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  1. Post update

    Andy Murray

    Murray tells Sky Sports: "I think I got the break back immediately in the third set and that was big, because he was playing the better tennis. His shot-making was exceptional and he uses the angles better than maybe any other player on tour because of the spin he puts on it.

    "I started putting some returns in the court and struggled to push up on my first serve, got a little stiff in my lower back. I was smart with that in the end.

    "It was a tough match. Obviously the crowd is right behind him and it was perfect preparation for the Davis Cup, in an atmosphere like that.

    Asked if the back was a concern, Murray added: "I don't think so. I was moving well, it was just on the serve it gave me a little bit of trouble. That can happen, it's a long season. After a couple of weeks it's maybe normal to feel a little bit stiff and sore and maybe it's a good thing, to get that out of my system."

  2. Post update

    Russell Fuller, BBC tennis correspondent on 5 live sports extra: "I thought he played exceptionally well for 50% of the match and he wasn't bad at other times - he's used to doing this but all credit to him for pulling it out."

    Mike Dickson, Daily Mail tennis correspondent: "He did hit his groundstrokes, most of the time, very big and the performance was marked by how often he came to the net, which he did under pressure."

  3. Game, set and match

    Murray 7-6 (9-7) 3-6 6-3 Gasquet

    Andy Murray

    Murray wins! At the sixth attempt he finally reaches the last four at the Paris Masters, and completes the set of Masters 1000 semi-finals.

    He's not the best in the world with overheads but Murray does enough on the opening point for 15-0, and then gets low to clip over a forehand half-volley on his way to 40-0 and three match points...

    And he only needs one as Gasquet nets, and Murray moves on to face Isner or Ferrer on Saturday.

  4. Post update

    * Murray 7-6 (9-7) 3-6 5-3 Gasquet

    Murray sweeps into the net and guides away a volley, before Gasquet then sticks an optimistic backhand into the high part of the net, 0-30. The Frenchman is in trouble but finds a couple of backhands that are pretty magical even by his standards, basically half-volleying a winner into the corner.

    Murray is not wasting any time admiring that one though, thumping a heavy backhand for 15-40 and two break points...

    A brilliant Gasquet forehand, aided by Hawkeye, saves the first... an ace does for the second.

    Murray clings on in typical style as Gasquet fires away from the baseline and eventually nets, break point number three... A big serve, a great backhand.

    A Murray drop shot does just enough, break point number four.... Gasquet nets!

    Murray will serve for the match.

  5. Post update

    Murray 7-6 (9-7) 3-6 4-3 Gasquet *

    Andy Murray

    That could be the best forehand of the day so far - Murray moves out wide but stays low and arrows one down the line for 40-0. He clinches the game after a bit of exhibition stuff from both men at the net, which was a bit more like the Wimbledon Legends event than a Masters 1000.

  6. Post update

    * Murray 7-6 (9-7) 3-6 3-3 Gasquet

    Gasquet's shoulders slump, for the first time today, after a loopy opening point that sees the Frenchman play a fine lob, only to see the ball sail back over his head and inside the baseline. Murray rumbles into the net and sticks way the smash.

    The Frenchman recovers superbly with some good serving and a noncholant forehand winner off his hip at game point.

  7. Post update

    Murray 7-6 (9-7) 3-6 3-2 Gasquet *

    Bercy was bouncing five minutes ago, now it appears to have slipped into a post-lunch snooze. Gasquet has played nearly his best for the last hour and a half, and it was always likely his level would drop at some stage. Murray holds to 15 and edges back in front.

    "Murray's body language over the last 45 minutes has not been good but he looks a little more energised now," says BBC tennis correspondent Russell Fuller on 5 live sports extra.

  8. Post update

    * Murray 7-6 (9-7) 3-6 2-2 Gasquet

    I said it, sort of - Murray breaks straight back. Some piercing returns have Gasquet on the back foot, and the Frenchman makes an error at 30-30 before Murray fires another backhand at his toes on break point.

  9. Post update

    Murray 7-6 (9-7) 3-6 1-2 Gasquet *

    Richard Gasquet

    Murray double faults to fall 15-40 down and screams something about "an hour and 15 minutes!", suggesting he's not too happy with his preparation. Anyway, it's break point for Gasquet... and he fires a superb forehand return winner.

    This is becoming a physical battle after more than two hours, and unlike me the players are not able to get someone to bring them tea. Having said that, this time last year Murray was running on fumes as he played seemingly every day in the battle to qualify for the ATP Finals. Most of the time, he found a way to win.

  10. Post update

    * Murray 7-6 (9-7) 3-6 1-1 Gasquet

    Murray has not made much headway on the Gasquet serve for a while but a couple of aggressive backhand returns, followed by a drop shot that proves too much for a scampering opponent, and we're at deuce.

    A humdinger of a rally... Murray sends another of those sliced backhand passes down the line, Gasquet lunges to make the volley, Murray hares in and picks it up, Gasquet hurtles across the court only to frame the backhand.

    Break point Murray.... Gasquet sees it off to a huge cheer and holds.

  11. Post update

    Murray 7-6 (9-7) 3-6 1-0 Gasquet *

    Murray is reeling at 0-30 but has a rummage around his 'locker' and finds a forehand winner down the line. Het gets back to 30-30, only to produce his third error of the game.

    Break point for Gasquet... A big first serve does the job for Murray.

    The world number three is soon on the run again though, and cannot control a forehand. Break point two for Gasquet.... Murray works the point well and sends a volley into the open space, going on to hold.

  12. Game and second set

    * Murray 7-6 (9-7) 3-6 Gasquet

    Richard Gasquet

    Gasquet opens with another drop shot that leaves Murray stranded, and gingerly clutching his hamstring. The Frenchman then absolutely hammers a backhand winner, before hitting a remarkable angle to earn three set points...

    Murray saves the first with an aggressive return point, Gasquet sends and edgy forehand long on the second... "Richard! Richard!" shout the crowd...

    Ace! A great set that from the Frenchman.

  13. Post update

    Murray 7-6 (9-7) 3-5 Gasquet *

    "Allez!" The home crowd are loving this.

    Gasquet steps in and brushes a backhand return into the corner, then another down the line moments later to make it deuce. Murray's second serve is under pressure now, and the Briton is relieved to see a Gasquet pass go just long. Game point, and the Scot finishes it with a morale-boosting backhand of his own.

  14. Post update

    * Murray 7-6 (9-7) 2-5 Gasquet

    Gasquet is on a roll right now, getting to 40-0 in a matter of seconds and then walloping down an ace and marching to his chair. Murray hauls him back though, demanding a Hawkeye challenge which, to some surprise, goes in his favour. Gasquet must serve again.

    Another ace, an even bigger cheer, a few whistles from the locals in Murray's direction. Good stuff.

  15. Post update

    Murray 7-6 (9-7) 2-4 Gasquet *

    Gasquet continues to be the driving force out there, steering a sharp low volley away for 0-30, and Murray then sends a regulation backhand long over the baseline. He goes for a Hawkeye challenge, which confirms a minibus could have been driven through the gap.

    It's 15-40, two break points for Gasquet.... and Murray loops a forehand well long.

    "It's been a strange, insipid set, but Gasquet looks the more likely winner now and Murray needs to wake up," says BBC tennis correspondent Russell Fuller on 5 live sports extra.

  16. Post update

    * Murray 7-6 (9-7) 2-3 Gasquet

    Andy Murray

    "It kills me!" screams Murray after he fails to handle a Gasquet second serve.

    You might think he shouldn't take it to heart, but perfectionism seems to have worked pretty well for him over the last 10 years. Gasquet is serving well now though, taking the game with his third ace.

  17. Post update

    Murray 7-6 (9-7) 2-2 Gasquet *

    Murray is not the easiest man to drop shot but Gasquet is having some success with that tactic, getting to 30-30 with another delicate backhand, but Murray finds a first serve, a "C'mon!" and a measured forehand pass.

  18. Post update

    * Murray 7-6 (9-7) 1-2 Gasquet

    Richard Gasquet

    An even quicker hold for Gasquet, moving to 40-0 and then swatting away a backhand winner like a fish across the face (in a Monty Python sketch). The winner this afternoon will take on David Ferrer or John Isner, who saw off Roger Federer with a couple of tie-breaks yesterday.

    On the other half of the draw, world number one and unbeatable tennis machine Novak Djokovic looms on a 19-match, 26-set winning streak.

  19. Post update

    Murray 7-6 (9-7) 1-1 Gasquet *

    Nice and solid from Murray, easing through to 40-15 and rolling a first serve halfway up the service box and out wide for an ace.

  20. Post update

    * Murray 7-6 (9-7) 0-1 Gasquet

    Murray leans out wide and steers a backhand return winner for 0-30 and an early chance to really take charge of this contest. Gasquet gets one back and then has the Briton scurrying all over the 12th arrondissement (I googled that), sending him almost into the first row as he tries in vain to recover an angled volley. A hold for Gasquet.

  21. Game and first set

    Murray 7-6 (9-7) Gasquet *

    Another Gasquet error as the nerves bite and it's 8-7, set point number two for Murray....

    What a point! Murray is forced into a lob volley, Gasquet sends up a huge lob that Murray only steers back, but given a second chance he puts it away and clinches the set after a gripping 74 minutes.

  22. Post update

    Murray 6-6 (7-7) Gasquet *

    Richard Gasquet

    Kept honest at the baseline by Murray, Gasquet cracks and goes for too much with an ambitious backhand down the line, 5-5. It's still his serve though, and Murray is unusually slow to a forehand which he sends long. 6-5, set point for Gasquet....

    Ridiculous. Gasquet clips the sideline with a forehand, moves forward and can only look despairingly as Murray's sliced backhand floats past him and drops on the line. Gasquet's coach Sergi Bruguera appears less than chuffed by that.

    A loose one from Gasquet and it's now 7-6, set point for Murray....

    He nets a backhand.

  23. Post update

    * Murray 6-6 (4-5) Gasquet

    Andy Murray

    Gasquet frames one into the darker recesses of Paris Bercy on the opening point, and Murray gets the first mini-break when the Frenchman hooks a forehand wide. Given a sniff, Murray steps it up and really works Gasquet's legs, thumping a forehand into the corner for 3-1 and setting things up well on the next point. It comes as a surprise when he then sends a regulation backhand long to give back the break, and Gasquet holds for 3-3.

    Gasquet moves forward, Murray cannot land the pass - 4-3 to the Frenchman. Murray then gets his feet stuck in the carpet and balloons a forehand long, following up with some industrial language. A serve-volley keeps him alive, 5-4 to Gasquet....

  24. Post update

    * Murray 6-6 Gasquet

    Gasquet makes a hash of a volley on the first point but gets back in front with a bit of muscle on serve and with an overhead, prompting some traditional French brass bandery in the stands. A big second serve helps him to the game and it's tie-break time.

  25. Post update

    Murray 6-5 Gasquet *

    Gasquet falls a little flat after that burst of form, missing with a couple of returns and then giving Murray a straightforward volley to clip away - a love hold.

    "It's been uncomfortably mild for November," says BBC tennis correspondent Russell Fuller on 5 live sports extra. I'm sure all our thoughts are with him at this time.

  26. Post update

    * Murray 5-5 Gasquet

    Gasquet holds to love, throwing in a delicious drop shot along the way, and he looks the more likely right now. Murray's on-court commentary is well under way but, rest assured, I will only bring you pre-watershed highlights.

  27. Post update

    Murray 5-4 Gasquet *

    Andy Murray

    Murray mixes things up a bit at 30-0, endangering the health of a line judge with a first serve that just about bounces inside the baseline, and moments later producing a beautiful backhand lob that proves too much for Gasquet.

    A double fault suggests Murray is wobbling a little, going from 40-0 to 40-30, but Gasquet obliges with a forehand into the net and the Scot has his first game in four.

  28. Post update

    * Murray 4-4 Gasquet

    Murray clenches his fist and glances up towards coach Jonas Bjorkman and the team, after crunching a backhand winner into the corner for 15-30.

    A loose return follows, but at 30-30 he has Gasquet scrambling after a forehand - only to see the Frenchman send it back across him for game point. Gasquet's first ace follows and with it cries of "Richard! Richard!"

  29. Post update

    Murray 4-3 Gasquet *

    Richard Gasquet

    Gasquet gets an incredible angle off a backhand return that draws the error, and a first real burst of classic Murray chuntering, before the Frenchman steps in and sweeps away a backhand return for 0-40. Three break points...

    Murray dominates the rally, opens up the space - and thumps a forehand into the net. We're back on serve, and the president of the French tennis federation gives it a bit of fist-pump from the VIP seats.

  30. Post update

    * Murray 4-2 Gasquet

    Wonderful food, beautiful architecture, a philosopher on every corner, haughty looks from impeccably dressed shop staff, a Richard Gasquet backhand winner down the line... there are many things that make Paris a magnificent city.

    The Frenchman begins this game with a flourish as he swats a backhand past Murray, but the Scot quickly gets back to the more workmanlike business of moving his man relentlessly from side to side, drawing errors. There is a break point... but Gasquet holds on when Murray nets.

    A cute drop shot seals the game.

    * denotes server

  31. Post update

    Murray 4-1 Gasquet *

    Andy Murray

    That's better from Murray - a first serve, a Gasquet error, a terrific drop volley and an ace.

    There is a little sliver of history on offer for Murray today, who has lost five previous semi-finals in Paris. A win this afternoon and he will join Djokovic, Federer and Nadal as the only players to reach the semis or better at all nine ATP Masters 1000 tournaments.

    Probably not the achievement he dreamed of as a nipper, but another mark of his lofty status.

  32. Post update

    * Murray 3-1 Gasquet

    The afternoon crowd continues to filter in at the changeovers, with children being shushed (good luck with that) and latecomers shamed on the big screen and subsequently jeered. They know the rules.

    Gasquet enjoys a quick hold of serve, wrapping it up with a backhand winner, and the Frenchman is well and truly in the contest now. Murray needs to get his first serve up and running.

  33. Post update

    Murray 3-0 Gasquet *

    Things get a bit tougher for Murray as his first serve goes for an afternoon stroll elsewhere in Paris, but he just about hangs on and consolidates the break.

    A brilliant backhand winner and a toe-clipping half volley take the Briton close to the finish line but a double fault and a backhand buried in the net drag him back, handing Gasquet a break point.... but the Frenchman goes wild and long with a backhand.

    Another break point for Gasquet... net cord, quick feet rearrangement and forehand hooked over the net and into the corner - good stuff that from Murray.

    Break point number three.... time for a bit of serve and volley.

    Murray then finds all the angles with his forehand, making the court seem like a table tennis table, and the second seed holds after 11 minutes.

  34. Post update

    * Murray 2-0 Gasquet

    No, he cannot. Murray leans into a backhand return and sends it flying for a clean winner and 0-40, three break points... only one is required as a tentative Gasquet nets a forehand on the wrong end of a baseline exchange.

  35. Murray under fire


    Murray will hope to avoid any slip-ups on court this afternoon - as well as aerial bombardments off court.

    The Briton was surprised during a changeover yesterday, as one of the Parisian ball girls got her angles wrong and struck the world number three in the midriff with a fuzzy yellow missile.

    Lorenza later apologised and wished Murray good luck, prompting him to respond: "adorable, gave me a little fright but it woke me up, see you tomorrow lorenza."

  36. Post update

    Murray 1-0 Gasquet *

    Things look a little dicey when Murray sends a forehand into the tram lines for 30-30, but an ace down the middle is an encouraging sign and the Briton comes through after a couple of deuces. Into his third match of the week and Murray has still dropped four games, can Gasquet make it five?

    * denotes next to serve

  37. BBC coverage

    There is live commentary under way on 5 live sports extra - just click the link at the top of the page - with BBC tennis correspondent Russell Fuller discussing Murray's scheduling issues with Daily Mail correspondent Mike Dickson, who says: "There is a view that says just get out there and play, and see what happens.

    "In fairness, Murray has a bit of a history in struggling to change surfaces and it's a tricky ask, people shouldn't underestimate it."

  38. Le backhand

    Richard Gasquet

    The good news for Gasquet is that he should get hearty backing from his home French crowd, if sufficient numbers turn up, and he has had a strong year, rising from 26th to ninth in the world and reaching the semi-finals at Wimbledon and quarter-finals at the US Open.

    He also has a dreamy single-handed backhand.

  39. Post update

    The players are out on court in front of an early afternoon crowd that is sparse, I think it's fair to say. There's a long afternoon and evening ahead though, no point in overdoing it.

  40. 'He's extremely difficult to beat'

    Richard Gasquet

    Murray has been in spectacular form so far in Paris, dropping just four games while seeing off Croatian teenager Borna Coric and Belgian Davis Cup foe David Goffin. The latter mustered only one game as Murray blew him away in just 53 minutes.

    Next up, Gasquet, a familiar rival after nine previous meetings dating back to 2006, including thrilling five-set comebacks by the Scot at Wimbledon and the French Open. Murray leads the head-to-head 6-3, and tellingly has won six of the last seven, although Gasquet led by a set in each of their last three matches.

    "He's one of the best players in the world," Gasquet said of Murray. "He's extremely difficult to beat every time because he makes few unforced errors."

  41. First Paris, then the world

    Andy Murray

    Afternoon. You join me as we prepare to check in on Andy Murray's busy end to the 2015 season, with Paris the location and Richard Gasquet the next obstacle in his path.

    Murray has half an eye on the upcoming ATP Finals, which begin in nine days' time, and half an eye on Britain's first Davis Cup final since 1978, which gets under way in Belgium three weeks today.

    Fortunately, that leaves one whole eye to focus on the matter at hand, as he bids to reach a first semi-final at Paris Bercy.