled down and Scotland are still not budging an inch in defence. Armstrong pinches the ball, Calder adds his grunt to the mix, before the terrier-like Jed Forest scrum-half sends a kick into England territory...

  12. Post update

    Matthew Bristow: #fivenationsrewind still better than the #cwc15

    Cheer up Matthew, that's all over now.

  13. Missed penalty

    Scotland 13-7 England (Hodgkinson)

    Hodgkinson with another penalty attempt... he's hoicked it left. And they say booing kickers is a modern phenomenon...

  14. Post update

    Scotland 13-7 England

    England go right and Underwood looks like he might outstrip the Scottish cover... great tackle by Scott Hastings and it forces the loose pass. Gavin Hastings finds touch again, this time with his left, he's like a colossal boulder blocking the door to the Scotland fortress.

  15. Post update

    BBC One Former England captain Bill Beaumont

    "One thing about modern international players is they're honed to fitness these days - they're far fitter than guys were in my day." (That was a decade before - Bill led England to the 1980 Grand Slam).

  16. Post update

    Scotland 13-7 England

    Scotland full-back Gavin Hastings

    Scott to Gavin Hastings over on the left and that's a great cover tackle by Richard Hill, priceless work. A converted try for England would level the scores but it's starting to look less and less likely as we enter the last 10 minutes. England line-out on the Scotland 22...

  17. Post update

    Scotland 13-7 England

    England winning the battle for territory but they're not creating much in the way of try-scoring opportunities - ring any bells? Hill's pass is awry and Andrew is forced to kick to touch, although it's another beauty. Hastings clears and Hodgkinson's feet are in touch when he fields the ball...

  18. Post update

    Scotland 13-7 England

    Hodgkinson with another penalty and if he kicks this it will be a new English record for the Five Nations... pushes it wide. Off goes Guscott, on comes the 29-year-old Mark Bailey of Wasps, winning only his fifth cap in six years.

  19. Post update

    Scotland 13-7 England

    Rob Andrew has put Scotland in all sorts of trouble with a huge drop-out clearance but Hastings manages to clear again. Bit of handbags again between the forwards before Lineen gets up a head of steam in midfield. Armstrong grubbers, Hodgkinson with a decent return. Guscott still looking iffy after that knock, he might not be long for this game...

  20. Post update

    Scotland 13-7 England

    England from the back of the line-out, spin it left, before Guscott is finally brought to heel. Guscott looks like he's taken a bang to the hip but will struggle on. Scotland scrum on their own 22... Hastings finds touch, but kicking into this wind is like attempting to feed confetti into a leaf blower.

  21. Get involved #fivenationsrugby

    Alasdair Hunter:‏ "I still remember the Stanger try clearly, and the noise on the day as a 10 year old in the old school boy enclosure"

    Limes: Hawick, Gala, Selkirk classic clubs from that era. Sadly missed today in international rugby

  22. Post update

    Scotland 13-7 England

    Scotland scrambling in their own half but England turn it over, Hill kicks to the corner and Stanger is hauled into touch by Underwood. But Scotland win a penalty and Hastings delivers his dirty great boot to the ball and clears...

  23. Penalty

    Scotland 13-7 England (Hodgkinson)

    England full-back Simon Hodgkinson

    Hodgkinson it is with the penalty attempt, he's got 74 points in five internationals so far... chalk him up a few more, sweet as a nut...

  24. Post update

    Scotland 13-4 England

    England a metre out from the Scotland try-line... Kenny Milne with the throw-in and Turnbull and Jeffrey are forced to concede a 5m scrum... Carling nailed in midfield and sent backwards before Armstrong clears. Here comes Carling with the dummy, half-break, penalty in front. This time they'll surely kick for goal...

  25. Post update

    Scotland 13-4 England

    You can see that Stanger try on the highlights tab atop this page. Dooley up and the Blackpool Tower will be at 'em again at any moment... England's line-out a bit of a dog's dinner and Scotland win the put-in at a scrum. Armstrong with a steepler on the swivel but Scotland were in front and Andrew pings a beauty into the corner...

  26. Get involved #fivenationsrewind

    Jonathan Hooper: ‏how quickly were the scrums set in 1990

  27. Post update

    Scotland 13-4 England

    Scotland nick one against the head but are penalised as Chalmers gallops free. Andrew makes big yards with his clearance, Moore with his mitts on the ball, finds Dooley, taps back to Hill. England scrum on the 22, England have a man down, looks like the long limbs of Dooley...

  28. Post update

    John Jeffrey graphic
  29. Post update

    Scotland 13-4 England

    England really under the cosh now, they're chasing the game with the wind behind them but the voices of 60,000 Scots against. Hodgkinson, 11 stone wet, under a high one and muscled into touch by Tukalo. Preston Grasshopper Dooley pinged for a bit of argy-bargy at the line-out and Gavin Hastings finds touch...

  30. Post update

    BBC One Former England captain Bill Beaumont

    "That was a good take by Stanger, he was sprinting flat out there - a great try by the winger."

  31. Try

    Scotland 13-4 England (Stanger)

    Scotland try scorer Tony Stanger

    Righto, the second half is under way, Gavin Hastings kicking straight into touch.... TRY! AND IT'S HAWICK'S TONY STANGER OVER IN THE CORNER! That came seemingly out of nowhere - Armstrong snipes, Gavin Hastings kicks on the run and Stanger creeps in front of Underwood, uses his superior reach to gather on the gallop and dots the ball down...Murrayfield has gone berserk, and no wonder...

  32. Half-time

    Scotland 9-4 England

    Scotland line-out, Cronin's tap back is seized by Armstrong and the referee blasts his whistle. Scotland in front but England have the wind in the second half... Share your memories of the match with #fivenationsrewind - Where were you? Who were you rooting for? What's your favourite Bill McLaren quote? You know the drill...

  33. Post update

    Scotland 9-4 England

    England are somehow five points down in a game they should be winning, if only they'd kicked when they had the chance. Hill to Winterbottom but the Harlequins flanker's pass to Underwood goes awry. But England win a penalty, Scotland lock Chris Gray gets a talking to, Andrew kicks to the corner...

  34. Penalty

    Scotland 9-4 England (Chalmers)

    Craig Chalmers hits the target for Scotland

    Derek White has done his knee ligaments, we hear. Big blow, that, the London Scottish man is arguably their most influential player. Remarkably, John Jeffrey is Scotland's most capped player today, with 28 to his name. Chalmers has another penalty chance, bang on the 10m line, bit of rough work from England at the line-out... great effort, a little mid-iron under the wind...

  35. Post update

    Scotland 6-4 England

    England's burly front five really taking the game by the scruff of the neck, Scotland living off their wits now, something they're pretty good at to be fair. Scotland spin it right and here comes Gavin Hastings, who is brought down by Underwood. Scotland tap and go, just inside the England 22...

  36. Post update

    BBC One Former England captain Bill Beaumont

    The big England front five is starting to dominate proceedings and with the wind behind them in the second we'll certainly be looking at a different game to what we've seen so far.

  37. Post update

    Scotland 6-4 England

    England made to pay for not taking the points as Scotland eventually get it clear. White is off for Derek Turnbull, John Jeffrey moves to number eight. It's all England now, here comes Dooley, coming up just short, before England attackers fall on Armstrong like gulls on a discarded chip. Gavin Hastings clears...

  38. Post update

    Scotland 6-4 England

    White is off the field, getting treatment, it's eight against seven at the scrum... Hill gets it in before White can reappear... penalty, but England eschew the points again. Touch of arrogance? We'll see... The scrum is a mess, lots of collapsing, and Scotland are eventually penalised for pulling it down. Wasps props Rendall and Probyn are masters at the dark arts of scrummaging, Sole might want to think about cutting the sleeve off his jersey for future matches against England...

  39. Post update

    Scotland 6-4 England

    Wade Dooley wins a line-pit for England, Damian Cronin just misses out for Scotland

    Andrew into touch with his right peg and England have a good platform here, inside Scotland's 22. The line-out is a wreck - no lifting here, of course - but England attack down the blind-side from a scrum and Calder is forced into a crucial tackle on Halliday...

  40. Post update

    Scotland 6-4 England

    If you want to see Guscott's try again, click on the highlights tab at the top of this page. Penalty against Scotland, Lineen offside. England turning down the kick at goal, surprising that, bang in front. Teague on the charge but it's granite Scottish defence... Hodgkinson kicks direct into touch, it's a Scottish scrum...

  41. Post update

    England hooker Brian Moore: "The majority of the 1989 Lions squad was English and Scottish players, who actually got on very well. But because the players had lived in close harmony and battled together, when it came to playing against each other the rivalry was even more intense. You don't want to lose to someone you know well."

  42. Post update

    Scotland 6-4 England

    Hodgkinson of Nottingham misses the conversion. "They look like slippers, these boots they wear now," says Bill McLaren. If only Bill could see what they wear now... Teague from the back of the scrum, galloping into Scottish territory like a deer in the headlights, but Scotland eventually regroup...

  43. Try

    Scotland 6-4 England

    Jeremy Guscott

    ... and that's the class of Guscott - England scrum, Hill to Carling, Carling puts Guscott clear, the Bath man dummies Gavin Hastings and glides in for a peach of a try, England's first at Murrayfield for 10 years. England weather the early storm before hauling up the main mast...

  44. Post update

    Scotland 6-0 England

    Will Carling pictured in 1990

    A lot made of the poshness of Carling's (pictured above in 1990) team in the build-up to this match, they've been painted in some quarters as Thatcher's shock troops, but the truth is rather different - seven public schoolboys in Scotland's starting line-up, six in England's. Nothing posh about Ackford and Dooley in England's second row, not when they're whacking you over the head with their police baton...

  45. Post update

    BBC One Former England captain Bill Beaumont

    "England feel there's a slight weakness in the air with the Scottish wingers, and they'll look to exploit that."

  46. Post update

    Scotland 6-0 England

    Hesitancy from Scotland at the restart and Scotland scrum-half Armstrong, winning his 11th cap, is forced to clear. England go wide, Guscott carving open some space, but Underwood is unable to gather the chip one-handed and Scotland eventually clear after some handbags at the line-out.

  47. Penalty

    Scotland 6-0 England

    Chalmers of Melrose and Scotland slippers another penalty between the posts and England are on the rack here, they just haven't been able to get hold of the bal...

  48. Post update

    They'll be dancing on the playing fields of Campion School in Essex as Damian Cronin takes a clean one at the line-out and Scotland swarm again. Lineen makes a half-break but is eventually snaffled by Carling. The touch judge has seen something... Probyn with a bit of a soft shoe shuffle on a Scot on the deck, in 25 years' time that might earn a red card...

  49. Post update

    BBC One Former England captain Bill Beaumont

    "It's a very impressive start from Scotland, they've taken the game to England and that's the only way they're going to win today."

  50. Penalty

    Scotland 3-0 England (Chalmers)

    Another penalty for Scotland and Chalmers makes it this time, the Scots are swarming all over England in the early exchanges...

  51. Post update

    Scotland 0-0 England

    All sorts of trouble at scrum time and Scotland are eventually awarded a penalty as they get a nudge on. Flanker Calder to the fore in the early stages, he's the stuff of forwards coach Jim Telfer's maddest dreams. "England were driven back and the crowd went wilder than I had ever heard them before," says Telfer. "I felt a shiver. I can still close my eyes and see it..."

  52. Post update

    England hooker Brian Moore: "It's only when you travelled the world playing for England that you realised that everyone hated England. They hated us even when we weren't very good and when we did become good, even more so. It may well be true that Scotland fans support Scotland and anyone who plays against England. It's a bit small-minded, it betrays insecurity."

  53. Missed penalty

    Scotland 0-0 England (Chalmers)

    ... we've got a solid wind in Edinburgh and Chalmers has pushed his kick wide up the uprights, despite giving it a rare old clump.

  54. Post update

    Starting XVs

    Scotland line-up

    Scotland: G Hastings, Stanger, S Hastings, Lineen, Tukalo; Chalmers, Armstrong; Sole (C), Milne, Burnell; Gray, Cronin; Jeffrey, Calder, White.

    England: Hodgkinson, Halliday, Carling (C), Guscott, Underwood; Andrew, Hill; Rendall, Moore, Probyn; Dooley, Ackford; Skinner, Winterbottom, Teague.

    Click play at the top of this page to see the match 'live', the immortal Bill McLaren the man on the mic.

  55. Post update

    Scotland 0-0 England

    Right, we're off, England fly-half Rob Andrew getting us under way. Calder down on a loose ball from the back of the line-out and a silly remark from an England player to Kiwi referee David Bishop gives Scotland yards and Sole opts to kick for goal. It's the hawk-eyed Craig Chalmers lining this one up, from just inside the England half...

  56. Post update

    David Sole

    England welcomed onto the pitch by some "good-natured booing", according to Bill McLaren, before Scotland skipper David Sole leads his team on a slow march from the changing room. Not a new ploy, that, the Lions tried that trick on last year's Lions tour of Australia...

  57. Post update

    We are, of course, in the era of the underdog - two months ago, Buster Douglas shocked the world by knocking out the seemingly invincible Mike Tyson in Tokyo, while 100-1 shot Norton's Coin recently upset the beloved Desert Orchid to win the Cheltenham Gold Cup... and here they come..

  58. Post update

    We've got live build-up on the website from 1210 GMT, with the match kicking off about 10 minutes later. England, in fairness, should win this with something to spare, despite what promises to be a vociferous Murrayfield crowd. Carling's free-wheeling side have scored nine tries in four matches before today, to Scotland's three. Watch out for Carling's centre partner Jeremy Guscott, the kid is honey to Carling's vinegar.

  59. Post update

    Afternoon and welcome to coverage of the Five Nations, Grand Slam, Triple Crown and Calcutta Cup decider between Scotland and England at Murrayfield (in case you were confused, it happened 25 years ago next Tuesday).

    There's been plenty of hype in the build-up to this one and if you skipped O Level history, you might not have been able to keep up. One newspaper had England skipper Will Carling transposed onto the body of King Edward II, who was defeated by Scottish hero Robert the Bruce at Bannockburn. In 1314. At one point, Carling was moved to comment, "I wasn't exactly leading the charge at Culloden", a reference to the devastating Scottish defeat in 1746.