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  1. Thanks and goodbye

    Mark Selby 10-7 Ding Junhui

    Our report from the first day's play is live on our snooker pages now.

    Play starts again at 14:00 BST so get some sleep and join us again then for what promises to be a thrilling conclusion to this year's competition.

    Mark Selby will be the happier of the two players with a 10-7 lead, but things could have been worse for Ding Junhui, who trailed 6-0. There will be plenty of twists to come later on so don't miss it.

    Thanks for all your comments and pictures and we will see you soon for day two. Bye for now.

    Ding Junhui and Mark Selby
  2. Post update

    Mark Selby 10-7 Ding Junhui

    Matchtime so far at the Crucible
  3. Get Involved #bbcsnooker

    Mark Selby 10-7 Ding Junhui

    Trevor Carey: Ding needs to win 11-7 from here. That’s very achievable. He’s won the last 11 frames 7-4.

    MrP: Really enjoyed that tonight. Quality. Makes me want to play.

    Benji: That was just awesome. Exactly what The Crucible is all about. All to play for tomorrow.

    Werewolf of Falkirk: Say what you like about that kind of snooker. Absolutely enjoyed every second of it.

  4. Tremendous stamina

    Mark Selby 10-7 Ding Junhui

    Some quotes from our pundits.

    Steve Davis: "There were two warriors out there today, when you require one or two snookers you've got to go for them, such is the standard of safety play, it's astonishing. Ding looked as fresh as anything. 

    John Parrott: "Mark Selby has got tremendous stamina, phenomenal performance, his eyes are so tired, he's absolutely gone, but he keeps finding it."

  5. Selby wins the last frame of the day

    Mark Selby 10-7 Ding Junhui (67-27)

    Shades of Dennis Taylor's cue above the head celebration in that black-ball final in 1985. This time it comes with the potting of a green. And in only the 17th frame.

    But it means today's play is over and Mark Selby, who looks absolutely shattered, holds a three-frame advantage.

    The match resumes tomorrow. Actually, looking at the time, it resumes later on today. 

    Mark Selby celebrates winning the final frame
  6. Bedtime

    Mark Selby 9-7 Ding Junhui

    Dennis Taylor

    1985 world champion on BBC Two

    Quote Message: Absolutely incredible. Selby has gone at the moment. He just wants to get out of the Crucible theatre and get to bed.
    Selby misses the green
  7. Get Involved #bbcsnooker

    Mark Selby 9-7 Ding Junhui

    Graeme Stevenson: If one player falls asleep, do they automatically forfeit the frame?

    Miss-cons-tru-ed: This #bbcsnooker match - I'm expecting a bit of clinching soon, like in the boxing, when they get a bit tired. Might be fun.

    Koyc: These guys are playing in their sleep!!!

  8. Post update

    Mark Selby 9-7 Ding Junhui

    That should be it for day one. Rolling the green into the middle pocket from Selby would do it. But he misses. We continue.

  9. Post update

    Mark Selby 9-7 Ding Junhui

    This is the ultimate test of endurance for both players. Two frames ago it was 66 minutes long, this one is closing in on that total.

    An exhausted Selby, who is struggling to keep his eyes open, misses what would be a frame-winning green with the rest.

    Selby misses the green
    Selby in his chair
  10. Playing for snookers

    Mark Selby 9-7 Ding Junhui

    Dennis Taylor

    1985 world champion on BBC Two

    Quote Message: He's doing a Selby, on Selby
    Ding Junhui
  11. Post update

    Mark Selby 9-7 Ding Junhui

    Selby inches closer to the frame by potting the yellow. Ding now needs two snookers.

  12. Get Involved #bbcsnooker

    Mark Selby 9-7 Ding Junhui

    Skyfall: I swear Ding is a specialist in playing snookers and Selby is a specialist at getting outta them! Great game!

    Qamar ZK : Saying of it ain't over until the fat lady sings should be rewritten to it ain't over until Selby gives up.

    Jonesy: This is a proper Ding-Dong battle now. I want 9-8, not 10-7.

  13. Post update

    Mark Selby 9-7 Ding Junhui

    What does this mean to Selby? A long red, at a crucial point of the last frame of the day, gives you the answer. He thumps the table in delight.

    It isn't even the end of the frame, it is just another step closer to a three-frame overnight lead.

    Mark Selby punches the table
  14. Post update

    Mark Selby 9-7 Ding Junhui

    We are seeing what we are calling the-five-to-midnight-shot. Firstly, Selby, trying to escape a snooker, gets his attempt completely wrong and misses by miles, and then Ding amazingly sinks the cueball with a huge error.

    Selby misses the reds
    Ding pots the white ball
  15. Post update

    Mark Selby 9-7 Ding Junhui

    They think it's all over... not yet. A red hangs over the corner pocket that would have seen Selby probably finish off the frame. The cueball also vanishes into the pocket, just to add insult to injury. Another lifeline for the Chinese.

  16. Growing old together

    Mark Selby 9-7 Ding Junhui

    We all certainly feel like we've aged slightly this evening with this excellent game of snooker.

    Dennis Taylor and Ken Doherty
  17. Get Involved #bbcsnooker

    Your snooker-related pictures

    Nothing quite beats the intense atmosphere of Sheffield's famous theatre.

  18. Post update

    Mark Selby 9-7 Ding Junhui

    But wait just a minute. A horrendous contact on the cue ball, which jumps up off the cloth before hitting the red, means Selby loses position on the black and he has to play safe.

    Selby still leads by 49 and Ding has a chance he hadn't been expecting.

  19. Post update

    Mark Selby 9-7 Ding Junhui

    This should be the end's of the day's play soon. Selby is 41 up and in a great position.

  20. Get Involved #bbcsnooker

    Mark Selby 9-7 Ding Junhui