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  1. Post update

    O2 Arena

    You can keep up with all of those matches on this website with added coverage of the first semi-final on BBC Two and of the second on Radio 5 live sports extra.

    Two corking matches on one incredible stage.

    I'll see you there I presume.

    Bye for now.

  2. Tomorrow at the O2

    So tomorrow looks like this at the O2:

    14:00 GMT: Rafael Nadal v Novak Djokovic

    20:00 GMT: Roger Federer v Stan Wawrinka

    And Andy Murray might seek out a little red dirt to hit balls on.

  3. "I only have myself to blame"

    Andy Murray waves to fans

    Andy Murray speaking to Sky Sports: "The first set tie-break was important,but there are lots of points that go into the outcome. The reality is that I did not play well enough. There were cheap errors on big points and I only have myself to blame."

  4. Get Involved

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    Matt Harding: Silver lining - if Murray loses he'll be fresher for Davis Cup...

    Naveed AfzalStan has looked angry tonight. That backhand is ferocious tonight. Absolutely ripping it now #bbctennis

  5. Match stats

    Andy Murray and Stan Wawrinka

    Here are some of the match stats from tonight:

    Murray- Wawrinka


    Double faults:1-4

    First serve %:58-45

    First serve pts won %:76-75

    Second serve pts won %:48-59

    Break pts converted:2/10 - 3/5

  6. Post update

  7. Stan looking forward to "crazy" repeat

    Stan Wawrinka celebrates

    Stan Wawrinka; "It was tough battle. It was an amazing atmosphere tonight and I am excited to be back for the semi-finals. 

    "I played a crazy match against Roger in the semi-finals last year and I will try and go and get some rest and be ready."

  8. Game, set and match

    Murray 6-7 (4-7) 4-6 Wawrinka

    Stanislas Wawrinka

    Andy Murray tosses some sweat bands and his broken racquet to the fans as he marches towards the dressing rooms before the public address can properly bid him farewell.

    He will have frustration to take out on the Belgians.

    Which is lucky, because he is not bring much form into the Davis Cup final.

  9. Second match point Wawrinka

    Murray 6-7 (4-7) 4-5 Wawrinka*

    Andy Murray returns

    Andy Murray saves the match point. Back to deuce...

    But the Scot is pressed back once more and will have to fight for his life once more...

  10. Match point Wawrinka

    Murray 6-7 (4-7) 4-5 Wawrinka

    Andy Murray issues himself with a stern telling off as he over-cooks a forehand to allow Stan Wawrinka back to deuce. 

    A little over-eager.

    And Murray smashes the frame of his racquet in disgust as he offers up a match point with a dolly shot that Wawrinka smashes away.

  11. Murray with two break points

    Murray 6-7 (4-7) 4-5 Wawrinka*

    Andy Murray

    Andy Murray pops blood vessels and tests his hernia resistance as he silently screams in disgust at an error at 0-30 to the good.

    He recovers his composure though to set up 15-40 and two break points.

  12. Post update

    Murray 6-7 (4-7) 4-5 Wawrinka*

    Andy Murray keeps his hand in with hold to love. There was belief stirring somewhere in that game.

    Stan Wawrinka has another chance to try and finish this contest on his own tee-off however.

    The Swiss has been flaky in the past. A full-blown case of the colly-wobbles needed now for Murray.

  13. Murray breaks

    *Murray 6-7 (4-7) 3-5 Wawrinka

    Andy Murray

    If this is the start of a comeback, Andy Murray has left it late.

    The Scot pumps his fist to the crowd and urges more volume.

    He was flatlining in the match. Can that be the game that jump-starts his game?

  14. Wawrinka back to deuce

    Murray 6-7 (3-7) 2-5 Wawrinka*

    Stan Wawrinka makes his way back to deuce and it is Andy Murray who is standing in the tea-pot pose, staring at his strings and the lines in turn and in disbelief.

  15. Murray with three break points

    Murray 6-7 (3-7) 2-5 Wawrinka*

    The wheels suddenly look a little wonky on the Wawrinka wagon.

    Murray with three break points at 0-40 after a string of errors from the Swiss.

  16. Wawrinka breaks

    Murray 6-7 (4-7) 2-5 Wawrinka*

    Andy Murray

    Andy Murray in a world of pain now.

    He will go to bed tonight with nightmares of flashing Wawrinka backhands for company.

    Stan serves for the match next.

    A severe case of the jitters is the Scot's main hope.

  17. Break point Wawrinka

    *Murray 6-7 (3-7) 2-3 Wawrinka

    Andy Murray

    Stan Wawrinka is not just demonstrating the textbook to Andy Murray, he is swatting the Scot around the head with it.

    A lovely backhand stab on the stretch hugs the line perfectly to put the Swiss 0-30 up.

    Murray pumps long on the forehand and folds into a scream of anguish. Break point Wawrinka. 

  18. *Murray 6-7 (3-7) 2-4 Wawrinka

    Stan Wawrinka of Switzerland

    Stan Wawrinka has struck 24-carat backhand gold.

    That glorious one-handed flourish is unfurled to devastating effect. Murray is left groping at thin air.

    Wawrinka holds to love. Another two service games like that and he is home and hosed...

  19. Murray 6-7 (3-7) 2-3 Wawrinka*

    Andy Murray breezes through a serve game to love. A bit of respite for the British kingpin.

    But he can't bunker down and take cover. He has to come out fighting if he is to hang around beyond tonight in this tour finale.

  20. Wawrinka holds

    *Murray 6-7 (3-7) 1-3 Wawrinka

    Andy Murray of Britain

    Andy Murray's eyes stray up to the rafters where his coach Jonas Bjorkman and wife Kim are sitting in the gloom.

    His errors return as he strikes a return long off a Wawrinka second serve and then floats a backhand long as the Swiss holds serve.

  21. Wawrinka taken to deuce

    Murray 6-7 (3-7) 1-2 Wawrinka*

    England rugby player Danny Cipriani is the crowd tonight, combining a leather biker jacket with some scholarly specs.

    He is sat next to former Strictly Come Dancing contestant Kirsty Gallacher, daughter of Ryder Cup legend Bernard, in the celeb pen.

    They will be leaning a little closer in now. Murray has taken Wawrinka to deuce from 40-0 down...

  22. Murray 6-7 (3-7) 1-2 Wawrinka*

    Andy Murray with no margin for error now.

    Does he still believe that his weekend will include a river taxi to the O2 Arena?

    He keeps that possibility alive as he holds off Wawrinka, clinging onto serve to 30.

    Murray is on the ropes though, no doubt.

  23. *Murray 6-7 (3-7) 0-2 Wawrinka

    Stan Wawrinka

    Stan Wawrinka's backhand - the weapon that wrecked Novak Djokovic's chances in the French Open - is starting to spray winners.

    Two sickly sweet strikes off that wing zip away for clean winners as the Swiss backs up the break with a hold to love.

    Might Andy Murray's mind be slipping towards an area the size of Belgium and Great Britain's upcoming Davis Cup final?

  24. Wawrinka breaks

    Murray 6-7 (3-7) 0-1 Wawrinka*

    Only one of Andy Murray's eight wins over Stan Wawrinka has come from a set down.

    He needs to turn this tanker around sharply.

    Wawrinka has 15-30 and then 30-40 and break point as he smokes a backhand down the line.

    Trademark Stan and a chance to apply more boot to bottom.

    Murray nets! He is looking at the rough end of a break and a set down.

  25. Murray folds in first set

    Jamie Delgado

    Former Great Britain Davis Cup player

    Andy Murray

    He fought so hard and got himself in a good position, but unforced errors costs him. It was a disappointing end to the set.

  26. Post update

    Russell Fuller

    BBC tennis correspondent

    Murray really did go AWOL from 4-2 up and he's going to have to do it the hard way if he's going to qualify for the semi-finals.

  27. Game and first set

    *Murray 6-7 (4-7) Wawrinka

    Stan Wawrinka

    Andy Murray dashes his racquet to the floor.

    Another basic error. Stan Wawrinka has 6-4 and two set points.

    He only needs the one. Murray gets lucky with a net cord that just about makes it over, but he fails to make the most of his get-out-of-jail card, cuffing a lob wide.

  28. Tie-break

    *Murray 6-6 (4-5) Wawrinka

    Initiative handed back. 

    Andy Murray twangs into the tape on the forehand wing as he attempts to go cross court.

    Stan outfoxes Murray with a cunning second serve. Murray plonks wide in the next rally and suddenly the momentum has shifted.

    Wawrinka 5-4 to the good. On serve, but mojo with Stan.

  29. Tie-break

    *Murray 6-6 (4-2) Wawrinka

    Andy Murray

    This is tight-rope knife-edge tennis.

    Wawrinka holds for 2-2. A weakling of second serve on the next though - and Murray's roundhouse backhand return finds the mark, streaking away for a winner.

    Murray 3-2 up with the mini-break.

    And he consolidates on serve for a 4-2 lead. Has Stan gone back into his shell?

  30. Tie-break

    Murray 6-6 (2-1) Wawrinka*

    Stan Wawrinka with an ace on the opening point. Or is it? Yep, approved on video review.

    1-0 to the Swiss.

    Murray misses with his first serve. A mammoth rally, Murray chasing the rubber off his soles and he finally draws the error from Wawrinka.

    And he wins the next point in more straightforward style. 2-1 Murray and on serve.

  31. Stan's an ace in tie-breaks

    Russell Fuller

    BBC tennis correspondent

    Wawrinka has won 33 tie breaks and lost 12 this year.

  32. Murray 6-6 Wawrinka*

    And, after 55 minute of premium tennis and via a Murray ace, we are into a tie-break.

    Stan to serve first.

  33. Get Involved

    Use #bbctennis or BBC Sport Facebook page

    Stanislas Wawrinka

    Shohidur RahmanWould it be that much of a surprise to see Wawrinka beat Murray? Fact is he's a better player now. #bbctennis

    Paul StaveleyMurray has the game to beat anyone but the big three. Their mental strength is all that separates them from him though.

  34. *Murray 5-6 Wawrinka

    Stan Wawrinka clocks back in.

    He holds to love to show that he is over that heartache of serving for the set and failing to seal the deal.

  35. From Manics to primal scream

  36. Murray emptiness?

    During a break after one game, the 02 crowd were treated to a bit of the Manic Street Preachers on the arena's sound system - 'If You Tolerate this..."

    The song reached number one in 1998, when Murray was 11 and Wawrinka just into his teens.

    Manic Street Preachers
  37. Murray 5-5 Wawrinka*

    Stan Wawrinka has been ticked off with some in the crowd expressing their support for Andy Murray just as he was tossing up in the last game.

    His mood does not look like it has improved as Murray tickles in a delicate fluttering drop-shot to on his way to the game.

    The Scot has pulled back up alongside the Swiss on the scoreboard.

  38. Murray fights back

    Jamie Delgado

    Former Great Britain Davis Cup player

    Incredible defence from Murray, he was on full stretch for six or seven shots in a row. Andy read the game perfectly. Great movement, great fight.

  39. Murray breaks

    *Murray 4-5 Wawrinka

    Andy Murray reacts

    Oh my.

    What a rally. Andy Murray seems to be at Stan Wawrinka's mercy on at least two occasions, but each time he did just enough as Wawrinka did not quite commit.

    And finally Wawrinka flops a lazy volley into the floor, allowing Murray to scamper onto the ball to ping away a winner into the unguarded open court.

  40. Murray with a second break point

    Murray 3-5 Wawrinka*

    Andy Murray has a look down the line on the forehand.

    He takes up the challenge. But it is over-cooked and Murray's features rearrange into a grimace.


    But a deft backhand volley dies perfectly to give Murray a second break point.

  41. Murray with break point

    Murray 3-5 Wawrinka*

    Andy Murray with a whipped forehand across court...and it is a winner!

    A speedbump in Wawrinka's path when the Swiss had been coasting at 30-15.

    Double-fault! Break point Murray!

  42. Wawrinka breaks

    Murray 3-5 Wawrinka*

    Stan Wawrinka


    The shout of delight is in English, but its owner is Swiss.

    Stan Wawrinka celebrates as Andy Murray punches long on the second of two break points.

    Andy Murray needs an immediate response.

  43. Wawrinka with three break points

    *Murray 3-4 Wawrinka

    Andy Murray backed into a horrible corner at 0-40.

    Three break points to defend. And if he fails, Stan will serve for the opening set.

  44. *Murray 3-4 Wawrinka

    Service game flashing past with the speed of scenery on the Tokyo-Kyoto express train.

    Stan's turn to pummel down the fuzz. The Swiss knocks off another game, for just one point's worth of damage. 

  45. Murray 3-3 Wawrinka*

    Andy Murray of Great Britain

    I had forgotten that it is the time of year that fragrance adverts come out to play. 

    Andy Murray rattles through his service game in less time than a multi-million pound perfume-flogging pout-fest.

    Hold to love to show Wawrinka that whatever he can do...

  46. *Murray 2-3 Wawrinka

    Maybe the momentum is sliding Stan's way...

    Wawrinka waltzes through a service game for the first time without a fuss.

    A hold to love to keep the pressure on Murray after the Scot had to save break points in his last service game.

  47. Post update

    Jamie Delgado

    Former Great Britain Davis Cup player

    At the end of the day we want Andy to focus as best he can and play his best tennis. Maybe he is trying to keep his mind on the tennis.

  48. Murray's comfort blanket

    Piers Newbery

    BBC Sport at the O2 Arena in London

    It's interesting to see an empty row of seats where Team Murray should be sitting - I'm sure they will be along soon, but he did discuss the very topic in his latest BBC Sport column.

    "I have played tournaments before when I've only had one person with me and I don't mind it too much, but at tough moments especially it can be a bit of a comfort blanket to look over at people you know when you're in front of a huge audience."

  49. Murray 2-2 Wawrinka*

    Andy Murray

    Andy Murray comes through his first serious bit of service sweat.

    This match is a tight and tricky to call as we expected.

  50. Murray saves break point, deuce

    *Murray 1-2 Wawrinka

    Andy Murray with the ugly end of 0-30 to look at and the first real test on his serve.

    He grinds his way back to 30-30, but a mid-court invite is snapped up by Stan Wawrinka as he steps in a slap a forehand winner across court.

    30-40 and break point Wawrinka.

    Murray sends down a spicy serve and Wawrinka cannot scrape it back. Deuce.

  51. Wawrinka sees off two break points

    *Murray 1-2 Wawrinka

    Andy Murray with one of his trademark chases and scraping winners out wide brings the crowd out of their seats and brings up the first break point on the scoreboard.

    Stan Wawrinka redeems it with an ace which catches a sliver of whitewash. 

    Second break point. And again, Wawrinka's bazooka serve blasts him out of a hole.

    The Swiss survives this time. But Murray is asking all the questions.

  52. Wawrinka taken to deuce

    Murray 1-1 Wawrinka*

    Andy Murray

    Can the umpires send the backroom entourages to the stands like in football?

    Kim Sears and the rest of Team Murray are located way up in the gods rather than in their usual courtside seats.

    Maybe there is something up there. Murray was a little tardy getting out of his dressing room after getting the call from the tournament organisers.

    Their man has started well however. Wawrinka is taken to deuce for a second successive game.

  53. Murray 1-1 Wawrinka*

    This is high-quality vintage straight from the first sip.

    Andy Murray with some streetwise hustle as he successfully serves and volleys on the opening point.

    Stan Wawrinka's forehand is already launching volleys of fire, proving too hot for Murray to handle on the next point.

    Murray holds him at bay though. He landed three out of five first serves in that opening game, stat fans.

  54. *Murray 0-1 Wawrinka

    Stan Wawrinka

    Well, that did not last long.

    Big Stan ejects Murray from deuce with the efficiency of a nightclub bouncer, splattering a forehand winner before crashing down a resounding ace.

  55. Wawrinka taken to deuce

    Murray 0-0 Wawrinka*

    Stan Wawrinka can lurk deep behind the baseline and is not the slickest mover in the men's elite.

    Andy Murray breaks out the drop-shot in just the second rally to try and exploit that fact.

    Stan is lured in and Murray is only just off target with a lob that the Swiss was not getting anywhere near. That tactic will be worth revisiting.

    A terrific return winner for 30-40 from Murray and then Wawrinka dumps into the net on the next rally.

    Time to get deuce-y.

  56. Wawrinka to serve

    Right, enough of the lights and lasers.

    Time for the cat gut and graphite to do the talking.

    The two players set forth from their stools to the baseline.

    Stan Wawrinka to tee us off...

  57. Get Involved

    Use #bbctennis

    Is Murray's mind elsewhere? Can Wawrinka capitalise? Who do you fancy to win the title?

    Murray is an odds-on shot with the bookmakers for tonight's match at about 8-13, while his opponent is 13-8.

    Let us know your thoughts throughout the match, using #bbctennis.

  58. "I ever get really frustrated on court"

    Murray v Wawrinka

    Andy Murray

    Sometimes Andy Murray looks like he would rather be anywhere other than a tennis court.

    But the Scot says that he has never lost the sheer joy of whacking a tennis ball across the net.

    "I'm not denying that there are moments out on court when I might be gasping for breath, after four or five extremely physical rallies, and think, 'I need to try and shorten this point'," he writes in his latest BBC Sport column.

    "But actually waking up and not wanting to hit tennis balls? No, I enjoy it too much."  

    He doesn't say the same for the post-match media conferences funnily enough.

  59. Stan the man

    Wawrinka can pose challenge

    Jamie Delgado

    Former Great Britain Davis Cup player

    When he is on, he does have the power in his game and quality to beat the best in the world. He's just not quite as consistent as the other guys. Tonight is going to very tough for Andy.

    (Speaking on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra)

  60. Players on court

    Murray v Wawrinka

    Andy Murray

    They have cranked the hype meter to 11 tonight at the O2.

    Before the two players emerge from the bowels of the O2 Arena, the crowd is treated to a rendition of William Ernest Henley's Invictus - you know, the I am the master of my fate, the captain of my soul one used recently in a computer game advert - voiced by a Brian Blessed sound-a-like.

    Wawrinka and Murray look almost a little sheepish as they finally make it out on court.

  61. Swiss neutrality?

    Mirka Federer

    If Stan Wawrinka does prevail, we lose a British interest in the last four.

    However we gain a tasty little reunion.

    Last year at the semi-final stage, Wawrinka lost to Federer 4-6 7-5 6-7 (6-8) after failing to convert four match points.

    It emerged after the match that Wawrinka had complained during the contest that Federer's wife Mirka was trash-talking him between points, allegedly calling him a "crybaby", among other things,

    Wawrinka and Federer had to pair up the following week for the Davis Cup final. It could have been awkward. In the end it was victorious with Switzerland beating France in Lille.

  62. Gym work at the O2

    Murray v Wawrinka

    Novak Djokovic brought his pilates ball last night.

    Andy Murray has come armed with some chest-stretching bands today.

    I'm half expecting to see Stan Wawrinka rolling about on some ab-crunching device bought off an shopping channel in a moment of late-night optimism.

    Let's hope they have remembered their bats.

    Andy Murray
  63. BBC coverage

    Murray v Wawrinka

    BBC Radio 5 Live Sports Extra

    This match is live on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra.

    You can get across their words of wisdom on this very page. Just click on the audio icon or live coverage tab at the top of this page to unleash a stream of aural excellence.

  64. Too tough to call?

  65. Down and out in New York

    Murray v Wawrinka

    Piers Newbery

    BBC Sport at the O2 Arena in London

    Stan Wawrinka and Andy Murray

    It was a stinking hot New York afternoon, Sir Sean Connery was courtside, and Murray was giving it the full repertoire of verbals and racquet smashing - his last meeting with Wawrinka in 2013 was one to forget. The Briton was the reigning US Open champion and fresh from landing the ultimate prize at Wimbledon, but he went down tamely to an inspired Wawrinka. Things were considerably frostier a couple of hours later in his press conference. "I was playing well enough to get to the quarters," said Murray."It's not an easy thing to do." 

  66. Head to head

    Andy Murray and Stan Wawrinka

    Andy Murray leads the head-to-head history against Stan Wawrinka, having won eight of their previous 14 meetings.

    Wawrinka has bagged the last two though, both in straight sets.

    This will be the pair's first match in more than two years.

  67. Stan on the edge

    Stan Wawinka

    The man who will help decide Andy Murray's weekend plans is Stan Wawrinka.

    Like Murray, the Swiss world number four has beaten David Ferrer and lost to Rafael Nadal so far at the O2.

    Tonight's match is a straight shoot-out. The winner gets a prime Saturday evening semi-final slot against Roger Federer. The loser collects their chips and heads for the door.

  68. Post update

    Piers Newbery

    BBC Sport at the O2 Arena in London

    "If he’s mentally not really here, then he’s a different player.” That could have come from the mouth of either of tonight's players, but it was in fact Wawrinka on Murray. The Swiss is hopeful that Murray will have one eye on the Davis Cup final, a situation he experienced 12 months ago. "After one or two days, I was ready for it," he added. "I was 100% focused here because it was important for me, then I switched in two days."

  69. Fed or the Cup?

    Davis Cup

    Britain will compete in their first Davis Cup final in 37 years next weekend. It is 79 years since they actually won the thing.

    Therefore, you could understand if Murray, the key man in Leon Smith's team, decides he would rather get down to some clay homework than hang around at his eighth straight ATP World Tour Finals

    On the other hand, a chance to take on old smoothie Roger Federer in a semi-final under the O2's Saturday night lights?

    Those sort of opportunities will not crop up many more times in the 28-year-old's career.

  70. Anglo-Belgian confusion

    Murray v Wawrinka

    London and Ghent

    Mayo or brown sauce?

    Moules or whelks?

    Tintin or Sherlock?

    No doubt that Andy Murray is in London in body, but has his mind hopped over the Channel to Belgium to focus on Great Britain's historic tilt at the Davis Cup next weekend?