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Live Reporting

By Mike Henson

All times stated are UK

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  1. Full-time

    Canada 15-17 Romania

    Romania played one of the oldest tricks in the sporting book - the rope-a-dope. Canada pounded the Romanian line in the opening half an hour, dominating possession and territory as the graphic below shows...

    Rugby World Cup

    But the Romanians survived that early pummelling, climbing back off the ropes to fight back and even up both possession and territory after 80 minutes.

    Rugby World Cup
  2. Post update

    Morecambe and Wise, Bert and Ernie, Shearer and Sheringham. Great double acts and Canada v Romania is only the first half of your World Cup two-hander tonight.

    Will Fiji v Uruguay be the straight man to this quirky game? Find out in a little over half an hour on these very pages.

    Bye for now.

  3. Post update

    Canada 15-17 Romania

  4. Post update

    Canada 15-17 Romania

  5. Can Romania snatch third?

    Canada 15-17 Romania

    Italy will be a different proposition to Canada, but Romania have given themselves a chance of nabbing third place in Pool D. As we know, Ireland and France have already seized the two quarter-final spots.

    Rugby World Cup
  6. Full-time

    Canada 15-17 Romania

    Canada loaded their side of the scoreboard, but did not do enough to outweigh Romania's comeback.

    Rugby World Cup
  7. History makers

    Canada 15-17 Romania

    Romania's victory is officially the biggest comeback in Rugby World Cup history, having been 15-0 down at one stage.

    Romania could pip Italy to third spot and an automatic spot at Japan 2019 if they beat the Azzurri on Sunday at Sandy Park.

    This result suddenly gives them everything to play for in that one. Although Italy might not be so easily pushed around in the pack.

  8. Post update

    Canada 15-17 Romania

    Romania players
  9. Canada 15-17 Romania

    Romania's players either drop to their knees or jump for the skies as they kick the ball into touch and are rewarded with the final whistle.

    Not a single man is left at their original height.

    Romania players celebrate victory
  10. Full-time

    Canada 15-17 Romania

    Florin Vlaicu
  11. Canada 15-17 Romania

    A minute to go. Romania line-out on halfway. Safely claimed. Jamie Cudmore offside and over-eager.

    Romania kick up into the Canada 22m, Surely the final play to come and Romania won't lose it from here...

  12. Penalty

    Canada 15-17 Romania (Vlaicu)

    It's good! A mighty belt with the boot and the ball drops through the middle.

    Those missed kicks from Gordon McRorie in the first half are looking costly for Canada now.

  13. Canada 15-14 Romania

    Penalty Romania!

    Canada heading backwards at the scrum and Florin Vlaicu is lining one up from out wide and 35m away...

    Florin Vlaicu
  14. Lively last five

    Canada 15-14 Romania

    Owen Phillips

    BBC Sport Online

    The Romanian support had already erupted as their side crossed under the posts a few minutes ago, ignoring the obvious penalty that referee Wayne Barnes had already signalled for. 

    Suddenly there seem to be about twice as many Eastern Europeans inside the ground. The Romanian pack has finally come to the party and it promises to be a lively last five minutes.

  15. Try

    Canada 15-14 Romania (Macovei, con Vlaicu)

    Canada's players were calling for the try to be chalked off the record for a double moverment.

    No doubt though on the replay as Mihai Macoveri stretches out and dots down right on the paint.

    Florin Vlaicu splits the uprights for another two points.

    Canada have a one-point cushion, five minutes to play and a man down.

    I'm not sure what that equation adds up to.

    Mihai Macovei
  16. Try review

    Canada 15-7 Romania

    Has Mihai Macovei got the ball down cleanly? It looks like it on first viewing...

  17. Sin-bin

    Canada 15-7 Romania

    Canada flanker Jebb Sinclair throws himself into the wheels of the rolling maul, bringing it down illegally.

    Yellow, a penalty and Romania call the packs back together. Canada are forced to press-gang a forward into the front eight.

  18. Canada 15-7 Romania

    Nathan Hirayama's kick is charged down and charger Florin Surugiu is almost onto it, before DTH van der Merwe appears on the scene and tidies up.  

    Still a line-out to Romania and just a handful of metres to pick their way through.

    Nathan Hirayama
  19. Canada 15-7 Romania

    Romania are struggling to get a grip on the bar of soap that is passing for a ball today.

    Every time they try something more elaborate than a pop to a forward, a knock-on checks their progress.

    Catalin Fercu
  20. How times have changed...

    Canada 15-7 Romania

  21. Post update

    Canada 15-7 Romania

    Romania are belatedly forcing the Canadian defence into some hard graft. However, such has been Canada's overall dominance, four of the top five tacklers have all been wearing white shirts. Overall Romania have been forced into making 109 tackles, compared to the 74 by their opponents.

    Rugby World Cup
  22. Canada 15-7 Romania

    Canada have been penned back for the last five minutes. They are ducking, diving and just about surviving. Jeff Hassler gets back to touch the ball down as it squirts out the back of the scrum. Drop-out 22m and another chance to plot an escape route out of their own defensive quarter. 

    Catalin Fercu of Romania
  23. Canada 15-7 Romania

    Romania have taken out a Canadian jumper in the line-out. Wayne Barnes is not having any of that. Oh no.

    The stray Romanian hand costs his side a penalty and Canada clear their lines.

  24. Canada 15-7 Romania

    Canada hold out. For now.

    The Cannucks keep going low and hard to chop down the Oaks, but Aaron Carpenter has not rolled away.

    Wayne Barnes awards another penalty and Romania kick into the corner.

  25. Canadian complacency

    Canada 15-7 Romania

    Owen Phillips

    BBC Sport Online

    It all went a bit quiet after that Jeff Hassler score. The Canadian contingent enjoyed the moment but there seemed to be a feeling that a 15-0 lead was a case of job done.

    A couple of threatening moments by the Romanians stirred both sets of fans - and the neutrals - and that forwards' try has surely ended any Canadian complacency.

    Jeff Hassler runs
  26. Canada 15-7 Romania

    A chorus of Swing Low rings around Leicester City Stadium.

    A plaintive cry rather than a victory holler after England's exit at the weekend.

    Romania are building well. Captain Mihai Macovei rumbles up to within five metres.

  27. Post update

    Canada 15-7 Romania

    Romania are finally making a contest of this. Remember, Canada had almost 75% of possession in the opening half an hour and were virtually camped inside the Romanian half. But, as the latest stats show, Romania are hanging on to the ball more and enjoying a greater share of territory.

    Rugby World Cup
  28. Missed penalty

    Canada 15-7 Romania

    Canada fly-half Nathan Hirayama's kick has the power, but its flight goes wonky over the final few metres, dragging just wide of the posts.  

  29. Get Involved


    Andrew Priestley: DTH van der Merwe is a great try scorer, he always has been. The Scarlets have done a great bit of business getting him in.

    The Canadian winger joined the Scarlets from Glasgow Warriors this season.

    Get involved and let us know your thoughts on the match on Twitter via #bbcrugby.

    van der Merwe
  30. Converted try

    Canada 15-7 Romania (Macovei, con Surugiu)

    Oh yes. Older school that parachute pants.

    The whole of the Romania team wedge themselves in behind the catcher and start chasing up their toes to get the rolling maul motoring.

    Mihai Macovei emerges from the depths to claim the try.  

    Romania players celebrate
  31. Canada 15-0 Romania

    Romania with a line-out throw, five metres from the Canada line.

    Can they make this stick?

    Viorel Lucaci
  32. Replacement

    Canada 15-0 Romania

    A raft of changes, with both sides mixing it up as we tick past the 50-minute mark.

    Gordon McRorie, Nick Blevins and Hubert Buydens off for Canada,Phil Mack, Conor Trainor and Djustice Sears-Duru on.

    Romania swap out fly-half Michael Wiringi for Csaba Gal. Prop Andrei Ursache is replaced by Andrei Ursache as well.

  33. Canada 15-0 Romania

    A scrappy old affair out there. Romania forced to run the ball in the search for a way back into the match. A running game is not a strong game for the Oaks though.

    Florin Surugiu gets frustrated and attempts to mix it up with a chip ahead but his kick strays long.  

  34. DTH in good company

    Canada 15-0 Romania

    DTH van der Merwe, who has now scored in all four of Canada's pool matches, is in good company....

  35. Converted try

    Canada 15-0 Romania (Hassler, con Hirayama )

    Jeff Hassler is going to get an RSI in that hand-off arm.

    The Canada plant palm sandwiches square in the chest of Valentin Calafeteanu and Catalin Fercu and bustles over from a neat delayed inside pass from Aaron Carpenter.

    Nathan Hirayama converts from in front.  

    Jeff Hassler of Canada
  36. Canada 8-0 Romania

    Canada wing Jeff Hassler - a Tasmanian devil of tangled hair and piston-like hand-offs - bustles his way into the Romania 22m.

    He is hauled down but Canada have the put-in at the scrum.

    Jeff Hassler
  37. Kick-off

    Canada 8-0 Romania

    The rain has finally stopped. The two sets of teams look like the proverbial drowned rats, but we are back up and running again.

  38. Canada 8-0 Romania

    Who needs Wembley's arch when Leicester City Stadium comes with its own jauntier, if temporary, bit of overhead architecture?

    Rainbow at MK Dons
  39. Half-time

    Canada 8-0 Romania

  40. Post update

    Canada 8-0 Romania

    Gordon McRorie might want to dig around in his kitbag at half-time - to find his shooting boots. The Canada scrum-half's fourth attempt at the posts, after Van der Merwe's try, was a cleaner strike but he is still to land a kick from out wide.

    Canada 8-0 Romania
  41. Try machine

    Canada 8-0 Romania

    DTH van der Merwe

    With his first-half score DTH van der Merwe is now second in the top try scorer table at the World Cup.

    New Zealand's Julian Savea leads the way with five tries.

    Van Der Merwe is also first on most metres made with 381m.

  42. Half-time

    Canada 8-0 Romania

    Canada v Romania
  43. Half-time

    Canada 8-0 Romania

    Front-man banker ball from Ray Barkwell. Brett Beukeboom takes it cleanly and Canada boot into the stands to take an eight-point lead back to the shed.

  44. Canada 8-0 Romania

    Canada with a line-out within 10 metres of their own line. Last play of the half says referee Barnes.

    Pressure on hooker Ray Barkwell...

    Brett Beukeboom
  45. Missed penalty

    Canada 8-0 Romania

      Florin Surugiu's kick fades away short and Romania are yet to trouble the scorers.  

  46. Canada 8-0 Romania

    Nick Blevins has a bit of a brain freeze - taking the ball at first reciever and slowing to a standstill as he fails to pick between going left or right and doing neither.

    Obstruction is called and Romania scrum-half Florin Surugiu is going to give it a hoof for goal from around halfway.

  47. DTH's four of the best

    Canada 8-0 Romania

    Canada's DTH Van Der Merwe is the first player representing a tier two nation to score a try in four  successive World Cup matches after scores against Ireland, France and Italy.

    Van Der Merwe
  48. Try

    Canada 8-0 Romania (Van der Merwe, missed con McRorie)

    Romania's defence is turned by a half-break and canny off-load from Ciaran Hearn and never gets back organised.

    When the ball is spread back to the opposite wing DTH van der Merwe blasts through the final tackle with some typical hard running.

    A decent stab by Gordon McRorie, but his conversion is just wide.

    van der Merwe scores
  49. Post update

    Canada 3-0 Romania

    Romania might be a man light, but they have shoved both the Canada defence and the possession bar backwards over the past 20 minutes. However, Canada are still dominant. Surely only a matter of time before they extend their lead...

  50. Canada 3-0 Romania

    Canada are playing some total rugby here. Flankers Jebb Sinclair and John Moonlight combine out wide. But the Romania defence is holding firm.

    No it isn't! Jeff Hassler up to within five metres!

  51. 'Let's go Canada'

    Canada 3-0 Romania

    Owen Phillips

    BBC Sport Online

    The rain is lashing down again, smashing in to the stands and making an almighty din. The handling has hardly been faultless so far and this isn't going to help. The other almighty din is that of the Canadian fans, with a regular - if not altogether imaginative - refrain of 'Let's Go Canada, Let's Go'.

    It seemed to work though, helping their side win a penalty at a scrum close to their own line and get back up to halfway.

    Nick Blevins of Canada
  52. Canada on top

    Canada 3-0 Romania

  53. Canada 3-0 Romania

    The sin-bin period is over. Romania full-back Catalin Fercu is back on the pitch and nothing has changed scoreline wise since he left.

  54. Canada 3-0 Romania

    That's the danger! Romania go for the set-piece, but Canada win that round of the scrum-wrestle.

    Romania hooker Otar Turashvili pops up like a mole on a fairground game and Wayne Barnes whacks him with a penalty.

    Canada clear their lines and thank their forwards.

  55. Canada 3-0 Romania

    Romania rumbling, Canada creaking. A red shirt gets on the wrong side in a desperate attempt to slow up the waves of attack.

    King Kanut style.

    Referee Barnes awards a penalty. Romania call for the scrum.

  56. Canada 3-0 Romania

    Romania turn the screw at scrum-time. They are getting the upper hand there.

    A penalty as Canada pop up in the front row. And it has been booted into the corner for a Romania line-out within sniffing distance.

    Laurence Griffiths
  57. Canada 3-0 Romania

    Absolutely rodding it down in Leicester - the rain drumming a tune on the roof of the stands.

    It is not doing anything for Canada's adventurous gameplan. Full-back Harry Jones spills forward as he attempts to off-load out of the tackle.

  58. Missed penalty

    Canada 3-0 Romania

    Gordon McRorie steps up and looks down the barrel of another makeable penalty.

    But, in teeming rain, the Canada scrum-half has lost his way. The ball screws off his boot and wide.

    Gordon McRorie of Canada
  59. Get Involved


    Max Baggins-Craig:  Looks to be an interesting 1, playing for country pride perhaps?. Both struggled against France & just about unlucky after. Draw?..

    Max has given his thoughts on the match, let us know yours.

    Get involved in the debate on Twitter via #bbcrugby.

  60. Sin-bin

    Canada 3-0 Romania

    Wayne Barnes wants a second look at this. Nick Blevins has been sent crashing back to earth, back-first, as he attempts to claim an aerial ball.

    The replay reveals that Romania full-back Catalin Fercu is the cause, staying on terra firma and catching the Cannuck.

    Yellow card for dangerous play and a 10-minute power play for Canada.

  61. Another near sell-out

    Owen Phillips

    BBC Sport Online

    It's another really impressive crowd here. Not quite a sell-out but not far off, with just a few patches of empty seating totalling a few hundred at a guess. The majority are supporting Canada but you get the impression a good percentage will be quickly swayed by whoever is playing the most entertaining rugby.

    As expected both teams are flinging the ball about, but the men in red are having much more of the play and looking much more dangerous.

    A rainbow shines over the stadium
  62. Missed penalty

    Canada 3-0 Romania

    Romania are awarded a penalty up on halfway and scrum-half Florin Surugiu decides to take on a mammoth shot at goal.

    He has given it a right old heave. End over end it goes. But it drops well short in the end.

    Romania have come back into this after being penned back in the opening 10 minutes.

  63. Canada 3-0 Romania

    An eyesore of a handling error from Romania's Viorel Lucaci as his team get in a promising position.

    The open-side allows a pass to slide straight through his arms and forward via his thighs.

    Hands like hooves.

    Viorel Lucaci
  64. Canada 3-0 Romania

    That slender scoreboard advantage is the least Canada deserve, having totally dominated in the opening 10 minutes. And if you don't believe us, then feast your eyes on this graphic.

    Canada v Romania

    Canada have hogged more than three-quarters of the ball and been virtually camped in the Romanian half. The North Americans have also already made over 100 metres more than their opponents, making 33 carries compared to six by the Romanians. One-way traffic.

  65. Canada 3-0 Romania

    Romania number eight Mihai Macovei clears out the ruck, but has wrapped a meaty forearm around a Canada defender's neck in doing so.

    Wayne Barnes doesn't buy his claim that it was round the shoulders and Romania cough up their third penalty.

    Paula Kinikinilau
  66. Penalty

    Canada 3-0 Romania (McRorie)

    Sweet as maple syrup.

    Gordon McRorie steps up and strokes the ball clean through the middle.

  67. Canada 0-0 Romania

    Romania are testing the tether of Wayne Barnes.

    The scrum-capped Johann Van Heerden has strayed offside in midfield for the Oaks.

    Up pops the referee's arm. And this one is bang in front for Gordon McRorie.

  68. Missed penalty

    Canada 0-0 Romania

    Canada's Gordon McRorie has dragged that one wide of the sticks. A tricky angle to compute though.  

  69. Post update

    Canada 0-0 Romania

    Play swinging from one end to the other like a boozy stag-do trying to negotiate their way across a ferry deck.

    Paula Kinikinilau is almost through for Romania, but Canada clear up, hack upfield and now have a kickable shot at goal.  

  70. Post update

    Canada 0-0 Romania

    Canada asking all the questions. They should have a penalty five metres from the Romania line. 

    Viorel Lucaci is off his feet. But centre Nick Blevins has dragged a Romanian out of the ruck by the scruff of his neck.

    Penalty reversed and captain Cudmore promises referee Barnes that he will "have a word". Ominous. 

    Nick Blevins
  71. Post update

    Canada 0-0 Romania

    Canada show their intent early. They spin first phase ball and there are acres of green out there. Jeff Hassler bustles up to the Romania 22m before he is hauled down.

  72. Post update

    Canada 0-0 Romania

    Daniel Tailliferrer Hauman van der Merwe - or DTH to his mates.

    The Canada wing is long on names and long on distance run.

    He has racked up 328 metres with ball in hand - second only to Tonga's Telusa Veainu in the World Cup stats.

    The 29-year-old is bound for Scarlets from Glasgow at the end of this tournament.

    DTH van der Merwe
  73. Kick-off

    Canada 0-0 Romania

    We are ready for the off. Wayne Barnes is on the whistle.

    Romania boot long. Canada wing DTH van der Merwe gathers and offloads to Gordon McRorie who boots back up towards halfway.

  74. The Romanian Maradona or Valentine's Day

    Canada v Romania (16:45 BST)

    Owen Phillips

    BBC Sport Online

    "So, if we can't bring you Maradona [see 16:38], or unbroken sunshine, then maybe Gheorgi Hagi will show up? He was the Romanian Maradona after all.

    "From a Canadian perspective, the world-class footballing cheerleaders are not so obvious. Paul Peschisolido spent time in this neck of the woods though, and Carl Valentine played for West Brom... What do you mean, you've never heard of him. Google him."

  75. Too close to call?

    Canada v Romania (16:45 BST)

    Canada v Romania
  76. Anthems

    Canada v Romania (16:45 BST)

    "Oh Canada" blares out of the tannoy and the Maple Leafs stand on guard for the tune.

    Captain Jamie Cudmore is so eager for the off that he got to the final note about three bars before the rest of his team.

    Teams line up
  77. Post update

    Canada v Romania (16:45 BST)

    Canada's captain Jamie Cudmore is playing his 14th Rugby World Cup match, equaling his country's record held by Rod Snow.

    This is Cudmore's fourth World Cup.

  78. Howells not throwing in the towel

    Canada v Romania (16:45 BST)

    British rugby fans might recognise a familiar face in the Romania camp - their Welsh coach Lynn Howells.

    Howells, who has just signed a new two-year contract with The Oaks, is a former Wales assistant coach, briefly leading his nation in 2001 when Graham Henry was leading the Lions.

    "The players have worked hard, and now it's time to go and produce a result and for the players to go out and play their best rugby," said Howells, who has also had spells with Pontypridd, Cardiff, Edinburgh and Doncaster.

    Lynn Howells - Romania coach
  79. Diego at the double?

    Canada v Romania (16:45 BST)

    Owen Phillips

    BBC Sport Online

    Canada fans

    The weather in the East Midlands is certainly a contrast to Sunday, when a sun-soaked Leicester City stadium hosted the Argentina-Tonga humdinger. And no signs of Diego Armando Maradona who appeared at that one.

    I have a feeling his appearance for the match at the home of Leicester City Football Club was more to do with a fierce sense of patriotism than a love of rugby or the fact he has a flat somewhere in the East Midlands. I could be wrong. I'll keep an eye out.

  80. Post update

    Canada v Romania (16:45 BST)

  81. 'I AM going to enjoy this'

    Canada v Romania (16:45 BST)

    Owen Phillips

    BBC Sport Online

    "Jared from Leftbridge, Canada said the terrible weather was making him feel at home. He certainly seemed intent on enjoying the occasion come what may. 

    "It's cleared up a fair bit now so hopefully the pitch will stand up to it, otherwise it might be more error-strewn than free-flowing.

    "He's looking pretty stylish, there's no denying. Love the slippers."

  82. Team news

    Canada v Romania (16:45 BST)

    Romania teamsheet

    Romania coach Lynn Howells has made seven changes to his starting XV. 

    Prop Paulica Ion will make his 10th World Cup appearance, with 50th Test caps for fellow front-rower Mihaita Lazar and lock Valentin Poparlan.

  83. Team news

    Canada v Romania (16:45)

    Canada line-up

    Canada have made seven changes, including one positional, for Tuesday's Pool D match against Romania.

    Aaron Carpenter moves from hooker to number eight to replace injured captain Tyler Ardron, with Jamie Cudmore taking over as skipper.

  84. Post update

    Canada v Romania (16:45 BST)

    Ever since they dug up a bona fide Shakespearean king under a city centre car park, Leicester love a drama.

    Let's see which characters are going to grace this fine stage.

  85. Post update

    Canada v Romania (16:45 BST)

    N.B: Leicester may be shown significantly sunnier than in current reality.

  86. Welcome to Leicester

    Canada v Romania (16:45 BST)

    Owen Phillips

    BBC Sport Online

    Canada fans

    "I am expecting this to be a lot of fun, and was anticipating a no-fear, gung-ho approach resulting in more running rugby than you could shake a stick at - and loads and loads of tries. But the weather could scupper that.

    "It has been hammering it down in Leicester and it's looking unpredictable for the rest of the afternoon. There was rain of biblical proportions as I made my way to the stadium with my ever-impeccable sense of bad timing. But the sun has been out in the last 30 minutes so fingers crossed."

  87. Fight to avoid the wooden spoon

    Canada v Romania (16:45 BST)

    France and Ireland are already over the hill and into the last eight from Pool D.

    Italy are locked on for third spot and automatic qualification for Japan 2019.

    But these two are both out for their first wins of the tournament.

    World Cup
  88. Post update

    Canada v Romania (16:45 BST)

    Is it the long-awaited Limp Bizkit - ageing boy band crossover super group?

    Nope, tonight the Leicester City Stadum plays hosts to the bruising beats of Canada v Romania in Pool D.

    Let's get this rollin' rollin' rollin'.

    Canada at the Rugby World Cup