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  1. Pool C result: Argentina 64-19 Namibia
  2. Argentina will play winner of France v Ireland in quarters
  3. Namibia end without a win in the tournament
  4. Match played at Leicester City Stadium

Live Reporting

By Mike Henson

All times stated are UK

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Bye for now

Right, time to can this live text.

But there is another just firing up in the wings.

Jonathan Jurejko is bringing you the action from Romania v Italy and he has started with some Benny, Bjorn, Anni-Frid and Agnetha.

Lovely stuff.

Pool C

New Zealand and Argentina qualify

pool c
BBC Sport

Argentina 64-19 Namibia

Plenty of the tournament contenders have made heavy weather of negotiating the underdogs.

Argentina made it look very easy. They also led the All Blacks at half-time in their Pool C meeting.

The winner of Ireland and France's Pool D decider later today will not have a free ride into the last four. By a long, long way.


BBC Sport


Argentina 64-19 Namibia (Jantjies, missed con Redelinghuys)

Namibia celebrate try
Getty Images

The final minute and Argentina are still trying to run it from deep.

This time it backfires as Tjiuee Uauivi strips the ball and offloads to Eugene Jantjies who swallow-dives over unopposed.

And for the conversion retiring prop Johnny Redelinghuys is given the honours.

His ugly attempt dribbles short, but his wide grin makes up for it.

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Tinus du Plessi is sent to the sin bin

Very harsh yellow card. His eyes were on the ball the whole time. #bbcrugby #RWC2015 #ARGvNAM


Argentina 64-14 Namibia

Pascal Gazer makes a call

A frankly ridiculous yellow card.

Tinus du Plessis goes up to challenge for an aerial ball with Marcelo Bosch. Eyes locked on the ball, arms out to claim it, he tangles with the Argentine who comes down flat on his back.

The referee decides that Du Plessis was "not in a realistic position to catch the ball". I'm not sure how else you are supposed to go about it.

He brandishes yellow because it appears that honest accidental collisions are impossible.

That's the same punishment Marcelo Bosch got for a near-on spear tackle.

No wonder the Tier Two nations feel hard done by.

Converted try

Argentina 64-14 Namibia (Cubelli, con Socino)

Namibian players look dejected

Tomas Cubelli darts over as the Namibia fringe defence offers him a chink of an opening.

The scoreboard is ticking north at an alarming rate.

Argentina 57-14 Namibia

This is end-of-season exhibition stuff. Passes flipped off the floor, out the side-door and off the fingertips by the Argentines as they break open the champagne.

They are up to within five.

Converted try

Argentina 57-14 Namibia (Montoya, con Socino)

Julian Montoya scores for Argentina

Argentina warming to their task, Namibia tiring of theirs.

The red shirts melt away in defence and hooker Julian Montoya is able to add his name to the rapidly expanding scoresheet.

Argentina 50-14 Namibia

Straight from the kick-off and Argentina, wind in their sails, run it. Trying to stop this is like trying to pin down mercury.

Juan Imhoff is in under the posts, but the play is called back for a forward pass.


Converted try

Argentina 50-14 Namibia (Senatore, con Socino)

Leonardo Senatore celebrates

Namibia's defence is cut to ribbons with Horacio Agulla and Lucas Gonzalez Ambrosino slippery as a pair of eels.

Leonardo Senatore is the man - fresh off the bench - with the lungs to support and score.

Argentina 43-14 Namibia

Darting feet from Lucas Gonzalez Amorosino, flips the pass to Juan Pablo Socino, he has scoring options either way.

But he can't pick either and Namibia pounce on the loose ball.

Argentina 43-14 Namibia

Pablo Matera runs onto the ball
Getty Images

Namibia are building a bit of pressure. Argentina are camped back on their own line.

But a turnover! And the Pumas run from deep, they are up to halfway. Namibia scrambling...


Argentina 43-14 Namibia

Namibia full-back Chrysander Botha is replaced by Russell van Wyk.

Botha has had a good game.

Oh, and a change in the back row.

Leneve Damens is off and Tinus du Plessis is on. Du Plessis has his head stapled back together after the match against Georgia. Tough fella.

Argentina 43-14 Namibia

Namibia are running eagerly at their depleted opponents.

Chrysander Botha slings a long pass wide, second row Tjiuee Uanivi flips with his fingertips, but Johan Tromp is pulled back as that final pass drifted forward.


Argentina 43-14 Namibia

Marcelo Bosch dump tackles a Namibian player
Getty Images

Marcelo Bosch is a lucky, lucky fella.

The Argentina man - just off the bench - has escaped a red despite tackling a Namibia player late, lifting his legs beyond the horizontal and dumping him torso-first into the turf.

The referee decides that the Namibian did not come down on his head, it is just a yellow.

I'm not sure Bosch was taking any care to make sure that was the case.

Argentina 43-14 Namibia

So close! Namibia winger Johan Tromp swerves inside off his wing, stretches every sinew, but comes up just short as Santiago Gonzalez Iglesias' tackle comes in.


Argentina 43-14 Namibia

A switch for Argentina as Juan Martin Hernandez departs. There have not been too many glimpses of his conjuror touch today.

On comes the more workmanlike Marcelo Bosch of Saracens.

Converted try

Argentina 43-14 Namibia (Alemanno, con Socino)

Matias Alemanno scores a try
Getty Images

You don't stop him from that distance. Not without time to build a low brick wall.

Argentina second row Matias Alemanno shoots his six foot six inch frame under the arms of some fringe tacklers and over the line from short range.

A change of kicker and Juan Pablo Socino pops over two more points.

Converted try

Argentina 36-14 Namibia (Greyling, con Kotze)

JC Greyling scores a try for Namibia
Getty Images

Namibia have scored a second try and it is a very similar score to the first.

Again, Argentina conspire in their own downfall. Juan Martin Hernandez pops the ball to Lucas Noguera Paz, but the prop is under immediate pressure from Johan Deysel who has rushed up.

Ball to ground and JC Greyling reacts quickest, scooping up and scampering in under the sticks.

Routine extras from Theuns Kotze. 

Argentina 36-7 Namibia

Better from Namibia as they show a little adventure.

The impressive Johan Deysel slides an off-load around the back of an Argentina tackler, freeing his team-mates. 

They are up into the Argentine half, before the Pumas snatch back possesion and Juan Martin Hernandez puts lace to leather and clears up toward halfway.

Argentina 36-7 Namibia

Players contest a mall

Argentina are playing this as big teams should when meeting the little guys.

They are not getting complacent and casual, running the ball from everywhere and underestimating the oppo.

Instead they are earning the right to play - earning the hard yards and sucking in defenders with forward charges.

 But Lucas Noguera Paz is off his feet at the ruck and is penalised to allow Namibia off the hook inside their own 22m.


Argentina 36-7 Namibia

We are underway and Argentina regather a towering drop-out by Juan Martin Hernandez.

Argentina 36-7 Namibia

Matias Moroni

Matias Moroni has been the Argentina man making the most of the wide open space.

The winger has made 128 metres, three clean breaks and beaten seven defenders - all team-high totals.

Argentina 36-7 Namibia


The groundsman won't have much repair work to do in the Argentina 22m at the interval.

The Pumas are been on the front foot from the first whistle.


Argentina 36-7 Namibia

PJ van of Namibia looks dejected

Converted try

Argentina 36-7 Namibia (Paz, con Iglesias)

Lucas Noguera Paz scores for Argentina
Getty Images

The officials wear out the video tape, replaying the pre-try passage of play on a loop.

But their analysis concludes that the ball was knocked out of Argentine hands by a Namibian and went back any way.

Lucas Noguera Paz's pick-go-and-flop is allowed to stand and Santiago Gonzalez Iglesias sticks over the conversion 

Try review

Argentina 29-7 Namibia

Argentina plough over. Prop Lucas Noguera Paz has piledriven through the last few metres, but the ball went to ground just before. Did it go forward?

Argentina 29-7 Namibia

Argentina fan in the crowd

Argentina want another score to go with their half-time orange...


Argentina 29-7 Namibia (Isa, missed con Iglesias)

Facundo Isa is the man with his mitts on the ball as the Argentina pack rumble over from a rolling maul.

Cue a bit of push and shove between the two sets of forwards as Argentina celebrate loudly in the faces of their Namibia counterparts.

Nothing too serious. But there is a bit of niggle and needle out there.

Argentina 24-7 Namibia

Jaco Engel of Namibia clashes with opposition

A bit of biff.

Something has gone down in the deep depth of the front row and Namibia prop Jaco Engels takes exception. The referee calls together the two captains to tell their men to calm down.

Good luck with that fellas. 

Argentina 24-7 Namibia

Pablo Matera is tackled
Getty Images

Argentina are held at bay with some fierce tackling and tag-team hits by Namibia. They are joining forces to absorb the beefy runs from the Argentines around the fringes.

If you can afford too many men being dragged in, it is a canny tactic.

Argentina 24-7 Namibia

That is a precise box-kick bomb from Namibia scrum-half Damian Stevens, right on the button for Johan Tromp. The winger spills forward though as he goes up to challenge in the air.

It wouldn't have mattered though. Play is called back for an Argentina penalty for a neck-roll clear-out by Johan Deysel.

Argentina 24-7 Namibia

Lucas Gonzalez Amorosino on the attack

Lucas Gonzalez Amorosino claims the mark in his own 22m, taps and goes, goes, goes.

Weaving in and out of defenders, sniffing out space and breaking cover as he bursts clear into the Namibia half.

It is only a tremendous recovery tackle from inside centre Johan Deysel that prevents one of the great World Cup tries.

Converted try

Argentina 24-7 Namibia (Agulla, con Iglesias)

Horacio Agulla celebrates scoring his try

The referee decides that Namibia full-back Chrysander Botha was trying to tackle decoy runner Santiago Gonzalez Iglesias, rather than being blocked off by the Argentine.

Agulla's try is allowed to stand and Iglesias adds two more.

Argentina are well over the horizon now.

Try review

Argentina 17-7 Namibia

Horacio Agulla scampers in at the corner. But was there an obstruction that checked the cover and opened up the space for the Bath winger?  

Argentina 17-7 Namibia

Argentina are massing dangerously, five metres out...

Converted try

Argentina 17-7 Namibia (Moroni, con Iglesias)

Matias Moroni scores

Matias Moroni fends off a trio of red shirts in midfield, wriggling clear and then pressing the pedal to accelerate away.

That is the last that the Namibia defence see of him as he zooms in under the sticks.

Santiago Gonzalez Iglesias clips over the extras.