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  1. Mark Selby beats Ronnie O'Sullivan 10-7 to win the UK Championship
  2. Five centuries in final six frames - Selby three and O'Sullivan two
  3. Selby wins title for second time
  4. Sixth player to win world and UK titles in same calendar year
  5. Selby led 7-2 before O'Sullivan fought back to 8-7

Live Reporting

By Michael Emons

All times stated are UK

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Thanks and goodbye

Mark Selby 10-7 Ronnie O'Sullivan

What a final. An absolutely insane standard. Hope you all enjoyed that as much as we did.

Mark Selby showed why he is the world number one with a thrilling 10-7 victory over Ronnie O'Sullivan.

Shamoon Hafez's report is now up on the snooker pages.

As always thank you for all the comments and the good news is we have another big tournament coming up very soon.

The Masters starts on 15 January and we will have live coverage across the BBC so make sure you don't miss that.

If it is like today then we are going to be in for something very special indeed.

Thanks for joining us and bye for now.

Mark Selby
Mark Selby

Your reaction #bbcsnooker

Selby 10-7 O'Sullivan

Dan Bell: Selby is a worthy champion, very few players could survive Ronnie's fightback. Sign of a great champion.

Morgan Robinson: Think that was the finest session of snooker I've ever watched!! Well done @markjesterselby fully deserved!!

Malcolm Stickle: Some performance from @markjesterselby Fully deserved. Doesn't get the credit he deserves. Hopefully more finals between these two. 

Garvin Darvell: Mark and Ronnie played some wonderful snooker tonight, fabulous entertainment. Well done Mark!

'Simply awesome'

Selby 10-7 O'Sullivan

World number 26 Matthew Selt has compared Mark Selby to seven-time world champion Stephen Hendry. High praise indeed.

This is what Hendry used to do at his best... clear up at all costs! Simply awesome from Selby #hoover

Your reaction #bbcsnooker

Selby 10-7 O'Sullivan

Gary McKendry: What a final of #UKChampionship Well played @ronnieo147 &@markjesterselby

Kelvin Gray: Too little, too late for Ronnie. He played well this evening session but Selby had a big enough lead to cross line

Harry: Brilliant final, not the winner I wanted but Selby has been the best all tournament.

Charisse: I'm gutted! Ronnie will always be my hero. Onto the world champs Ronnie!

'The bar has been raised'

Selby 10-7 O'Sullivan

There is a lot of love on Twitter from Selby's fellow professionals.

Former world champion Shaun Murphy leads the praise.

Anyone watching the snooker has witnessed the bar being raised. Practice table for the rest of us! Congrats to @markjesterselby #history

'Standard ridiculous'

Selby 10-7 O'Sullivan

I wonder do these guys know they're playing 4 the uk championships?! Standard is absolutely ridiculous. Just sit back and enjoy as a neutral

WATCH: The winning moment ...

Selby 10-7 O'Sullivan

Here is the conclusion of the match, as Mark Selby wins the UK Championship for a second time after a previous success in 2012.

The moment Selby wins the 2016 UK Snooker Championship

'Snooker from the Gods'

Selby 10-7 O'Sullivan

John Parrott

1991 world champion on BBC Two

One of the finest games of snooker I've ever seen. The evening session tonight really was snooker from the Gods. Everything about that match from both players was just stupendous. 

It's going to be hard to top a final like that this season. It really was that great. 

Selby 'one of the greats already'

Selby 10-7 O'Sullivan

Steve Davis

Six-time world champion on BBC Two

While it's difficult to judge eras, I think Selby is one of the greats already. If he doesn't know how great he is, he should just watch the tape of that match. 

The champion, once again

Selby 10-7 O'Sullivan

And Mark Selby has the trophy in his hands, only seven months after also winning the World Championship. What a year for the world number one.

Mark Selby

'Selby is so far ahead of everybody else'

Selby 10-7 O'Sullivan

And some quotes from UK Championship runner-up Ronnie O'Sullivan.

"I just want to say well done to Mark he played fantastic today, he deserved it," said O'Sullivan.

"I enjoyed today, the crowd have been fantastic. I scored alright but I missed too many easy balls.

"You can't afford to do that because if you start giving your opponent confidence and easy chances, they're going to annihilate you. I think I've done OK considering he's world number one and he's so far ahead of everybody else."

'I had to be on the top of my game'

Selby 10-7 O'Sullivan

Some quotes from UK Championship winner Mark Selby.

"To play Ronnie in any game is always a great atmosphere and gives you a buzz," says Selby. "I had to be on the top of my game, and if I had only played at 60% then I wouldn't have won.

"In my eyes Ronnie and Stephen Hendry are still two of the greatest players to play the game. It is a fantastic feeling to play him in the final."

Selby ends the match in style

Selby 10-7 O'Sullivan 118-5 (Selby break of 107)

Not only does Selby win the title, he seals the victory with another century. An effort of 107 sees him over the finish line.

Those final six frames... wow.

  • Frame 12 - 134 break - O'Sullivan
  • Frame 13 - 137 break - Selby
  • Frame 14 - 130 break - O'Sullivan
  • Frame 15 - 82 break - O'Sullivan
  • Frame 16 - 134 break - Selby
  • Frame 17 - 107 break - Selby


Selby 10-7 O'Sullivan

And it is!

Selby wins the UK Championship for a second time. He raises his fist in celebration after the crucial pot, and the reigning world champion, the current world number one, is our UK champion.

Frame 17: Selby 9-7 O'Sullivan

Selby is in here. This could be the title.

WATCH: 'Wow, what a shot that is!'

Frame 17: Selby 9-7 O'Sullivan

This is a tense frame, but this was one of the early highlights as Selby, hampered by some tough cueing, downs a marvellous long red. Enjoy.

WATCH: 134 break puts Selby one frame away from title

Frame 17: Selby 9-7 O'Sullivan

Selby is currently 33-5 ahead in the 17th frame, and making slow progress, so let's look back at frame 16 where Selby made a century to move within touching distance of the title.

134 break puts Selby one frame away from title

Get Involved #bbcsnooker

Frame 17: Selby 9-7 O'Sullivan

Liam Glover: Every mistake Selby makes, it goes safe, that's the difference.

C Bell: Selby getting the run of the balls here. Ronnie getting nothing easy off Mark’s misses.

Charisse: This game is intense. 

Peter Davidson: Some brilliant snooker on show in the UK Championship final. Would love to see a final-frame shootout.

WATCH: Ronnie swerves around the green to pot the red

Frame 17: Selby 9-7 O'Sullivan

Here is that swerve around the green in all its glory.

Frame 17: Selby 9-7 O'Sullivan

After that great shot, Selby misses a pink and O'Sullivan looks in trouble. But he comes up with his own piece of magic to swerve around the green to pot a red. There is another twist seconds later as O'Sullivan then misses the next shot, on the blue.

The joy...

Ronnie O'Sullivan
Ronnie O'Sullivan

the despair...

Ronnie O'Sullivan