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  1. Post update

    Andy Murray will either be trying to exploit new dad Novak Djokovic's sleepless nights or head off Gael Monfils and a patriotic wave of French support in the next round.

    You will be able to get across it either way on this website via the 5 live sports extra's coverage or our own live text commentary.

    See you there.

  2. Post update

    After Stan Wawrinka's defeat to Kevin Anderson earlier today and with his place in the World Tour Finals secure, Andy Murray can start looking up in the rankings rather than down.

    Murray could dislodge Wawrinka in the worlds's top four if he outperforms the Swiss at the O2. Doing so would ensure him a far smoother route to the latter stages of the Grand Slams in 2015.

  3. Post update

    Andy Murray speaking to Sky Sports: "It is nice to make the World Tour Finals. It is a great event, it is fun to finish the year in London in front of packed houses.

    "Since the French Open I think I have played well to be honest. I have lost to some of the best players to have ever played the game, I didn't play my best against Grigor at Wimbledon, but I have got some good wins at the end of this season.

    "The top four would be nice. If I can keep winning and moving up the rankings that would be great, but I would have to play great tennis for the next few months."

  4. Post update

    Andy Murray does the de rigueur thing of signing the proffered camera lens as he sits on his stool.

    The Scot adds a little note to his scribble. It looks like it says "Bad Year". Maybe a fair assessment by his stratospheric standards, but 2015 could be better judging by this strong finish to the season.

  5. Post update

    Andy Murray

    Hugely impressive from Andy Murray. That was brutal, big business-like tennis. Victory wrapped up in an hour and nine minutes and if he brings that game to the World Tour Finals, there is no reason why he can't win it for the first time.

  6. Game, set and match

    Murray 6-3 6-3 Dimitrov

    Andy Murray into the net to pull back to 15-15.

    A big serve out wide pulls Grigor Dimitrov out of shape for 30-15.

    Is that a hint of British nerves though? Murray prods tentatively and Dimitrov swats away a commanding forehand for 30-30.

    But Dimitrov dumps a forehand long to offer up match point.

    The Bulgarian has a second serve to look at, but can't exploit the netted first. He flays a forehand into the net and that is job done.

    O2 sign-makers get to work. You have a name to put up in lights.

  7. Post update

    *Murray 6-3 5-3 Dimitrov

    Grigor Dimitrov with a horrible framed forehand that he would not have been seen dead with on Centre Court in July gives Andy Murray 15-30.

    It looks like the end is nigh.

    But the Bulgarian summons up some fight to keep the match and his season alive, pressing forward to good effect.

    The match is on Murray's racquet next though.

  8. Post update

    Murray 6-3 5-2 Dimitrov*

    A seventh ace of the match ripped down the centre from Andy Murray is as accurate as it is timely. Delivered at 30-30, it is pronounced good by a Hawk-Eye post-mortem and Grigor Dimitrov, having sensed an opening, balloons long on the next point.

    A game away now.

    Andy Murray
  9. Post update

    *Murray 6-3 4-2 Dimitrov

    Grigor Dimitrov, battered and bruised, manages to keep his hand on the table.

    He needs some of Andy Murray's pet gremlins to make a cameo appearance now. The second set is usually when they get a runaround, but the Scot seems to have got them firmly under lock and key.

  10. Get involved


    Ross McD: Clinical, ruthless, and absolutely thorough. Andy Murray is finally back.

    Andrew Neill: Cool, calm and efficient. Keep this up and Slam no.3 may not be beyond the realms of possibility next year for Andy!!

  11. Post update

    Murray 6-3 4-1 Dimitrov*

    Andy, you are really spoiling us.

    A ding-donging rally emerges as Grigor Dimitrov lobs the kitchen sink, breadmaker, blender and washing machine at his opponent. Murray is equal to all of the Bulgarian's effort though, retrieving from uncharted corners of the court with backhand slice.

    Then comes the change-up as Dimitrov plants the ball into mid-court and is slapped around the chops with a stinging forehand. Murray into the net for a routine volley and 40-0.

    The umpire rewards him with a pernickety time violation, but Murray is not to be denied. A hold to love and the match and an O2 spot are two games away.

  12. Post update

    *Murray 6-3 3-1 Dimitrov

    Grigor Dimitrov is having to hunt out clean winners, nipping the rallies in the bud to keep Murray out of the equation.

    As soon as they go beyond the opening few shots everything is starting to go pear-shaped for Dimitrov in the face of Murray's brilliant ball-striking.

    A combination of brave hitting and a slice of luck - a final shot snagging on the wire to deceive Murray - sees the Bulgarian make a belated impression of the second-set scoreboard.

  13. Post update

    *Murray 6-3 3-0 Dimitrov

    Andy Murray

    This match does not need Lady Luck helping Andy Murray, but she adds a shove in the Scot's direction as a dribbly netcord drops his way.

    A service hold to love. Grigor Dimitrov puffs his cheeks and looks up to coach Roger Rasheed in the stands.

    Time to get the voodoo doll out Rog, nothing else seems to be working.

  14. Murray breaks

    *Murray 6-3 2-0 Dimitrov

    Oh my. Andy Murray moves to 0-30 with a cascading cross-court lob over an advancing Grigor Dimitrov that is millimetre perfect.

    That is a shot that is so indecent that the replays come with post-watershed restrictions.

    Grigor Dimitrov at his best would be stretched.

    At the moment he is some way short of that and another cuff long from the world number 11 hands Murray a break at the first opportunity in the second set.

  15. Post update

    Murray 6-3 1-0 Dimitrov*

    Andy Murray is on the rampage, tossing down thunderbolt serves and uprooting Grigor Dimitrov from whatever central position he takes on the court.

    His third ace of the match closes the game to love.

  16. Post update

    Murray serving first in the second set, Dimitrov playing scoreboard catch-up and any Murray break potentially decisive.

    This one might be over quicker than expected.

    I've probably just jinxed it.

  17. Game and first set

    *Murray 6-3 Dimitrov

    Just a brilliant stand-and-deliver barrage of winners from Andy Murray as he smotes a forehand winner and follows it up with an arrowed backhand return onto the same spot in the next rally for 15-40 and two set points.

    Murray pushes his luck a little on the first, attempting an angle that Clark Kent might dismiss as a bit ambitious.

    Murray's form is unsettling Grigor Dimitrov though. He attempts to keep the serve out of Murray's reach and only succeeds in burying it into the net twice in quick succession.

    The set is done, 33 minutes on the clock.

  18. Post update

    Murray 5-3 Dimitrov*

    Andy Murray is still hitting the ball as clean as a whistle, the ball just streaking off the strings and cutting down the time for Grigor Dimitrov to react.

    The Scot is a game away from the opening set.

  19. Post update

    *Murray 4-3 Dimitrov

    Grigor Dimitrov is fighting a rearguard action at the moment. The Bulgarian ducks, dives and dodges his way to another service game, avoiding the best Murray can throw at him to keep his cards on the table in the opening set.

    Dimitrov won the first set of their Wimbledon quarter-final in 25 minutes. That is not going to happen this time.

  20. Get involved


    Kate Crowther: It has been great seeing Murray get back into his stride in past weeks, will be the cherry on the cake if he wins today!

    John McEnerney: This should be a good test for Andy Murray to see where his game is at! Grigor Dimitrov won't fear him and has the game to have a real crack at Murray.

  21. Post update

    Murray 4-2 Dimitrov*

    Andy Murray

    One of the line judges at Bercy has got a distinctive way of calling the lines. And when I say distinctive I mean the sort of ear-splitting shriek that Maria Sharapova would think a bit much.

    She exercises her lungs as Grigor Dimitrov goes looking for a line and a way back into the game at 30-0 down, calling out at pneumatic-drill decibel levels.

    Dimitrov asks Hawk-Eye for a second opinion. A lot quieter, but just as certain, it gives the same answer.

  22. Post update

    *Murray 3-2 Dimitrov

    Cheeky as a saucy seaside postcard.

    Grigor Dimitrov tickles a drop-volley that drops door-nail dead on Murray's side en route to a hold to love.

    That was sublime, straight-to-showreel stuff.

  23. Post update

    Murray 3-1 Dimitrov*

    Andy Murray's ball toss is on the wonk as he slips to 0-30.

    The Scot's focus snaps back sharply though as he wins the next four points to keep his lead intact and conjure the chance out of Dimitrov's sight.

    Murray is firmly in the groove, winning points on auto-pilot.

  24. Get involved


    Stuie Neale: Come on Andy! Another dominant performance like the other day and he is at the O2.

    Get involved via twitter on #bbctennis,Facebook or Google+

  25. Post update

    BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

    Daily Mail tennis correspondent Mike Dickson on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra: "Murray is pretty happy with life at the moment and confident. It's been a fantastic effort, and I don't want to downplay his efforts over the last six weeks, but if you are winning and have a goal to aim for I don't think fatigue is such an issue. But the best news is it's probably shown him that his back is fine again."

  26. Murray breaks

    *Murray 2-1 Dimitrov

    A general view of the court in Paris

    Lovely acoustics at Bercy.

    Grigor Dimitrov's overhead, plum off the middle of the strings, echoes around the arena like a yodel as he moves 30-15 up.

    Andy Murray bosses a rally from the back to move to deuce though. Time to change it up, thinks Dimitrov. Perhaps not like that though. The fine-featured Bulgarian cuffs a forehand long under no pressure to give Murray advantage and break point.

    Dimitrov's groundstrokes are straining at the leash like a pitbull and their owner is struggling to keep them under control. Another one flies long to give Murray an early advantage.

    It feels like Dimitrov's strings are a little too elastic for his liking so far.

  27. Post update

    Murray 1-1 Dimitrov*

    Andy Murray is looking fairly fresh for a man whose itinerary over the last six weeks has been hotel-court-plane-repeat. A mix of charcoal and jet is his wardrobe choice, accompanied with a business-like short-back-and-sides.

    The first bit of close-quarters combat at the net ends with Andy Murray planting a straightforward smash wide of the tramline to give Grigor Dimitrov a sniff at 30-15.

    A blockbuster of a serve down the T shuts the door though and we are even stevens.

  28. Post update

    *Murray 0-1 Dimitrov (* denotes next to serve)

    Grigor Dimitrov opens hostilities with a comfortable hold to 15. There were a few chinks in the Bulgarian's defences but Murray's early jabs have been wide of the mark.

    Russell Fuller is describing all this on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra by the way. You can tune in over the old-school wireless or your new-fangled internet cloud thingy.

  29. Post update

    Right, down to it. Grigor Dimitrov to serve.

  30. Post update

    BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

    Daily Mail tennis correspondent Mike Dickson on Radio 5 live sports extra: "I think Dimitrov likes playing Murray, he matches up quite well against him. But I think it would be extraordinary if Murray didn't go through to the World Tour Finals.

    "I don't quite believe Murray when he says there's no score to settle here. This is one of his big challenges and he won't want to lose three matches in a row against Dimitrov. There are a lot of points at stake - it's a big match for Murray."

  31. Post update

    Andy Murray's coach Amelie Mauresmo and girlfriend Kim Sears are both in attendance as the players knock up under the Bercy roof.

    Both will be paying particular attention to the pre-match hit and giggle. Dimitrov said in the aftermath of his win over Murray at Wimbledon that he sensed that Murray was there for the taking during their warm-up rallies.

  32. Post update

    Grigor Dimitrov: "He has been playing matches and winning tournaments and perhaps that gives him an edge, but I know it is going to be a bit of a dogfight.

    Grigor Dimitrov

    "I want to see where I am at at this time of year that is the most valuable thing for me at the moment."

  33. Post update

    Grigor Dimitrov still has a slim chance of making the World Tour Finals, but must reach the semi-finals of the Paris Masters and then hope the men above him in the rankings falter.

  34. Post update

    The prize today isn't as juicy as back in July.

    But beating Grigor Dimitrov would mean Andy Murray tying down the World Tour Finals spot that he has been chasing around the world for the past six weeks.

    He has crammed in back-to-back tournaments in Shezhen (winner), Beijing (semi-final), Shanghai (last 16), Vienna (winner) and Valencia (winner). Now, after a 6-3 6-4 win over Julien Benneteau in the last round, he faces Dimitrov knowing that victory books him in for the O2 season finale, as well as the fourth round of the Paris Masters.

  35. Post update

    Grigor Dimitrov and Andy Murray

    Attempting to defend the title that he won in such thrilling style 12 months previously, Murray was roundly walloped in the Wimbledon quarter-final by Grigor Dimitrov.

    Three straight sets in a minute over two hours.

    It was a defeat so conclusive, so out of keeping with his form earlier in the tournament, that it sprouted conspiracy theories.

    Was Murray's back still troubling him? Was all not well between him and new coach Amelia Mauresmo? Or had he had a pre-match disagreement with girlfriend Kim Sears?