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  1. Post update

    The women's final line-up has been decided. The familiar - Serena Williams - versus the new kid - Garbine Muguruza. But what about the men's? A superb semi-final Friday will decide that for us. Novak Djokovic? Richard Gasquet? Andy Murray? Roger Federer? Two into four just won't go.

    Thanks, as always, for joining us. Wimbledon 2Day will sate your tennis appetite at 20:00 BST but, for now, it's goodbye from us. Until tomorrow.

  2. McEnroe for Maria?


    John McEnroe

    Three-time Wimbledon champion on BBC TV

    A caller asks if John McEnroe would ever coach Maria Sharapova, to help her improve her serve....

    "I don't think it would work. In fact I'm fairly confident that won't happen."

    That's that, then.

  3. Great result for us - Murray

    "It's a great result for us. We got off to a bit of a slow start but I think we were helped out with Erlich's injury because he was struggling with his knee," says Jamie Murray.

    "John played a lot of great shots. This is our third year together so for a doubles team that's quite a long time. We've stuck through it and getting our reward. We're excited to be here."

  4. Murray & Peers into final

    John Lloyd

    Former British number one on BBC Two

    Murray and Peers

    "That was a fabulous performance. It wasn't easy, they lost the first set but got right back into it in the second set. Peers served so well and Murray backed him up with the volleys and crossing at the right time. A superb partnership."

  5. Murray & Peers into final

    A healthy crowd on Centre Court and they're applauding in ovation. The camera finds Judy Murray, hiding a salty tear behind her shades perhaps. David Beckham stands to applaud the winning pair off the court. One Murray into the final. Over to you, little bro.

  6. Game, set and match

    Murray/Peers 4-6 6-3 6-4 6-2 Erlich*/Petzschner

    Murray opens with an ace. Confident. 15-0. Erlich with a forehand that bounces wide of hte tramlines. 30-0. Petzchner's return goes long. 40-0. Peers with the winning volley. Victory!

  7. Post update

    Murray/Peers* 4-6 6-3 6-4 5-2 Erlich/Petzschner

    Erlich struggling, that right knee clearly bothering him, but it doesn't affect him on his serve, blocking out the pain to hold to love. Murray with a chance to serve for the match.

  8. Post update

    Murray/Peers 4-6 6-3 6-4 5-1 Erlich*/Petzschner

    Murray and Peers have never before been in a doubles Grand Slam final. Erlich and Petzschner blooting their groundstrokes. Murray and Peers forming a wall at the net and the final is within touching distance.

  9. Semi-final predictions


    Tim Henman

    Former British number one on 6-0-6 on BBC Radio 5 Live

    "Andy Murray has to be aggressive. Roger Federer doesn't beat himself, he is so offensive, Andy needs to be proactive enough to get Federer on the back foot. A lot will be dictated by the serving. The person who has a good serving day will create the opportunities."

  10. Post update

    Murray/Peers* 4-6 6-3 6-4 4-1 Erlich/Petzschner

    Peers treating the Petzschner second serve as if it's free lunch. Fine play from Murray at the net, too. The pair gather three break points. This match could soon be over. Double fault and Murray can smell the final.

    What has Tim Henman to say about Friday's semi-final against Roger Federer and Andy Murray I hear you say?

  11. Roddick on retirement


    Andy Roddick

    Former world number one on BBC Radio 5 Live

    "I don't think there is a plan for most players. The majority have to go and find a job. Some go back to school, a lot of them network or coach.

    "I didn't have a plan. I went to bed thinking I was going to play in the US Open, but I woke up and I didn't want to play anymore. I didn't have time to make a real plan. I don't regret my retirement."

  12. Post update

    Murray/Peers 4-6 6-3 6-4 3-1 Erlich*/Petzschner

    John Peers and Jamie Murray

    Murray to serve, break in the bag. A tickle of the fingers between Murray and Peers as they ease 40-15 ahead and the Scot comfortably serves out.

  13. Post update

    Murray/Peers* 4-6 6-3 6-4 2-1 Erlich/Petzschner

    Promising for Murray and Peers, claiming the first point, but it's the only sniff they get on Erlich's serve. A hold to 15 for the man with bandage around his knee.

  14. Post update

    Murray/Peers 4-6 6-3 6-4 2-0 Erlich*/Petzschner

    Peers with the balls and he's usually solid. A slam-dunk smash from Murray secures a hold to 15. Break consolidated, crowd stirring.

  15. Murray or Federer? Semi-final predictions


    Andy Roddick

    Former world number one on BBC Radio 5 Live

    "I've heard five or six experts pick Murray. Federer's getting no love and he's playing great. I'm going to back Roger.

    "The Roger in my mind never gets beaten."

    Roddick, McEnroe and Henman
  16. Murray/Peers break

    Murray/Peers* 4-6 6-3 6-4 1-0 Erlich/Petzschner

    David Beckham and his mum, Sandra, sticking with this match, the pair have the stomach for a Thursday night fight. Cracking start for Murray and Peers, breaking in the first game and Judy is on her feet, punching the air.

    By the way, 6-0-6 has started on BBC Radio 5 live.

  17. Game and third set

    Murray/Peers 4-6 6-3 6-4 Erlich*/Petzschner

    Philipp Petzschner finds a John Peers' serve too hot to handle, patting tamely back into the gauze.

    Jamie Murray and Peers are a set away from Saturday's final. Either one of the next two will do fine. Preferably the first one.

  18. Murray/Peers save three break points

    Murray/Peers* 4-6 6-3 5-4 Erlich/Petzschner

    Philipp Petzschner absolutely marmalises a return to 0-30, before John Peers ducks out of the way as the ball blazes a trail for his eyebrows and looks back to see it drop inside the baseline.

    0-40 and three break-back points.

    Murray and Peers clamber their way back to deuce. Phew, but still work to do.

  19. Murray/Peers break

    Murray/Peers* 4-6 6-3 5-4 Erlich/Petzschner

    Well, it's easy when you play it like that.

    An absolute cannon of a two-handed backhand from John Peers gets he and Murray to deuce.

    Jamie Murray flings himself across the net to flick away a volley for break point.

    And Philipp Petzschner cuffs Peers' return long as he attempts to come in to the net.

    Peers to serve for the set next.

  20. Post update

    Murray/Peers 4-6 6-3 4-4 Erlich/Petzschner*

    Jamie Murray's service wobbles have steadied.

    He holds for the loss of just one point.

  21. Post update

    Murray*/Peers 4-6 6-3 3-4 Erlich/Petzschner

    This set could be the pivot point of the match. Both teams are guarding serve jealously knowing that a dropped serve now could be fatal.

    We have had new balls, but now we have rolled out a fresh set of line judges while the old ones head off to sharpen their eyeballs and tighten their vocal cords.

  22. Post update

    Murray/Peers 4-6 6-3 3-3 Erlich*/Petzschner

    John Peers, service cyborg, rains down another hold to love. The Australian is not the tallest, but has a skiddy, flat delivery that is difficult for the man opposite to pick out.

  23. Finalist

  24. BBC coverage

  25. Post update

    Murray/Peers* 4-6 6-3 2-3 Erlich/Petzschner

    Jamie Murray and John Peers

    Time to plot a better plan.

    Jonathan Erlich and Philipp Petzschner are in a bit of danger at 30-30, but their serve survives unscathed.

  26. Post update

    Murray/Peers 4-6 6-3 2-2 Erlich/Petzschner*

    Jamie Murray strolls to 40-0 but is just a little too clever with a little cross-court volley - it tip-toes along the highwire and drops his side.

    It is a mistake that he is almost to regret as he gets bogged down in deuce for a while. But Murray and Peers find their way through.

  27. Post update

    *Murray/Peers 4-6 6-3 1-2 Erlich/Petzschner

    Murray Mound

    This was the scene on Henman Hill an hour or so ago. I can't guarantee that it is similarly swimming with people right now, but there are still a fair few sticking around to soak up some late evening rays and the All England vibes.

    The tennis is quite relaxing at the moment. A steady stream of service holds.

  28. Post update

    Murray/Peers 4-6 6-3 1-1 Erlich*/Petzschner

    Another solid service hold. A bit of a nothing game that one, forced errors all round, but not by brilliance.

  29. Post update

    Murray/Peers* 4-6 6-3 Erlich/Petzschner

    The first game of the third set goes the way of the German-Israeli duo, but Jonathan Erlich, who got the trainer on to add even more strapping to that dodgy knee at the end of the second set, is struggling.

    He is looking very tentative on that joint. A few snake-in-the-grass low ones over the net might test it to destruction.

  30. Good hands

  31. Game and second set

    Murray/Peers 4-6 6-3 Erlich/Petzschner*

    Job's a good 'un.

    John Peers, the man that you would want serving for the set, does the bizzo.

    We are level pegging.

  32. Post update

    Murray/Peers* 4-6 5-3 Erlich/Petzschner

    Brilliant cat-like reflexes from Jonathan Erlich as he bops away a volley on his way to a love service hold.

    Actually if cats had reflexes as sharp as that they would spent less time in traffic accidents and more successfully swiping goldfish out of ponds.

  33. BBC coverage


    It is actually your 35-minute warning. But if you can't think up a question for one of the three wise men in that time, you might want to look for a new sport.

  34. Get involved via #bbctennis

    Dan Venn: I admire his doubles play but what is with @jamie_murray's off-centre cap? @andy_murray have a word son.

  35. Post update

    Murray/Peers 4-6 5-2 Erlich*/Petzschner

    Jamie Murray looks like he is heading for a stress-free day at the service office, rattling through to 40-0. But a double fault, a decent mid-court smash from Petzschner and a wafty air-shot attempt to volley from John Peers take us through to deuce.

    Steady. Steady.

    Murray puffs his cheeks and rediscovers his serving groove to see his team through.

  36. Get Involved

  37. Post update

    *Murray/Peers 4-6 4-2 Erlich/Petzschner

    And another hold to love. This time it is Philipp Petzschner who brings the service noise.

  38. Post update

    Murray/Peers 4-6 4-1 Erlich/Petzschner*

    Two service winners and an ace. It is not just Serena Williams who can hammer down the bombs on Centre Court today. John Peers is doing a fine job every time the balls are thrown to him.

  39. Post update

  40. Post update

    Murray/Peers* 4-6 3-1 Erlich/Petzschner


    Jamie Murray is wearing his hat at a jaunty angle. He looks like he is channelling Marky Mark. I don't think that it can be helping him.

    He and Peers cannot make any further inroads after working up 15-30.

  41. Vote result


    Earlier we asked you how you feel about grunting in tennis. Here is the result. A fairly even split.

  42. BBC coverage

    Britain's Anna Brogan & Freya Christie are a set up in the Girls Doubles now. You can watch online here

  43. Post update

    Murray/Peers 4-6 3-0 Erlich*/Petzschner

    Jamie Murray's wife Alejandra Gutierrez and Willie Murray

    Jamie Murray's wife Alejandra Gutierrez and father Willie Murray are in the crowd to watch their man.

    Murray's serve in on the rack once again, but he and Peers see off two break points to hold serve.

    Some nice sideways scuttling from Peers, reaching a volley and swatting past Philipp Petzschner's feet.

  44. Post update

    *Murray/Peers 4-6 2-0 Erlich/Petzschner

    John Lloyd

    Former British number one on BBC Two

    "It was a poor game. He couldn't find a first serve and missed a couple by miles. That will give Jamie Murray a little bit more confidence."

  45. Murray/Peers break

    *Murray/Peers 4-6 2-0 Erlich/Petzschner

    Philipp Petzschner's serve has gone off as fast as a mid-summer milk bottle left in the sun.

    Peers and Murray burgle a break and a bit of hope.

  46. Post update

    Murray/Peers 4-6 1-0 Erlich/Petzschner*

    David Beckham

    David Beckham is heading for national treasure status so fast, they may as well stick him in a glass case in the Tower of London now.

    A stray ball loops up towards the Royal Box, Old Goldenballs is under it and does he drop it? Of course he doesn't. Safely bagged to cheers all round and a self-conscious shrug from the man himself.

  47. Post update

  48. Game and first set

    Murray/*Peers 4-6 Erlich/Petzschner

    Jamie Murray and John Peers

    Jamie Murray and John Peers put up a bit of a battle, slugging back from 40-0 to 40-30 as Philipp Petzschner plunges a volley into the net.

    But they cannot haul the opposition back from the brink. The opener goes to the unseeded pair who are playing their first tournament together.

  49. Get involved via #bbctennis

    ROBERT TIMBRE: Team mates in doubles tapping one another after every point is utterly preposterous. Is it insecurity, a need for reassurance?

    Just a bit of bromance team-building Robert, don't worry.

  50. Post update

    Murray/Peers 4-5 Erlich*/Petzschner

    John Lloyd

    Former British number one on BBC Two

    "Jamie is struggling on the forehand routine but he normally gets into a rhythm with it. That is the side he can sometimes not return too well on. He also has to start getting some rhythm on his serve because he is struggling with it."

  51. Post update

    Murray/Peers 4-5 Erlich/Petzschner*

    John Peers service action is all snap and whip. Compact and powerful like a Tyson hook.

    He holds to love, but Philipp Petschner will serve for the set next.

  52. Post update

    Murray/*Peers 3-5 Erlich/Petzschner

    Jonathan Erlich's right knee is strapped so heavily, I'm starting to wonder that if you peeled off the bandages, Invisible Man style, if there would be a joint underneath at all.

    If he is playing with no lower leg joint, he is doing remarkably well. Another solid service hold.

  53. Erlich/Petzschner break

    Murray/Peers 3-4 Erlich*/Petzschner

    Jamie Murray

    Jamie Murray's serve is the weak link out there at the moment, sitting up pretty for Jonathan Erlich and Philipp Petzschner to hammer on return.

    The German-Israeli duo are getting stuck in and bring up 0-40 and three break points. And the second is converted via a delicious lob from Petzschner that cascades over the head of Murray and Peers for a sublime winner.

  54. Post update

    *Murray/Peers 3-3 Erlich/Petzschner

    Still on serve. A bit of a phoney war this with the two teams just feeling each other out.

    Jamie Murray

    The only real chance for either has been when Jamie Murray slipped to 0-40 in his first service game. It is his turn to deliver the fuzz in the next game...

  55. Post update

    Murray/Peers 3-2 Erlich/Petzschner*

    John Lloyd

    Former British number one on BBC Two

    "Jamie Murray has played himself into the Davis Cup team against France but who partners him? Andy Murray or Dom Inglot?

  56. Post update

    Murray/Peers 3-2 Erlich/Petzschner*

    John Peers' serve is the more solid and secure of the two tee-offs at the Scottish/Australian end.

    I wonder if there is much Ashes chat among them during their time away from the court. And if so, who Jamie is backing?

  57. Post update

    Murray/Peers 2-2 Erlich/Petzschner*

    John Lloyd

    Former British number one on BBC Two

    "Pretty impressive start from Erlich and Petzschner."

  58. Post update

    Murray/Peers* 2-2 Erlich/Petzschner


    Come on England woman, think like a team like you did in Canada.

    Everyone want a photo with Beckham - who you have got cornered. Hand your phone to a team-mate, let them snap a shot with a cracking Centre Court backdrop and then swap roles.

    No need for the selfie shot.

    Philipp Petzschner holds serve back on the court itself.

  59. Post update

    Murray/Peers 2-1 Erlich/Petzschner*

    Jamie Murray's serve comes under a bit of pressure. Scrap that, a lot of pressure. Love-forty and ugly.

    But the Scot and Aussie partner-in-crime John Peers come roaring back to cling onto serve. Break averted.

  60. Post update

    More for Jonas Bjorkman: "The group have done a great job with Andy, he is looking really strong and had a great season so far.

    "Andy and Roger know each other very well, there will not be too many secrets. We have been going through a lot of past matches, through videos, and hopefully we can pull out a few good tactical moves.

    "Amelie is very relaxed and easy going and I am the same. We are both here and trying to help Andy so he can achieve his goals in his career. When it is match day, it is him performing.

    "It is a lot easier to be on court than off court. It is more nerve wracking because you can't do anything. I am not calm in the box. Amelie has to be a calmer with the baby coming. The crowd is always fair but hopefully in favour of Andy."

  61. Post update

    Andy Murray's coach Jonas Bjorkman on BBC One:

    "It is a lot of fun and a great challenge, I have been here as a player, with the media for a lot of years and now a different view being a coach.

    "I have seen different aspects with the pressure but Andy is dealing with it well and he has played some great tennis.

    "Hopefully I have a positive impact like the rest of the team. It is a great energy in the group, a lot of laughs, a lot of chit chats."

  62. Post update

    *Murray/Peers 1-0 Erlich/Petzschner

    Jonathan Erlich returns fire for the Israeli/German duo.

  63. Post update

    Murray/Peers 1-0 Erlich/Petzschner

    Jamie Murray

    John Peers steers his way safely through the opening service game.

    Jamie Murray is a previous doubles champion at Wimbledon. You may remember his flirt-a-thon partnership with Jelena Jankovic in 2007.

    The pair they beat in the final by the way included Andy Murray's current coach Jonas Bjorkman.

  64. Murray on court

    The people who decide such things at Wimbledon decreed earlier this week that Mansour Bahrami and Henri Leconte serve up some doubles entertainment for the Centre Court crowd at the end of a day of quick matches.

    We have some more doubles to finish the day today. But this is no hit and giggle jape-fest. Oh no.

    It is Jamie 'brother of' Murray and Australian John Peers taking on Jonathan Erlich and Philipp Petzsner for a place in Saturday's final.

    Murray and Peers to serve.

  65. Radwanska on that call

  66. BBC coverage

  67. Get involved via #bbctennis

    Julian Taylor: Well it looks like Heather Watson pushed Serena further than any other player this year at Wimbledon.

  68. Post update

    Maria Sharapova

    Sharapova leaves for the locker room filled with that familiar feeling of losing to one of the greats of the women's game. Will she ever beat Williams again? Her last victory remains that 2004 Wimbledon final and the wait goes on...

  69. Post update

    Lindsay Davenport

    1999 Wimbledon champion on BBC TV

    "Sharapova is a realist and knows this is a bad match up for her. In the grand slams she manages to go deep, Serena has normally gone out early."

  70. Williams wary of Muguruza

    Serena Williams' opponent in the final is Garbine Muguruza and the world number one predicts a "great final".

    "It's great for her," said Williams of Muguruza's progress at Wimbledon. "She's beaten me before and she made me improve. It will be a great final.

    "The feeling gets better every time I'm here. It's been a long time since my last final. It's really cool."

  71. Williams into Wimbledon final


    More from Serena Williams: "I'm so excited. I got a bit nervous because it was a semi-final and it's a long time since I've been this far. I'm excited to get through it.

    "Maria played well and when she stepped up, I managed to step up. It wasn't easy, it was interesting."

  72. Post update

    Bad news for a Brit

    Katie Swan

    Katie Swan, the Kansas-based Bristolian carrying British hopes in the girls' singles, has come a cropper in the quarter-finals.

    After a hard-fought first set against Slovakia's Viktoria Kuzmova, Swan was routed in the second, losing 7-6 (7-2) 6-0.

    The 16-year-old has had a promising year so far, reaching the final of the Australian Open and the prestigious Easter Bowl in New York.

  73. Williams into Wimbledon final

    Williams 6-2 6-4 Sharapova

    Judy Murray

    Great Britain Fed Cup captain on BBC Radio 5 live

    "Unbelievable way to finish for Serena (with the four aces). Most guys will be happy with that serve. Strong finish from her, didn't allow Maria to step on the front foot. If Maria can't win with that power then she's got no back-up. Serena is better than her at that game."

  74. Williams into Wimbledon final

    Williams 6-2 6-4 Sharapova

    John McEnroe

    Three-time Wimbledon champion on BBC TV

    Serena and Maria

    "There's a reason Sharapova will be number two in the world after this tournament. You've got to congratulate her on her fight to the bitter end. She's played some excellent defence to hang on to points you did not think she was going to win."

  75. Get involved via #bbctennis

    Matt J. Lewensztajn: Strange to think Heather Watson made Serena look average the other day. Sharapova has made Serena look like Serena.

    Jan Sez: Pathetic performance by Sharapova. Heather Watson was more of a challenge to Serena.

    Circa 1957: Serena Williams "the best female tennis player on the planet." Enough said.

  76. I got nervous - Williams

    "I got a little nervous out there today," admits Williams, although to the untrained eye it seemed as if she was playing with a sniper's calm in a semi-final which wasn't the most competitive we've seen.

  77. Williams into Wimbledon final

    Williams 6-2 6-4 Sharapova

    John McEnroe

    Three-time Wimbledon champion on BBC TV

    "I believe Serena is the greatest player. She's going for the Grand Slam with the expectations so high. She's handled it admirably. It was never really competitive today."

  78. Game, set and match

    Williams 6-2 6-4 Sharapova

    Serena Williams

    An iffy start from Williams - a double fault for 15-15 - but she makes amends with successive aces. Sharapova in the last chance saloon and she isn't even allowed one final drink. Williams lasering a vicious first serve to the wings and the Russian dives and misses.

  79. Sharapova holds

    *Williams 6-2 5-4 Sharapova

    Sharapova double faults at a critical stage, and that's the story of the match. Match point Williams, the Russian on life support. The world number one not at her most ruthless and Sharapova is off the hook after a series of Williams errors. Oxygen oozing through Sharapova's veins once more.

    Deuce. Advantage. Deuce. Wild forehand Williams. Advantage Sharapova. Williams into the tape and Sharapova holds.

  80. Williams takes Sharapova to deuce

    *Williams 6-2 5-3 Sharapova


    Sharapova needing to hold to stay in the match. Sharapova has illuminated with the occasional brilliance, swinging from the hip on the baseline and all Williams can do is watch a forehand fly by her ears.

    Williams more than a match, though. The world number one equally capable of cool winners. A Williams backhand screamer like an arrow into the Sharapova heart. Let's ready ourselves for a duel at deuce.

  81. Post update

    Williams 6-2 5-3 Sharapova*

    Jana Novotna

    Former Wimbledon champion on BBC Radio 5 live

    "This must be so frustrating for Maria. It's not that she is not hitting the ball hard or deep enough but the balls are coming back faster and faster."

  82. Get involved via #bbctennis

    Wayne Ellis: Looking like the most boring women's final in living memory. No interest in watching two players so reliant on big hitting...

  83. Post update

    Williams 6-2 5-3 Sharapova*

    A chink of light for Sharapova, threading a peachy forehand down the line for 0-30. Spectators nudge in approval. A gentleman elbows his wife as if to say 'we could have a game on here'. The sweetness of optimism. Sharapova forehand long, long, long at 30-30 - and is that the sound of Sharapova's Wimbledon dreams fluttering away in the breeze?

  84. Post update

    *Williams 6-2 4-3 Sharapova

    John McEnroe

    Three-time Wimbledon champion on BBC TV

    "Sharapova never stops competing, even when it looks oh so bleak."

  85. Sharapova holds serve

    *Williams 6-2 4-3 Sharapova

    Dreamy returning from Williams wins her a third break point, but from the sublime to the silly as the world number one balloons a return into the tramlines. A dip from Williams, opting for power rather than precision and Sharapova lives on. For now.

  86. Post update

    Williams 6-2 4-2 Sharapova

    Serena Williams

    Surely we are watching 279 here...

  87. Williams has break points

    Williams 6-2 4-2 Sharapova*


    Williams' forehands zipping off the bone-dry court. Soon the ball will self combust. A backhand return brings up two break points and cue the short staccato sound of shrieking violins, the sort you'd hear in a horror movie. Sharapova refusing to melt as quickly as lollipop in the SW19 sun. Deuce? Yes.

  88. Post update

    Williams 6-2 4-2 Sharapova*

    Judy Murray

    Great Britain Fed Cup captain on BBC Radio 5 live

    "Serena is applying so much on Sharapova, hitting the second serve from inside the court. Sharapova's first two service games were very good, she mixed up her serves, lost only two points in those two games. She only hit one first serve in the last game and you can't afford to do that against Serena."

  89. Post update

    Williams 6-2 4-2 Sharapova*

    Sharapova stuck on the baseline as she is pushed further and further back by the ferocity of Williams' serves. This is torture for the Russian, Williams rattles off four quick points to hold to love.

  90. Henman Hill is shut...

    Mike Henson

    BBC Sport at Wimbledon


    ...Or might be if we could just get this pesky chain untangled..

  91. Williams breaks

    *Williams 6-2 3-2 Sharapova

    Stephen Fry, arms crossed over his belly, leaning back on his chair, hasn't seen anything worth perching forward for. The Williams power routine. but so too the Sharapova spirit. The Russian in a hole at 0-30 but drags herself back to 30-30. Break point Williams, however. Double fault Sharapova - her fifth of the match - and the lights go out.

  92. Post update

    Williams 6-2 2-2 Sharapova*

    Maria Sharapova


  93. Post update

    *Williams 6-2 2-2 Sharapova

    Lindsay Davenport

    1999 Wimbledon champion on BBC TV

    "It always helps when you can win some free points on your serve. It allows you to be a bit more aggressive. Sharapova has done a better job in her first two service games of the second set.

  94. Post update

    Williams 6-2 2-2 Sharapova*

    Centre Court's patrons rooting for the underdog, wanting this match to go the distance, but Sharapova hasn't the firepower to steamroll her opponent. She threatens, but a Williams blitz from 15-30 onwards - the forehand inflicting the damage - sees her level.

  95. Get involved via #bbctennis

  96. Post update

    *Williams 6-2 1-2 Sharapova


    Blows are traded from the baseline until Williams, heavy of foot, unsure of touch, proceeds to the net and slaps a volley beyond the baseline. Comfortable for Sharapova, advancing to 40-0 with little fuss. Williams nicks one point, but that's the only blemish.

  97. Post update

    Williams 6-2 1-1 Sharapova

    Lindsay Davenport

    1999 Wimbledon champion on BBC TV

    "We've spoken about Serena's serve being the best weapon in tennis. What about her athleticism as well?"

  98. Post update

    Williams 6-2 1-1 Sharapova*

    Williams timing her serves sweetly, Sharapova needing two racquets to cause any damage. But a reflex-return on a 120mph-plus serve at least as the crowd purring, though it's ultimately a comfortable hold for the world number one.

  99. Post update

    Williams 6-2 0-1 Sharapova

  100. Get involved via #bbctennis

    Phil: Shazza could've done a lot worse than watch the doc on Ashe. Changing her game style, mixing up her pace might give her a shot.

    Paul Dixon: I dare anyone to listen to the tennis on BBC right now, and not envision Barry White as the umpire!!

    Jen: For goodness' sake Maria, get yourself to the net and volley more. Quit being so one dimensional

  101. Post update

    *Williams 6-2 0-1 Sharapova

    Will Sharapova begin to feel at home on the court where she made her name? Errors continue to trickle from her racquet, but she flicks a switch, the engine beginning to roar - first serves hitting the target and a thigh-slappingly good forehand down the line to conclude.

  102. Post update

    Williams 6-2 Sharapova

    Maria Sharapova

    That must seem a long way off now...

  103. Post update

    Williams 6-2 Sharapova*

    John McEnroe

    Three-time Wimbledon champion on BBC TV

    "Serena is awfully quick out there. She's on it. She's not giving Maria space to breathe at all."

  104. Post update

    Williams 6-2 Sharapova*

    Judy Murray

    Great Britain Fed Cup captain on BBC Radio 5 live

    "Maria Sharapova has played very well this championship, she takes the return of serve very quickly but is not able to do that against Serena. Williams is the better athlete and she is just a little bit better at everything."

  105. Game and first set

    Williams 6-2 Sharapova*


    A flushed lady on a roasting Centre Court is using a Wimbledon programme to cool the body temperature. Sharapova feeling the heat, too. Williams bulldozing her opponent, stifling the Russian with rip-roaring aces and dead-eye winners. Three set points come the favourite's way and on the second she wraps up the set with a thunderous backhand winner.

  106. Post update

    *Williams 5-2 Sharapova

    Centre Court

    Williams with the court at her mercy but the crowd's groans and the top seed's screams are all you need to hear to know the 20-time Grand Slam champion ballooned the overhead. Sharapova with a rare hold, but Williams to serve for the set.

  107. Get involved via #bbctennis

  108. Friday's order of play

    Centre Court - men's semi-finals

    From 13:00 BST

    1 Novak Djokovic (Ser) [1] v Richard Gasquet (Fra) [21]

    2 Andy Murray (GB) [3] v Roger Federer (Swi) [2]

  109. Post update

    Williams 5-1 Sharapova*

    Sharapova a renowned street fighter. The Russian will brawl and scrap until she is forced off the court. Unfortunately for the former champion, at the other end of the court is a woman with an equally fierce will to win. Williams turning the screw and Sharapova's hopes fading in this set.

  110. Previous Grand Slam meetings

    Williams 4-1 Sharapova


    It has been 11 years since Maria Sharapova beat Serena Williams. Can she fight back today?

  111. Sharapova broken

    *Williams 4-1 Sharapova

    Decibels rising on Centre. The shrieks? On a par with a police siren. The applause? The sort you hear at a chess match.

    Sharapova lost in a cul de sac, needing to survive two break points, but the ball sits up nicely for Williams in the middle of the court and the American could park a JCB in the space she has to plant her trademark volcanic forehand.

  112. Post update

    Williams 3-1 Sharapova*

    David Beckham adjusts his tie before Williams launches her first missile towards her rival. No excuses for shabbiness in the Royal Box.

    The Williams serve not as dominant as you'd expect, which is why Sharapova is allowed to level at 30-30, but a 120mph ace blows Sharapova off the concourse, and the top seed rattles off another boomer.

  113. Post update

    *Williams 2-1 Sharapova

    John McEnroe

    Three-time Wimbledon champion on BBC TV

    "Sharapova doesn't have the athletic skills but boy does she dig deep. She's often one of the best competitors you'll see. She had to do that to get out of the last game, to keep this set competitive."

  114. Post update

    *Williams 2-1 Sharapova

    Another break point comes Williams' way and yet again she generously gives Sharapova a reprieve, shanking a backhand wide. Sharapova to the net, a change of tactic, and a feather-soft touch has Williams stranded.

    The Russian's serve solidifying, Williams' eyes widening as a second serve comes her way - but her return dribbles to the tape.

  115. Post update

    Williams 2-0 Sharapova*

  116. Sharapova taken to deuce

    *Williams 2-0 Sharapova

    Sharapova up against it again. The Russian's serve currently as malicious as a hummingbird, hovering at around 103-106mph. Williams bullying her opponent, pinning her on her heels with ferocious forehands and the world number one has gathered a break point.

    Canny from Sharapova, a serve to the wings which has the approval of Centre Court. To deuce we go.

  117. Post update

    Williams 2-0 Sharapova*

    John McEnroe

    Three-time Wimbledon champion on BBC TV

    "Does Maria have a plan B? That's the issue. If plan A isn't working, is she able to turn to different tactics?

  118. Post update

    Williams 2-0 Sharapova*

    Brutal hitting from Williams, and rapid serving too - a 120mph cannon fires her to 40-30. But, just like Sharapova in the previous game, the favourite guilty of sloppy serving - a double fault before she makes amends with an ace. The game finishes when Sharapova fires a faulty forehand into the tape.

  119. How Maria got here...

  120. Post update

    Williams 1-0 Sharapova

    Judy Murray

    Great Britain Fed Cup captain on BBC Radio 5 live

    "Sharapova was having all sorts of problems with her serve and you can't afford to do that against someone like Serena Williams."

  121. Post update

    *Williams 1-0 Sharapova

    John McEnroe

    Three-time Wimbledon champion on BBC TV

    "Serena barely had to do anything. Three double faults in that first game. That hurts."

  122. Sharapova broken

    *Williams 1-0 Sharapova

    Sharapova in choppy waters. One double fault, then another. Murmurs of surprise rippling around Centre. The Russian surrendering with a whimper.

  123. Sharapova taken to deuce

    *Williams 0-0 Sharapova

    Sharapova looking down to the other side of the net and seeing a formidable force, a woman she has not beaten in 11 years, someone who has collected 20 Grand Slam titles and won 26 Grand Slam matches in succession. Understandable that the Russian is experiencing a knee-knocking start. Williams bludgeons to 30-30 and then forces the Russian to deuce.

  124. Post update


    When is a rivalry a rivalry? Williams dominant in every category against Sharapova, except of course off-court earnings. The top seed far from living on the breadline, though.

  125. 'Williams handling Serena Slam pressure'

    Lindsay Davenport

    1999 Wimbledon champion on BBC Radio 5 Live

    "I think Serena has handled the pressure of winning the 'Serena Slam' well. She was affected by it against Heather Watson for about 30 minutes. But she has been all business after that even though she had the toughest draw and maybe is a little bit relieved with today's match-up. Victoria Azarenaka is the second best player and was a challenge for Serena."

  126. Get involved via #bbctennis

    Edward Ditchfield: Prediction: Williams in two very easy but noisy sets. Sharapova to screech a lot but be as ineffective as ever against Serena.

    Syed Barique Mahmood: No matter how many times @serenawilliams defeats @MariaSharapova, their match-up remains intriguing.

  127. 'Sharapova a little too careful now'

    Williams v Sharapova

    Lindsay Davenport

    1999 Wimbledon champion on BBC TV

    "Serena takes it to a different level against Maria and has the advantage against her. I was watching the highlights of the 2004 Wimbledon match when Maria beat Serena and she was almost a different player back then.

    "She served and volleyed about five times in that match, was more carefree and went for the lines. Maria has become a little too careful for me now and it's problematic."

  128. Players warming up

    Players warm up

    A rousing reception for both players as they walk onto Centre. Spectators have returned to their seats, topping up on the sun cream, replenishing lost liquids. Photographers focusing on the Royal Box instead of the court, which isn't unusual at this stage of proceedings.

  129. How can Maria beat Serena?

    Williams vs Sharapova

    Andy Roddick

    Former world number one on BBC Radio 5 Live

    "Against all other players Sharapova has the better serve but not against Serena; she hits the ball harder than anyone but not against Serena.

    "Maria just fights it out with all the competitiveness she has got, with grit and pride. I dealt with that a lot against Roger. I executed my game plan to the best of my ability and still came out the loser.

    "Maria just has to be the better player for an hour and a half this afternoon but she doesn't have the type of variety to beat Serena."

  130. Post update

    Quote Message: "She does not have a mental block against Serena. Serena simply plays tennis much better than she does." from Patrick Mouratoglou
    Patrick Mouratoglou
  131. When two forces go to war

    Serena Williams

    Two of the dominant figures in the women's game are set to collide and there are a cocktail of reasons why this spectacle will enthral: the tennis, the history, the personal spats...

  132. England women visit Wimbledon

    Fara Williams and Steph Houghton

    The England women's football squad have had quite a week: Bronze medallists at the Women's World Cup, trips to Downing Street, meeting Prince William.

    And now Centre Court tickets.

    BBC Sport caught up with Fara Williams and captain Steph Houghton:

    "It's a great honour to come back and be rewarded," said Williams.

    "We're looking forward to watching Serena now. I've been trying to get a ticket for the last few years. I'm buzzing."

  133. Has Sharapova got any chance?

    Williams v Sharapova

    Marion Bartoli

    2013 Wimbledon champion on BBC Radio 5 Live

    "There is not too much interaction (in the locker room between the players). They do whatever they have to do and there is no connection, which is normal. They are playing for history.

    "Maria has been beaten by Serena badly in the past and it is tough to take. If she plays neutral against Serena then Maria has no chance.

    "She has to play even more aggressively and hope it is a day when everything goes in, and then maybe she can beat Serena."

  134. Post update

    Williams v Sharapova

    Marion Bartoli

    2013 Wimbledon champion on BBC Radio 5 Live

    "The match-up against Serena is just not working for Maria. Serena takes the ball early, plays attacking tennis, returns from well inside the court and doesn't allow Maria to settle in.

    "Maria feels rushed when playing Serena. It's also a mental rivalry, an ego rivalry between two champions when they battle. But game wise there is no rivalry."

  135. Love to hate

    There's no doubting Serena Williams adores playing Maria Sharapova. Nineteen meetings have resulted in 17 Williams victories. And, yes, it's true, Sharapova has not beaten the world number one since 2004 when the then 17-year-old Russian beat the American in the Wimbledon final. Williams has not forgotten about that one.

  136. Post update

    Quote Message: “I love playing Maria. I think she brings out the best in me. I think I bring out the best in her. I thought we had a wonderful final in Australia. It was very entertaining, she played really well.” from Serena Williams
    Serena Williams
  137. Post update

    Rigor mortis has set in for Mike after nearly five hours in the live text driving seat so it's me, Aimee, taking over for a bit. A toasty Centre Court almost empty, but it won't stay like that for too much longer.

  138. BBC coverage


    While we wait for Serena and Maria, why not watch Britain's Katie Swan in action in the girls' singles. You can watch live online here.

  139. Muguruza into Wimbledon final

    Muguruza 6-2 3-6 6-3 Radwanska


    Jana Novotna, Sabine Lisicki, Marion Bartoli.

    I reckon that Garbine Muguruza is set to join the ranks of Wimbledon crowd favourites before too long.

    She seems like a thoroughly lovely person and has the sort of power game that should carry her to the latter stages on a pretty regular basis.

  140. Muguruza into Wimbledon final

    Muguruza 6-2 3-6 6-3 Radwanska


    More from winner Garbine Muguruza....

    On Radwanska challenge in last game: "I heard some people saying 'out, out'. I don't know what happened. I was just praying it was on the line.

    On the final: "It's going to be a dream. I'm in the final. My parents and brother didn't want to come over and taint anything. I'll get them a ticket now."

  141. Lionesses have roaring good time

  142. Muguruza into Wimbledon final

    Muguruza 6-2 3-6 6-3 Radwanska


    Wimbledon finalist Garbine Muguruza told BBC Sport: "I don't have words to explain it. I worked all my life to achieve this moment.

    "I think I was playing really well so i had to stay calm and keep poker face.

    "I knew it was going to be tough. I was nervous in second set. She has a lot of experience and I had to fight."

  143. Muguruza into Wimbledon final

    Get involved via #bbctennis

    Andrew Wedge: Wow great match! Well I know who I am backing for the Ladies final!! Come on Muguruza.

    Véronique Schyns: @GarbiMuguruza won! Brilliant tennis. So impressive to recover mentally after losing 6 consecutive games.

    Liz Tray: Hugely enjoyable first #Wimbledon2015 semi. Superb play. Now we await the arrival of the queen. Come on Serena!

  144. 'Spain will be celebrating'

    Muguruza 6-2 3-6 6-3 Radwanska

    Jill Craybas

    on BBC Radio 5 Live


    "Spain has seen some disappointment with David Ferrer pulling out and Rafa Nadal getting knocked out early but the country will be celebrating Garbine Muguruza's victory and watching on Saturday."

  145. Get involved via #bbctennis

    Sophie: What about the call from Radwanska's team then?

    That is going to be an ugly debrief. It appeared that Radwanska's box told her to make that incorrect challenge in the final game.

  146. 'A star is born'

    Muguruza into Wimbledon final

    Tracy Austin

    Two-time US Open champion on BBC TV


    "A star is born today in women's tennis. That lob from Radwanska must have felt it was hanging in the air for so long, and then Muguruza just finished it off."

  147. Game, set and match

    Muguruza 6-2 3-6 6-3 Radwanska


    Garbine Muguruza drops to the floor in delight as she hammers away a drive volley, checks, just to be sure that the line judges are silent, and then starts her celebrations.

    Agnieszka Radwanska will look back on a call she made on the previous point, calling for a review of a backhand from Muguruza that was just in.

    Muguruza, not knowing that her opponent had summoned the video gods, was just about to cuff a simple backhand clearly long on the next shot.

  148. Break point saved

    *Muguruza 6-2 3-6 5-3 Radwanska

    Muguruza toughs it out, hitting out bravely to take us to deuce.

    Suffocatingly tight.

  149. Break point Radwanska

    *Muguruza 6-2 3-6 5-3 Radwanska

    A nervy backhand about 10 feet long from Muguruza. 0-15.

    Oh-er. The pressure up another notch. But she knuckles down, overcomes a call for a foot-fault, and wins the next two points.

    Radwanska is not letting this drop though. Back she bites for 30-30.

    And then an impeccable volley deep and she has break point...

  150. Radwanska holds

    *Muguruza 6-2 3-6 5-3 Radwanska


    Agnieszka Radwanska survives and you get the feeling that Muguruza might have found it easier to break for her place in the final than to serve out for it.

    Anyway, we are about to find out...

  151. Radwanska taken to deuce

    Muguruza 6-2 3-6 5-2 Radwanska*

    Nip, tuck, dodge, dive, softly, softly, catchy, monkey.

    A thrilling rally full of bluff and counter bluff ends with Garbine Muguruza unable to retrieve a lob and 40-0 down.

    The Spaniard batters back though and a Radwanska error sends us to deuce. Muguruza within two points of victory.

  152. Post update

    Muguruza 6-2 3-6 5-2 Radwanska*

    David Beckham

    Sweets? In a bucket? What larks!

    More importantly, let's see if Garbine Muguruza has a soft centre.

    That was as tough as week-old toffee from the Spaniard. A very impressive service game as she soaked up a 24-carat winner from Radwanska that she could do nothing about and then slapped away a knee-knocker of a smash to snuff out the danger.

  153. Post update

  154. Post update

    Muguruza 6-2 3-6 4-2 Radwanska

    Tracy Austin

    Two-time US Open champion on BBC TV

    "There's two contrasting styles. Muguruza has all out aggression from both wings. Radwanska is looking to put more pace on the forehand side and mixes it up with the bankhand slice, and tries to get the job done with accuracy and defence."

  155. Muguruza breaks

    *Muguruza 6-2 3-6 4-2 Radwanska


    Never mind the rest of the game (some shoddy serving from Radwanska and walloped groundstrokes from Muguruza) just revel in the quality of the final point.

    Muguruza walloping, Radwanska retriving, Radwanska into the net, Muguruza with a dead-eyed lob and Radwanska cannot claw it back into play.

    Enthralling stuff and Muguruza is two holds away from the final.

  156. Two break points for Muguruza

    Muguruza 6-2 3-6 3-2 Radwanska*

    Can she get the crucial break?...

  157. Get Involved


    While most eyes are on Wimbledon, British Davis Cup player Dom Inglot is already looking forward to next weekend's test against France at Queens...

  158. Muguruza holds

    Muguruza 6-2 3-6 3-2 Radwanska*

    Garbine Muguruza is heading back to her stool, but Agnieszka Radwanska is not moving a muscle until the Hawk-Eye boffins have fired up their creation.

    It turns out that Garbine Muguruza's final groundstroke just sniffed the back of the line.

  159. Muguruza taken to deuce

    *Muguruza 6-2 3-6 2-2 Radwanska


    Garbine Muguruza flirts with break point danger as her backhand volley at 15-30 down barges through the net cord and makes it over.

    Those are the fine margins that might decide this. The match summed up in a couple of points as Muguruza's physical power takes us to 40-30 with an ace, before subtle court craft from Radwanska shifts her out of position to take the game to deuce.

    Muguruza not out of the woods yet...

  160. Get involved via #tennisshocks

    John Kearney: Ivan Lendl coming from two sets down to claim his first Grand Slam title at the French Open 1984.

    Simon Richardson: Karlovic knocking Hewitt, the defending champ, out of Wimbledon in the first round. He was serving over his head!

    We want to know your memorable tennis shocks. Get involved via #tennisshocks

  161. Post update

    *Muguruza 6-2 3-6 2-2 Radwanska


    Stephen Fry gets another stamp on his 2015 Royal Box loyalty card as he returns for another look down from the prime position.

    Martina Navratilova - who had a short and unsuccessful stint as Radwanska's coach earlier this year - is alongside him.

    And her former charge is doing some great things down there. Her chopping slice backhands have slowly replaced winners with errors on the Muguruza forehand wing.

    A delicious cross-court drop shot seals the game and Muguruza would have had to be stood where the ball boys crouch to get that one back.

  162. Post update

    Muguruza 6-2 3-6 2-1 Radwanska*

    Mark Woodforde

    Former Grand Slam doubles champion on BBC Radio 5 live

    "Certainly a very tense opening few games of this third set. The crowd is knowledgeable and they have seen such matches before and want to see more.

    "Muguruza has had these opening but has been hesitant to hit the ball out of the air and finish the points quicker."

  163. Post update

    Muguruza 6-2 3-6 2-1 Radwanska*


    You could have driven a juggernaut through the slice of court that Garbine Muguruza has to aim at 30-15, but the Spaniard pumps a forehand long needlessly.

    You can almost hear the nerves creaking. Back to good Garbine rather than her evil nervy twin though as he picks out a lovely cross-court angle to win the next point and old faithful - the serve - seals the game.

  164. Muguruza breaks

    *Muguruza 6-2 3-6 1-1 Radwanska

    Well, this is turning into a real riddle.

    Garbine Muguruza slams the brakes on Agnieszka Radwanska's charge, finding a couple of zippy winners to take the Pole to 0-40 and then luring her into the net on the second of three break points.

    Where is this one heading? Your guess is as good as anyone's.

  165. Post update

    Muguruza 6-2 3-6 0-1 Radwanska*

    You can watch highlights of Garbine Muguruza's stunning first set against Agnieska Radwanska by clicking on the highlights tab at the top of this page or by clicking on this link.