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  1. Murray 6-4 6-4 Ferrer

    That's one victory in the bag for Murray. Another win against either Stan Wawrinka or Rafael Nadal and the Scot will end the year as the world number two. 

    There isn't much more to say - these entries aren't currently being published - so we'll say goodbye for now and hope for a more successful live text night this evening when Rafael Nadal takes on Stan Wawrinka at 20:00 GMT. See you in a bit. 

  2. Murray 6-4 6-4 Ferrer

    Andrew Castle

    BBC Sport commentator on BBC Two

    Quote Message: Apart from one lapse of concentration that was a very impressive performance from Andy Murray. He had to focus hard in the second set to get the job done.
  3. Murray beats Ferrer

    Murray 6-4 6-4 Ferrer

    Ultimately, it was a straight-forward victory for Murray. He fought back in the second and was ruthless towards the end. Ferrer offered plenty, but his serving was off key - eight double faults in total, only 49% of first serves in. 

    An enjoyable match, though it matters little what I write because those gremlins are still playing havoc, ruining an afternoon's work. Sorry about that.

    Andy Murray celebrates
  4. *Murray 6-4 6-4 Ferrer

    Is this it? Is this where Murray pounces? The Scot is 0-30 up...

    But he overcooks a forehand to end a lengthy rally and all Murray can do is bite his clenched fist at an opportunity missed. 15-30. 

    Ferrer gambling like a high roller in a Las Vegas casino on the next point, swinging loose - but he's wide! Two match points for Murray. 

    A smash from Murray... Ferrer scampers, hanging on... but another overhead secures the win. 

  5. Murray 6-4 5-4 Ferrer*

    Murray's wife, Kim, applauds from the sidelines as she watches her husband go 30-0 ahead. Ferrer full of willing, chasing every shot, but Murray's placement is too good, another dropper for a 40-0 lead. 

    Ferrer grabs one point, but that's as good as it gets for the Spaniard as Murray launches a curling bouncer of a serve to confidently end the game.

  6. Post update

    Heather Watson

    British number two on Radio 5 live sports extra

    Quote Message: These two are hitting the ball so hard, with all the strength they have, rather than just placing it. It's very impressive.
  7. *Murray 6-4 4-4 Ferrer

    Murray whispers something to himself during the changeover, attempting to find  Zen-like calm perhaps as the set reaches its crescendo.

    The Scot opens with a magical drop-shot, making a muggle out of the chasing Ferrer. He nicks one point, then another for a 0-30 lead (he's won 14 of the last 17 points available). 

    But a slapped forehand into the net has the Scot shaking his head, asking his camp "why". 15-30. A Murray return goes long 30-30. 

    We're at the critical stage. Murray slipping up, returning into the net. 40-30. Murray muttering. Opportunity missed? Yes. A baseline slug-fest ensues, hearts beating faster and faster, until Ferrer ends it all with a walloped forehand into the corner. 

  8. Murray 6-4 4-3 Ferrer*

    Murray's game now has added verve. The Scot now oozing confidence, sensing he can do this in two sets. He's serving with accuracy and Ferrer is unable to do any damage on the returns. Murray holds to 15 and is ahead in the set for the first time. 

    Andy Murray
  9. *Murray 6-4 3-3 Ferrer

    Murray breaks back

    Ferrer, strands of mane flopping over his red bandana, looking like the tennis streetfighter that he is, could be in trouble here. He's 15-30 down and, unable to reach a Murray drop-shot, which was full of spin and dice, he faces two break points. 

    Murray, eyes widening, mind muddled with endless possibilities, proceeds to the tape... the point is his for the taking, but he nets a simple backhand volley. One more shot. 

    Ferrer hanging in, but his resistance is paper thin, netting a volley and Murray flexes his muscles, shows off his guns in the 02 din. 

    David Ferrer
  10. Murray 6-4 2-3 Ferrer*

    As we move to the fifth game of the second set, with 65 minutes having elapsed, this match is now longer than Novak Djokovic's 6-1 6-1 thumping of Kei Nishikori on Sunday. So there. 

    Moving on. Murray is at 40-15 and secures the hold when Ferrer's forehand dribbles into the tape. The Scot hanging in there, but he needs to break back soon. 

    Andy Murray
  11. *Murray 6-4 1-3 Ferrer

    Apparently there are gremlins in our computer system, which means these updates are being published rather tardily. Nevertheless, we'll carry on, pretending everything is a-ok. Though the chances are you probably aren't reading this... Anyway... 

    Beautiful from Murray - a looping lob which leaves Ferrer stranded in the middle of the court. Ferrer a little rattled, talking to himself at 30-30, another double fault proving his downfall. 

    But he produces an unstoppable forehand into the corner and comes through a mini blip. 

    Andy Murray with a forehand shot
  12. Murray 6-4 1-2 Ferrer*

    A crunching backhand winner down the line earns Murray a 30-0 lead, and the admiration of the crowd. Fewer mistakes in this game which, inevitably, means the Scot comfortably holds, to love in fact. 

    Andy Murray
  13. *Murray 6-4 0-2 Ferrer

    Wonderful retrieving from Ferrer and all Murray can do is watch a whipped passing shot fly by and curl in on the paint. Murray's smiling on the outside, but inside his soul is probably growling. From 15-15 to 30-30 before Ferrer coughs up a double fault for deuce. 

    Ferrer turning the screw, punishing Murray's weak dropper with an irretrievable crosscourt winner. Ole! The Spaniard on the up, and secures his break advantage.

    David Ferrer
  14. Murray 6-4 0-1 Ferrer*

    Ugly from Murray. After securing the first set the throws the first game of the second away. His forehand bounces beyond the baseline and Ferrer breaks to love. 

    Andy Murray
  15. Murray 6-4 0-0 Ferrer*

    Murray the favourite from here on? You'd have thought so. The Scot has an 11-6 record against Ferrer, and has won their last four matches including a straight-sets victory in Paris earlier this month. 

    The Briton, though, hasn't been all too successful at the 02, making the semi-finals just twice in five appearances in London.  

    But today, this afternoon, the Scot's plan is going swimmingly. Well, sort of. Ferrer has nicked the opening two points, Murray's shaking his head... 

    Murray serves and volleys. Well, he serves. The volley doesn't quite work and Ferrer has three break points. 

    Andy Murray
  16. Post update

    Heather Watson

    British number two on Radio 5 live sports extra

    Quote Message: Murray is so consistent and beats everybody he is supposed to beat. When he lost to Kevin Anderson at the US Open it was a big shock because of that. It's amazing how he beats these tough players week in, week out.
  17. Get involved #bbctennis

    Who should be British number two in the Davis Cup final?

    Luke Nicholson: If Bedene can play he's the quality option. If not, Ward is the equivalent of Poulter at a Ryder Cup, got to be him.   

    Johny Ray:#jamesward would get my vote. Point to prove after being dropped. Back on form again. Big match player when needed.

  18. Murray 6-4 Ferrer

    Russell Fuller

    BBC tennis correspondent on Radio 5 live sports extra

    Quote Message: Neither of these players has lost a match this year when they have won the first set.
  19. Game and first set

    Murray 6-4 Ferrer

    Ferrer must hold this one otherwise Murray takes the first set, and we all know what happens when the Briton secures the opening set. He wins the match. 

    At 15-15 it's difficult to know which way this will swing, but then Ferrer runs around to his forehand and clumsily adds too much power to his shot. A whiff for the Scot at 15-30? 

    The crowd purr as Murray advances to the tape and places a deep volley beyond Ferrer's reach. Two break points. And the Scot needs just the one! 

    Andy Murray
  20. Get involved #bbctennis

    Who should be British number two in the Davis Cup final?

    Jack Haugh: For the Davis Cup, does the number two pick really matter? Murray should win both ties which then means the doubles rubber is the key.

    Rob McLeod: It really doesn't matter who is picked, it's all on Murray. Give Henman a run out.

  21. Post update

    Tim Henman

    Former British number one on BBC Two

    Quote Message: We are seeing Murray at his proactive best, looking to dominate and take the time away from his opponent. More of the same please.
  22. Murray 5-4 Ferrer*

    Oof! Balletic and brutal from Murray as he sprints from one end to the other, stooping to his shoelaces and beating Ferrer with a super backhand passing shot down the line. Bravo. 

    Magnificent serving from Murray, too, as he races to a 40-0 lead. There's a blip - a wild forehand swing - but the Scot comes through to hold to 15. 

    Andy Murray
  23. *Murray 4-4 Ferrer

    Murray goes on the attack, but the gamble doesn't pay off. First he's wide, then he's too long. Adrenaline getting the better of him. But he engineers another chance, pouncing like a panther on a Ferrer volley to earn a third break point. 

    The Scot not at his most ruthless. Another opportunity slips by. Ferrer now nips ahead, Murray can only watch on as a cute dropper gets the better of him. 

    Murray malfunctioning again, the net becoming a major obstacle and Ferrer holds firm once more. 

    Andy Murray and David Ferrer
  24. *Murray 4-3 Ferrer

    Two break points Murray

    Not everyone in the darkened O2 theatre is supporting the home favourite as there are a few Spanish flags on view. A double-header for Spanish tennis fans with Rafael Nadal on show later this evening. 

    Ferrer is slightly vexed. A legitimate forehand from the Spaniard was called out, but he successfully challenges the call, though he doesn't seem happy at having to use a challenge in the first place. 

    The Spaniard has lost his cool, and he's leaking points. He's 0-30 down, a clumsy crosscourt forehand flying wide. Ferrer in trouble. He nicks one point back, but misses the target by miles on the next play, dragging a forehand into the tramlines to gift Murray two break points. 

    David Ferrer
  25. Get involved #bbctennis

    Who should be British number two in the Davis Cup final?

    Chris Goldsmith: No Tim Henman...... British tennis needs to look to the future.... Ward struggling personally and for form, Edmund easily should get it.

    Ed Laslett: Obvious choice for me is @JamesWardtennis, big game player, Davis Cup pedigree and had he not beaten Isner we wouldn't be here.  

  26. Murray 4-3 Ferrer*

    At 30-15 Murray is in command of the rally, but his concentration falters and he slaps a forehand into the tape. A venomous swinging serve into Ferrer's ribs, though, brings a stop to any thoughts of a Murray dip and he sees off the Spaniard with relative ease. 

    Andy Murray
  27. *Murray 3-3 Ferrer

    Murray senses an opportunity to turn the screw on the opening return of the game, but messes it up, which sparks a familiar Murray monologue. A double fault from Ferrer, though, the first of the match, allows the Scot to level. 

    Lovely from Ferrer. A feather-soft dropper which stops still once it bounces on the other side of the net. The Spaniard in control at 40-15. 

    He must serve twice on the next point. A chance for Murray? No, not really. Murray's forced to scamper to one tramline, then the other and it's the overhead into the corner which gets the better of the Scot.  

    Andy Murray
  28. Who should be British number two in the Davis Cup final?

    Tim Henman

    Former British number one on BBC Two

    Quote Message: I would wait and see whether Aljaz Bedene is available. He would get my pick but I don't think he will be available. James Ward has done very well and had some big wins and so would probably get my nod. For Kyle Edmund to make his debut in the final is hard. But I would be comfortable with either player. Kyle has won on clay and qualified for Roland Garros while James has proven he can play in the Davis Cup arena.
  29. Get involved #bbctennis

    Who should be British number two in the Davis Cup final?

    Andy Lawton: With Kyle Edmund winning the clay challenger surely he should be selected ahead of possibly the slightly better Bedene?

    Zach Kingsbury: James Ward. We probably wouldn't have got here if didn't beat John Isner... on the clay! He can beat any of Belgium's players.

  30. Murray 3-2 Ferrer*

    Murray's serve has been on song in these last couple of games. The first serves landing more frequently, giving Ferrer little opportunity to attack his weaker weapon, the dastardly second serve. 

    The Scot cruising at 40-0 and seals the deal by sending Ferrer this way and that before concluding the point with an angry shoulder-high volley.

    Andy Murray
  31. Get involved #bbctennis

    Who should be British number two in the Davis Cup final?

    Dane: I would play James Ward as No 2 for Davis Cup. He seems to play well in Davis Cup. Plus won a challenger on clay!

    Chris Goldsmith: 100% Kyle Edmund. In-form, future of British Tennis, needs a chance early in career, loves clay & qualified for Roland Garros.

  32. *Murray 2-2 Ferrer

    Applause for Ferrer as he holds firm in adversity, concluding the game with a peachy irretrievable volley which earns him the admiration of the sell-out O2 crowd. 

    David Ferrer
  33. *Murray 2-1 Ferrer

    Murray 40-40 Ferrer

    Murray wiping his sweaty face during the changeover. Three games in and it's already a sudorific workout. The Scot nicks the opening point, but is grimacing at the end of the next one. He was on the up, in control, but ballooned a forehand long. 15-15. 

    A momentum-changing forehand from Murray, putting Ferrer on the defensive, he follows up with another boomer into the corner and then produces a beautiful backhand winner into the same end. A beautifully constructed point for a 15-30 lead. 

    The Spaniard levels, but a botched backhand means he must attempt to see off a break point. 

    He greets the challenge and rises to the occasion. The pair slug it out from the back of the court before Ferrer drags Murray to the net and beats him with a delicate flick of the wrist. Deuce. 

  34. Get involved #bbctennis

  35. Murray 2-1 Ferrer*

    If you're looking for drama, hoping for a twist in the plot at this early stage, then you've come to the wrong place. Murray confidently holds to love, ending the game by reaching the unreachable beyond the baseline which forces Ferrer onto his heels and the Spaniard's overhead lands somewhere in the Thames.

    Andy Murray
  36. *Murray 1-1 Ferrer

    This match could be a cracker. From tramline to tramline the duo go, bashing, bashing, bashing, neither prepared to blink... the crowd transfixed, but eventually Murray falters, screwing a backhand wide. Ferrer 30-0 up and soon it's 40-0 as Murray nets a volley. 

    The Scot is getting Ferrer into baseline rallies, but is making errors at the crucial moments. 

    Murray to the net once more, but he's outwitted by the Spaniard who pounces on the Scot's iffy volley and beats him with a lovely crosscourt cutie. An entertaining hold to love. 

    David Ferrer
  37. Post update

  38. Get involved #bbctennis

    Who should be Britain's number two in the Davis Cup final?

    Andy Wallin: Bedene, best player available, we need to take pressure off Andy.

    Kieran: Edmund - in great form and he is the future of British tennis.

  39. Murray 1-0 Ferrer*

    Murray sneaks to advantage, and then a canny first serve sees him home as Ferrer's return goes long. Mrs Kim Murray on the sidelines, clapping but her eyeballs are like saucers, her husband's given her a fright.

    Kim Murray
  40. Murray 0-0 Ferrer*

    Murray 40-40 Ferrer

    Andy Murray gets the match under way and secures the first blow, a rasping serve for a 15-0 lead. 

    But David Ferrer soon as the Briton scampering, an outswinging forehand which kisses the tramlines changes momentum and has Murray backpedalling from the get-go. 15-15. 

    Eke. Murray in trouble. Ferrer on the front foot, aggressive from the off, and a feather-soft volley eases him to 15-30. 

    Murray stops the rot, getting the better of the Spaniard from the baseline - but a lackadaisical loopy forehand presents Ferrer with a break point. Gulp. Ferrer goes for broke... a crunching forehand... which... which... was out. To deuce. 

    Andy Murray forehand serve
  41. 'Murray remarkably relaxed'

    Piers Newbery

    BBC Sport at the O2 Arena in London

    "After a month of uncertainty as to whether Murray would actually turn up at the O2 Arena, the British number one has been in remarkably relaxed mood around the place over the last few days. A quick training block at Queen's Club got some clay-court practice in the bank ahead of the Davis Cup final, and it was back to indoor hard courts towards the end of last week. His record at the O2 is not that spectacular, and his priority is the Davis Cup, but there is little chance he will give anything less than 100% once the umpire calls 'play'."

    Andy Murray
  42. Get involved #bbctennis

    Andy Murray spent much of last week practising on clay at Queen's Club in preparation for the trip to Belgium, but for this week at least the hard courts of the 02 will be his home. 

    The Briton has made no secret of the fact that the chance to win the Davis Cup is his priority, but he could play five matches before going to Belgium for Britain's first Davis Cup final since 1978 next week.  

    With captain Leon Smith set to name his team on Tuesday, our question is - who should be the team's second singles player (and why)? Tweet us using the hashtag #bbctennis. 

  43. Post update

    Heather Watson

    British number two on Radio 5 live sports extra

    Quote Message: Ferrer is a very good mover and a very consistent player who uses a lot of spin on his shots. I think this could be a long match with a lot of rallies.
  44. Get involved #bbctennis

    Second best in the world?

    Yes, Andy Murray will be hoping to finish the year for the first time as the world's second best player. 

    He can secure second spot by winning two matches at the 02, or he will do so if Roger Federer does not win the title. There are other scenarios, but we haven't got all day. 

    Andy Murray
  45. First set crucial

    If history tells us anything it is that the winner of the first set in this match will probably go on to win the tie. 

    Andy Murray and David Ferrer are the only two players on the ATP Tour with undefeated records after winning the first set. 

    Murray is on a 68-match winning streak after taking the first set, while Ferrer last lost after winning the first set in 2014 to Kei Nishikori at the 02. So there. 

    David Ferrer
  46. 'Murray in great form'

    Tim Henman

    Former British number one on BBC Two

    Quote Message: Andy Murray has played so consistently this season and he's ready to put in a great performance this week to give himself a great platform for next week's Davis Cup final.
  47. 'Walkways are heaving'

    Piers Newbery

    BBC Sport at the O2 Arena in London

    "The great and the good of British tennis are in place - Tim Henman hurries past with a few hellos for his old sparring partners in the British press, there is a cheery wave from an orange-clad Heather Watson as she makes her way to the BBC radio commentary box, while Andrew Castle and Sue Barker are deep in conversation ahead of the lights going up on BBC2. 

    "Meanwhile, the walkways are heaving as 17,800 spectators decide to make one last trip to the facilities."

  48. Post update

    We have pictures! Live pictures! As well as reading these words, you can also watch Andy Murray take on David Ferrer on this page (and on BBC Two), plus listen to live BBC Radio 5 live sports extra coverage. 

    All live coverage is available in the, well, 'live coverage' tab above. 

    Too much of a good thing can be a wonderful thing. 

  49. Andy Murray v David Ferrer

    Hello! Welcome to live coverage of the ATP World Tour Finals scrap between Andy Murray and David Ferrer. 

    It could be a wonderful month for the British number one. He could end the year as the world number two. He could end up leading Great Britain to David Cup glory.

    Will it be a month of historic achievement or disappointing defeats? Today we at least find out how the story begins.

    Andy Murray v David Ferrer
  50. Post update

    There's no respite for the successful, no winding down after an arduous season. The more you win, the more you play. The stakes become higher, and the pressure rises and this week the stress and the tension is cranked up a notch further.

    Andy Murray (left) and Rafael Nadal