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  1. Post update


    Well that was exciting wasn't it? Now the Williams sisters can go back to enjoying family life without the added pressure of on-court sibling rivalry. Until next time at least.

    So Serena advances into the last four with her 33rd successive Grand Slam win. Two more victories and she will complete the first calendar Grand Slam since Steffi Graf in 1988.

    Can she do it? Join us later in the week to find out. Night y'all!

  2. Post update

    S Williams 6-2 1-6 6-3 V Williams

    Jeff Tarango

    Former professional tennis player on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

    "We're not supposed to talk about the calendar Grand Slam for Serena Williams - but we've got to see the colossal odds on that.

    "This was a tough match for Serena, obviously she lost a set, but physically it wasn't because there weren't many long points."

  3. Player reaction

    S Williams 6-2 1-6 6-3 V Williams

    Top seed Serena Williams on her three-set win over big sister Venus: "It's a really great moment. She is the toughest player I've played in my life and she is the best person I know. I'm going against my best friend and the greatest competitor in women's tennis, in my mind, so it is a tough day.

    "When I'm playing her I don't think of her as my sister, when we're in the moment you don't really think about it. We've trained all our lives for these moments and it is a great honour to play in front of everyone here.

    "Holding serve in the third set was huge - she came out blasting and I was defending a lot. She has so much power so it was tough."

  4. Post update

    Piers Newbery

    BBC Sport at Flushing Meadows

    "If anybody still had doubts over whether Serena Williams could truly have the killer instinct against her sister, the last two points proved it. Dropping to her knees and screaming 'Come on!' at earning match point, and then firing her 12th ace into the corner to seal it, there was no compassion to be found across the net. A semi-final against unseeded Roberta Vinci awaits, and the likes of Petra Kvitova, Simona Halep, Victoria Azarenka in the final could still cause her trouble."

  5. Game, set and match - Serena Williams

    S Williams 6-2 1-6 6-3 V Williams

    Victory means Serena is now just two matches away from the calendar Grand Slam. But first she must beat unseeded Italian Roberta Vinci in the last four. "She's got nothing to lose but neither have I," she tells Ashe.

  6. Post update

    Andrea Hlavackova

    Former US Open doubles champion on BBC Radio 5 live

    "What action. It was a beautiful match with sportsmanship. I liked the last hug from Venus to Serena, telling her she can do it and go on and do this."

  7. Game, set and match - Serena Williams

    S Williams 6-2 1-6 6-3 V Williams

    The perfect finish! Serena sees off the brutal challenge of her sister with a wonderful ace. The pair embrace at the net to the delight of the Ashe crowd.

  8. Post update

    *S Williams 6-2 1-6 5-3 V Williams

    Venus is continuing to pummel Serena with the short ball down the middle, putting her into a 40-15 lead before wrapping up the hold with a thumping ace down the T. But that could be her last serve of this year's US Open unless she pulls a rabbit out of the hat. Serena serving for the match....

  9. Post update

    Andrea Hlavackova

    Former US Open doubles champion on BBC Radio 5 live

    "I have a feeling that was one of the last chances for Venus to get back into the match. Serena knows how important it was to hold and go 5-2."

  10. Post update

    S Williams 6-2 1-6 5-2 V Williams*

    Serena has a pained expression etched across her face throughout this game. None more so than when Venus hooks a wayward forehand almost into the front row of Ashe. Cheer up Serena you're 30-15 ahead. Again she transfers that tension into another huge serve of 122mph - the quickest of the night - to put her 40-30 ahead. Then another hefty serve can only be planted into the net by Venus. Serena is a break away from the match....

  11. Post update

    Piers Newbery

    BBC Sport at Flushing Meadows

    "While John McEnroe and Donald Trump have been exchanging 'banter' in the stands - the mind boggles - Serena has been doing what she's done all year, and that is dig deep in final sets. It is the 11th time this year she has been taken to three at the majors and, as everyone knows, she has yet to lose one."

  12. Post update

    *S Williams 6-2 1-6 4-2 V Williams

    A couple of sticky moments for Venus during this sixth game of the deciding set - not least because her forehand is dripping in sweat. But the 23rd seed digs deep at 30-30 to force Serena into a couple of errors, a forehand into the net sealing the game for Venus.

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  14. Post update

    S Williams 6-2 1-6 4-1 V Williams*

    Groans of disbelief from the Ashe crowd as Venus hesitates on a loose Serena forehand to miss the opportunity to move 30-15 ahead on Serena's serve. Instead that gives the impetus to Serena, who lamps a double-handed backhand down the line. And an arcing ace that dips out wide left seals the deal. Now Serena is two games away from a semi-final date with Italy's Roberta Vinci...

  15. Post update

    Jeff Tarango

    Former professional tennis player on BBC Radio 5 live

    "Serena is human, she can't stay on it for the whole six games. She has to take a breather."

  16. Post update

    *S Williams 6-2 1-6 3-1 V Williams

    Respite in the deciding set for Venus, who cranks her side of the scoreboard into life. An excellent hold to love is a warning sign to Serena that she isn't ready to roll over.

  17. Post update

    S Williams 6-2 1-6 3-0 V Williams*

    Contrasting emotions from the Williams sisters as Venus earns the chance to instantly break back. Venus looks calm and composed as she stares back across the net. Serena, however, is shouting, screaming and generally losing her cool. But she channels that furious energy into a beast of an ace that slams the door shut on Venus. A blistering backhand and another big serve - stuck into the net by Venus - clinches an important hold.

  18. Serena breaks

    *S Williams 6-2 1-6 2-0 V Williams

    Advantage Serena. The momentum is fully with the younger Williams sister now, recovering from a Venus ace in the opening point to leave her opponent battered and bruised by some thunderous backhand winners.

  19. Post update

    S Williams 6-2 1-6 1-0 V Williams*

    Serena drops to her haunches, clenching both fists and screaming a scream so loud that it can probably be heard at the hot dog stall outside. That's because she clinches the first game of the deciding set, holding to 15.

  20. Post update

  21. Get involved via 81111 in the UK

    PJ: Men are from Mars, women are from Venus. Serena's on a different planet.

  22. Post update

    *S Williams 6-2 1-6 0-0 V Williams

    Which Williams is this match going to swing in favour of? Let's find out. Serena to serve first...

  23. Post update

    Andrea Hlavackova

    Former US Open doubles champion on BBC Radio 5 live

    "If I was not watching it live and the next day I saw the result I'd be thinking they let each other win a set each and then played in the third. But that is definitely not happening. We have no idea who is going to win this."

  24. Game and second set - Venus

    S Williams 6-2 1-6 V Williams

    A second set point pops up for Venus - but is swiftly batted away by Serena. However, Venus makes it third time lucky to clinch the second set. Would have not predicted a deciding set about 35 minutes ago...

  25. Post update

    S Williams 6-2 1-5 V Williams*

    After some battling defence by Serena, Venus finally forces a set point. Venus continues her attack down the middle - but her first serve is long. Serena attacks her second serve aggressively with the backhand, pushing Venus out wide to the tramlines. Chance gone as Venus cannot control an attempted return down the line.

  26. Venus breaks...again

    S Williams 6-2 1-5 V Williams*

    Serena is rattled. Is the crowd's support for Venus affecting her? Maybe.

    Venus takes the first two points of the sixth game, only to see Serena pull a big serve out of the bag to draw level at 30-30. But Venus continues to batter her sister's defence straight down the middle, and she makes another unforced error. Break point.

    A whopper of a forehand return saves Serena's bacon but then... she double faults. Second break point. And this time Venus nabs it as Serena goes wide down the left flank.

    Venus serving for the second set...

  27. Post update

    Piers Newbery

    BBC Sport at Flushing Meadows

    "When Venus sat at the changeover after the first set, adjusting her headband and letting out a sizeable sigh, the signs were not good for the elder sister. There is normally a constant and lively buzz of chatter around Ashe, but seemingly out of respect for a former champion getting a pasting, the atmosphere was funereal. It's harsh on Serena, but that double fault on break point drew a huge cheer. We are looking at a possible three-setter, and more than an hour's entertainment."

  28. Post update

    *S Williams 6-2 1-4 V Williams

    *Stands and applauds Venus Williams*

    The older sibling reminds her sister - the world number one - that she knows a thing or two about winning tennis matches. Venus, the 23rd seed, crashes out an easy hold to love to move closer to taking this match to a deciding set. That's 12 straight points on her own serve for Venus.

  29. Post update

    Jeff Tarango

    Former professional tennis player on BBC Radio 5 live

    "I think Serena maybe looked ahead a bit and thought 'I'm playing better than Venus, if I keep going I'll be ok'. And then she double faults."

  30. Venus breaks

    S Williams 6-2 1-3 V Williams*

    Ooh hello - don't go to bed just yet. Venus has a sniff of a break. She wastes her first chance of the match in fact, prompting a yell of "Come on!" from Serena. I think she's happy. But not for long as Venus tees up another break point with some thumping returns. This time she makes no mistake to raise the volume inside Ashe.

  31. Post update

    S Williams 6-2 1-2 V Williams

    A hint of pressure on Serena's serve as she clunks a forehand into the net for 15-30. But Venus lets her off the hook with a weak forehand on Serena's second serve, then ends a baseline rally with another unforced error. Hang on - Venus isn't finished yet. A perfectly-executed forehand down the line takes the game into deuce...

  32. Post update

    *S Williams 6-2 1-2 V Williams

    Venus continues to maintain her high-quality service game at the start of the second set, powering an ace down the middle to hold to love. The Ashe crowd love that - they're desperate to see this go the distance. Quick gulp of water and a brief sit down at the changeover.

  33. Post update

    S Williams 6-2 1-1 V Williams*

    Impressive serving from Venus is matched by equally impressive serving from Serena. Williams junior does not look like giving up many points on her serve, but when she does - at 30-0 - it is down to a double fault. She recovers with an ace down the T then wraps up the hold.

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    CH: So at the family dinner a week on Sunday, Venus has to explain why she got in the way of family history? Serena in two.

  35. Post update

    *S Williams 6-2 0-1 V Williams

    Venus needs something special to start this second set. Better first serves would be a decent point from which to begin. That she manages to do, digging out four first serves and winning four straight points. Venus finishes off her sister with a 115mph serve which Serena manages to stick her racquet on but can only guide into a ballboy's hand.

  36. Post update

    Andrea Hlavackova

    Former US Open doubles champion on BBC Radio 5 live

    "It's a flawless performance from Serena so far - I don't think I've ever seen her play a full set with almost no unforced errors."

  37. Post update

    Jeff Tarango

    Former professional tennis player on BBC Radio 5 live

    "It's an exhibition in determination. It's been so close but Serena has punched her way through this. Venus does not deserve the 6-2 beating she got"

  38. Game and first set - Serena

    S Williams 6-2 V Williams

    Dominant stuff from Serena, who smashes down a pair of aces to tee up a triple set point. And she grasps the first opportunity, thundering down another hefty serve which Venus can only slap back into the tape. That's why she is the world number one and holder of all four Grand Slam titles...ruthless.

  39. Serena breaks

    *S Williams 5-2 V Williams

    Anyone expecting a contest is likely to be disappointed. Especially the thousands packed into Ashe. Venus looks a little perplexed as she leaves a Serena return which she thinks was long at 30-15 - it wasn't. The perfect response is an ace down the middle and that's what she does.

    But then Serena has Venus running around the blue acrylic court like a dog chasing a bouncy ball on your local park. An inch-perfect lob gives her another break point in deuce, which she gratefully accepts as Venus cannot find the target with a forehand. Uphill for the older sister now...

  40. Post update

  41. Post update

    S Williams 4-2 V Williams*

    Venus, standing inside the baseline, is left motionless as a rapid Serena serve whizzes past her. That's her first ace of the match for 15-0. Coach Patrick Mouratoglou, the man credited for re-energising Serena's career after her first-round exit at Roland Garros in 2012, scribbles away in his notepad as his charge holds to 30.

  42. Post update

    Piers Newbery

    BBC Sport at Flushing Meadows

    "In between googling American celebrities I've never heard of, a quick glance at the early stats shows Venus is winning 79% of points on her first serve and 27% on her second - she needs to keep that first-serve percentage high. Away from the stats, they are both absolutely crushing the ball and moving brilliantly."

  43. Serena breaks

    *S Williams 3-2 V Williams

    Danger for Venus. The 23rd seed loses her way with the first serve, allowing Serena to pounce on her shorter second serve. Serena does exactly that, smacking another forehand to earn her second break point of the match. Venus wipes out that chance to set up deuce as a rogue Serena forehand puts Venus within a point of the hold.

    But the danger subsides for a matter of seconds. Serena goes on the front foot again, forcing Venus back on to the baseline and into a weak forehand that crashes into the net on her second break point of the game. A whoop of joy from Serena, a few groans from the Ashe crowd.

  44. Post update

    Jeff Tarango

    Former professional tennis player on BBC Radio 5 live

    "That's the first time I have ever seen Venus challenge a call. The athleticism and level of play at this point is incredible. They are living up to their hype. I thought this would be a landslide for Serena - but Venus has upped her game and looks better than when she was number one in the world."

  45. Post update

    S Williams 2-2 V Williams*

    A second hold for Serena - but it was far from comfortable. Venus steps in to dig out a backhand on Serena's second serve to level at 15-15, then the pair contest a tremendous point that has the Ashe crowd 'oohing' and 'aahing'. Serena defends her baseline valiantly and is rewarded when Venus mis-hits a forehand volley at the net. Then Serena bashes down an ace out wide for 40-15. Or does she? No, Venus challenges correctly but loses the replayed point. She battles back to 40-30, only for Serena to perfectly anticipate another Venus gallop forward to guide a winner down the left channel.

  46. Post update

    Andrea Hlavackova

    Former US Open doubles champion on BBC Radio 5 live

    "Venus is looking really sharp tonight, she's loose and hitting it clean. "

  47. Post update

    *S Williams 1-2 V Williams

    Venus goes on the attack, racing forward to the net to convert a pair of forehand volleys. Another winner from the older sister puts her on track for a hold to love, only for Serena to get back on the scoreboard with a forehand winner of her own. But guess what? Venus pulls out another wonderful winner to hold. Impressive start from both players already.

  48. Post update

    Andrea Hlavackova

    Former US Open doubles champion on BBC Radio 5 live

    "I have to mention how beautiful Serena's dress is. It's black and has some snakes images on the front with a red colour. Venus's (white with a blue pattern) is her own brand - it's typical Venus."

  49. Post update

    S Williams 1-1 V Williams*

    We already know both women have a mighty serve in their locker, a point reaffirmed in these opening two games. Serena's serve is too hot for Venus to handle as she leaps into a 40-0 lead, offering up a point with a loose backhand before cleaning up in the next point.

  50. Serena misses break point

    *S Williams 0-1 V Williams

    Break point for Serena. But the younger sibling clubs a heavy forehand horribly wide to let Venus off the hook. Venus powers down an 117mph ace, then digs out another quick one to leave Serena scrambling and sweep up the hold.

  51. Post update

    S Williams 0-0 V Williams*

    Did we say Venus looked ice cool? Not judging by her opening serves. The older Williams finds more net cord than blue acrylic, double faulting to give Serena a glimpse at 15-30. Two big first serve readjust the game in her favour, only for Serena to force deuce....

  52. Post update

    S Williams 0-0 V Williams*

    Right - let's get ready to rumble. Venus to serve first....

  53. Head-to-head record

    S Williams v V Williams

  54. I'm playing the best in the tournament - Serena

    S Williams v V Williams

    Second seed Simona Halep and fifth seed Petra Kvivtova - who beat Britain's Jo Konta last night - are still lurking in the opposite side of the women's draw for the Williams sisters. But Serena reckons she is about to face the biggest threat to her hopes of sweeping up the calendar Slam.

    "I'm playing, for me, the best player in the tournament, and that's never easy," says the younger Williams. "She's beaten me so many times. I've taken a lot of losses off of her - more than anybody.

    "She's a player who knows how to win, knows how to beat me, and knows my weaknesses better than anyone."

  55. Post update

    S Williams v V Williams

    Both players pose for the pre-match photographs. Smiles, please. Venus grins away, while Serena manages to force out a half smile. Still, it will look nice on their dad's mantelpiece. Serena keeps on her crisp white tracksuit top as the pair knock up.

  56. Post update

  57. Post update

    S Williams v V Williams

    Piers Newbery

    BBC Sport at Flushing Meadows

    John McEnroe, no less, has been looking ahead to tonight's match in his role with ESPN, saying, "I don't see it happening tonight" in terms of Venus causing an upset.

    He added: "Its going to be extremely tough for Venus to give 100%. Imagine she's a couple of points from winning, what's she going to think, 'I'm going to be the one to beat Serena and end the Grand Slam?' I think it's a lot harder for Venus to handle, if she's winning."

  58. Tale of the tape

    S Williams v V Williams (00:00 BST)

    Williams - US Open
  59. 'It's never easy'

    S Williams v V Williams

    Top seed Serena Williams keeps it brief in her pre-match TV interview: "It's a great moment for both us and we're both excited to be here. It's never easy."

  60. Post update

    S Williams v V Williams

    "New York, welcome two of the greatest players in the history of tennis," announces the slick voice behind the Flushing Meadows microphone. No pressure ladies.

    Neon lights flash around the Arthur Ashe Stadium like a school disco as the Williams sisters stroll out to huge cheers. Venus, hair pinned up like a 1950s stage icon, looks totally relaxed, while her younger sister appears a tad nervous.

  61. Post update

    BBC Radio 5 Live

    You can listen to Andrea by using the Live Coverage tab at the top of the page.

  62. Sister act

    S Williams v V Williams (00:00 BST)

    Williams sisters
  63. Post update

    S Williams v V Williams

    Jeff Tarango

    Former professional tennis player on BBC Radio 5 live

    "Everyone thought they would be a flash in the pan all those years ago. Serena has dominated the last few years - and both sisters are still not content with their careers."

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  65. Post update

    S Williams v V Williams


    Away from all the warm chat about sibling rivalry, there is some cold, hard history at stake tonight. Serena is aiming to clinch the first calendar Slam since 1988 - matching Steffi Graf's achievement - after winning a whopping 32 Grand Slam matches on the bounce.

    Oh, and she is closing in on a 22nd major title - which would move her level with Open Era leader Graf - along with a record seventh US Open and fourth in a row.

    "I don't think anyone wants to be a spoiler. I think people love to see history being made," says Venus.

    "No-one is out to be a spoiler, but at the same time, you're focused on winning your match even though the circumstances are really much different than you would want."

  66. Post update

  67. Get involved


    Serena says it is "not easy" playing her older sister, but reckons both women relish the opportunity more now than ever before. Venus adds that they are both always mentally prepared for the possibility and then they "go" at each other.

    But wanting to beat someone who you pull crackers with over Christmas dinner must still be a weird experience. And we want to hear your own tales of sporting sibling rivalry.

    Do you and your sister battle it out to be crowned ladies champion at your local golf club every year? Or are you a pair of brothers who are the respective star strikers for teams always at the top of your local Sunday League?

    Tweet using #bbctennis or text 81111. Don't be shy.

  68. Sister sledge

    S Williams v V Williams

    Some sisters spend their lives having duels over....I'm going to stop there. I don't want to end up in front of HR after being accused of sexism. But the point I'm trying to make is that most sibling rivalries are more trivial - and less public - than those of the Williams sisters.

    Serena Williams

    The pair have met 26 times on the professional circuit, with the latest instalment taking place at Flushing Meadows tonight. The prize for the winner? A place in the 2015 US Open semi-finals.

  69. Celeb watch

    S Williams v V Williams


    Anyone who is anyone is rolling up to the posh seats inside the Arthur Ashe Stadium. Top of the VIP list is Dr Dre - the main man in the aforementioned hip-hop group NWA (see 00:45) and purveyor of fine, oversized, colourful headphones. Also there are a Kardashian sister or two, Hollywood actress Holly Hunter and some fella that I've never heard of but has over 7m Twitter followers. What a world we live in.

  70. Post update

    S Williams v V Williams

    Piers Newbery

    BBC Sport at Flushing Meadows


    "A large crowd is gathered outside the Arthur Ashe Stadium, night session tickets pressed into their hands, as they wait for the clear-up operation to end following the day session. "This crowd is going to get rowdy," says John McEnroe on local TV, to suitably rowdy cheers. The arrival of Donald Trump is greeted with an enthusiastic round of boos as he is beamed onto the big screen. Fun and games."

  71. Post update

    S Williams v V Williams

    Hello! Still awake? Excellent. Following a marathon four-hour slog between defending men's champion Marin Cilic and Jo-Wilfried Tsonga, Venus and Serena will finally stroll out on to Arthur Ashe Stadium in about 30 minutes. Just enough time to grab yourself a mug packed full of strong coffee beans. Go and smell them.

  72. Sister sister

    S Williams v V Williams

    Back in the late 1980s - when NWA were causing uproar and putting Compton on the international map in the process - the young Williams sisters began playing on the neighbourhood's dilapidated tennis courts.

    Weedy and cracked, often infested with gang members, they were a far cry from the salubrity of Flushing Meadows. But almost 30 years later, Serena and Venus Williams are global superstars who have graced the finest courts that the world has to offer. And, more often than not, they have won on them.

    Tonight, however, there can only be one winner. Williams v Williams. Serena v Venus. A 21-time Grand Slam winner v a seven-time Grand Slam winner.

    Sporting rivalry at its best. Sibling rivalry at its most brutal.

    Serena Williams and Venus Williams
  73. Straight Outta Compton

    Gangster rappers NWA - subject of one of this summer's biggest movies, the forefathers of hip hop - are likely to lay claim to being the most famous residents of Compton, Los Angeles.

    Disagreeing with five menacing blokes (well, four now - one has died) - once the self-proclaimed "world's most dangerous group" - isn't usually a wise move. But I'm going to.

    Instead, I'm suggesting these two butter-wouldn't-melt-in-our-mouths girls have turned into the city's biggest stars....

    Venus and Serena Williams