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  1. Post update

    Things open up for Andy Murray a bit now, don't they? Rafa Nadal out. Second seed Wawrinka out.

    Third seed Milos Raonic is up next on Centre Court against Richard Gasquet. That should be decent, and you can watch that using the Live Coverage tab up at the top.

    But that's it in terms of our live text commentary. I'm off for a nap, and will probably just see Big Kev repeatedly smashing down aces as soon as I close my eyes.

  2. Post update

    John Lloyd

    1977 Australian Open runner-up on BBC Two

    "I don't think Stan Wawrinka has played anyone who has gone after his second serve so successfully. Kevin Anderson was magnificent in all departments of his game."

  3. Post update

    Andrew Castle

    BBC tennis commentator

    "Kevin Anderson produced all the best tennis when the chips were down and deserved his win."

  4. 'My serve was a big plus'

    Kevin Anderson celebrates

    Kevin Anderson on BBC Two: "It was a terrific match for me. He's a terrific player so it means a lot to me and to do on such a great court makes it extra special.

    "My serve was a big plus right from the beginning. Stan also has a good serve but I was able to return pretty well."

    Yeah, your service was decent Big Kev. Just the 22 aces buddy.

  5. Post update

    Wawrinka 6-7 (4-7) 6-7 (11-13) Anderson

    Anderson has announced himself ahead of Wimbledon though. Who would want to play him and that thunderous serve?

  6. Game, set and match

    Wawrinka 6-7 (4-7) 6-7 (11-13) Anderson

    How do you think Anderson won it? If you guessed 'ace', you'd be very much correct.

    Big Kev was unplayable today. Wawrinka shouldn't take too much negativity from this. But regardless, a French Open winner 11 days ago - now out in the second round of Queen's.

    Neither player hangs around on the court long, the bags are on the shoulders and they're off.

    Anderson's mum and wife are very happy.

  7. Match point

    Wawrinka 6-7 (4-7) 6-6 (11-12) Anderson*

    Stan Wawrinka plays a shot

    Oh Stan. All the time in the world for a winner but he gets it horribly wrong. We're back to parity.

    And now he's gone wide. Match point.

  8. Set point

    *Wawrinka 6-7 (4-7) 6-6 (11-10) Anderson

    It's just whoever blinks first now. But Wawrinka breaks.

  9. Set point

    Wawrinka 6-7 (4-7) 6-6 (10-9) Anderson*

    Stan Wawrinka reacts

    Stan is superb under pressure. Anderson can only get his frame to the serve. This is the second round of Queen's - you'd think it was a Grand Slam final the way they're battling.

    Wawrinka puts down another doozy. Set point.

  10. Match point

    Wawrinka 6-7 (4-7) 6-6 (8-9) Anderson*

    Anderson's ace grazes the line and Wawrinka is out of challenges. Another ace. Ridiculous.

  11. Set point

    Wawrinka 6-7 (4-7) 6-6 (8-7) Anderson*

    Line judge calls foul serve, then corrects himself. Ace for Anderson. Match point.

    But Stan saves it with a deep pressure shot to go 7-7. And Anderson puts a return into the net. Great stuff this.

  12. Post update

    Wawrinka 6-7 (4-7) 6-6 (6-6) Anderson*

    Wawrinka looks on

    Wawrinka is alive. Anderson can't return the passing shot.

  13. Match point

    Wawrinka 6-7 (4-7) 6-6 (5-6) Anderson*

    Wawrinka holds on his first attempt. And produces a cracking serve to 5-6. Still match point though.

  14. Match point

    *Wawrinka 6-7 (4-7) 6-6 (3-6) Anderson

    Wawrinka faces a second serve and its a huge ne, Stan can only put it into the net. Serve and volley gives him three match points.

  15. Post update

    Wawrinka 6-7 (4-7) 6-6 (3-4) Anderson*

    Now Stan's angry. But with himself. His backhand is way too deep. He swings his racquet in disgust. And Anderson has the break.

    It's just the one though, as Wawrinka holds on his second point with serve.

  16. Post update

    *Wawrinka 6-7 (4-7) 6-6 (2-3) Anderson

    Anderson relinquishes the mini break by going long after a dabbed return from Wawrinka. Anderson's angry though and hits an unstoppable ace.

  17. Post update

    Wawrinka 6-7 (4-7) 6-6 (1-2) Anderson*

    Anderson holds on the first point of the tie-break. And then produces a hammer of a backhand down the line, it's remarkable. He hits a return long though.

  18. Tie-break in second set

    Wawrinka 6-7 (4-7) 6-6 Anderson*

    Kevin Anderson stretches to play a shot

    If Big Kev pulls this off, I wouldn't call it a shock, but it's definitely a surprise. Anderson is 17th in the world. Wawrinka is fourth, and the French Open champion.

    Stan marches to 30-0, but double faults. Bad timing Stan. Anderson let's him off, slapping a forehand wide and Wawrinka nails an ace. We go to tie-break. Nine aces for Stan. Eighteen for Big Kev.

  19. Post update

    *Wawrinka 6-7 (4-7) 5-6 Anderson

    Bosh. Anderson ace. Then we're treated to a tasty rally, we haven't seen many of them. Wawrinka finishes it by stepping into the net.

    A Stan return is on the ankles of Anderson, who can't get it back. But we're level again as the Swiss puts a return into the tape.

    Bosh. Anderson ace (I copy and pasted that).

    But we go to deuce, as Anderson finds the net. Stan returns long and then returns wide. Anderson battles to hold.

  20. Post update

    Wawrinka 6-7 (4-7) 5-5 Anderson*

    Wawrinka serving to stay in the match. And a forehand down the line gets him underway. But Anderson hits two points to smell a break point.

    An Anderson backhand is long though, and so is another. Oh but a sumptuous cross-court backhand puts Anderson at deuce.

    "Come on!" hollers Wawrinka when Anderson goes long. A forehand with lashings of top spin sees the Swiss home. He'll breathe a sigh of relief.

  21. Murray loses

    Piers Newbery

    BBC Sport at Queen's

    "After battling their way to a tie-break, Andy Murray and Dom Inglot offer up a break point apiece to fall 5-0 behind. It's too much of a deficit and Bruno Soares and Alexander Peya win 6-4 7-6. There were some encouraging signs for a potential British Davis Cup pairing though, and Murray can now turn his attention back to singles."

  22. Post update

    *Wawrinka 6-7 (4-7) 4-5 Anderson

    Kevin Anderson serves

    Anderson is the Duracell Bunny of big serves. Over and over and over again.

    There's a second-serve ace down the middle - ridiculous.

    A few cheers on Centre Court as Wawrinka gets a return winner. It's a rare sight. Normal service (pun intended) is resumed though - ace. Anderson has 16 of those.

  23. Post update

    Wawrinka 6-7 (4-7) 4-4 Anderson*

    Meanwhile, Wawrinka holds to level this up at 4-4. I smell another tie-break, which will be right up Anderson's alley.

  24. Murray loses in doubles

    Andy Murray and partner Dominic Inglot have lost a second-set tie-break, and the match, with Alexander Peya and Bruno Soares winning 6-4 7-6.

  25. Doubles trouble

    Piers Newbery

    BBC Sport at Queen's

    "Drama on Court one as Peya fails to serve out the match, donating three double faults in the wind, and Andy Murray and Dominic Inglot earn a set point only for Soares to punch away a volley. Second set tie-break, the Brits must win it."

  26. Post update

    *Wawrinka 6-7 (4-7) 3-4 Anderson

    The clouds are making way to sparkling sunshine and crystal blue skies at Queen's. It makes the beautiful tennis even prettier.

    Wawrinka manages to engage Anderson in a rally on the big man's serve, but hits the pesky net. Normal service resumes - Anderson rockets down a few big boy serves to hold.

  27. Post update

    Wawrinka 6-7 (4-7) 3-3 Anderson*

    Wawrinka shows he has an ace or two up his sleeve. Well, just one, specifically, That backhand is at its silky best, firing down the line.

    Speaking of backhands down the line, Anderson nonchalantly returns a serve with expert poise for a winner. And suddenly we have a break point. Stan relies on his serve to go to deuce. Love the forehand that comes up next, Anderson has no chance. And what a confident second serve that is, right into Anderson, who can't deal with it.

  28. Post update

    *Wawrinka 6-7 (4-7) 2-3 Anderson

    Stan Wawrinka looks dejected

    Anderson is basically one of those machines that sends down serves at you in training. Like a metronome.

    Wawrinka gives himself a mouthful after failing to return. It's pretty frustrating for the Swiss - what can he do? The first serve is impossible to deal with and he rarely sees a second. Game Anderson.

  29. Post update

    Wawrinka 6-7 (4-7) 2-2 Anderson*

    Wawrinka is having to fight for this one. Anderson twice takes him to deuce. A superb passing backhand gives the Swiss advantage and an inch perfect ace gives him the game.

  30. Post update

    *Wawrinka 6-7 (4-7) 1-2 Anderson

    A quickie from Anderson. Nothing to see here.

  31. Post update

    *Wawrinka 6-7 (4-7) 1-2 Anderson

    General view at Queen's

    It's blowy at Queen's. You can hear the wind rustling the microphones. The weather was much better yesterday.

    And at the moment, Anderson is slightly better than Wawrinka. His quality is summed up by a reflex volley at the net, it's startling instincts from the South African. A more delicate drop shot goes awry, but Wawrinka fails to return a serve and Anderson holds.

  32. Over at the doubles...

    Piers Newbery

    BBC Sport at Queen's

    "Dominic Inglot lets out a huge roar after a volley saves break point and effectively keeps the match alive. Peya and Soares were pushing for the double break in the second set but the Brits cling on - despite the first foot fault against Andy Murray in living memory. He looked suitably disgusted. Murray and Inglot trail 6-4 4-3."

  33. Post update

    Wawrinka 6-7 (4-7) 1-1 Anderson*

    Anderson has got 77% of his first serves in - it was as high as 83% at one point. It's remarkable that Wawrinka has hung on to his coattails.

    The umpire calls a Wawrinka shot out - he's correct. But Wawrinka goes to 40-30 by coming in to put away a return, and then sends in a tremendous second serve right on the line.

  34. Post update

    *Wawrinka 6-7 (4-7) 0-1 Anderson

    John Inverdale is talking to Kevin Anderson's mum. It's difficult to describe the chemistry the pair have.

    Oh, and now Inverdale has a world exclusive. He's asked Jeremy Clarkson about his successor on Top Gear, Chris Evans. "I wish him the very best of luck," says Clarkson.

    Back on the green stuff, Wawrinka tries the kind of backhand lob you really want to see drop in - it doesn't. Anderson crashes down an ace. And another. Game Big Kev.

  35. Anderson wins first set

    Wawrinka 6-7 (4-7) Anderson

    Kevin Anderson

    Anderson pushes back Wawrinka with the deepest of volleys, and it wins him the point. Then Wawrinka is off target. First set to Big Kev.

  36. Post update

    Wawrinka 6-6 (4-5) Anderson*

    Fightback on? Wawrinka rattles off two quick points on serve.

  37. Post update

    *Wawrinka 6-6 (2-5) Anderson

    Stan Wawrinka

    A wayward forehand from Wawrinka and he's really under pressure. Anderson challenges the out call on his first serve. No dice. And Stan finally breaks back as Anderson hits the net.

  38. Post update

    Wawrinka 6-6 (1-4) Anderson*

    Stan drops another, but finally gets on the board with a smash.

  39. Post update

    *Wawrinka 6-6 (0-3) Anderson

    Wawrinka bashes his racquet on the grass after missing a forehand down the line. He's dropped a mini break in the tie-break.

    Anderson snaffles his two serves, and looks very tidy with it.

  40. First set goes to tie-break

    Wawrinka 6-6 Anderson

    Have I mentioned Big Kev's big serve? He sends one right down the middle to kick off the game.

    Wawrinka gets a rare go at a second serve and scores off it. Now Anderson has gone long and there's two set points...

    The South African saves the first with a rare serve and volley - risky that, fair play to him. He goes for it again, but Wawrinka hits the net anyway. Deuce.

    Now a 112mph second serve. Have some of that. Anderson escapes unscathed.

  41. Post update

    Piers Newbery

    BBC Sport at Queen's

    Murray and Inglot

    "The experienced pairing of Peya and Soares take the first set 6-4 against Murray and Inglot on Court One. The Britons could well be getting a run out ahead of a possible Davis Cup call-up against France next month. French captain Arnaud Clement is an interested spectator courtside."

  42. Post update

    Wawrinka 6-5 Anderson*

    We might be going all the way in this set. Still no breaks. Wawrinka really arches back on that second serve, it's pretty much as good as a first serve. The Swiss makes light work of the game.

  43. Post update

    *Wawrinka 5-5 Anderson

    Anderson is the Peter Crouch of tennis - good touch for a big man. Kev drops a delicious shot over the net, taking all the pace off a whipped Wawrinka backhand. He levels up the set.

  44. Murray set down in doubles

    Andy Murray

    Andy Murray and his British partner Dominic Ingles have lost the first set 6-4 to Alexander Peya and Bruno Soares in the doubles.

  45. Post update

    Wawrinka 5-4 Anderson*

    Stan Wawrinka hits a backhand

    Breaking news. A Wawrinka backhand is off target, and hits the net. He goes 40-15 up though.

    An interesting point next - Stan reaches a lob attempt, but can only dab it back. Anderson charges in like a train and smashes it home. It's a short-lived threat though, game Wawrinka.

  46. Post update

    *Wawrinka 4-4 Anderson

    Clash in styles here, not only in tennis terms, but fashion terms too. Stan is obviously in those red checked shorts - apparently they went on sale but sold out like hot cakes.

    Kevin Anderson though is no nonsense. All white, even to the top of his head where he has a Daz white cap on (other detergents are available).

    Anderson is a little slow getting out of his chair - it seems to be a shoelace issue. Try the bunny ears technique Kev. No issues with the serve though - it's a love game.

  47. Post update

    John Lloyd

    1977 Australian Open runner-up on BBC Two

    "This is a high-quality grass-court match. It's a good standard."

  48. Post update

    Wawrinka 4-3 Anderson*

    Stan Wawrinka hits a return

    Wawrinka trusts his second serve, but double faults to let Anderson go 15-30. He recovers though, mainly through that silky backhand and then another ace.

  49. Post update

    *Wawrinka 3-3 Anderson

    Crash! That's the sound of a Kevin Anderson overhead smash careering into a metal barrier. Bang! That's an ace right down the middle. Whizz. That's time flying - it took just one minute 28 seconds for Kev to win that game.

  50. Post update

    Wawrinka 3-2 Anderson*

    Wawrinka almost pulls off a feather-light drop shot. It comes just short though. It doesn't matter, the Swiss is showing you don't have to be 6'10'' to have a scary serve. He wins the game with a pinpoint ace - his third of the match.

  51. Post update

    *Wawrinka 2-2 Anderson

    For those who like a dose of celebrity spotting, Jeremy Clarkson is in the Queen's Club house. He used to present a programme about cars.

    There's also a fella called Liam Payne who I'm told is in a pop band... No idea.

    I do know that Big Kev Anderson's got a big-time serve. Stan gets to 30-30, but Anderson's serve gets him out of trouble.

    Jeremy Clarkson
  52. Post update

    John Lloyd

    1977 Australian Open runner-up on BBC Two

    "Anderson is really moving up to the baseline on second serve to take that ball early and try to get ahead in the rally. That's not to easy to do against a server like Wawrinka but that looks like one part of his game plan."

  53. Post update

    Piers Newbery

    BBC Sport at Queen's

    Murray and Inglot

    "Murray and Inglot under way against Peya and Soares. The winners will play again this evening."

  54. Post update

    Wawrinka 2-1 Anderson*

    Wawrinka returns a shot

    Wawrinka's one-handed backhand is a thing of beauty. It's a delicate volley at the net which noses him in front at 30-15 though. Followed by an ace. And now a deep backhand has Anderson backpedalling and Stan holds.

  55. Post update

    *Wawrinka 1-1 Anderson

    Anderson can't volley a Wawrinka backhand over the net, but uses that mammoth serve to land three successive points. And he polishes off the game with a volley at the net.

  56. Tale of the tape

    Head to head
  57. Post update

    Wawrinka 1-0 Anderson* (* denotes next to serve)

    Anderson gets the first point with a stinging return. So Wawrinka decides it's ace time. We also get a first glimpse of his feared second serve... Anderson despatches one of them with absolute disdain. The South African gets a break point, but Stan recovers and holds.

  58. Wawrinka v Anderson

    Wawrinka wins the toss and chooses to serve. We're about to start.

  59. Here's what's on Centre Court today...

  60. Get involved #bbctennis

    Is Stan Wawrinka a threat at Wimbledon? Can you see him muscling in on the Novak, Roger, Rafa, Andy quadrumvirate (it's a word, I checked)?

    Give us your thoughts using #bbctennis

  61. Wawrinka v Anderson

    Fresh off his French Open win, second seed Stan Wawrinka looked in great form yesterday when we swept aside a restless Nick Kyrgios.

    There's bad news though, those amazing shorts will be retired after Queen's, with Wimbledon's dress code scuppering any chance of him keeping them on.

    But let's not write off Kevin Anderson, 17th in the world. Everything is XXL with the South African - 6'10'', big serve, big hitting. He ended Lleyton Hewitt's final appearance at Queen's this week.

    Stan Wawtinka
  62. Simon beats Kokkinakis 6-4 6-2

    Gilles Simon

    That was pretty easy going for seventh seed Gilles Simon against an out of sorts Thanasi Kokkinakis. Now on to the main course...

  63. Wawrinka v Anderson: Live text commentary

    We'll have live text commentary of second seed Stan Wawrinka - and his French Open-winning shorts - against big-serving South African Kevin Anderson at Queen's.

    Stan and Big Kev are on Centre Court after Gilles Simon and Thanasi Kokkinakis, which you can watch by clicking the Live Coverage tab at the top.

    Stan Wawrinka