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  1. Post update

    As Andy Murray heads back to his hotel room, possibly weighing up the convenience of room service against the inevitable sense of self-loathing that after eating a meat-and-sauce meal whilst lying in your bed, we are going to park this live text for the night.

    Though, as Arnie said, we will be back. And we can even give you a time - 11:30 BST.

    See you here for the conclusion of Andy Murray v Novak Djokovic followed by Serena Williams v Lucie Safarova.


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    Maddy Raman: Rain best thing that could happen to Murray. Almost best of two sets and freshness a big factor. Game back on

  3. Post update

    Tim Henman and Goran Ivanisevic

    Of course, rain delay in the semi-finals of Grand Slams have not always worked out well for Great British Hopes.

    At Wimbledon in 2001, Tim Henman led Goran Ivanisevic two sets to one in the semi-finals only for the British weather to intervene, interrupting his flow and allowing Ivanisevic to come roaring back.

    Here's hoping Murray can use the break to his advantage.

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    Scott Irvine: Hope Murray keeps momentum for tomorrow. What a match we have in store.

    Ryan Greenaway: If that's the end of play today Murray will need to come out the blocks like Bolt tomorrow or Djoko will finish it in three games

  5. Post update

    So where did the tide turn in this match?

    Well, Andy Murray's serve registered progressively better stats across the first three sets. That was probably as much Djokovic slipping from his stratospheric standards as Murray raising his own game.

    % pts won on first serve

    Set 1: 59%

    Set 2: 64%

    Set 3: 70%

    % pts won on second serve

    Set 1: 50%

    Set 2: 33%

    Set 3: 92%

  6. Match to resume 12:00 BST Saturday

    *Djokovic 6-3 6-3 5-7 3-3 Murray

    It did not take long for common sense to prevail.

    The referee decides that it would be silly to keep the players, crowd and officials here on the off-chance of five minutes play.

    Novak Djokovic and Andy Murray will resume their French Open semi-final at 12:00 BST tomorrow.

  7. Post update

    Andy Murray

    The tournament organiser tell BBC Radio 5 live sports extra that play has not been suspended for the day, only for the time being.

    The players could yet make a return later this evening.

    It looks pretty unlikely though. Rain is just starting to spot down on the court covers and even if the storm clears off sharpish, the light will surely not be good enough to get back under way.

    I think that Andy Murray can start booking a cab for the day.

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    Bishop Yinkus: Novak will be very happy as the official stop the match, I just hope Murray can pick up the momentum where he stopped tomorrow.

  9. Post update

    Russell Fuller

    BBC tennis correspondent on Radio 5 live sports extra

    "At the moment we have sunshine. But the Roland Garros organisers realise that in 10 or 15 minutes the thunderstorms might arrive so they've taken the decision to bring the players off. I'm very surprised by that decision."

  10. Play suspended

    *Djokovic 6-3 6-3 5-7 3-3 Murray

    Amid all the drama, I had forgotten about those pesky thunderclouds.

    A tournament official strides up to umpire Pascal Maria, has a quiet word with both players and then an announcement comes over the tannoy.

    Play has been stopped because a storm has been spotted on the radar and its arrival at Roland Garros is imminent.

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    via text on 81111

    James, North Wales: This match is worthy of the final! What a contest!

  12. Post update

    *Djokovic 6-3 6-3 5-7 3-3 Murray

    Philippe Chatrier is turned into the Theatre of Screams as Andy Murray drags himself out of the sticky stuff.

    Novak Djokovic is the first to get animated, demanding more appreciation for the crowd for a backhand punch for 0-30 before roaring his disapproval as he nets in the next point.

    Murray joins the party as he administers a verbal slap-down to himself for a forehand into the net for 15-40 and two break points.

    But an ace out of the quiver and a Djokovic backhand into the net breathes life into Murray's chances.

    Murray makes his way to safety and celebrates with a final blast to the players' box.

  13. Post update

    Piers Newbery

    BBC Sport at Roland Garros

    French Open

    "With the skies darkening, Murray's target now must be to extend this into Saturday and go again. As courtside officials look quizzically to the heavens, there is surely no chance they will complete five sets tonight and with Djokovic resurgent, it could be a case of hanging in there and making sure he is still in the tournament come the penultimate day. For now, Murray is furiously smacking his towel into his knees on the changeover. As you do."

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    via text on 81111

    Nick Williams, Stratford-on-Avon: Can we frame Ian's comment from 18:17? It appears Murray has ran a million miles in the last hour.

  15. Post update

    Djokovic 6-3 6-3 5-7 3-2 Murray*

    Novak Djokovic is back at the controls, guiding himself to 40-15. Hang on, fasten your seatbelt Nole fans, here comes some turbulence.

    Andy Murray wallops away a forehand right into the apex of sideline and baseline for a superb winner. And he then crashes away a bounce smash for deuce. He twizzled his racquets in his hands as he waited for the ball to come down, maybe that was how to do it.

    Djokovic steers himself home, but he is being made to work so much harder on serve than he was in the first two sets.

    The tournament referee is lurking courtside by the way, checking up on the fading light. We should have at least another 20 minutes by previous year's experience.

  16. Post update

    Pat Cash

    1987 Wimbledon champion on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

    "That was a big moment. If Murray could have snuck that one out then it would have been a heartbreaker for Djokovic.

    "But we saw that in Murray's last match against Ferrer - Murray winning a break then losing it in the next game."

  17. Djokovic breaks

    *Djokovic 6-3 6-3 5-7 2-2 Murray

    Dusk is falling, but the drama just keeps ramping up.

    Novak Djokvovic pumps his fist up to the heavens as Andy Murray blasts an inviting mid-court smash into the net to hand him 15-40. Two break points.

    A thick net cord catches a Djokovic forehand on the first. The ball floats agonisingly upwards with Murray helplessly watching at the back of the court. It lands out.

    But Djokovic snatches parity in the next rally as Murray strays into the net.

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    Jamie Patrick: This is possibly the best tennis I've seen Muzza play in his whole career.

    Cammy Renwick: Never question Murray's resolve, strong physically, strong mentally, c'mon Andy!!

  19. Post update

    Pat Cash

    1987 Wimbledon champion on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

    "Murray is in a great position. It's often tricky when you break so early in a set because you've momentum and you usually want momentum towards the end of the set. But Djokovic is looking tired, grumpy, possibly hungry and Murray is pumped up."

    Novak Djokovic
  20. Murray breaks

    Djokovic 6-3 6-3 5-7 1-2 Murray*

    Suddenly there is a gale in Andy Murray's sails!

    The Scot tears to 0-40, spitting winners off his forehand wing. Novak Djokovic looks like a little boy lost out there, unable to deal with the pace and power suddenly. And he twangs into the tape to concede on the first break point.

    I think Djokovic would like the umpire to call it a day and send them home for the evening to return on Saturday.

    But they like a revolution in France and the crowd won't allow an early end to their entertainment.

  21. Post update

    Pat Cash

    1987 Wimbledon champion on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

    "Murray is moving well and hitting the ball confidently. All those matches on clay this summer boil down to this - the footwork and pressure on the clay is priceless. Djokovic looks the one who is a little rattled at the moment."

  22. Post update

    *Djokovic 6-3 6-3 5-7 1-1 Murray

    The mojo in this match is ebbing and flowing all over the place.

    Novak Djokovic racks up three break points as Andy Murray swats a forehand into the net under little pressure.

    A lovely, cushioned volley at the net recovers the first though.

    This is like two professional pong players. The ball bats back and forth between the two of them for an eternity before Novak Djokovic plants into the net on the 33rd stroke for 30-40.

    A tired-looking forehand, halfway up the net, from Djokovic then allows Murray to the sanctuary of deuce.

    Djokovic is now complaining about the failing light, claiming he cannot pick up the ball as Murray makes good his escape.

    Andy Murray
  23. Post update

    Djokovic 6-3 6-3 5-7 1-0 Murray*

    A pretty regulation hold from Novak Djokovic. Andy Murray shaved just a point off that game.

    That was just what Djokovic needed to steady the ship after Murray torpedoed him late in the third.

    It was the Corporal Jones of service holds. "Don't panic!"

  24. Get involved


    Jonathan Cook: That's why I've support Murray all these years. That man has some fight in him!

    Sara Wadee: I stood up and Murray broke. I remained stood up and he won the set. Therefore I will be standing until the end.

    Kris Holland: Tell you what, if Murray goes on to win this then it has got to be the comeback of his career, surely?!

  25. Post update

    Piers Newbery

    BBC Sport at Roland Garros

    "Djokovic heads off for a medical time-out and Murray nips away too, pretty standard practice after two sets these days, although it remains to be seen if Djokovic has an issue that could affect the match.

    "Murray prowls the baseline waiting for his opponent to return, letting the crowd - and the umpire - know that he's ready. Djokovic returns in a fresh pair of shorts and he has twice managed love sets to beat Murray this year, so expect him to be firing on all cylinders again."

  26. Post update

    *Djokovic 6-3 6-3 5-7 Murray

    Someone better go and check the cubicles for Novak Djokovic. Or put out an a missing person alert. He has been gone some time.

    Novak Djokovic

    Andy Murray has a word with umpire Pascal Maria before finally the Serb emerges with a fresh pair of shorts. Who knows what happened back there.

    We are ready to go.

  27. Post update

    *Djokovic 6-3 6-3 5-7 Murray

    This is a lengthy lay-off.

    Andy Murray nips to the loo himself, but Novak still isn't back on the stage. Murray gets tired of waiting on his chair and heads to the baseline to prepare to receive serve.

  28. Post update

    Pat Cash

    1987 Wimbledon champion on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

    "Murray had to wrestle defeat - he was looking it in the eyes with a couple of breaks down in that third set. But Djokovic missed a couple of shots and Murray thought 'if I hang in there I've got a chance'.

    "As soon as the wind started blowing Djokovic's footwork deserted him. Murray played some good tennis but Djokovic had the chance."

  29. Murray wins the third set

    *Djokovic 6-3 6-3 5-7 Murray

    Andy Murray

    Right, Murray is four points away from the set. Any nerves that he might have had brewing during the changeover ferment a little stronger as the French Open crowd decide now is the time for a Mexican wave.

    Finally they settle down and Murray rattles through in style, holding to love.

    Djokovic stabs into the net for 30-0, before a rocket ace flashes past for 40-0 and then he returns long to concede the game.

    That was a rotten game from the top seed and he trudges off court to have a word with himself and a bathroom break. Breaking up Murray's momentum will be a happy side-effect.

  30. Post update

    Piers Newbery

    BBC Sport at Roland Garros

    "If that spinning, flying, crashing forehand winner from Murray didn't jolt everyone out of their sultry evening stupor, the roar that followed his next crushing winner must have.

    "The crowd are certainly behind the Scot, which is the sort of thing that can get to Djokovic - he has already had a couple of run-ins with the locals. They are after a contest, and they might get one if Murray can serve this set out."

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    Paul Thompson: The Scottish fire is burning! Fantastic spirit from Murray, Djokovic on the ropes for the first time...

    Andrew: Have we a match on our hands here? This really is the highest quality sport.

    Shohidur Rahman: And there we saw Djokovic's only weakness, his anger when the crowd doesn't support him.

  32. Post update

    Pat Cash

    1987 Wimbledon champion on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

    "Great game from Murray, but slack stuff from Djokovic. He almost panicked, decided to come into the net and he should know better. He has to weather the storm and set it up for Murray to have a go. But he teed him up."

  33. Murray breaks

    Djokovic 6-3 6-3 5-6 Murray*

    If one shot could change a match, that could be it.

    Fifteen-love down, Andy Murray chases back to recover a lob, spinning to unleash a terrific forehand winner. The crowd go ripe bananas.

    Murray demands more noise. They deliver more decibels. A superb forehand down the line. 15-30 and even more noise.

    Djokovic nods knowingly, but that forehand into the net gives Murray 15-40 and his first break points of the match.

    And he has a 100% conversion rate! The ball sits up invitingly and Murray hammers it away to break.

    Andy Murray
  34. Post update

    *Djokovic 6-3 6-3 5-5 Murray

    Andy Murray must hold serve here. As simple as that. If he doesn't then it is au revoir to Roland Garros until 2016.

    A heavy forehand from Djokovic, after he cagily hits a smash down the middle to set up a rally, scoots past the baseline to the delight of Murray. The Briton leads 30-0. So far so good.

    Murray smashes down a seventh ace of the match, swiftly follows that up with another, and that means we go on...

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    Stewart Mills: I am not Murray's biggest fan but to say he is a million miles away from Djokovic is pretty laughable. Small margins...

    Laura Chamberlain: Murray is better than this, but is he better than Djokovic? In the psychological dept, it's a resounding NO.

  36. Post update

    Djokovic 6-3 6-3 5-4 Murray*

    All quiet on the Western front in a strange old game

    Novak Djokovic gets a serve to kick up nastily as he advances to 40-15 without too much bother.

    Andy Murray is then chuckling away to himself at the end - a wry philosopical laugh at his own situation and Djokovic's brilliance or something shouted from his camp perhaps - and fails to chase down a drop-shot that was well within his reach on the final point.

  37. Wawrinka reaches final

    Wawrinka 6-3 6-7 (1-7) 7-6 (7-3) 6-4 Tsonga

    Stan Wawrinka

    Eighth seed Stan Wawrinka on beating Jo-Wilfried Tsonga to reach his first French Open final: "I've been playing really well since the beginning of the tournament. I'm surprised and really happy with how I've been playing."

    On Sunday's final against either Novak Djokovic or Andy Murray: "We're both going to be nervous, that's a fact. I will have to focus on myself and try to bring my A-game."

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    via text on 81111

    DC, Dorking: Goodness, people talking about total domination with their crystal balls. Nadal will come good again and young players will emerge. Relax everyone.

    Martin, Fareham: If Djokovic can play the rest of the year at this level then the calendar Grand Slam is probable rather than possible.

    Tom, Whitstable: In 2011 Djokovic was just as dominant and went 6-0 against Nadal. Rafa came back, so will Andy. Have faith people.

  39. Post update

    *Djokovic 6-3 6-3 4-4 Murray

    Novak Djokovic is no longer playing tennis from the heavens. A backhand chop into the net sparks a stream of angry and possibly X-rated Serbian.

    Unfortunately for Andy Murray, his own game is not touched with its occasional genius to keep his serve as safe as it should be.

    The Scot gets worked over with the familiar drop-shot-then-volley one-two punch that Djokovic has been landing with all day as the duo slog their way to 30-30.

    Murray finds his way through to a hold. This set might be there for him though if he can find his best form.

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    via text on 81111

    David, Sheffield: Djokovic is basically as dominant as Federer was in his prime, but this time around there's no superhuman Rafa on clay to stop him winning the lot.

  41. Post update

    Djokovic 6-3 6-3 4-3 Murray*

    A forceful Murray backhand down the line and a duff sliced backhand from Djokovic give the Scot 15-30. A glimmer?

    Oh, that was close. Djokovic allowed a Murray groundstroke to float past him as he scurried backwards. Djokovic judged it right, but only just. The ball touching down a whisker beyond the baseline.

    Murray is over-eager as he pushes long to fold out of the game.

    Andy Murray
  42. Get involved


    Steve Rodgers: We're moving to an era of men's tennis where 1 man dominates more than ever before. Not his fault but bad for the game.

    Pierre: Murray not had one single break point yet. Must be those pesky Djokovic 'mind games' again

    Novak Djokovic
  43. Post update

    *Djokovic 6-3 6-3 3-3 Murray

    Andy Murray is fighting valiantly against what feels horribly inevitable. Will that gutsy hold force a seismic shift in this match's momentum?

    Novak Djokovic nicks the first two points and then gets a groundstroke to fly deep and true, getting right up in Murray's grill, to bring up 15-40.

    Two break points. A bruising Murray serve down the middle defends the first, before Djokovic overcooks on the second.

    Murray is giving himself an intense pep-talk. There is no way back if he is broken here...

    And he isn't as Djokovic produces some long, long overdue errors from deuce.

  44. Get involved

    via text on 81111

    Ian, Manchester: There's no shame in it, but the harsh reality is that Andy Murray is a million miles away from Djokovic's level. That's just pretty much unarguable.

    Max, Birmingham: Djokovic is just a machine. Murray is an outstanding player and would beat anyone else or Djokovic himself if he wasn't playing at superhuman level. If he loses then it's down to Djokovic's relentless play, not lack of effort from Andy. C'mon Murray.

  45. Post update

    Djokovic 6-3 6-3 3-2 Murray*

    Plus ca change.

    Djokovic is just playing business-class tennis, while Murray is unable to upgrade from cattle.

    A delicious backhand stop volley from Djokovic kicks off his racquet face at such a tight angle and with such vicious spin that is almost doing laps of the umpires chair as Murray chases after it in vain.

    That is 30-15, and a booming ace makes it 40-15. Murray is worked over at the back of the court, before Djokovic finally crashes away a smash to exhaust his defences and seal the game.

  46. Post update

    *Djokovic 6-3 6-3 2-2 Murray

    The drop-shot continues to harvest points for Novak Djokovic, luring Andy Murray in and then bopping away a backhand winner for 30-15.

    A framed return high, looping and out followed by a Murray ace close out the game.

    The first two sets have followed a template. Tight in the early stages before Djokovic feathers the accelerator and pulls clear. Will this one keep to that pattern?

  47. Post update

    Djokovic 6-3 6-3 2-1 Murray*

    Novak Djokovic's serve - yet to be broken in this match, yet to even have a break point against it - is still looking bulletproof. Andy Murray cannot lay a glove on the Serb as he steams though to another hold.

    Murray's serve meanwhile is an endangered species out there...

  48. Post update

    *Djokovic 6-3 6-3 1-1 Murray

    This much-vaunted storm that we have been warned about all day is beginning to brew up. Andy Murray has to regather his ball toss a couple of times as the wind starts to gust around Philippe Chatrier.

    Murray keeps his mind on the job and eye on the ball though as he serves out to love.

    He might just welcome an apocalyptic storm though and a chance to break Djokovic's momentum with a rain delay.

  49. Post update

    Djokovic 6-3 6-3 1-0 Murray*

    It is a long, long, long way back for Andy Murray now. The tennis equivalent of a returning to Dunblane from the French capital on foot.

    Novak Djokovic is just pounding harder and more accurately from the baseline. The longer the rallies go on, so the probability of Djokovic winning the point rises. Murray needs to go hunting the lines, strangle the points from the start and hope he hits a purple patch of winners.

  50. Djokovic wins second set

    *Djokovic 6-3 6-3 Murray


    I'm afraid that was the shot of a mentally-shot man.

    An ace helped Andy Murray peg back Novak Djokovic to 15-30, but relentless depth and power from the Serb bring up two break and set points.

    And Murray bows out of the second set with a shocker of a stroke. A bounce-smash with aeons to think it over and Djokovic planted helpless in midcourt is a gimme.

    But Murray blazes long over the baseline to gasps from the Philippe Chatrier crowd.

    Andy Murray
  51. Get involved


    Phil: The scoreline may say otherwise but Murray isn't far behind in the match. If he can cut out the errors he can make this a contest.

    Paul Staveley: Murray is a phenomenal player but Djokovic has absolutely got his number. Not sure he'll ever beat him again, to be honest.

  52. Post update

    Djokovic 6-3 5-3 Murray*

    Andy Murray needs to mass the troops and ambush the Novak Djokovic serve soon.

    It is going to have to be the next game if at all. From 15-15, Djokovic clouts two clean-as-a-whistle aces down the T to move ahead and seals the game with a lovely dampened volley at the net.

  53. Post update

    Pat Cash

    1987 Wimbledon champion on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

    "Murray and Djokovic are the in-form clay court players. But who cares who wins the early tournaments - they don't really mean much. For the first few weeks on clay, players are finding their legs. It is the latter stage of the clay court season that matters."

  54. Post update

    *Djokovic 6-3 4-3 Murray

    Tight. And not just in Novak Djokovic's hip joint.

    Novak Djokovic stretches

    The Serb has a twinge and he makes sure that Andy Murray knows all about it at the other end as he goes into a Mr Motivator-style lunging stretch before receiving at 40-15 down.

    Just the suggestion of a Djokovic injury is all that seems necessary to get inside the Murray psyche. Three straight points give Djokovic advantage and a break point. If he converts this, the second set is surely cooked.

    Not yet. Djokovic pumps long. "C'mon," bellows Murray.

    But a framed forehand puts Murray in trouble again. Phew, that break point is scraped back off the table with a volley that came very, very close to slipping wide.

    Murray flops and flounders over the line like a freshly-hooked trout. By the skin of his teeth.

  55. Post update

    Djokovic 6-3 4-2 Murray*

    Novak Djokovic does nothing to interest Grant in the entry below as he racks up 40-0 in a twinkle.

    But there you go. A forehand volley into the net to show Djokovic is human before he humps a forehand long.

    That is enough interest injected for the Serb's liking though. He ties down a service game that threatened to get away from him and is motoring towards the second set.

  56. Get involved


    Mark Beedie: All over. Murray is going to be Henman of Wimbledon at the French. No better than a semi finalist.

    Grant Campbell: Djokovic winning really is getting boring now. Beginning to switch of these days. Reminds me of Schumi dominating F1 all the time.

    Jonathan Cook: Murray isn't hitting it deep enough. Hits short and Djokovic steps in.. Need to keep him pegged!

  57. Post update

    *Djokovic 6-3 3-2 Murray

    Pat Cash

    1987 Wimbledon champion on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

    "That what happens with Andy, he gets down on himself. That shot at 15-30 was one of those tricky ones, an awkward one. What do you do, what don't you do? If you're playing great you just hit the winner.

    "Djokovic plays so well under pressure. He makes life so difficult for his opponent."

  58. Djokovic breaks

    *Djokovic 6-3 3-2 Murray

    This is the full Murray monologue.

    The Scot is chuntering away at the back of the court as he slips 15-40 down and two break points adrift after netting a very makeable drive volley.

    We only hear snippets. "That's right, keeping sighing." "That's not going to work in a match."

    It is not clear if it is directed to Murray himself, his camp or his opponent. What is clear is that Murray is up against it now. He twangs the wire as he attempts to go down the line and is a break down.

  59. Get involved

    via text on 81111

    Craig Forester: Fair play to Djokeanator, if it works it works. Muzza needs to cope with it better. Quality first set.

    Kabir: Djokovic, gamesmanship? No way, he's one of the nicest guys out there.

  60. Post update

    Djokovic 6-3 2-2 Murray*

    When he times them right, those raids to the net are working for Andy Murray. He chases up and hammers away a forehand volley for 30-15, before Djokovic's first double fault gives him 30-30.

    Another sweetly-struck return from Andy Murray on the next point, but this time he stays deep and is outmanoeuvred. It was only a half-chance, but you don't get many fractions bigger than that against Djokovic.

  61. Post update

    *Djokovic 6-3 1-2 Murray

    Andy Murray serves

    Andy Murray has recovered well from the loss of the first set. Or perhaps Novak Djokovic has dropped his level a notch after that astonishing run that swept the opener away.

    A slightly distracted atmosphere persists in Court Philippe Chatrier with the crowd still getting back into the drama after the first semi-final.

    What we need is the business end of a set to focus minds.

  62. Get involved

    via text on 81111

    James Pope: Serena was not ill but acting, when are you people going to understand that?

    Michael, London: I don't know what's more disappointing, Djokovic's mind games or Murray falling for it again.

    Ade: Spoiler alert everyone. Murray loses.

  63. Post update

    Djokovic 6-3 1-1 Murray*

    Wow, that is the sort of defence that could keep a team of crack Chinese computer hackers at bay.

    Novak Djokovic rescues a skidding Murray backhand that seems past and behind him, with a double-jointed flick of the wrist at 15-15. A startled Murray, who must have thought the point was his, cuffs an unconvincing drop-shot into mid-court that Djokovic greedily gobbles up.

  64. Post update

    *Djokovic 6-3 0-1 Murray

    Andy Murray plays a backhand

    Andy Murray has never beaten Novak Djokovic from a set down. I'm sure the Scot knows that stat, but hopefully he is not kicking it around too much upstairs.

    Murray puffs his cheeks in relief as a Djokovic lob floats over him but just wide at 30-15 up.

    Murray stiffens his nerve and wrist tendons to put away a backhand volley to close the game. Djokovic seems to be the full ticket again by the way. The camera has not caught any more gurning and gasping certainly.

  65. Post update

    Piers Newbery

    BBC Sport at Roland Garros

    "There's plenty of support for Murray on Chatrier but not much anyone can do about Djokovic in his current form. The Serb is hitting the lines as much as ever and enjoying his new weapon, the drop shot, which has been doing so much damage over the last fortnight.

    "Three-time champion Gustavo Kuerten gets a big round of applause when he appears on the big screen - I'm not sure even Guga in his pomp could do much about Djokovic right now."

  66. Get involved


    Cammy Renwick: Gamesmanship!! Djoko started already! Unbelievable!

    James Pope: Serena was ill. Djokovic is playing mind games. He is acting to spoof Murray. He has previous from the Australian Open.

    Luke Viney: Djokovic at his mind games again? I'm in camp Murray but he can't let stuff like that bother him if he wants to win toda

  67. Britain's Reid wins first Slam

    Wheelchair doubles

    Great Britain's Gordon Reid claims his first Grand Slam title by winning the French Open wheelchair doubles with Shingo Kunieda of Japan.

    But fellow Brit Jordanne Whiley - and her Japanese partner Yui Kamiji - failed to win their sixth consecutive Grand Slam title as they were narrowly beaten in the women's final by Dutch pair Jiske Griffioen and Aniek van Koot.

  68. Post update

    French Open

    Teenage British player Katie Swan: Box seats for the big match this evening #LetsGoAndy #BackTheBrits

  69. Post update

    Pat Cash

    1987 Wimbledon champion on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

    "There was not much in that set during the rallies - it's just who can grab that small bit of opportunity. Murray got to 0-30 on a couple of occasions, but Djokovic only needed one chance, got to 0-40 and took the break."

  70. Djokovic wins the first set

    Djokovic 6-3 Murray*

    Novak Djokovic extends his run to nine points in a row as he runs up 30-0, before Andy Murray finally stops the rot with a flayed return across court for a clean winner.

    But the British number one can't squirm off the hook. He has come off the boil and Djokovic is still bubbling. Is that the difference? Their best is pretty much inseparable, but Djokovic churns it out more consistently.

  71. Djokovic breaks

    *Djokovic 5-3 Murray

    If that is a sick Novak Djokovic, he won't want the medicine.

    The Serb breaks Andy Murray's serve to love with the Scot - off the boil ever since the first suggestion of Djokovic's illness - pumping a routine forehand well wide at 0-30.

    Gamesmanship? I think all is fair in the pointy end of Grand Slam tennis.

  72. Post update

    Djokovic 4-3 Murray*

    Novak Djokovic reacts

    Novak Djokovic called for the trainer at the changeover. And after a bit of a disagreement gets the iced towels he wanted.

  73. Get involved


    Josh Berry: Murray giving Djokovic so many more problems early doors than Rafa did.

    Steven Gilroy: Murray v Djokovic is athleticism at its very finest. Absolute machines.

  74. Post update

    Djokovic 4-3 Murray*

    The plot just thickened.

    Novak Djokovic splatters a forehand wide to give Andy Murray 0-30 and his best chance yet of a break of serve.

    But the world number one's tennis improves just as health apparently declines. Djokovic pulls out of his next service action, putting his hand across his brow. But wins the point.

    More apparent problems for Djokovic as he pulls his eyes wide as the camera zooms in for a close-up. And then wins another point.

    A dead-eyed drop-shot, measured to perfection, sees off the danger.

    Echos of Djokovic's Australian Open performance which Murray complained about post-defeat.

  75. Get involved


    Matthew Birch: Andy and Novak are outrageous. Made of rubber. I don't think that there is a higher level of sport in the world than these two.

    Carys Newton: Some absolutely gorgeous tennis at RG today! Both Murray and Djokovic are at the top of their game!

    Paul Thompson: The way this match has started, the light could be the winner today. We may not see a winner until tomorrow!

  76. Post update

    *Djokovic 3-3 Murray

    Novak Djokovic reacts


    Novak Djokovic is on the rough end of the crowd's cat calls after he grizzles about some movement in the stands.

    Andy Murray has packed his bags and ventured to the net on a couple of occasions, but he has overcooked that backhand approach. 30-30.

    Back and forth, bish and bash they go and it is Murray who eventually crumbles placing the 22nd and last shot of the next rally wide. Break point Djokovic.

    Murray faces down the danger through, grinding down Djokovic in the next monster rally before firing down a concussive ace to clock out.

  77. Post update

    Djokovic 3-2 Murray*

    Anday Murray reacts

    Andy Murray gives Novak Djokovic a wobbly moment at 30-30, but the Scot's attempted drop-shot is not quite as deftly delivered or as disguised as Djokovic's versions.

    The Serb scoots forward and swats a winner sideways and well out of reach.

    Philippe Chatrier is gradually filling back up after the crowd headed for drinks in the wake of Wawrinka v Tsonga.

  78. Get involved


    Sandy: Friday, beer, sunshine, pizza and Murray v Djokovic. Sorted.

    Matthew Riordan: Can't see past Djokovic winning. However, whatever the result, I expect the winner to claim the French Open title.

    Nick Emmett: Come on Muzza make us proud! Awesome opening exchanges! Breathless already!

  79. Post update

    *Djokovic 2-2 Murray

    A service hold to 15, but there were a couple of worrying and interconnected details to that game for Andy Murray and his fans.

    Firstly the overhead spidercam is getting in the Scot's eyeline and on his nerves.

    After missing his first serve at 40-0 to the good and looking accusingly at the high-wire camera, Murray sees a second serve walloped back past him for a clean winner by Novak Djokovic.

    The Murray second serve needs to be tougher to hit than that.

  80. Get involved


    Richard Carter: Am in Vernouillet, about 35k west of Roland Garros and the mother of all thunderstorms is heading your way!

  81. Post update

    Djokovic 2-1 Murray*

    Djokovic plays a shot

    Third time lucky.

    Finally Andy Murray runs down one of Novak Djokovic's teasing drop-shot, but he wastes his shot when he gets there, punting straight back to Djokovic who replies with a lob winner.

    What could have been 30-15, turns to 40-0. And that is the last that Murray sees of that game.

  82. Post update

    Piers Newbery

    BBC Sport at Roland Garros

    "As is traditional, Djokovic and Murray serve up an opening game that has the spectators gasping for air, let alone the combatants. Any free points on serve will feel like gifts from the gods this afternoon. Chatrier is barely half full as the locals get a breather and refreshment, while coming to terms with Tsonga's demise. Henri Leconte has just been seen walking down the corridor, deep in discussion. 'Everything is possible,' he says, mysteriously."

  83. Post update

    *Djokovic 1-1 Murray

    Already the standard of tennis is suffocatingly high.

    The dropshot has made a welcome return in this year's tournament and Novak Djokovic rolls out a particularly fine specimen - dabbing a forehand from on the baseline and somewhere around his eyebrows to drop perfectly over the wire for 30-15.

    Andy Murray slugs down the first ace of the game for 40-30, but another doozy of a dropper from Djokovic - loaded with backspin - takes us to deuce.

    A forceful double-handed backhand down the line closes out the game for Murray. Nothing to pick between them from the first two games.

  84. Get involved


    Stephen Sadler: Heart with Andy, wallet with Novak.

  85. Post update

    Djokovic 1-0 Murray*

    Up and at 'em.

    Andy Murray takes the first point of the match. And the second as Novak Djokovic clumps long attempting to go down the line. A bit of pressure for Djokovic to deal with.

    Pressure is what the world number one does though. You could take him to the down to the depths of the Marianas trench and he'd surface with only a mild headache to complain of.

    Djokovic comes tip-toeing into the net, with footwork as precise as Michael Flatley, and drives away a mid-court bounce en route to 40-30. Murray flattens a forehand across court to buy his way to deuce, but is eventually barged out of the game.

    The rallies are already long, lengthy exchanges of cat-and-mouse, bluff-and-double-bluff. If you are on your way home, this will still be a going concern by the time you step through the door.

  86. Post update

    Andy Murray plays a shot

    The players are out on court knocking up, and Andy Murray has ditched the black shirt he has been sporting for his other matches here in favour of a bright white one.

    Presumably that is a bid to beat the heat with the temperature still north of 30C. Or maybe he has reached the bottom of his suitcase after two weeks in Paris.

    Right, Djokovic, in orange, to serve...

  87. Murray to end Britain's 78-year wait?

    Djokovic v Murray

    Bunny Austin

    Does the name of Bunny Austin ring any bells? It sounds like a star of the silver screen, but it is actually the name of the last British male to reach the French Open final.

    Austin - who apparently introduced shorts to the game of tennis - lost the Roland Garros showpiece in 1937. That's 78 years since we had a winner from these shores. It was only 77 years between Fred Perry's win at Wimbledon and Andy Murray's triumph at SW19....

  88. Post update

    Route to the semi-finals - Novak Djokovic

    Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic

    First round: beat Jarkko Nieminen 6-2 7-5 6-2

    Second round: beat Gilles Muller 6-1 6-4 6-4

    Third round: beat Thanasi Kokkinakis 6-4 6-4 6-4

    Fourth round: beat 20th seed Richard Gasquet 6-1 6-2 6-3

    Quarter final: beat sixth seed Rafael Nadal 7-5 6-3 6-1

    Total time on court: 10 hours and seven minutes

  89. Post update

    Route to the semi-finals - Andy Murray

    Andy Murray and David Ferrer

    First round: beat Facundo Arguello 6-3 6-3 6-1

    Second round: Joao Sousa 62 46 64 61

    Third round: beat 29th seed Nick Kyrgios 6-4 6-2 6-3

    Fourth round: beat Jeremy Chardy 6-4 3-6 6-3 6-2

    Quarter-final: beat seventh seed David Ferrer 7-6 (7-4) 6-2 5-7 6-1

    Total time on court: 12 hours and 23 minutes

  90. Post update

    Andy Murray speaking to the media

    Andy Murray speaking to ITV Sport: "The world number one tends to be the best player in the world. In the past there have been variations depending on the surface, Rafael Nadal on clay was very difficult, Roger Federer on grass.

    "But I think this year the way that Novak has played, losing just one match since he lost to Ivo Karlovic at the beginning of the year, has been exceptional.

    "I watched some videos of the matches that I have played against him this year in Australia, Indian Wells and Miami. There are some positives to take from those, I played the better tennis in some points in this match, it is all about executing the game plan for longer."

  91. Post update

    Murray v Djokovic

    When does a rivalry lose its edge?

    When one of those competing has won the last seven encounters?

    Or 10 of the last 11?

    That is the hold that Novak Djokovic has had over Andy Murray in their recent meetings.

    On the bright side, Andy Murray's only win over Novak Djokovic since the 2012 US Open was that unforgettable Wimbledon final of 2013.

  92. Post update

    Cheers Jonathan.

    What we need after that see-sawing epic is some light relief.

    Who have we got waiting in the Philippe Chatrier wings?

    Doubles duo Mansour Bahrami and Henri Leconte? A knock-up between Tim Henman and John McEnroe?

    Oh no. Deep breath. Andy Murray v Novak Djokovic is next up - we are going in.

  93. Post update

    One down, one to go. So the identity of the first men's singles finalist has been unveiled. A Swiss chap going by the name of Mr S. Wawrinka.

    But who will join him? World number one Novak Djokovic? Or British number one Andy Murray?

    Those two will step out into the Court Philippe Chatrier sun very shortly. And that means it is time for my doubles' partner Mike Henson to serve up...

  94. Wawrinka reaches men's final

    Wawrinka 6-3 6-7 (1-7) 7-6 (7-3) 6-4 Tsonga

    Piers Newbery

    BBC Sport at Roland Garros

    "There's not much doubt that 1/17 will be the figure that sticks in the mind from that match for Tsonga - 16 chances to break that came and went. He's not the only man to have suffered in that way on Court Philippe Chatrier, with Roger Federer also going 1/17 in the 2007 final against Rafael Nadal.

    "Rog achieved his dream of a French Open title two years later, so maybe there is still hope for Jo."

    Jo-Wilfried Tsonga is defeated
  95. Wawrinka reaches men's final

    Wawrinka 6-3 6-7 (1-7) 7-6 (7-3) 6-4 Tsonga

    Jo-Wilfried Tsonga, who we must remember has struggled with injury recently, receives the kind of acclaim reserved for a hero as he trudges out of Roland Garros for another year. Wawrinka played some excellent tennis, but Tsonga will rue that lorryload of missed break points.

  96. Wawrinka reaches men's final

    Wawrinka 6-3 6-7 (1-7) 7-6 (7-3) 6-4 Tsonga

    A victorious Stan Wawrinka points to the side of his head as the Swiss eighth seed receives a mixed reception from the Court Philippe Chatrier crowd. Not sure exactly what that means. "Think about your reaction," perhaps? Obvious disappointment from the Parisian fans, including a few boos, as their wait for a first men's singles finalist since 1988 goes on.

    Stan Wawrinka celebrates
  97. Game, set and match - Wawrinka

    Wawrinka 6-3 6-7 (1-7) 7-6 (7-3) 6-4 Tsonga

    All over! Switzerland's Stan Wawrinka reaches his first French Open final after seeing off the great home hope.

    Hope for Jo-Wilfried Tsonga as he leads 15-0. Brief hope as it turns out, Wawrinka crashing down a couple of 220km/hr serves which Tsonga can't return, before he slows his serve down to catch out his opponent and set up two match points. The Swiss man takes the first as Tsonga lazily clubs his serve into the net.

  98. Post update

    *Wawrinka 6-3 6-7 (1-7) 7-6 (7-3) 5-4 Tsonga

    Tsonga blasts down an ace to seal the ninth game of the fourth set - and keep himself in this match. But, in anything ranging from two to eight minutes, he could be out of Roland Garros. Stan Wawrinka is serving for his first appearance in the French Open final....

    Wawrinka serves
  99. Post update

    Wawrinka 6-3 6-7 (1-7) 7-6 (7-3) 5-3 Tsonga*

    From a marathon to a sprint. Wawrinka does not want to hang about any longer, sticking his foot on the gas to go from nought to 40 in a matter of seconds. Game over as Tsonga serves to stay in the match...

  100. Post update

    *Wawrinka 6-3 6-7 (1-7) 7-6 (7-3) 4-3 Tsonga

    Jo-Wilfried Tsonga stat
  101. Get involved on #bbctennis

    Rhys Hopkins: "Wawrinka v Tsonga is an engrossing match. Great tennis being played, but Tsonga has been wasteful with break points."

  102. Post update

    * Wawrinka 6-3 6-7 (1-7) 7-6 (7-3) 4-3 Tsonga

    This is a marathon game. The longest of the match no less. That dropshot sets up another game point for Tsonga. And guess what? Yep, he blows it with an unforced forehand error. But the Frenchman bounces back and takes a gutsy - and much-needed - hold.

  103. Post update

    *Wawrinka 6-3 6-7 (1-7) 7-6 (7-3) 4-2 Tsonga

    Failure to hold serve here and Tsonga may as well say bonne nuit to Roland Garros for another year. Wawrinka takes a lesson from the Tsonga-written 'how not to convert break points' instruction manual, wasting three golden chances of a double break.

    However, the third goes down to pure brilliance from Tsonga, who almost nonchalantly spins a beautiful drop shot millimetres over the net. That turns the tide in the Frenchman's favour...

  104. Get involved on 81111 on text and #bbctennis

    Dave Wilson: "Considering what is happening between Tsonga and Wawrinka and the weather threat, perhaps they should have started Murray v Djokovic on Lenglen and switched the second ladies doubles to Chatrier.

    "Would be a real shame if the Murray match doesn't end today. Big disadvantage you would think."

  105. Post update

    Wawrinka 6-3 6-7 (1-7) 7-6 (7-3) 4-2 Tsonga*

    Wawrinka serves as the sun continues to shine down on Court Philippe Chatrier. For now at least. The eighth seed has a brief moment of concern at 40-30, but eases any lingering tension with a smart backhand volley.

  106. Post update

    Alistair Bruce-Ball

    BBC Radio 5 live sports extra commentator

    "I was speaking to someone in the canteen who said that once it starts raining it won't stop this evening. If that is the case, then it is likely that Andy Murray against Novak Djokovic will almost certainly finish on Saturday.

    "If the rain does prevent Murray v Djokovic reaching a conclusion, the organisers will put the conclusion of that semi-final on a before the women's final tomorrow, probably at 12:00 BST."

    Tsonga takes shelter
  107. Post update

    *Wawrinka 6-3 6-7 (1-7) 7-6 (7-3) 3-2 Tsonga

    This inability to take any of these break points must be soul-destroying for Tsonga. More soul-destroying than asking someone attractive you fancy for a telephone number and being rejected.

    But the Frenchman quickly regains composure. With the ball in hand, he opens up a 40-0 advantage and, despite a couple of blips, thumps down a forehand winner to hold.

  108. Post update

    Wawrinka 6-3 6-7 (1-7) 7-6 (7-3) 3-1 Tsonga*

    Back to the ridiculous from Wawrinka as he goes wide with a seemingly straightforward backhand. The Swiss saves another break point with his 15th ace of the match, then saves two more break points as we go to a fifth deuce. Anyone fancy taking this game by the scruff of the neck? Stan does. He targets the Tsonga backhand again and two errors give Wawrinka a crucial hold.

    Tsonga reacts after losing a point
  109. Post update

    Wawrinka 6-3 6-7 (1-7) 7-6 (7-3) 2-1 Tsonga*

    Another chance for Tsonga, who is plugging away on the Wawrinka serve. The Frenchman races into a 30-0 lead, only to be pegged back to 30-30 by a magical backhand from Wawrinka. Even Stretch Armstrong wouldn't have reached that one. Power and precision.

    Wawrinka goes from the ridiculous to the sublime, double faulting to gift another break point to Tsonga, then smashing down an ace which the Frenchman barely has time to fix his stare on. Deuce....

  110. Post update

    Piers Newbery

    BBC Sport at Roland Garros

    "Parasol! Parasol!!" demands Wawrinka, not unreasonably as the ball kids momentarily forget to provide the shade of an umbrella. Three hours and counting..."

    A warning for the crowd at the French Open
  111. Post update

    *Wawrinka 6-3 6-7 (1-7) 7-6 (7-3) 2-1 Tsonga

    Tsonga will not want to look at the break-point percentage column after this match. He has converted one of 13 chances - that's just EIGHT per cent. Luckily he doesn't have to dwell on that too much as he serves, wrapping up an easy(ish) hold after a flurry of backhand mistakes by Wawrinka.

  112. Post update

    Wawrinka 6-3 6-7 (1-7) 7-6 (7-3) 2-0 Tsonga*

    Chance of an instant reply? Very much so. A deft dropshot from Tsonga spins away from Wawrinka like one of Shane Warne's finest deliveries, the Swiss unable to stop his return from flying out wide. But Tsonga loses the first chance and then is forced yards behind his baseline as he struggles to convert the second. Ball meeting net means deuce and Wawrinka turns on the style with an ace and a service winner to hold.

    Wawrinka serves
  113. Wawrinka breaks

    *Wawrinka 6-3 6-7 (1-7) 7-6 (7-3) 1-0 Tsonga

    Uh oh. Big trouble for the Frenchman. Stan Wawrinka glides into a 40-0 advantage in the first game of the fourth set, setting up three break points. And the eighth seed needs only one as Tsonga - inexplicably - double faults to cough up the early break. You could hear a pin drop inside Court Philippe Chatrier....

  114. No show from Serena

    Women's singles

    Piers Newbery

    BBC Sport at Roland Garros

    Serena Williams

    "For anyone left wondering whatever became of Serena Williams last night after her semi-final win, she cancelled her scheduled news conference and released a statement confirming she has been 'unwell for a few days'.

    "Her sister, Venus, was fined US$3,000 for skipping her media duties earlier in the fortnight but Serena had a note from the tournament doctor and escaped sanction, understandably. The American was due to address the media today ahead of Saturday's final against Lucie Safarova but has cancelled that, along with her practice session."

  115. Williams v Safarova

    Women's singles final

    Today we will discover who will contest the men's singles final - but we already know who is in the women's showpiece.

    Top seed Serena Williams fought back to beat Timea Bacsinszky yesterday and reach the French Open final despite struggling with illness.

    That came after 13th seed Lucie Safarova fought back to beat Serbia's Ana Ivanovic and become the first Czech woman to reach a Roland Garros final in 34 years.

  116. Post update

    Wawrinka 6-3 6-7 (1-7) 7-6 (7-3) Tsonga

    Stan Wawrinka
  117. Game and third set - Wawrinka

    Wawrinka 6-3 6-7 (1-7) 7-6 (7-3) Tsonga

    Set point for Wawrinka, Tsonga to serve. The Frenchman brings a drop shot to the party as he tries to gatecrash this tie-break, but Wawrinka is a step ahead. The Swiss second guesses that cheeky effort, returning before Tsonga hands over the tie-break - and the set - with an errant backhand.

    Wawrinka wins the set
  118. Post update

    Wawrinka 6-3 6-7 (1-7) 6-6 (6-3) Tsonga

    Wawrinka sniffing the stable. Into the net he comes, trying to press the issue. And Tsonga takes up the challenge down the line. No. It's wide.

    Three set points for Wawrinka...

  119. Post update

    Wawrinka 6-3 6-7 (1-7) 6-6 (5-3) Tsonga

    Tsonga tries again to overturn a mini-break. The Frenchman smashes back a wonderful backhand - but then is completely trumped by the Swiss, whose own backhand is bigger and better.

    Tsonga returns with a backhand
  120. Tie-break

    Wawrinka 6-3 6-7 (1-7) 6-6 (4-3) Tsonga

    Tsonga sips his isotonic, steps up and wallops down a first serve. But Wawrinka is equal to it and finds some jagging angles to beat Tsonga and take the mini-break for a second time in the tie-break.

  121. Post update

    Wawrinka 6-3 6-7 (1-7) 6-6 (3-3) Tsonga

    Simple stuff. Big Tsonga serve, Wawrinka can't control the backhand return. The ball goes long and the Frenchman holds. Job done.

    Wawrinka attempts the back hand
  122. Post update

    Wawrinka 6-3 6-7 (1-7) 6-6 (3-2) Tsonga

    Wawrinka lands with a second serve. He is getting the upper hand whenever there is a baseline exchange.

    Tsonga onto the defensive and he eventually slices a backhand into the net. Still on serve.

  123. Post update

    Wawrinka 6-3 6-7 (1-7) 6-6 (2-2) Tsonga

    Oh no! Stan is not the man as he slams a net volley into the tape. He had done all the hard work as well, working Tsonga all over the court in a long rally. How costly could that be?

  124. Tie-break

    Wawrinka 6-3 6-7 (1-7) 6-6 (2-1) Tsonga

    Oh Jo!

    A hanging ball, an easy overhead, but the Frenchman cuffs the smash between the tramlines.

    Wawrinka is a mini-break to the good. Two Swiss serves to come.

  125. Tie-break

    Wawrinka 6-3 6-7 (1-7) 6-6 1-1 Tsonga

    Tsonga's turn to toss up the ball. A brief rally comes to an abrupt end when Wawrinka goes long past the baseline.

    Tsonga serves
  126. Tie-break

    Wawrinka 6-3 6-7 (1-7) 6-6 (1-0) Tsonga

    Here we go. This is a knee-kicker of a shoot out. Massive for the match.

    Wawrinka to tee off. A rally breaks out. Back and forth, back and forth. Tsonga gradually getting ragged and he punts long.

  127. Post update

    Wawrinka 6-3 6-7 (1-7) 6-6 Tsonga

    No problemo. Tsonga targets the Wawrinka backhand with a trio of thumping serves that his opponent sticks his racquet on but cannot generate enough power to return over the net. Wawrinka finally susses out this tactic, but then makes another mistake as Tsonga holds. Tie-break time...

  128. Post update

    Wawrinka 6-3 6-7 (1-7) 6-5 Tsonga*

    And it seems both Wawrinka and Tsonga are trying their best to avoid a rain-induced break. The Swiss eighth seed, like Tsonga moments ago, blasts through his service game, spanking down his 12th ace of the afternoon to nudge ahead. Tsonga serving to stay in the third set....

  129. Post update

    *Wawrinka 6-3 6-7 (1-7) 5-5 Tsonga

    Weather satellite over Paris

    This is how it is looking out there according to the weather satellites. Lots of bright colours and heavy rain are lurking menacingly just north of the French capital. These two had better crack on and scarper off court quickly...

  130. Get involved

    Sky at Roland Garros

    BBC Tennis: Apparently there's a storm coming at 6pm French time (17:00 BST). Here's the sky at 3:40 local time...

  131. Post update

    *Wawrinka 6-3 6-7 (1-7) 5-5 Tsonga

    Move on Stan, nothing to see here. No change for Wawrinka as Tsonga rattles through a service hold to love. Anyone fancy another tie-break?

  132. Post update

    Wawrinka 6-3 6-7 (1-7) 5-4 Tsonga*

    More drama than an episode of Eastenders in this game. Break points are casually tossed between the pair in deuce, with boos raining down on Wawrinka as he challenges a line call at 40-40. And it is a good job the Swiss does, because he is spot on. The ball was out by the width of piece of string. Wawrinka takes advantage, prompting Tsonga into a colourful exchange with his box. "Life is beautiful!" he says as he tells his coaching staff and support to calm down. Then the Frenchman loses the point and the game.

  133. Post update

    Wawrinka 6-3 6-7 (1-7) 4-4 Tsonga*

    What a match this is. Djokovic v Murray? Pah.

    Wawrinka, who like Tsonga is aiming to reach his second Slam final, battles back from 30-0 down to level before handing over a break point to the Frenchman.

    This is a potentially pivotal point in this match. But, in a familiar pattern to this match, Tsonga can't convert. He has made just 10% of his break points, with Wawrinka faring marginally better at 20%. On we go...

  134. Post update

    Piers Newbery

    BBC Sport at Roland Garros

    "While French hopes rise by the minute with the rejuvenated form of Tsonga, much of the discussion courtside centres on the best source of Parisian weather forecasts.

    "There are terrifying tales of a biblical storm heading our way, with Roland Garros set to be battered by hail within the hour, while others suggest a quick storm will roll over nearby Longchamps and leave us well alone. For now, it's hot, sunny and all is well."

  135. Post update

    *Wawrinka 6-3 6-7 (1-7) 4-4 Tsonga

    This is a survival of the fittest. Tsonga is half a yard ahead going down the back straight of the third set, I'd suggest, holding his serve with much more comfort than Wawrinka. Two game points for the Frenchman, who bounds up to the net to volley into a winning position, Wawrinka only finding the net with a scrabbling backhand.

    Jo Wilfried Tsonga
  136. Post update

    Wawrinka 6-3 6-7 (1-7) 4-3 Tsonga*

    Tsonga, slapping his racquet and waving his hands upwards, signals to the French crowd. "Louder," he urges. "Louder."

    Like a crowd at an indie gig transfixed by the gaiting frontman, Court Philippe Chatrier responds to his call. Tsonga responds by going 30-30 before Wawrinka restores calm with his 10th ace of this sweltering afternoon.

    Momentum is gone for Tsonga, whose loose forehand completes a hold for one-time Slam winner Wawrinka.

  137. Get involved on #bbctennis or 81111 on text

    Stephen Frew: Here's hoping these two can continue to batter each other to give Murray an easy final after his straight sets victory later. #bbctennis

    Lee: Only one man can beat Stan Wawrinka and that's Stan Wawrinka

    Hashim: The Wawrinka backhand down the line is a majestic piece of art. That shot could win him the tournament.

  138. Post update

    *Wawrinka 6-3 6-7 (1-7) 3-3 Tsonga

    Stan Wawrinka is not feeling 100% fit and requires some more medical treatment at the change. Not exactly sure what the problem is, but it must be linked to that troublesome middle finger which was strapped up earlier.

    The Swiss has no answer to Tsonga's serve in the sixth game of the third set, the Frenchman cruising to a hold to love.

    Stanislas Wawrinka
  139. Post update

    Wawrinka 6-3 6-7 (1-7) 3-2 Tsonga*

    Boom! Tsonga ups the ante with a rasping forehand from the baseline that a stretching Wawrinka can only dream of returning. Stan resumes composure to move 40-15 ahead and that should be that.

    But wait! Tsonga finds his inner Paul Daniels, pulling a magic flick of the backhand out of a wide position, past Wawrinka and to safety. Brilliant. However, the Swiss star tightens his grip on the game in the next point.

    Jo Wilfried Tsonga
  140. Post update

    *Wawrinka 6-3 6-7 (1-7) 2-2 Tsonga

    After that brief - and well-earned - delay, we're back up and running. Tsonga has the ball in his hand, smashing his way to 15-0 and then forcing Wawrinka into a rogue forehand. The Swiss responds with a brilliant backhand winner down the line for 30-15, only to go wide with a crosscourt effort with the next. Wawrinka has no answer to a big Tsonga serve and that is game over.

    Jo Wilfried Tsonga
  141. Post update

    Wawrinka 6-3 6-7 (1-7) 2-1 Tsonga*

    While Wawrinka has some cream applied and a bandage wrapped around his digit, Tsonga uses his time wisely - to have a snooze. At least that's what I imagine he is doing as he closes his eyes for a few moments. He wouldn't be going through some visualisation techniques would he...

    Wilfried Tsonga
  142. Post update

    Wawrinka 6-3 6-7 (1-7) 2-1 Tsonga*

    Stan Wawrinka has a problem. The Swiss eighth seed has asked for the trainer at the change of ends, looks like he is having the middle finger on his right hand strapped up. Nothing too serious I wouldn't imagine.

  143. Post update

    Wawrinka 6-3 6-7 (1-7) 2-1 Tsonga*

    Court Philippe Chatrier is rocking! That's because Tsonga slips, slides and blasts his way to two break points.

    Oh my! What a backhand volley from Wawrinka to save the first. That's not from the top drawer - it's from the secret compartment where you only go to on special occasions....

    The crowd must have a sudden bout of laryngitis - it has lost its voice. Probably because Wawrinka has silenced them with a dazzling array of shots to rescue the second break point and then clean up in deuce.

    Stanislas Wawrinka
  144. Post update

    *Wawrinka 6-3 6-7 (1-7) 1-1 Tsonga

    Any disappointment from being unable to convert that last game into a break is not evident. The Tsonga serve is singing, reaching all the high notes as Wawrinka finds himself woefully out of tune in a hold to love.

  145. Post update

    Wawrinka 6-3 6-7 (1-7) 1-0 Tsonga*

    Tsonga wastes that opportunity, then splutters over another break, leading to a shriek from the Frenchman. He has missed nine of the 10 break points coughed up by Wawrinka. The Swiss knocks the pendulum back in his own favour, forcing Tsonga into a wild backhand to concede the game.

  146. Post update

    Wawrinka 6-3 6-7 (1-7) 0-0 Tsonga*

    Wawrinka's head appears to be still in the locker room, the eighth seed starting slowly with a gloomy backhand and a miserable double fault. But the Swiss earns a slice of luck when a forehand clips the tape, forcing Tsonga to readjust to return, but leaving Wawrinka with the equivalent of a conversion in front of the posts. However, another double fault hands an early break chance to Tsonga...

    Stanislas Wawrinka
  147. Post update

    *Wawrinka 6-3 6-7 (1-7) 0-0 Tsonga

    Wawrinka to serve first. We have lift off in the third set!

    Stanislas Wawrinka