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  1. Post update

    That is your lot today.

    What awaits us tomorrow?

    Well, that is the question that will be mulled over at the west London team hotel shortly.

    Will Great Britain go with Dominic Inglot and Jamie Murray in the potentially pivotal doubles rubber? Or add a bit of Andy Murray into the mix?

    Play starts at 13:00 BST with live coverage right here as well as on BBC Two.

    See you here.

    Murray and Tsonga
  2. Post update

    Russell Fuller

    BBC tennis correspondent at Queen's Club

    "James Ward was not able to summon the spirit of Glasgow and San Diego on this occasion, but Andy Murray played superbly, and was able to raise his game to an even higher level when the first and second sets were on the line.

    "Returning a number of 135mph Tsonga serves was one of the keys to victory, and the relative brevity of the match will increase Murray's chances of returning to contest the doubles on Saturday."

  3. Get involved via #bbctennis

    Alex Hunter: Dom Inglot is a doubles specialist and complements Jamie Murray's game. Save Andy's energy for singles to keep fresh.

    Allie: We must be the only team that picks 2 doubles players full well knowing one isn't going to play. I'd pick Inglot and Andy.

  4. Post update

    More from the captain

    Leon Smith adds: "To win the second rubber you feel like the momentum is with you and we feel that as we go back to the hotel."

    And on that tricky doubles selection: "We have got to get back and check how everyone is and have a discussion about that."

  5. Post update

    This is your captain speaking

    GB captain Leon Smith tells BBC Sport: "What Andy just did was exceptional. There was a lot of pressure on him. At 0-1 down you have to get that rubber on the board and he a great job with that yet again with an inspirational performance. He's a great champion.

    "I thought that second set tie-breaker shows why he's the player he is. I thought he was immense."

  6. All about the accessories

    British number one Heather Watson keeps her Union Jack attire a little more subtle than her companions - going for the patriotic party trumpet.

  7. Murray on doubles dilemma

    While Andy Murray seems keen to play in Saturday's doubles, he also needs to be in top form for Sunday's deciding singles.

    "I always want to play but I've had a long few months," he said. "It's about doing what is best for us to win the tie and also about being fresh for Sunday. Hopefully I can play."

  8. Murray hails 'special' atmosphere

    Andy Murray

    Victorious Andy Murray, to cheers at Queen's Club, on BBC TV: "It was a great atmosphere.

    "A lot of people were asking me if Queen's Club would create a Davis Cup atmosphere and I think they proved everyone wrong.

    "They were absolutely fantastic. It's a pleasure to play before crowds like that and we are going to need their support like that if we are going to get the win."

  9. Murray wants to play doubles

    Andy Murray delivers an impromptu pep rally in his on-court interview after the match, telling the fans that they produced a true Davis Cup atmosphere despite the doubters.

    Regarding the possibility of his playing in the doubles, Murray says that he will do what is best for Great Britain, realising that he needs to keep fresh for the singles, but that he wants to play.

    Full quotes to come.

  10. Murray beats Tsonga

    Murray 7-5 7-6 (12-10) 6-2 Tsonga

    Away go the sweatbands into the cheap seats as Andy Murray celebrates with his fans.

    We are guaranteed to go all the way to Sunday in this tie.

    Andy Murray salutes the crowd after victory
  11. Murray taken to deuce

    *Murray 7-5 7-6 (12-10) 5-2 Tsonga

    Andy Murray looks set to finish with a flourish.

    He hits an extraordinary winner, scampering wide to somehow get to Tsonga's smash for 30-0.

    Three match points.

    Tsonga saves a couple - the second with a superb deep return - and then Murray cuffs long to take us to deuce.

    Keep the celebrations on ice for a moment.

  12. Post update

    *Murray 7-5 7-6 (12-10) 5-2 Tsonga

    Jo-Wilfried Tsonga lives to fight another game at least.

    The Queen's Club, sensing that his chances are getting few, lobs a classic slab of 90s power pop - Ant and Dec's "Let's get ready to rumble" - on the turntable.

    Murray to serve for the match next.

    Andy Murray
  13. More music to your ears

    Get involved via #bbctennis

    Martin Tucker: Great balls of fire.

    Aidan Williams: 'Why does it always rain on me' - Travis

    Colin: After going 1-0 down it has to be 'The Show Must Go On'. And it's by Queen.

  14. Post update

    Murray 7-5 7-6 (12-10) 5-1 Tsonga*

    There is not a lot of resistance coming from Jo-Wilfried Tsonga's side of the net now.

    Captain Arnaud Clement tries to urge his man into more efforts, but even he - in his role as head cheerleader - does not look like his heart is in it.

    Murray holds to love. One game away.

  15. Post update

    Andrew Castle

    BBC tennis commentator

    "That will do it no doubt. Two breaks of serve. Murray is on his way now."

    "And does three sets mean it's more likely he will play doubles?"

  16. Murray breaks

    *Murray 7-5 7-6 (12-10) 4-1 Tsonga

    A double break for Andy Murray as Jo-Wilfried Tsonga's game gets ragged and he slips and slides to 0-40.

    Murray needs to hold any two of his next three service games for victory.

  17. Post update

    Murray 7-5 7-6 (12-10) 3-1 Tsonga*

    It was not pretty, but Andy Murray get the job done, inching towards the third set and parity on the overall scoreboard.

  18. Murray saves break point

    *Murray 7-5 7-6 (12-10) 2-1 Tsonga

    Andy Murray plucks an ace out of the quiver at 0-30 down and then gets fortunate as Tsonga duffs into the net under little pressure.

    But a forehand slap from Tsonga brings up a break point at 30-40.


    Jo Wilfried Tsonga

    The Frenchman pats a second serve return into the net.

  19. Music to your ears

    Get involved via #bbctennis

    With the tunes blasting out at Queens, BBC commentator Andrew Castle asked what would be your walk-on music en route to centre court.

    And you said.......

    dvnam: My walk on song? Bounce by Calvin Harris

    Chris Burns: Hit me with your best shot - Pat Benatar

    Ryan Brownlie: Crazy Train by Ozzy Osbourne

  20. Post update

    *Murray 7-5 7-6 (12-10) 2-1 Tsonga

    Like your mother fussing over whether you are going to be warm enough as you head out of the house, Jo-Wilfried Tsonga can always rely on one thing: that thumper of a serve.

    Andy Murray is loitering with intent at 40-30, but he waves a vicious serve into the backboards as Tsonga dodges a probably fatal double break.

  21. Post update

    Murray 7-5 7-6 (12-10) 2-0 Tsonga*

    Andy Murray

    Andy Murray completes his getaway. Chance gone for Jo-Wilfried Tsonga.

    There won't be many.

  22. Murray saves break point

    *Murray 7-5 7-6 (12-10) 1-0 Tsonga

    Andy Murray throws in a double-fault just when he could have down without it.

    Thirty-forty and break point Jo-Wilfried Tsonga.

    Murray saves it with a whippy forehand into the open court.

  23. Get involved via #bbctennis

    Jack Bradshaw: Tsonga has won from two sets down twice - vs Federer at Wimbledon and vs Petzschner at the Australian Open (both in 2011).

  24. Post update

    Andrew Castle

    BBC tennis commentator

    "It's a tough five or 10 minutes coming up for Tsonga. Murray has his prey just where he wants him. Murray is all over him like a rash."

    Jo_Wilfried Tsonga sitting down at Queens
  25. Murray breaks

    *Murray 7-5 6-6 (12-10) 1-0 Tsonga

    Andy Murray sniffs blood in the water and is in for the kill.

    He climbs all over Jo-Wilfried Tsonga's serve - lacking some of the usual mph after his injury timeout - and then lures him into the net to set up three break points.

    Tsonga flails a forehand into the net on the second. This is beginning to feel as set in its course as the third set of the Simon v Ward match that preceded it.

  26. Post update

    Murray 7-5 7-6 (12-10) 0-0 Tsonga*

    Piers Newbery

    BBC Sport at Queen's Club

    "We. Are. Family!" blasts around the Queen's Club, meanwhile Tsonga receives treatment and Murray has a lengthy stretch before prowling the baseline and awaiting the return of his opponent.

    There were a few grey clouds around earlier but they have skitted over, and the weather looks unlikely to help French tennis or English cricket this afternoon.

  27. Post update

    Murray 7-5 7-6 (12-10) 0-0 Tsonga*

    Both players are on the floor, but Jo-Wilfried Tsonga is the only one getting treatment.

    While the Frenchman his his shoulder massaged back into shape, Murray is stretching out his elastic hamstrings.

    Finally set three's component parts are ready to go.

  28. Get involved via #bbctennis

    Lucy Beavis: Lol. Queens should be like this ALL the time!!! Great atmosphere.

    Steve Jones: It's not a tuba, it's a sousaphone at Queens! I still have no idea how he got it in though.

  29. Post update

    Sue Barker

    BBC tennis presenter

    "This is a must-win match for Murray to keep GB's hopes alive so the music blares out at Queens Club. This really is a special atmosphere. They have never seen anything like this here before.

    "Murray is in the driving seat and the crowd is loving it - well the British part of it."

  30. Murray goes two up

    Murray 7-5 7-6 (12-10) Tsonga*

    It was something of an epic but Murray comes through the tie-break to go two sets ahead.

    The whole GB v France tie looking much more finely balanced now, though the Scot still needs another set to level things up.

    Andy Murray celebrates
  31. Tie-break

    Murray 7-5 6-6 (11-10) Tsonga*

    Twice Andy Murray scrapes the point on serve. Tsonga's returns snagged by the wire on the first, before he creeps just long as he goes down the line.

  32. Post update

    *Murray 7-5 6-6 (9-10) Tsonga

    Booming serve and Allez Les Bleus from the blue-clad fans.

  33. Post update

    Murray 7-5 6-6 (9-9) Tsonga*

    Tsonga saves! This is a humming and a dinging.

    Andy Murray looks up
  34. Tie-break

    Murray 7-5 6-6 (9-8) Tsonga*

    And Andy Murray keeps up the pressure. Another set point.

  35. Tie-break

    Murray 7-5 6-6 (7-7) Tsonga*

    Murray with some serve-volley magic.

    GB fans
  36. Tie-break

    *Murray 7-5 6-6 (6-7) Tsonga

    A zinger down the middle - 136 mph - and it is set point Tsonga.

  37. Tie-break

    Murray 7-5 6-6 (6-6) Tsonga*

    Jo-Wilfried Tsonga clouts a serve out wide - 131 mph - to save it.

  38. Tie-break

    Murray 7-5 6-6 (6-5) Tsonga*

    Jo-Wilfried Tsonga into the net and now it is Andy Murray who has set point.

  39. Tie-break

    *Murray 7-5 6-6 (6-6) Tsonga

    Saved by Murray! On we go on serve...

    Andy Murray
  40. Tie-break

    *Murray 7-5 6-6 (5-6) Tsonga

    Another canny tee-off - off second serve and into Andy Murray's ribs - gives Tsonga set point,

  41. Tie-break

    Murray 7-5 6-6 (5-5) Tsonga*

    Clever serve from Jo-Wilfried Tsonga wins the point.

  42. Tie-break

    Murray 7-5 6-6 (5-4) Tsonga*

    Jo-Willy with a look at a second serve. But he has overcooked that, going at it with everything and punting long.

  43. Tie-break

    *Murray 7-5 6-6 (4-4) Tsonga

    Andy Murray bites back with a point of his own.

  44. Post update

    *Murray 7-5 6-6 (3-4) Tsonga

    Big serve from Jo-Wilfried Tsonga and he keeps his nose ahead on the scoreboard.

    Jo Wilfried Tsonga
  45. Tie-break

    Murray 7-5 6-6 (3-3) Tsonga*

    Andy Murray with a crunching return and that is the mini-break back in the bag.

  46. Post update

    Murray 7-5 6-6 (2-3) Tsonga*

    Concerns around Queen's Club as Andy Murray takes a tumble. Good news on two fronts. He looks fine to continue and Jo-Wilfried Tsonga's shot over his stricken body was long.

  47. Tie-break

    *Murray 7-5 6-6 (1-3) Tsonga

    Andy Murray smashes away the overhead with a shout of Allez.

  48. Tie-break

    *Murray 7-5 6-6 (0-3) Tsonga

    Consolidated mini-break for Tsonga as Murray buries into the net.

    Andy Murray
  49. Tie-break

    Murray 7-5 6-6 (0-2) Tsonga*

    A lovely deft volley off his bootstraps and Tsonga takes the second point as well.

  50. Tie-break

    Murray 7-5 6-6 (0-1) Tsonga*

    Murray to serve first. Tsonga going after a short ball, beats his man and smears the line.

    A mini-break for Tsonga.

  51. Post update

    Peter Fleming

    Seven-time Grand Slam doubles winner on BBC TV

    GB fans at Davis Cup tie against France

    "It's a tremendous atmosphere. There's something for everybody - if chaos is your thing."

  52. Post update

    *Murray 7-5 6-6 Tsonga

    The big point was at 15-15. Murray hit a dipping cross-court pass. Tsonga dug it out off his toes, but gave Murray plenty of time to run the ball down.

    Murray went down the line, but telegraphed it and went too high and Tsonga puts away the volley.

    Into a tie-break...

  53. Post update

    Murray 7-5 6-5 Tsonga*

    Andy Murray rattles through another service game. We are on our way to a tie-break shoot-out.

    Unless Jo-Wilfried Tsonga's serving arm has tightened up during this changeover. Let's find out.

  54. Post update

    *Murray 7-5 5-5 Tsonga

    Jo-Wilfried Tsonga is coming into service touch.

    Massive string-stretching serves as he holds to love. Britain's number one woman Heather Watson is here to support the Davis Cup boys by the way. She is playing it cool beneath a heavy-rimmed pair of shades.

  55. Post update

    Murray 7-5 5-4 Tsonga*

    ...before Andy Murray blitzes through his own service hold to love in a minute and 13 seconds. A blur of a service game.

    Murray in the ascendance and Jo-Wilfried Tsonga's best hope looks like being a tie-break coinciding with a spell of monster serving.

  56. Post update

    *Murray 7-5 4-4 Tsonga

    Jo-Wilfried Tsonga nurses his serve though for the loss of two points...

  57. Post update

    Peter Fleming

    Seven-time Grand Slam doubles winner on BBC TV

    Andy Murray celebrates

    "We knew Murray would mount a challenge again because that's what he does. His return is so good he forces errors off the Tsonga racquet"

  58. Post update

    Murray 7-5 4-3 Tsonga*

    Andy Murray's second serve keeps coming under pressure, but its big brother comes to the rescue, turning around 15-30 to 40-30 with big initial attempts off the oche.

    Tsonga tries to attack the second serve again, but bops his attempted winner long on the final point.

    Kool and the Gang's Celebrate comes over the speakers at the turnover. A little premature that. But it prompts some regretful dancing in the crowd.

    "It's turning into Ibiza," observes Andrew Castle. So innocent.

  59. Post update

    Andrew Castle

    BBC tennis commentator

    "What a man to call on. Murray with a phenomenal return of serve. Tsonga wasn't expecting it and we are back on serve."

    Andy Murray
  60. Murray breaks

    Murray 7-5 3-3 Tsonga*

    And we are level.

    Andy Murray converts the third and final break point as he gets stuck into a return, taking the ball early and catching Tsonga unawares.

  61. Three break points Murray

    Murray 7-5 2-3 Tsonga*

    Here it comes.

    Andy Murray works Jo-Wilfried Tsonga all over the court before nailing the open court to bring up 0-40 and three break-back points.

  62. Post update

    Peter Fleming

    Seven-time Grand Slam doubles winner on BBC TV

    "Job done. Murray keeps the pressure on."

  63. Post update

    Murray 7-5 2-3 Tsonga*

    Andy Murray is massing his forces.

    The British top dog brings up 40-0 with an ace of concussive force and decides to chance his arm on all of the next three points.

    A forehand overcooked, a backhand into net, but finally a big old bruiser of a serve is fended long by Tsonga.

  64. How the draw pans out

    Eight left. It will soon be four as the nations do battle to make the Davis Cup semi-finals.

    Davis Cup draw
  65. Post update

    *Murray 7-5 1-3 Tsonga

    Andy Murray is getting a little testy. You know the sort of thing. Shouting to his supporters, kicking out at stray balls, shooting daggers at the court surface.

    But he is working himself into some form. He takes Jo-Wilfried Tsonga to deuce, but cannot inflict any more damage.

  66. Post update

    Murray 7-5 1-2 Tsonga*

    Andy Murray gets on the board, but he is playing catch-up in this set and Tsonga is a difficult man to rein in.

  67. Post update

    *Murray 7-5 2-0 Tsonga

    If Team GB hoped that the loss of the first set might sap Jo-Wilfired's stomach for the fight, they have been let down.

    The Frenchman ties down a hold to love and is clear in the second set.

    Jo Wilfried Tsonga

    BBC Sport's Piers Newbery at Queen's Club reports: "Murray had brought the home crowd to life with his fist-pumping as he won the first set, and we had a burst of The Proclaimers and even a bit of God Save The Queen on a tuba. Party time.

    "Ten minutes later and the French are jumping, while Murray tries to ssshhhh them. It's back in the balance."

  68. Tsonga breaks

    Murray 7-5 0-1 Tsonga*

    Andy Murray bounces his racquet on the ground and then off the net-post. He could not use it to bounce the ball past Tsonga and inside the lines and the early initiative is France's.

  69. Three break points Tsonga

    *Murray 7-5 0-0 Tsonga

    Andy Murray's runty second serve is taken back to school by Jo-Wilfried Tsonga's return winner.

    The Frenchman passes Murray at the net for 0-30 and then the Scot strays long.

    The first three points of the second set have all gone Tsonga's way and he has three break points.

  70. Game and first set

    *Murray 7-5 Tsonga

    Murray v Tsonga


    It has been a real tussle of a first set, but Andy Murray has shown he has the grit as well as the glamour.

    The Scot punches the life out of thin air in celebration before slapping high five with his courtside team-mates.

  71. Set points for Murray

    Murray 6-5 Tsonga*

    Andy Murray

    Andy Murray with a punchy little backhand return and then a sweeping stroke back the other way, runs the legs out of Jo-Wilfried Tsonga for 15-30.

    Another leaping crunch off that wing and Murray has a second and third set point.

  72. Post update

    Andrew Castle

    BBC tennis commentator

    "Murray is throwing the kitchen sink at him now."

  73. Murray holds

    Murray 6-5 Tsonga*

    Andy Murray shuts the door and wife Kim is out of her seat and on her feet.

    Kim Murray shouts in support of Andy
  74. Murray taken to deuce

    *Murray 5-5 Tsonga

    Jo-Wilfired Tsonga slips on the baseline as he tries to get out of the starting blocks and up to an Andy Murray drop-shot.

    A nasty bang to the ribs, but if anything it seems to urge the Frenchman on.

    Tsonga slips

    He takes Murray to deuce with nail-gun power behind his groundstrokes.

  75. Post update

    *Murray 5-5 Tsonga

    Troubles for Jo-Wilfried Tsonga on serve. First he takes a huge swipe at his ball toss and misses entirely.

    Bizarre. And then ridiculous as a shouty man somewhere in the crowd can't keep his opinion to himself and puts him off mid-action.

    But the Frenchman makes it over the line eventually.

  76. Set point saved by Tsonga

    Murray 5-4 Tsonga*


    By a whisker. Andy Murray's cross-court reply to a forceful forehand teeters on the wire before dropping his side.

    Back to deuce.

  77. Set point Murray

    Murray 5-4 Tsonga*

    Footwork like he is wearing wellies, a stroke hurried like he forgot he had to use his arms and suddenly Jo-Wilfried Tsonga is staring at 30-30.

    Make that 30-40 and set point Murray as the Frenchman cuffs into the net...

  78. Post update

    Friendship on hold

    Jo-Wilfried Tsonga tells BBC Sport: "Andy is a very good guy, a smart guy. Anywhere on court it is going to be a war but outside it we have a good relationship. He is someone who is very difficult to beat on grass as he's played on it since he was a kid and also he's the complete player."

  79. Post update

    Eye on the ball

    Andrew Castle

    BBC tennis commentator

    Andy Murray in Davis Cup action

    "What Murray has given to British tennis is incredible. We wouldn't be here without him and we aren't going to win this tie if he doesn't win his two singles matches.

    "He plays with that on his back and he's comfortable with it. I think he loves it."

  80. Post update

    Murray 5-4 Tsonga*

    Andy Murray is still not convinced by his own footwork. He shrugs his shoulders and paws at the baseline after cuffing his backhand into the net.

    Could be time to dig out the cricket spikes.

    It is not hindering the British number one too much though. It is the only point he gives away as the first set continues to tick along on serve.

  81. Post update

    Andrew Castle

    BBC tennis commentator

    "Tsonga has started with real focus. Sometimes he can have an off 15 or 20 minutes. It doesn't look like it here."

  82. Post update

    *Murray 4-4 Tsonga

    Jo-Wilfried Tsonga is pulverising the ball and the free points and mental frailties that usually give his opponents some break from the barrage are not in evidence yet.

    A bazooka 134mph ace seals the game in emphatic style.

  83. Crowd 'different' to Glasgow - Ward

    James Ward has been talking to the media following his straight-sets defeat by Gilles Simon, and the Londoner noted the strength of the away support in London compared to the last round in Glasgow.

    "They were pretty loud," said Ward. "It's definitely a different crowd from Glasgow."

    Asked if he was disappointed by the less raucous atmosphere, he added: "It's tough to say disappointed, because it's not that I gave the crowd much to shout about.

    "It's also difficult to recreate the same as Glasgow - an indoor arena's always going to be different to outdoors, so maybe that's a factor."

  84. Post update

    Murray 4-3 Tsonga*

    That is more like it.

    Andy Murray gets a chance to practice the shot that he fluffed in the previous round, sprinting in to whip a forehand down the line as Tsonga dribbles one into mid-court.

    Andy Murray

    Greg Rusedski is in the crowd by the way. And not in the posh seats either. He is parked next to the British hardcore, competing with a man in a union jack suit and a girl in a red, white and blue onesie for a look at the action.

    Rusedski was the 1997 BBC Sports Personality of the Year. Fact.

  85. Post update

    *Murray 3-3 Tsonga

    Andy Murray with a little view down the line as he chases down a Jo-Wilfried Tsonga drop-shot, but he nets a makeable winner and can't extend the game.

    Perhaps he was a little uncertain of his footing and could not quite commit to the stroke.

  86. Post update

    Murray 3-2 Tsonga*

    Andy Murray has swapped footwear at the sit-down.

    Off come the garish red, white and blue numbers and on go some plain white numbers, presumably with a deeper tread on them.

    Andy Murray and his coach
  87. Murray taken to deuce...but holds

    Murray 3-2 Tsonga*

    The first sniff of intrigue as Jo-Wilfired Tsonga comes out on top in a trade of forehands and has 30-30.

    Andy Murray is not happy either. The Scot is struggling for grip. Is it the fresh court top? It is very green and, by the way it is marking up, has a bit of moisture left in it.

    Murray is taken to deuce but forces Tsonga back with battering forehands.

  88. Post update

    *Murray 2-2 Tsonga

    The speed gun is working over time to keep up with Jo-Wilfried Tsonga's serve. Absolute thunderbolts raining down off the Frenchman's strings as he holds to love with two block-buster aces arrowing past Murray en route.

  89. Get involved via #bbctennis

    Ian: No disrespect to James Ward but lets face facts it's Andy Murray v France & hoping we get lucky in the doubles.

    Allie: Plenty of players play all 3 days in Davis Cup - Tomas Berdych and Vasek Pospisil always do. It's not a unique to Andy Murray.

  90. Post update

    Murray 2-1 Tsonga*

    Andy Murray hooks in a forehand winner from out wide on his way to a hold to love. The early signs are that this is not going to be a short affair.

    Murray normally finds a way though. He has won 10 of their 12 previous meetings.

    An Andy Murray fan
  91. Post update

    Andrew Castle

    BBC tennis commentator

    "This is massive for the French. It's sort of a no-lose match. Tsonga has absolute clarity. He can just go for it."

  92. Post update

    *Murray 1-1 Tsonga

    I may have done the British a disservice in the wardrobe department.

    I think the fact that they are all sponsored by the same sportswear maker has made national unity an easier look to pull off for the French.

    Tsonga is whacking the fuzz off the ball. Massive serving, searing groundstrokes and a statement of intent with a hold to 15.

  93. Post update

    Peter Fleming

    Seven-time Grand Slam doubles winner on BBC TV

    "What a nice feeling confidence is. You can feel it in the crowd."

  94. Post update

    Murray 1-0 Tsonga*

    It is a bit of a shame that players' personal sponsorships deals prevent Great Britain all turning out in the same outfit.

    France manage it with Jo-Wilfried Tsonga in the same plain blue get-up that Simon sported.

    Andy Murray looked in fine touch in that first game, a rocket ace sealing one point, a teasing drop-shot out of Tsonga's reach for another and a clubbing forehand good enough for the last.

  95. Post update

    Murray v Tsonga

    Andy Murray gets his last instructions from captain Smith and steps up to serve the first game of this match,

    Andy Murray and Tsonga
  96. Post update

    Piers Newbery

    BBC Sport at Queen's Club

    The crowd were given a 20-minute break to find refreshment, while Murray and Tsonga went through their pre-match routines somewhere in the labyrinthine tunnels of the Queen's Club. A large French media presence here are digesting the significance of the opening rubber, with live TV courtside updates beamed back across the channel between sets.

    It has been noted among our visitors that there is much more coverage for the golf than the tennis in the local media. This weekend in France it's all about tennis balls and bicycles.

    Speaking of which, you can check the latest on the Tour de France here. Or The Open. Or the Ashes. Then come back here, yeah?

  97. Post update

    Your country needs you

    Andy Murray tells BBC Sport: "It will be a tough match. He (Tsonga) likes this surface and has played extremely well on grass all through his career. But I have played well against him in the past and hopefully the same will happen again."

  98. Murray v Tsonga

    Andy Murray

    Calm and focused, Andy Murray looked determined as he left the dressing room for his singles match against Jo Wilfried-Tsonga.

    'Start Me Up' by the Rolling Stones provided the backdrop.

    Murray the Street Fighting Man to Tsonga's Jumpin' Jack Flash?

  99. Murray up next

    Should be just a few minutes now before Andy Murray is given a warm welcome at Queen's Club ahead of his clash with Jo-Wilfried Tsonga.

    Great Britain really need the Scot to fire as a 2-0 deficit come this evening will make an uneasy night's sleep for Team GB and their supporters.

    Andy Murray
  100. Post update

    Peter Fleming

    Seven-time Grand Slam doubles winner on BBC TV

    "James was hoping that Gilles Simon would come out nervous and make a few unforced errors. He did at the start but once he got that early break James was in trouble.

    "There was nothing he could hurt him with."

  101. Simple for Simon

    Gilles Simon on BBC TV after straight-sets victory: "It was a great match for me. I got lucky to have an early break in each set. It was not easy. There's a lot of wind."

  102. France 1-0 Great Britain

    French fans at Queen's Club

    France go 1-0 up in the tie. Gilles Simon bounds over to the French fans, thanking them with a smatter of applause and a fist pump.

    He seems a thoroughly nice man as he charms Annabel Croft in the on-court interview telling the British fans that they were fantastic as well as those supporting him. Full quotes to come.

    Next up on court will be Andy Murray v Jo-Wilfried Tsonga.

  103. Post update

    Andrew Castle

    BBC tennis commentator

    "It's certainly not a result that's unexpected. There is a gulf in the world rankings and Gilles Simon really demonstrated that with his excellent movement. It was no disgrace for James Ward."

  104. Game, set and match

    Ward 4-6 4-6 1-6 Simon

    And judging by that performance, Great Britain cannot guarantee Andy Murray taking his point from Gilles Simon either.

    Very impressive from the Frenchman.

    Gilles Simon
  105. Post update

    *Ward 4-6 4-6 1-5 Simon

    Gilles Simon is assuredly milking the James Ward game for errors, striking his groundstrokes with nagging depth and accuracy.

    Ward cannot make any inroads into the court, playing his tennis out near the line judges. A mistake or an open-invite for Simon to hit a winner is the inevitable result.

    Simon holds to 15 and that was a flattering scoreline for the Briton.

  106. Post update

    Ward 4-6 4-6 1-4 Simon*

    Leon Smith and James Ward

    Captain Leon Smith takes his seat next to James Ward at the changeover, but it looks like he is short of encouragement and answers.

    His man has nothing to lose at least. Time to throw the kitchen sink at the Simon serve and see how it stands up.

  107. Post update

    *Ward 4-6 4-6 0-4 Simon

    Gilles Simon

    Gilles Simon shows no sign of sleeping at the wheel. He rattles off another service game.

    Fitness trainer Matt Little is telling James Ward he can still do it, but this feels like the last twitchings of the opening rubber.

  108. Get involved via #bbctennis

    Annie Hitch: The French are beating us for noise as well as in the tennis. Where's the home support, drums, chants etc? Buck up guys.

    Fleur: Let's HEAR some NOISE for the Brits. Come on they need our support. #bbctennis

  109. Post update

    Peter Fleming

    Seven-time Grand Slam doubles winner on BBC TV

    "His (Ward's) job is to hang in the match as long as he can and who knows? Gilles Simon may sprain his ankle or something."

  110. One love, three love

    Ward 4-6 4-6 0-3 Simon*

    "Difficult now," says Andrew Castle on BBC coverage with supreme understatement.

    Gilles Simon gets over a high forehand and hits a clean winner to covert for a double break at the third time of asking.

    "Get up, stand up, don't give up the fight," Bob Marley implores over the tannoy at the changeover. Easy for Bob to say.

    Bob Marley
  111. Ward saves two break points

    *Ward 4-6 4-6 0-2 Simon

    James Ward is right up on the ropes.

    The Londoner scrapes two break points off the table - the second rather fortunately as Gilles Simon punted a second-serve return just wide up the line.

    But he still has work to do from deuce.

  112. Post update

    *Ward 4-6 4-6 0-2 Simon

    Gilles Simon at Queen's Club

    Gilles Simon breezes through his service game to love and the British decibels are dipping all the time.

    It feels a long time since Ward's rabble-rousing win over American John Isner in the previous round.

  113. Get involved via #bbctennis

    Paul Thompson: James Ward not playing badly, but Simon is just outclassing him at the moment. Andy may have to rescue GB in the doubles now!

    David Begg: Ward loses first two sets 4-6, 4-6 to Simon. Looks as if Andy might have to play doubles as well.

    Allie: Did France make a mistake not having Herbert in the team given he and Mahut won Queens a month ago?

  114. Simon breaks

    Ward 4-6 4-6 0-1 Simon*

    Pock! Pock!

    That is an ominous sound for Great Britain. Gilles Simon is hitting the ball sweeter than he has all match. The ball thuds out of the centre of the sweet spot as a forehand winner whistles away down the line past a groping James Ward.

    Ward advances into the net to try and win a break point, but his drop-volley is heavy-handed and Simon scampers in to whip away a forehand.

    The beginning of the end?

  115. Get involved via #bbctennis

    James Ward

    Jack Bradshaw: Simon has never lost a match from 2 sets up, so it looks like an impossible task for Ward now.

  116. Post update

    *Ward 4-6 4-6 Simon

    Piers Newbery

    BBC Sport at Queen's Club

    Comparisons will be made between the raucous crowd in Glasgow for the last round and the atmosphere generated at Queen's Club.

    Well, the sizeable and very well-organised French support is making far more noise than the handful of Americans who made it to Glasgow.

    As for the home support, the serious chanters are doing their bit but are spread around more than the French. And unlike Glasgow, there have been a smattering of empty seats throughout. Many of them might be waiting for Murray to take centre stage.

  117. Get involved via #bbctennis

    Warren Lynch: I fancy Ward to beat Tsonga if he has to. Injury still lingering and if Murray demolishes him i can see him being at rock bottom!

  118. Post update

    Andrew Castle

    BBC tennis commentator

    "Three straight points and his captain salutes him. Two sets up - Simon."

  119. Game and second set

    *Ward 4-6 4-6 Simon

    Hawk-Eye shows that Gilles Simon smeared the last little bristles of the baseline with a forehand down the line in the next rally.

    A bold stroke and he who dares wins on video review.

    Would could have been 15-40 turns to 30-30 and Simon plays the percentages, chasing in his serve to seal the second set.

  120. Ward to 15-30

    Ward 4-6 4-5 Simon*

    A backhand slice that kicked wide to put Gilles Simon off his stroke and then a forehand wide by the Frenchman.

    James Ward has 15-30 and the home fans edge close to the edge of their seats.

  121. Post update

    Ward 4-6 4-5 Simon*

    Andy Murray

    James Ward looked like he was coasting as he raced to 40-0, but Gilles Simon stuck a spanner in the spokes with two quick points.

    Ward rummages around in his locker and locates that semtex serve though to see him through.

    Simon to try and serve out next.

  122. Post update

    Peter Fleming

    Seven-time Grand Slam doubles winner on BBC TV

    "Simon's ground strokes are so grooved. He has a lot of belief he can execute when the pressure is on."

  123. Post update

    *Ward 4-6 3-5 Simon

    Gilles Simon double-faults on the first point of the game and James Ward delivers a knock-out roundhouse backhand winner to a second serve for 30-30.

    Is this a chance? Ward stops Simon mid-serve to fish a bit of grit out of his eye. Gamesmanship? If so, it didn't work.

    Simon finds a fierce serve and then a lovely deep forehand right into the apex of base and tramline to usher Ward away.

  124. Post update

    Ward 4-6 3-4 Simon*

    James Ward holds up his end with a punchy service game of his own.

    Neither man's tee-off has come under too much pressure apart from the third game in which Ward coughed up a break.

    At the moment it feels like the second set is trundling towards an inevitable conclusion. Ward has two more chance to break the Simon serve and buck the trend.

  125. Post update

    *Ward 4-6 2-4 Simon

    Gilles Simon

    Never mind Queen's Cub, how about Gilles' Club?

    Simon is strolling around like he is measuring for new curtains and considering converting one of the courts into a croquet lawn.

    Another imperious hold.

  126. Post update

    Ward 4-6 2-3 Simon*

    James Ward was wobbling briefly at 15-15, but he steadies the ship to hold onto Simon's coattails in the set.

    Ward's father Jim is in the stands watching on. I wonder if it is a rite of passage in the Ward household to go from a James to a Jim?

  127. Post update

    *Ward 4-6 1-3 Simon

    Piers Newbery

    BBC Sport at Queen's Club

    Andy Murray said last year that James Ward has a "world-class cross-court backhand", and there have been flashes of that shot today, but more worrying for British hopes are the errors leaking from his weaker forehand side.

    It was always going to be a tall order against the world number 11, but Ward must be more consistent off the ground if he's to stay in this.

  128. Get involved via #bbctennis

    Aidan Williams: We don't need Ward to beat Tsonga or Simon, yet. We have a very good doubles team as well as Andy.

    Jack Bradshaw: The problem for Ward is that he's facing an opponent who is 24-2 in 2015.

  129. Post update

    *Ward 4-6 1-3 Simon

    Gilles Simon backs up his break with a comfortable hold to 15 as James Ward's groundstrokes go for a wander.

    The British fans are a little quiet. The French - led by a fellow in a full Native American headdress banging a a drum - are not.

  130. Post update

    Andrew Castle

    BBC tennis commentator

    James Ward

    "Simon is in control of this match. It's what we feared at the start, I'm afraid."

  131. Post update

    Peter Fleming

    Seven-time Grand Slam doubles winner on BBC TV

    "This is meat and potatoes for Simon. How long do you want me to play like this? Five or six hours?"

  132. Simon breaks

    Ward 4-6 1-2 Simon*

    When the James Ward serve comes off the boil, Gilles Simon's quality tends to shine through.

    The Frenchman attacks a second serve at 15-40 and Ward tugs his forehand wide to cede the break.

    Ward needs to be in top gear and Simon to be short of his best.

  133. Post update

    Cornet talks the talk

    The French women's number one has cranked up trash talk. Her hastag translates as "this weekend you eat roast beef". 

    Roast beef being the French equivalent to frogs of course... 

  134. Get involved via #bbctennis

    BHF26: In my humble opinion, James Ward's matches are THE MOST IMPORTANT! We need him to beat Simon or Tsonga at least one of them.

  135. Post update

    *Ward 4-6 1-1 Simon

    And Gilles Simon replies in kind, walloping away a love service hold, before casually picking his shirt off his sweaty shoulders.

    It is tennis' version of popping your collar.

  136. Post update

    Ward 4-6 1-0 Simon*

    James Ward

    James Ward begins the second set in similar style to the first.

    Booming serves, rallies that you could count on one hand and Simon thrown off the scent for 15.

  137. Get involved via 81111 in the UK

    Sue K: Fabulous to see all the red, white & blue at Queens & plenty of noise from the crowd! Ward needs that support.

    dmac: loving the Davis Cup atmosphere at Queens Club!

  138. Post update

    Andrew Castle

    BBC tennis commentator

    James Ward

    "That is an intriguing set of tennis. James Ward had his chances. Gilles Simon had the answers. Lots of tennis left in this one - hopefully"

  139. Game and first set

    *Ward 4-6 Simon

    Gilles Simon has a good, long look at himself and recovers his composure to serve a fine ace out wide for 40-30 and then wears James Ward down in a rally on the next point to clinch the set.

    The longer the rallies go on the more it starts to favour Simon.

  140. Post update

    Peter Fleming

    Seven-time Grand Slam doubles winner on BBC TV

    "Wow!" That was a terrific short angle from Ward.

  141. Ward to 15-30

    Ward 4-5 Simon*

    Now then. Gilles Simon misses his first serve, the British crowd cheering the Hawk-Eye review that showed it was wide.

    An awful second serve buries into the net in slow motion to hand James Ward the first point of the game.

    James Ward finds a jagging backhand angle for 15-30 and whips up the crowd for more noise.

    A break-back is two points away...

  142. Post update

    Ward 4-5 Simon*

    James Ward is still motoring.

    Gilles Simon will have to close out the first set on his own serve as the Londoner clumps down an inch-perfect ace, pushing right to the edge of the envelope with depth and width, but approved on a Hawk-Eye review.

  143. Sock it to 'em Wardy

    Get involved via #bbctennis

    James Ward's socks in the Davis Cup

    Liz Henwood: Loving the spotty socks, Wardy!

  144. Post update

    *Ward 3-5 Simon

    There is something of the musketeer about Gilles Simon, all high cheekbones, heavy stubble, panache, flourish and flare.

    But he doesn't have the pummelling power to wipe James Ward clean off the court. The Briton is eased out of the game with guile, court craft and precision instead after winning a couple of points.

    But he is getting plenty of play on the ball and his forehand is testing the Simon defences.

  145. Post update

    Peter Fleming

    Seven-time Grand Slam doubles winner on BBC TV

    "Gilles Simon gives nothing away. James Ward will have to be as strong as he has even been. It's going to be a long arduous match if he's going to win it."

  146. Post update

    Andrew Castle

    BBC tennis commentator

    Good hold. From break point down. James Ward hangs in there.

  147. Ward saves break point

    Ward 3-4 Simon*

    Gilles Simon attacks the net and slaps away a smash to bring up break point at 30-40.

    James Ward brings out the big serve to blast his way out of a corner.

    The British fans are waving to the French counterparts to remind them that their man is still in this first set, despite the Gallic triumphalism in the stands.

  148. Post update

    *Ward 2-4 Simon

    French supporters

    Ooh la la.

    Gilles Simon with some silky soft hands, picks a delicious half-volley up off his toes to leave James Ward stranded at the back of the court.

    The Frenchman was 15-30 down at one point, but a couple of aces - celebrated with synchronised re-enactments among the French fans - help him snuff out the danger.

    Clear blue water on the scoreboard.

  149. Post update

    Piers Newbery

    BBC Sport at Queen's Club

    "He set a ferocious pace in the early stages and you had to wonder if her could keep it up. Matt Little, official fitness trainer to Andy Murray and Great Britain, unofficial chief cheerleader, has been bashing the paint off the advertising hoardings for 20 minutes. A few feet behind him, Kim Sears and his father Nigel crane their necks to see over Team GB."

  150. Post update

    Laura Robson
  151. Get involved via #bbctennis

    Some early optimism. Is it fading? Get involved using #bbctennis

    Aidan Williams: James Ward already doing what he does best: playing miles above his ranking for the Davis Cup. Come on Ward! #bbctennis

    Liz Henwood: Come on Team GB! We can beat France, no problem! #tennis #bbctennis #DavisCup

  152. Post update

    Andrew Castle

    BBC tennis commentator

    "The serve has gone and it's first blood to France. That is classic Gilles Simon - 15-40 down, you think you've got him and then a couple of first serves go and he gets his feet moving.

    "You don't win $10m in prize money without knowing how to win a match."

  153. French lesson - Simon breaks

    Ward 2-3 Simon*

    London is the sixth biggest French city according to some estimates.

    Suddenly it feels like as the blue-clad away fans get vocal and their man, from 40-15 down, works up a break point as he breaks down Ward's slice-heavy defence.

    Ward looks like he is on the brink of saving it, but under a tricky, twitchy mid-court bounce-smash, he hammers into the top of the net.

    First blood to France.

  154. Post update

    *Ward 2-2 Simon

    Man down.

    James Ward slides into a crumpled heap as he fetches a forehand out wide. He untangles his limbs and emerges unscathed, but can't get into the game, folding out to 15.

    Ward is sporting some fine red polka dot socks by the way, sending some subliminal King of the Mountains vibes across the net to Simon.

  155. Post update

    Ward warning

    Arnaud Clement

    France captain Arnaud Clement tells BBC Sport: "We know how good James Ward can be, especially in Davis Cup, and every player with his kind of mentality can be dangerous."

  156. Post update

    Ward 2-1 Simon*

    "Wardy's going to get you," chant the home fans. And the world number 89 is stalking his prey with intent.

    A hold to 15 sealed as he sends Simon on shuttle runs with groundstrokes spitting to either side of the court.

    Leon Smith comes to chat to his man at the changeover. More of the same will be the message.

  157. Post update

    Peter Fleming

    Seven-time Grand Slam doubles winner on BBC TV

    "This the challenge for both players - to hold serve against the wind. There will be fewer cheap points on serve."

  158. Simon saves break point

    *Ward 1-1 Simon

    Gilles Simon has walked into a storm here. Some players are lifted by Davis Cup atmosphere, other are cowed by it. The world number 11 looks like falling into the latter camp so far.

    The Frenchman slices a tame backhand into the tape and then double faults to fall to 30-40 and a break point down.

    James Ward's forehand is snagged by the top of the tape, tipples over to French soil, but just wide of of the line.

    Close. Simon makes his escape, but he is under attack early on.

  159. What are the odds?

    Great Britain, 33-1 outsiders earlier in the year, are now as as low as 5-1 with bookmakers to win the Davis Cup for the first time since the 1930s.

    France and Serbia are the joint 3-1 favourites, although GB and the French are both rated 5-6 to win the Queen's encounter.

    Great Britain - Davis Cup

    World Group quarter-finals

    GB v France/Australia (0) v Kazakhstan (2)

    Belgium v Canada/Argentina v Serbia

  160. Post update

    Ward 1-0 Simon*

    GB squad line-up

    Toot, toot! All aboard the GB express, next stop the semi-finals. Maybe.

    James Ward has started like a train. The Londoner thrashes down three big serves to move to 40-0. He's a whisker away with a forehand on the next point, but gets the job done with another cannon-like tee-off.

    The home crowd are chomping at the bit for this one.

  161. Post update

    Great Britain fans

    Right, James Ward steps up to thunderous applause to serve the first ball of this Davis Cup quarter-final.

    Here we go...

  162. Post update

    Andrew Castle

    BBC tennis commentator

    "James is top 100 now and has to be feeling great. To have your top ranking at the age of 28 is fantastic. Great credit to him.

    "I think if he wins this one it will be the best win of his career."

  163. Post update

    Ward's ready to go

    James Ward tells BBC Sport: "I have had some good results, some of the best of my career, playing for GB and hopefully I can do it again this weekend.

    "I am a lot more confident, especially on this surface, after making the third round of Wimbledon, so maybe the tie has come at the tight time.

    "But we are playing top players so it will be a tough ask."

  164. Cracking flags

  165. Post update


    Andy Murray has taken up his place on the sidelines, decked out in that retro Great Britain tracksuit top that makes Leon Smith's lads look like extras from Chariots of Fire.

    James Ward, sporting that jazzy Hawaiian number that Great Britain wore in Glasgow, is knocking up on court.

  166. Get involved via #bbctennis

    Aidan Williams: Stick to Inglot/Murray, France have very good singles players, will need a fully rested Andy, especially post Wimbledon

  167. Post update

    Peter Fleming

    Seven-time Grand Slam doubles winner on BBC TV

    "I think there is a lot of pressure on Andy Murray. Everyone assumes he is going to win two matches, which is the only chance the Brits have, and he is playing against two very good singles players."