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  1. Goodbye

    Andy Murray

    Of course, Andy Murray won't be thinking that far ahead. He's thinking about finding his passport, dashing to the airport and flying home as quickly as possible to be by the side of his pregnant wife Kim.

    Then he will be thinking of dirty nappies and catching some zeds on the sofa whenever he can over the next couple of months.

    The soon-to-be new father will then return to the court in early March when Great Britain face Japan in the Davis Cup.

    Good luck Mr and Mrs Murray! Until next time...

  2. Post update

    So where next? Obviously there is plenty of tour tennis to be played but attention will quickly turn to Roland Garros in late May/early June. Almost as quickly as you can chant 'Grand Slam' a 1000 times.

    Djokovic has now won four of the past five major tournaments, including three in a row, and will try to complete his career Grand Slam with a first French Open title at the next major.

  3. Get involved #bbctennis

    Djokovic wins Australian Open

    Arun: Murray's achievements are brilliant given that he's played in the era of 3 greats Djokovic, Nadal & Federer!

    Lee: A Golden Era of Tennis is over. It's gonna be Novak dominating for a few more years to come.   

    Paul Collins: The only people who don't like Djokovic are those people who are bitter that he's better than who they support. Legend!

  4. Only One Direction for Djokovic...

    Djokovic wins Australian Open

    Anyone got Novak Djokovic down as a One Direction fan? Me neither. But it turns out 1D's Niall Horan is "big pals" with the world number one. Like he is with Rory McIlroy and Cristiano Ronaldo. And countless footballers and basketballers. Rent-a-fan...

    Anyway Niall is hanging around in the Rod Laver Arena corridor, greeting his mate with a handshake, warm hug and few words of congratulation.

  5. The best ever?

    Djokovic wins Australian Open

    Pat Cash

    Former Wimbledon champion on BBC Radio 5 live

    “Djokovic is phenomenal. He’s the best there is at the moment and maybe the best there ever has been.

    “Bjorn Borg had the same aura. You could never get a winner past him and he would crush you.”

  6. Djokovic 'honoured' to join legends

    Djokovic wins Australian Open

    Novak Djokovic

    Novak Djokovic has struggled to be loved as universally as his great peers Roger Federer or Rafa Nadal. But there's no doubting that he is ranked as one of the greatest tennis players of all-time.

    The Serb's 11th Grand Slam victory moves him joint fourth in terms of all-time wins, alongside Rod Laver and Bjorn Borg. And his sixth Aussie Open titles moves him alongside Roy Emerson.

    "I'm extremely honoured to be mentioned alongside legends of our sport like Rod Laver and Roy Emerson," says the Serb.

    "To match the record of six Australian Opens of one of the greatest players of game is a privilege."

  7. Get involved #bbctennis

    Djokovic wins Australian Open

    Katie Wilson: I think I will stick to football predictions in future .

    Joseph Murphy: Serena was deemed unbeatable, she wasn't. Novak was deemed unbeatable, he was.

    Kat Hartwell Goose: Can't help but admire Djokovic, he is sensational! Now it's time for Murray to enjoy being dad.

  8. 'Each Slam is unique'

    Djokovic wins Australian Open

    Boris Becker

    Boris Becker still looks choked as his man Djokovic thanks the German legend and the rest of his team for helping him claim his sixth Australian Open title.

    "I want to thank my team, each time we play a Grand Slam it is a unique kind of feeling where we all have to breed as one and live each hour with a purpose and a goal. 

    "We've been here for three weeks in the hope we can get this trophy, so I thank you guys. I love you and thanks for your support."

  9. "I'm inspired"

    Djokovic wins Australian Open

    Some words of wisdom from a woman who won 12 Grand Slam singles titles...

  10. 'Andy will have more chances to win this trophy'

    Djokovic wins Australian Open

    Novak Djokovic

    Djokovic starts off his victory speech by wishing Murray and his wife Kim all the best for the impending arrival of their first child. See, we knew he was human after all.

    "I need to pay respect to Andy for having another great tournament. Tough luck tonight," he says with sincerity.

    "He's a great champion, great friend and a great professional who I'm sure will have many more chances to win this trophy.

    "I also wish you and Kim good luck for the birth of your child and I hope you will experience a feeling like no other before - that's what happened to me and my wife. I wish you all the best."

  11. Tears for Murray

    Djokovic wins Australian Open

    A former British number one is a bit emotional: 

  12. Djokovic wins Australian Open

    Djokovic 6-1 7-5 7-6 (7-3) Murray

    Novak Djokovic

    "A big welcome to the man who has won six from six...Novak Djokovic!"

    The champion strolls out to take the acclaim of Rod Laver Arena, to the sound of some spectators singing 'ole, ole, ole'...

  13. "I feel like I've been here before"

    Djokovic wins Australian Open

    Andy Murray

    "I feel like I've been here before," laughs Murray.

    "Congrats Novak. Six Australian Opens is an incredible feat. The last year has been incredible. Good job. 

    "I'd like to thank my team for getting me to this position. Sorry I couldn't get it done. Thanks for all your support during a tough few weeks off court.

    Murray then thanks all the ball-kids, officials, volunteers and fans. Nice touch.

    He continues: "To all of the ex-players watching. Thank you for coming. It makes it even more special playing in front of you. 

    "And finally to Kim, my wife, who is going to be watching at home. You've been a legend. I'll be on the next flight home."

  14. Djokovic wins Australian Open

    Djokovic 6-1 7-5 7-6 (7-3) Murray

    Murray manages to keep himself composed - until he looks down the camera and speaks directly to his pregnant missus Kim.

    "I'm be home soon..." he says before tearfully breaking off.

  15. Djokovic wins Australian Open

    Djokovic 6-1 7-5 7-6 (7-3) Murray

    Andy Murray

    Inside the arena that bears his name, the legendary Rod Laver wearily applauds as one of the tournament directors thanks everyone whose hard work has helped these past couple of weeks run like clockwork.

    I'm sure the great man isn't slow clapping him off stage. Anyway...he's done. Runner-up Andy Murray is introduced into the middle of the court to huge cheers...

  16. Djokovic wins Australian Open

    Djokovic 6-1 7-5 7-6 (7-3) Murray

    Both players stand in the middle of the court, surrounded by flag-holding ballboys and various suited officials. Time for a cringeworthy speech by one of the chief sponsors before we get down to dishing out the trophies...

  17. "Murray's got better, but so has Djokovic"

    Djokovic wins Australian Open

    Pat Cash

    Former Wimbledon champion on BBC Radio 5 live

    "Murray wasn't denting Djokovic early in the match but boy, that second set came alive. 

    "Andy's backhand cross court was spectacular. Some of the best shots I've seen in my life.

    "But he needed to be more intense. Players have to realise that Djokovic blows through the players with deep powerful hitting. You're forced into errors and the set's gone. 

    "Murray needed to be on the ball and he wasn't. Murray has improved since last year, but so has Djokovic. He's become tougher to beat under pressure."

  18. Djokovic wins Australian Open

    Djokovic 6-1 7-5 7-6 (7-3) Murray

    Andy Murray

    Andy Murray slumps in his courtside chair, motionless, staring straight ahead. Thoughts of what might have been racing through his mind, I'm sure.

    At least the soon-to-be father can catch that 3:30am flight back to get home to pregnant wife Kim....

  19. Djokovic wins Australian Open

    Get involved #bbctennis

    Nasir: Djokovic is formidable! In a different era, Murray would have won a few more grand slams by now.

    Paul Adam: Murray had his chances, but Novak always seems to to come out on top in the key points

    Kevin Keen: Djokovic is the GOAT. He's unmatchable in almost every aspect of the game. Unbelievable.