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  1. Next stop for Murray, Wimbledon

    Well, as far as Wimbledon preparation goes, that was about a 10 on the decent scale for Murray.

    There will be plenty of hype around the Brit now, but Federer has shown he is in form today by winning an eighth Halle title. And with Novak Djokovic having a relatively sedate grass-court warm-up, we won't know what form he is in until he graces SW19.

    Make sure you join us for comprehensive coverage of Wimbledon. The BBC Sport website is the only place where you can read, watch and hear the best of the action.

    Until then, keep your strings tight, and your backhands silky.

  2. Robson gets wildcard

    A bit of news from the British women's side of things for you.

    Laura Robson, who made her return at Eastbourne this week after a 17-month lay-off, has been given a wildcard for Wimbledon. The 21-year-old missed out on the first batch of wildcards earlier in the week.

    In the first-round at Eastbourne, Briton Naomi Broady is a break up at 4-3 against American Sloane Stephens.

  3. Get involved via #bbctennis

    Shohidur Rahman: The only hurdle for Murray at the moment is Djokovic. He's the only one who will stop Murray from winning Wimbledon.

    Ryan Barron: Murray played some amazing shots in that match. Geared up nicely for Wimbledon!

    Andy Murray wins Queens
  4. 'Better than 2013'

    Murray wins Queen's title

    In 2013, Andy Murray completed a Queen's and Wimbledon double. So this is a strong statement from Andy Murray.

    "I'm playing better than I did in 2013 but it's extremely difficult to win these events. People are improving all the time.

    "You want to go into Wimbledon with grass matches under your belt. It's been a long few months and I need to take a day or two off and prepare as best as I can."

    Wimbledon starts in eight days.

    Andy Murray lifts Queens trophy
  5. Time to update the board

    List of champions

    Murray, Querrey, Murray, Cilic, Murray, Dimitrov, Murray. Not bad, sir. Not bad at all.

  6. Post update

    Murray wins Queen's title

    Andy Murray now with a magnum of champagne in his hands. He has to put it down to lift the massive Queen's Club trophy. It's almost as big as Big Kev.

    "Both matches today were good performances. I played better as the week went on and hopefully I can continue that into Wimbledon. I tried to play each point and come up with some great shots. I had to play that way if I wanted to win today."

  7. Post update

    Murray 6-3 6-4 Anderson

    Kevin Anderson has been handed his trophy. He looks reasonably happy.

    Kevin Anderson: "Andy is a terrific player with great success, It's tough playing him here. I can take a lot of positives from this week. It's fantastic playing here."

  8. Post update

    John Lloyd

    Former British number one on BBC Two

    "That was a fabulous performance from Andy Murray. He knows everything in his game is firing on all cylinders for Wimbledon. Kevin Anderson has been brilliant in this tournament but Murray just brushed him off."

    Andy Murray
  9. Murray is Queen's champion

    Murray 6-3 6-4 Anderson

    Murray lets out a cry of delight and beams with joy. He jogs over to his box and touches the hand of his wife Kim - a sort of mid-height high-five. No cuddle for Kim.

    Andy Murray wins Queens
  10. Game, set and match

    Murray 6-3 6-4 Anderson

    Andy Murray is a four-time Queen's Club champion.

    Murray pops his serve way out wide to the Anderson forehand, and the South African can barely get a racquet to it, let alone return it.

    Andy Murray wins Queens
  11. Match point

    Murray 6-3 5-4 Anderson*

    Not a glorious start to the game. Murray slaps a forehand long. But Anderson's backhand down the line only finds the net. Serve and then a swinging backhand into the open court nudges Murray in front. Anderson return into the net... match point.

    Andy Murray
  12. Murray to serve for the match

    *Murray 6-3 5-4 Anderson

    Few problems for Big Kev there. But he needs a break now, or it's over.

  13. Get involved via #bbctennis

    Dan Clifford: This is sensational from Murray. Wimbledon can't come soon enough!

    Dawn Williams: Murray is playing some outrageous tennis. Absolutely wonderful stuff.

    Andy Murray
  14. Post update

    Murray 6-3 5-3 Anderson*

    The answer to my previous question is looking like 'no'. A rare misjudgement from Murray at the baseline sees him get a forehand wrong to give Anderson a point.

    But talk about feeling deflated. Anderson clips a perfectly decent forehand down the line, only to see it come back over his head and land perfectly at the back of the court. Murray needs one more game for the title.

    Kim Murray
  15. Post update

    John Lloyd

    Former British number one on BBC Two

    "Respect for Kevin Anderson. He's having these outrageous shots coming at him but he's not showing any negative thoughts and is trying to get back into this match. It must be a nightmare facing these type of points."

  16. Post update

    *Murray 6-3 4-3 Anderson

    Anderson goes back to what he knows best. The 17th ranked South African has a simple hold. But can he find a way through the Murray serve?

    Kevin Anderson
  17. Post update

    Murray 6-3 4-2 Anderson*

    Murray is cool as a cucumber. You can see on the replays he sometimes has a little spin of the racquet in his hand between shots.

    Commentator's curse coming up, but Murray doesn't look like dropping serve. Accurate, pacey and punchy, Anderson is getting a taste of his own medicine.

    My word Murray. My word, sir. this is a beauty of a point. Anderson looked like he had won this point three or four times and suddenly, Murray releases a cross-court forehand on the chase that is good enough to eat.

    Andy Murray
  18. Murray breaks

    *Murray 6-3 3-2 Anderson

    We get the rally of the match so far, and most of it's played in the mid-court. Delicate nudges at the ball, but Andy wins it playing into space.

    He follows it up with an instinctive return down the line, sending back a 124mph serve with a bit of extra sauce.

    Murray attacks a second serve early and a couple of shots later Anderson lifts a backhand on the rise wide.

    And Murry's just getting silly now. Drop shot, Anderson makes it. Lob, Anderson makes it. Drop shot, too much for the South African. Murray breaks.

    Andy Murray breaks
  19. Get involved via #bbctennis

    Jake Chalmers: The most confident and an Andy who knows what he has to do that I've seen in a while, it's great! So excited for Wimbledon 2015.

    Beth Mc: I know aces are technically awesome but they don't make for interesting tennis one after another.

  20. Post update

    Murray 6-3 2-2 Anderson*

    Anderson takes a rare lead against the serve, but Murray scuppers that with an ace down the middle that hits the padding at the back with a satisfying thud.

    Anderson's eyes light up on a serve that pitches up, he winds up, optimistic, and slices his backhand wide. Murray makes a good challenge to go 40-15 and hen a backhand rally comes to an end when Anderson floats into the net.

  21. Post update

    Piers Newbery

    BBC Sport at Queen's

    "Murray has been hitting the ball well for several months now, his success on Europe's clay courts honing the groundstrokes and the switch to grass apparently not proving too tricky. Anderson is predictably strong on first serve but

    "Murray has pounced on any second serves, grabbing the fleeting chances that can come and go on grass."

    Andy Murray backhand at Queens
  22. Post update

    *Murray 6-3 1-2 Anderson

    "Get down! get down!" shouts Andy Murray. Who either is in the mood for dancing, or is imploring himself to get lower to the ground on those baseline shots.

    More big serves from Big Kev and a love hold.

  23. Post update

    Murray 6-3 1-1 Anderson*

    We're not getting the rallies and intricate tennis we saw earlier in the Troicki match. Aside from Murray's break in the first set, each man's serve has looked pretty safe. Anderson particularly looks unlikely to make an indent on the Murray serve.

  24. Post update

    *Murray 6-3 0-1 Anderson

    Anderson has faced adversity at Queen's already this week - he survived being match points down against Lleyton Hewitt in the first round. Can he find a way to throw Murray off his stride?

    Big Kev goes 30-0 up, but Murray is all over a second serve and then finishes off with a backhand to put the pressure on.

    Anderson holds though with, you guessed it, an ace.

    Andy Murray and Kevin Anderson at Queens
  25. Get involved


    Helen Kingman: I personally find the constant aces by Anderson boring, that's not what I want to watch

    Grant Rolland: You wouldn't think Andy had played earlier, such an athlete.

  26. Murray wins first set

    Murray 6-3 Anderson

    Murray puts in a couple of good serves himself. But the highlight is a slice backhand that drops on the line and almost bananas back on itself there's so much spin. It's the shot that wins the set for the Brit.

  27. Post update

    *Murray 5-3 Anderson

    Speaking of which, there are four big serves and an easy hold for Anderson.

    Kevin Anderson
  28. Get involved 81111

    This has come from an anonymous texter, but I liked the story

    I was once on a tennis holiday in Spain. Kevin Anderson was there on a training camp at the same time so I cheekily asked if I could face a couple of serves. Being a very nice guy he said "yes" and promptly sent down a couple of second service bombs with such incredible spin they bounced right over my head. Never even got a racket on them.

  29. Post update

    Murray 5-2 Anderson*

    There are rallies threatening to break out at times, but they generally end with Anderson undoing himself at the baseline. The final point is a sweet serve and forehand combo from Murray for a love game.

    Andy Murray takes control of the first set.
  30. Post update

    John Lloyd

    Former British number one on BBC Two

    "Murray looks like he's got plenty of time, he's reading the ball, seeing it early and playing it so well. It looks like the only way he'll get into any trouble is if he loses concentration."

  31. Post update

    *Murray 4-2 Anderson

    Anderson needed that game. The trusty serve sees him through and that's 100 aces for the tournament. Amazing.

  32. Post update

    Andrew Castle

    BBC tennis commentator

    "It's amazing how Murray has gained such control of this match so quickly. He's able to hit every shot and he's looked the winner of this tournament for quite some time. He's the man."

  33. Post update

    Murray 4-1 Anderson*

    Big Kev won't be used to this. He can play the groundstrokes, and is obviously decent at getting around, but he definitely won't match Murray on those fronts.

    Murray is confident. He disguises a backhand drop shot as a backhand drive. Anderson has no idea where it's going.

    And Murray holds with a charging cross-court forehand dished up with a load of lovely top spin.

    Andy Murray backhand
  34. Post update

    Andrew Castle

    BBC tennis commentator

    "A 141mph serve would knock the racquet out of most people's hands but Murray got it back and made Anderson play. Anderson will be amazed he got it back."

  35. Murray breaks

    *Murray 3-1 Anderson

    Andy Murray gets a sniff from a great return, putting it on Anderson's toes. It allows Murray to whip a forehand winner to the corner. Murray is simply making Anderson play the shots, and it works again to go 15-30.

    And what about that backhand? Murray winds up and releases to Anderson's left and it's not coming back.

    Anderson, angry, slams a 141mph serve. But Murray returns and Anderson, rattled, pops the volley into the net.

  36. Get involved 81111

    Tom, Whitstable: Looking for Omens anyone? In 2013 Murray had won 2 titles by this stage, including a Masters. Then he won Queens and Wimbledon. In 2015, Murray has so far won 2 titles including a Masters, so if he wins today, history repeating itself remains on track

    Neil: There is that aura around Murray again like at the Olympics. He looks so calm and confident. Can't see him being beaten

    Andy Murray serves at Queens
  37. Post update

    Murray 2-1 Anderson*

    Murray pulls ahead to 30-0 but Anderson gets his big frame down to an attempted pass down the line to go 30-30 - Murray slips in .his attempt to reach it.

    A 96mph serve from Murray does the business (Anderson serves above 110mph by the way). And Anderson spoons from the baseline to end what threatened to be a rally.

    Murray serves
  38. Post update

    *Murray 1-1 Anderson

    Murray gets back the first Anderson serve, but can't get to the subsequent volley.

    Murray sitting really deep on Big Kev's serve but then stepping in at the last second, changing Anderson's perspective between the toss up and contact.

    Murray has returned all three serves so far, but just one point to show for it. And we have Anderson's first ace. And then another. Game held.

    Andy Murray
  39. Post update

    Murray 1-0 Anderson* (* denotes next to serve)

    Breaking news. Andy Murray has been chased by an insect.

    The Scot does very well not to swing at it with his racquet. Instead, he stays calm and nudges it away. Although he's still a little apprehensive about it returning.

    Murray reminds Anderson that he's not the only one with a decent serve. The South African fails to return four of them and it's a comfortable start for Murray.

  40. Play starts

    The warm-ups are over. A few moments to place their backsides on the chairs, and we then we get under way. Murray to serve.

  41. Murray's history bid


    These are from the modern era.

  42. Post update

    Piers Newbery

    BBC Sport at Queen's

    "Murray has beaten Anderson three times in the last year, including a very impressive performance at Wimbledon, and his returning game would seem the perfect antidote to the rash of aces that usually fly off Anderson's racquet.

    "It's tough because I feel like he gives me the opportunity to play a little bit, but he just counter punches so well. He just gets so many balls back," the South African said of taking on Murray."

    Murray and Anderson
  43. Big Kev

    Kevin Anderson

    Kevin 'Big Kev' Anderson is a tennis monster at 6'8''.

    Without wanting to make out he's one dimensional, the obvious weapon of the South African is his serve.

    He's banged down 96 aces across his four matches at Queen's so far, including a whopping 34 in his semi-final win over Gilles Simon yesterday.

    French Open champion Stan Wawrinka had no answer to Big Kev's bombs in the second round. Andy Murray is one of the best returners in the world - he'll need every bit of that this afternoon.

  44. Post update

    John Lloyd

    Former British number one on BBC Two

    "Murray is so eager and sharp, he loves being back in Britain and playing at home, and as he's been tested as the matches have got tougher he's got even more focused. He loves playing in front of crowds like this."

  45. Get involved

    Do you fancy Andy Murray to go all the way here AND at Wimbledon?

    He looks in decent nick. Give us your thoughts using #bbctennis or text on 81111

  46. Players are out

    Both players come onto the court with children from the Royal Marsden Charity and the Elena Baltacha Foundation. Both of the lads have smiles the size of West Kensington - and they're pretty relaxed. Lovely stuff.

    Andy Murray
  47. Post update

    Piers Newbery

    BBC Sport at Queen's

    "With two hours of precision refuelling, careful stretching and tactical discussion behind us, we are ready to go. Let's hope the players have been similarly professional, albeit it with fewer scones.

    "Tom Daley is the latest famous name to grace the Queen's Club and the sun is shining for the final."

  48. Federer shows intent

    Roger Federer

    Success for Roger Federer this afternoon.

    The Swiss has won a record eighth title at Halle in Germany - that's 86 career titles now. Which is frankly ridiculous.

    The world number two overcame Andreas Seppi 7-6 6-4.

  49. Double duty Murray

    Murray had to finish his second set against Viktor Troicki this morning and has had two hours' rest before coming out to face Kevin Anderson.

    Anderson will be fresh, having gone through yesterday.

    Murray has already won twice in a day this year though, seeing off Lukas Rosol and Roberto Bautista Agut in Munich last month. So it's no big deal.

  50. Can Murray make it four Queen's wins?

    BBC Radio 5 live

    Murray's Queen's wins

    It would equal the record four wins of, among others, John McEnroe, Boris Becker, Lleyton Hewitt and Andy Roddick.

    You can watch on BBC One and online. You can listen online too - or on BBC Radio 5 live Sports Extra, before it switches to BBC Radio 5 live at 15:00 BST.

  51. Can history repeat itself?

    Andy Murray

    The last time Andy Murray won at Queen's, he went on to win Wimbledon. Eight days before we kick off at the All England Club, he's ne match from the doing the first bit again.

    No pressure Andy.

  52. How to follow the final

    Andy Murray has won at Queen's in 2009, 2011 and 2013. It's currently 2015 (in case you didn't know) - can you see a pattern emerging? Big Kev will have something to say about that, of course.

    With Murray and Anderson due to play their final a 14:25 BST, we will be back with live text commentary from about 14:20, which is when coverage starts on BBC One.

    You can listen on BBC Radio 5 live Sports Extra from 14:20, and that switches to BBC Radio 5 live at 15:00.

    Andy Murray

    Just like Murray, I'm off for a rub down from my physio, before returning in a couple of hours.

  53. Get involved

    Andy Griot: Gonna be an interesting final. Murray will win the rallies but Anderson will hold his service games no doubt.

    Jackie Grant: Not going to be pretty final with Anderson's hard shots. Have never seen them play before, betting on Andy win

    cv: YES!!! Now I have to get all the days jobs done in two hours so that I'm free to watch the final

  54. Post update

    Peter Fleming

    Seven-time Grand Slam doubles winner on BBC Two

    "Kevin Anderson might be a little bit more powerful on serve but there will be a number of back-court rallies and that favours Andy Murray simply because he gets so many balls in."

    Murray hits a shot from the back of the court
  55. Physio, food, shower

    Andy Murray tells BBC Sport what he will do now before this afternoon's final against big-serving Kevin Anderson.

    "I'll see my physio, get stretched out, get some food and shower. I enjoy playing big servers, but my return has always been the strongest part of my game."

  56. Game, set and match

    Murray 6-3 7-6 (7-4) Troicki

    What a point to finish on. Murray scampering here there and everywhere. In at the net, now chasing a lob. He gets there and also gets back an overhead. Troicki eventually finds the net and it's the final for Murray.

    Andy Murray
  57. Post update

    Murray 6-3 6-6 (5-4) Troicki*

    Murray steps in to hit a soft return but crashes it long. Wasted chance. A Troicki return goes long though, so Murray stays in front.

  58. Tie-break

    *Murray 6-3 6-6 (4-3) Troicki

    We go to 3-2 off the Murray serve. And now four straight points for Murray put him in control. But a whipped backhand is just a tad wide.

    Andy Murray reacts
  59. Tie-break

    *Murray 6-3 6-6 (2-1) Troicki

    Murray is broken on his single serve from the off, but hits back when Troicki drags wide. And now Murray in front, as Troicki pops a backhand into the net.

  60. Second set goes to tie-break

    *Murray 6-3 6-6 Troicki

    Murray wins the first point thanks to a drop shot with lashings of back spin. And then a return which Murray catches on the up, but Troicki plays long.

    The Serb levels up though - a couple of sloppy points from the Scot. And then an ace down the middle puts him in the box seat.

    It goes to deuce, then advantage Troicki, who is in at the net and stuns a drop-shot backhand to hold.

  61. Post update

    Murray 6-3 6-5 Troicki*

    No problems for Murray, who will now get at least a tie-break. Chance for a timely break though.

  62. Post update

    *Murray 6-3 5-5 Troicki

    Troicki has a bagful of shots. They're just not there all the time. But he displays a fine serve and volley and then an onrushing, controlled volley on his way to a love hold. The Serb is the 25th best player in the world, to be fair.

  63. Post update

    Murray 6-3 5-4 Troicki*

    Lovely rally. This is a great match of tennis. Remember that cross-court backhand Murray nailed earlier? Troicki replicates it. It's nice.

    Murray uses his serve to recover to 40-30, but finds the net from a baseline rally. Deuce. It's not an issue though, he holds coming into the net and landing an overhead.

  64. Murray breaks back

    *Murray 6-3 4-4 Troicki

    Troicki, in his jazzy sunglasses, is difficult to read. There could be a whirlwind of emotions behind those dark shades. Does anybody else play in sunglasses?

    Murray clips a backhand that is called out. Murray challenges - it would put him on break point - but the call was right.

    The next one is good though, into the corner and Troicki can't get it back. Ah, disaster for Troicki, who concedes the game by putting a simple volley into the net. He got his racquet all twisted and it was pretty horrible.

  65. Post update

    Murray 6-3 3-4 Troicki*

    Murray rattles down a series of solid serves and makes it a clean-sweep hold.

    "New balls please," says the umpire. The ball kids oblige.

    New balls are called for at Queen's
  66. Post update

    *Murray 6-3 2-4 Troicki

    At one point it looked like Murray might be having his pre-final nap about now. But Troicki has other ideas. He goes 40-15 up.

    But look at this, a backhand on the stretch from the cutest of angles is an absolute delight from Murray. Shame it's not worth anything - Troicki holds.

    Andy Murray plays a backhand
  67. Post update

    Peter Fleming

    Seven-time Grand Slam doubles winner on BBC Two

    "Regarding your comments about Murray never looking so good, if you consider his off-court harmony it is tough to argue against what you say, but I remember when he beat Djokovic in the 2013 Wimbledon final his concentration never wavered. That hasn't been the case yet this week although you wouldn't expect that here, but overall it's auguring very well for him."

  68. Troicki breaks

    Murray 6-3 2-3 Troicki*

    So much for that shoulder injury. Troicki sends a double-handed backhand down the line with perfection.

    And we're possibly seeing the tiniest of mini wobbles from Murray. He miscues on the baseline and then points and talks at something.

    Before you know it, Troicki has three break points. The Serb gets a drop shot wrong though and then finds the net twice. Chance gone? Not completely - Murray gives a stunned cross-court backhand a go, but it's wide and then he clips the tape to go a break down.

    Viktor Troicki
  69. Post update

    *Murray 6-3 2-2 Troicki

    Troicki deserves credit, after barely getting a look in early on today, he's settled down, and rattles off four big and bouncy serves for a love hold. Murray prepares to serve his game, and as Piers mentioned, has another look at the noisy skies.

  70. Post update

    Murray 6-3 2-1 Troicki*

    A satisfying forehand arches away from the Murray racquet and into the corner in the middle of a straightforward hold for the Brit.

  71. Post update

    Piers Newbery

    BBC Sport at Queen's

    "The only thing likely to derail Murray at the moment seems to be the Sunday morning traffic above our heads. The Briton has had several glances towards the very low flying jets heading towards Heathrow, probably furious that flight paths could not be rerouted."

  72. Get involved via #bbctennis

    James Stevenson: Not only is this clinical, getting the job done tennis, it's beautiful tennis from Andy Murray. Good luck Kevin!

    Nicola Jade: Was out all day yesterday so couldn't watch any of the Murray match so was thankful to the rain that put it off till today.

  73. Post update

    Andrew Castle

    BBC tennis commentator

    "I've never seen Andy Murray look as good. I've not seen him look better physically, his fitness is great and he looks very focused and relaxed, and that's very encouraging for Wimbledon. There's no way he's going to lose today if he's playing this type of tennis."

    Andy Murray
  74. Post update

    *Murray 6-3 1-1 Troicki

    Murray has really got his lob on today. This time it's a backhand but it goes cross-court again and it's inch perfect.

    Now Murray's having discourse with the crowd. A voice, from somewhere, shouts "good shot". Murray replies "ta".

    Troicki is digging in though. He wins advantage at the net. Then is pegged back when he can't reach a lovely cross-court forehand on the stretch from Murray. Troicki is seeing almost everything he throws at Murray come back. Two consecutive points are called out and then corrected by the line judge - but Troicki keeps his nerve to win his first game of the day.

  75. Post update

    Murray 6-3 1-0 Troicki*

    Murray charges in to reach a short one - "oh oh oh" he growls as he marches forwards. He gets there, hurdles a big blue box, and then loses the point.

    Andy Murray jumps over a box

    That's actually on of two points for Troicki in this game. He's on a roll... And now a Murray shot clips the net cord and it goes long. Break point for Troicki, who messes it up by spooning the ball into the clouds.

    It's the opening Murray needs, who snaffles two points and survives the scare.

  76. Post update

    Peter Fleming

    Seven-time Grand Slam doubles winner on BBC Two

    "Troicki looks OK. He seems a little bit reticent to charge drop-shots because it was the drop-shot last night that caused him to fall. The backhand might be a bit painful but he's clearly decided to have a go."

  77. Murray takes first set

    Murray 6-3 Troicki

    And he finds it with ease. This might be over sharpish...

  78. Post update

    Murray 5-3 Troicki*

    The ball is in

    It's Murray's day quite obviously. Murray challenges a long call off his forehand and it turns out he was right - it was in by the width of a gnat.

    Troicki is not enjoying this. He puts a point-blank smash into the net. But finally wins his first point in nine. Murray has none of that, a drop shot from the baseline is superb. Set point...

  79. Post update

    Murray 5-3 Troicki*

    Real test for Troicki now. How much does he want this?

    Murray has him legging all over the place for the first point and finishes with another decent drop shot. Then three quick points. Simple.

  80. Murray breaks

    *Murray 4-3 Troicki (* denotes next to serve)

    Troicki immediately dismisses the break point with a fine serve. But Murray wins it back with a delicious drop shot.

    And what a lob this is from Murray - lashings of top spin, from one corner to the other. The Brit is a break up.

    Andy Murray
  81. Post update

    Andrew Castle

    BBC tennis commentator

    "This is a perfect warm-up for the final later on if Murray can get through this match in two sets."

  82. Troicki OK?

    We seem to be getting through the warm-up fine. It's Troicki's left shoulder which is giving him grief, so it shouldn't affect the serve. They're back out of their seats and away we go...

  83. Post update

    Piers Newbery

    BBC Sport at Queen's

    "The sun might not quite be splitting the trees in west London but it's clear overhead and set to stay that way, so we'll take it. A line of gentleman offering tickets greets new arrivals at Barons Court tube and there are plenty of slightly bleary-eyed spectators through the gates for this early start.

    "Troicki has just been out having a gentle hit and Murray will have had to set his alarm a little earlier for the journey in from his Surrey home. The Briton has already won twice in a day this year, seeing off Lukas Rosol and Roberto Bautista Agut in Munich last month, so a double shift should hold no fears."

    Andy Murray warming up
  84. Get involved via #bbctennis

    So apparently Troicki's shoulder "popped out and back in again". You might need a couple of ibuprofen after that.

    That's encouraged you to regale us with hideous tales of shoulder injuries.

    Phil Shotton: I have seen a guy pop his shoulder back in on his own whilst playing Sunday morning football. It can happen.

    Clobovlog: A dislocation can come out and then go back in. It happened to me - my shoulder popped out twice and went back in twice.

    Stop this, stop it now.

  85. Get involved

    How would you fancy double duty on a Sunday afternoon? Feel up to the task?

    Let us know your thoughts on the action at Queen's, send us your pictures and tell us where you're watching.

    Just talk to me. Please.

    Text 81111 and use #bbctennis

  86. Post update

    BBC Radio 5 live

    It's almost impossible to not watch Andy Murray today.

    There is coverage on BBC Two, BBC Radio 5 live and on this very page - just click the Live Coverage tab at the top.

  87. Post update

    Andrew Castle

    BBC tennis commentator

    "You can't play Andy Murray and beat him unless you are 100%. It's difficult to know how bad Troicki's injury is. He went into shock when it happened. He was saved by the rain and not by the bell."

  88. Where do we stand?

    Viktor Troicki

    We pick up the semi-final at 3-3 in the first set. The last piece of action last night was Viktor Troicki going off to receive treatment to a shoulder injury after a fall.

    The 29-year-old Serb, ranked 25th in the world, did come back out, and was about to serve against a Murray break point, before the heavens opened. So that's where we start up again, with Murray looking to go a break up.

    Although, I've just seen some shots of Troicki having a warm-up swing. He does not look happy and is hitting backhands single-handed (he's conventionally a double-hander). This could end up being the shortest live text commentary in history...

  89. Weather forecast

    It actually looks like we're going to get something in between the two in West Kensington. I'm no meteorologist, but all of those little cloud icons don't have little wet drops coming out of the bottom of them - and that's a good thing.

  90. ...and more of this

    Queen's tennis
  91. Less of this today please...

    Queen's rain
  92. So good I'll do it twice

    Andy Murray

    Double duty. Twice the fun. Two times the effort.

    If Andy Murray is going to win the Aegon Championships at Queen's Club today, he's going to have to play (almost) two matches in one day. His opponent Viktor Troicki also faces that prospect, if he's to lift the title.

    Kevin 'Big Kev' Anderson awaits the winner in the final, which will not be before 14:25 BST.

    They get underway at 11:00 BST, at 3-3 in the first set and Murray on break point.

    But first of all, let's talk about the weather...