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  1. Tennis coming home?

    Davis Cup

    Two matches away from needing a bigger table to support this chunk of silverware.

    A crack at the Aussies in a semi-final in front of a home crowd in September?

    Yep, thought you would like a bit of that.

    Mark your card and see you back here then.

  2. Get involved via #bbctennis

    Patrick Jack: "Should Andy Murray reach US Open final (who'd bet against it?), he will only have 5 days recovery before #DavisCup semi-final."

    Hoachy Quinn: Well done @andy_murray what an effort, Dunblane 3 France 1. If Dunblane declared independence they could win the Davis Cup

    Carol Reay: One word @andy_murray Awesome

  3. GB into Davis Cup semi-finals

    I presume you had already twigged but James Ward and Jo-Wilfried Tsonga are not going to bat around a dead rubber in front of a Queen's Club crowd with celebratory drinks to sink.

  4. Get involved via #bbctennis

    John Stephenson: "Come on Mr Cameron - it's got to be "Sir Andy" next honours! Awesome inspiration from a Man of Steel."

  5. Post update

    Peter Fleming

    Seven-time Grand Slam doubles winner on BBC TV

    "Sometimes a talismanic figure can raise the rest of the group to heights they have never reached before and that is what has happened this weekend."

  6. Post update

    Andrew Castle

    BBC tennis commentator

    "I've been around this game for more years than I care to remember..this win papers over one or two cracks at the top of our game but right now is a moment for basking in the sunshine. Let's hope it radiates from here and there are kids watching now saying 'I want a piece of that.' To knock the French out is a superb sporting achievement."

  7. GB into Davis Cup semi-finals


    Great's Britain last Davis Cup semi-final was 1981.

    Their last final was 1978.

    The last time they won the whole bally thing was in 1936.

    It is history all the way from here on in.

  8. GB into Davis Cup semi-finals

    Andrew Castle

    BBC tennis commentator

    "I don't whether he loves winning or hates losing, he finds an inner strength, some of it you are born with, some of it you train into you. He just simply refuses to lose. This will go down in the history books as a four-set win but that tells you nothing.

    "I am so glad he has committed everything to the Davis Cup cause like he has now. He really is a star player."

  9. GB into Davis Cup semi-finals

    Player reaction

    Andy Murray

    Great Britain Davis Cup player Andy Murray on BBC TV: "It has been a long road back from where we are and a lot of players have contributed. I'm proud to be in this position and hope we can do well in September.

    "Australia came back from 2-0 down. It should be a great match. They have some top young players but some experienced ones like Hewitt too. It will be a fun one and hopefully it will be a great atmosphere and we can put on another top performance. Celebrations? I would think so! Everyone in the team deserves it. We will have a good time tonight!"

  10. Post update

  11. GB into Davis Cup semi-finals

    Piers Newbery

    BBC Sport at Queen's Club

    "Let us not be accused of allowing the dust to settle - let's talk semi-final venues.

    "They need to have a capacity of at least 8,000 and submissions must be with the International Tennis Federation by "early August", although extensions are not unheard of. The Emirates Arena in Glasgow, which hosted the first round-win over the United States, held 7,700 for that tie.

    "Wimbledon's number one court has been a Davis Cup venue in the recent past, but the slow hard courts used in Glasgow might be just the thing to nullify the power of Nick Kyrgios and the grass-court guile of Lleyton Hewitt. They could just as easily be laid in Birmingham, London, anywhere with a sizeable arena."

  12. GB into Davis Cup semi-finals

    Murray 4-6 7-6 (7-5) 6-3 6-0 Simon

    Andrew Castle

    BBC tennis commentator

    "Right now is a moment for basking in the sunshine and let's hope there are some kids out there who are saying they want to be a part of this."

  13. Next...

    Is it greedy to look ahead already with Great Britain still bouncing on court in celebration of one of their great victories?

    Probably. Is that going to stop us? Nope.

    Australia. 18-20 September. At home.

    Let's hope it goes better than the cricket.

  14. Player reaction

    Murray 4-6 7-6 (7-5) 6-3 6-0 Simon

    Great Britain Davis Cup player Andy Murray on BBC TV after their victory over France: "It feels unbelievable to get through. I used up my last ounces of energy. I'll have a little holiday now, get a few days away and I'm looking forward to that.

    "I just tried to change tactics, I was making too many mistakes. I didn't care how I played, I just wanted to win the match today and that's what I did.

    "The whole weekend been fantastic, this team has done amazing things. We are punching above our weight and now in the semi-finals of the biggest team competition in tennis."

  15. Player reaction

    Murray 4-6 7-6 (7-5) 6-3 6-0 Simon

    Andy Murray

    Andy Murray finally clambers his way to his on-court interview.

    He admits it was "not looking good in the second set" but says he used up "every ounce of energy" to haul in the victory.

    He reveals that he is off on holiday tomorrow and is looking forward to it. That is probably an understatement.

    He pays tribute to brother Jamie's work in the doubles yesterday, to James Ward's heroics in previous rounds and all the players past and present that have worked hard to put GB in this position.

    And on the possibility of some heavy celebrations? "I would think so. Everyone in this team deserves it."

    Full quotes to come.

  16. Murray on facing Australia in last four

    Murray 4-6 7-6 (7-5) 6-3 6-0 Simon

    Andy Murray on BBC TV: "Australia have some top young players and Hewitt who has a lot of experience. They have depth like France but maybe not as much experience. It will be fun and hopefully there'll be another good atmosphere."

  17. 'What an effort!'

    Murray 4-6 7-6 (7-5) 6-3 6-0 Simon

    Great Britain Davis Cup team coach Leon Smith on BBC TV: "What an effort. The team have done an amazing job, a big thank you to all of you guys. In terms of how it feels, it's been a long journey from when we played Turkey at Eastbourne.

    "What he put his body and mind through was amazing,. That second set was brutal and it was an incredible effort. I'm trying to buy him as much time as possible so he can speak!"

  18. Post update

  19. GB into Davis Cup semi-finals

    Murray 4-6 7-6 (7-5) 6-3 6-0 Simon

    Andrew Castle

    BBC tennis commentator

    "A phenomenal effort from Andy Murray. Superb. This was a contest both of these players will remember. Fabulous from Simon too, he was a set and a break up don't forget, yet it was a quietish end in a way.

    "We wondered about the physical and mental reserves Andy Murray would have and this is a famous British sporting victory."

  20. GB into Davis Cup semi-finals

    Murray 4-6 7-6 (7-5) 6-3 6-0 Simon

    Andy Murray is just done in. Empty. Void. Spent.

    He is emotionally and physically in bits as he slumps on his courtside chair, the toll of three matches in as many days catching up with him with the weight of a grand piano flying out of the top floor window.

    Great Britain are into the semi-finals for the first time since 1981. And hopefully that fact makes it all worth it...

  21. Get involved via #bbctennis

    Audrey O'Rourke: "Considering @andy_murray played yesterday in the doubles and now today what an inspiration to sport. He's bloody fantastic."

    Mikey Morris: "The England cricket team could learn a thing or two from Andy Murray."

    Tim Symes: "Not the way a great match should finish. But we'll take it."

  22. GB beat France to make Davis Cup semis

    Murray 4-6 7-6 (7-5) 6-3 6-0 Simon


    Gilles Simon plants his backhand wide.

    A sympathetic Andy Murray slaps his injured foe on the back at the net and then heads down the line of Great Britain team-mates and staff to exchange embraces.

    Then he bounces out onto court with the Union Jack to celebrate with the fans before collapsing back on his courtside bench in exhaustion.

  23. Fourth match point GB

    Murray 4-6 7-6 (7-5) 6-3 5-0 Simon*

    Another serve cleaves down the middle of the T to hold off Britain and save a third match point.

    But a brilliant backhand pass from Murray bring up a fourth...

  24. Third match point GB

    Murray 4-6 7-6 (7-5) 6-3 5-0 Simon*

    Gilles Simon keeps the British fans in their seats as he saves the two break points - the second with a canny serve down the middle.

    The end is still nigh though.

    Another match point from deuce....

  25. Match points GB

    Murray 4-6 7-6 (7-5) 6-3 5-0 Simon*

    A terrific little drop-shot checks right and out of reach of the fading Simon for 0-15.

    The Frenchman crashes into the net for 0-30.

    A point nibbled back by Simon with a bold, bordering on reckless, plunge to the net.

    But another forehand long and Murray and Great Britain have two match points.

  26. Post update

    Murray 4-6 7-6 (7-5) 6-3 5-0 Simon*

    Andy Murray is making mincemeat of this fourth set.

    A hold to love as he moves to within a game of victory with just 25 minutes on the fourth-set clock.

    Simon is a beaten man. I'm not sure what odds you can get on a French win, but whatever they are they are too skinny.

  27. Magnificent' Murray lob wins third set

    Video highlights

    Andy Murray

    How did a tired Andy Murray turn this match around? With shots like this "inch-perfect" top-spin lob, that's how. Watch how Britain's finest won the third set.

  28. Post update

    Andrew Castle

    BBC tennis commentator

    "It would appear that James Ward and Jo-Wilfried Tsonga can stand down."

  29. Murray breaks

    *Murray 4-6 7-6 (7-5) 6-3 4-0 Simon

    Good news for a Brit

    Gilles Simon saves the first break point, but nets a simple volleyed put-away on the second.

    This has a whiff of surrender about it. The Frenchman's body is giving out and the mind does not look ready to argue otherwise.

  30. Break points GB

    Murray 4-6 7-6 (7-5) 6-3 3-0 Simon*

    Gilles Simon is slow getting back to the baseline.

    The Frenchman was busy taking some anti-inflammatories when the umpire called time and incurred a code violation as he finished necking the pills before trotting back to get his serve on.

    Andy Murray is ready and waiting to pounce when he does arrive, pounding groundstrokes and drawing errors to set up 0-40 and three break points.

  31. Get involved via #bbctennis

    Jim B: "The wrong footwear or dangerous court conditions? Don't remember as many slips & falls during Queens."

    Dan Shipway: "That break of serve should finish him off now...home straight now for @andy_murray."

  32. Post update

    Murray 4-6 7-6 (7-5) 6-3 3-0 Simon*

    A textbook service game from Andy Murray as he whisks off a hold to love. It was a very canny bit of play, swatting big groundstrokes and forcing Simon to test his creaking joints with several changes of direction.

  33. Post update

    Peter Fleming

    Seven-time Grand Slam doubles winner on BBC TV

    Andy Murray

    "Murray has had time to collect himself and focus on what he needs to do immediately - quick hold, another break and cruise home. That is the game plan."

  34. Post update

    *Murray 4-6 7-6 (7-5) 6-3 2-0 Simon

    Gilles Simon is continuing. He walks back to the baseline and looks like he has recovered quite well from that latest tumble.

    Andy Murray - four service holds away from sealing this tie and a Davis Cup semi-final slot for GB - has the balls up his end of the court.

  35. Medical time-out for France

    *Murray 4-6 7-6 (7-5) 6-3 2-0 Simon

    Gilles Simon, wincing and grimacing, is having an extra three minutes medical work on his battered body.

    It is not his knee this time. Instead his ankle was jarred as he slipped on the shiny court surface.

    Sock off. Physio's thumbs applied to the sole of the Frenchman's foot and around the ankle joint.

  36. Post update

    Peter Fleming

    Seven-time Grand Slam doubles winner on BBC TV

    "I think he will be able to walk it off but right now he isn't feeling too good."

  37. Murray breaks

    *Murray 4-6 7-6 (7-5) 6-3 2-0 Simon

    A fan

    Andy Murray snatches a potentially decisive break in the fourth set.

    You would expect the crowd to go ripe bananas, but the manner of it, Simon slipping into a heap and Murray patting a forehand into the unguarded open court, steals the Scot's thunder.

    Simon limps to the courtside bench to get treatment.

  38. To deuce

    Murray 4-6 7-6 (7-5) 6-3 1-0 Simon*

    The bad news: Andy Murray wastes several chances and loses the point to allow Simon back to deuce.

    The good news: He emerges unscathed from a slip while playing his final netted shot in the rally.

  39. Break point GB

    Murray 4-6 7-6 (7-5) 6-3 1-0 Simon*

    Gilles Simon hands over a freebie of a point as he balloons a backhand long from midcourt under minimal pressure. That just wasn't happening in the early parts of this match.

    And another! A routine rallying stroke slips long and suddenly 30-0 and secure is now 30-30 and peril.

    Murray takes the initiative, boshing away a forehand for 30-40 and break point.

  40. Post update

    Murray 4-6 7-6 (7-5) 6-3 1-0 Simon*

    Great Britain Davis Cup player Jamie Murray on BBC TV: "It is difficult watching. I left halfway through the second set as I was getting too stressed. Andy did amazingly well to win the second and get up in the third.

    "He has limited energy so he needs to use it wisely to get him through the match. Gilles has played a very high level match and yet he is losing, which will be hard for him to take. Hopefully Andy has enough to get us to victory."

  41. Post update

    Murray 4-6 7-6 (7-5) 6-3 1-0 Simon*

    It is Gilles Simon who finds himself backed up to the wall and his character called into question now.

    He wins the first point of the the fourth set, but his faith is tested as a thick net cord crumbles Andy Murray's way on the next.

    The British number one looks in no mood to make this afternoon any more dramatic than it already has been.

    His footwork is now sharp staccato tip-taps rather than the sluggish concrete wellies he was wearing in the first set and a half. He holds to 15 as Simon's drop-shot reply is snared by the tape.

  42. Post update

  43. Post update

    Andrew Castle

    BBC tennis commentator

    "As soon as it goes to that forehand you know, just as at Wimbledon, Murray is going to make that shot."

  44. Game and third set

    *Murray 4-6 7-6 (7-5) 6-3 Simon

    Kim Murray

    Oh, glorious! Simply glorious!

    Murray seals the third set with a peach of a lob, hoisting across court, loaded with top-spin and splashing down just an inch inside the baseline.

  45. Break point GB

    Murray 4-6 7-6 (7-5) 5-3 Simon*

    Andy Murray gives himself a two-point head-start in the game as he presses on to 0-30. The British fans sniff an early end to the third set and a serving start to the fourth for their man.

    Not too fast. Simon wipes out that advantage, moving back to 30-30.

    But then he slips, chasing in a serve, and Murray has break-point...

  46. Get involved via #bbctennis

    Danny Morgan: "Has one man ever won the Davis Cup for his country single-handedly? Because Andy Murray is threatening to do that this year!"

  47. Post update

    Murray 4-6 7-6 (7-5) 5-3 Simon*


    Producing exhibition stuff while on an expedition to the upper reaches of a tennis Everest?

    Yep, that's Andy Murray.

    The British number one slips over a sublime forehand cross-court drop-shot that Simon doesn't even get out of the blocks for.

    A statement-of-intent hold to love.

  48. Post update

    *Murray 4-6 7-6 (7-5) 4-3 Simon

    Gilles Simon continues to come scampering in off the baseline at the merest sniff of an invite.

    He gets strafed by one sublime dipping pass but it looks like it is paying off as he advances to 40-15.

    Murray produces another drop-shot gem for 40-30, but Simon makes his escape and is building a bit of momentum.

    Murray has to hold him at bay for two service games to seal this third set.

  49. Get involved via #bbctennis

    Dan Venn: "I didn't know Arnaud Clement had eyes and a full head of hair before this weekend, he must have lost his sunglasses and bandana."

  50. GB hold

    Murray 4-6 7-6 (7-5) 4-2 Simon*

    Gilles Simon

    Andy Murray's power game overwhelms French elegance and elan.

    He bellows to his supporters. That was a big hold. They all are now.

  51. GB taken to deuce

    *Murray 4-6 7-6 (7-5) 3-2 Simon

    "Here we go" chant the British fans. But do we?

    It doesn't matter how stylishly Andy Murray travels, just if he reaches his destination.

    Gilles Simon has changed tack and tactics. He presses into the net with some classily constructed points and puts away a pair of volleys for 30-30.

    Murray is more workmanlike, slapping serves and slugging groundstrokes.

    Two different approaches, but they can't be split. 40-40 and deuce.

  52. Post update

  53. Post update

    *Murray 4-6 7-6 (7-5) 3-2 Simon

    Peter Fleming

    Seven-time Grand Slam doubles winner on BBC TV

    "Here we have Andy Murray up a break. The adrenaline rush has dissipated, now it is time for the hard yards to get this set won."

  54. Post update

    *Murray 4-6 7-6 (7-5) 3-2 Simon

    Gilles Simon is stretched on serve, but resists the break.

    Andy Murray works up 30-30, but cannot keep the Frenchman pinned back.

    Murray's groundstrokes come up short, Simon comes in and claims the next point.

    A bolshy first serve seals the game.

  55. Post update

    Peter Fleming

    Seven-time Grand Slam doubles winner on BBC TV

    "It's obvious why Murray is trying to make Simon move as clearly he is in pain."

  56. 'Tennis at its very best'

    Andy Murray

    How lung-busting was that 72-minute second set? Well, check out this video of an exhausting 35-shot rally.

  57. Simon breaks

    Murray 4-6 7-6 (7-5) 3-1 Simon*

    Bad news for a Brit

    We were reading the rites over the French challenge a game ago.

    We were premature. Andy Murray's attempted drop-shot makes it over the net, but nestles the wrong side of the tramline.

  58. Break points for France

    *Murray 4-6 7-6 (7-5) 3-0 Simon

    We haven't heard from these lot for a while.

    The French fans pipe up with a jaunty little ditty, sliding up and down the scale in support of Gilles Simon.

    It sounds a little like Alouette and it might have done the trick as Andy Murray muffs a backhand into the net to offer up 15-40 and two break points.

  59. Get involved via #bbctennis

    Julia Boddy: "Give Andy a knighthood now! Whatever the result he is giving everything for his country."

  60. Post update

    Peter Fleming

    Seven-time Grand Slam doubles winner on BBC TV

    "Gilles Simon is a fighter. He is going through a bad patch right now but don't expect that to continue. I want to know if Murray is an Oscar-winning actor, as in the last set he looked dead!"

  61. Murray breaks

    *Murray 4-6 7-6 (7-5) 3-0 Simon

    Good news for a Brit


    The third set is now a salvage job for Gilles Simon.

    The Frenchman flops a tame forehand into the net and retires to his chair.

    Midway through the second set it was Murray wearing that thousand-yard stare. Now the Joaquim Phoenix lookalike on the other side of the net is sporting it.

  62. Break-point GB

    Murray 4-6 7-6 (7-5) 2-0 Simon*

    Murray like a dog with a bone. He won't let Gilles Simon out of this game just yet...

  63. Break point saved by France, to deuce

    Murray 4-6 7-6 (7-5) 2-0 Simon*

    Bad news for a Brit

    Gilles Simon live to fight another point...

  64. Break-point GB

    Murray 4-6 7-6 (7-5) 2-0 Simon*

    Lovely, confident hitting from Andy Murray, his arm swinging free and easy to push up right onto the Gilles Simon baseline and force the Frenchman long for 30-30.

    Now, Simon strays into the net. 30-40 and another break-point!

  65. 'Murray played some monster games'

    Great Britain Davis Cup team member Dom Inglot on BBC TV: "Andy Murray is tough mentally. He was struggling physically to come through but he played some monster games. He worked his backside off. Credit to him. It was amazing.

    "Now I think the adrenaline will come back to him. I think someone like Gilles Simon will think his opportunity is gone."

    What is Dom hinting about "someone like Gilles Simon"? The way that Tsonga and Mahut folded in the final set of yesterday's doubles 6-1 might be a clue...

  66. Post update

    Murray 4-6 7-6 (7-5) 2-0 Simon*

    Andy Murray with his nose ahead in the match for the first time at a set-all and a break up.

    How does he look as a front-runner? Pretty good.

    With the British majority drowning out the French minority, Murray clouts down two big serves to see out the game.

    But there were warning signs. Simon clambered into a second serve to wallop away a winner for 40-30. Murray needs to cover that Achilles heel to his game.

  67. Post update

    Peter Fleming

    Seven-time Grand Slam doubles winner on BBC TV

    "Isn't it incredible? Twenty minutes ago Andy Murray appeared to be at death's door. Now he is revived! This game is so mental. It is incredible what you can make your body do if you can get to that place in your mind that over-rides the pain your body's going through."

  68. Murray breaks

    *Murray 4-6 7-6 (7-5) 1-0 Simon

    GB captain Leon Smith


    Gilles Simon, lactic burning in his legs after being asked to fetch and parry from the far corners, duffs into the net and Andy Murray is an immediate break up.

  69. Break-point GB

    Murray 4-6 7-6 (7-5) Simon

    Andy Murray gets his grind on and wears Gilles Simon down over a lengthy exchange of forehands to bring up 15-30.

    Another mammoth rally of cut and thrust and cat and mouse and Simon nets. 30-40, break point Murray....

  70. Post update

    Murray 4-6 7-6 (7-5) Simon*

    Piers Newbery

    BBC Sport at Queen's Club

    If anybody needed further evidence that the Davis Cup means a lot to Murray, that set should do it.

    Out on his feet, down on his knees, out for the count - he was a goner facing a two-set deficit and an opponent in great form. Now, who knows?

    The Scot headed for the locker room, flanked by assistants, and returns to a huge cheer. It could be a case of Murray's legs versus Simon's nerves from here on in.

  71. Set summary

    Murray 4-6 7-6 (7-5) Simon*

  72. Post update

    Murray 4-6 7-6 (7-5) Simon

    Andrew Castle

    BBC tennis commentator

    "Good boy! Unbelievable! He could have easily given that away, but not a bit of it! Simon took a body blow there."

  73. Game and second set

    *Murray 4-6 7-6 (7-5) Simon

    Good news for Great Britain

    Andy Murray

    And breathe.

    That was a tussle and a half.

    Andrew Castle, nerves shredded, manages just an exhausted "good boy" as Murray wins the final point.

    Now, who wants this more?

  74. Set point GB

    *Murray 4-6 6-6 (6-5) Simon

    Good news for a Brit

    Andy Murray with jagging angles, Gilles Simon under pressure and....long!

    Murray with a mini-break and a set point. And the serve.

  75. Tie-break

    Murray 4-6 6-6 (5-5) Simon*

    Good news for a Brit

    Simon into the net! Dizzying shifts in momentum and we are back to level pegging...

  76. Tie-break

    Murray 4-6 6-6 (4-5) Simon*

    Bad news for a Brit

    Andy Murray gambles down the line on the second of his two service point and strays wide.

    Advantage France once more.

  77. Post update

    Andrew Castle

    BBC tennis commentator

    "I think Simon looked at a 2-0 lead and he choked there."

  78. Tie-break

    *Murray 4-6 6-6 (3-4) Simon

    Good news for a Brit

    And the second is back in the bag! Back on serve.

    A see-sawing breaker for the British fans...

  79. Tie-break

    Murray 4-6 6-6 (2-4) Simon*

    Andy Murray nibbles back one of those mini-breaks before the changeover, but the set is still on Simon's racquet.

  80. Get involved via #bbctennis

    Kenny Simpson: "This tie-break basically decides who wins the tie!"

    Ollie Bendall: "Given the fact Murray is running on empty I think it's fair to say he must win this breaker if he wants to win this match."

  81. Tie-break

    Murray 4-6 6-6 (1-4) Simon*

    Bad news for a Brit

    Andy Murray into the net. Mini-break back to France.

    Murray misses his first serve. Picks up a code violation for swearing and then plonks long on the next rally.

    Deep, deep trouble.

  82. Tie-break

    *Murray 4-6 6-6 (1-2) Simon

    Good news for a Brit

    Back and forth they bat, Murray blinks first as he buries a forehand into the net.

    But that is better! A wicked forehand follows an aggressive return from Andy Murray to peg back Simon and recover the mini-break.

  83. Tie-break

    Murray 4-6 6-6 (0-1) Simon*

    Bad news for a Brit

    Andy Murray's drop-shot lacks legs and dies on his side of the net. An immediate mini-break for Gilles Simon.

  84. Into a tie-break...

    *Murray 4-6 6-6 Simon

    And if you thought you were nervous before....

    We are heading into a tie-break as Gilles Simon slips away a winning backhand to hold to 15.

  85. Get involved via #bbctennis

    Kevin McCormack: "What a tennis match this is. I'm tired just watching it!"

    Alice Stainer: "Feeling horribly sorry for Murray. Clearly feeling like a sloth on a slow day, but giving his ALL for Queen & Country."

  86. Post update

    Murray 4-6 6-5 Simon*

    Kim Murray

    Andy Murray with his first easy hold in a while as he wallops down three big first serves and holds to love as the umpire pulls rank to call Simon's final shot long from his vantage point on the high chair.

    Murray takes a seat. His wife doesn't. Kim Sears is upstanding and fidgeting nervously during the changeover.

  87. Get involved via #bbctennis


    Fiona Shoop: Murray looks absolutely shattered. Time to call trainer for some time out and massage. Might win 6 games in a row, then.

    James: This is Murray's 9th set and Simon's 5th - how much of a difference is that making.

  88. Post update

    *Murray 4-6 5-5 Simon

    More joy with the drop-shot as Andy Murray brings Gilles Simon scampering in and then pats his reply back at the Frenchman to win the point. 30-30.

    Gilles Simon with a deep, deep backhand. Deep, but good as the Hawk-Eye revs into life to show it smeared across the paint.

    Simon showing himself to be as tough as gristle as he fires away a backhand to win his first game in four.

  89. Post update

    Murray 4-6 5-4 Simon*

    Peter Fleming

    Seven-time Grand Slam doubles winner on BBC TV

    "I can tell you how Simon is feeling: Disappointed - as if he has missed a chance. But we are still on serve. He knows Murray is running low on energy. He knows if he can win this second set he is in the driving seat."

  90. Post update

    Murray 4-6 5-4 Simon*

    Andy Murray


    Gilles Simon runs down a clumsy drop-shot and fires past Andy Murray for 0-30.

    The French fans in the crowd sniff blood.

    Murray gets the benefit of a tight call via Hawk-Eye as his shot catches the Simon baseline. And the video gods favour Britain again as a Simon cross-court screamer flies a whisker wide!

    40-30, Ace. Game. And, hopefully from a home point of view, the match played out in minature.

    We'll see.

  91. Post update

    *Murray 4-6 4-4 Simon

    David Law

    BBC Radio 5 live commentator

    "Andy Murray is struggling physically, emotionally, mentally, in every way possible, he's so exhausted.

    "He must win this set - you feel that there's not much left in the tank."

  92. Post update

    *Murray 4-6 4-4 Simon

    Peter Fleming

    Seven-time Grand Slam doubles winner on BBC TV

    "He won the battle - there is still much more of the war to be played."

  93. Post update

    *Murray 4-6 4-4 Simon

    Andrew Castle

    BBC tennis commentator

    "That is gutsy! In a physical war, Murray just won that - and that is the result."

  94. Murray breaks

    *Murray 4-6 4-4 Simon

    Good news for Great Britain

    Finally the Simon serve snaps as its owner plonks one into the middle of the net.

    Belief and adrenaline is pumping around Queen's Club veins.

  95. Break point GB

    Murray 4-6 3-4 Simon*

    Kim Murray

    What a point! Andy Murray and Gilles Simon go toe to toe over 35 strokes and about 500m each, before the Frenchman finds a superb angle to take the scoreboard onto 30-15.

    The next point, not surprisingly, is a lot shorter. They are all worth the same though and Simon goes into the net to give Murray 30-30.

    Andy Murray dusts off a forehand winner. 30-40, break point and, check the tide tables, because this could be the match shifting....

  96. Get involved via #bbctennis

    Ollie Bendall: "@andy_murray going to need a big spade to dig him out of this one! Sluggish performance so far."

    "Lynn Wood: "Andy needs to be more pro-active, he's playing in a defensive manner, ATTACK."

  97. Post update

    Murray 4-6 3-4 Simon*

    Peter Fleming

    Seven-time Grand Slam doubles winner on BBC TV

    "Murray loves obstacles that's who he is. Create as high a wall as possible and see if he can climb it. Well, that wall is pretty high right now. Let's see if he can do it."

  98. GB hold

    Murray 4-6 3-4 Simon*

    Good news for Great Britain

    Andy Murray

    Chip and charge by Murray and an attempted lob over-cooked long by Gilles Simon. The escape is complete.

    That was a big game. Has winning it recharge Murray's batteries?

  99. Break point saved by GB

    *Murray 4-6 2-4 Simon


    Murray hustles into the net and plonks away a forehand winner.

    A little more bounce in his step after that one...

  100. Break point France

    *Murray 4-6 2-4 Simon

    Andy Murray is grunting and groaning during the rallies and flopping his limbs about like Kevin the Teenager after every lost point.

    He duffs a horribly stretched forehand into the net and France have a point for a double break...

  101. GB taken to deuce

    *Murray 4-6 2-4 Simon


    Andy Murray sags in the middle as his short forehand is hammered back down the line by Gilles Simon for 40-30.

    The Frenchman thunders away another winner for deuce and Murray is in another fine mess.

  102. Post update

    *Murray 4-6 2-4 Simon

    Gilles Simon is tightening the straps and locking in his break advantage.

    He races to 40-0.

    Murray has a bit of joy as he brings Simon into the front court with a deft little dropper - that tactic has worked for him today and might be worth dusting off more often.

    A raid to the net and Murray has 40-30.

    But that is all he is getting. Simon likes the look of those old-school grass-court stylings and serve-volleys his way to the game.

  103. Post update

    Murray 4-6 2-3 Simon*

    Peter Fleming

    Seven-time Grand Slam doubles winner on BBC TV

    "It looks as though Murray has recovered a bit mentally - but he still needs that break."

  104. Post update

    Murray 4-6 2-3 Simon*

    Gilles Simon wins a bit of tap and tickle at the net, darting like he can't feel a thing in that hurt knee for 30-15.

    Murray into the net and a good hard look at 30-30.

    That was gutsy. Murray trims his margins down to millimetres as he crashes away a backhand that just smears the outside edge of the line.

    Had he missed that Murray was down a break point. This is a real tight-rope of a match and Murray is teetering, but still upright.

  105. Post update

    *Murray 4-6 1-3 Simon

    David Law

    BBC Radio 5 live commentator


    "Andy Murray will have to produce one of the best performances of his career to win this rubber because Gilles Simon is playing superbly."

  106. Get involved via #bbctennis

    Alana Bardill: "Andy Murray is clearly struggling, hopefully he can find some strength to fight back."

    Aura: "Andy simply not winning enough rallies over 9 shots - something he's done for fun over the whole year."

  107. Post update

    *Murray 4-6 1-3 Simon

    Andy Murray has a little look at 15-30, but his groundstrokes are not zipping away from Gilles Simon to kill off the Frenchman when he gets out of position.

    That is canny.

    Murray draws his man into the net and Simon does not have the devil and artistry to find an angle. That takes Murray to deuce.

    The Scot cannot make any more headway though as Simon's serve keeps purring.

  108. Get involved via #bbctennis

    In honour of Andy Murray and Gilles Simon there are some fine examples of sporting greats with first names for surnames arriving with us. Keep them coming...

    Paul Knott: "How about a triumvirate of Gary Neville, Phillip Neville and their father Neville Neville?"

    Shaun: "David James, Michael Owen."

  109. Post update

    Peter Fleming

    Seven-time Grand Slam doubles winner on BBC TV

    "It is time for Andy to step up. It is possible, you just have to dig into your soul."

  110. Post update

    Murray 4-6 1-2 Simon*

    Better for Great Britain and Andy Murray as he holds to 15.

    Leon Smith has a little chat with his man at the changeover, patting his shoulder and nodding encouragingly.

    Murray has a thousand-yard stare on. Fatigue? Or a look deep into his own character to find the answer to this increasingly tricky conundrum.

  111. Post update

    *Murray 4-6 0-2 Simon

    Peter Fleming

    Seven-time Grand Slam doubles winner on BBC TV

    "It seems that Simon injury is the best thing that could have happened to him. It has totally thrown Murray off his rhythm."

  112. Post update

    *Murray 4-6 0-2 Simon


    "Get on top of them and the discipline and concentration crumbles."

    It has been the mantra of many teams that have faced the French through the years.

    The shoe is on the other foot now. Andy Murray chucks his racquet to the floor and bellows with frustration as he folds out of the game meekly.

    He needs something to ignite him.

  113. France taken to deuce

    Murray 4-6 0-1 Simon*

    Gilles Simon runs 40-0 up the flagpole and the French fans in the crowd stand to attention and salute their man.

    Simon is moving as slick as a cod's liver now by the way after that early fall.

    But his groundstrokes go a little wonky to allow Murray back to deuce.

    This is a chance...

  114. Post update

  115. Get involved via #bbctennis

    Jonny McLeod: Davis Cup atmosphere is like a schools sports day when the house captains face off.

    Cathryn McDowell: What's with all the unforced errors? Come on Andy.

  116. Post update

    Murray 4-6 0-1 Simon*

    Peter Fleming

    Seven-time Grand Slam doubles winner on BBC TV

    "Murray, unfortunately, got sucked into the drama of Simon's injury and took himself out of his game plan. The good news for Murray is that Simon himself seems to be taking himself out of his game plan, which suggests he is not feeling himself.

    "This is a crisis moment for Murray. He needs to pull himself together."

  117. France breaks

    Murray 4-6 0-1 Simon*

    Bad news for Great Britain

    I think Gilles Simon has got the wrong version of the script.

    He moves a set and a break up as Andy Murray coughs up another service game early in a set.

    Murray could not repair the damage in the first set. Can he in the second?

  118. Post update

    *Murray 4-6 0-0 Simon

    Gilles Simon slaps away a clean-as-a-whistle return winner on the first point of the second set.

    He is not heading anywhere.

    But it feels like this match might be won by the first man to hit his true form.

    Murray nets two regulation groundstrokes and out of nowhere France have 15-40 and two break points.

  119. Get involved via #bbctennis

    Fiona Taylor: "The Davis Cup is helping me get through Wimbledon withdrawal one match at a time."

    Shirley Bradbury: "Andrew Castle soooo right with his comments on Andy Murray. We need to appreciate him whilst we can."

  120. Game and first set France

    Murray 4-6 Simon

    Bad news for a Brit

    Andy Murray

    Missed opportunities and costly early-set brain fades.

    Andy Murray is a frustrated man. But if it was easy, it wouldn't be as enjoyable would it?

  121. Post update

    Murray 4-5 Simon*

    A mammoth 28-shot rally ends with Andy Murray cuffing wide.

    Set-point France.

  122. Murray wastes second break point

    Murray 4-5 Simon*

    A second break point goes south for Andy Murray as his patted return floats long.

    That was not a shot befitting one of the world's best two returners.

  123. France save break point, taken to deuce

    Murray 4-5 Simon*

    French flag

    Gilles Simon is tip-toeing along the baseline like it is a mix of banana skins, eggshells and landmines as he attempts to protect that hurt knee.

    Andy Murray is trying to find the angles and depth that will extract maximum pain.

    The Scot goes for the jugular on return and has break point at 30-40.

    Netted on second-serve return! Deuce.

  124. Post update

    Murray 4-5 Simon*

    Peter Fleming

    Seven-time Grand Slam doubles winner on BBC TV

    "Simon is suffering from a crisis of confidence right now. He is not sure what he is able to do on that knee and he doesn't want to test it."

  125. Post update

    Murray 4-5 Simon*

    Murray serves

    Andy Murray whisks off a game to love.

    And it features a drop-shot and a drop-volley to see how smart Gilles Simon is at moving up the court.

    The Frenchman gave chase, but could not reach either. Perhaps not the full ticket yet. He serves for the set next.

  126. Post update

    *Murray 3-5 Simon

    Piers Newbery

    BBC Sport at Queen's Club

    Disaster off court as a nice lady's feta cheese salad is knocked all over her by the woman in front doing a Mexican wave.

    Meanwhile, Jo-Wilfried Tsonga applauds the crowd for their efforts and he doesn't look like a man preparing for a decisive fifth rubber. James Ward headed for the locker room earlier and if Simon continues to be fit and firing, the Londoner and Richard Gasquet could be called upon after all.

  127. Post update

    *Murray 3-5 Simon

    Andy Murray shows no mercy, teasing in a drop-shot to test Simon's mobility on the very first point since the re-start.

    Simon showed no interest in chasing it down.

    Murray attempts to test his foe's lateral movement on the next point, shifting him side to side before netting to let Simon off the hook.

  128. Post update

    Murray 3-4 (0-40) Simon*

    Gilles Simon is back in the match.

    He strides back the baseline, goes through a few gentle practice strokes and serves with three game points in his back pocket.

  129. Simon calls for medical time-out

    Murray 3-4 (0-40) Simon*


    We have just seen a replay of Gilles Simon's tumble.

    The slow-motion shows the Frenchman initially watching Andy Murray's forehand fly wide after hitting the deck rather than react in pain.

    He didn't look like a man who is about to withdraw from a tennis match.

    Simon has asked for the extra three minutes of a medical time-out.

  130. Simon calls for the trainer

    Murray 3-4 (0-40) Simon*

    Gilles Simon slips at 40-0 as he attempts to push off and chase an Andy Murray forehand.

    Queen's Club looks concerned. Or is that hopeful?

    The Frenchman is getting some treatment on his knee on the sidelines.

  131. Post update

    Murray 3-4 Simon*

    Peter Fleming

    Seven-time Grand Slam doubles winner on BBC TV

    "Thus far Murray hasn't done anything to convince me he is head and shoulders above Simon from the back of the court."

  132. Post update

    Murray 3-4 Simon*

    Andrew Castle

    BBC tennis commentator

    "That was the last game with the old balls - Murray can attack the Simon serve on the new balls now."

  133. Post update

    Murray 3-4 Simon*

    Murray serves

    Leon Smith looks like he is trying to convince a wandering pet cat back into the warm and dry as he stands on the sidelines, gently clapping and cooing supportively to Andy Murray.

    Britain's number one has just splattered a forehand wide to slip to 30-30. This is Murray struggling in third gear.

    Whatever Smith whispered has done the trick as his man accelerates away from trouble.

    Now, about that break Andy. Time is really pressing on....

  134. Post update

    Peter Fleming

    Seven-time Grand Slam doubles winner on BBC TV

    "If you drop the ball short then Simon will punish you."

  135. Post update

    *Murray 2-4 Simon

    Gilles Simon strolls though a service game to love in a minutes and 27 seconds.

    He barely needs to wipe that matinee idol mug with a towel after that.

  136. Get involved via #bbctennis

    Shohidur Rahman: "Very tentative tennis from Murray so far. Needs to be much more aggressive. Playing so much into Simon's hands."

  137. Get involved via #bbctennis

    In honour of Andy Murray and Gilles Simon there are some fine examples of sporting greats with first names for surnames arriving with us. Keep them coming...

    Rachel Abounouar: "Perhaps it helps if it's also another sports great .. Tom Daley .. Daley Thompson."

    Paul Lancashire: "West Indian cricketer Johnson Charles, and former Fulham striker Collins John"

    Steven Nash: "Steven Gerrard was quite good."

    Fine work all...

  138. Post update

    Murray 2-3 Simon*


    Andy Murray's turn to look a little twitchy. The tennis has not been the highest quality so far to be honest.

    He tugs a routine rallying forehand wide to allow Simon to get a 15-30-shaped toehold in the game.

    Relief for Kim Sears-Murray - accessorising with a Union Jack- in the crowd as her man wins the next couple of points.

    And a bark of "C'mon" follows a ripper of a serve down the middle that seals the game.

    It won't be the last of the day.

  139. Post update

    *Murray 1-3 Simon

    Gilles Simon looks a little edgy, as if by going ahead early in the set, he has broken cover and is there to be shot at.

    But he gets his hold.

    The Frenchman looked accusingly at the court surface after scuffing into the net for 30-15 and then sent down a powder-puff second serve that Murray was a whisker away from punishing with a hammered backhand.

  140. Post update

    Murray 1-2 Simon*

    Andrew Castle

    BBC tennis commentator

    "Simon is a lightweight with a hefty punch."

  141. Post update

    Murray 1-2 Simon*

    Peter Fleming

    Seven-time Grand Slam doubles winner on BBC TV

    "The challenge for Murray is to keep the pressure on and not allow Simon to settle into a nice easy rhythm. Simon has got the first shot in - he has stung Andy."

  142. France break

    Murray 1-2 Simon*

    Bad news for Great Britain

    If you are going to get broken, make it early at least.

    Gilles Simon digs out a return and constructs a point with care and precision. The 22nd stroke of the rally is a lovely off-forehand that is too good for Murray and brings up 15-30.

    Murray with a limp volley into the open court and Simon hunts it down. 15-40 and two break points.

    Simon snatches up the first and that was a narcoleptic service game for Britan's top dog to fuel French fires.

  143. Post update

    *Murray 1-1 Simon

    Andrew Castle

    BBC tennis commentator

    "Simon is a very intelligent tennis player. He picks the right shot a lot of the time."

  144. Get involved via #bbctennis

    Tim Dean: "Good luck Andy. It's not going to be easy so jets not count our chickens!"

    Pete Corbett: "C'mon Murray!! @DavisCup tennis is just awesome. Superb atmosphere - truly great sporting event."

  145. Post update

    *Murray 1-1 Simon

    The first bit of sauciness from Andy Murray as he flattens a forehand across court at 30-0 down and Gilles Simon cannot deal with the power.

    Almost telepathic anticipation as Murray gets to a Simon forehand swat from up near the net on the next point, but Simon puts away the volley for 40-15.

    A bruising backhand from Andy Murray is too cleanly hit for Simon and GB have 40-30 and a glimmer.

    Murray strays into the net and it is gone. But that was decent working-over of the Simon serve.

  146. Get involved via #bbctennis

    In honour of Andy Murray and Gilles Simon there are some fine examples of sporting greats with first names for surnames arriving with us. Keep them coming...

    Nathan Sharp: "How could you forget Thierry Henry?"

    Chris Towndrow: "Carl LEWIS"

    Richard James: "Le Bron James and Pat Richards"

  147. Post update

    Murray 1-0 Simon*

    Just two points in and Hawk-Eye is dusted off as Andy Murray calls for a review of a ball up on his baseline.

    The computers show perfect depth from Gilles Simon and we have 15-15.

    For the rest of the game it is Murray onto the front foot though.

    Behind a popping serve, he is playing the rallies five feet inside the baseline while Simon is the same distance behind his own.

    A very solid start.

  148. Post update

    The French contingent in the crowd are not daunted by the one-rubber deficit their team have to make up.

    Flags, drums, berets - they look ready to storm the Bastille.

    The Brits are little more Morris dancing mixed with Benny Hill, indulging in some co-ordinated jigging to the backing of a sousaphone.

    Captain Leon Smith prowling courtside. Andy Murray to serve first.

    Let's get it on...

  149. Post update

    Andrew Castle

    BBC tennis commentator

    "Andy Murray is technically the best player we have had since the war and Fred Perry and Bunny Austin. But this is not a foregone conclusion.

    "It has just struck me I may have fallen into the trap of thinking it is. I think he will win but there are bound to be some ups and downs, as there always are in a five-set match."

  150. Post update

    Gilles Simon

    His overall record in the Davis Cup is six wins and nine defeats.

  151. Post update

    Peter Fleming

    Seven-time Grand Slam doubles winner on BBC TV

    "Andy Murray has lifted not just his team-mates but the crowd too. It is fantastic to see he has grown into this leadership role."

  152. Post update

    Queen's Club

    Time for the ring-walks.

    Gilles Simon is led on court by captain Arnaud Clement to polite applause from the majority of Queen's Club.

    All very polite, no-one wanting to anger him into wrecking the party.

    Here comes the home-town fighter. Captain Leon Smith waves to the cheering crowd as the Rolling Stones Start Me Up blares out of the speakers and Andy Murray traipses out in his wake.

    Not quite the Jagger swagger, but Britain's top dog looks ready and focused.

  153. Post update

    Andrew Castle

    BBC tennis commentator

    "The Davis Cup has a pressure when you walk out on court. You have to be a mature player to deal with it. For some it's an ordeal. For Andy Murray every time he steps out on court he knows he has to win.

    "What a leading role he is taking. He deserves a medal for that. He thinks Great Britain can win the Davis Cup and I think they can too."

  154. Tale of the tape

    Right, down to business.