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Mike Henson and Jonathan Jurejko

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  1. Post update

    And, after that shameless plug, it is time for us to say 'au revoir' to Roland Garros for another year. But, don't forget, the tennis season is only just starting as far as we're concerned. The Aegon Championships begin at Queen's Club in London next week, just ahead of another small tournament in the SW19 area of the English capital. See you there!

  2. Post update

    Stan Wawrinka

    Tonight will be a night that Stan Wawrinka will not want to end. The Swiss star is the 2015 French Open champion and will undoubtedly be celebrating long into the Paris night with his family and friends.

    But while he parties until the early hours, there is plenty of sporting fun for you to get involved with...

  3. Match stats

    Djokovic- Wawrinka

    Aces: 6-9

    First serve %: 65-67

    Double faults: 0-3

    Pts won on first serve: 63%-76%

    Pts won on second serve: 53%-50%

    Winners: 30-59

    Unforced errors: 41-45

    Stan Wawrinka
  4. Post update

    Djokovic 6-4 4-6 3-6 4-6 Wawrinka

    Wawrinka's morning headache - one presumes he will be celebrating hard tonight - will be eased with a glance at the world rankings tomorrow. The Swiss star will climb to number four following this victory, with Novak Djokovic remaining at the top of the tree.

  5. Not all about the money

    Djokovic 6-4 4-6 3-6 4-6 Wawrinka

    When Stan Wawrinka is grey, wrinkled and reminiscing about his career, he will look over at the Coupe des Mousquetaires on his mantelpiece and feel all warm inside. Trophies and memories are what bring pleasure for a sports star - not money. But, of course, a decent stack of cash is an added bonus. And Wawrinka will be sticking an extra €1.8m into his Swiss bank account tomorrow morning - not a bad fortnight's work!

  6. The champion speaks

    Djokovic 6-4 4-6 3-6 4-6 Wawrinka


    French Open champion Stan Wawrinka, speaking on Court Philippe Chatrier: "I want to say thank you to the crowd. It was an incredible atmosphere on court and I felt emotion like I never have before.

    "I would also like to thank Magnus Norman my coach you played in the final twice without winning but this victory is yours as well as mine."

  7. Post update

    Roger Federer

    Few words needed from 2009 champion Roger Federer as he welcomes Swiss pal Stan Wawrinka into the Roland Garros hall of fame.

  8. Post update

    Djokovic 6-4 4-6 3-6 4-6 Wawrinka

    Runner-up Novak Djokovic, speaking on Court Philippe Chatrier: "I want to say congratulations to Stan and it is not very easy for me to speak now, there are things that are more important in life than victories and that is character and respect - Stan you are a great champion with big heart. I want to say thank you to my team, my wife and the French public. I will be back next year to try again to win the title."

  9. Get involved via #bbctennis or 81111 on text

    Vaishach: One Swiss fails another Swiss rises back, I think the legacy of @rogerfederer is now passed on to Stan.

    Lucas: Stan has the best backhand I think I've ever seen. It could peel an orange, it really could

  10. Post update

    Djokovic 6-4 4-6 3-6 4-6 Wawrinka

    Both players address the Paris crowd, speaking in the host tongue. Our basic French GCSE knowledge is struggling to translate as Novak takes the microphone first, but the jist of the runner-up's speech is the Serb offering his congratulations to Wawrinka and thanking his box.

  11. Wawrinka wins French Open

    Djokovic 6-4 4-6 3-6 4-6 Wawrinka


    If that is the acclaim given to the runner-up then just imagine what Wawrinka's reception will be like! Decibel meters across the French capital shatter one after another as the Swiss's name is read out. "French Open champion - Stan Wawrinka," shouts the Roland Garros announcer. Stan must be tempted to ask her to repeat that line - Stan is THE man. The eighth seed clasps the chunky Coupe des Mousquetaires in his battle-worn hands, showing off his newly-acquired silverware to all sides of Chatrier.

  12. Post update

    Djokovic 6-4 4-6 3-6 4-6 Wawrinka


    I always thought Djokovic was the Ivan Drago of the tennis world - steely, cold, unemotional. But even Drago would be moved by the reception that the Serb receives from the Paris tennis fans. A round of applause continues for at least a couple of minutes - maybe longer - as he receives the runners-up plate from Kuerten. The world number one is fighting back the tears....

  13. Wawrinka wins French Open

    Djokovic 6-4 4-6 3-6 4-6 Wawrinka

    The Coupe des Mousquetaires is glistening in the strong Paris sunshine as Roland Garros officials scurry out on to Chatrier to hastily assemble the presentation platform. Three-time winner Gustavo Kuerten, decked out in a snazzy turquoise suit (seriously), has the honour of dishing out the gongs.

  14. Wawrinka wins French Open

    Djokovic 6-4 4-6 3-6 4-6 Wawrinka


    Wawrinka comes back down to courtside - although his mind will still be up on cloud nine - sharing another warm embrace with his opponent. The Swiss can now stick the Roland Garros men's title next to the junior version, which he won back in 2003, on his mantelpiece. He's the first man to do that since Mats Wilander in 1988.

  15. Wawrinka wins French Open

    Djokovic 6-4 4-6 3-6 4-6 Wawrinka

    Wawrinka appears up in the players' box, dishing out the hugs and backslaps at the rate you would expect of a man who has just won his second Grand Slam against all the odds.

  16. Wawrinka wins French Open

    Djokovic 6-4 4-6 3-6 4-6 Wawrinka

    Novak and Stan

    The pair embrace at the net after a humdinger of a Roland Garros final - I'm surprised they have even got the energy to do that. Wawrinka nips off court to compose himself, Djokovic sits in his chair dampening his sweaty face with a towel. The Serb must wait at least another 12 months until completing that heralded career Grand Slam....

  17. Game, set and match - Wawrinka

    Djokovic 6-4 4-6 3-6 4-6 Wawrinka


    We have a first time winner of the French Open! Stan Wawrinka that is, not Novak Djokovic....

    Brief hope for Djokovic, who has Wawrinka dancing all the court, before firing a forehand winner for advantage. But, for once, his nerves get the better of him, blowing his big moment and allowing Wawrinka back in a slightly ajar door.

    The Swiss sticks his foot there and pushes it wide open with two big serves that leave Djokovic rocking. And a - yep, you've guessed it - backhand winner down the line completes the job for Wawrinka!

  18. Post update

    Djokovic 6-4 4-6 3-6 4-5 Wawrinka*

    Has he's got it? No! So close from Wawrinka with his first serve - the Chatrier crowd thinks he has won. The umpire disagrees. Then Djokovic pounces on the Swiss's second serve to rescue deuce....

  19. Post update

    Djokovic 6-4 4-6 3-6 4-5 Wawrinka*


    Djokovic wags his finger as a fierce Wawrinka forehand finds the net for 15-30. Stan, going for his second Slam, must be feeling the pressure. Can you blame him? But he has the Chatrier crowd fully behind him, spanking away another winner. Championship point...

  20. Get involved via #bbctennis or 81111 on text

    Karen Horton: This tennis is outrageous. Should be enjoying the sun but it's too good

    Christopher David: This is a tremendous final. The momentum shifts make it an enthralling watch. Desperate for it to go to 5

    Gregory P: Big 4 becoming big 5 if Stan wins his 2nd Grand Slam? Makes him as successful as Muzza

  21. Wawrinka breaks

    Djokovic 6-4 4-6 3-6 4-5 Wawrinka*

    Wawrinka manoeuvres himself into another 15-30 lead - can he push his foot down on the accelerator? Not this time! He goes long to let Djokovic back in. But then he roars back with a sublime one-handed backhand - his feared weapon - to nab a break point at 40-30. Power, spin, precision - sensational stuff.

    But then a serve and volley from Djokovic takes us to deuce. The man is cooler than a cucumber which has been left at the back of the fridge. Oh, hang on. Some more uncharacteristic uncertainty from the Serb gives Wawrinka another chance - and he takes it!

    A superb one-handed backhand (what else) races down the line for the break. Wawrinka is serving for the French Open title....

  22. Get involved via #bbctennis or 81111 on text

    Monique Brown: "People are forgetting this is the Stan that beat Nadal in Australia Open final last year playing at this level."

    Gareth, Cardiff: "If he wins this, I think Wawrinka and Murray should merge together - Stan-dy? - then Murray's Wimbledon and US titles and Stan's Australian and French titles will give them the career slam."

  23. Post update

    *Djokovic 6-4 4-6 3-6 4-4 Wawrinka

    Incredible fight from Djokovic. Moments ago, he was 40-15 down on his own serve. Now he is 40-0 ahead on Wawrinka's toss. Three break points.

    The first... goes. Wawrinka draws Djokovic into a long rally, swatting away a forehand winner with the Serb rooted to the red dust. The second.... also goes. Wawrinka rocks back on his heels before unleashing another fierce backhand into the same corner. The third.... goes! Wawrinka forces deuce. Incredible fight from both men.

    The Swiss hits a service winner for advantage, then completes the job. Phew! Relief for the eighth seed, despair for the top seed.

  24. Post update

    Djokovic 6-4 4-6 3-6 4-3 Wawrinka*

    Wawrinka is flying! Stan the man is buzzing around the Chatrier court like an angry wasp, desperate to pounce on everything he can. He lands on a couple of stinging forehands - two more break points for him. Djokovic looks shell-shocked as he wipes his furrowed brow with a towel.

    What has Djokovic got in his locker? The world number one rummages deep, plucking out a forehand volley winner and then a backhand equivalent as he creeps up to the net. He celebrates deuce like he has just been crowned French Open champion. A few more games like this and he might, just might, well be. The Serb completes the job, sparking more manic celebrations.

  25. Get involved


    Steve Jones: This tennis match is awesome! Every point earned by brilliance!

    Danny: Since when has Wawrinka been able to defend like this?! He's neutralising Djokovic's big weapons. Incredible tennis.

  26. Post update

    *Djokovic 6-4 4-6 3-6 3-3 Wawrinka


    All square. Wawrinka manages to keep hold of his serve, making Djokovic scramble across court and palm a forehand into the net. No real danger for the Swiss there.

  27. Post update

    Annabel Croft

    Former British number one on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

    "Anybody who has a ticket to this match is being treated. The level of play is extraordinary and it leaves you speechless. Stanislas is just not going away and I've never seen Novak look so undecided with some of his shot selection."

  28. Post update

    Piers Newbery

    BBC Sport at Roland Garros


    "Djokovic is gasping for breath at the changeover after that punishing rally on break point but there are no racquet-smashing antics this time, just a couple of lengthy glances towards his player box and the familiar command to a ball kid: "Banana please!"

  29. Wawrinka breaks back

    Djokovic 6-4 4-6 3-6 3-2 Wawrinka*

    What. A. Game. Wawrinka reacquaints himself with this fourth set with a brilliant break! The Swiss eyes up a break at 15-30 before getting a full glimpse when Djokovic goes long - teeing up two break points for the eighth seed. The pair become embroiled in a slugfest - a welcome return after my complaints in the previous game - with Djokovic blinking first when he crashes a forehand into the net. Wawrinka repeatedly fistpumps the warm Parisian air. And that means he is happy.

  30. Post update

    *Djokovic 6-4 4-6 3-6 3-1 Wawrinka

    Finally we have a bit of a lull in this match - not surprising after the intensity we have seen so far. Those long rallies have disappeared down the plug-hole, perhaps because both players, consciously or subconsciously, know they need to preserve some energy for a deciding set. An easy hold for Wawrinka is just what the Swiss star needs - and that's what he gets.

  31. Post update

    Djokovic 6-4 4-6 3-6 3-0 Wawrinka*


    Novak Djokovic is motoring down the Roland Garros express and halfway towards the fourth set. A half chance at 15-30 for Wawrinka goes begging, the Swiss lambasting himself in his native tongue and looking up to the heavens as he lets off some steam. Djokovic brings an intense rally to an end with a precise forehand down the line for 40-30 and Wawrinka, now looking a little deflated, misjudging a forehand return to leave Djokovic coasting.

  32. Djokovic breaks

    *Djokovic 6-4 4-6 3-6 2-0 Wawrinka

    Write Novak Djokovic off at your peril! Wawrinka, perhaps feeling the tension, eagerly moves into the net at 30-30. But the Swiss eighth seed was too eager, and slams a backhand volley into the tape. Novak widens his eyes in disbelief - he didn't expect this chance. And the Serb snaffles the opportunity at the first attempt.

  33. Post update

    Djokovic 6-4 4-6 3-6 1-0 Wawrinka*


    One thing we know about Novak Djokovic is that he has the mental strength of a robot. If you were going to back one man to battle back from two sets to one down that it would be the ice-cool Serb. He opens up the fourth set with the ball in hand, and eases any tension with a hold as a Wawrinka forehand misses the target on the decisive point.

  34. Post update

    *Djokovic 6-4 4-6 3-6 0-0 Wawrinka

    Cheers Mike. Suck this in and enjoy it, folks. We're feeling breathless and watching this from afar - goodness knows how Stan Wawrinka and Novak Djokovic are feeling in the heat of the battle.

    So are we one set away from Wawrinka's second Slam? Or two sets from discovering who will nab their first Roland Garros title? We could be here until the cows come home....

  35. Post update

    Plenty of legs left in this match I'll wager as Novak Djokovic uses the changeover to stretch off and Stan Wawrinka heads for a bathroom break.

    The lactic acid is building in these fingers though. Jonathan Jurejko is going to take over on keys for the fourth set.

  36. Post update

    Miles Maclagan

    Former coach to Andy Murray and Laura Robson on BBC Radio 5 live


    "Absolutely spectacular. An amazing turnaround by Stan Wawrinka after that opening set - I wasn't sure how he could do it. But he has - it is remarkable. What does Djokovic do now? Try to keep playing solid tennis and see if the situation gets to Wawrinka? This is tennis of the highest quality."

  37. Game and third set

    *Djokovic 6-4 4-6 3-6 Wawrinka

    Not a stutter, not a stumble, not a waver.

    Stan Wawrinka is a man on a mission, rather than one weighed down by the pressure of the situation.

    His serve is still stinging like Indiana Jones' bullwhip and he holds to love to take the set.

  38. Post update

    Annabel Croft

    Former British number one on BBC Radio 5 live


    "Wawrinka has been sensational, completely dominating and dictating play now. It feels like Djokovic is being pummelled. He is walking slower and slower between points, almost as though as he is exasperated. He cannot make any inroads against Wawrinka at the moment."

  39. Get involved


    Richard Fawcett: This is stellar stuff from Wawrinka at the moment, the extra power on his ground strokes is proving a lot to handle for Djokovic.

    Andrew Priestley: Wawrinka has Djokovic on the ropes at the minute. Novak will come back and battle, but Stan needs to capitalise right now

    Ben Crowden: Maybe Djokovic needs Becker to do some sort of thunderstorm spell like he did against Murray...

  40. Post update

    Djokovic 6-4 4-6 3-5 Wawrinka*

    Stan Wawrinka is bringing out the trickshots now, but he will have to win this third set on serve rather than with the flourish of a break.

    An extraordinary backhand threaded round the net post from way out wide for a winner and 0-30. That is straight-to-showreel stuff.

    But Djokovic grinds his way back into the game to keep Wawrinka at bay for at least one game.

    Novak Djokovic

    The Swiss serves for the set next.

  41. Post update

    *Djokovic 6-4 4-6 2-5 Wawrinka

    The adrenaline is coursing through veins, but Stan Wawrinka needs a long cool glass of composure.

    A badly-timed rush to the net in the first point is punished with a Djokovic pass winner, before a double fault allows the Serb to deuce.

    A forehand balloons long to give Djokovic break point. The Serb could get the break back just by hanging around at this rate.

    Wawrinka picks his shirt off his shoulders and sucks down a deep breath.

    Whichever happy place he mentally went to, it did the trick. He batters his way out of a tight corner and to a hold.

  42. Get involved

    via text on 81111

    Michael Allen: Djokovic solid, no-nonsense, emphatic. Wawrinka daring, adventurous, imaginative. The shorts I mean.

    James, North Wales: Stan THE man. What a performance he is putting together.

    Stan Wawrinka's racket
  43. Wawrinka breaks

    Djokovic 6-4 4-6 2-4 Wawrinka*

    Tennis from the gods. Novak Djokovic reduced to mere mortal.

    Stan Wawrinka whips a laser-like backhand down the line for 0-30. He then wraps his forehand around a delicious stretching winner for 0-40.

    Three break points. And Wawrinka runs down an over-cooked drop-shot from Djokovic to swat away the first!

    Philippe-Chatrier are lapping this up and Djokovic has a real situation on his hands.

    Stan Wawrinka celebrates breaking Djokovic
  44. Post update

    Piers Newbery

    BBC Sport at Roland Garros

    "Djokovic rummages for the tupperware at the changeover and takes out what looks from a distance like chocolate cookies (I doubt they are chocolate cookies). Wawrinka has the ice towel firmly on and the trainer pays a brief visit - possibly the blister on his finger is playing up a bit, but it doesn't appear to be anything serious. The flurry of activity from both men looks exhausting. A far cry from the day when it was just a glug of barley water and time to adjust the headband."

  45. View with a view


    Other than a courtside seat on Chatrier, there can be few better places in watch this fantastic final than here. On a big screen, in the belting Paris sunshine, with the shadow of the Eiffel Tower looming large. C'est magnifique!

  46. Game, set and stat

    *Djokovic 6-4 4-6 2-3 Wawrinka

    Stan Wawrinka has only lost three points on his serve in this third set - Novak Djokovic has lost twice as many.

  47. Post update

    *Djokovic 6-4 4-6 2-3 Wawrinka

    Stan Wawrinka rattles through a service hold to love. The crowd's cheers after each point get progressively louder.

    After his role in Switzerland's Davis Cup win over France last year, he started this afternoon as the villain, but the Philippe Chatrier public are talking themselves into an underdog upset.

  48. Post update

    Djokovic 6-4 4-6 2-2 Wawrinka*


    Novak Djokovic's groans and grunts are getting longer in duration and louder in volume as he gets bogged down knee-deep in a slug-fest with Stan Wawrinka.

    It is not a place he is enjoying being.

    The rallies are living and dying on the Swiss's racquet, his accuracy when he goes for winners is deciding the destination of the points.

    A backhand wide allows Djokovic through for the loss of 30, but the top seed is a hunted man.

  49. Post update

    Annabel Croft

    Former British number one on BBC Radio 5 live

    "Djokovic look likes he is clinging on at the moment. The match has gone away from those points where he is dominating and he has become almost subdued. Stan know he has this ability to make Novak very uncomfortable and he has done that. You can see Djokovic trying to change the rhythm, he has brought in drop-shots and a few slices, but he is not happy with his forehand."

    Novak Djokovic
  50. Post update

    *Djokovic 6-4 4-6 1-2 Wawrinka

    Stan Wawrinka's serve is locked down as tight as one of his country's bank vaults.

    And there is some 24-carat gold raining down from Wawrinka as well. Six out of seven points won behind his first serve in this set.

  51. Post update

    Djokovic 6-4 4-6 1-1 Wawrinka*

    This is the human, fallible Novak Djokovic rather than the titanium-plated tennis machine.

    Wawrinka's power is cutting down his time to make shots from the back and making it difficult for the Serb to gobble up the lateral yards as easily as he normally does in defence.

    Djokovic coughs up to break points and 15-40. Two stealth raids to the net and volleys with the careful touch of pitbull groomer see those away.

    But here is another break point to deal with from deuce. He puffs out his chest and rushes the net once more to see it off.

    Novak Djokovic

    Djokovic is just about keeping his head above the rising tide, but he is thrashing about a bit at the moment.

  52. Get involved


    Tariq Khan: Great contest so far. Djokovic is favourite but Wawrinka is equal to the task.

    Peter Reeves-Toy: Those shorts are certainly a great way to distract an opponent! Eyes on the ball Novak.

    Stan Wawrinka's shorts
  53. Post update

    *Djokovic 6-4 4-6 0-1 Wawrinka

    Stan Wawrinka's serve has been pounding away, and Novak Djokovic - perhaps the greatest returner ever- has been struggling to apply pressure over the last hour or so.

    An ace followed by a big serve down the middle help Stan out of a bit of a hole at 30-30.

    He is landing with 65% of his first serves and winning a pretty smart 71% of his points when he does.

  54. Post update

    Annabel Croft

    Former British number one on BBC Radio 5 live

    Stan Wawrinka plays a backhand

    "Wawrinka's backhand - which we all admire - has done a lot of damage, but his forehand has been equally as devastating. I think Djokovic could sense how uncomfortable Wawrinka was making him feel. In the blink of an eye it is one-set all."

  55. Wawrinka wins the second set

    Djokovic 6-4 4-6 Wawrinka*

    Stan Wawrinka

    He has been flirting with disaster all through it and finally Novak Djokovic's tight-rope walk in the second set comes to an ugly end.

    Stan Wawrinka's forehand is spitting like a viper and when Djokovic chops an ugly backhand wide between the tramlines, it gives away 30-40, break and set point.

    A lengthy back and forth ensues. Djkokovic forced into desperate defence, Wawrinka throwing ever-bigger haymakers, and finally Djokovic is stretched beyond his limits.

    Djokovic hands out some corporal punishment to his racquet in revenge, stamping it to destruction on his way back to his chair.

    We are even stevens.

  56. Get involved


    Martin: I like Wawrinka's shorts. Bit of an "I know they don't match but they're the only pair not in the wash" vibe.

  57. Post update

    Piers Newbery

    BBC Sport at Roland Garros

    Boris Becker

    "Djokovic's coach Boris Becker is standing at the changeovers, surveying the scene of several semi-final defeats of his own. The German never won a clay-court title in his illustrious career, once double faulting on match point against ironman Thomas Muster in Monte Carlo. He knows about winning and losing big matches, and that is why Djokovic brought him on board. Victory today would be a major triumph for both player and coach."

  58. Post update

    *Djokovic 6-4 4-5 Wawrinka

    Stan Wawrinka is still holding serve more comfortably than his opponent.

    That one is posted up on the scoreboard for the loss of just one point.

    Wawrinka has faced just one break point so far and had four. He has hit 14 winners to eight. But you don't get any marks for effort and the score only shows that the set is still on serve.

  59. Post update

    Miles Maclagan

    Former coach to Andy Murray and Laura Robson on BBC Radio 5 live

    "I wondered if, for a split second, Djokovic thought he had made a mistake leaving that Wawrinka return. These are the fine margins that these two are playing with. The umpire didn't call it - but Djokovic did.

    "The crowd are getting their money's worth. This is just great tennis - and great tension and drama."

  60. Post update

    Djokovic 6-4 4-4 Wawrinka*

    Oh, the judgement of Solomon and Judge Judy combined from Novak Djokovic.

    Break point down, the world number one allows a Stan Wawrinka forehand to float past him. The linejudge doesn't call and for a moment it looks like a horrible, horrible mistake.

    It isn't though. The umpire gets off his high chair to confirm the ball has dropped just long.

    It was mighty close though. And maybe the frustration of being so close and having so little to show for it is behind Wawrinka's reaction - thrashing the net cord with his racquet after failing to scoop up a a Djokovic dropper - after the final point.

    Stan Wawrinka

    He has had break points on the last three Djokovic games and not made the breakthrough.

  61. Get involved


    Rafael Nadal celebrating each of his 9 French Open victories

    Default Girl: I have to say that a Roland Garros final without either Rafa or Federer feels weird. Shows you how long they dominated the game.

  62. Post update

    Annabel Croft

    Former British number one on BBC Radio 5 live

    "Wawrinka definitely has Djokovic rattled. In all his matches I've watched at this French Open, it is the most animated Djokovic has been, in terms of being connected to his box, turning around and shouting. But in real terms he is a set up and has had opportunities in this set. There's a lot going on. But he is in control of this match and it is Stan who is hanging in there."

    Novak Djokovic
  63. Post update

    *Djokovic 6-4 3-4 Wawrinka

    Stan Wawrinka is enjoying a service-game stroll, easing to 40-0. But, a Grand Slam final is no place to stop and sniff the flowers.

    Novak Djokovic muscles his way back into the game to force a deuce, but, while the scoreboard suggest that it is Wawrinka under pressure, it is Djokovic who plays like it.

    The world number one motions up to his box as he misjudges the bounce of a ball and nets with a forehand to concede the game,

  64. Federer tunes in at the footy

    Djokovic v Wawrinka

    As you would expect of someone of Roger Federer's talent, the 17-time Grand Slam winner makes a mockery of often-heard claims that men cannot multi-task.

    The Swiss star has been watching his football team FC Basel take on Sion in the country's cup final - but, using the latest technology, made sure he could keep one eye on his compatriot Wawrinka's progress against Djokovic.

    Although R-Fed had probably had enough of the football anyway. Basel lost 3-0...

  65. Post update

    Djokovic 6-4 3-3 Wawrinka*

    Novak Djokovic throws his arms wide in exasperation as he watches a forehand curl wide to allow Stan Wawrinka 30-30.

    Maybe he was being hard on himself there. He was getting some serious pace bunged down that wing from Wawrinka.

    He is right to upbraid himself on the next point though. He fails to scrape up a very makeable backhand. Break point Wawrinka.

    Is this the moment for the Swiss to break through? Nope. Djokovic slaps away a big forehand before Wawrinka pushes a smash out with Djokovic and his fans braced for the loss of the point.

    No break, but more promising signs for Wawrinka.

  66. Post update

    *Djokovic 6-4 2-3 Wawrinka

    Stan Wawrinka is cosying into this second set very nicely.

    He holds serve with a bit to spare. Is he the coming force in this match? It feels that way at the moment.

    Stan Wawrinka
  67. Post update

    Djokovic 6-4 2-2 Wawrinka*

    Novak Djokovic looks like he has this game under control as he comes to the net and pats away a nicely controlled volley for 30-15. But Wawrinka prises a break point off the Serb as Djokovic twangs the tape and the ball floats up and wide.


    But there is more trouble from deuce. A second break point. First serve missed. Into a rally behind the second. And Wawrinka pumps long with a slightly over-eager backhand.

    Djokovic is being given a working over here. He points a finger and punches a fist in relief as Wawrinka overcooks deep. He is under some stress out there. But he has found another gear just when required to disappear over the horizon and safe.

  68. Get involved


    Jamie Purcell: Djokovic should be made to play the rest of the season hopping on one leg to level the playing field, or maybe take his racquet...

    Novak Djokovic takes a drinks break
  69. Post update

    Djokovic v Wawrinka
  70. Post update

    *Djokovic 6-4 1-2 Wawrinka

    And Stan Wawrinka replies with his own service game to love.

    The highlight of the game was a shot that didn't even go in as Novak Djokovic goes for a block drop-shot return to a spicy Stan serve on the final point.

    Djokovic mopped up just a little too much of the serve's power though, the ball fading into the tape.

  71. Post update

    Djokovic 6-4 1-1 Wawrinka*

    There is the iron fist in the velvet glove, the cudgel to go with the scalpel.

    Novak Djokovic moves 40-0 up with a tickle of a drop-shot shifting Stan Wawrinka out of position and exposing acres of unguarded red clay behind him.

    He seals the game to love in very different style, going toe-to-toe with Wawrinka in a baseline slugfest. It was like one of those fairground Test Your Strength machines with both men hammering away and Djokovic blowing a gasket on Wawrinka's game.

  72. Post update

    *Djokovic 6-4 0-1 Wawrinka

    No let up yet for the Stanimal.

    Stan Wawrinka is back under the pump as Novak Djokovic forces a break point and 30-40. A timely ace sees off the danger.

    Wawrinka comes to the net with a knee-knocker of a volley to put away to seal the game. On the stretch. It's a tricky one, but he makes it.

    Stan Wawrinka
  73. Get involved


    James Massey: Another example of why Hawkeye has to be introduced at Roland Garros. Wawrinka should have brokeN back then!

    Frances Ferguson: I hope Stan never sees that line call. Would have changed the outcome of that game...

  74. Get involved


    The Real Deal: It's a mistake to judge Djokovic as human when all evidence points to cyborg like perfection, he is a machine!

    Gokuldev Vasudevan: About 71% of the Earth's surface is covered by water. The rest is covered by Djokovic.

    Novak Djokovic
  75. Post update

    Miles Maclagan

    Former coach to Andy Murray and Laura Robson on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

    "The quality is amazing. For these men to produce this standard in these circumstances is mind blowing.

    "I just can't get over how hard that backhand from Stan Wawrinka was to save the second set point. Novak Djokovic did not expect it and did not see it coming in any shape or form. But Djokovic shows again his ability to keep his calm - he has done that in pressure situations time and time again."

  76. Djokovic wins first set

    Djokovic 6-4 Wawrinka*

    Stan Wawrinka has been blasting his biggest groundstroke guns, but so far Novak Djokovic has just got the ball back by hook or crook.

    But are there signs that the Serb's defences are being worn down?

    At 30-15, Wawrinka wallops down the line. Initially called out, Djokovic queries, the umpire comes out of his chair and agrees. The Hawk-Eye replay - which is for a bit of fun only - suggests that Wawrinka should have had the point with the ball snipping the chalk. What could have been 30-30 turns to 40-15.

    Two lovely shots - a whipped forehand down the line and a surprise stab backhand reply to a lob - knock back two set points. There is even a break point for Wawrinka, but his racquet crumples under a ripped Djokovic serve.

    And Djokovic - the great survivor - emerges from amid the volleys of explosive groundstrokes, clutching the first set.

    Novak Djokovic wins the first set
  77. Post update

    *Djokovic 5-4 Wawrinka

    Stan Wawrinka keeps his cards on the table in the first set. But he is yet to force a break point on the Novak Djokovic serve.

    He will have to make one happen in the next game - and take it - if Djokovic is to be denied.

    Stan Wawrinka
  78. Post update

    Djokovic 5-3 Wawrinka*

    Piers Newbery

    BBC Sport at Roland Garros

    "Wawrinka looked like he had cornered the market in saving break points after seeing off an incredible 16 of 17 against Tsonga, and then denying Djokovic twice today. When the need to do so for a third time came, Wawrinka's run ended quite spectacularly with a dreadful service game. The Swiss has one of the biggest serves in the game, regularly nudging 220kph, but it comes under pressure regularly and there is nobody better at returning than Djokovic."

    Stan Wawrinka
  79. Post update

    Djokovic 5-3 Wawrinka*

    It is like getting out of Alcatraz, escaping from a break down against Novak Djokovic.

    The Serb tightens the thumb-screws another notch with a punchy service game that concludes with a fierce ace down the middle.

  80. Get involved



    Stewart Mills: I thought Stan was Swiss not Croatian? Not sure about the outfit choice today - hope he plays better than he dresses!

    L T Mabvira: However long I have seen them, still can't get the point of Stan's shorts. Bold & assertive yet equally strange & weird...

  81. Djokovic breaks

    *Djokovic 4-3 Wawrinka

    Stan Wawrinka has walked into an elephant trap.

    Novak Djokovic ambushes him with a break to love, but Wawrinka was an accomplice in his own downfall.

    A couple of unforced errors give Djokovic 0-40 and three break points. Wawrinka has apparently saved 23 of the last 24 break points he has faced on his serve.

    But he fails to put up the fight that that stat would suggest. In fact Djokovic does not have to play another stroke. He watches on as Wawrinka cuffs down a double fault.

    Novak Djokovic
  82. Post update

    Djokovic 3-3 Wawrinka*

    Novak Djokovic's serve is tied up a bit more tightly though. He breezes though to 15 to turn the spotlight back on Stan Wawrinka.

  83. Get involved

    via text on 81111

    Jezz, just turned over from the footy, in Hull: The difference is that Wawrinka's ground strokes are landing three yards deeper than Murray's were.

  84. Post update

    Miles Maclagan

    Former coach to Andy Murray and Laura Robson on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

    "Wawrinka has had to face break points in two of his three service games and faced them off with serves down the middle, followed up with quality shots. If Djokovic gets away, gets a lead and relaxes then he is almost impossible to catch. So that was a good effort from Wawrinka, under pressure, to hold his serve."

    Stan Wawrinka serves
  85. Post update

    *Djokovic 2-3 Wawrinka

    Novak Djokovic with 0-30, but that is a peachy backhand down the line from Stan Wawrinka. Novak Djokovic has a little moan about the bounce that he got as the ball skidded off the baseline, but he was struggling to make up the ground anyway.

    A missed backhand though from Wawrinka offers up a break point and 30-40. He pounds away like Sonny Liston to tenderise Djokovic with power and angles. Well played. To deuce.

    And the Swiss number two - him and Federer in a nation of eight million! - makes his way through another service game with a little struggle and a lot of class.

  86. Post update

    Djokovic 2-2 Wawrinka*

    A little bit of a creak in the Novak Djokovic serve as he coughs up 0-30.

    But that is all Stan Wawrinka gets. Still tight and tidy and on serve.

    Novak Djokovic
  87. Post update

    *Djokovic 1-2 Wawrinka

    Stan Wawrinka

    "The best one-handed backhand in the game." That's how John McEnroe has described Stan Wawrinka's signature stroke. High praise indeed. So one would imagine that allowing Wawrinka little opportunity to use that potent weapon is high in the Djokovic tactical masterplan.

    "I changed my backhand from two-hander to one-hander at 11 years old with my first coach, Dimitri," the 30-year-old Swiss told BBC Sport last year.

    "He asked me to try as for him it was more natural to play one-handed, but it was difficult for me at 11 to play one-handed because you don't have that much power.

    "It's not easy, but Dmitri was always behind me, saying: 'It's going to take time but it's going to be better in the end'. And he was right."

  88. Post update

    *Djokovic 1-2 Wawrinka

    A whopper of an ace cleaves down the middle of the T to close out the game to love.

    Stan Wawrinka's beauty of a backhand, thrown over his shoulder like a starlet's scarve, has just earned an admiring glance from French Tennis Federatini president Jean Gachassin in the posh seats.

    He has good taste.

  89. Post update

    Djokovic 1-1 Wawrinka*

    I wouldn't make any early evening plans.

    This has the look of a behemoth. Novak Djokovic holds serve to 30, but the rallies are long and the quality is high from both men.

    Novak Djokovic
  90. Post update

    *Djokovic 0-1 Wawrinka

    Stan Wawrinka looked a little nervy as he fumbled a ball lobbed to him by one of the ballkids, but that was ultimately an assured hold after he came under some early pressure.

    Wawrinka whittled off the first two points for 30-0. There are no grace games against Novak Djokovic though and the Serb finds his range and nibbles his way back, bit-by-bit, to earn a break point.

    An overcooked forehand return clears the baseline to let Stan off the hook. Biff, bosh, bish, bash - a monster 39-shot rally follows and crumbles Wawrinka's way. If you are winning those sort of exchanges against Djokovic you are doing something right.

    Stan Wawrinka
  91. Post update

    Piers Newbery

    BBC Sport at Roland Garros

    "There was a huge roar as both men emerged into the sunlight on Chatrier, which looks like it will actually be full for the start of the match. Chants of "Nole! Nole!" rang around the stadium and Team Novak were up on their feet, clapping along. It's a huge day for the world number one and also for Serbia, with a sporting superstar on the verge of becoming a bona fide all-time great. That is unless Wawrinka has one of his magical days, in which case Djokovic might just have to wait another year."

  92. Post update

    Miles Maclagan

    Former coach to Andy Murray and Laura Robson on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

    "Djokovic at his very best is unbeatable. His best level is possibly the best level of tennis ever seen. We have seen periods of tennis where it looks impossible to win a point against him. If he can produce that then he will be holding the trophy later.

    "But Stan does have the power to rattle Djokovic and take him out of the comfort zone. Stan has transformed from a great player to a Grand Slam winner and he needs to call on that power today."

  93. Post update

    Djokovic v Wawrinka

    The players pose at the net for a snap before umpire Damien Dumusois issues instructions. It is all very polite. Stan allows Novak to call the toss and then opts to serve when the Serb's guess of heads proves wrong.

    Stan Wawrinka and Novak Djokovic
  94. Get involved


    Edward Ditchfield: Not going to be the walkover everyone expects, but Djokovic in four sets to cement his place amongst the all time greats.

  95. Post update

    The two players stroll out onto Philippe-Chatrier and it is Novak Djokovic who wins the decibel count. By some distance.

    "No-vak! No-vak!," chant the crowd as the players rummage about in their racquet bags for bits and pieces.

    Looks like Stan Wawrinka will have the majority of the crowd as well as the worlds best player to contend with today.

  96. Il fait beau

    Paris weather

    Short of some Isner-Mahut style shenanigans, there is no excuse for not getting this one done and dusted tonight.

    With not a drop of rain on the radar, there should be enough light to accommodate even a ding-donging five-set epic between Stan Wawrinka and Novak Djokovic.

  97. You can't buy experience...

    Djokovic v Wawrinka

    Andre Agassi
    Novak Djokovic
  98. From boy to man

    Djokovic v Wawrinka

    Stan Wawrinka
  99. Get involved via #bbctennis and 81111 on text

    We have already had pictures of Stan's ink and Andre's headband in this live text.

    As well as your predictions for the match, we are after the accessories, gadgets and style touches sported by players past and present that you would like to see more of. Or less of for that matter.

    Shout up on #bbctennis on Twitter and 81111 on text to let us know.

    I'm going for Arantxa Sanchez-Vicaro's natty behind-the-back ball-holder as my pick.

    Arantxa Sanchez-Vicaro
  100. Brand Stan

    Nerve. Mental strength. A refusal to bow to physical pain.

    All useful when it comes to winning Grand Slams. And also when you decide you want to get six sentences worth of prose tattooed on yourself.

    Fortunately for Stan, they are pretty short. The Swiss went for some words of Samuel Beckett's - "Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try Again. Fail again. Fail better" - down his forearm.

    Stan Wawrinka
  101. The main man

    Novak Djokovic

    Novak Djokovic is in a white-hot run of form at the moment.

    Since his son Stefan was born in October, Djokovic has won every Grand Slam and Masters event he has entered, claiming titles in Paris, Indian Wells, Miami, Monte Carlo and Rome as well as the Australian Open. He also lifted the World Tour Finals in London in December.

    He has won his last 28 matches, with his last defeat coming against Roger Federer in the final of the Dubai event in February.

    Coming into this tournament he was more than 4,500 points clear at the top of the rankings, with very nearly double number three Andy Murray's total.

    However you cut it, he is top dog.

  102. The blame man

    Stan Wawrinka

    The French Open crowd face a bit of a dilemma today. They love an underdog. But they are not that keen on Stan Wawrinka.

    When the Swiss beat France in the David Cup final in November, Wawrinka offered the not-so-diplomatic opinion that his team "had let their racquets do the talking".

    The French team did not take very kindly to those comments and there was reportedly a low-level barney at the post-match celebratory dinner.

    Wawrinka has copped some jeers after beating Gilles Simon in the fourth round and Jo-Wilfried Tsonga in the semi-finals this week.

    "I have the impression that what happened during the Davis Cup last year - as I said before, things that maybe had gone too far," said Wawrinka.

    "I didn't want to harm anybody. I wasn't nasty against anybody. You know, it's about joking... but the crowd will remember."

  103. Route to the final - Djokovic

    Djokovic v Wawrinka

    Novak Djokovic

    First round: beat Jarkko Nieminen 6-2 7-5 6-2

    Second round: beat Gilles Muller 6-1 6-4 6-4

    Third round: beat Thanasi Kokkinakis 6-4 6-4 6-4

    Fourth round: beat 20th seed Richard Gasquet 6-1 6-2 6-3

    Quarter final: beat sixth seed Rafael Nadal 7-5 6-3 6-1

    Semi-final: beat third seed Andy Murray 6-3 6-3 5-7 5-7 6-1

    Total time on court: 14 hours 16 mins

  104. Route to the final - Wawrinka

    Djokovic v Wawrinka

    Stan Wawrinka

    First round: beat Marsel Ilhan 6-3 6-2 6-3

    Second round: beat Dusan Lajovic 6-3 6-4 5-7 6-3

    Third round: beat Steve Johnson 6-4 6-3 6-2

    Fourth round: beat 12th seed Gilles Simon 6-1 6-4 6-2

    Quarter-final: beat second seed Roger Federer 6-4 6-3 7-6 (7-4)

    Semi-final: beat 14th seed Jo-Wilfried Tsonga 6-3 6-7 (1-7) 7-6 (7-3) 6-4

    Total time on court: 13 hours 28 mins

  105. Post update

    BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

    The audio commentary of today's final is taking us back to the old school with an A side/B side arrangement.

    BBC 5 live sports extra will be broadcasting the first hour, before we switch to 5 live from 15:00 BST.

    No need to touch that dial though if you are listening via this page, just use the audio icon at the top.

  106. Tale of the tape

    Djokovic v Wawrinka

    Djokovic v Wawrinka
  107. Djokovic holds no fear for Wawrinka

    Djokovic v Wawrinka

    Stan Wawrinka an Novak Djokovic

    Novak Djokovic may appear to hold a hoodoo over Andy Murray, but Stan Wawrinka is confident that he has the mental toughness to succeed where the Briton has failed.

    "A year ago in Australia he had won three matches in a row, and I was thinking, what am I going to do?" said Wawrinka, whose only win in his last 17 meetings with the Serb came in the quarter-final at Melbourne last year.

    "But the next thing to do is to play my best tennis, don't forget that my game is bothering the top players, and when I start and I'm in form, I can perhaps seize this opportunity to defeat them all."

  108. Post update

    Piers Newbery

    BBC Sport at Roland Garros


    "Bethanie Mattek-Sands and Lucie Safarova, who lost in the singles' final to Serena Williams yesterday, have just proved very popular winners of the women's doubles - the US/Czech partnership have only recently left the court after gazing happily at their names on the trophy.

    "That leaves one major trophy to play for and Wawrinka was the first man out on Chatrier to hit at 11:15 local time this morning, before Djokovic went through his routine at midday, finished off by a game of tennis-ball-boules with his team. You would think they'd let him win today.

  109. Post update

    Novak Djokovic

    It is a select band, but the seven men to have won all four Grand Slam titles might have to budge up to make room in their exclusive little lockerroom this afternoon.

    Novak Djokovic has five Australian Open titles, two Wimbledon titles, a US Open and a Coupe des Mousquetaires-shaped gap on his mantelpiece.

    Victory over Stan Wawrinka today would complete his collection and ensure his place among the greatest of the great.

  110. Post update


    Roy Emerson


    Andre Agassi


    Roger Federer




    And Perry.