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  1. That's all folks

    So, the end of another Premiership weekend.

    It takes a break now for a couple of weeks for the return of European action. 

    But have no fear, we'll be back on Boxing Day for the next round (provided we've not overdone it on turkey and trimmings the day before).

    In the meantime, you can read Rob Stevens' report of that Saracens win.

    Until then - thanks for joining us.

  2. Back at the top

    FT: Newcastle 3-38 Saracens

    Confirmation of Saracens' return to the top of the tree.

    A three-point lead for Mark McCall's side thanks to that bonus point.

    Premiership table
  3. Scores on the doors

    FT: Newcastle 3-38 Saracens

    Take a bow Charlie Hodgson.

    A week after passing 2,500 career Premiership points, he adds another 21 to his tally.

    Newcastle v Saracens FT
  4. Sarries back at summit

    FT: Newcastle 3-38 Saracens

    So, just as it was before the start of the game, Saracens remain unbeaten and Newcastle remain without a win.

  5. Full-time

    FT: Newcastle 3-38 Saracens

    That is that. Saracens bag the bonus point to round off a dominant display.

  6. Try (B Vunipola, con Goode)

    Newcastle 3-38 Saracens

    And there it finally is, in the fourth minute of additional play.

    Penalty was given on five metres, Billy Vunipola took the tap penalty and barged himself through.

    Alex Goode adds the conversion.

    Billy Vunipola scores Saracens' fourth try
  7. Newcastle 3-31 Saracens

    Big burst through from Ben Ramsom sees him eventually brought down five metres out.

    Mike Ellery is also denied. They're still going for the bonus point.....

  8. Newcastle 3-31 Saracens

    Wait a sec, maybe there will be one as Saracens get it back again.

  9. Newcastle 3-31 Saracens

    No fourth try for Saracens as they lose possession and now Newcastle look for a consolation before time is up.

  10. Try (Hodgson)

    Newcastle 3-31 Saracens

    Well, would you believe it?

    Newcastle looking like they were building an attack and then an ambitious pass is intercepted by Charlie Hodgson and he runs through from 60 metres for the try.

    Doesn't add the extras as Sarries want to go for the fourth try before time's up.

    Charlie Hodgson gets a third try for Saracens
  11. Newcastle 3-26 Saracens

    First loose moment their from Saracens late on as a couple of debateable forward passes and then a knock-on from Neil de Kock see them give it away.

    Will matter little in the bigger picture though.

  12. Newcastle 3-26 Saracens

    Lightning fast switching from attack to defence by Saracens as Newcastle got the ball out in the loose, but then had no time to build with it.

    An immense display from the champions in all departments this.

    Maro Itoje
  13. Penalty (Hodgson)

    Newcastle 3-26 Saracens

    A simple addition of three more points from the boot of one C Hodgson.

  14. Newcastle 3-23 Saracens

    George Kruis off for Saracens, which looks like it was injury-enforced rather than tactical.

    Newcastle punished by ref Andrew Small once more inside their own 22 for hands on the floor.

  15. Newcastle 3-23 Saracens

    Tom Catterick goes off for Newcastle, their last change done as Sonatane Takulua comes on.

    Once more Newcastle get penalised for not releasing and Saracens will clear form their own 22.

  16. Newcastle 3-23 Saracens

    The chase was eventually on there for Alex Tait from the grubber kick through for Newcastle by Tom Catterick, but Alex Goode sees it out over the dead ball line.

  17. Newcastle 3-23 Saracens

    It's not quite clicking in the final stages for Newcastle, but once more they're building the phases.

    Up to 20 and counting but still Saracens keep them out.

  18. Newcastle 3-23 Saracens

    Some encouragement for Newcastle now as replacement Chris Harris gets a first run in possession.

    More of the same though from Saracens in defence. Still resolute despite a man on the floor receiving treatment.

  19. Newcastle 3-23 Saracens

    That was Nick Tompkins' last act of the afternoon as he is replaced by Tim Streather.

    Both benches pretty much emptied now, including Mouritz Botha on for Newcastle against his former club.

  20. Try (Tompkins, con Hodgson)

    Newcastle 3-23 Saracens

    The Saracens captain didn't quite get over, but Nick Tompkins did as he picked it up with two metres to go.

    Once more Charlie Hodgson adds the extras off the inside of the posts.

    Nick Tompkins celebrates his try for Saracens
  21. Newcastle 3-16 Saracens

    Newcastle end 18 phases of possession as Michael Young kicks over the top and Saracens have a chance to eat up some minutes themselves with the ball in hand.

    Jamie George dives for the line.....

  22. Newcastle 3-16 Saracens

    Big booming battering tackle from Newcastle hooker George McGuigan among some scrappy phases.

    Newcastle seeing a bit more of the ball, but Saracens right on point in defence.

    Into the final quarter now.

    Kingston Park
  23. Newcastle 3-16 Saracens

    Both Vunipola brothers on now for Saracens with a chance to impress the watching Eddie Jones.

    More punishment for Newcastle as the Saracens pack force another penalty at the driving maul.

  24. Penalty (Hodgson)

    Newcastle 3-16 Saracens

    Saracens stretch their advantage with a simple kick for Charlie Hodgson.

    Newcastle penalised for being off their feet at the base only five metres out from their own line.

    Newcastle make a few changes of their own now.

  25. Newcastle 3-13 Saracens

    Newcastle shoot themselves in the foot as the kick-chase exchange continues.

    They fail to move away on the floor on the edge of Saracens' 22.

    Another change for Saracens as Ben Spencer makes way for Neil de Kock.

  26. Newcastle 3-13 Saracens

    More testing high balls for both Tom Catterick and Alex Goode.

    Ben Spencer gets a booming kick going down field and eventually Newcastle are punished for being off their feet on halfway.

    Saracens make a whopping five changes as we enter the last half-hour.

  27. Newcastle 3-13 Saracens

    Great counter-mauling from Newcastle as that ball moved inside off the Saracens line-out.

    Turnover ball at the scrum and Newcastle can clear as Saracens don't drive straight.

  28. Newcastle 3-13 Saracens

    Clever crossfield kicking this time from Charlie Hodgson. Mike Ellery doesn't benefit from the bounce in the corner though from the kick-chase.

    Saracens have the line-out on five metres instead.

  29. Newcastle 3-13 Saracens

    Chris Wyles barges into Tom Catterick as he catches the high ball.

    Nothing malicious on this occasion, just accidental and a quiet word from the ref for the USA international.

    Chris Wyles and Tom Catterick
  30. Newcastle 3-13 Saracens

    Picking up from where we left off before the break, some more kicking for territory from both sides.

    Michael Young gets the boot on it over the top at the base to get Newcastle upfield.

  31. Newcastle 3-13 Saracens

    Lights in full effect now at Kingston Park and Saracens get punished for not rolling away at the breakdown on Newcastle's 22.

    Some treatment from that for Will Fraser. Think it's fair to say he took a knock in a sensitive area.

  32. Kick-off

    Newcastle 3-13 Saracens

    Right, back in business in the North East as both teams emerge form the tunnel for the second half.

    Charlie Hodgson restarts for Saracens....

  33. HT: Newcastle 3-13 Saracens

    Talking of football, this afternoon's FA Cup second round ties are coming to a climax.

    Some upsets and late drama afoot - all the headlines right here.

  34. HT: Newcastle 3-13 Saracens

    Not sure what the scarf and hat wearing Eddie Jones will have made of that so far.

    Loads of kicking at one stage and the ball spent plenty of time in the air.

    Thought I was watching a non-league football match at times....

    Marcus Watson kicks
  35. HT: Newcastle 3-13 Saracens

    Newcastle have a bit of work to do in the second half if they want to avoid an unwanted baker's dozen...

  36. Half-time

    HT: Newcastle 3-13 Saracens

    And with that referee Andrew Small blows his whistle for the break.

    George Kruis
  37. Penalty (Hodgson)

    Newcastle 3-13 Saracens

    Newcastle done at the maul for coming in at the side and Charlie Hodgson kicks for goal successfully from just inside halfway.

  38. Newcastle 3-10 Saracens

    Nothing comes from it for Newcastle as once more the boot relieves the pressure for Saracens.

    Mike Ellery tries to sneaks in down the line but eventually Marcus Watson clears for Newcastle.

    Still time for one more line-out before the break.

  39. Newcastle 3-10 Saracens

    Jackson Wray now enters Andrew Small's book of infringements as he tries to bring down a maul just inside the Falcons half.

    Chance for Newcastle to drive inside Saracens' 22.

  40. Newcastle 3-10 Saracens

    Rob Vickers spills it for Newcastle just as they were looking composed in possession.

    Big clearance in the end from Saracens but Alex Tait takes the mark.

    Some more long-range use of the boot and once more Charlie Hodgson picks out the first few rows.

  41. Newcastle 3-10 Saracens

    More kicking exchanges before Charlie Hodgson makes amends this time and does find the stands.

    Almost like watching a tennis rally at times.

    Alex Tait gathers a kick for Newcastle against Saracens
  42. Newcastle 3-10 Saracens

    Bit of aerial ping pong ensues between the two back lines.

    Eventually, Saracens decide to take a run with it through Mike Ellery before they get a penalty on 10 metres.

    Amazingly Charlie Hodgson hits the top of the corner flag and it bounces over the dead ball line. Back for a scrum from where he was. Harsh.

  43. Newcastle 3-10 Saracens

    Newcastle once more get the decision their way as Saracens collapse a maul on halfway.

    Great response from the Falcons.

  44. Newcastle 3-10 Saracens

    Saracens back on the front foot from the restart as Hodgson puts them in the corner again as Newcastle get sloppy with their discipline on their own 22.

    But, great counter-rucking from Newcastle and Nili Latu turns the Saracens player on the floor.

  45. Penalty (Catterick)

    Newcastle 3-10 Saracens

    Newcastle on the board through Tom Catterick.

  46. Newcastle 0-10 Saracens

    Juan Figallo the man to get a word from Andrew Small now as he grabs hold of Nili Latu at the back of the maul.

    Penalty to Newcastle and a chance to get on the board.

  47. Newcastle 0-10 Saracens

    George Kruis gets a ticking off for coming in late on George McGuigan at the clear out.

    Penalty awarded to Newcastle and they clear into Saracens' 22.

  48. Newcastle 0-10 Saracens

    Newcastle now claiming that one of their players was tackled without any arms.

    Andrew Small and the television match official having a look.....

  49. Newcastle 0-10 Saracens

    Ben Spencer looks bemused as he's penalised for dragging a Newcastle player out of his way at the back of the maul.

    Chance for Newcastle once again to clear.

  50. Newcastle 0-10 Saracens

    He was in attendance for Harlequins v London Irish yesterday, and new England head coach Eddie Jones is now in the stands at Kingston Park this afternoon.

    No doubt he'll have his eye on several Englishmen appearing for unbeaten Saracens this afternoon....

    Eddie Jones
  51. Penalty (Hodgson)

    Newcastle 0-10 Saracens

    Mark Wilson is punished by Andrew Small for not tackling with his arms on Juan Figallo.

    Charlie Hodgson elects to take the points on this occasion with a simple kick at goal.

  52. Newcastle 0-7 Saracens

    Good defence by Newcastle to turn that Saracens maul over.

    Andrew Tait then almost presents a gift to Saracens in his own 22, but eventually they clear up to halfway.

    Saracens get a little over-exuberant at the breakdown and don't release. Pressure released for Falcons.

  53. Newcastle 0-7 Saracens

    Newcastle penalised for not driving straight from the next scrum and Charlie Hodgson kicks into touch up to 10 metres from the Newcastle line.

  54. Newcastle 0-7 Saracens

    Scrum for Saracens collapses on halfway and referee Andrew Small has a word with both front rows to say it that continues he'll lose his patience and start awarding penalties.

    That's them told.

  55. Try (Vunisa, con Hodgson)

    Newcastle 0-7 Saracens

    Saracens go for the corner from a penalty and the first chance for them to drive from the line-out.

    Maul is driven over and it's Samuela Vunisa who gets it down right in the corner.

    Charlie Hodgson adds the extras....just. Off the inside of the posts.

  56. Newcastle 0-0 Saracens

    Treatment for Belisario Agulla after Chris Wyles collided with him in the tackle on Newcastle's 22.

    That was the first time Saracens have worked it through the hands so far.

    Agulla going off as a precaution for now to be replaced by Chris Harris.

  57. Newcastle 0-0 Saracens

    Lots of ball in the air so far. Ben Spencer doing well to clear for Saracens on more than one occasion.

    Loose ball out the back of the ruck is picked up by Marcus Watson on the Newcastle win before he's tackled on 10-metres.

  58. Newcastle 0-0 Saracens

    Newcastle's strategy is very clear here.

    Kick over the top of the maul and pressure the Saracens back line. Another clean take from Chris Wyles and this time Charlie Hodgson clears.

    But it's well returned back into their 22 by Newcastle full-back Alex Tait.

  59. Newcastle 0-0 Saracens

    Another testing kick over the top from Michael Young for Newcastle, taken just in front of the 22 this time by Chris Wyles.

    Saracens clear their lines under pressure up to Newcastle's 10-metre line through Ben Spencer. 

  60. Newcastle 0-0 Saracens

    Perfect conditions at Kingston Park following the destruction of Storm Desmond yesterday.

    Both these sides play their home games on artificial surfaces of course, so no danger of postponements.

    Early test for Alex Goode under the high ball, but he marks successfully.

  61. Kick-off

    Newcastle 0-0 Saracens

    And we're off....

    Tom Catterick starts things off for Newcastle.

  62. Teams on way out

    Newcastle v Saracens (15:00 GMT)

    Out come both sides.

    Jamie George leading Saracens in their change strip of blue, Will Welch the captain for Newcastle in black.

  63. How they stand

    A quick reminder of how the table stands before kick-off.

    Not a happy sight if you're a London Irish fan....

    Premiership table
  64. Get involved


    We'd love to hear your views on the weekend's action so far.

    Also let us know your thoughts on a couple of injury blows to England ahead of the Six Nations with news both Alex Corbisiero and Henry Slade look set for long spells out.

    Eddie Jones was in the crowd at The Stoop yesterday and is at Kingston Park this afternoon. 

    But who should he be looking at in the Premiership as serious contenders for his first squad in the new year?

    Tweet us using #bbcrugby

    England head coach Eddie Jones
  65. Listen live

    Remember you can listen to live commentary of Newcastle v Saracens courtesy of BBC radio.

    Simply click the 'Live Coverage' link at the top of the page, and choose from BBC Newcastle or BBC Radio 5 live sports extra.

  66. Weekend flashback

    A four-game try-fest

    Four more games followed on Saturday and despite the blustery conditions across the country, there was no shortage of tries or talking points.

    Worcester's Donncha O'Callagahan was sent off as the Warriors failed to hold on to a first-half lead against Leicester.

    Meanwhile, Tim Visser scored a hat-trick as Harlequins hammered a hapless and still winless London Irish at The Stoop.

    Tim Visser scores one of his three tries for Harlequins against London Irish

     JJ Hanrahan's late penalty gave Northampton a narrow win against Bath at The Rec.  

    JJ Hanrahan kicks a late penalty for Northampton

    But, Exeter Chiefs saved the best until last as they ran in six tries against Wasps at The Ricoh Arena.

    Thomas Waldrom bagging a hat-trick in the process. 

    Exeter's Thomas Waldrom

    Relive all of Saturday's action.

  67. Weekend flashback

    Cherry and Whites see off Sale threat

    Sione Kalamafoni runs in one of his two tries for Gloucester

    Round six of the Premiership kicked-off at Kingsholm on Friday night as Sale visited Gloucester.

    Sione Kalamafoni came into the Gloucester side for England number eight Ben Morgan and duly proved the match-winner scoring two tries as the hosts edged to a 23-19 victory.

    Two tries from Nev Edwards had seen the Sharks lead but Kalamafoni crossed twice to restore the hosts' lead.     

    Relive Friday night's action.

  68. Unbeaten meets winless

    Newcastle v Saracens (15:00 GMT)

    So, it's the side with the only unbeaten record in Europe, Saracens, against Newcastle, one of only two teams in the Premiership without a win, to come.

    But, before the action begins at Kingston Park, a reminder of what we've already seen this weekend.

  69. Team news

    Newcastle v Saracens (15:00 GMT)

    Saracens line-up v Newcastle

    Replacements: Saunders, M Vunipola, Du Plessis, Rhodes, B Vunipola, De Kock, Steather, Ransom.

    Jamie George skippers Saracens in the absence of Alistair Hargreaves, who was injured in the 48-18 victory over Worcester at Twickenham last weekend.

    Sarries also welcome back Alex Goode and Mike Ellery to their back line as they link up with Chris Wyles.  

    The Vunipola brothers, Mako and Billy, are named among the replacements.

  70. Team news

    Newcastle v Saracens (15:00 GMT)

    Newcastle line-up v Saracens

    Replacements: Lawson, Rogers, Vea, Botha, Hogg,Takulua, Willis, Harris.

    Newcastle make two changes from the 15-15 draw against Sale last weekend, which saw them bag their first points of the season.

    Both changes come in the back line as Belisario Agulla and Tom Catterick come in for Giamba Venditti and Mike Delany respectively.

  71. Sunday afternoon treat

    Newcastle v Saracens (15:00 GMT)

    Afternoon rugby fans, you join us for the culmination of the weekend's action in the Premiership.

    It's a visit to Kingston Park in Newcastle as visitors Saracens look to regain top spot from Exeter.

    Kick-off in around 15 minutes, but team news on the way shortly.