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  1. Until tomorrow

    So we will back at 13:30 BST on Monday. And it promises to be a dramatic conclusion to this year's competition. Shamoon Hafez's report from the Crucible is up on the BBC Snooker page now.

    We will call it a day for now. So get some rest and we look forward to seeing you all again tomorrow. As always, thank you for your excellent comments.

    Who will get their hands on this trophy? Shaun Murphy leads, but only just.

    World Snooker

    I will be back tomorrow. Sleep well and see you then.

  2. Get involved via #bbcsnooker

    David Fox: One of the most enjoyable snooker finals in years. Two really likeable players and characters. Can't wait for tomorrow.

    Adam Hathaway: Shaun Murphy is a class act though. Got a feeling it's going to go down to the wire.

    Carry On Countdown: Maybe the snooker Gods realise it's the 30th anniversary of 1985. Another black-baller?

  3. 'This match is wide open'

    John Parrott

    1991 world champion and BBC Sport expert

    "That's the best session I've ever seen Stuart play. It has been a fabulous match we have seen this evening.

    Stuart Bingham

    "Judd Trump could not get rid of Stuart in the semi-final and he again shows that he just does not want to get beaten. It's a fantastic show of character from him tonight and he can be proud of what he has done.

    "Both players are capable of winning three or four frames on the trot tomorrow. This match is wide open."

  4. Post update

    Shaun Murphy 9-8 Stuart Bingham (22-67)

    Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls that is all the action for today. And what a day it has been. Murphy leads 9-8 after Stuart Bingham takes the last frame of the day. We are set for a thrilling day tomorrow.

  5. Get involved via #bbcsnooker

    Phil Verney: I think if Bingham wins this, he should be designated "the people's champion".

  6. Post update

    Shaun Murphy 9-7 Stuart Bingham

    One red remaining. Murphy needs a snooker.

  7. Post update

    Shaun Murphy 9-7 Stuart Bingham

    A nervous moment for Stuart Bingham as he pots a red, and then watches the cue ball rattle around the jaws of the pocket. But it stays on the table and he continues. He leads 61-22.

  8. Post update

    Shaun Murphy 9-7 Stuart Bingham


    Which way is this last frame of the day going to go?

  9. Post update

    Shaun Murphy 9-7 Stuart Bingham

    So Murphy is guaranteed an overnight lead, but Bingham has been excellent in the second part of this session. Yet this frame remains a vital one. Bingham will be sleeping easier if he is only one behind tonight. A stunning long red from Murphy gets us going. But it soon becomes a safety exchange.

  10. Post update

    Shaun Murphy 9-7 Stuart Bingham (Murphy break of 76, 76-0)

    Martina may be impressed by Stuart Bingham, but she, like everyone else, can only watch on as Shaun Murphy restores his two-frame lead with a fine break of 76 in the 16th frame. One more to go tonight. Today's play will end at either 10-7 or 9-8 to Murphy.

  11. Get involved via #bbcsnooker

    Matt Lloyd: What a three frames from Bingham after a trouncing from Murphy earlier tonight. This has the hallmarks of a great final.

    Matt Oswin: What will Murphy be thinking after winning the first four this evening?

    John Burns: Stuart Bingham three in a row - this is a snooker masterclass. Keep it going, Stuart you're playing fantastic.

  12. Post update

    Shaun Murphy 8-7 Stuart Bingham

    Steve Davis

    Six-time world champion and BBC Sport expert

    "Stuart's shown so much strength of character here because it would have been easy for the head to drop, going four frames behind."

  13. Post update

    Shaun Murphy 8-7 Stuart Bingham (Bingham break of 89, 0-113)

    If it stays at this standard then we are going to be in for some finale tomorrow. Bingham has looked in serious trouble at first 0-3 down and then 4-8 behind. But he is showing his character to haul himself back into this match.

    And in some style. A break of 89 comes straight after an effort of 123. Murphy has not potted a ball in two frames.

  14. Post update

    Shaun Murphy 8-6 Stuart Bingham

    Stephen Hendry

    Seven-time world champion and BBC Sport expert

    "Tonight has been excellent so far. As you would expect as both players are heavy scorers when they get in."

  15. Post update

    Shaun Murphy 8-6 Stuart Bingham

    Bingham falters on 24, But then gets another chance. This could be a third successive frame for him.

  16. Get involved via #bbcsnooker

    Matt Oswin: Murphy's gone from not being able to miss to not being able to pot.

    Charlie: Hate how the World Championship Snooker ends soon, it's been non stop action. Best I've watched in years!.

    Phill: Incredible standard in this final, record number of centuries confirm this to be the greatest World Championships ever.

    Don't worry Charlie, we've still got a potential 21 frames left.

  17. Post update

    Shaun Murphy 8-6 Stuart Bingham

    John Parrott

    1991 world champion and BBC Sport expert

    BBC pundits

    "These tables are tough. These two boys are making it look like a pool table, they're playing that well."

  18. That's a record

    Shaun Murphy 8-6 Stuart Bingham (Bingham 123 break, 0-129)

    Murphy won the first three, Bingham took four of the next five, Murphy claimed four in a row and now Bingham has won back-to-back frames.

    His excellent break of 123 reduces the gap to 8-6. That is the 84th century break of the tournament. More than at any other World Snooker Championship. What a standard. What a match. Hope you're enjoying this.

  19. Post update

    Shaun Murphy 8-5 Stuart Bingham

    Bingham splits open the pack of reds well. Lots of work to do, but a good chance for another frame.

  20. Post update

    Shaun Murphy 8-5 Stuart Bingham

    Shamoon Hafez

    BBC Sport at the Crucible Theatre

    Shaun Murphy

    "Shaun Murphy needs 10 more frames to win the World Championship for a second time, and once that goes into single figures, it will strike a psychological blow to opponent Stuart Bingham.

    "However, 'Ballrun' is a tough cookie nowadays, shown in victories over Ronnie O'Sullivan and Judd Trump. If Murphy wants to win the title this year, he is going to have to do it the hard way. Bingham won't be handing it to him on a plate."

  21. Get involved via #bbcsnooker

    Martin Warren: Well done Stuart Bingham. Very important to win the frame after the mid-session interval that will do him the world of good.

    Alice Wright: They both seem to be feeling the nerves now. Come on Stuart, this is your chance while Shaun keeps missing.

  22. Post update

    Shaun Murphy 8-5 Stuart Bingham (Bingham break of 76, 1-76)

    Stuart Bingham makes a break of 76 and misses a red into the middle. But the frame comes his way soon after. We still need one more century for the outright record of most centuries in a World Championship. I thought it was going to come in that frame.

  23. Post update

    Shaun Murphy 8-4 Stuart Bingham

    Stuart Bingham says he has dreamed of winning the world title. He needs a good end to the day to keep those hopes alive as he trails by four. But he is in business in the 13th frame.

  24. Post update

    Shaun Murphy 8-4 Stuart Bingham

    We are back in action. But you haven't missed anything.

  25. World title won't change me - Bingham

    And there is another interesting interview. This time a pre-recorded interview with Stuart Bingham.

    Stuart Bingham

    "Winning the World Championship would be an unbelievable dream and the thoughts of winning the trophy have crossed my mind, but I have a really tough game against Shaun," says Bingham.

    "I don't think winning it would change me. People would want more of me, but I don't think it would change me."

    To watch both the Murphy and Bingham interviews, press the play button and rewind the coverage to the mid-session interval.

  26. 'I wasn't ready to be world champion'

    Just like Marty McFly in the Back to the Future trilogy, Shaun Murphy wants to change the past.

    Marty McFly

    In a fascinating interview broadcast during the mid-session interval, Murphy wishes he could jump in a DeLorean and delay his World Snooker Championship win from 2005.

    "At 22 years old, I was probably nowhere near ready to win a world championship and when I fell short in the following years I was really disappointed," said Murphy.

    "I would like to go back in a time machine and tell myself to chill out. If I could have my time again I would postpone the win for a few years as it set me unrealistic goals."

  27. Get involved via #bbcsnooker

    PeterB: Stuart has made a couple of wrong choices of shots and it's those poor decisions that have cost him dear.

  28. Post update

    Shaun Murphy 8-4 Stuart Bingham

    Mid-session interval.

  29. Post update

    Shaun Murphy 8-4 Stuart Bingham (Murphy break of 51, 97-41)

    Played four, won four. A session to dream of so far for Shaun Murphy. A nightmare one for Stuart Bingham.

    This game is running away from Bingham. He needs to stop the rot. And do it quickly. Or his hopes are going to be realistically over by the end of tonight's play.

  30. Elsewhere in sport

    James Anderso

    "A magnificent session of cricket, and an enthralling, finely poised Test match."

    That's what they are saying over on the cricket coverage as England attempt to skittle out the West Indies before they chase down 192 to level the series.

    Jimmy Anderson could be the tourists' saviour once again - England's record wicket taker has just nabbed the vital wicket of Chanderpaul to leave the Windies on 80-4. Live text and radio coverage here.

  31. Post update

    Shaun Murphy 7-4 Stuart Bingham

    Shamoon Hafez

    BBC Sport at the Crucible Theatre

    "Looking at the mannerisms of the two players, Shaun Murphy would make an excellent poker player, keeping straight-faced at all times. You wouldn't know if he's missed an easy pot or stroked in a century break.

    "Stuart Bingham, on the other hand, is all eyebrows, lips and shaking of the head. In the seventh frame, when he compiled 57 before Murphy hit back to take the frame with a 74, he sat in his chair looking like a glum kid who had lost a tenner and found a pound."

  32. Get involved via #bbcsnooker

    Mitch: Stuart's had the first chance in every frame tonight. Just not scoring enough.

  33. Post update

    Shaun Murphy 7-4 Stuart Bingham

    Stuart Bingham

    Six reds, five blacks from Bingham. But any early hopes of a maximum 147 end as he then has to play safe on the sixth black ball. But still, a score of 41 to give him an early lead in the 12th frame.

  34. Post update

    Shaun Murphy 7-4 Stuart Bingham

    John Parrott

    1991 world champion and BBC Sport expert

    "Shaun's hitting it really fantastically now. This is a taxing period now for Stuart Bingham. There's a massive frame coming up because Shaun's bouncing round the place at the moment."

  35. Post update

    Shaun Murphy 7-4 Stuart Bingham

    One more century and it will be an outright record for the tournament.

  36. Post update

    Shaun Murphy 7-4 Stuart Bingham

    Steve Davis

    Six-time world champion and BBC Sport expert

    "Shaun Murphy's killing it, he really is. Once again he's asked the question of Stuart Bingham and Stuart is starting to panic just a fraction.

    "He was in among the balls and he talked himself into going for the plant. Perhaps it wasn't the right shot."

  37. 100

    Shaun Murphy 7-4 Stuart Bingham (Murphy break of 121, 121-14)

    Shaun Murphy

    Sensational snooker from Shaun Murphy. Back-to-back centuries. This time a 121, including a party-piece to pot the black diagonally opposite to the pocket he looked to be shooting in. Wonderful.

    Stuart Bingham looks as puzzled as Manny Pacquiao did in the early hours of the morning as he struggled to catch Floyd Mayweather in the big boxing encounter in Las Vegas.

  38. Get involved via #bbcsnooker

    David Flaherty: This could be the session where Murphy pulls away. He did it in the semi-final in the second session v Barry Hawkins.

    Martin Warren: Brilliant break of 106 by Shaun Murphy in that frame. Just hope Stuart Bingham can hang on in there.

    Smeopnez: This looks like Murphy's all the way, so comfortable, so confident and scoring heavily at every opportunity.

  39. Post update

    Shaun Murphy 6-4 Stuart Bingham

    Bingham tries a plant early in the 11th frame. He misses and trudges back to his seat. Can Murphy punish him? He has certainly brought his 'A' game to the Crucible tonight. A break of 74 in the opening frame of the session, followed by 106 in the next.

  40. Closing in on a record

    Shaun Murphy 6-4 Stuart Bingham


    So only two more centuries are needed to make it a record for the tournament. Murphy's 106 is the 82nd break of at least 100 in the 2015 competition. An incredibly high standard.

  41. 100

    Shaun Murphy 6-4 Stuart Bingham (Murphy break of 106, 106-1)

    Fortune is on Shaun Murphy's side as he tries to sink a red, it misses rolls along the cushion and goes in the opposite pocket. A great trick-shot. If he meant it, which he didn't.

    A hand of apology to Stuart Bingham, who can only shake his head in frustration. That helps Murphy make a break of 106, his first century of the final.

  42. Get involved via #bbcsnooker

    John Metcalfe: Has Shaun Murphy had an accident with a tub of black paint? His white shoes are ruined (see 19:24).

    Harsh, John. But very funny.

  43. Post update

    Shaun Murphy 5-4 Stuart Bingham

    This second session is starting like the first one did - with Murphy on top.

  44. Get involved via #bbcsnooker

    Shaun Murphy 5-4 Stuart Bingham

    Steve Davis

    BBC Radio 6 music on Twitter: Here's Steve Davis teaching Jarvis Cocker some top snooker tips. Look at that face of concentration!

    Steve joined Jarvis for his radio show earlier today.You can listen to the programme here.

  45. Get involved via #bbcsnooker

    Julian Purchase: This is already a gripping final, both players hitting some sublime shots. Too close to call.

    Ade: Murphy and Bingham both amazing. BBC snooker coverage makes a superb bank holiday.

    Thomas Frost: That frame was a right steal by Shaun. Poor from Stuart but great clearance by Murphy.

  46. Post update

    Shaun Murphy 5-4 Stuart Bingham (Murphy break of 74)

    Shaun Murphy has his dancing shoes on. And he has every reason to show us some moves after the ninth frame, the first one of the evening session. A break of 57 put Bingham in control, but Murphy's run of 74 seals the frame and moves him back ahead.

  47. Post update

    Shaun Murphy 4-4 Stuart Bingham

    Shaun Murphy walked out into the Crucible to some 70s disco stuff (Disco Inferno by the Trammps for those interested). And he certainly has his best clubbing gear on.

    Check out these shoes. They definitely should not have made it out of the 70s.

    Shaun Murphy
  48. Post update

    Shaun Murphy 4-4 Stuart Bingham (Bingham break of 57)

    Well, Bingham had made a good start. The handbreak is applied to his break after scoring 57. He misses a red and can't believe it.

  49. Post update

    Shaun Murphy 4-4 Stuart Bingham

    Willie Thorne

    A fan has made commentator Willie Thorne's day by wearing this T-shirt. I'm sure it seemed a good idea at the time.

    On the table, Bingham makes a good start to the session.

  50. Post update

    Shaun Murphy 4-4 Stuart Bingham

    Shaun Murphy opts for some cheesy 70s disco rubbish to enter the arena. But it gets the crowd applauding along. Right, down to business. Here we go.

  51. 'One shot, one opportunity'

    A bit of Eminem blares out of the speakers to welcome Stuart Bingham into the arena.

    Stuart Bingham

    "You have one shot, one opportunity," goes the song. Can Bingham take full advantage of that opportunity. Nervous? He still has time to pull some funny faces.

  52. Post update

    Shaun Murphy 4-4 Stuart Bingham


    The fans are in. "It is the spiritual home of snooker," says Rob Walker and the players are about to be announced to the crowd.

  53. The wall of champions

    Shaun Murphy 4-4 Stuart Bingham

    Shaun Murphy

    Shaun Murphy already has his name on the Crucible wall of champions after his 2005 success. Will his name be replacing that question mark next to 2015?

  54. Coming up

    Shaun Murphy 4-4 Stuart Bingham

    So we have nine frames tonight, with a potential 18 more over two sessions tomorrow. Remember, the first man to 18 is the champion.

    And we're back live on BBC Two. Press the play button at the top of this page, get comfortable, relax and enjoy. And occasionally send us your thoughts.

  55. A history lesson

    Shaun Murphy 4-4 Stuart Bingham

    Recent finals

    It is currently 4-4 at the Crucible. Who will take a lead going into the second day?

  56. Get involved via #bbcsnooker

    Carl Oluwole: Roast dinner and a lovely evening of snooker. That's what Sundays are all about.

    Shaun Kingston: Bingham looks determined to win this final.

    Share your views on the action by commenting on the BBC Sport Facebook page, or tweet us using the hashtag #bbcsnooker.

  57. The view from the commentary box

    Shamoon Hafez

    BBC Sport at the Crucible Theatre

    Commentary box

    "This is the view from the commentary booth for the final, where Stuart Bingham has made an excellent recovery to go 4-4 having lost the first three frames.

    "The general consensus ahead of the match was that 'Ballrun' would struggle to continue his impressive form after seeing off Ronnie O'Sullivan and Judd Trump, but having stayed in touch after the first session, there is a growing feeling that he may even win it. What a story that would be."

    BBC's live coverage starts again at 19:00 BST. Then press the play button at the top of this page to watch everything (UK only).

  58. Hello again

    Feeling refreshed? Good. Let's go again. Welcome back and thanks for joining us for the second session of the 2015 World Snooker Championship final.

  59. Back soon

    Murphy 4-4 Bingham

    Stuart Bingham

    So what a first session. Time to take a breather then. We will be back up and running at 18:45 BST for all the action in the second session. Back soon.

  60. Get involved via #bbcsnooker

    Jonesy: Bingham shows his bottle to make it 4-4 after the first eight frames, after being 3-0 down. Interesting prospect for later.

    Z: 4-4. Cracking first session. Look like it's going to go right to the wire just as I expected.

    Kyran Gibbons: Awesome from Bingham to recover from three frames behind. He has grown into the contest so well.

    Adrian Worton: Amazing how much people have been underestimating Bingham ahead of every session since he beat Dott. Particularly Hendry today.

  61. Post update

    Murphy 4-4 Bingham

    Stephen Hendry

    Seven-time world champion and BBC Sport expert

    "That's a great result for Stuart Bingham. At 3-0 down he made a great century in the fourth frame. But at 3-0 behind he was looking nervous and that the occasion was getting to him.

    "After the way Shaun Murphy steamrollered Barry Hawkins in the semi-final, you thought it might happen again. Every session is important and you can stamp your authority on a match early on so that is a chance missed for Shaun.

    "The way the session ended will have put some doubts in his mind and it will be a worry for him."

  62. Post update

    Murphy 4-4 Bingham (12-65)

    So at the end of the first session we are all level. And how Stuart Bingham is delighted to be so. There is a spring in his step as he leaves the Crucible. He has won four of the last five frames of the session after losing all of the first three.

  63. Get involved via #bbcsnooker

    Dennis Taylor

    Simon Dunant: Thirty years on (from Dennis Taylor's black-ball win against Steve Davis) could we see a Bingham Murphy 17-17 all on the black late-nighter?

    Right, everyone cancel all your plans for tomorrow. Just in case.

  64. Post update

    Murphy 4-3 Bingham

    Well, maybe. Bingham is 65-12 up in the last frame of the first of four sessions. But Murphy, needing a snooker, is at the table.

  65. Post update

    Murphy 4-3 Bingham

    There's a lot of love out there on social media for Stuart Bingham. And, let's not forget, he was 3-0 down at the start of the session. Can he end it level at 4-4?

  66. Get involved via #bbcsnooker

    Jovica P: Stuart has beaten two championship favourites (Judd and Ronnie), fully deserves this final and the title at the end.

    Stuart Bingham

    Uschi-No-Clueski: Ballrun Bingham? Nah. Should be Bingham The Brave.

    Tom: Hats off to Stuart Bingham. He has been so consistent all tournament and he's staying with Murphy.

  67. Elsewhere in sport

    It is bad news for fans of English cricket. England have collapsed in their second innings and have been bowled out for 123. It means West Indies need 192 to win in Barbados.


    This is the last Test in a three-Test series with England currently 1-0 up. Follow live text commentary on the BBC Sport cricket pages, but don't forget to come back here.

  68. Post update

    Murphy 4-3 Bingham

    Ken Doherty

    1997 world champion and BBC Sport expert

    "You don't want to give your opponent four chances a frame. If Shaun Murphy is going to keep going for silly shots he will be in trouble. That frame was a giveaway."

  69. Post update

    Murphy 4-3 Bingham

    And Bingham takes the frame. A wasted opportunity for Shaun Murphy. First frame where we have not had a break of at least 50.

  70. Post update

    Murphy 4-2 Bingham

    Willie Thorne

    BBC Sport snooker commentator

    "This is a massive frame. If Shaun wins it, Stuart knows he will be behind at the start of tonight's evening session."

  71. Post update

    Murphy 4-2 Bingham

    Bingham has a chance, his third in the frame, but a red stays on the table. But Murphy cannot take advantage as he accidently knocks the black safe and misses a tricky blue into the middle pocket. Fourth time lucky for Bingham?

  72. Post update

    Murphy 4-2 Bingham

    Bingham 37-6 up in the seventh if you were wondering. A tense safety battle is going on.

  73. Get involved via #bbcsnooker

    Jon Swain: I think Nicko (see 16:24) should definitely entertain us at all intervals. Come on Bingham.

    Iron Maiden

    This is a normal Iron Maiden gig. Might be a slight bit different to the Crucible. But nice to see Nicko McBrain's love of snooker shown as the scary-looking skeleton face character is clearly holding a snooker cue. Maybe.

  74. Post update

    Murphy 4-2 Bingham

    After scoring 22, Bingham runs out of position after potting a blue and then misses the subsequent red.

  75. Post update

    Murphy 4-2 Bingham

    Nicko McBrain

    It may be quiet in the Crucible, but one man who has made an awful lot of noise in his career is Iron Maiden drummer Nicko McBrain.

    He loves his snooker, is a regular at the Crucible these days and is loving the action. Maybe we can get a drum kit in to entertain the crowd before the start of the second session?

  76. Post update

    Murphy 4-2 Bingham

    Shamoon Hafez

    BBC Sport at the Crucible Theatre

    "Silence can make so much noise. It's an old snooker cliche, but inside the arena, you can hear a pin drop while the player is making his way around the table. Already it is extremely tense.

    "Meanwhile, a lady unwraps a sweet and carefully pops the wrapper back in her pocket, while a young man carefully brings a pair of binoculars to his eyes. All this happening in slow motion as they try and stick to the etiquettes of the sport; quiet please."

  77. Post update

    Murphy 4-2 Bingham (90-0)

    Six frames in. And Murphy rattles in his highest break of the final with an effort of 90. We have had at least a half-century break in each frame. Lovely stuff. And that restores Murphy's two-frame advantage.

  78. Post update

    Murphy 3-2 Bingham

    This is better. Much better. Murphy storming through the sixth frame.

  79. Post update

    Murphy 3-2 Bingham

    Right. No messing around now. Game on.

  80. Post update

    Murphy 3-2 Bingham

    Murphy playing on despite needing four snookers has not impressed our experts.

    Stephen Hendry: "I think Shaun is a player that wants to get on with it and I don't see the point in doing that. He might just want to make Stuart think he's going to have to battle for every frame but personally I preferred to get on with it. One snooker was enough for me."

    Ken Doherty: "Stuart's safety has improved and it needs to be very, very good against Shaun Murphy. One of Shaun's best attributes is his long potting and he's going to keep going for it. But when Stuart gets a chance, he can score as heavily as any of them."

  81. Post update

    Murphy 3-2 Bingham (14-68)

    Well, that's that. Murphy puts us out of misery and concedes the frame. No point playing on. Let's get on with it. Two in a row for Bingham.

  82. Get involved via #bbcsnooker

    LostInTransition: This match might not finish till Tuesday if they're going to keep playing on needing four or five snookers.

    I warned you it will be a long one. Sitting comfortable, everyone?

  83. Post update

    Murphy 3-1 Bingham (Bingham 56)

    Five frames in and we have had breaks of at least 50 in each frame. Bingham set to win his second frame in a row. Murphy comes to the table needing a practically impossible four snookers.

  84. Get involved via #bbcsnooker

    Mark Selby

    Last year's world champion Mark Selby writes on Twitter: "Gutted to not be there at the Crucible but two great guys in the final in Shaun Murphy and Stuart Bingham. May the best man win."

  85. Post update

    Murphy 3-1 Bingham

    And there's our first 'Where's the cue ball going' from John Virgo. Murphy watches on in horror as the white vanishes and that brings Bingham out of his seat.

  86. Post update

    Murphy 3-1 Bingham

    Shamoon Hafez

    BBC Sport at the Crucible Theatre

    Press room

    "Journalists are hard at work in the press room with the tournament coming to a close. Some really have experienced the 'marathon of the mind' as they will have been camped in here for the full 17 days come Monday evening."

  87. Get involved via #bbcsnooker

    Edward Philips: They should call him Stuart 'the botanist' Bingham because he's such a good plant finder.

    It's been a long tournament, eh Edward.

  88. Post update

    Murphy 3-1 Bingham

    A lovely plant from Bingham gets us going in the fifth frame, but Murphy is soon back at the table.

  89. Post update

    Murphy 3-1 Bingham

    The players are back. And off we go again. Four more frames in this session.

  90. Elsewhere in sport

    We don't know who is going to be the world snooker champion. But we do know who is having their name on the Premier League trophy.


    Chelsea's 1-0 win against Crystal Palace, courtesy of Eden Hazard's first-half penalty, means Jose Mourinho's side have won the title. Follow all the reaction on our live football text commentary.

  91. Rankings update

    Murphy 3-1 Bingham

    World rankings

    So what happens to the world rankings after this I hear you cry (admittedly very quietly, almost non-existent)?

    Well, I'm going to tell you anyway. The above graphic shows the rankings as of today. But whoever wins this final will move up to second, behind Mark Selby.

    It would be the highest position for either Murphy or Bingham. Murphy has been third before, while Bingham's highest position has been fourth.

  92. Get involved via #bbcsnooker

    James Rowe: Shaun is clearly more comfortable and confident out there but Stuart is taking on more audacious shots, slowly settling in.

    TTR1878: Hope Stuart Bingham wins this. Has had a great tournament and deserves the perfect ending.

  93. Shot of the tournament

    Shot of the tournament

    For all those that are watching our BBC coverage, you can vote for the shot of the tournament. These are your options.

    If you live in the UK and haven't seen the 10 shots, click on the play button at the top of this page and then just rewind to watch the shots again.

  94. Keano, Keano

    Murphy 3-1 Bingham

    Roy Keane

    We mentioned Manchester United legend Roy Keane is in the Crucible. And he is listening to the BBC commentary. Dennis Taylor's quip that Keane would not be able to beat his former boss Sir Alex Ferguson in a frame gets a smile from the midfield hard man.

    Steady on, Dennis. Be careful.

  95. 100

    Murphy 3-1 Bingham (Bingham 105)

    How he needed that. Bingham gets his first frame on the board. And does it in style. A lovely break. "Top class," says John Parrott.

    His break of 105 is the highest of the match. It means he trails by 3-1 at the mid-session break.

  96. Post update

    Murphy 3-0 Bingham

    Chance for Bingham in the fourth.

  97. Hear more from The Nugget

    Jarvis Cocker

    A busy day for our man Steve Davis. He has been commentating, now he is set to join ex-Pulp frontman Jarvis Cocker on BBC Radio 6 music. The programme is coming from the Winter Gardens in Sheffield.

    Never let it be said that Davis is not a man of the Common People.


  98. Post update

    Murphy 3-0 Bingham

    Stephen Hendry: "I felt Stuart needed to win this first session today to win this final. Shaun Murphy is so great at playing the bully and steamrollering his opponent that Stuart cannot let him lead. I still think Stuart needs to be 5-3 up."

  99. Post update

    Murphy 3-0 Bingham (break 65 - 74-5)

    Another fine break from Murphy, that is breaks of 68, 59, 65. Sloppy from Bingham and it is already looking a long way back for him. Murphy three up.

  100. Post update

    Murphy 2-0 Bingham

    What have you done Stuart? He attacks, when maybe the safety was the call and misses a red. This could get messy. The reds are spread out. A great chance for 3-0 here.

  101. Get involved via #bbcsnooker

    Christian Evans: Hendry would never have missed a black off the spot for frame ball, Murphy needs to learn to close out frames better.

    Kierran Haynes: Untidy, but solid start for Shaun Murphy. I think the semi-final took a lot out of Bingham.

    Mr Kennedy: Long way to go in this final but Murphy has looked solid and focused all Championship.

  102. Post update

    Murphy 2-0 Bingham

    Ken Doherty

    1997 world champion and BBC Sport expert

    "I think Stuart needs a frame now. Shaun let him off the hook a little bit there but Stuart needs a frame just to settle him into this final."

  103. Stat attack

    Murphy 2-0 Bingham

    John Parrott

    Throughout the match we will show you some fancy graphics from our television coverage.

    This shows that Murphy has won five of the seven meetings between the players. Also, Bingham has had to play 12 more frames and spent nearly seven hours more on the table to get to the final.

    Remember you can watch the live BBC coverage by hitting the play button at the top of this page (UK only).

  104. Elsewhere in sport

    Eden Hazard scores for Chelsea

    Debate rages over whether it was a 'soft' penalty or not, but either way Eden Hazard's strike from the spot has put Chelsea 1-0 up against Crystal Palace and on target to clinch their first Premier League title since the return of coach Jose Mourinho.

    The clock is ticking down, Roman Abramovich's champagne is on ice..... follow the final minutes with our live text, as long as you promise to head straight back.

  105. Post update

    Murphy 2-0 Bingham (70-51)

    And with that the pink rolls around the jaws of the middle pocket and stays out. It was a chance for Bingham, which he can't take. Murphy sinks the pink and is 2-0 up.

  106. Post update

    Murphy 1-0 Bingham

    This could be some steal from Bingham. Murphy missed a frame-winning black. Two balls left. Bingham needs both.

  107. Post update

    Murphy 1-0 Bingham

    Yes I did just compare Stuart Bingham to Paul Gascoigne. Bear with me.

  108. Post update

    Murphy 1-0 Bingham

    An interesting point there from Conor. Bingham is one of the most emotional players on the circuit and was in tears after beating Ronnie O'Sullivan in the quarter-final, and again after defeating Judd Trump in the semi-final.

    He said he has had "20 years of scars" and has battled through the ranks to deserve his moment in the spotlight. A popular player on the circuit, few would begrudge him his big moment. But can he take full advantage?

    If he does win, there will definitely be some tears coming on Monday. Lots and lots of them. How emotional will he be? At a guess I would say probably on the same level as Paul Gascoigne getting booked in the 1990 World Cup semi-final. Well, maybe.

    Paul Gascoigne
  109. Get involved via #bbcsnooker

    Steve: Amazing how often players in general miss the frame-ball.

    Conor Tremble: I'm a big Shaun Murphy fan but you can tell how much winning would mean to Stuart so I'd like to see him win.

  110. Post update

    Murphy 1-0 Bingham (Murphy break 59)

    Well, he was on course for the frame. But there is still a bit more to do. Murphy made a break of 64 in the first and follows that with a 59. But it should be all over. Murphy misses a black off the spot, which was frame-ball.

  111. Post update

    Murphy 1-0 Bingham


    So what's happening in the second frame? Well Bingham scored 17, but Murphy is now at the table and looking on course for 2-0.

  112. 'An honour and privilege'

    Shamoon Hafez

    BBC Sport at the Crucible Theatre

    Referee Olivier Marteel

    I had a walk inside the arena at 12pm, where I found referee Olivier Marteel sitting in one of the players' chairs, taking in the magnitude of the occasion. Belgian Marteel is officiating in his first world final, having started out at a local club 15 years ago.

    "Referee Jan Verhaas told me to go in early, the Crucible will be empty so that I can soak it all in," said Marteel. "Walking up from the hotel this morning, I knew I was going to be nervous and my legs started to feel like jelly but I can't wait for it to get started."

    Much like finalist Bingham, Marteel can't believe he is in the showpiece event of the snooker season.

    "When I first started reffing, I never thought I would become professional, never mind being in a world final. Maybe it was written in a book somewhere, but it is definitely an honour and privilege."

  113. Post update

    Murphy 1-0 Bingham

    The third man in that picture is referee Olivier Marteel. And it is a big day for him as well.

  114. Post update

    Murphy 1-0 Bingham

    Shamoon Hafez

    BBC Sport at the Crucible Theatre

    World Snooker

    "Stuart Bingham has not stopped smiling since entering the arena. After all, it is the biggest match of his life.

    "Believe it or not, three elderly gentlemen and one lady have already fallen asleep in the crowd. There's only been one frame played. Must have been up late watching the boxing."

  115. Post update

    Murphy 1-0 Bingham

    Stephen Hendry: "Experience can be a little bit of an advantage as you've seen it all, the atmosphere, before. Stuart has his family here and he has to quickly get that out of his head. He's here to work and win a World Championship."

    Ken Doherty: "I think in another match or more into the final, Stuart would have given up in that frame, but he wanted to feel the table because of the new cloth. It was important to get a few more shots and settle in - he's not used to this."

  116. Post update

    Murphy 1-0 Bingham (103-44)

    So Shaun Murphy lands the first punch in the 2015 World Snooker Championship final. A break of 68 proved the difference, although Bingham refused to give up when all hope seemed lost.

  117. Elsewhere in sport

    Floyd Mayweather

    As Shaun Murphy and Stuart Bingham go toe-to-toe (well, sort of) in the opening frame I will point you in the direction of our reaction to the big fight in Las Vegas in the early hours of the morning as Floyd Mayweather beat Manny Pacquiao on points.

  118. Post update

    Murphy 0-0 Bingham

    I said the frame was over 12 minutes ago. Well, that was not entirely accurate. Bingham has kept on going, often needing three or four snookers. Definitely an 'I will not give up mentality'.

    Wrap yourself in your favourite duvet, make sure you have the popcorn to hand. This is going to be a long one.

  119. Get involved via #bbcsnooker

    Shah J. Rahman: Bingham made me real mad by beating Ronnie, and then Judd. But now I'm massively supporting him.

    Aaron Booth: This opening frame is just amazing. If the rest of the match is like this it'll be an instant classic.

    Ashley Butterfield: Not even a full frame in and this is already a brilliant final. Go Bingham.

  120. Route to the final

    Murphy 0-0 Bingham

    So how have we got here?

    Shaun Murphy has lost just 26 frames on his way to the final, with victories over Robin Hull (10-3), Joe Perry (10-6), Anthony McGill (13-8) and Barry Hawkins (17-9).

    Stuart Bingham

    But Stuart Bingham has had to work a bit harder, dropping 37 frames as he beat Robbie Williams (10-7), Graeme Dott (13-5), Ronnie O'Sullivan (13-9) and then, of course, Judd Trump in that epic semi-final (17-16).

  121. Post update

    Murphy 0-0 Bingham

    There are 35 left on the table and Stuart Bingham is 46 behind. But he is not giving up. Every frame is going to be hard-fought.

    How fresh is Bingham going to be after an epic final-frame win against Judd Trump last night? After that match he said he only had four hours sleep on Friday. He needs to be at his best if he is going to save this first frame.

  122. Post update

    Murphy 0-0 Bingham

    Ken Doherty

    1997 world champion and BBC Sport expert

    "Who's going to win it and what score? I'm predicting an 18-14 score, Stephen Hendry says 18-10. 18-12 has been the most prominent over the years."

    So who's going to win Ken?

  123. Post update

    Murphy 0-0 Bingham (Murphy break of 68)

    What a start from Murphy and that should be 1-0. A break of 68 after an early error from Bingham. But the man from Essex comes to the table, needing two snookers, and we continue in the first frame.

  124. Post update

    Murphy 0-0 Bingham

    Steve Davis

    Six-time world champion and BBC Sport expert

    "Shaun Murphy is playing like he has done in the whole tournament. Like he has a forcefield around him and nothing can touch him."

    This could soon be a perfect start for Murphy.

  125. Get involved via #bbcsnooker

    Ace King: I hope it's a cracking final, two really outstanding model pros and nice guys but I'm rooting for @Magician147

    James Rowe: This has got to be the best World final since at least 2011, where nobody can really say who's going to win.

    Lee Hudson: Would love to see bingham win it, but honestly think Murphy is unstoppable at the moment. Promises to be a great final.

  126. Post update

    Murphy 0-0 Bingham

    Shamoon Hafez

    BBC Sport at the Crucible Theatre

    Roy Keane

    "Former Manchester United midfielder Roy Keane is in attendance at the Crucible today. Two players in action today who are a bit more serene than he was when he was on the field."

  127. Post update

    Murphy 0-0 Bingham

    So here we go. Murphy smashes in a long red early on. If he maintains that standard it is going to be some challenge for Bingham.

  128. Five facts about Bingham

    So how much do you know about Stuart Bingham? Here are some things you may not know about the man from Essex.

    • His World Championship debut was one that Stephen Hendry will never forget. In 2000, defending champion Hendry suffered a 10-7 first-round defeat at the hands of then world number 97 Bingham, one of the tournament's greatest upsets.
    • Bingham, who hails from Basildon, first visited the Crucible as a 17-year-old in 1994, to support fellow Essex potter Brian Morgan against Martin Clark. Morgan won 10-9 in the first round.
    • In 2002, Bingham would have been £167,000 better off if he had been able to complete a 147 maximum break at the World Championship. But after 15 reds and blacks, followed by yellow, green, brown and blue, he missed the pink. He failed to qualify for the World Championship for the next five years.
    • Bingham and wife Michelle have a son named Shae, who was born in 2011.
    • His nickname of Ballrun refers to a perception that Bingham gets the rub of the green baize more than fellow cuemen.
  129. 'Let's get the boys on the baize'

    Rob Walker

    Rob Walker is in position and that can only mean one thing. The players are entering the arena. It is nearly time to go.

    "One of the nicest people in snooker" is how Walker describes Stuart Bingham.

    Will the nice guy finish first in this one?

  130. '20 years of scars'

    First-time finalist Stuart Bingham says: "It's taken 20 years of scars, getting beat up, everything.

    "I lost my father-in-law in March - this is for him, this is for Terry."

    Bingham, who knocked out five-time champion Ronnie O'Sullivan in the quarter-finals, added: "I can't believe I'm in the final. It's just unbelievable."

  131. 'I'm playing the best snooker I've ever played'

    Shaun Murphy, the world champion of 2005, and runner-up in 2009, said: "As a child I came here to watch the championships for the first time in 1992, and dreamt of walking out here playing, so to walk out in a final for the third time is something I'm going to savour.

    "Without question I'm playing the best snooker I've ever played, and I've played some good stuff over the years."

    "It'll mean more than the first time if I win and I'll be putting absolutely everything I've got into this match."

  132. Post update

    So let's hear from the players. First up is the former champion Shaun Murphy.

  133. Get involved via #bbcsnooker

    World Snooker

    World Snooker post a picture on Twitter of what both Shaun Murphy and Stuart Bingham are playing for. Only one man can lift this trophy on Monday.

  134. BBC coverage

    As always you can watch every ball being potted. We will have live coverage throughout the final and we are about to get going. So click on the live coverage tab at the top or the play button to follow all the action.

  135. Get involved via #bbcsnooker

    As always we want your thoughts, comments, pictures, observations and jokes, so don't be shy, get involved.

    Share your views on the action by commenting on the BBC Sport Facebook page, share your views with us by tweeting the BBC Snooker account using #bbcsnooker and you can also post your predictions on our Google+ page.

  136. 'Murphy starts as favourite'

    Shamoon Hafez

    BBC Sport at the Crucible Theatre

    "And then there were two. Following 15 days of gruelling action, the World Championship culminates with the two-day final as Shaun Murphy takes on Stuart Bingham at the Crucible Theatre. Inside the arena, the finishing touches were being added.


    A table fitter was making sure the cushions were bouncing as expected, and the cueball was rolling straight across the brushed green baize.

    "It is not a final anyone predicted, with Basildon's Stuart Bingham, at the age of 38, reaching his first final after shock victories over Ronnie O'Sullivan and Judd Trump.

    "The 2005 winner Shaun Murphy, playing in his third final, goes into the clash as favourite.

    "Will Bingham be suffering after a late finish on Saturday evening against Trump? A good start against the fresh Murphy - who swatted aside Barry Hawkins - is imperative."

  137. Welcome

    Good afternoon, hope you are well and welcome to BBC Sport's live text commentary from the World Championship final. I'm Michael Emons and I have the pleasure of guiding you through the events at the Crucible.


    Shaun Murphy aims to win the title for the first time since his only success in 2005 and he faces Stuart Bingham who is competing in his first Crucible final.

    Murphy's win 10 years ago was maybe the biggest surprise in the sport's history, but the only shock is that he has not lifted the trophy again since. That may well change by Monday evening.

  138. The moment that stunned the sport

    Every sport has their WOW moments. Those occasions where no-one could have predicted the outcome.

    James 'Buster' Douglas stunned the boxing world in 1980 when he knocked out the undefeated Mike Tyson.

    James Buster Douglas

    England were dismissed as 500-1 no-hopers before they beat Australia in the third Test in 1981 on their way to winning the Ashes.

    England v Australia

    The Crazy Gang of Wimbledon produced one of football's biggest shocks when they beat Liverpool to win the 1988 FA Cup final.


    Well, snooker's WOW moment came in 2005 when Shaun Murphy, a relatively-unknown qualifier who started the competition as a 150-1 outsider, won the World Championship title at the Crucible.

    Shaun Murphy